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🎵 | Yoshida Yamada, wacci, Charan Po Lantern, → Pia-no-jaC ← etc. in the latest album ...

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Yoshida Yamada, wacci on the latest album, Charan Po Lantern, → Pia-no-jaC ← etc.

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* Original BOX specifications
<Included songs>
■ CD
M1. The world changes
M2. Ichibu * JA Zen-Noh "Domestic Rice Consumption Expansion Campaign" Song
M4. The eve of talent blooming
M5. I like it I love it * CM song for "Nishimatsuya Trainer"
M6. Grapefruit
M7. I want to be a bird human
M8. Ghost
M9. Still
M10. Beloved memory
M11. Tetote
■ Blu-ray
LIVE video: "Home ~ Shimokitazawa LIVE BAR BIG MOUTH ~"
A non-audience live concert held on December 2020, 12 on Yoshitaka Yamada's birthday.

Yoshida Yamada, a duo of men, will release a new album of his 2th album "Lovely Memories" on December 12st (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading


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