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🎵 | Nanaka Suwa, details of 2nd mini album "Winter Cocktail" & new visuals unveiled

Photo Naka Suwa

Nanaka Suwa unveils details & new visuals for 2nd mini album "Winter Cocktail"

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Five new songs such as the lead song "Memory Fantastic", which was provided and sound produced by marble, and Koichi Tsurusaki, who wrote, composed, and arranged the song, and "I want to touch", which was unveiled at the FC event, and their respective instrumentals. All 5 songs including.

Voice actor Nanaka Suwa has released 2st mini-album "Winter Cocktail" with the concept of "winter" ... → Continue reading


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Music producer

Music producer(Ongaku Producer,English: record producer, music producer) IsMusic Ofproducerso,record,CD-LD Such as sound source production,concert,moviesIt is the job title of the role of directing the overall music production side in planning such as[1].


In a broad sense, everyone involved in music production is a music producer, including executive producers, budget managers, and master disc managers.[2]..Especially in Japan, in charge of discovering, contracting and training artistsA & ROr planning, production, advertising, etc.MarketingEven the person in charge may be called a music producer.

Music producer in a narrow sense refers to the executive producer for the "sound" of music in the field of recording production, and in many countries it is used in this sense today.[3]..Originally a music producer in the United StatesA & R manIt was a word that refers to, but over time it has changed to a word that refers to the person in charge of sound.[4]..In this narrow sense,bandIf it is a live performance such asarrangement,recordingThe producer is the one who finally decides what kind of sound to make. AlsoR&B-hip hop-PopsSuch asDAWUsedDesktop musicSo I'm actually making the songBeat makerIs called a producer[5]..In each case, the chief sound officer is the producer, and most of the timeミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンOrRecording engineerWith the producercreditIs done.

GenreSince what is required differs greatly depending on the style and style, in general, each producer is engaged in the production business in a specialized field and method.Depending on the music, it may be produced by teaming up with two or three people instead of one person, or even one album may be produced by changing the producer for each song.Producers who play a central role in the album are especially called executive producers.


1960 eraIn Japan,ProductionSometimes only the funder or coordinator was listed as a producer[Annotation 1].. In that case,Record company OfDirectorHowever, he was also in charge of work equivalent to the current producer.

The producer himselfsingerorミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンIt doesn't have to be a record company (CD label) in JapanMusic publishingGenerally, a person from a master management company such as a company (music management company) or an entertainment production company is the producer.Also musicProductionIn this case, the musician of the work may also serve as the producer, and in that case, the credit may be credited with the co-producer as a co-producer.

In the case of a general producer, there are various methods such as building an artist's image in collaboration with A & R and applying the sound, or conversely, building the artist's image after the sound is created first.When prioritizing the artist's image, the general producer who controls the artist's musical aspect and overall public image is generallyexecutive producerIs called. The term “executive producer” may also be used when referring to the producer of the total production manager, including the management of production budget described at the beginning. It is called a total producer when it comprehensively produces the entire music production process, and it is called a sound producer when it is mainly responsible for the sound aspect of arrangements in music production. In the case of creative production with a view to linking the market and the media, it may be described as produce and ○○○, which is both artist produce and sound produce, but this is also basically as a total producer overall. A producer who can make various productions.

Tetsuya Komuro,Tsunku♂Etc.bandIn parallel with the music activities ofLyricsCompositionandarrangementSince the rise of musician-based producers who produce music including, the influence of music producers in the Japanese pop music world has rapidly increased. However, that is the aspect of the phenomenon that makes a famous producer as a part of promotion using advertising material, and the sales strategy of the manufacturer on the premise that you can not expect a hit unless you catch the attention of a specific music producer Therefore, it is said that the opinion and criticism that "it is almost indistinguishable because there are similar songs to similar charts on the charts" have become one of the factors that have arisen from the elderly.

In the collective organization of music producersFederation of Music ProducersThere is (Sound Control Ren) etc., and it backs up the whole music production including enlightenment activities.[6].

Seiko InstrumentsFor businessStopwatch"Sound Producer" is a product of the same name that aims to be used by people involved in such production activities (recording studios, etc.).It's not just a stopwatch, it can calculate countdown timers and sexagesimalcalculatorIs built in.

Business contents

When producing not only the sound but also comprehensively, it is the target of productionArtists, Musicians and talents are mainly in charge of the following items.

  1. Strategy and development (in collaboration with A & R) to give a comprehensive image to the world and raise the name recognition of the artist.
  2. What kind of musical works to sing or perform,Lyricistand作曲家Selection when outsourcing.
  3. Appointed to the site during productionArranger,Studio musicianSelection of who to make them and schedule adjustment.
  4. Selection of work process, production schedule and studio for recording.
  5. Development of promotional music videos and posters related to the release of CDs and records (in collaboration with the manufacturer's advertising department and A & R).
  6. Promotion strategy and development in media such as music magazines and TV / radio (in collaboration with the manufacturer's advertising department and A & R).
  7. Development of concert activities, event holding, various event appearances (in cooperation with the manufacturer's advertising department and A & R).
  8. Selection of music programs to appear and negotiations for appearance (in cooperation with the manufacturer's advertising department and A & R).
  • When categorized as a sound producer in Japan, he is often involved in the sound production of items # 2 and # 3 among the above, and he often also serves as an arranger.
  • The above items # 5 to # 8 are handled by the record company to which the artist belongs, the A & R of the production, the director, the manager, etc., and this may be credited as a producer.
  • In the case of an executive producer, since it is a comprehensive work that combines the production of the entire artist image including the above-mentioned production items as well as the linkage of the media and the market, a wide range of assets and knowledge including personal connections and development capabilities are required. And

List of main producer names

Each country



Entertainment office/master management company

singer,作曲家,Arranger,Studio musicianProducer who did not originally function, or started activities after retirement / activity reduction.Lyricist,Music critic・Including those who are active as writers.
The <> after the name is the main musician / artist who worked on it.
★=Person who has experience of the above activities


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注 釈

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  8. ^ As a musician, he is active in grapes and tea buds.


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