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📺 | All episodes are released for free on YouTube!Seeing the Chinese drama "Stay With Me" ...

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All stories are released for free on YouTube!Seeing the Chinese drama "Stay With Me" ...

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Lee Weiwei: Joe Chen "The Queen of Cinderella" "Fated to Love You!"

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Joe Chen

Joe Chen(Joe Chen,1979 May 4 -) isTaiwanActress.


J ☆ STARAffiliated female idol group 7FlowersSub-leader of (Nanabuki Hana, Seven Flowers).He is mainly active in the three fields of TV program moderator, TV drama, and music activities.Especially in TV dramas, the Taiwanese drama "Prince who turned into a frog』, And appeared in many other works. 2008,Taiwanese dramaA romantic comedy drama that recorded the highest audience rating in historyHit the heart! 100%』Starring (role of Chen Xinyi, the heroine).Currently, he is the moderator of Sanlih TV's "Kaihei Kihei".

2018 May 1Before dawn, from the XNUMXth dan of Tadataka East Road to the South Reconstruction RoadMini CooperAt the red light, I turned right and was stopped by a staff member of the Da'an Branch of the Taipei National Police Agency.The alcohol test detected 0.67 mg of alcohol.After drinking alcohol at home, he went out to buy a midnight snack.After being detained by the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office, he was released on bail for 10 yuan.[1].

Appearance work



  • 2014 "Monkey Magic Son Goku Birth(Nishiyukiyuki Otome Tengu)- Princess Iron Fan Role
  • 2014 "The Suspicious" --The role of Akira
  • 2014 "Gekinami Seishun" --- as Kozuki
  • 2014 "" (The Continent) --The role of Zhou Mo
  • 2015 "Queen of me" --- the role of Chen Kai
  • 2015 『My Girls' Generation -OUR TIMES-(Our Times)-The role of Shinshin Hayashi as an adult
  • 2015 "Absolutely youthful non-resident" --- role of Zhou
  • 2015 "October's First Five Moonlights"-The role of Ryu
  • 2015 "Beijing Time"-As Masaran Kaoru
  • 2018 "Mayor's Secret" --The role of 廖 妍 伶
  • 2018 `` Daishi Brother'' ――The role of Ryoshin


  • 2002 Chugoku Narin University
  • 2002 Electronic lover
  • 2004
  • 2005 Defensive Bizarre Soldier
  • 2006 World Narin Daidai Group <Renamed Chugoku Narin Dai>
  • 2006 model male lord



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