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🤖 | "A Place Further Than the Universe" ✕ "Japan Polar Research Promotion Association", 2nd Product Sales Event Held


"A Place Further Than the Universe" ✕ "Japan Polar Research Promotion Association", 2nd Product Sales Event Held

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In the special corner on the 1st floor, the 63rd Antarctic Research Expedition, a countdown panel until the departure of "Shirase", and a life-sized panel using newly drawn illustrations are installed. In addition to selling "A Place Further than the Universe" products, the Antarctic Research Expedition is only available at the museum shop operated by the Japan Polar Research Promotion Association at the National Institute of Polar Research's Antarctic and Arctic Science Museum (opening with advance reservations with a limited number of visitors). Commemorative products and valuable polar materials will be sold.

According to the scheduled departure schedule of the 63rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition and "Shirase" (Wednesday, November 2021, 11) (*… → Continue reading

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Museum shopIsMuseum,MuseumIt is a store set up inside.In a broad senseZoo-Aquarium-Botanical garden-Museum-Literature MuseumEtc.StandMay also indicate.


Originally on-going and pastexhibitionIt was a space for selling catalogs (exhibition catalogs).It gradually expanded, including publications such as research bulletins, original museum goods, related general books, foreign books, museum goods such as other museums, exhibitions or works of art.Poster, (Small) works of art, etc. are being handled.

Some Japanese shops only handle product exhibitions, but originally they are positioned as after-sales follow-ups for visitors, so they can develop original products so that they can be established after the tour and their interest can be raised and maintained. , Delivery to department stores, etc., via the InternetMail orderThere is also an example of doing.As a result, the museum shop has become one of the sources of income for the museum.In order to secure repeaters (revisitors), it is said that such a role must be emphasized, and in recent years, along with the library, restaurants and cafes, it has become an indispensable accessory facility for museums and art galleries. It has become to.

Since it is an ancillary facility of a museum or art museum, it is often installed on the same site.Some places that charge an admission fee cannot enter the shop without admission.

There are various operating entities such as directly managed museums and art galleries, related organizations (such as "Museum Tomo no Kai"), and outsourcing.

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