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🎥 | Yosuke Eguchi, Matsushige in the movie "Confidence Man JP Hero Edition" starring Masami Nagasawa on January 2022, 1 ...


Yosuke Eguchi, Matsushige ... in the movie "Confidence Man JP Hero Edition" starring Masami Nagasawa on January 2022, 1.

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And famous actors such as Zen Kajihara and Masahiro Takashima will also gather to liven up the story of this work.

The long-awaited third movie "Confidence Man ..." from the popular series "Confidence Man JP" released on January 2022, 1. → Continue reading


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Masahiro Takashima

Masahiro Takashima(Masahiro Takashima,1965 May 10 -) isJapan OfAn actor-talent-chairperson.TokyoSetagayaI'm fromSeijo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School,Seijo UniversityFaculty of Lawgraduate. Height 185 cm, weight 78 kg.Toho Performing ArtsBelongs.aliasStarless Takashima.. My fatherTadao Takashima,Mother isSumika Hanayo[1], My brotherMasanobu Takashima, WifeSylvia Grab.


Born on October 1965, 10, as the second son of his father, Tadao Takashima, and his mother, Hanayo Sumi.When I was a child, I lived half and half with my grandparents in Tokyo and Kobe.[Note 1].

Seijo Gakuen Junior and Senior High SchoolThroughSeijo UniversityFaculty of LawIn school1987 ,movies"Totto channel』Debuted as an actor.The same work and the movie "BU / SU61ndKinema Junpo Best TenNew Actor Award and 42ndEvery day movie contestSponichi Grand Prix New Face Award,30nd Blue Ribbon AwardNew face award,11th Japan Academy AwardNew Actor Award, 12thHochi Film AwardReceived a newcomer award.In the TV drama, "Jun-chan's support song』Become popular,1993 of"Alumni Association』Leaves a strong impact on the world, and expands the range of roles himself.

Or later,"Mountain rescue team, Ikki ShimonSeries andLes Miserables], [Yamato Takeru] And so on.

With parents and younger brotherToho Performing ArtsBelong to.

In my personal life,2000 Musical "Elisabeth』I was dating after co-starring at the premiereSylvia Grabと2005 Married to[3]..Sylvia's birthdayMay 7Submit a marriage registration toMay 7ToHawaii-MauiWas held at[4].


He belonged to the American football club from high school to university.Is raised from chicks.

Enthusiastic rock enthusiast

"When I was youngKissUnrivaled after being influenced byLockI like it. It is said that he has more than 5000 CDs, and he has more than 300 kiss items.There was a time when he released a CD as a singer, and he was a rock band.ベ ーI have also played.InitiallyElectric guitarI wanted to do it, but my father rejected it as "becoming bad".

King Crimson "Starless Takashima"

British rock band "King CrimsonThe band's song "I want to hug you so much" on the B side (c / w) of my solo single "I want to hug you so much".StarlessIt is enough to cover.

"ROCK FUJIYAMAWhen you appeared inProgressive rockHe talked about his love for (the music genre represented by King Crimson mentioned above), and his unexpectedness became a hot topic.When talking about rock on that show, some of the content was so maniac thatKen Ayukai,SHELLYEven the co-stars such as "King Crimson" couldn't keep up with the topic.Starless TakashimaWas nicknamed.After that, although he was a non-musician, he made three appearances in "ROCK FUJIYAMA" and became the most appearing guest on the program.In that connection, King Crimson's best album "Concentrated King Crimson" (en: The Condensed 21st Century Guide to King Crimson) Domestic editionLiner notesSince then, he has been working on CD band manuscripts for reissue boards.[5].

depressionHe also confessed that he sang "Starless" in front of his father, Tadao, who was recovering from the hospital after suffering from illness.Also, he was a member of the period when the "Starless" was created.John WettonIn memory of his death[6].

2007 May 5For the first time other than "ROCK FUJIYAMA", under the name of "Starless Takashima"J-WAVEof"Tokyo REMIX group』Also played the appearance.Of course, he talked about his love for rock in the same program, but he was a beginner in progressive rock.Nakagawa ShokoAsked, "Would you recommend it to beginners?"Red"Isn't it !!"Yamada Goro""Palace"Isn't it useless from" Red "?"[7].

2019 In the summer, he hosted a live event in collaboration with the Japanese progressive band "", which he has a close relationship with.In the last bird, the song "StarlessWas sung[8].

2021 In November, it was appointed as a PR for a special program that accompanies King Crimson's tour to Japan, and he enthusiastically published a long commentary that exceeded the expected time on the WEB.[9].


In 1989, later "COSA NOSTRAIs formedTetsutaro SakuraiFormed the unit "Real Pop Organizers" with.The album "RPO" has been released.

In "ROCK FUJIYAMA"Michael Schenker Group,イ エ ス,AC/DCTalking about watching the performance in JapanMarty FriedmanとROLLYI had a session with the songs of these three bands while playing the bass.

Punk Rock,New WaveI'm also a fan ofSex pistols,XTC,Television,wireAre listed.

Music and peopleIn the August 1994 issue of the interview, he also mentioned the new wave band in Japan.Suddenly cardboard,FrictionBesides bands such as,Grateful Dead,The band,Eagles,Doobie BrothersAmerican rock is also mentioned, and the interviewer'sSatoshi IchikawaHe has enough knowledge to comment, "(The explanation of the band in the article) is so huge that I can't explain it. I'm sorry."

2008 May 2Was staying for the stage "The Beggar's Opera"Osakaso,Police OfOsaka DomeI also went to the performance.

Kagoshima Dori

It is "Kagoshima-dori" that both self and others recognize.He visits privately many times a year, and the details of the hidden spots are so detailed that local tourists will be amazed.Also, in recent years, he has often appeared in movies set in Kagoshima as a local citizen, and is fluent.Karaimo ordinary languageIs showing off.In addition, the locals are surprised at the detailed Kagoshima-dori such as the ramen shop and Satsuma-age shop that the locals do not know.The Kagoshima dialect in the movie "Chest" entered Kagoshima in advance and learned while drinking shochu with the local residents."Mr. Takashima's Kagoshima dialect is perfect," he said to the Kagoshima people.

On January 2019, 1, he was commissioned by the Governor of Kagoshima Prefecture and became Ambassador Satsuma.Ambassador Satsuma is a system in which transferees from outside the prefecture take office when they leave Kagoshima.BOJKagoshima branch manager has been appointed for generations[10].


Formed a band with a classmate in junior high school, and acted as an undercard at a live house with his classmate Tsute.The guarantee is for food and drink.Although he was the undercard of Busy Four, he didn't know the surroundings of Tadao Takashima's son, and was surprised to hear that he later performed with Fuyuki Moto.

I'm hoping for a music-related job like my uncle, and to study rights, the university is a law department.For a while, I was aiming to become a lawyer.He was scouted by a modeling agency at a university school festival, a party snap appeared in a magazine, and Toho called out to make his debut while attending school.On the other hand, his younger brother Masanobu made his debut after playing Masanobu's uchideshi for a year and being introduced by Masanobu.

Ken IshiguroIs a fellow student through junior high school, high school, and university.His younger brother Masanobu is also a junior in each case.

From March 2010AderansIn the second commercial of "Who is Aderans?"Takeshi Shinjo-Tomohi YashimaAppeared with.The correct answer is Takashima, up to the top of the head in the middle of the headSakayakiShave like, likeOchimushaAppeared with a hairstyle like.

GodzillaWhile appearing in the series, he is also known as a fan of Godzilla itself, and when he took the stage at the special event "Goodbye Nikki Last Show" at TOHO Cinemas Nichigeki on February 2018, 2, he raised Godzilla's figure. After revealing his love for Godzilla, "Shin GodzillaAlthough I expected to appear in 』, it is revealed that the person who played the main in the previous Godzilla work could not appear because it was useless[11].

He didn't co-star with his brother last in 2013, but he says this is the policy of the office.[12].

January 2018BunkashaMore "Hentai Gentleman", at the same timeSMComing out that is a hobby[13].


TV drama

Delivery drama

Variety shows and others


original video

  • Beast Survival from Hell (1995)- starring






Television Animation

Theater animation



All singles and albums are currently out of print


#Release datetitlec / wspecificationStandard product number
Ki / oon Records / FITZBEAT
Masahiro Takashima
1st1992 May 5chest painGOOD LUCK8 cm CDSRD2-1001
2nd1992 May 9than anyone elseSOLID GOLD8 cm CDKSD2-1010
3rd1992 May 11Don't stop cryingTo you who meet me ...8 cm CDKSD2-1024
4th1993 May 5I want to hug you so much that it breaksSTARLESS8 cm CDKSD2-1035


Original album

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
Ki / oon Records / FITZBEAT
Masahiro Takashima
1st1992 May 5Masahiro Takashima ~ British Green ~CDSRC2-1
2nd1993 May 1KINGDOM MANCDKSC2-31
3rd1994 May 6ZEROCDKSC2-64


Song titleTie-upCollection work
chest painMillion card CM songSingle "Chest hurts"
than anyone elseSingle "more than anyone"
Don't stop cryingTBSDrama seriesDepartment Store! Autumn Story] Theme song[34]Single "Don't stop crying"
I want to hug you so much that it breaksTV AsahiDrama seriesTwins teacher"Ending theme[35]Single "I want to hug you so much that it breaks"




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注 釈

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外部 リンク


Kajiwara good(Kojihara Zen,1966 May 2[1] -) is JapaneseAn actor.OkayamaOkayama CityI'm from Blood type is A type.Sys CompanyBelongs.Kansai High SchoolIn the era, he devotes himself to band activities, and after graduation he goes to Tokyo to dressVocational schoolsEnroll in.1985 Was a part-time jobYutaka MatsushigeWith the introduction ofKoki MitaniPresided overTokyo Sunshine BoysParticipated in the performance of the first stage, took the first stage, and since then appeared in many works as a member of the theater company.

1994 Even after the Tokyo Sunshine Boys stopped working, he has appeared in many works as a regular of Mitani's works, and is also active in various stages, television, and movies.Of the actorMasahiro KomotoIs a friend from high school, and Kajiwara invited Komoto to the Tokyo Sunshine Boys.[2]


TV drama



  • Kutabare Sanders (September 1985, 9-September 20, Tokyo Sunshine Boys Written and directed by Koki Mitani)
  • 3 km north of heaven(July 1989, 7-July 4, Tokyo Sunshine Boys Written and directed by Koki Mitani)
  • Hikoma goes(July 1990, 4-July 10, Tokyo Sunshine Boys Written and directed by Koki Mitani)
    • Replay (November 1993, 11-November 10, Tokyo Sunshine Boys Written and directed by Koki Mitani)
    • Replay (January 2002, 1, February 8, 2,Parco Written and directed by Yuki Mitani)
  • 12 friendly Japanese(July 1990, 7, Tokyo Sunshine Boys Written and directed by Koki Mitani)
  • Tokyo Sunshine Boys Trap (September 1994, 9-December 14, Tokyo Sunshine Boys Written by: Koki Mitani Director:Kazuya Yamada)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Onsui (April 1999, 4, produced and directed by Parco: Koki Mitani)
  • Tange Sazen(2003,Shochiku Original:Forest forgetfulness script:Ryuji Mizutani Direction:)
  • The seven people in Skull Castle~ Akadokuro (April 2004, 4-June 17, 6,Theater company☆Shinkansen Written by:Kazuki Nakajima Direction:Hideno Inoue)
    • Skull Castle's Seven Season Birds (June 2017-September 6, 27, Gekidan Shinkansen Written by Kazuki Nakashima Director: Hidenori Inoue)
    • Shura Tenma Skull Castle's Seven Season Pole (March 2018, 3-May 17, Gekidan Shinkansen Written by Kazuki Nakashima Director: Hidenori Inoue)
  • Yoshihara Certificate (September 2005, 9-October 8, Gekidan Shinkansen Original:Keiichiro Takashi Adaptation: Kazuki Nakajima Director: Hidenori Inoue)
  • Cat in the Red Boots(September 2006, 9-October 15, Gekidan Shinkansen Written by:Masashi Todayama (Directed by Hidenori Inoue)
  • Thank you very much for your happiness! (2008, PARCO produced and directed by:Yukiko Motoya)
  • 蜉蝣賠 (2009, theatrical company ☆ Shinkansen work:Kankuro Miyato (Directed by Hidenori Inoue)
  • returns (2009, Tokyo Sunshine Boys directed by: Koki Mitani) * Appearing in the video
  • Spelling bee(2009,Nippon TV Lyrics and composition: William Finn Screenplay: Rachel Scheinkin Director: Hideomi Terasaki)
  • Boccama (2011, by Parco:Satoshi Suzuki Direction:Kawahara Masahiko)
  • Southern Expressway (2012,Setagaya Public Theater (Original: Julio Cortasar Composition/Direction: Keishi Nagatsuka)
  • Dresser (2013, Setagaya Public Theater Original: Ronald Harwood Director: Koki Mitani)
  • Ao no Ran (2014, theatrical company☆Shinkansen by Kazuki Nakajima Director: Hidenori Inoue)
  • Jester's Eyes (2014, Theater Creation Written and directed by:Kazunori Tamano)
  • ~ Collapse Series ~ "Murder Case of the Kujo Maru Family" (2016, stage script and direction:Okura)
  • Appearance (2017, Setagaya Public Theater Original: Ranpo Edogawa, directed by Yu Kuramochi)
  • ~ Collapse Series ~ "Remember Me" (2017, script and direction:Okura))
  • ~ Collapse Series ~ "Sect" (2019)
  • Ayako(2019, performance script / direction:Norihito Nakayashiki)
  • Witness for the Prosecution (2021, Written by Agatha Christie, Translated and directed by Eriko Ogawa)


puppet show

  • Sherlock Holmes(March 2014, 3 --February 25, 2015, NHK General TV / NHK E Tele) --Beppo

Short film

Promotion movie
  • OkayamaMimasaka Emigration promotion movie "No way!? Mimasaka"
    • Six patterns (6) including "Gibier cuisine", "Okayama Yugo Bell Soccer School" and "NODA Racing Academy"





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外部 リンク


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