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🎵 | Shouta Aoi opens a special site for live tour "WONDER lab. CoRe"!Ticket advance lottery also started

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Shouta Aoi opens a special site for live tour "WONDER lab. CoRe"!Ticket advance lottery also started

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Shouta Aoi, who is active as a voice actor, artist, and actor, will perform a live tour of all five cities starting in December, "Shouta Aoi ... → Continue reading


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feature phone

feature phone(British: feature phone) IsMobile phoneIt is one of the terminal types ofSmartphoneRefers to terminals of earlier generations.


1993 When the service was first launched in2rd generation mobile phoneIt is,Voice callとSMSMost of the models supported only.However, with the improvement of communication infrastructure and the progress of computer technology, calendars, games, etc. have been added to mobile phones since around 2000.WAPBrowser (Internet browsing software for mobile phones that simplifies the display of web pages and prepares web pages for mobile phones so that even low-performance mobile phones at that time can browse the Internet), Functions such as advanced phone books and message means other than SMS (e-mail, etc.) have been added.Therefore, in order to distinguish it from conventional mobile phones that can only use voice calls and SMS, the term "feature phone" is used to refer to those (at that time) advanced mobile phones. Became. “FeaturesBritish: feature) ”Is an English word meaning“ characteristic ”.

Popularized after the 2010s as a replacement for feature phonesSmartphoneAlso, when compared to the old basic phones of feature phones (mobile phones equipped with only the minimum functions such as call functions), features that are more sophisticated than basic phones but not as sophisticated as smartphones. It is often called a phone, but its definition differs depending on the organization such as a company.[1][2].

In addition, smartphones use general-purpose OS such as Android, and while OS and apps can be used on other models and users can develop their own apps, feature phones are customized for each model of each manufacturer. The feature phone is also characterized by the fact that it is equipped with a unique OS that has been created, so only unique apps created by the manufacturer can be used for specific models.However, models equipped with iOS such as iPhone are also customized for each model with their own OS like feature phones, and applications only work with Apple-approved ones, but they are classified as smartphones instead of feature phones. There is a tendency.However, the three major carriers do not classify the iPhone as a smartphone.Google PixelIs classified as an Android smartphone, but some mobile operators do not classify it as a smartphone.

The heyday of feature phones was from 2000 to 2010, and in Japan, where the world's first 2001G service was launched in 3, the development of feature phones was particularly active in the world, and the spread was quick. In the 2000s, feature phones were the most common form of mobile phone, but in 2013, the number of smartphones shipped in Japan exceeded that of feature phones for the first time.Even overseas, the number of smartphones shipped exceeded that of feature phones in 2013, and after that, the term "mobile phone" often refers to smartphones.

Since the latter half of the 2010s when smartphones became widespread, low-performance feature phones equipped with original hardware produced in small quantities are more expensive to manufacture than high-performance smartphones equipped with general-purpose hardware for mass production. Because it became a low-income groupSub-Saharan AfricaSmartphones are becoming more widespread even in the world's poorest areas.In some countries, even homeless people have smartphonesQR codeOn the other hand, there is a certain demand for feature phones in high-income groups and developed countries that take advantage of their simplicity and chargeability, and in the event of an emergency such as a disaster. Some have functions such as becoming a flashlight or FM radio.

Shipments of "feature phones" are decreasing year by year due to being pushed by smartphones, and shipments in Japan in 2017 were 536 million units, accounting for 14.3% of all mobile phone shipments.[3].

In Japan for children in the first quarter of 2018Kids mobileThe number of feature phones shipped, excluding, became 0 for the first time.[4], Pure feature phones are no longer shipped in Japan. Those sold as "feature phones" in Japan after 2018 are equipped with the same hardware and OS as smartphones, but have functional restrictions such as being able to install only their own apps, and also have a numeric keypad and cross like a feature phone. Equipped with keys etc.GarahoIt is.

As misuse in English-speaking countriesDam von(British: dumb phone)[Note 1]In Japan, it is called "GalapagosIn the sense of "a mobile phone"GarakeAlso called. Many Japanese mobile phone makers that existed before the 2010s have taken the share of mobile phones in the global market by i-phones and Androids as a result of focusing too much on the development of "feature phones", and many makers have taken over since the 2010s. It was decided to withdraw from the mobile phone market.


With the spread of 2020G services and the start of 4G services in the 5s, the 3G services used by conventional feature phones are scheduled to end around the world, for example, in 2022 at NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese operator. Partially stop 3G radio waves[5]..If the transition to communication standards continues as it is, conventional 3G-compatible feature phones will no longer be usable as mobile phones, so each company is promoting the transition to smartphones for users.

On the other hand, as smartphones became widespread in the 2020s, the smartphone market is expected to shrink and the feature phone market is expected to grow.[6]、4G対応フィーチャーフォン用プラットフォームを開発しているメーカー[7] もある。2020年現在、NOKIAの(English edition)Platform, developed with the support of GoogleKaiosand so on. Nokia 105 4G[8] TheOpera MiniAlthough it is a 30G compatible mobile phone equipped with Series 4+, NOKIA calls it a "feature phone".

Examples of each country

The United States of America

In the mobile phone marketiOS,AndroidSales are strong as smartphones equipped with the above are competing.For this reason, there is data that smartphones are taking away the share of feature phones in terms of the number of users.Of a market research companyNielsenAccording to data from the summer of 2013, smartphone penetration reached 61%.[9].


In Japan, mobile phones that focused only on call functions were rarely sold except for special ones such as those for the elderly, so they were used by the time smartphones appeared.Numeric keypadRefers to a conventional multifunctional mobile phone that has buttons such as.

High-end multifunctional mobile phones are expensive in many foreign countries and are not mainstream for sale.On the other hand, in Japan2007 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications guidelines for September[10]Previously,Sales incentivesDue to the strategic reduction of the selling price by the company, multifunctional mobile phones were offered at a low price that was lower than the delivery price.Therefore, the mainstream of sales isインターネットConnectionOne SegViewing / recording,Mobile walletIt was a multifunctional mobile phone with built-in functions such as.

This multifunctional mobile phone is designed exclusively for Japanese businesses, and with some exceptions, it is a model exclusively for one domestic business operator that does not have a derivative export model.Also, these mobile phonesGalapagosAs an example of "Galapagos mobile phone, For short, "GarakeAlso called.

2008 Android OS-based smartphones, which have begun to be deployed in Japan, have also appeared that incorporate the features of Galapagos mobile phones.Galapagos smartphoneA category called (Glassma) has also emerged.

As mentioned above, the original meaning of Galapagos mobile phone is "multifunctional and dedicated model mobile phone for domestic specific businesses", so if you interpret it strictly according to this definition, even a smartphone If it is full of functions specialized for a specific business operator, it is a feature phone, and conversely, even if it is a conventional mobile phone, it can be said that the global model and basic phone are not feature phones.However, in Japan, where smartphones have become widespread, it has become common to refer to feature phones and basic phones as a general term for "conventional mobile phones" excluding smartphones.

2004 ,2005 In addition, smartphones began to be sold in Japan, but feature phones were still the mainstay at that time.But,2008 In July, the currentSoftbankByiPhone 3GSince the launch of the product, interest in smartphones has increased in Japan as well, and the shift in demand from feature phones to smartphones has become clear since 2010, when each carrier introduced Android-equipped smartphones.Of a market research companyMM Research InstituteAccording to the estimated domestic mobile phone shipments in 2010, smartphonesshareWas 22.7%[11], Reached 56.6% in the following year[12]..Since then, the market share has expanded to 2015% in FY79.7.[13].

However, in the latter half of the 2010s, there was a movement that "the spread of smartphones to some extent has exposed the weaknesses of smartphones, and conversely re-evaluates feature phones."

In particular, in terms of charges, major carriers are shifting to a sales format that emphasizes data communication and is expensive for smartphones, and that feature phones are inexpensive because they emphasize calls and are segregated in terms of charges.While feature phones can be owned from 980 yen per month, smartphones require high communication charges and2014 からNTT DoCoMo,Softbank mobile(Currently; Softbank)[Note 2]Then, it was compulsory to subscribe to the flat-rate call charge plan of 2700 yen per month.

On the other hand, at the user level, with the spread of smartphones, the situation may be forced to "force the possession of smartphones around" as shown below.

  • Changes in communication methods, such as the spread of communication apps for smartphones.
  • Termination of web services for feature phones one after another[Note 3]Or, it doesn't correspond from the beginning.
  • The use of smartphone apps is a prerequisite for certain activities such as participating in events and enjoying benefits.

Therefore, if you want an inexpensive smartphone environment, you can use the "Internet-only machine".MVNOIt has been proposed how to use "Iitokotori", which uses a smartphone or tablet using a mobile phone and a major carrier feature phone of a "call-only device".[14]..Also, if the user who owns a PC gives up his smartphone because it is inferior in operability of Internet browsing, or if the length of operation time on one charge is more important than multi-functionality, the cost Feature phones still have strong support for various reasons, such as large contracts by companies that want to suppress[15].

By the time smartphones began to appear in the lineup of each carrier in the early 2010s, some manufacturers sold feature phones that looked like smartphones equipped with electrostatic touch panels (Fujitsu's).F-09CAnd NECN-05CSuch).

In addition, multifunctional feature phones equipped with functions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, biometric authentication) that have become commonplace in modern smartphones were sold by some manufacturers in later years, but all of them are now Galaho, which will be described later. Has moved to.

2015 More called "Galaho"Trademark nameKDDI started selling at "SHF31In the strict sense, it is not a smartphone, but a new feature phone developed by diversion of technology for smartphones has begun to appear in each carrier.By the way, for KDDI's Galaho, NTT DoCoMo is "sp-mode mobile phone" and Softbank is "4G mobile phone".[Note 4]However, they are often called "Galaho" as a common name.Behind the appearance of this "Galaho" is the manufacturing problems such as the suspension of development of the original OS used in the conventional feature phones and the difficulty in procuring semiconductor parts, as well as the feature phones that will be terminated one after another. Designed to divert web services for smartphones to web services for smartphones[Note 5]There is a purpose such as trying to substitute by making it.

DoCoMo stopped shipping feature phones at the end of 2016, and other companies in the same industry also stopped producing feature phones in 2017, so strictly speaking, all the things called "feature phones" after that are equipped with Android in the OS. Internally, it is a "feature phone" (smartphone type feature phone) that has exactly the same architecture as a smartphone.

Has been used as a communication method for feature phones3G methodEnd of service in the 2020s (NTT DoCoMo March 2026)[16], Au March 2022[17], Softbank Late January 2024[18]) Has been announced by each company, which will completely kill the feature phone.

South Korea



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注 釈

  1. ^ "dumb"" Is the opposite of smart and intelligent. For example, "a terminal that can only send and receive and display data (there is no advanced function such as data processing, storage, and transfer)" represented by DEC VT100.Dumb terminalIs called.To be precise, a dam phone is a single-function mobile phone like the Motorola Motofone F3.
  2. ^ KDDI-Okinawa Cellular PhoneUnion(eachau) Allows you to choose between a flat-rate call charge and the conventional pay-as-you-go system.
  3. ^ Examples of Web services that have ended or are foretold to end services for feature phones before January 2016, 1 またMinkaraHas announced that it will affect the use of services on feature phones except for some (only 6 models for au) due to security concerns."[Important] Change of Internet communication encryption method (SSL server certificate)"(July 2015, 11). http://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/194136/blog/36737822/ In some cases, the service has been affected, if not terminated.
  4. ^ For the convenience of sharing names such as options, terminals that actually support only 3G are also 4G mobile phones.
  5. ^ Users can use the smartphone version instead even after the feature phone version of the site or app is closed or the distribution is stopped, and the service provider does not need to maintain the smartphone version and the feature phone version of the site or app separately, which can be unified. ..


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