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🤖 | Disney + distributes content from Japan worldwide. Announcing the animation of "Twiste"


Disney + distributes content from Japan worldwide. Announcing the animation of "Twiste"

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Yuya Yagira, who plays Daigo Agawa, the main character who will be involved in a mystery as a resident of the village, appears in a video message.

The Walt Disney Company is for media and partners in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) ... → Continue reading


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Yuya Yanagura

Yuya Yagira(Yuya Yagira,1990 May 3[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor.

TokyoHigashiyamasaBackground[3].Stardust promotionBelongs.


Entertainment officeSeeing a friend who belonged to the drama appearing in a drama, he hoped to enter the entertainment world because he wanted to make people laugh.[4].. Talk to your mother[4],Stardust promotionApply for[Note 1].. movies"No one knowsWas the first audition, but the directorHirokazu KoreedaWas selected as the leading role, saying that he had "power in his eyes." This "Nobody Knows" will be his first activity as an actor, but since it took a year to shoot and another year after it was released, it appeared in the media.HONDACM and drama "Kunimitsunomatsuri』Was first[3].

The movie "Nobody Knows" that played the leading role2004 ,57th Cannes International Film FestivalExhibited in the competition section, at the age of 14 at the time, the youngest in history and the first JapaneseActor AwardWon[3].. Yagira had returned to Japan earlier due to a regular school exam, so the award ceremony was attended by director Koreeda on his behalf. With this news, it became famous and became a hot topic. Also in the same yearMay 8Was awarded the "Cultural Personnel Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award"[6],TEAMIn the Asian version of the magazine, "2004 Asia's Heroes" in JapanIchiroWas elected with[3][7].

2007 In the anime omnibus movie "Genius PartyWas the first voice actor in "BABY BLUE".

2008 After entering, I feel sick and reduce the amount of work[3].. same yearMay 8, I took a large amount of stabilizer at home and was taken to the hospital, but was discharged on the same day[8].. Later, he officially announced on his homepage that he was not attempting suicide due to a quarrel with his family.[8].

September of the same year,Rin InouePublished the original novel "Unstoppable Rain" with the cooperation of[9].

The following year, the movie "The movie released in January 2010Everything becomes the sea"soEriko SatoAt the same time, he was selected to star in the movie and returned to acting.

2012 ,Yukio NinagawaDirected "Kafka on the beach』First stage. Played the main character, Kafka Tamura.

2014 ,Yuichi FukudaDirector / Screenplay "Aoihonono] In the first drama series.

2015 , The movie "Joint burialIs the 39thMontreal World Film FestivalOfficially listed in the World Competition category of[10].

2016 , The movie "Distraction babys], the 90thKinema Junpo Best TenReceived the Best Actor Award.

2017 ,NHK"Naotora, the castle owner』First appearance in a taiga drama[11].


  • I have a sister[12].
  • I get a quiet impression because I don't talk about variety shows because I'm nervous, but I usually talk a lot.[13].. Eventually at workMasahiro NakaiThere is also a desire to do MC like[14].
  • Hobbies are martial arts, tea ceremony, horse riding[15].. Belonging to the soccer club when in junior high school[16].. Forming a rock band as a hobby and in charge of vocals[9]..In Corona, I spend more time outdoors with my family, and I am absorbed in fishing.First-class ship licenseAlso got[17].
  • When I was 20 years old, when I was away from working as an actor, I had a part-time job at a car dealer and a part-time job at a restaurant for about a year for social studies.[18].. In 2019, I studied abroad in New York and helped at a pancake shop.[19].

Private life

2009 May 12, Actress on her blogToyota ErieAnnounced that he was engaged[20].. following year2010 May 1Submit a marriage registration toMay 1ToMeiji JinguCeremony at[21].. same yearMay 5Announces that his wife, Ellie Toyota, is 4 months pregnant.May 10, The first girl is born.

What is ToyotaHorikoshi High School[22]Yagira, who was a senior and junior at first sight, asked a classmate to ask Toyota for contact information, and started dating at the age of 15.It was their first love with each other.Also, because the man didn't know that he couldn't get married until he was 18, he proposed at the age of 17 and was told, "You can't get married until you're 18", but two years later, at the age of 2, again. He revealed that he proposed.[23][24]



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  • What Ken Takakura left behind-a journey of the heart that "thinks about people"-(May 2015, 5,NHK BS Premium)-Navigator



KinKi Kids"Topaz Love"(Year 2018)[99]  

Music program

Best artist2021 NEWS,February winnerGuest appearance with 20 student roles




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注 釈

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