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🎵 | Niji no Conquistador, live Blu-ray & CD single will be released!

Photo Niji no Conquistador

Niji no Conquistador, live Blu-ray & CD single will be released!

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■ Karin Matoba (leader)
"Camping rice that can be easily made even at Nijikon, which has often shown too clumsy parts in the cooking scene of this program!

A popular idol group that is known as "physical strength ghost" and is a hot topic in live performances such as non-stop live performances ... → Continue reading


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Cooking scene

Matoba Karin

Rainbow Conquistador > Matoba Karin

Matoba Karin(Matoba Karin,2000 May 12[1] -) is JapaneseIdol.. Female idol group ·Rainbow ConquistadorA member of the (choreographer team) and leader of the group[2].SaitamaBackground[1].Deer stageBelongs.


2014 May 7,Rainbow ConquistadorStarted activities as an initial member of.

2018 May 1,Mynavi BLITZ AkasakaBecame a leader at the one-man LIVE "2018 NEW YEAR RE [set1273 / start1274]" held at[3].




  • GIRLS ♡ GIRLS ♡ GIRLS = FULL BOOST = Conquest of Nijikon Chuzudi (April 2017-,FM FUJI[9]



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