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🤖 | "Lupin III" TV series popularity vote top 4 episodes broadcast today


"Lupin III" TV series popularity vote top 4 episodes broadcast today

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A famous episode in which Hayao Miyazaki participates as a scriptwriter and director under the name of Teruki.

Nippon Television's "Friday Road Show" will start at 21:XNUMX tonight, "Lupin III TV Series Selection ... → Continue reading


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Hayao Miyazaki

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  • Hayao Miyazaki
  • Miyazaki Hayao

Miyazaki Hayao(Miyazaki Hayao,1941 Showa16 years>May 1 -) isJapan OfFilm director,animator,manga artist.. As an aliasSaburo Akitsu(Akitsu Saburo),TerukiThere is (telephone).Miya Sometimes referred to as Shun.Ltd. Studio GhibliDirector,Public interest incorporated foundationTokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for AnimationDirector,Mitaka City Animation Museum(Mitaka Forest Ghibli Museum) Owner.

TokyoTokyo cityI'm fromGakushuin UniversityFaculty of Politics and Economicsgraduate.1963 ToToei videoJoined the company as an animator.After that, I went through several companies and became free, and in the meantimeTelevision Animation"Future Boy Conan, The first theatrical animation "Lupin III The Castle of Cagliostro』To stand out.1984 In a private officeNibarikiWas established and the following yearTakahata IsaoLato animation production companyStudio GhibliParticipated in the establishment of (2005 Became a director of the company).After that, "My Neighbor Totoro''Kiki's Delivery Service''Princess MononokeDirected theatrical animations such as "Spirited Away"soBerlin International Film FestivalGold bear awardAcademy Feature Film AwardWas awarded.2014 Is the second Japanese personAcademy Honor AwardWas awarded.SaitamaTokorozawaResident[2].



Run by a family with thousands of employeesMiyazaki Airplane OfBoard MemberAs the second son of four siblings of the familyTokyo cityWas born in.In early childhoodUtsunomiyaEvacuated to, lived until the third grade of elementary school[Note 1].. Tokyo in 1950 when advancing to the 4th grade of elementary schoolSuginamiEifuku TownMoved to.

I was weak when I was a child[Note 2]So I was not good at exercising, but the picture was by far the best.An avid reader andOsamu Tezuka,Shigeru SugiuraCartoons, especiallyTetsuji Fukushima OfPicture story"Demon King of the SavageHe was also a "manga boy" who was a fan of.It is a preparatory school at that timeToyotama High School, TokyoI saw it when I was in the third gradeToei videoProduction"White snakeImpressed by[5],ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンWill also be interested in.In Fumio Sato's atelier when I was a studentSketchSelf-taught,Paul CezanneInfluenced by Impressionists like[6].

Active in the anime industry

Gakushuin UniversityGo on toChildren's literatureBelongs to a circle (Children's Culture Study Group).somepuppet showWhile planningmanga artistI continued to draw manga with the aim of[Note 3]Decides to go into the world of animation[8].Gakushuin UniversityGraduated fromanimatorAsToei videoJoined the company on a regular basis and worked on videos.At first, I couldn't feel the charm of the work produced by Toei Animation, and I couldn't stop being a manga artist, but I saw it one year after joining the company.USSRProduction feature-length animated movie "The snow queenImpressed by[9], I decided to make animation a lifelong job. "Gulliver's Space Travel』The last scene was changed by the idea of ​​Miyazaki, and showed talent from an early stage.Shortly formedToei videoBecame general secretary of the labor union and strive to improve the treatment of animators. In the fall of 1965, he married the same Toei animator woman at the age of 24, and later had two boys.Takahata Isao-Yasuji Mori-Yasuo OtsukaA masterpiece that took three years with them, "Prince of the Sun Horus's Great Adventure』(1965-1968) was created.

1971, Isao Takahata,Yoichi KotabeWith the departure of Toei Animation, a new project "Long PippiTo produceA productionI transferred to, but it disappeared without the permission of the original author.After that, Miyazaki and Takahata were invited by Yasuo Otsuka, and the TV anime "The audience rating was low.Lupin III』To take on the de facto first director's work for Miyazaki (jointly with Takahata. In the nameA production production group).The broadcast ended in half a year, but the basic part of "Lupin" after that was created (for details).LupinSee section). Taking advantage of the experience of "Pippi", Otsuka, Takahata, Odabe and others and the children's movie "Panda panda』(1972, 1973) (in charge of screenplay, scene setting, art, original drawings, etc.).

With Takahata and KotabeZuiyo video(LaterJapanese animation), And "Alpine girl Heidi』Begin preparation. 1974 TV anime, "Alpine girl Heidi], In charge of scene setting and screen composition (layout) for all cuts.This work is the highest averageAudience ratingIt was a big hit with 26.9%, which was the first big success for Miyazaki.

Future Boy Conan

1978 ,Future Boy Conan』(NHK) To act as a director.In the name, it is a director and not a director, but there is no other director, and in effect he was in charge of the scene as a director.In the strict schedule of weekly broadcasting, while directing, he is in charge of all the stories of original sketch (storyboard), setting, character design, mechanical design, most of themStoryboard, After drawing the layout, made by the staffscript・ The storyboard, layout, and original drawings were all checked by one person except for Isao Takahata's support, which was an unprecedented amount of superhuman work.[10].

Cagliostro Castle

After that, it was renewed and gained popularity.Lupin III』Proposed to Otsuka, Miyazaki undertakes the production.For that reason,Telecom animation film(Tokyo movie new companyTransferred to the movie "Lupin III The Castle of Cagliostro』(1979 ) Made his debut as a director of a movie work.

Miyazaki worked hard as a director to make a movie, saying, "I first learned about the limits of my physical strength with Cagliostro," and created it in a short period of four and a half months.[11][12][13]..However, the style is different from the image of "2nd Lupine" at that time,SFDue to the heyday of anime, it wasn't popular with the public, and it was entertaining.Previous workIt did not reach.Rather, due to the slump in the box office, I had to spend some time not involved in movies.However, it was later rebroadcast and received high praise as a monumental work of animation, such as raising the audience rating.

Immediately after this,Lupin III In "PART2", he is involved in the production of episode 145 and the final episode as a script, storyboard, and director.After"Castle Laputa in the SkyIt seems that there were plans from around this time, such as the robot soldiers and airships that appear in the movie. At the time of production of "Cagliostro's Castle", "AnimageI visited for coverage as a deputy editorToshio SuzukiI have met.

Miyazaki himself positions it as "a big sketch of what he did during the Lupine and Toei eras," and he also used some episodes of his own "Lupin III" 1st series as the source material.

When it was decided to produce the third movie version in conjunction with the broadcast of "Lupin III Part III", Hayao Miyazaki, who was the director of the previous work, was asked again as a director, but Miyazaki refused to participate.At the recommendation of Miyazaki, I was in the Miyazaki office at that timeOshii MamoruWill be the director (see "For details"Oshii version Lupine the XNUMXrd"reference).

Nausicaa of the valley of wind

Japan-US collaboration movie "Telecom Animation Film"Little NemoWas involved with Yasuo Otsuka and Isao Takahata in preparation forAmericaI went back and forth between the two, but I got off because of doubts about the project.At this time,My Neighbor Totoro''Princess Mononoke''Nausicaa of the valley of wind''Castle Laputa in the Sky], Etc., but it was not realized.

Toshio Suzuki, who fell in love with Miyazaki's talent, brought it to the planning meeting of Tokuma Shoten with the aim of making "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" into a movie.However, it was rejected because "things without the original are impossible". I have been paying attention to Miyazaki since the time of "Conan"Tokuma bookstoreEditor-in-chief of "Animage" magazineOgata HideoInvented to add a haku with "original" to realize the original project, "Animage" from the February 1982 issue of "Nausicaa of the valley of wind』Started serialization, and eventually gained the support of many readers[Note 4].

In addition, he proposes a special short animation project for his own event.The project was supposed to be a short film, but it gradually expanded, and due to Ogata's efforts, he was enthusiastic about the movie business at that time.Tokuma bookstore OfTokuma YakaiThe president (at that time) decided to animate the theater[14], Miyazaki's younger brother worksHakuhodoThe project was formed in the form of riding on this,1984 It was produced and released as an animated movie.

movies"Nausicaa of the valley of wind"Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro" was televised and its fun was widely recognized by society.Ecology・ Combined with the fact that it was in the boom, it became a hit work, and Hayao Miyazaki as a writer became widely recognized.[Note 5].

Established Studio Ghibli

Obtained investment from Tokuma Shoten in 1985Studio GhibliWas established and used as the basis for subsequent productions.1986 of"Castle Laputa in the Sky"When1988 of"My Neighbor Totoro』, But the box office performance was not so good, but after that the popularity of both works increased remarkably, and the sales of goods such as stuffed animals and the income of video sales supported the management of Ghibli.

Also recommended by Miyazaki around 1986Oshii MamorubyLupin IIIAfter the failure of the third movie version, Oshii was appointed as the director at Studio Ghibli, and Miyazaki's script work "Anchor" is being prepared.[Note 6].

"Kiki's Delivery Service』(1989) was initiallySunao KatabuchiAlthough it was being promoted by the director, Miyazaki took over after leaving the board due to the intention of the sponsor.This work will be a big hit that will be the top box office of the year.In response to this, we decided to hire employees to improve the working environment of Ghibli.

"Red pig』(1992) was originallyJapan AirlinesIt was planned as a second part to be screened on the plane, but the concept gradually expanded and it was released as a feature-length work.

"If you listen(1995), in charge of screenplay, storyboard, and production producer.

1997 Published inPrincess Mononoke』Has been talked about, such as the largest production cost in Ghibli history, Miyazaki's retirement theory, etc.NA』Has a Japanese movieBox office recordIt became a big hit that repainted for the first time in 15 years.Hayao Miyazaki said that this would be his last work at the time of the launch after completion, and it was widely reported, but the declaration of retirement was withdrawn the following year.

2001 Announced toSpirited Away』Further broke the box office record, mobilized 2,350 million spectators, box office revenue 308 billion yen[15]And set the first new record in the history of movies in Japan.The evaluation from outside Japan is also very high, and the following yearBerlin International Film FestivalThis is the first time in 39 years for Japan and the first animation in history.Gold bear awardWon the2003 ToAcademy awardsFeature Animation AwardWas awarded. At the press conference for the completion of "Spirited Away", he declared his retirement, saying, "It's impossible to make a feature-length anime movie anymore."

2004 Published “Howl's moving castle』OriginallyMamoru HosodaAlthough it was being promoted as a director's work, it was dismissed and Miyazaki took over.On the second day of the release, the number of spectators was 2 million, the box office revenue was 110 billion yen, and it was the highest opening in the history of Japanese movies, recording the second biggest hit in movie history.furtherVenice International Film FestivalOsella Award,New York Film Critics AssociationWinner of the Best Animation Award, the rice of the yearAcademy awardsLike the previous work, it was highly praised outside of Japan, such as being nominated for the feature-length anime category again.2005 IsVenice International Film FestivalPresented to outstanding world-class filmmakers inHonor Gold Lion AwardAward.2006 Was selected as an Academy Awards selection committee member and an invitation was sent to him.Miyazaki was selected twice before this, but declined to take office because he wanted to concentrate on his creative activities.

2006 Published “Tales from EarthseaIs credited as the original draft of "The Journey of Shuna" (published by Tokuma Shoten) published by Miyazaki in 1983, and the settings that appear in the book are used in various places.According to Toshio Suzuki and Goro Miyazaki, he wrote image boards and idea sketches.In addition, of the original author of "Ged Senki"Le GuinWanted Miyazaki to be the director, but his son Goro became the director.[16].

2008 May 7In addition, the new work "Ponyo on the cliff"publish.One month after the release, the box office record exceeded 1 billion yen. During the production of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea," he said that this work would be the last feature film physically.[17]..However, after the movie was released, Miyazaki was shocked to learn that "Howl's Moving Castle" was higher than the number of spectators in "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea", and began to motivate him to "make another one". Tata[18][Note 7]..Regarding future drawing, he intends to hand-paint it like "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea", but suggested that there is a possibility of returning to the previous drawing.[20]..The content of the latest work is said to be an autobiographical animation[21]..There was a time when I hated to appear in front of the media, but when I made "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"NHKTwice by "Professional work styleA close-knit document was created.The appearance of Hayao Miyazaki, who is struggling to make an animation, was broadcast and received a great response.Also, on November 2008, 11Japan Foreign Correspondents AssociationInvited to, he enthusiastically argued, including concerns about the anime world.2012 IsCultural MeritWas chosen by.

2013 In addition, his own manga work, "BreezeAnimated movie based on "Breeze"publish.same yearMay 9, Miyazaki retires from feature film production, President of Studio GhibliKoji HoshinoAnnounced[22].

After retiring as a feature film director

2013 years,Sengoku periodWhen writing a manga set inMonthly model graphicsIt was announced in the January 2014 issue.However, due to the fact that his hands stopped as he continued to study the times, the June 1 issue of the same magazine and "Armor modelingIn the May 2015 issue, cancellation or indefinite postponement was announced.The title of the planned work was "Tanegashima Samurai".

Worked on the planning, production and supervision of the exhibition "Nutcracker Doll and Mouse King Exhibition" at the Mitaka Forest Ghibli Museum.[23].. 11th May, same yearAcademy Honor AwardAwarded.As a JapaneseAkira KurosawaIt will be the second feat since then[24]..Of the actress who won the award at the same timeMorin O'HaraHas long admired and was impressed by the fact that he met[25]..In November of the same year, he devised a solo play "Utsu Kagura".KyotoYawata OfIwashimizu HachimanguDedicated at the main shrine of.

2015 , Toshio Suzuki gave a lecture on the new short animation for the Ghibli Museum "Boro the caterpillar』Revealed that it is in the process of production[26]..This will be Miyazaki's first 3DCG animation work.Animation production instead of Studio Ghibli, whose production department was dismantledStephen StephenIs in charge of[27].

August 2015, 5,Reorganization of US Army in JapanInFutenma Air Base OfNagoHenokoBecame co-representative of opposition to the relocation plan[28].. May 7, same year,Japan Foreign Correspondents AssociationAt the request ofTokyoKoganei-shiHeld a press conference at Studio Ghibli in Tokyo, not only relocating the baseOkinawaCriticizing the state itself where the burden is concentrated onYukio Hatoyama CabinetStrongly urged the realization of the relocation outside the prefecture proposed by[29].

Retirement withdrawal

2016 May 11From 9 pmNHKWas broadcast onSpecial programIn the program of "Never-Ending Man Miyazaki Hayao", a scene was broadcast in which Miyazaki presented a document with the words "Feature-length planning memorandum" to Toshio Suzuki.The contents of the documentモ ザ イ クIt was hidden in, but "2019 It was expected that the new feature film would be released in 2019 because it was written as "completed". 3 months later2017 May 2, Toshio Suzuki announced at "Oscar Week 2017" that he had returned to the production of a feature film, and was virtually retired.[30][31].. On May 5, recruitment of new staff began on the official website, and full-scale production started.[32], The title of the new work was "" at the event held at Waseda University on October 10th.How do you liveIt was revealed that[33].

2018 May 5, Attended Isao Takahata's farewell party and read the opening remarks[34].



Children's perspective
ConsistentlychildrenI continue to make works for.Regarding this, he made a statement to the effect that "a temporary escape for children from the harsh real world is necessary."[36].Children's literatureI love reading.
When Miyazaki was a child, Miyazaki made works by raising the target age as he grew up according to his age.[37]When my son grows up, he is targeting children such as friends, and when "Spirited Away" was released, he explained that it was made for the daughter of a friend who is a girlfriend.[38]..He also said that he wanted to make Studio Ghibli a studio that makes good movies for children.[39].
Gender of the hero
As seen in "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind," "My Neighbor Totoro," and "Witch's Takkyubin," the main character is often a girl. He said that he would be more motivated.He also said that if he was of the same sex, he would overlap with himself too much and it would only be a pessimistic story.However, there are many works in which a man is the main character, such as "Castle in the Sky", "Porco Rosso", and "Princess Mononoke".
Production without a script
At the preparatory stage of production, draw a large number of image boards to formulate the concept of the work,scriptWithoutStoryboardIt is known for the technique of producing works at the same time as.This is from the surroundings, "In the Japanese animation world.Walt DisneyThis is the first method possible for Miyazaki, who has superhuman production management ability called "Miya-san who does not need production" and drawing ability that balances quality and speed.
Also, in manga works, he is writing in a unique style of drafting, penning, and finishing on a frame-by-frame basis.However, he does not draw storyboards from a completely blank slate, but writes storyboards and ideas in his notebook.According to him, "I sometimes write letters all day long."[40].
Military enthusiast
War history-weaponKnown as a maniacSecond World WarFrom beforearmor・ Armor helmets and weapons (Armored combat vehicle,Military aircraftEtc.) has a deep knowledge.That knowledge is fully utilized in the weapons and vehicles that appear in the work.Art Box's "Monthly" is a work that demonstrates this hobby.Model graphicsMagazine's "Hayao Miyazaki's Idea NoteThere is a super-irregular serialized manga of a fictitious war memorial that is interwoven with reality.At the beginning of the series, it was a few-page picture story depicting a rare weapon, but gradually the frames were broken and transformed into a story manga.As a feature after changing to the form of manga, the women appearing in the work are ordinary human beings, but the men are anthropomorphic animals in the case of works set in Europe and the United States.[Note 10].
From 2009 to 2010Model graphics』In the magazineType-XNUMX fighterIs the developer ofJiro Horikoshi"The Wind Rises," which depicts the young days of Japan with fiction, was serialized, and as mentioned above, an anime movie was produced based on this (booked in 2015).Also,Complete fighter "Haya"With the success ofarmyAce pilotWar historian who recorded the results of the warHiroshi UmemotoWhen publishing the book "Ace of the Falcon of World War II" by (Hiroshi Ichimura), he sent a document of praise and encouragement to the art box editorial department after reading this book.[41].
Even during meetings in Ghibli, he still draws tank graffiti when he has free time.Also, in the plays of "Castle in the Sky" and "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea",Morse codeThe communication scene appears in, but all the signs are real and well-established as words."The hobby of the person is most reflected.Red pigAs for ""HogakuI made a crappy thing. "Sense of guiltHe continues to be trapped in and states that his next work was completed and he was finally released from the "curse".[42].
Voice actor appointment policy
The United KingdomNewspaperGuardianInInterviewIn "Japanese womenVoice actorIs a coquettish that attracts mensoundBut that's not what we want. "[43].
Common points of work names
Most of the feature-length animated films directed by Spirited Away OfSpirited away, on a cliff OfHiragana "" such as Ponyo Of"It is included[44].
However, it is not necessarily the intention of the person himself, and in "Princess Mononoke", "Princess Mononoke"[Note 11]It is said that Toshio Suzuki made it into an established fact in "Princess Mononoke" contrary to Miyazaki's intention that he wanted to make the title, and Miyazaki himself is not necessarily concerned.[45].
Change in style
In "Ponyo was born in this way," which followed the process of producing "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea," "I'm already ready.Consolidation"I don't want to make a movie with a well-made story," he said. "The popularity of my work is low."

Relationship with Isao Takahata

Animator / movie directorTakahata Isao TheToei video(CurrentToei animation) He was a senior of the times and had a great influence on Miyazaki.Toei AnimationUnionToSecretary GeneralTakahata supported Miyazaki as a vice chairman and deepened exchanges.

Takahata's first directorial work / movie "Prince of the Sun Horus's Great Adventure(1968), Miyazaki was a newcomer at the time, but he drew image boards one after another and was an animator (cum). Scene setting) Was selected.It is the first animated film that depicts the deep psychology of human beings, and the composition and drawing quality as an animation work is the highest at that time, and while it is an animation for children, a craftsman injected by Takahataguild-communeWith the formation ofGood and evil OfCluster amaryllisThought background depicting, a sense of solidarity in the worker community,Vietnam WarMiyazaki is devoted to his strong "writership" by reflecting the social situation that casts a shadow on his work.Bold, incorporating connotative knowledge and ideology into the storyLayoutTakahata's production was also a longing for Miyazaki.[46].

Lupine III First Series(Co-directed),Panda panda(Directed by Takahata, screenplay by Miyazaki, screen design),Alpine girl Heidi,Ask my mother(Directed by Takahata, screen setting by Miyazaki), etc., absorbed Takahata's production technique[46]..Miyazaki's directorial work "Nausicaa of the valley of wind], [Castle Laputa in the Sky』In TakahataproducerIs serving[46].

Worked together in Heidi and SansenriYuno Tomino(Storyboarder) said, "In the world, I hear that the two people after" Laputa "understood the storyboard, but that is not the case at all. After Mr. Takahata's news, the relationship between the two people again. I came to the conclusion considering the sex. Without Mr. Takahata, a "movie director" named Hayao Miyazaki would not have been born! "" Mr. Miyazaki also said about Mr. Takahata, "I'm reading a book I can't read." I think that Miyazaki animation is the result of constantly thinking about whether to accept such a part, overcome it, and how to silence Mr. Takahata. "" Mr. Miyazaki is the Academy Award for the world. (In 2002, "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" won the Academy Award for Feature Film Animation Award), so it may feel like Miyazaki is better than Takahata. For example, I can assure you that Mr. Miyazaki did not win the Academy Award. "[47].

after that,Fantasy,RealityDue to the difference in their ideas, the two began to create separately, but they always cared about the other.Miyazaki's awe for Takahata was special, although they have something in common that they both hate each other. "Spirited AwayAt the time of production, Miyazaki said, "Don't get angry with Mr. Park (Takahata)" for his point of view chasing Chihiro all the time.This is because Mr. Takahata taught me not to do such things when directing.[46].

Producer Toshio Suzuki, who has supported the two masters, said, "Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki) is actually making a movie with only one audience in mind. It is Isao Takahata that Hayao Miyazaki wants to show the most work." ing[46].

Director Miyazaki himself once answered in an interview, "Does Miyazaki have a dream?", "I see, but I have only one dream, and the character is always Mr. Takahata."[48].

Opinion to the anime world

A sense of crisis in the Japanese anime world
For a long time, I have been feeling a sense of crisis about Japanese animation mass-produced in a short time and on a low budget, and the February 1985 issue of the animation magazine "Animage"ofOshii Mamoru,Shoji KawamoriTalk with and1986 At an interview with an animation magazine reporter during the production of "Castle in the Sky"[49]"Sailor suit machine gunDon't make an animation of shooting and running around. "" GirlsBazookaI want you to stop swinging works. "
2002 years,Germany OfBerlin Film FestivalWhen receiving the Golden Bear AwardPress conferenceHe said, "The current Japanese animation is getting stuck."The United Kingdom Ofwith the BBCIt is reported in various media inside and outside Japan, not only in Japan but also in Japan.世界There were various reactions, including animation fans of[50].
Evaluation of Tezuka Osamu
1989 ,Osamu TezukaIn honor of Tezuka's achievements in the history of manga when he died, Osamu Tezuka as an animation writer gathered shopkeepers (Tanako) to listen to Gidayu.bed』) Was bitterly criticized as being the same as the landlord of Nagaya.He also gave a negative view on the tragic nature of Tezuka Osamu's work, and from that context, gave a negative evaluation to Tezuka's independent animation works such as "A Certain Street Corner Story" and "Shizuku". Defeated[51].
In the same interview as above, Tezuka made a TV anime "Astro boy』Has become a precedent for lowering the cost of producing anime in Japan since it was made on a cheap budget, but Miyazaki said about this.JapanIs inevitable in the process of achieving economic growth, and "it happened that Mr. Tezuka was the only one who triggered it."On the other hand, he also said that if Tezuka didn't start at that timing, they might have been able to sit down and make a feature-length animation for another couple of years.[52].
Since then, Miyazaki has rarely talked about Tezuka,2009 In an interview conducted at Tezuka's "Shin treasure islandHe revealed that he had been "indescribably shocked" and that he was captivated by the early science fiction trilogy.On the other hand, the evaluation of the animation work did not change, "But I may have been relieved that Mr. Tezuka made a terrible animation. I can compete with this."[53].
Miyazaki participated in Toei Animation's "Wanwan Tadaomizo" as one of the animators in 1963, and in 1977 he laid out the Tezuka Osamu's original "Meadow Child Tengri".In 1981, a collaboration animation movie "Rolf" between Tezuka and Miyazaki was also planned.[54]..This collaboration was not made, but Rolf's project changed its name and became the original draft of "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind".[55].
Disney rating
About a year before the criticism of Osamu Tezuka mentioned above,デ ィ ズ ニ ーIs also criticizing. "I don't like Disney's work. The entrance and exit are lined up at the same height and size. I can only think of it as an audience contempt."[56]..In the special program of the Disney Art Exhibition in collaboration with Studio Ghibli, he praised "the power of art," "I was really surprised," and "respect never disappears."[57].

Political and ideological stance


While being a prominent military enthusiast, in reality戦 争I firmly oppose the act.When I was in college, I was impressed by the lecture on economics, "How economically unreasonable war is," and I had the experience of throwing away all the military books I had collected.In the work, "Future Boy Conan''Nausicaa of the valley of wind''Princess Mononoke』, Etc., there is also a depiction that affirms the armed resistance to the invaders and oppression, and its stance is not a simple nonviolence / anti-war.However, he consistently depicts the misery and stupidity of war, and does not easily beautify them with works in which weapons and war appear. The depiction of the city in the war that appears in multiple works such as "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"Yoshida Hotta[58]It is said that it is an image of "Private record of Hojoki"[59].Gulf WarHe expressed his opposition to the policy of the U.S. government.Oda MinoruBy the citizen group "Citizen's Opinion 30 Association" centered onNew York TimesIn response to the call to "post an advertisement criticizing the Gulf War"[60], Produced at the same timeRed pig』Also says that the antipathy towards the Gulf War is reflected in the style[42].
Second World War
"BreezeThere is also a work theme at the time of production,Second World WarHe is actively speaking about Japan's responsibility for war in Japan. "When I was young, I used to think that I was responsible for the war, but it's easy to condemn from later life. On the other hand, as an excellent engineer who made the Zero fighter.JiroThere is also a movement to raise the festival.Neither is trying to feel the air of that era with their skin. "" It is wrong to look at one era from a distance and assume that it is gray. "[61]However, regarding the movement to celebrate Jiro Horikoshi, "Most of the enthusiasts who make noise with Zero Fighter, Zero Fighter are people who are stuck in the complex and must be proud of something. Thinking ability and technical ability I don't want Jiro Horikoshi's genius inspiration to be an outlet for patriotism and the complex. I intend to regain Jiro Horikoshi from those people in the upcoming movie. "[62]"I don't think Jiro or his father are innocent."[63]It has said.
At the same time, in a contribution to Studio Ghibli's booklet "Hot Air," he said that Japan's participation in World War II was "a really stupid war" and "it was actually a pathetic war" as a child. Stated to have felt[64][65][66]..In addition to this, "I don't think Japan is the only villain, but it's strange to say,'Why am I caught when I just entered the end?'" "Unarmed neutrality It's not possible in reality, so even if you think about it in realism, you have to be armed to a certain extent. However, I think it's correct to say "wait a minute" beyond that. "" The problem of comfort women is also It's a matter of pride for each ethnic group, so we should apologize properly and compensate properly. "[67].
This attitude is one of the countries involvedEast AsiaWidely praised in various countries, China's "People's DailyIsWeibo(State-ownedSocial Media), Miyazaki is named as "a sensible Japanese who should be remembered."[68]..Even in KoreaBreeze』There is also an attitude such as holding a press conference to explain the intention at the time of release, and it is praised as" the living conscience of Japan "[69].
Constitutional amendment
In 2013Constitutional revision debateIn the July 2013 issue of Studio Ghibli's booklet "Hot Air"Constitutional amendmentMade a statement against the current amendment[70]..Miyazaki contributed "In addition to changing the constitution",The Constitution of JapanClarified that he was against the constitutional amendment[70]..In the contribution, the environment for discussing the Constitution of Japan is "the voter turnout and the turnout are low, and such a government is confused by the annoyance and changes the Constitution in a way that comes to mind."[70].. EspeciallyArticle 9 of the ConstitutionSDF"In light of Article 9 of the Constitution, the Self-Defense Forces are really strange. It's funny, but it's better. It's better not to be the Defense Force."[70]The Self-Defense Forces should devote themselves to exclusive defense, saying, "Otherwise, people in this country are really unfamiliar with international politics and will soon be taken over.戦 争Even if it becomes, I think that is still better. "[71]..The contribution also favorably evaluates the Self-Defense Forces under the current constitution.[71].disasterRegarding the activity of the time, "I think this is a good thing. The members are doing well and polite."Iraq warRegarding the overseas dispatch conducted in(I.e.Even if I had to go to, I didn't shoot a single shot and came back without killing any one. "" I think I was fine. "[71].
またArticle 96 of the ConstitutionAs for the proposal to revise thescam"What you must not do", so in order to decide the future of the country, "reflect the opinions of as many people as possible" and "in order to change, we must have a proper discussion".[70].
Right of collective self-defense
After the Constitutional Amendment debate subsided, the Constitutional Interpretation was used to facilitate overseas activities.Right of collective self-defenseMaintenanceFirst Abe CabinetWhen promoted inJapan Foreign Correspondents AssociationAtPress conferenceso,Prime MinisterShinzo Abe"I think I want to remain in history as a great man" "But it won't remain"[29]..The current constitution is15 years of warFor those who survived the war, it was highly evaluated as an "experience that shines in the light."So-called"Imposing constitutional theoryIn response to the criticism that it was 1928TreatyIt inherits the spirit of the (War Abandonment Niseki Suru Treaty), and states that it is neither a peculiar content nor a "force".[29].

Bioethics / anti-discrimination

2016 May 1Held in Minato-ku, TokyoLeprosyMiyazaki is about a 15-minute walk from his home about how he drew a leprosy patient in a scene of "Princess Mononoke" at the "World Conference on Human Heritage that Talks about the History ofZenseienTo prevent escape, which was exhibited at the museum in the parkPark ticketI was shocked to see such things as "Don't live neglected. You have to do the work head-on."[72][73].

Left wing / socialism

Gakushuin University, socialism, communism, etc.Left wingAfter learning about the exercise, he gradually became devoted to it during the four years he spent at university.for realTakahata IsaoAfter joining the company, he has been engaged in intense union activities.Miyazaki hates talking about things in theory and reasoning (he says he doesn't really like reading books), and even though he is from the Faculty of Economics about politics.Capital theoryI frankly state that I have not read the theory books such as[74][75]..Miyazaki said, "I thought that socialism was such a difficult problem.希望I thought that was the case. "[74]..However, in later yearsMarxIt's not that I've completely stopped thinking about it. "[42],"nowproletariatInstead of not having, I just think that there are good people and bad people. "[76].
Evaluation that there was a change of thought
Since thenLeft wingHe kept his ideology, but during the Cold War collapse1989 Happened toTiananmen IncidentandEastern European RevolutionSome say that they were shocked by the fact that they were forced to make ideological corrections in the face of the reality of the historical defeat of the socialist camp.[77].
Evaluation that the idea has not been changed
However, Miyazaki himself has repeatedly denied such a discourse that he "turned from the left."Miyazaki was originally controlled and powerfulSoviet socialismHe is skeptical of the Soviet Union and China, and has been criticizing the "wrong socialism" for some time. "I hate the Soviet Union, but I hate China, I hate the United States, but I hate Japan." Saying[74].New York Museum of Modern ArtAt a press conference in ChinaMao ZedongI once gave advice to young anime writers by quoting the vocabulary of[78]Later, "When I first saw the picture of Mao Tse-tung, I thought it was a disgusting face. I tried to think that it happened that the picture was bad because the people around me said that he was a big warm person." I should have believed that intuition. "[62]..Just before the collapse of the Cold War1990 OctoberToUSSRConfront withラトビアIn the independence movement ofPeople's FrontWhile mentioning that the term "" is used, "Socialism LiberalismThere are some people who are happy to have fallen into the army gate.West GermanyWhat is the current situation of?West BerlinIs a healthy city?It ’s not right. ”[74]..At the end of the Cold War, he severely criticized the fact that reformist students were aiming for a country like the United States in the Tiananmen Square Incident, saying, "I am stunned by the shallowness of that ideal." "Rather than the problem of human liberation, everyone wants to live a life of mass consumption in the same way," he said.[74].. It happened after the communist government was dismantled when "Red Pig" was produced.Yugoslavia conflictBy touching and democratizingnationalismIt is said that he felt hopeless with the rise of.In the work set in the vicinity of Yugoslavia, I overlapped with the figure of the hero who lives lonely, "I am the last"Red"I felt like I was going to be, and I became a flying pig by myself. "[79].
Miyazaki states, "I think that what was at the root of leftist thought is the same, even if it is timeless, even if it takes a different form."[74].
In a 2008 lecture, he advocated that Japanese children should be freed from nationalism.[80]..On the other hand, he also states that "the problem of the world lies in multi-ethnic groups."[80].

Anti-nuclear power

In Studio Ghibli's booklet "Hot Air" 2011 issue 8[Question], A photo of Miyazaki walking with a placard that says "NO! Nuclear power plant" adorned the cover.On the cover page, "June 6, Director Hayao MiyazakiHigashi KoganeiI did a small demonstration at. " June 6th occurred in March of the same yearGreat East Japan Earthquake OfFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentIt was the day when a large-scale anti-nuclear power demonstration was held in Shinjuku with about 6 participants as part of the "11/100 Nuclear Power Plant De-nuclear Power Plant 2 Million People Action" that was called for demonstrations nationwide in connection with the event. ..In this issue's special feature "Studio Ghibli wants to make a movie with electricity without nuclear power plants", Hayao Miyazaki,Toshio Suzuki,Taro Kono,Kensuke Onishi,KawakamiA special roundtable discussion was posted by Miyazaki, saying that he was in favor of eliminating the nuclear power plant.In the roundtable discussion, another year ago, around the summer of 1, without knowing the inside of the Fukushima nuclear power plant facility ("Energy Museum" in Tomioka Town, Futaba District, Fukushima Prefecture)ト ト ロIt is also said that it was discovered that there was a store selling character products such as Ghibli and it was removed, and that Ghibli is against the nuclear power plant.[81]..In addition, from June 2011, 6, on the rooftop of Studio Ghibli in Koganei City, Tokyo, a banner stating "Studio Ghibli wants to make a movie with electricity without a nuclear power plant" was displayed by Miyazaki.[82][83].

Criticism of the Western world

J・R・R・TolkienWork of"Ring story"ButPeter JacksonWhen it was made into a movie by the director, Miyazaki criticized it as a "yellow man discrimination movie" because the people who appeared with elephants to side with the evil forces were drawn "Asian".He also made similar criticisms of the original, saying that he was "stupid" because he didn't understand that Western fantasy classics had such an aspect.[84]..Also, from the above flow, for the entire American movie (Hollywood), "Americans are still making such movies, such as Germany exploding when they shoot a dash."Afghanistan WarAtAccidental explosionHe made bitter criticisms such as "the same reasoning as" and described the Japanese people (aside from the Westerners who made them) as "incredibly embarrassing" to be happy together.[84].
Charlie Ebbed attack caseAroundCaricatureRegarding the problem, he pointed out that "you should do it to your own politician first, and it will only be annoying to do it to politicians in other countries."On top of that, he said, "It's better to stop targeting what other civilizations worship."[85].

Affected writers / works

Ursula K. Le-Gwyn
In creating a work that includes fantasy elements,Ring story』While severely criticizingUrsula K. Le-Gwynof"Tales from EarthseaOften professed the influence fromShuna's JourneyIt appears in works such as. Since I started reading immediately after the translated version was released in 1976, I never let go of it, and even when I went to bed so that I could read it at any time, I said "Tales from Earthsea』It is said that it was placed.When I met Le Guin later in the year, all the works I had made so far were "Tales from Earthsea』It says that there is a part influenced by[86].
FranceWriter,Antoine de Saint ExuperyHe is a favorite reader ofHuman land』I have read many times.NHK's program "Travel to a land where various celebrities have a feelingA journey of the world and my heart(Broadcast in 1998), Miyazaki was on an airplane in the time of Saint-Exupery.AirmailFrom ParisToulouseIn addition, the site of Cup Jupy Airfield, which was headed by Saint-Exupery via Spain (モロッコ), And said that he was "most influenced by Saint-Exupery."Saint-Exupery was dangerous at the timePostal machineThrough his experience as a rider, he sympathizes with the fact that he asserted that "there is something more precious than life" in his work.The picture drawn at that time was later called "Shincho Bunko"Night flight""Human landIn addition to being used on the cover of "Human Land," he writes a commentary on "Human Land."
Nakao Sasuke
Yoshihiko Amino
"Princess Mononoke" has not been talked about much in traditional Japanese medieval history.Tatara(鑪 ・ 鈩) Steelmaking engineer group,MakoCarrier,LeprosyDepictions of patients appearing, women taking charge of the industry and having a say,Celestial dynastyWhat is sama? Introducing a woman who says,Yoshihiko Amino Of中 世Historical viewThe influence of is strongly seen.Amino himself highly praises this work as "made after studying a lot" in his own book.[87].
Lev Atamanov
Miyazaki is Atamanov's "The Snow Queen (1957 movie)When I saw, "I saw that the line above the eyes was drawn with a solid line, but the line below was drawn with a color line, and I was surprised if there was a way to draw such a gentle look. Until then, up and down. Both of them had long eyes connected by solid lines, but there was a hint in the Snow Queen to get out of it. Foreigners say why all Japanese animations have cut eyes. , We got it from the Snow Queen. "[88]..Also, "Animation has a great potential as an expression method when trying to draw Gerda's feelings of trying to regain Kai by really piercing a straight line of thoughts and using it as a force. I thought when I saw it. Animation was suitable for drawing the feelings that I wanted to do, and I thought that was what I wanted to do. So I watched various movies, but I'm glad I was an animator. I thought it was the Snow Queen. "[88].
Works other than the above
As one of the most influential in the 20th centuryBruce Springsteen,movies"Easy rider』AndJohn FordDirected by, especially "Wilderness Battle][89]..Besides that,Erich Frommof"Escape from freedom],Norman Mailerof"Naked and the dead],David Riesmanof"Lonely crowd, Fritz Papenheim's "The Alienation of Modern ManI was also influenced by books such as[89].


Feature film

* Only the director's work is in bold

Release yearTitle of workProduction (distribution)Position
1963 May 12Wanwan ChushinguraToei video
1965 May 3Gulliver's Space TravelOriginal picture
Last production
1968 May 7Prince of the Sun Horus's Great AdventureScene design
Art design
Original picture
1969 May 3Cat in bootsOriginal picture
May 7Flying Yurei boatOriginal picture
1971 May 3Animal Treasure IslandIdea composition
Original picture
May 7Alibaba and 40 thievesOriginal picture
1972 May 12Panda pandaTokyo movie
Scene setting
Original picture
1973 May 3Panda Co Panda Rain Pretend Circus Volumescript
Art setting
screen structure
Original picture
1979 May 12Lupin III The Castle of CagliostroTokyo movie new company
Screenplay (Haruya YamazakiJointly with)
directed by
1984 May 3Future Boy Conan Revival of Giant Machine GigantJapanese animation
directed by
1984 May 3Nausicaa of the valley of windTokuma bookstore
directed by
1986 May 8Castle Laputa in the SkyTokuma bookstore
Studio Ghibli
directed by
ED theme "Carrying you』Lyrics
1987 May 8The Story of Yanagawa HoriwariNibarikiProduction
1988 May 4My Neighbor TotoroTokuma bookstore
Studio Ghibli
directed by
ED theme "My Neighbor Totoro』Lyrics
1989 May 7Kiki's Delivery ServiceTokuma bookstore
Yamato Transport
Nippon TV
Studio Ghibli
Storyboard(Yoshifumi KondoJointly with)
directed by
1991 May 7OmohideTokuma bookstore
Nippon TV
Studio Ghibli
Production producer
1992 May 7Red pigTokuma bookstore
Japan Airlines
Nippon TV
Studio Ghibli
directed by
1994 May 7Heisei Tanuki Battle PonpokoTokuma bookstore
Nippon TV
Studio Ghibli
1995 May 7If you listenProduction producer
Storyboard(Yoshifumi KondoJointly with)
ED theme "country road』Supplement
On Your Mark~ Ghibli Experimental TheaterOriginal
directed by
1997 May 7Princess MononokeTokuma bookstore
Nippon TV
Studio Ghibli
directed by
Lyrics for the theme song "Princess Mononoke"
1999 May 7Hohokekyo next to YamadaTokuma bookstore
Studio Ghibli
Walt Disney International Japan
Nippon TV
2001 May 7Spirited AwayTokuma bookstore
Studio Ghibli
Walt Disney International Japan
Nippon TV
Tohoku Shinsha
Mitsubishi Corporation
directed by
2002 May 7Cat repaymentTokuma bookstore
Studio Ghibli
Walt Disney International Japan
Nippon TV
Mitsubishi Corporation
2004 May 11Howl's moving castleTokuma bookstore
Studio Ghibli
Walt Disney Japan
Nippon TV
Mitsubishi Corporation
directed by
2006 May 7Tales from EarthseaStudio Ghibli
Walt Disney Japan
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Mitsubishi Corporation
2008 May 7Ponyo on the cliffOriginal
directed by
OP theme "Mother of the Sea" lyrics (jointly)
ED theme "Ponyo on the cliff』Complementary lyrics
2009 May 3Lupine III 1st.TV seriesThoms Entertainmentdirected by(Takahata IsaoJointly with)
2010 May 6Toy story 3Pixar Animation StudioSpecial thanks
May 7Borrowing ArriettyStudio Ghibli
Walt Disney Japan
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Mitsubishi Corporation
Wild bunch
Screenplay (Keiko NiwaJointly with)
Art setting
2011 May 7From Kokuriko slopeStudio Ghibli
Walt Disney Japan
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Mitsubishi Corporation
Screenplay (jointly with Keiko Niwa)
2013 May 7BreezeStudio Ghibli
Walt Disney Japan
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Mitsubishi Corporation
directed by
2023 Scheduled aroundHow do you liveStudio Ghiblidirected by

Short film

Release yearTitle of workProduction (distribution)Position
1977 May 4Snow Brand Milk Industry
Sakura movie company
Shinei Video
Layout (non-credit)
2001 May 10Film round and roundStudio GhibliStoryboard
directed by
Whale pickingscript
directed by
2002 May 1Large walk of the rollerOriginal
directed by
May 10Invention of destruction in fantasy machinesPlanning
May 9Meineko cat busOriginal
directed by
Imaginary flying machinesOriginal
directed by
2006 May 1Water spider monmonOriginal
directed by
Looking for a home
Starred dayscript
directed by
2010 May 1Chuzu alreadyPlanning
May 11Leaven and Princess TamagoOriginal
directed by
2011 May 6Searching for luckPlanning
2018 May 3Boro the caterpillarOriginal
directed by

tv set

periodProgram nameProduction (broadcasting station)PositionBroadcast title
1964 May 61965 May 8Fujimaru, a boy ninja styleNET TV
Toei animation
Original picture (help)
1966 May 41967 May 3Rainbow squadron robin
1969 May 11970 May 10Secret Akko
1969 May 101970 May 12MoominFuji Television Network, Inc
Shinei Video
Thoms Entertainment
Original pictureEpisode 23 "Chibi Me Daisakusen"
1971 May 101972 May 3Lupin IIIYomiuri TV
Thoms Entertainment
Directing (Takahata IsaoJointly with)Episode 4 onwards
Original pictureEpisode 9 "The Killer Sings the Blues"
Episode 14 "The Secret of Emerald"
Episode 15 "Catch Lupine and Go to Europe"
Episode 16 "Gem Stealing Strategy"
Episode 17 "Lupin in a Trap"
Episode 18 "Mark the Beauty Contest"
Episode 19 "Which Wins? Third Generation"
Episode 21 "Help The Last Mastery!"
Episode 23 "Golden Great Game!"
1972 May 41973 May 3Akazodo SuzunosukeFuji Television Network, Inc
Thoms Entertainment
StoryboardEpisode 26 "I've done it! Akado Suzunosuke"
Episode 27 "Rampage! Vacuum Slash"
Episode 41 "Kirishitan's Hallows"
1973 May 31973 May 9Jungle KurobeEvery day broadcasting
Thoms Entertainment
Character draftFull story
1973 May 101974 May 9Samurai giantsYomiuri TV
Thoms Entertainment
Original pictureEpisode 1 "Smile! Bambaban"
1974 May 11974 May 12Alpine girl HeidiFuji Television Network, Inc
Scene setting
screen structure
Full story
1975 May 11975 May 12Flanders dogFuji Television Network, Inc
Japanese animation
Original pictureEpisode 15 "Old Books"
1976 May 11976 May 12Ask my motherFuji Television Network, Inc
Japanese animation
Scene setting
Full story
Original pictureEpisode 2 "Genoese Boy Marco"
1977 May 11977 May 12Raccoon RascalEpisode 4 "Milwalky Moon"
Episode 5 "Gifts for Oscars"
Episode 6 "Goodbye Skunks"
Episode 10 "First Expedition"
Episode 12 "Books and Penny"
Episode 13 "The First Day of Summer Vacation"
Episode 14 "Child without Mother"
Episode 15 "I wish I could make friends with Alice"
Episode 16 "Fun Party Night"
Episode 17 "Adventure of Rascal"
Episode 18 "Mysterious Youth I Met in the Forest"
Episode 19 "Rascal and Corn"
Episode 20 "Sterling's Sadness"
Episode 21 "Dangerous Rascal"
Episode 22 "Forests, Lakes and Animals"
Episode 24 "Run, Run, Our Canoe"
Episode 25 "Fawn Found in the Forest"
Episode 26 "Summer Festival of Forests and Lakes"
Episode 28 "In the Cage"
1977 May 101980 May 10Lupin IIINippon TV
Thoms Entertainment
Episode 145Wings of death albatross'
Episode 155Farewell Lupine'
1978 May 41978 May 10Future Boy ConanNHK
Japanese animation
Character Design
Mechanic design
Scene setting
directed by
Full story
StoryboardEpisode 1 "Koshishi Island"
Episode 2 "Departure"
Episode 3 "First Friends"
Episode 4 "Barracuda"
Episode 8 "Escape"
Episode 15 "Wasteland"
Episode 16 "Two Huts"
Episode 17 "Battle"
Episode 18 "Gunboat"
Episode 19 "Big Tsunami"
Episode 22 "Rescue"
Episode 23 "Sun Tower"
Episode 24 "Gigant"
Episode 25 "The End of Industria"
Episode 26 "Daidan Yen"
1979 May 11979 May 12Redhead anneFuji Television Network, Inc
Japanese animation
Scene setting
screen structure
Episode 1 "Matthew Cuthbert Surprised"
Episode 2 "Marilla Cuthbert Surprised"
Episode 3 "Green Gables Morning"
Episode 4 "Talking about Anne's upbringing"
Episode 5 "Decision for Marilla"
Episode 6 "Ann of Green Gables"
Episode 7 "Mrs. Rachel is afraid"
Episode 8 "Going to Anne Sunday School"
Episode 9 "A Terrible Oath"
Episode 10 "Playing with Anne-Kokoro no Friend"
Episode 11 "Eliminating Marilla Brooch"
Episode 12 "Ann Confesses"
Episode 13 "Ann Going to School"
Episode 14 "Classroom Uproar"
Episode 15 "Autumn Arrival"
1980 May 101981 May 9Emissary of the Sun Tetsujin 28Nippon TV
Thoms Entertainment
Original picture (A part)Episode 8 "Horror Murder Combined Robot"[90]
1984 May 111985 May 5Detective homesTV Asahi
Thoms Entertainment
scriptEpisode 3 "Small Martha's Big Incident !?"
Episode 3 "Small Martha's Big Incident !?"
Episode 4 "Mrs. Hudson Hostage Case"
Episode 5 "Blue Red Ball"
Episode 9 "Undersea Treasure"
Episode 10Dover StraitGreat aerial battle! "
directed byEpisode 3 "Small Martha's Big Incident !?"
Episode 5 "Blue Red Ball"
Episode 9 "Undersea Treasure"
Episode 11 "Aimed Giant Piggy Bank"
NovemberEarwig and the WitchNHK
NHK Enterprise
Studio Ghibli

Other works

Manga, picture stories, image boards, etc.

  • Cat in boots
  • Desert people (in the name of Saburo Akitsu)
  • Animal Treasure Island * The above are the initial works
  • To my sister (fits in "The World of Hayao Miyazaki and Yasuo Otsuka")
  • Nausicaa of the valley of wind(7 volumes in total), * 23rdJapan Cartoonists Association Award・ Grand prize work
  • Shuna's Journey Tokuma bookstoreAnimagePaperback[Note 12]
  • Run two horsepower, run faster than the wind (""SHIPSDecember 1989 issue, "CAR GRAPHIC』August 2010 issue, eachNigensha
  • Meal in the air (JAL WINDS, June 1994 issue)
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind-Shun Miyazaki Watercolor Collection Tokuma Shoten
  • Princess Mononoke Tokuma Shoten
  • Airboat era "Porco Rosso" original (Dainippon Painting 1992, supplementary revised edition 2004)
  • Hayao Miyazaki's Idea Note (Dainippon Painting 1992, Supplementary Revised Edition 1997)
    • The youngest brother of an unknown giant
    • The spirit of the iron
    • Multi-gun tower turn
    • Farmer's eyes
    • Dragon armor
    • Heavy bomber over Kyushu
    • Flak tower
    • Q.ship
    • Special aircraft carrier Yasumatsu Maru Monogatari
    • Over London 1918
    • The poorest front
    • Flying boat era
    • Pig tiger
  • Hayao Miyazaki's Delusion Note (Dainippon Painting August 2002)
    • Hans's return
    • Muddy tiger
  • "Blackham bomber" Robert Westall・ Written by Hayao MiyazakiMizuto KaneharaTranslation (children's book,Iwanami Shoten,2006 [Note 13]
  • "Gohiro Mizufuka" by Robert Westall, Mizuhito KaneharaKaori NozawaTranslation (Iwanami Shoten,2009 May)
    • The sequel, another story of Chas McGill
  • The Wind Rises Hayao Miyazaki's Delusional Comeback (Dainippon Painting, November 2015), "Model graphicsSerialized in

Design work


  • "Carrying you("Castle in the Sky" theme song)
  • "My Neighbor Totoro("My Neighbor Totoro" theme song)
  • "Le Chemin du Ven" ("My Neighbor Totoro" insert song)
  • "country road("Whisper of the Heart" theme song) * Supplement
  • "Whisper of the Heart" (from "Whisper of the Heart" image album)
  • "Princess Mononoke("Mononoke Hime" theme song)
  • "Women who step on Tatara" ("Mononokehime" insert song)
  • "Spirited Away" image album
  • "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" Image Album
    • "Ponyo on the cliff("Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" theme song) * Supplementary lyrics
    • "Sisters"
    • "Ponyo's Lullaby"
    • "Sunflower House Rondo"
  • "Mom's Photo" (CM song)

Books (including dialogues, interviews, and co-authors)

  • "House where Totoro lives" (Collection of paintings / Photograph Hisashi Wada) Asahi Shimbun(1991) / Augmented and revised edition Iwanami Shoten(November 2011)
  • "Once in a while, talk about old times" (Tokiko KatoCo-authored with, picture book, dialogue) Tokuma Shoten (1992)
  • "Wind of the times" (Ryotaro Shiba,Yoshida HottaTalk with UPU (1992). Asahi Bungei Bunko(1997)
  • "What is a movie?"Seven Samurai"When"Oh yeah"Around" (Akira KurosawaDialogue collection with Studio Ghibli(1993)
  • "Going to see the giant tree-Encounter with life for a thousand years" (co-authored) Kodansha Culture Books (1994)
  • "Starting point 1979-1996" (essay / remarks) Tokuma Shoten (1996)
  • "About Education" (Co-author, Interview Collection) Shunposha (1998)
  • "Magical eyes and ani eyes" (Yoro MenjiInterview with) Studio Ghibli (2002).Shincho Bunko(November 2008)
  • "The place where the wind returns-the trajectory from Nausicaa to Chihiro" (Youichi ShibuyaInterview collection by) Rockin'on (2002).Bungei Ghibli Bunko (November 2013)
  • "Turning Point 1997-2008" (Essay / Remarks) Iwanami Shoten (2008)
  • "Tobira to Books-Talking about Iwanami Shonen Bunko" (Introduction of 50 Recommended Books) Iwanami ShinshoColor version (October 2011)
  • "Koshiduke Patriotism" (Kazutoshi HanfujiInterview with), Bungei Ghibli Bunko (August 2013)
  • "The place where the wind returns-how did the film director Hayao Miyazaki start and how did it end?" (Youichi ShibuyaInterviews by) Rockin'on (2013)

Cover illustration

Live-action work

Storyboard collection

Animated movies for the theater

  • Panda Kopanda / Panda Kopanda Rainy Circus Volume Studio Ghibli Picture Conte Complete Works Phase II (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Lupine III Cagliostro's Castle Studio Ghibli Picture Conte Complete Works Phase II (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 1 (Tokuma Shoten)[Note 15]
  • Castle in the Sky Laputa Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 2 (Tokuma Shoten)[Note 15]
  • My Neighbor Totoro Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 3 (Tokuma Shoten)[Note 15]
  • Witch's Takkyubin Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 5 (Tokuma Shoten)[Note 15]
  • Porco Rosso Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 7 (Tokuma Shoten)
  • If you listen, Studio Ghibli storyboard complete works 10 (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Princess Mononoke Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 11 (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 13 (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Howl's Moving Castle Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 14 (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Ponyo Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 16 on the Cliff by the Sea (Tokuma Shoten)
  • The Wind Rises Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works 19 (Tokuma Shoten)

Tv animation

  • Lupine III: Wings of Death Albatross / Farewell, Lupine, Studio Ghibli Picture Conte Complete Works Phase II (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Sherlock Hound Small Martha's Big Incident !? / Mrs. Hudson Hostage Incident / Blue Red Ball Studio Ghibli Picture Conte Complete Works Phase II (Tokuma Shoten)
  • Sherlock Hound Undersea Treasure / Aerial Battle of the Strait of Dover! / Aimed Giant Piggy Bank Studio Ghibli Storyboard Complete Works Phase II (Tokuma Shoten)

Phantom work

A list of works that Hayao Miyazaki is involved in, planning, and planning, but has ended up in a phantom or has not been realized due to various reasons.Some titles are tentative titles given for convenience.

Sine Cosine Theta
A script for a children's puppet show in college.The stage is a story by a mental hospital, Shonen Alpha No., and Girl Theta No..The performance did not happen[92].
Long Pippi
Around 1971,Astrid LindgrenOriginal children's literature work[93]..The president of the planned Tokyo movieFujioka YutakaI went to Sweden myself and tried to get consent from the original author to make a movie, but I could not meet and failed[94]..At this time, Miyazaki accompanied Fujioka for the purpose of location scouting and drew an image board after returning to Japan based on the scenery and houses seen there.[94]..The image later became "Panda pandaAnd 'Kiki's Delivery ServiceIn addition to being utilized in[94], The swing that appears in the opening of "Heidi, Girl of the Alps" is a diversion of the setting prepared in this work.[95]..The remaining production materials are written by his son, Goro Miyazaki.Bandit's daughter RonyaWas animated, with the permission of the original author (copyright successor), "Phantom" Pippi Longstocking "" (Iwanami Shoten, October 2014, co-authored by Isao Takahata and Yoichi Kotabe). Published as[96], Miyazaki's image and storyboard and interviews are posted.Also, according to Toshio Suzuki, even after the establishment of Studio Ghibli, he consulted with Miyazaki many times about making an anime movie, but it did not come true after all, and when the copyright successor offered Ghibli after Lindgrain's death, Miyazaki was "too late". "I missed the time," he said.[96].
Chikka and Bocca on the head
Around 1973 while enrolled in A ProductionSankichirou KusubeTV animation planned with[97].KoropokuruThe story is that they take out human things as "hunting" without permission, and also designed the characters.[97].Every day broadcastingKusube brought it in and got a good impression, but Miyazaki was disappointed at the fact that he was unknown at that time, and Kusube was disappointed.Fujiko F. Fujio(At that timeFujio FujikoBy issuing a revision plan to make the original (name)Jungle Kurobe], And the characters made by Miyazaki were not used.[97].
Yuki's sun
Chiba TetsuyaCartoon.Only the pilot film was produced (screened at Aeon Cinemas nationwide from December 2013 for a limited time).
Princess Mononoke
Around 1980, "beauty and the Beast』& The motif is the Warring States period, but it was made into a movie in 1997.Princess MononokeThe title is the same, but the story and design are completely different.Image board in 1993Studio GhibliPublished as a large picture book by (later Tokuma Shoten).
Lupine's daughter
Around 1981, he spoke in a dialogue with anime critic Emiko Okada.A school object where the daughter of the main character, Lupine III, teams up with Fujiko's niece, who has a weak head.
An underground comic based on Richard Corben around 1981.An image board has been created.The stage setting and design is "Nausicaa of the valley of windA work that can be said to be the prototype of.Osamu TezukaIt was planned to collaborate with.
Sengoku Majo
Around 1981, a SF original work set in the Warring States period of Japan.An image board has been created.Here, many settings that lead to "Nausicaa" and "Laputa" were created.
1981-1982,Windsor mackayBased on the originalLittle Nemo』For planningTelecom animation filmFrom the beginning, I was involved in creating a large number of image boards as a staff member of the company, but I left the company before announcing the production.It's free.The movie itself was released in 1989.
A day in the valley of the wind
Around 1983, Nausicaa's childhood is depicted through the daily life of the Valley of the Wind.Proposed by Miyazaki for the "Anime Grand Prix" event at Tokuma Shoten.
In the mid-1980sDream Pillow TapirMiyazaki proposed in a dialogue with. After the completion of "Laputa", the original dream pillow, screenplay Miyazaki, directorOshii Mamoru,producerTakahata IsaoWill be considered at, but will be canceled at the planning stage.According to Miyazaki's concept, the stage is Tokyo at that time, when a mysterious girl like a princess is chased by someone and a boy who happens to meet sends it to a place to escape the child, another person is another place It is said that it is an adventure that includes a love element of delivering to.However, the project disappeared between Miyazaki trying to put out a beautiful girl and Oshii trying to put out a dirty girl like a kid with a nose.[98].
Charge! Iron Pork
Around 1985, "Hayao Miyazaki's Idea NoteIt was a project of an OVA work derived from "Mamoru Oshii", which was also planned as a director.
Great Tokyo story
Keiko FukuyamaCartoon.Later, it was decided that it would not suit the present age.
Ink attack
Set in ancient ChinaKenichi SakemiThe original historical novel.The idea is that one Mohist defends a city surrounded by enemies.It was examined by Mamoru Oshii's director, but the story disagrees with Miyazaki and disappears.
Tokyo Dirty Battle
Miyazaki announced the NHK program "Top runnerWhat I said when I appeared in.
Lina on Gocha Gacha Street
Sachiko KashiwabaThe original children's literature "Mysterious Town Beyond the Fog"
Chimney drawing phosphorus
Set in Tokyo after the fictitious earthquake, Rin from Osaka lives in a bathhouse and draws a picture on the chimney.Mitaka Forest Ghibli MuseumYou can see the plot at.It was conceived quite concretely, and after about a year of consideration, it was abandoned.Made for this storyYumi Kimuraof"Always with me, But later "Spirited Away』, And the name of the main character" Rin "is reused for the characters in the movie.
Boro the caterpillar
A project that Miyazaki has warmed up for many years, "drawing the world from the perspective of insects."It was once dropped before "Princess Mononoke" because it was difficult to make it into a feature film, but it was completed as a short film for the Ghibli Museum.
Travel lagos
Yasutaka TsutsuiThe original science fiction fantasy novel
Jonathan and Space Whale
Robert F. YoungSci-fi novel
Great detectiveRyunosuke AyukawaversusNatsume Soseki
A detective thing that a literary master of the Meiji era appears.
Porco Rosso Last Sortie
Red pigSequel to
Hayao Miyazaki versionTales from Earthsea
Miyazaki has been a long-time fan of this film, and in the 1980s and 90s, the publisher and the original author were asked twice to make it into a movie and refused.After that, in the 2000s, Miyazaki's movie became known to the original author, and he said, "If you want to visualize" Tales from Earthsea ", only that person can give OK", but Miyazaki is already a book. Losing his passion for the film at the time, by the twists and turns of Miyazaki's son GoroFilm adaptationWas done.
Gun samurai
#After retiring as a feature film directorSee.


Feature film

  • "Princess Mononoke" was born in this way. (Studio Ghibli, Released on March 1998, 6,VHS)-"Princess Mononoke" creative site-based documentary
  • Thank you, Mr. Lasseter ~ 20 years of friendship between Hayao Miyazaki and John Lasseter hidden in the "Spirited Away" Academy Awards ~ (Studio Ghibli, released on November 2003, 11,DVD)-With Hayao MiyazakiJohn LasseterClose contact documentary
  • One CD produced by Hayao Miyazaki was born in this way. (Nibariki, Released on August 2004, 8, DVD)-"Mom's Photograph" creative site-based documentary
  • Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli Museum (Studio Ghibli, March 2005, 3, DVD)
  • Ponyo was born in this way. ~ Hayao Miyazaki's Thinking Process ~ (NHK Enterprise, Released on December 2009, 12, DVDBlu-ray)-"Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" creative site-based documentary
  • Kingdom of dreams and madness(Dwango, Released on November 2013, 11)-"The Wind Rises" creative site-based documentary

Short film

  • Princess Mononoke in USA (Studio Ghibli, released on April 2000, 4)
  • Ornithopter Story-Fly!Bulbul Tengu (Studio Ghibli, released on October 2002, 10)[99]

TV feature

  • A journey of the world and my heart"Dream to Saint Exupery Sky-From Southern France to Sahara-" (BS2, 1999)
  • Professional work style"Creating a movie-Hayao Miyazaki, the secret of creation-" (NHK, Broadcasted on July 2007, 3)
  • Professional work style special "All about Hayao Miyazaki ~ Ponyo Adhesion 300 Days ~" (NHK, broadcast on August 2008, 8)-"Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" creative site close contact documentary
  • "NHK Two / Coquelicot-zaka / Father and Son's 300-day War-Shun Miyazaki x Goro Miyazaki-" (NHK, broadcast in August 2011)-"From Up on Poppy Hill" creative site-based documentary
  • NHK Special"Never-Ending Man Miyazaki Shun" (NHK, broadcast on November 2016, 11)-"Boro the Caterpillar" creative site-based documentary
  • BS1 Special"Good bye, All Evangelion ~ Hideaki Anno's 1214 ~" (BS1, Broadcasted on July 2021, 4)[100]


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