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🎭 | Takarazuka Grand Theater reaches 3 million visitors Makoto Rei "A stage that will continue to be vital to tomorrow"

After the performance, the performers expressed their gratitude for reaching 3 million people = Takarazuka Grand Theater (representative photo)

Takarazuka Grand Theater reaches 3 million visitors Makoto Rei "A stage that will continue to be vital to tomorrow"

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"I usually watch theater at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, but next spring I will graduate from university, so I came to make memories.

The number of visitors to the Takarazuka Grand Theater (1 Sakaemachi, Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture) was on the 15th, and the star group "Yagyu Ninpocho" and "More Dandy ..." → Continue reading

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Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(Takarazuka Takarazuka, TokyoEnglish: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater) Is1934 May 1から1997 May 12UntilTokyoChiyodaYurakuchoWas on 1-12Takarazuka RevueHometown in Tokyotheater,andTohoWas owned byMovie theater.. alias:Takarazuka Kaikan..Owns a second-generation theater on the siteTokyo Takarazuka BuildingIs erected.


  • December 1932, 12: Groundbreaking ceremony
  • December 1933, 12: The ceremony was held
  • January 1934, 1: Open
  • April 1940, 4: Toho 16th Floor Theater opens on the 4th floor.
  • December 1945, 12: Requisitioned by GHQ[1].
  • 1946 2 Month 24 Day:The end of the warBy "Ernie PileIt will be a "theater" (only for the 8th Army), and Japanese people will be prohibited from entering and exiting as spectators.[1].
  • January 1955, 1: Cancellation of requisition[1].
  • April 1955, 4: Returned to the old name, opened[1].
  • July 1955, 7: Toho 14th Floor TheaterHibiya SCARAWill be.Kokeraotoshi is "Strategic Air Command』(Anthony Manndirected by)[2].
  • December 1997, 12: Closed for rebuilding.
  • January 1998, 1: The remaining Hibiya Skala is also closed.The last screening is "Air force one』(Wolfgang Petersendirected by)[2].
  • December 2000, 12: On the siteTokyo Takarazuka BuildingIs open.


Hankyu Corporation OfKobayashi IchizoCo., Ltd. established byTokyo Takarazuka TheaterUnderTakenaka CorporationIs in charge of the design and construction, is in charge of the plane, is in charge of the elevation, and is in charge of the structure.1934 May 1Opened at the same timeTakarazuka Girl Opera CompanyAlso advanced to Tokyo.

Directly managed by Toho, commercial theater, singer play,musicalIt functions as the center of Toho theater, and the main Takarazuka Revue was performed several times a year (7 months a year for several years before the renovation). 1956, 57, 59, 61-72NHK Red and White Singing BattleAlso used as a venue forMario del MonacoとTito GobbiAt the 2nd NHK Italian Opera Company, known for co-starringOtello』Performance was also held here.The small theater on the XNUMXth floorPerformanceof"Toho MeijinkaiWas held all the time, and after the war it was renamed Toho Performing Arts Center, and it was a hall of the Tokyo performing arts world with a selection of vaudeville performers, but it closed in August 1980.insteadJapanese dramaからNikki Music HallHas moved.

Second World WarInsideJapanese theaterと と も にBalloon bombUsed as a factory.On the other hand, when the war is overGhqRequisitioned by (December 1945, 12-January 24, 1955).For the purpose of comforting soldiers stationed in different culturesArnie Pile Theater Renamed to (Ernie Pyle Theater), Japanese were banned from entering as an audience.Ernie PileThe name is April 1945, 4,OkinawaIe IslandIt is named after a war correspondent who was killed in the battle of.

The requisition was canceled in 1955, and the performance was resumed at the Star Troupe performance "Consort Yu".[3], A fire broke out on the stage during the performance on February 1958, 2, and the equipment in the hall was burned down, resulting in 1 deaths and 3 injuries.

The old theater that has been used since its openingGreat Kanto EarthquakeIn the reconstruction period ofモ ダ ニ ズ ムIt was counted as one of the masterpieces of architecture, but it was closed once on December 1997, 12 due to aging, and rebuilding work started in January 29.2001 Newly opened on January 1st (during renovation, Takarazuka Revue will last for 1 monthsImperial TheaterPerformed at, thenTAKARAZUKA 1000days TheaterThe performance started all year in Tokyo with the opening).杮(Kokera)Drop performanceMakoto TsubasaThe moon troupe led by (at that time)Imire flower blooms/Sonata of love』.

Features of each building

Takarazuka Kaikan
theaterRankNumber of seatsFacility
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater1 floor2778 → 2476
Hibiya SCARA4 floor1341 (1955[2]) → 1197 (1997)Dolby Digital
Toho Performing Arts Center5 floor510 → 420

Hibiya SCARA

Hibiya SCARA(Cracks)TokyoChiyodaYurakuchoA movie theater located on the 4th floor of the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater in XNUMX-chome.


1940 May 4, Opened on the 4th floor of the Takarazuka Kaikan, which houses the Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterToho XNUMXth floor theater"(Tohoyonkaigekijo) is its predecessor.After the war, the Takarazuka Theater became the "Ernie Pyle Theater", and Japanese people were banned from entering and exiting as spectators.

Six months have passed since the requisition was canceled1955 May 7, In the form of developing the Toho XNUMXth floor theater "Hibiya SCARAIs open.The name is famous ItalyMilanOpera houseScalaDerived from. Although it screened numerous hits and masterpieces as a large theater boasting 1,197 seats,1998 May 1Temporarily closed for rebuilding (adjacent to the opposite during the closing periodHibiya movie(Current:Theater CLIE) Was undertaking an alternative function to the chain master),


Release yeartitle
1955 "Strategic Air Command(Opening work)
1957 "Paris lover'
1958 "Affectionate flowering tree'
1959 "Cute devil'
1960 "5 copper coins","Full of sun'
1961 "Breakfast at Tiffany'
1963 "Roman Holiday(Revival)
1964 "Together in Paris'
1966 "Fashionable thief'
1967 "Gone with the wind(Revival, 70 mm version)
1968 "White lovers","Chiki Chiki Bang Van'
1969 "Midnight cowboy'
1970 "sunflower","Sound of music(Revival)
1971 "Fashionable thief(Revival)
1972 "Gone with the wind(Revival, 70 mm version)
1973 "Last Tango in Paris'
1974 "Recollection","My fair lady"(Revival),"Personal life"
1975 "Rainy Amsterdam, ""
1976 "ト ミ ー","Blue Bird","Robin and Marian","Good luck! Bears'
1977 "Roman Holiday"(Revival),"My fair lady"(Revival),"Joey'
1978 "Days of love and cheers","Saturday Night Fever","Burning autumn'
1980 "Fame","Good luck !! Tabuchi-kun !! 2nd fierce fight pennant race'
1981 "The Omen / Last Struggle","Endless love'
1982 "Poltergeist","Tron","Annie'
1983 "Turbulent Showa History Tokyo Tribunal","Outsider","Block scraping","War game'
1984 "To love again& "Main theme","Romance Stone Hidden Valley","Spartan X","Criminal Story 3 Poetry of Shiosai'
1985 "Love: Take Off","2010 ","Penguin's Memory Happiness Story","Space vampire","Santa Claus'
1986 "Kitten story","Top gun'[Annotation 1]
1987 "Disappearance of capital","Crocodile Dundee","Arakhan","cabaret& "His motorcycle, her island"," ","Battle runner'
1988 "Empire story","Wall street","Dunhuang'[Annotation 2],Yushun ORACION","Good Morning, Vietnam!","Peacock king'
1989 "Rainman","Harlem Night'
1990 "Born on the 7th of July","Tremors","Follow the Red October!","pretty Woman'
1991 "ハ バ ナ","Hard way","Home alone","Mandala Young Kobo Daishi Kukai'
1992 "City Slickers","Minbo Woman","To the far and away","boomerang","Pretty league","Death Becomes Her ...'
1993 "Love songs for angels...","Super Mario Goddess of the Makai Empire","Aladdin'[Annotation 3],If you meet me'
1994 "Schindler's list","Flintstone/Modern Stone Age","Beverly Hills Cup 3","Real face of rose","ジ ュ ニ ア'
1995 "Street Fighter(Hollywood live-action version), "Braveheart","Showgirl'
1996 "seven","casino","Mission Impossible","daylight'
1997 "Ransom","Speed ​​2","Con Air,Air force one(Final screening work)[Annotation 4]

Series work

Toho Performing Arts Center

Toho Performing Arts Center(Tohoengeijo) isTokyoChiyodaYurakuchoA theater located on the 5th floor of the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater in XNUMX-chome.Directly managed by Toho.The fixed crest is the Toho mark.Toho MeijinkaiWas performed.


1934 Opened as Toho Small Theater on September 9st.Since it was not recognized as a permanent entertainment venue, in addition to the monthly Toho Meijinkai, a rakugo study group (21-) and a storytelling study group (1-) were held once a month.1938 In September, it was approved as a permanent entertainment venue, and after that it will become a regular entertainment venue.Prior to this, it was temporarily closed and renovated from July of the same year.The soundproofing equipment, air conditioning such as air conditioning, and the dressing room environment have been enhanced, and the number of seats has been reduced from 9 to 7, creating a high-class theater.After that, in the daytime sectionComicThe "Toho Eiwakai" was established with a focus on colored items such as, and the "Meijinkai" became a night club. The "Shouwakai" was positioned as a reserve army for the "Meijinkai" and was a place for training entertainers.

1938 Completed remodeling as a permanent theater on September 9.

1944 Closed in April due to requisition.1955 It was finally revived on August 8st under the name of Toho Performing Arts Center.Some performers said that rakugo was difficult to perform because Takaza was wide and protruded forward from both sleeves.The seat was finally 1.Nippon TVAs a place where you can enjoy full-fledged first-class performances in Marunouchi, which has many offices, it was the only place in Tokyo where many yose were closed, but the box office performance declined from the mid-1970s. It was closed in 1980 to house the Nikki Music Hall.

Main performers

Exclusive to Toho

In addition, regardless of the associationRakugo performer-Comic artistEtc. appear.Toho had his own face.
(例 Fresh life-Bunraku-Ensho such asRakugo AssociationTo the popular rakugo storytellerJapan Arts AssociationChairman'sYanagibashiAlign their faces, etc.again,B&BAppeared when he entered Tokyo and soon went on sale. )




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