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🎥 | "GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes" Japanese dubbed version of the main video has been unveiled!


"GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes" Japanese dubbed version of the main video has been unveiled!

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When Snake Eyes approached Takamura in a terrifying manner, he said, "I'm good at finding people.

The latest work in the worldwide mega-hit action movie "GI Joe" series "GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eye ..." → Continue reading


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Snake eyes

Snake eyes (Snake Eyes)HasbroToy series "GI JoeAnd the anime "The strongest expert team on earth GI Joe",movies"GI Joe''GI Joe Back 2 Revenge''GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes] A fictional character who appears in.Clandestine operation member, martial arts instructor.It is one of the most popular characters in the film.The name in the old Japanese version isSnake eye.

  • Real name: Unknown
  • Special skill: Martial arts instructor
  • place of birth:The United States of America Unknown
  • Service number: Unknown
  • class:Army-USA-OR-05.svg E-8 (Sergeant Master Sergeant) (E-5 when first appearing, Sergeant Third)
  • Service: US Army

The strongest expert team on earth GI Joe

Snake Eyes quit the Southeast Asian reconnaissance corps he belonged to at the time to learn the phantom secret martial arts, and joined the Japanese ninja corps to practice. He is a martial arts expert with 12 types of martial arts, and can exert terrifying power if he uses a knife.When he was scouted by the team, he lived a lonely life with his pet, the wolf Timber. He has the skill and power to be seen in the GI Joe team, but he also has a gentle and lonely side with the wolf Timber as his only friend.All the real names are secret, but there are rumors that some of them are of Japanese descent.

Personality / characteristics

Vietnam WarSo, he belonged to a long-distance forced reconnaissance unit with later stalker Wilkinson and his best friend Tommy of Japanese descent, but the whole family on the way to pick up on the day of returning to Japan died in a traffic accident and became lonely for the rest of his life. ..At the recommendation of Tommy, who couldn't see his disappointment, he moved to his parents' home, the Arashikage-ryu Soke in Japan, and devoted himself to martial arts training, including ninjutsu. One day, Tommy was accused of being assassinated by the circumstantial evidence, and the Soke collapsed.After returning to Japan, he was scouted by Hawk and Stalker while living a secluded life with the wolf Timber in the mountains, and participated in the founding of the GI Joe team.During a hostage rescue operation in the Middle East shortly after its inauguration, a US diplomat who was a fiancée of his late sister, despite being severely burned to the entire head, sheltered Scarlet from the blast caused by a helicopter trouble. Shake off the doctor stop to save and complete the operation.After that, he wore a characteristic full mask, played an active part as a secret operation member who made use of ninjutsu, and will face Tommy who came to call himself Storm Shadow many times.The burns on the head are almost recovered in later years due to the steady orthopedic treatment, but since the vocal cords for which the initial treatment was delayed have not healed yet and vocalization is impossible, sign language, written conversation, Morse signal, etc. Use gestures including the Arashikage style of cryptography.

There are many opportunities to play an active part in the GI Joe team, but it is not uncommon to fall into a pinch.In addition, the real face exposed in the play was closer to Caucasian.


1982 Since the first figure was released in, various variations have been released.

Live-action movie

GI Joe

An orphan in Tokyo, he can't stand hunger and sneaks into Arashikage Temple to steal food and is found by Thomas Arashikage and fights him.The Hard Master came to a halt, and he was named Snake Eyes as a disciple who fought evenly with Thomas.The Hard Master was pleased with the training and growth of Snake Eyes, but Thomas was not pleased with it.One day, the Hard Master was killed by Thomas's sword, and Snake Eyes witnessed Thomas running away.After the death of the Hard Master, he took a vow of silence and stopped speaking a word.

Twenty years later, he belonged to the international secret organization GI Joe.One day, the terrorist organization Cobra attacks GI Joe's base.Snake Eyes fights Storm Shadow, a member of Cobra, but he turns out to be Thomas.After that, he collided at the base of Cobra in the Arctic in Paris.Snake Eyes stabbed the Storm Shadow, which sank into the Arctic Ocean.

The costume is a rubber suit with the contours of the mouth and nose exposed on the mask.

GI Joe Back 2 Revenge

SalzburgStorm Shadow, who turned into Snake Eyes, rescued Cobra Commander from his prison, and the real Snake Eyes saw it.Snake Eyes, along with Storm Shadow's cousin Jinx, captures Storm Shadow at a Himalayan temple and returns to Arashikage Temple in Tokyo.The hard master killing turns out to be a false charge, and Snake Eyes collaborates with Storm Shadow to fight Cobra.

The costume has been changed from the previous work to a split protector suit, and it is a mask without contours of the mouth and nose.

GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes

Starring Henry Golding in Snake Eyes

Andrew Koji in Storm Shadow

Japanese cast are Eri Ishida, Takehiro Hira, Haruka Abe

Kenji Tanigaki will be the stunt coordinator / action director.

This work was the subject of the first "demonstration survey on the attraction of foreign video works" conducted by the Cabinet Office of Japan, and large-scale location shooting was carried out in Osaka and Ibaraki from January to February 2020.

US Open postponed from October 2020, 10 to October 23, 2021


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