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🤖 | Ryota Fujitsu's new book "Animation Outline" is now on sale, considering the characteristics of the expression "animation" from three perspectives.


Ryota Fujitsu's new book "The Outline of Anime", which considers the characteristics of the expression "animation" from three perspectives, is now on sale.

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The third part is "Viewpoint III: How was it drawn? About the interface between anime, manga, and live-action." "When a manga becomes an anime" is posted.

A collection of criticisms by Ryota Fujitsu, an anime critic known for his books such as "Anime and War" "Outline of Anime-Theme, Writer, Method ..." → Continue reading


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Viewpoint III

3 dimensions

3 dimensions(Sanzigen,Three dimensional) Isconcept OrthogonalOr three independent (but equivalent) elementssetIt is a term often used when it can be uniquely determined by.


For example, when considering physical space, consider an area of ​​space as a point and consider it as a point.Cartesian coordinatesUsing x, y, z It is possible to think of a point in space represented by a set of three real numbers.Corresponding to thisobjectCan have three size indicators such as "width", "depth", and "height".In this example, the elements are real and can change continuously, but in general, for example,Finite geometryIn some cases, an element that can take only discrete values ​​or a finite number of values, such as.

natural ScienceIn fields other than the above, take a three-dimensional appearance, take a different perspective than before, etc.Metaphor"Three-dimensionalMay be expressed as.

Examples of figures that can be embedded in 3D

To be exact, these areReal three-dimensional space E3 Can be embedded inFigureBut it is not three-dimensional in itself.The following are three-dimensional figures themselves.

3D example

There are the following two dimensions that are familiar to us.

Two-dimensional features

It has the following features.

  • Not trivialknotIs the only dimension that can be created (although generalized knots, such as two-dimensional knots in four-dimensional space, also exist in higher dimensions).
  • vector OfCross productCan be defined, that is,rotationIs the only dimension represented by a vector.
  • 地球Etc.惑星ClosedrevolutionIt is the only dimension that has an orbit, that is, a planet that orbits once returns to its original location.

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