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🎥 | Yudai Uenishi, "XNUMX million yen of Nishinari Goro" premiere screening is incredible!

Photo Director Yudai Uenishi, Kanji Tsuda, Houka Kinoshita, Minatsu Tokutake, Ai Furukawa and others who took the stage greetings.

Yudai Uenishi is impressed with the premiere screening of "XNUMX million yen of Nishinari Goro"!

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", And raised expectations for the second part," Nishinari Goro's XNUMX Million Yen Death Fight ", which will be released at the same time.

At the "Kyoto International Film Festival 16" being held on the 2021th of this month, the latest work "Nishinari Goro's XNUMX million yen" directed and starring Yudai Uenishi ... → Continue reading

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