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🤖 | "Violet Evergarden" "Daily Life" "Yurucamp" ... Let's be healed by healing animation ♪

Photo "Daily Life" (C) Arai Keiichi / Kadokawa Shoten / Shinonome Research Institute

"Violet Evergarden" "Daily Life" "Yurucamp" ... Let's be healed by healing animation ♪

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The voice actor's play and the beautiful drawing by Kyoto Animation are also wonderful. "

October has begun, and it has become a comfortable season.However, there are no holidays in October 10, so there are few holidays ... → Continue reading

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Kyoto animation

Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd.(Today's animation,British: Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd.) IsJapan OfAnime production company.. Abbreviation isKyoto Animation(Kyoto Animation),Kyoto animation(Kyoto Anime).

mainlytv set,theateruseア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンPlanning and production of works (Prime contractor), In addition to cooperating in the production of other companies' works,PublicationBusinessMerchandisingWe are also engaged in business, centering on animationcontentWe are developing a business.Company商標logoIs designed with the character "Kyo" as a motif[4].


Kyoto OfUji cityIt has a head office and multiple studios in the vicinity, and its main business is the production of TV animation and theatrical animation. In 2016, we also entered the production of a single feature-length animated film that does not go through TV animation for the first time.[5]..In addition to having a physical store (Kyoani Shop!) In Uji City that sells its own related goods, it also sells online by mail order.For other businesses, our own paperback label "KA Esma Bunko』Publishing business inKyoto Animation Professional Training SchoolWe also operate a school business in Japan.2013 Since then, it has been holding its own event in Kyoto city every two years.

Part ofPost productionSince the process needs to be done outside the company, we have an office separate from the head office in Kyoto.TokyoMinato-kuPut in.In addition, it is said that some main staff, such as directing, often go back and forth between Kyoto and Tokyo.In addition, as a welfare programCompany housingFully equipped.Employees come from a wide range of places, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south.[6].

The high quality of drawing was called "Kyoto Animation Quality" and gained popularity both at home and abroad.[7][8].2005 Animated version of the announcement "AIR』From the development of the industry's pioneering project with the highest peak production technology, it is said that it set the direction of Japanese animation culture in the Internet era.[9].2009 Was broadcast onK-on!] InSocial phenomenonIt caused a boom that was called, and the name became known not only to anime fans but also to the general public.

2019 Occurred inKyoto Animation Arson Murder CaseIn, the first studio burned down and lost many employees, which had a great impact on management and business planning, so we have been working toward reconstruction since then.

An animation production company based in the Kansai area, but until 2013TV station in OsakaI had never worked on the prime contract production of the production work.Currently in the station in OsakaAsahi Broadcasting Group(Asahi Broadcasting TV-ABC animation), And often appears as a sponsoring company at events sponsored by Kyoto Animation.


Start a business

Founder'sYoko Hatta(Maiden name: Sugiyama)TokyoOriginally from high schoolanimatorOf my brotherTaku SugiyamaBy the introduction ofOsamu TezukaStudied under the oldMushi ProductionでFinishingExperienced[10][11].

After that, I changed jobs and moved to Kyoto prefecture.FukuiFrom a farmeraccountingResponsibleRailway employeeI got acquainted with Hideaki Hatta and got married in 1975.[12]..While moving to Uji City and raising three children, a housewife in the neighborhood asked me to open an animation production cram school.[10][12][13]..After that, my brother in TokyoShinei VideoIs the president ofDaikichi KusubeLooking for a job by making full use of personal connections such as1981 Shin-ei animation with the housewives mentioned above,Tatsunoko Proas well as the SunriseThe beginning of the business is to start the finishing work of[14][15].

Initially, it was called "Kyoto Animation Studio", but later it was renamed to "Kyoto Animation" and Hideaki was appointed as president.1985 Incorporated as a limited company.Originally a finishing company that handles the finishing process,1986 Established a drawing department in Japan and started subcontracting videos of other companies.1987 Tatsunoko Production's TV anime "Red light bullet zillion』It is said that the actual production was done, the producer of the same workMitsuhisa Ishikawa I.G Tatsunoko(AfterProduction IG) Was invested when establishing[16].

At the beginning of the establishment, both Kyoto Animation and IG were supported by Taku Sugiyama and Yoko's sister, making use of their experience in accounting at a major pharmaceutical company.[17]..Also at that timeAnimeRBelonged toHiroshi OsakaI sometimes invited employees to ask for guidance.[18][19].

After the system is established

1991 Was already a well-known animator in TokyoMasashi KigamiJoined the company and became a major driving force, including the training of younger generations.[20]..Eventually, from the mid-1990s, a system was set up to perform directing, drawing, finishing, background, shooting, etc. on its own, and TV animationGross contractCame to do.There was a time when he set up four studios, and he also undertook the package design of game software and the comic version related to that software.On the other hand, as with other companies, employment conditions were strict and employee turnover was fierce.[21].

In 1992Shinei VideoWith orders fromUchida ShungikuThe original TV animation "Cursed dressWas produced by the in-house staff for the first time from production to finishing.By this time, it had already gained a reputation for quality work.After that, Shin-Ei Animation, Sunrise, which has been a major trading company for a long timePiero・ Tatsunoko Production ・GonzoWe subcontracted the gross contract of the production works such as.Also,"Red pigAnd 'Kiki's Delivery ServiceSuch asStudio GhibliI also participated in the production of the work.Anime directorSugii GisaburoAccording to the company, due to its reputation, work requests were constantly made, and the production company that placed the order sometimes adjusted the schedule to request work from Kyoto Animation.

In 1999, the organization was changed to a joint-stock company.Around this time, the system shifted to a digital paint / digital composite production system.

After entering the prime contract production

In 2002, the TV anime "Gross Contractor"The Soul TakerOVA series, which is a spin-off work ofNurse witch wheat-chan magical』Entered the prime contract production of general works while co-priming production with Tatsunoko Production (only episodes 1 and 2).

In 2003, the first TV animation produced by the prime contractor "Full Metal Panic? FumofuWas produced with the cooperation of Tatsunoko Production in several episodes, and attracted the attention of anime fans.2005 I made the whole story without asking for grossAIR』, The overwhelming creation and skillful production attracted a lot of attention, and the name of Kyoto Animation was branded among anime fans.[22]..Since then, the gross contract has been limited to video finishing, and instead of contracting the gross contract for each episode, it has been devoted to the production of its own prime contract.KeyProduced byRomance adventure gameTo TV animation, "Great], [CLANNAD, "CLANNAD ~ AFTER STORY ~", one work each year.

2006, the first terrestrialUHF animeProduced as "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya』Was the most talked-about work in the first half of the same year by a method called" time series shuffle "[23].

In 2009, our original project OVA "MUNTOAs a director's cut version with a new cut added to "", "The world reflected in the eyes of a girl looking up at the sky" was produced and broadcast as a UHF anime.At the same time, he made his first foray into theatrical animation in the theatrical version of the project "The Last Battle between Tenjojin and Actjin."

In the same year, the theme of light music was "K-on!], As a result of the first CD in the name of a character to win the No. 1 on the Oricon chart, and the musical instruments used by the characters increased their sales sharply.Nikkei MJSelected as the West Front of the 2009 hit product numbering, etc.[24], The economic influence also attracted a lot of attention, from the mass mediaSocial phenomenonCame to be called[25][26]..This work won the Best Picture / TV category at the 2010th Animation Kobe in 15. The theatrical work released in 2011 recorded box office revenue of 19 billion and won the Best Picture / Theater category at the 2012th Animation Kobe in 17.

After developing the paperback label

2009st from October 10, 2Kyoto Animation AwardWas held in 2011KA Esma BunkoLaunched the label, and among the incentive awards, "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!(Author:Tiger tiger,An illustration:Nozomi Osaka) And the serialized work "Kyoani BON!"The secret of the sunset lighthouse(Author:Fumihiko Shimo,An illustration:Kadowaki Miku) Was made into a paperback book.

From 2012, the production of KA Esma Bunko original and draft works centered on the above-mentioned Kyoto Animation Award winning works has increased, and works with original works of other companies are "Frozen dessertWas not produced for a while at the end[Note 1]Is connected in the "Full Metal Panic" series, which was previously animated in 2014Shoji KatoAuthor/Fujimi ShoboPublished light novel "Amagi Brilliant Park』TV animation production was announced and aired from October to December 2014.

March 2014, 10thAnimation Kobe PrizeWon a special award at.

May 2016,Movie voice] Is released.This work became the first movie in Kyoto Animation that does not sandwich the TV series.[5].

Arson attack in Studio 1

July 2019, 7, Studio 18 (Latter sectionSee)arsonFire broke out and the buildingBurned down..In a domestic arson attackHeiseiThe worst since then, 36 people were killed (3 of them died after being transported to the hospital), 33 were injured and 1 was unharmed.[27][28].

Most of the paper documents such as the original drawings were burnt down,serverThe room was far from the source of the fire and was surrounded by concrete, so it was spared damage and all image data was recovered.Also in the same yearMay 7からMay 8UntilTokushima Ofbookstore-Koyama JyogakukanThe Kyoto Animation original painting exhibition "We are now !! Special exhibition" is being planned at the main store, and 70 original paintings rented out in advance have been spared damage.


Reproducibility of the original

The works produced by the prime contractor are "The world reflected in the eyes of a girl looking up at the sky" and "Tamako Market』Except for adventure games (Key works), light novels, comics, etc., but all of these works are basically faithful to the original, and on top of that, the story development such as adding a surprise element is carried out. (However, because there are too few female characters in "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid", some male characters in the original were changed to female characters). "AIR", "Kanon" and "CLANNAD"Toei animationIs also producing an anime version, but while Toei has a strong original element in its own interpretation, Kyoto Animation is one of the reasons why it is evaluated as being faithful to the original.There is also an analysis that the attitude of such a production company is linked to the pre-reputation and popularity of the work.[29][30].

In addition to the story, he produced drawings similar to the original CG and illustrations, and in Key works he used the theme song and BGM used in the original.However, since then, the number of animations with original colors has increased. "K-on!], The world view is expanded with original characters and stories. "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!], The main character is a member of the class, and an original character has appeared.[Note 2]Such,KA Esma BunkoThe work based on is quite an arrangement.Also,"Tamako Market] Is the first in-house produced original TV animation. "Amagi Brilliant Park], Not only the original character appears, but the story is also different from the original.[Note 3].

Production environment

Production system

At the time of establishment, there were few production companies that could outsource to nearby areas, so an environment was required to complete many processes in-house.Therefore, we have built a system that allows in-house production work from directing, drawing, finishing, art, photography, and digital effects.Therefore, the video production process excluding editing and sound can be performed in-house, and the staff can communicate closely with the production that has a division of labor system by outsourcing.[31].

It is rare to outsource the drawing, finishing, and art processes to multiple companies in Japan, and part of the process is covered by the subsidiary Animation Do (merged and dissolved in November 2020), and Animation Do jointly. As a prime contractor, he sometimes produced works of Kyoto Animation.Also, in many works South KoreaAnimation studio "Studio Blue(Old: Ani Village) ”consigns processes such as drawing, finishing, and art.In addition, the background art is "Studio One Pack (currently disbanded) and Anitus Kobe, etc.), Studio Shinryu in Tokyo, Firebird Video Production Group in China, etc. In "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Lucky Star"Art directorTamura Seiki who served as belongsAnime Kobo AuntieIn addition, we may place orders with multiple studios such as Headworks and Answer Studio in Tokyo.However, the frequency of outsourcing to companies other than Animation Do and Studio Blue is low.On the other hand, except for "Full Metal Panic? Fumofu", the gloss to other companies in units of one episode is not done except for Animation Do.

ス タ ッ フ

  • When animating a game work (Key work here), all the staff who produce the animation are playing the original game, although it is not compulsory.[32].
  • Setting production,Production progressAre called "setting manager" and "production manager", respectively.
  • Sound directorBe sure toYota TsuruokaHas been appointed.

Office building

The head office building is equipped with a digital video development room for scanning and video inspection.Work such as digital painting and drawing is done in the annex studio.

In 2005, a new office building was completed in Uji City. February 2008, Kyoto CityFushimi WardThe new studio (Studio 1) that was being built in Momoyama Town (near the border with Rokujizo, Uji City) has been completed.The first studio is within walking distance of the head office and the studio (second studio) within walking distance of the head office, and animation production has been done in these three studios since 1. In 2, the first studio was burned down by the above-mentioned incident, but the subsequent studio reconstruction is undecided.

Own store

A store called "Kyoto Animation Shop!" Was set up in Studio 5 and sold its own related goods.It was announced that it will be closed after the above incident and will be converted to an office on June 2020, 6.[33]..The store website continues to sell by mail order.

Headquarters / Studio


Run in parallelJRNara LineとKeihanUji LineIt is scattered around Kohata Station and Rokujizo Station.

  • Main office(32, Kohata Osedo, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • First studio(15-1 Inaba, Momoyama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto)
    • The nearest station isKeihanUji LineRokujizo Station..Own building.It is one station away from Kohata station.
    • Although the address is Kyoto City, the city border with Uji City is just a stone's throw away.
    • The 1st floor was mainly for production, the 2nd floor was mainly for young original drawings, videos, background drawings, and characters, and the 3rd floor was occupied by experienced animators and directors.[34].
    • 2019 May 7By arson火災ByBurned downdid.
    • In October of the same year, President Hideaki Hatta announced the dismantling and removal of Studio 10, preparations for dismantling began on November 1, construction began on January 11, 25, and completed on April 2020.[35][36].
  • First studio(34rd floor of High Shop Building, 11-3 Kohata Uchihata, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture)
    • The nearest station is Keihan Uji LineKobata Station..Moved into the 3rd floor of the building.The former Kyoani & Do Shop was on the second floor.
  • Product Development Department(Kibata Nishinaka, Uji City)
    • Located near Studio 2[37].
  • 5th Studio, Kyoani & Do Shop!(13 Higashinaka, Kohata, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture)
    • 2017 Established as an in-house building near the head office.In addition to the sign saying "Studio 5", the company's own store "Kyoani & Do Shop" was on the first floor.As mentioned above, it has been an office since 1.


  • Animation Doe Division(Former Animation Do Co., Ltd., 1th floor, Fuso Doshomachi Building, 7-10-5 Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
Affiliated company Animation Do Co., Ltd. is incorporated by splitting Kyoto Animation Osaka Studio.2000 May 4Was established in.The representative director is Hideaki Hatta.Osaka-shi, OsakaChuo-kuDosho TownSet up a studio in[38]..32 employees (as of April 2020)[39]..Although it is a separate company, it is integrated with Kyoto Animation.
There was a time when Shin-Ei Animation was cooperating in the production under the name of Animation Do, but since Kyoto Animation was integrated into the prime contractor production, it has been produced together with the company.Therefore, in Kyoto Animation production works, it is described as production cooperation or joint name.
September 2020, 9, Kyoto Animation as the surviving companyAbsorption mergerAnd disbandOfficial gazetteAnnouncement to[40].. As of April 2020, 11Dissolution[41]..Since then, it has continued its business as the Animation Doe Division.


  • Tokyo office(Cabin Arena Akasaka Room 2, 12-23-201 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Work history

Prime contract production

Television Animation

#Start yearBroadcast periodtitledirected bySeries compositionOriginal mediumOriginal label
12003 October-FebruaryFull Metal Panic? FumofuYasuhiro TakemotoShoji Kato
Fumihiko Shimo
NovelFujimi Fantasia Collection
22005 October-FebruaryAIRIshihara TatsuyaFumihiko ShimoGameKey
3October-FebruaryFull Metal Panic! The Second RaidYasuhiro TakemotoShoji KatoNovelFujimi Fantasia Collection
42006 October-FebruaryThe Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaIshihara TatsuyaHaruhi Suzumiya and his funny friendsKadokawa sneaker library
5April-February 10GreatFumihiko ShimoGameKey
62007 October-FebruaryLucky ☆ StarHiroshi Yamamoto
Yasuhiro Takemoto
Doko MachidaComicKadokawa Comics Ace
7April-February 10CLANNADIshihara TatsuyaFumihiko ShimoGameKey
82008 April-February 10CLANNAD ~ AFTER STORY ~
92009 October-FebruaryThe world reflected in the eyes of a girl looking up at the skyMasashi KigamiYoshiji Kigami and his friendsオ リ ジ ナ ル
10October-FebruaryThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009 Edition)Tatsuya Ishihara (total)
Yasuhiro Takemoto
Haruhi Suzumiya and his funny friendsNovelKadokawa sneaker library
11October-FebruaryK-on!Naoko YamadaReiko YoshidaComicManga Time KR Comics
122010 October-FebruaryK-ON!!
132011 October-February日常Ishihara TatsuyaJukki HanadaKadokawa Comics Ace
142012 October-FebruaryFrozen dessertYasuhiro TakemotoShoji KatoNovelKadokawa sneaker library
Kadokawa Bunko
15October-FebruaryLove, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!Ishihara TatsuyaJukki HanadaKA Esma Bunko
162013 October-FebruaryTamako MarketNaoko YamadaReiko Yoshidaオ リ ジ ナ ル
17October-FebruaryFree!Hiroko UtsumiMasahiro YokotaniNovelKA Esma Bunko
18October-FebruaryBeyond the BoundaryTaichi IshidateJukki Hanada
192014 October-FebruaryI want to fall in love with Chuunibyou!Ishihara Tatsuya
20October-FebruaryFree! -Eternal Summer-Hiroko UtsumiMasahiro Yokotani
21October-FebruaryAmagi Brilliant ParkYasuhiro TakemotoFumihiko ShimoFujimi Fantasia Collection
222015 October-FebruarySound! EuphoniumIshihara TatsuyaJukki HanadaTakarajimasha library
232016 October-FebruaryAchromatic Phantom WorldFumihiko ShimoKA Esma Bunko
24October-FebruarySound! Euphonium 2Jukki HanadaTakarajimasha library
252017 October-FebruaryKobayashi's Maid DragonYasuhiro TakemotoYuka YamadaComicAction comics
262018 October-FebruaryViolet evergardenTaichi IshidateReiko YoshidaNovelKA Esma Bunko
27October-FebruaryFree! -Dive to the Future-Eisaku KawanamiMasahiro Yokotani
28April-February 10Tsurune -Kuma Dance High School Kyudo Club-Takuya YamamuraMichiko Yokote
292021 October-FebruaryMiss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon SYasuhiro Takemoto (series)
Ishihara Tatsuya
Yuka YamadaComicAction comics

Theater animation

#Release yearrelease datetitledirected byscriptOriginal mediumOriginal labelShow time
12009 May 4The final battle between the heavenly people and the act peopleMasashi Kigamiオ リ ジ ナ ル83 minutes
22010 May 2The Disappearance of Haruhi SuzumiyaTatsuya Ishihara (total)
Yasuhiro Takemoto
Fumihiko ShimoNovelKadokawa sneaker library162 minutes
32011 May 12Movie only ion!Naoko YamadaReiko YoshidaComicManga Time KR Comics110 minutes
42013 May 9Rikka Takanashi / Kai
~ Theatrical version I want to fall in love with Chuunibyo! ~
Ishihara TatsuyaJukki HanadaNovelKA Esma Bunko97 minutes
52014 May 4Tamako Love StoryNaoko YamadaReiko Yoshidaオ リ ジ ナ ル83 minutes
62015 May 3Beyond the Boundary
Taichi IshidateJukki HanadaNovelKA Esma Bunko87 minutes
7May 4Beyond the Boundary
-I'LL BE HERE- Future
89 minutes
8May 12Movie High Speed!
-Free! Starting Days-
Yasuhiro TakemotoMaiko Nishioka110 minutes
92016 May 4Theatrical version Sound! Euphonium
~ Welcome to Kitauji High School Brass Band ~
Ishihara TatsuyaJukki HanadaTakarajimasha library103 minutes
10May 9Movie voiceNaoko YamadaReiko YoshidaComicKodansha Comics Magazine129 minutes
112017 May 4Movie version Free! -Timeless Medley-
Eisaku KawanamiMasahiro YokotaniNovelKA Esma Bunko94 minutes
12May 7Movie version Free! -Timeless Medley-
the TEAM
98 minutes
13May 9Theatrical version Sound! Euphonium
~ Melody you want to deliver ~
Tatsuya Ishihara (total)
Taichi Ogawa
Jukki HanadaTakarajimasha library105 minutes
14May 10Special Edition Free!-Take Your Marks-Eisaku KawanamiMasahiro YokotaniKA Esma Bunko100 minutes
152018 May 1I want to fall in love with two illnesses in the movie!
-Take On Me-
Ishihara TatsuyaJukki Hanada98 minutes
16May 4Liz and the blue birdNaoko YamadaReiko YoshidaTakarajimasha library90 minutes
172019 May 4Theatrical version Sound! Euphonium
~ Finale of Oath ~
Ishihara TatsuyaJukki Hanada100 minutes
18May 7Movie version Free!-Road to the World-YumeEisaku KawanamiMasahiro YokotaniKA Esma Bunko99 minutes
19May 9Violet Evergarden Gaiden
-Eternal and automatic memoir doll-
Haruka FujitaReiko Yoshida90 minutes
202020 May 9[Note 4]Movie version Violet EvergardenTaichi Ishidate140 minutes
212021 May 9[Note 5]Movie version Free! -The Final Stroke- Part XNUMXEisaku Kawanami86 minutes
222022 4 month 22 day (planned)Movie version Free! -The Final Stroke- Part XNUMX
23UnannouncedTsurune -Fumai High School Archery Club- Theatrical VersionTakuya Yamamura


#Year of releasetitleRemarks
11996 The remaining business card-the trajectory of a certain Issei in Japan-
21997 Two cats and a healthy family
31998 Grandpa's fireworksHuman rights enlightenment work
42003 MUNTOIn-house original plan
52005 Beyond the wall at MUNTO
62006 Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Special Edition OVA A day of a rather free squadron commander
72008 Lucky Star OVA (original visuals and animation)
82011 Everyday "Episode 0 of everyday life"Included in the 2011-volume limited edition of the book released in March 3[46]
92013 Frozen dessert Episode 11.5Included in the limited edition of 2013 volumes of the comic book released in January 1
102017 Baja's studioIn-house original plan
112019 Baja's Studio-The Sea Seen by Baja-Included in "We are now !! Complete Works 2019" released in November 11, our original project

Web anime

#Delivery yeartitle
12009 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
2Nyoron Churuya
32012 I want to fall in love with Chuunibyo! Lite
42013 Today's Kanata Idol Trial! ~ People who judge you while hesitating ~
52013-2014I want to fall in love even with two middle-aged illnesses!
62021 Mini-Dora

Drama CD

"Sound! Euphonium" Series 5th Anniversary DISC ~ Glitter Passage ~ (2021)

In-house original CM (CM library)

  • Flower edition (2010)
  • Sky edition (2010)
  • Hydrangea (2010)
  • Hoshi Hen (2011)
  • Ideas (2012)
  • Glasses (2012)
  • Umbrella edition (2012)
  • Shops you want to visit (2012)
  • Swimming (2013)
  • Meiji edition (2021)
  • Imagination (2021)

Other prime contract production

Production discontinued

KA Esma Bunko

Production cooperation

Shinei Video


Tatsunoko Pro


Oh Elm


Other production cooperation

Video / finishing work

Background work

Movie theater

In-game movie / video part

Program opening video

  • Oumi 845 --Broadcasting will start in the October 2010 period (September 10, 9). The second OP was broadcast on May 27, 2013.

Related person

Including deceased and retired people.

External staff

The original is a game brandKey, In light novel comicsKADOKAWA groupHandles many works by.Furthermore, in 2016, the four major manga magazines, "Weekly Shonen MagazineSerialized in ""Shape of voice』Has been made into a movie.

In animating Key works, he is a Key fan andAIR』\ Animated screenwriter who brought in the story of animationFumihiko ShimoWrote the script and is also a Key fan[Note 6]Serve as the main director of Kyoto AnimationIshihara TatsuyaIs working in a tag team.

Also, the original author of "Full Metal Panic!"Shoji KatoHas participated in "Lucky Star" and "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" as a script, and is involved in the series composition of "Hyoka" as the main staff.


An in-house event sponsored by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do2013 ThanKyoto CityIt was held at.At the event, there were talk shows and autograph sessions by the staff members, stage events by cast members, and exhibitions of works such as original drawings and art settings.

In 2021, a fan appreciation event will be held in the form of a music festival.Singing by the artist in charge of the theme song of Kyoto AnimationAccompanimentWas performed, and in the special corner, cover singing of works that had not been announced in advance was also shown.[48].

Kyoto Animation & Do C ・ T ・ F ・ K 2013

The company's first in-house event. On November 2013, 11Kyoto City KogyokanHeld for the first time at (Miyako Messe).CooperationPony canyon-Lantis-TBS-Asahi Broadcasting-Quorus[49].

The 2nd Kyoto Animation & Do Fan Appreciation Event "We are Now !!"

Held at Miyako Messe Exhibition Center on October 2015st and November 10st, 31.

The 3rd Kyoto Animation & Do Fan Appreciation Event "We are now !! -It's the first festival in 2 years-"

On October 2017, 10 and October 21, 10ROHM Theater KyotoOn October 10th and 28th of the same year, it will be held for a total of 10 days at the Miyako Messe Exhibition Center.
ROHM Theater Kyoto will hold a preliminary screening of its own work and an official brass band concert associated with the work.[50].

Farewell and a ceremony to connect ambitions

From November 2019nd to 11th, 2, a ceremony to mourn the victims of the Kyoto Animation Arson AttackKyoto City KogyokanIt was opened at.

The 4th Kyoto Animation & Do Fan Appreciation Event "Sound! From Kyoto to the World"

For two days, November 2019th and November 11th, 9ROHM Theater KyotoHeld at.

The 5th Kyoto Animation Fan Appreciation Event KYOANI MUSIC FESTIVAL-Impressive to the Future-

Held at ROHM Theater Kyoto on November 2021th and 11st, 20.

Kyoto Animation Professional Training School

Department / Lecturer

  • Animator department
    • Masashi Kigami(Direction / Original picture)
    • Noriyuki Kitanohara (Director / Original)
    • Taichi Ishidate(Direction / Original picture)
    • Seiichi Akitake (animation director, original drawing, setting)
    • Noriko Kashihara (Video)
    • Yasuhiro Takemoto(Direction / Original picture)
    • Yoshinori Urata (original picture)
    • Rie Sezaki (animation director / original drawing)
    • Shinpei Sawa (original picture / setting)
    • Nobuaki Maruki (animation director / original drawing)
  • Art / Background Department
    • Mikiko Watanabe (art director / background)
    • Ai Yamato (background)
    • Tomoki Hiraishi (background)
    • Mutsuo Shinohara (art director / background)


  • "Animage" (Tokuma bookstore)
    • November 1992 Issue-Anime ResearcherMasahiro HaraguchiKyoto Animation coverage by. The reputation of "Cursed One Piece".
    • February 2005 issue-TV version of Gisaburo Sugii's "AIR" review.He pointed out the strength of the Kyoto Animation production system as the digitization of anime progresses.
    • April 2005-A talk by Gisaburo Sugii, Hideaki Hatta of Kyoto Animation, Tatsuya Ishihara and others in the form of an article in the February 4 issue.


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注 釈

  1. ^ For many years, KADOKAWA and TBS, who had been associated with Gatekeepers and Kiddy Grade from the early 2000s as software publishers, shared the production frame, but after "Hyoka" there is no KADOKAWA and TBS production frame. , Because the Pony Canyon production frame was only the work that Kyoto Animation owns the copyright.
  2. ^ Some have been reimported into the original.
  3. ^ However, as mentioned above, Shoji Gatoh, the author of "Amajo," is closely related to this studio.
  4. ^ Initially, it was scheduled to be released worldwide on January 2020, 1.[42], The release will be postponed due to various circumstances[43]..After that, I was aiming for a new release after April[44] However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the re-postponement of the release was announced on April 4.[45].
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