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🧑‍🎨 | "DEATHLOOP" Why was the bold and flashy design born? 60's fashion and popka ...

Photo "DEATHLOOP" Why was the bold and flashy design born? 60s fashion and pop culture

"DEATHLOOP" Why was the bold and flashy design born? 60's fashion and popka ...

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Then, the civil rights movement (pictured at the March on Washington for Jobs), the Women's Liberation, and other waves of social change arrived at once.

The stage of "DEATHLOOP" is an island in the 1960s.There are flashy typography in the city ... → Continue reading

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Social change theory

Social change theory(Shakai Hendoron) is about changes in social structureSociologyIt is a general term for theory.

What is social change?

In sociologySocial change(Social change) means a change in social structure, that is, a structural change.In particular, the focus will be on structural changes in social organizations and institutions.It is also called social change.


The view of history and the view of society are closely related to how to understand social change.Therefore, the theory of social change, which has been debated in sociology, has changed as society has changed.


19st centuryIn the beginning,Industrial revolutionAiming to realize an industrial society bySaint SimonとAuguste ComteAdvocated the stage theory of ideas.That is,theology→metaphysics→Positivism, And the correspondingMilitaryStage →lawStage →industryThat is the three-stage theory of the target stage.FeudalIt is the mediation of the transition from the system to the industrial system.metaphysicsTo sayEnlightenmentGuided by the ideaCivil revolutionIt is said that it is the system of the Industrial Revolution at that timePropulsionIs the background of this theory.Also,Spencer OfSocial evolutionThen, the scheme was taken from a military society (low order: compulsory collaboration) to an industrial society (high order: voluntary collaboration).

Economic development and social change

In the middle of the 19th century, against the background of social problems at that time,Karl Marx OfHistorical materialismWas raised as an era-leading theory of change.There, when the development of productivity no longer corresponds to the social structure, the social structure has to change.資本主義からCommunismThe necessity of a gradual transition to was argued.In other words, the idea is that social development causes structural changes.

Social relations and social change

Also, among contemporary sociologistsDurkheimHowever, from a society consisting of small rings (mechanical solidarity) that is connected because the lives of people are homogeneous, they are connected complementarily to each other because the lives of people are heterogeneous (organic). Insisted that it would fluctuate into solidarity.Durkheim saw that the fluctuations during that time were caused by the pressure of population growth.Also Max weberIt is,World historyHe advocated the theory of social change from the perspective of rationalization.

Post-industrialization, computerization

The above theories were of interest to industrialization and modernization leading to a mature industrial society.1960 eraAfter the middleDaniel BellByIndustrial societyからPost-industrial societyThe perspective of change to will be presented.Similarly, "", "", "Late capitalismA concept such as "is created, whereInformation societyCompose情报,network,MediaIs the main keyword that explains social change.

Today, with the emphasis on the relative autonomy of "culture" to "whole society," the term "social culture" is being used to focus on multisystem change (Multiline evolutionSee section).

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Woman rib

Woman rib(Japanglish: woman lib,English: women's lib) Is1960 eraFrom the second half1970 eraMainly through the first halfEuropeAnd America,JapanHappened in countries such asWomen's liberation movementIs[1].

Women's Liberation Movement (Women's Liberation)English: women's liberation movement) In JapanWoman ribOr simplyribAlso say[2][3][4].

feminismas well as the genderAlso known as the origin of19st centuryFrom the second half20st centuryThe woman's that happened in the first halfSuffrageMovement is sometimes called first-wave feminism, and women's lib is sometimes called second-wave feminism.

In the United States, which was the beginning of this movement,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAnti-war movement,Civil rights movementIt depends on the sexDivision of rolesDissatisfied withHighly educatedHousewifeAnd female students, "Men and women are socially equal.equalityAnd I was bornSkin colorWe should remove the barriers to discrimination and discrimination based on gender and gender. "1979 ,United Nations General AssemblyInConvention on the Elimination of Discrimination against WomenHas greatly contributed to the promotion of a gender-equal society since then.Japan also1970 (Showa45 years)May 11The XNUMXst Women's Liberation TournamentTokyoShibuya WardIs held inEqual Employment ActPlayed a major role in the establishment of.


World War I-Second World WarIn the middle ofMale TheSoldierDriven to the battlefield asFemaleWas responsible for the domestic production site.

World War II is over1950 eraTo become and,Veterans OfEmployment openingIn order to make the,a working womanHad to give up his job, but many women continued to do so工場-farm・ Continued to work in the area of ​​traditional women's profession.

The labor shortage caused by the war encouraged women to actively participate in the labor force and gave them confidence in their work that "women can do the same job as men."It can be said that this woman's social independence boosted the momentum of the later Women's liberation movement.andVietnam War OfAnti-war movementAt the same time, the Women's Liberation movement by women who were dissatisfied with the male society overwhelmed all over the United States.

The traditional image of women was fundamentally denied, women's labor became commonplace, and until then it was almost like a boys' school.UniversityAnd girlsAdmissionWas recognized and became a male-centered academic disciplineWomen's studiesWas introduced.Women's lib also doubles as an anti-Christian movement and was previously bannedAbortionThere is a law that recognizes.


The reason for the exercise in Japan was1960 eraThe second half of theAll-out fighting movementIt is in.

Even in the Zenkyoto movement, which appealed to the most radicals to break the established order, on the streetsdemoTo go out toBoysstudent,Female college student ThecampusBecause I was engaged in making rice balls in the house, "Women are menslaveIt is not. "

またSchool festival OfClassicIsMiss ContestA woman with beauty and ugliness from a man's point of viewVotesHe said that it was discrimination against women, and forced him to cancel it.



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