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🎵 | God does not roll dice, official audio with lyric of the latest song "Time Factor"…

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God does not roll dice, official audio with lyric of the latest song "Time Factor" ...

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"World Trigger" is an important work for God Sai to be in charge of the theme song for anime for the first time.

God does not roll the dice, but on October 10, he digitally released a new song "Time Factor".This song is on TV ... → Continue reading


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World trigger

"World trigger』(WORLD TRIGGER) isDaisuke AshiharabyJapan OfBoy cartoon.. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha), After being published from the 2013th issue of 11 to the 2018nd issue of 52, the company's monthly magazine "Jump square』Transferred to, serialized from the January 2019 issue[1].


Invaders from another worldNeighborAnd defense organizationborderSci-fi action depicting the battle of[2].. The abbreviation is "World Trigger""trigger""WT"Such[3].

This is Ashihara's second serialized work. Using the one-shot work "Ability School Elite Jin" published in the 2th issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump" as a model[4], Started serialization from the 2013th issue of 11. From the 2016th issue of 50 to the 2018th issue of 47, it was suspended for a long time due to the author's poor physical condition. The serialization resumed in the 2018th issue of 48 (released on October 10th), and the 29th issue was published up to the 52nd issue in a row.After that, the magazine was moved and serialized from the January 5 issue of "Jump Square" (released on December 2019, 1).[1].. In "Jump Square", one or two episodes will be published per issue with the same number of pages as when serialized in WJ.

The story count is "Episode ○".The names of the characters are mainly used for the subtitles, and if the same title is used more than once, a number is added to the end of the word according to the number of times (such as "Kukan Yuma ②").The editor in charge is Jean Hattori-Baptiste Satoshi (first generation)[5], Yu Saito (2nd generation). As of December 2018 after transferring to "Square", Yoshida is the editor in charge.[6].

Weekly Shonen Jump 2014 No. 1 project "Freshness campaignAs the target work of ""Gourmet SomaWas chosen with[7]..As part of the campaignBonchi Co., Ltd.[8],Nico Nico Douga[9]Collaboration with.

From March 2013Saki Yomi Jean BANG!InVOMICWas broadcast.Also from 2014Television AnimationHas been produced.

Under the cover of the front and back covers of each volume of the book, there is a character introduction corner with three heads deformed and drawn with character drawings, and many settings were released before the main story.


28 people live in "Sanmon CityOne day, suddenly, "to another world"Gate"Opened.From the gate, "Near world people (neighbors)A monster called "" appears, and everyone is afraid of the invasion of monsters on the earth where weapons do not work, but a mysterious group appears and repels the people of the near world.The group is a border defense organization "border”, And set up a defense system against the people of the near world.As a result, the people of Sanmon City continued to live a normal life today, even though the people of the near world still appeared from the gate.

Four and a half years have passed since the gate first opened, and I came to Sanmon City.Yuma SoraBut,Osamu MikumoThe story begins when you meet.

Encounter (Original: Episode 1-Episode 13 / Anime Version: 1st Season Episode 1-Episode 6)
A male junior high school student who was a border C class member while hiding in the surroundingsOsamu MikumoIn my class, a mysterious boyYuma SoraIs transferred.By chance, Osamu is a member of the border, Yuma is a "nearby" who came from the world beyond the "gate", and Yuma is in the world on this side in search of a friend of his late father. It becomes clear to each other that they have come.Osamu decides to act together in order to monitor Yuma who is not accustomed to this world from taking deviant actions while being swayed by such Yuma.Meanwhile, the border S class memberYuichi JinOr, a childhood friend of Osamu who has a constitution that is easily targeted by people in the near worldChika AmetoriMeet.
Black Trigger Battle (Original: Episode 14-Episode 32 / Anime Version: 1st Season Episode 7-Episode 16)
One day, Yuma's involvement in the defense mission reveals to the border headquarters that he is a near-world citizen.Yuma fights with the three-wheeled corps who came to subdue, but Yuma is a powerful armament that is a keepsake of his fatherBlack triggerI will make a comeback.The battle is over when Jin enters arbitration, but the commander of the border headquartersMasamune KidoPlans to get rid of Yuma and recover his black trigger.On the other hand, Jin has YumaBorder Tamaki branchBy enlisting in, he tries to protect him by the prohibition of battle between members.Yuma refuses once, but decides to join Chika, who wanted to join the border to help her brother and friends who were kidnapped by the world of the near world, to help with Osamu.
A mixed unit of the Kido faction is dispatched to the Tamaki branch to steal Yuma's black trigger from the headquarters, but Jin is a moderate faction of the headquarters and serves as the general manager.Masashi ShinodaJoined hands with the Shinobu A-class unitArashiyama CorpsWith the cooperation of, I will use the power of the black trigger that Jin has to revenge.After that, Jin withdraws Yuma's black trigger collection on the condition that he returns his black trigger to the headquarters, and succeeds in getting permission to join the border.
Border Enlistment (Original: Episode 33-Episode 43 / Anime Version: 1st Season Episode 17-Episode 21)
Yuma and Chika fulfill their long-sought border enlistment.In the battle training for new recruits held on that day, Yuma, who was already a strong man, attracted attention, while Chika also showed a talent that was far from ordinary people.On the other hand, Osamu is a class A commander who has doubts about returning Jin's black trigger.Aoya KazamaIs noticed and a mock battle is performed.
Large-scale invasion (Original: Episode 44-Episode 85 / Anime version: 1st season Episode 22-Episode 37)
Innumerable gates opened again in Sanmon City, a military power that is one of the countries in the near worldAft Krattle"Starts the invasion.A large-scale battle that surpassed the first invasion four and a half years ago, including many new trion soldiers and black trigger users, has begun.
B-class rank battle (Original: Episode 86-/ Anime version: 1st season Episode 38-Episode 48-Episode 64-)
After surviving a large-scale invasion, Yuma and Chika were promoted to B-class, and officially became a B-class unit.Tamaki No. 2 (Mikumo Corps)Was formed, and faced a B-rank battle for promotion to A-class and selection of expeditionary units.Meanwhile, the client state that received the order of AftkrattleGaloplaAppears and raids the headquarters.
Osamu, who decided that it would be difficult for the current Mikumo Corps to be selected as an expeditionary unit, was an influential person in Aftkrattle who had been detained as a prisoner of war after negotiations with the upper management of the headquarters.HughesSucceeded in joining the Mikumo Corps as a border member.


ResponsibleVoice actorIs the order of TV animation version / VOMIC version. If there is only one person, the TV anime version is shown.The age is the one when it first appeared.

main character

Yuma Kuga, Osamu Mikumo, Chika Ametori, and Yuichi Nakamura are the main characters.[10].

Yuma Kuga
Voice- Muranaka Satoshi[11][12][13] / Junko Minagawa[2]
One of the main characters.Near world people (neighbors).Tamaki No. 2 (Mikumo Corps)Member.Attacker.A white-haired boy who is short and young for his age.Junior high school third grade. 15 years old.Height 141 cm.My favorite thing is Japanese food[Annotation 1][14].
From an early ageYugo KukanI was touring various nearby countries with.He was struck by various things such as combat techniques from his father, and participated in the war of the people of the near world as a mercenary with Yugo.One day, he was defeated on the battlefield and was seriously injured, but Yugo exchanged his life.Black triggerCreate a dying body inside the trigger, create a new body with a trion body, and save your life.At that time, my black hair changed to my current white hair, and I no longer had to sleep.Since it is made of a trion body, even if it is run over by a car, it can be regenerated immediately with only temporary damage, but since it has no growing function, it does not grow at the age of 11.The body sealed inside the trigger is slowly dying, and when the body dies, the body of Trion also disappears.
He has a very rational thinking and is thorough with no emotional movement.Realist..Basically, he doesn't help someone who has nothing to do with him, but with the exception of Osamu, he later said that "the place where he takes care of others even if he loses" is similar to his father.[Annotation 2], I am willing to help myself from the crisis several times.Also, it is easy to be misunderstood because of his dry personality and realist personality, but he can be attentive and considerate to the person who once became a companion, treat older people with honorifics, and blame himself for things. It has cooperation such as apologizing when it is understood.In addition, he once mistaken Izukacha for a man for the first time, but he has a long history of trailing, so when he mistaken for a man for the first time, he apologized to Taishima on the ground floor.
Yugo says, "See through the lies of others" with a black trigger.Side effectsInherit[Annotation 3], When you see the lie of the other party, "You make a boring lie"[Annotation 4]It is a habit to say.
After his father's death, he followed his will to find his father's acquaintance.The world on this sideMoved toSanmon Municipal Third Junior High SchoolMove in.JapanBecause I had never been to the "world on this side", I was hit by a car without understanding the traffic rules at first.bill,BicycleThere was a place where I didn't know the common sense of society, such as wondering.I was thinking of reviving Yugo who had become a black trigger, but I realized that it was impossible even with a border, and although I tried to return to the near world once, to help Osamu and Chika aiming for A class with a border Enter the border Tamaki branch together.
In a large-scale invasion, fight with Visa, who uses the black trigger of Aftkrattle.Defeated though struggling to fight with an opponent who has more experience than himself.In addition, he has contributed to the offense and defense against Hirain in front of the headquarters base, and has achieved a special border battle.After that, he won the rank battle and was promoted to B-class member.
He has abundant experience in combat and has high fighting ability, and his style was described by Yoneya as "a lean movement to kill his opponent."Even if you are not used to triggering borders, you have the ability of class A.In addition, it is difficult to react even in Kageura, who has an "emotion receiving constitution", because it does not involve murder during battle.When using the black trigger, it overwhelms the A-class unit alone.
His black trigger makes full use of various "marks" (Yushin's triggerSee also).After joining the border, refrain from using the black trigger and use the border trigger.The basic tactic is a maneuver warfare using a "grasshopper" mainly composed of "scorpion" and a wire with a repair to make the best use of a small body.Aim at the key points and neck accurately with Scorpion.Also, A-class members, who come from the experience of fighting in the near world, use the trigger with surprising flexibility.
The design image ischicken.[Source required]
Osamu Mikumo
Voice- Kaji Yuki[11][12][13] / Ryota Osaka[2]
One of the main characters.Captain of Tamaki No. 2 (Mikumo Corps)[Annotation 5]..Marksman.Yuma's classmate.A black-haired boy with glasses.Junior high school third grade. 15 years old.left handed.
Born May 5th.Height 25 cm. A type.Lepus.My favorite thing is my parents' home cooking, the bridge[14].
He is serious and has a strong sense of justice, and has a personality that he does not hesitate to pay attention to bad opponents.A brave boy who is relied on by his teacher and is willing to take his own life to help others.However, he says that this is a self-discipline because he is aware of his weaknesses.He takes good care of him and has been concerned about Yuma from the beginning.Also, I've always been concerned about Chika, who was being targeted by the people of the near world.Most of the scenes have a cold sweat.
In contrast to Yuma, both physical ability and trion ability are weak, and due to the low amount of trion, he once failed the border enlistment test, and the interviewer recommended engineers and operators instead of combatants.Aoya KazamaAnd the masterKarasumaHe was praised for his attitude of desperately devising measures without wasting his experience in battle.
Even before Yuma transferredborderAlthough he was a C-class member (trainee), he hid it from the people around him.Irregular gateIs the source ofRuddI was promoted to a B-class member because of the achievement of finding[Annotation 6]..After being told by the replica about Yuma's past and purpose, he formed a team to give him a new purpose, and he himself was transferred to the Tamaki branch.
In a large-scale invasion, he supported the evacuation of C-class members, protected Chika, who was targeted as a "golden chick," and threw a replica into an expedition boat to withdraw the enemy expeditionary force despite being seriously injured. ing.After that, Yuma and Chika were promoted to B class and officially formed a unit and became its captain.
When he was a C-class member, the trigger was an attacker who used "Reigast" as the main trigger, but after being promoted to B-class, he began to handle gunner triggers as a secondary trigger, and was transferred to the Tamaki branch. After that, I will aim for a shooter[Annotation 7]..In battle, we mainly use "Asteroid", "Reigast", and "Spider".As mentioned above, both the body and the trion have low abilities, so in team battles, the "terrain / situation that favors allies" is mainly set by controlling the situation by positioning oneself and instructing friends and creating a wire zone.Since learning the spider, it has been steadily growing, such as defeating it with a trap using a spider, giving points to individuals in cooperation with friends, and immediately acting on the spot by observing the actions and aims of the enemy. ..
Chika Amatori
Voice- Nao Tamura[11][12]
One of the main characters.Tamakoma 2nd (Mikumo Corps) member.Sniper.A girl with black hair and a bob head.A second-year junior high school student one year younger than Yuma and Osamu. 1 years old → 13 years old.
Born February 2th.Height 11 cm. A type.Frog seat.Favorite things are small animals, children, white rice, working[14].
Characterized by bounced hair.Gentle and discreet personality.The younger sister of Rinko Ametori, who used to be a tutor of Osamu.
Has a huge amount of trion ability[Annotation 8]Therefore, it is targeted by Trion soldiers.I was consulting with my friend and brother about the people of the near world, but soon after they were kidnapped by the people of the near world and disappeared, I was afraid of involving others and I was about to be attacked. When it came to that, I kept running away alone.
Knowing that the kidnapped people may be living in the near world, he shows his willingness to join the border in search of friends and brother.He was worried about his position because he was not good at exercising and his personality was not suitable for combat, but he became a sniper by taking advantage of his endurance and concentration.
At the orientation of the sniper after joining the border, he made a brilliant debut in which a bullet shot with an ibis pierced the outer wall of the headquarters, and as a "Tamakoma's trion monster (monster)" at the headquarters and upper management It will be known.
It has a side effect that detects the trion reaction, and can also hide its own trion and hide itself.
In a large-scale invasion, a very good trion ability is exposed and targeted, but survives safely.After that, as a special case at the discretion of the upper management, the points earned by Yuma and Osamu will be transferred and promoted to B-class members.
"Ibis" is mainly used in battle.Since he cannot hurt people personally, he mainly supports his friends by destroying buildings by bombardment.From the votive tablet that I met later in the joint practice of snipers, as a method of sniper that does not hurt people, "Lightning+Lead bullet (red bullet)It is also possible to provide support by shooting the opponent directly.Also, "hound + lead bullet" is used as a self-defense technique when approaching the opponent.There is a tendency to be actively involved in the battle, and Toshin evaluates that "I don't want to shoot people, not just" I don't want to shoot "" and "I can shoot if cornered."
In the anime version, it appeared earlier than the original, and it seems that Yuma is taking classes in the classroom that was peeping on the first day of transfer, and trying to be a decoy when the school is attacked by Mormod. The figure to do is drawn.
Yuichi Jin
Voice- Yuichi Nakamura[11][12][13] / Toshiki Masuda[2]
One of the main characters. S-class member → A-class member.Belongs to the Tamaki branch. 19 years old.
Born April 4th.Height 9 cm. O type.Hayabusa.My favorite thing is bonchi fried[Annotation 9]・ Women's buttocks[Annotation 10]・ Dark leap[14].
A talented person who calls himself a "powerful elite".He has helped Osamu in the past and called him "GlassesI call it.He has also participated in expeditions and has shown his understanding to Yuma, a local citizen. Four years ago, I belonged to the border even before it became public.
It has a side effect of "seeing the future of the human being in front of us."If you have seen it before, you can see it even if you are not in front of you, but you cannot see the future of human beings you have never seen.Also, while the future is uncertain, all possibilities are visible and can sometimes be misread.In addition, the almost fixed future can be seen on a yearly basis.The habit is "My side effect says so".Bonchi friedIs my favorite (fried in anime)[Annotation 11][15]So, in addition to stocking up in boxes in my room, I often recommend to others, "Do you want to fried or eat?"
In the large-scale invasion, he has been successful in the first class by supporting the evacuation of C-class members and stopping Hughes and taking him into prisoner.
At the beginning of the story, the black trigger "Wind bladeIn battle, he showed his ability to revenge a joint team of top-class A-class influential people in cooperation with his own side effects.After handing over the wind blade to the border headquarters in exchange for Yuma joining the border, he mainly uses "Scorpion" and "Escudo" in cooperation with side effects.
In the one-shot version, Yuma and the other three did not appear, so he was the main character alone.
Voice- Hideyuki Tanaka[11][12] / Yuichi Iguchi[2]
A multi-purpose type that calls itself the role of Yushin's MetsukeTrion soldier..Made by Yuma's father, Yugo.
He has a wealth of knowledge and often advises Yushin, but he takes the stance of leaving the final decision to himself, saying, "It is not me who decides it, but Yuma himself."When Yuma uses the trigger, assimilate to his left arm,PrintServe as a supporter for Yuma.It usually fits in Yushin's ring, and people around it do not notice its existence unless it appears on its own.
In addition to being able to analyze the behavioral programs of Trion soldiers and detect their location, it also has the ability to visualize the magnitude of Trion's ability with a measuring cord that comes out of the mouth.It is also possible to create a small alter ego, which can be used as a medium to relay conversations between distant parties.Also, Yuma's through the alter egoPrintCan also be issued.
After joining Yuma's border, instead of letting the border guarantee the safety of Yuma, who is a near-world citizen, he teaches the border information about the planetary nations in the near world.[Annotation 12]..In the large-scale invasion, Yuma asked to support Osamu and Chika's withdrawal.In cooperation with Osamu, he invades the system of the enemy expedition boat and forcibly withdraws the group of Aftkrattle, but he himself leaves Yuma and others while being left behind by the expedition boat.However, Yuma speculates that he is alive because the function has stopped but his alter ego still remains.
The model is a rice cooker in the author's house[16].

Border member


Tsukihiko Amaha
Voice- Dai Yongyi[13]
S-class member with a black trigger.All-purpose hand[17].. 16 years old
It is said that it has a fighting power that surpasses that of Jin, but it seems that there is a problem with its behavior and appearance when using triggers, and when trying to get on the front line, the netsuke of the media countermeasures office clouded his face.During the large-scale invasion, a large number of Trion soldiers were vacated in uninhabited towns.At the request of Jin, he was also entrusted with the battle in the area he was in charge of (it seems that he also made a vacant lot), and he engaged with the Trion soldiers in two sections, but it seems that he was annihilated without difficulty, and he has achieved special grade combat achievements.[18].
It has a side effect that recognizes some information about the enemy as a color, but the details are unknown.

Class A unit

Tachikawa Corps

A class 1st place.The emblem is XNUMX nights and three swords[Annotation 16]..Expeditionary unit.The troupe is a long black coat.The attacker Tachikawa covers the short range-medium range, the shooter's flooding corresponds to the medium range-long range, and the weak point that there is no sniper is covered with overwhelming fighting power.Although he has a slightly inferior fighting power, both Tachikawa and Izumi make up for it, and he is in the first position.

Kei Tachikawa
Voice- Namikawa Daisuke[12][13]
Captain Tachikawa.Attacker..Male college student. 20-year-old.Individual overall rank 1st, attacker individual rank 1st.
Born August 8th.Height 29 cm. A type.Lupus.My favorite thing is to win udon, rice cakes, croquettes, and rank battles.[14].
With a simple personalityXunIs a rival who competed many times, and when Jin was in the A class, his record was almost overwhelming.
One of the best fighters on the border.My hobby is to win ranked battles[Annotation 17]I hope the black trigger will appear even in a large-scale invasion.In addition, he is proud of his top-class ability in battle and can take command.On the other hand, in daily life, college credits are in jeopardy and many bad episodes.[Annotation 18]There are some omissions, such as leaving.
ShinobuA disciple of the sword.As a faction, it belongs to the Kido faction, which is in opposition to Shinobu, but this does not mean that the teacher-apprentice relationship is bad just because he agrees with Kido's idea of ​​emphasizing expedition, and even in official wireless communication, "Kei" It is a friend who calls "Mr. Shinobu".
In a large-scale invasion, Shinobu gave him the task of defeating a new type (Rabbit) and defeated 11 Rabbits alone.[18], Was raising special grade warfare.Even in the invasion of Galopla, he held down his opponent with an eye on the battle situation, and was described by Gatlin as a "balancer."In addition, by using the strategy that he had heard from Konan in advance that he would be halved, he made Konan halve Gadrin and defeat him.
Mainly in battleArc moon, And fight with dual wield.Using the whirlpool arc moon and grasshopper, he has the same distance as a shooter while being an attacker.
Izumi Kohei
Voice- Ishikawa Kaijin
Tachikawa member.Shooter..High school boys. 17 years old.
Born September 9st.Height 21 cm. B type.Lupus.My favorite things are fried shrimp, croquettes, oranges, and all attacks (full attack).
In battle, he often shows the side of a strategist, but he also handles trickster and assistant battles such as bluffing by mouth, demonstration by bullets, and decoy.It boasts a top-class amount of trions even on borders.It is a physical battle that emphasizes firepower that shows its true value.He is one of the few people who can shoot directly with Ninomiya alone.Recognized by the author as a "genius".[Source required]
Both the main and sub are equipped with all four types of triggers for gunners, and depending on the situation, they are good at using different bullets, surface attacks and carpet bombing that make them talk about numbers (rice storeFrom "Bullet stupidIs said).Anyway, it is a battle style that scatters bullets, and the motto is "Thousands of hundreds'[Annotation 19]However, since it usually mainly supports the attacking team, the hit rate is not low at all, and in a large-scale invasion, it shows the trick of offsetting the bullets released by High Rain with its own bullets.In addition, he is good at precision operation of trions, and can easily handle attacks with synthetic bullets.[Annotation 20]..Izumi was the first to produce synthetic ammunition.
In a large invasionrice store,MidorikawaTeam up with them under the command of the eastRambane InnDefeat and improve first-class combat.
Takeru Segawa
Voice- Takiya Kakihara
Tachikawa member.Gunner..High school boys. 16 years old.
Born June 6th.Height 30 cm. O type.Tsurugiza.My favorite thing is high-class French and respected.
He was the son of Border's largest sponsor company and used his connections to become a Class A member. He takes a proud attitude to say that he is the A-class 1st place unit, but he is treated quite awkwardly by Tachikawa and Izumi, and he has a rugged personality that he becomes subservient and masochistic each time.According to Izumi, "the weakest among A-class members, and at a level that is considerably inferior to B-class members," he was a training partner with just the right strength for Osamu.
For some reason he hated Karasuma, and at first he seemed to be great to his disciple Osamu, but when he fought against Osamu and found out that he was stronger, he changed his attitude and turned to a senior face to him. Became.Since then, I've been worried about Osamu, and I'm sorry that if I can't fight him, I'll be blatantly in a bad mood, and if I fail or lose in a ranked battle.
Yu Kunichika
Voice- Shoji Umeka
Tachikawa member.operator..High school girl. 17 years old → 18 years old. E cup.
Born February 2nd.Height 2 cm. B type.Frog seat.My favorite things are Ishikari Nabe, Jaga Butter, and games in general.
A loose atmosphere and a carefree personality.He is a gamer who is called the No. 1 border, and he brings a game machine to the operator's room and personalizes it.
Fuyushima Corps

A class 2nd place.The emblem is a chess knight with horns like a unicorn.There is an emblem on the back of the troupe.Expeditionary force.A unique team in which the captain is a special engineer and the actual combatant is only one sniper.

Shinji Fuyushima
Voice- Ryutaro Okiayu[13]
Captain Fuyushima.Special craftsman.. 29 years old
It features hair tied at the back and short sleeves.Originally he joined the border as an engineer, but was scouted by Maki and became a field job.
In battle, use optional triggers to support other members and interfere with opponents.
He is also involved in the Trion Trap that was activated by the headquarters during the large-scale invasion.
Isami Touma
Voice- Mitsuo Iwata[13]
Fuyushima member.Sniper..High school boys. 18-year-old.4th overall personal rank, 1st individual sniper rank.
RegentIs a feature.He is light-mouthed and often speaks unnecessary information.He is tall (183 cm) and has long legs, so he seems to feel cramped on an expedition boat.
Take a relaxed attitude even under the battlefield,FuyushimaHe is also easy to talk to, and has an attitude that he cannot eat other than that.
Leading sensory sniper.Theoretic and brother-discipleNarasakaOpinions sometimes collide, but he admits that he has the same ability as himself.FloodFrom now on, along with Narasaka, he will perform precision shooting that is said to be "metamorphosis".Wasted bullets are a principle of not shooting even for restraint, and combat training is often skipped as "it is natural to hit the target while stopping", but with overwhelming actual battle record, it is ranked first as a sniper. Reigning.Also, while treating the mission as a game and hitting a wasteful mouth, he absolutely does the job.However, the school gradesTachikawaWorse than.
In the black trigger battle, he will participate on behalf of Fuyushima on behalf of the corps, but will be defeated by the tactics of Arashiyama's decoy.
In a large invasionNarasakaWith a class A sniper groupHigh rainfight withFloodAfter that, defeat Rabbit attacking the base and improve the second-class battle.
Chika sees the battle video in the rank battle and evaluates it as a character suitable for battle, and unlike the recognition of other members, Chika is convinced that people can shoot, Chika shoots people He says that the only thing he can't shoot is not "I can't shoot" but "I don't want to shoot", and he asserts that "it's about 0 and 1 different". When he knew that he had decided to go, he told Yuma that it would be better to drive Chika in to shoot people in order to protect himself.
Mainly in battleEagletIs used.
Risa Maki
Fuyushima member.operator.High school girl. 16 years old.
Kazama Corps

A class 3rd place.The emblem is diagonal and the first.Expeditionary force.The basic battle style is close coordination of short-range battles and stealth battles by chameleons.A function has been added to the corps clothing to reduce the consumption of trions due to the use of chameleons.Often given covert missions as a unit directly under Kido.

Soya Kazama
Voice- Hikari Midorikawa[12][13]
Kazama Captain.Attacker.Male college student. 21 years old.Individual overall rank 3rd, attacker individual rank 2nd.
Born September 9th.Height 24 ​​cm. A type.Mikazuki.Favorite things are cutlet curry, milk, self-discipline[14].
Among the border members who appeared, the same ageKizaki-SuwaIt becomes a category of old age, but the height is very short.However, he does not care,According to the author, "small and high performance".[Source required]
Even in everyday life, let alone when he is nervous, he keeps his calm and calm attitude, and because of his personality, he sometimes makes harsh words, but he scouts for the effectiveness of Kikuchihara's side effects and decoys in the Enedra battle at the headquarters. The popularity of the border is relatively high, partly because the evaluation and response to others is legitimate, such as complimenting Sasamori who served as a member.
JinYushinOsamu, the only regular member of the Mikumo Corps, to question the fact that he gave up the black trigger, which is also a keepsake of his teacher, for (actually, the three members of the Mikumo Corps) and to measure how much it is worth.[Annotation 21]Invite a mock combat.As a result, he found what he should see in Osamu, who brought him to a draw at the end of the 4 battles, and gave a general comment that he was "frankly weak" and gave an evaluation that could be taken as encouragement for Osamu's fighting style. There is.When Osamu suffered a devastating defeat in the XNUMXth round of B-class, he acknowledged his efforts for self-discipline and advised that he should "fulfill his duties as a captain (not only to improve his own ability)".
He was listed as the first candidate for the user of the black trigger "Windblade" that floated in the air when Jin returned it to the headquarters, but he declined.
According to him, his brother was killed by the people of the near world, but unlike Miwa, whose sister was killed in the same circumstances, he does not think about revenge.
"Scorpion" is mainly used in battle, and it is said to be one of the best scorpion users in the border headquarters.He specializes in surprise attacks from arms and legs that apply the deforming characteristics and tactics using stealth by "Chameleon".
In the second large-scale invasion, he was initially on a mission to subdue Rabbit as a Kazama corps, but it became a battle with Enedra who appeared on the way.At the beginning of the battle, Kikuchihara's side effect is used to avoid enemy attacks and stealth battles are launched, but the "King of Mud" (gas blade) causes an emergency departure.Instruct the remaining Utagawa and Kikuchihara to withdraw.After that, Enedra, who later attacked the headquarters, was instructed by the Suwa Corps to analyze the characteristics of the other party and to find out the weaknesses.
Ryo Utagawa
Voice- Miura Shiro
Kazama member.All-purpose hand.High school boys. 16 years old.
Born June 6th.Height 10 cm. A type.Lepus.My favorite things are dogs, yakitori, and sports in general.
A cautious personality.Remarks that make Usami and depressionSasamoriHe is good at caring, such as following, and is also a reminder of Kikuchihara (a member of the same team) who has a bad mouth.He participated in the Black Trigger battle, but bailed out without much notice.However, the points at the time of enlistment are 2950, ​​which is higher than Kikuchihara.Like Kikuchihara, he goes to school.UsamiNicknamed from "Utti".
In the second large-scale invasion, he was initially on a mission to subdue Rabbit, but it became a battle with Enedra who appeared on the way.At the beginning of the battle, Kikuchihara's side effect effectively avoids enemy attacks and plays a decoy role in Kazama's stealth battle, but Kazama urgently leaves due to the "King of Mud" (gas blade). Because it was closed, I was instructed to withdraw from Kazama and withdrew.After that, he joined a joint unit led by Shinoda, who was against Enedra who invaded the border base.He stabbed him in a stealth battle with a chameleon in a coordinated attack with Kikuchihara.
Shiro Kikuchihara
Voice- Hisayoshi Suganuma[12]
Kazama member.Attacker.High school boys. 16 years old.It's usually semi-long enough to stick to your shoulders, but you can also put it in a ponytail during battle (mainly when using side effects).
Born December 12th.Height 14 cm. O type.Cetus.What you don't likeTomato-green pepper-Boiled fish-Oyster・ The one who seems to be excellent.
He has an easy-to-grow personality and is a twister of a poisonous tongue.In the battle for the black trigger, his personality became a lie and despised him, and he was blown off by him who activated the "wind blade" and became the first dropout.Like Utagawa (a member of the same team), he attends school.UsamiNicknamed from "Kikucchi".
Has a side effect of "enhanced hearing".It has about 6 times the hearing of a normal person, but it is not only good at hearing, but its true value lies in its ability to "distinguish", and it is possible to predict the material of the target and the direction of attack with high accuracy by sound.This side effect enables close cooperation even when using chameleon.
The profile column of the characters in the book is usually filled with "favorite things / favorite hobbies", but only Kikuchihara was filled with "Kirai things".However, later, in the Q & A section of the official Twitter account, it was revealed that his favorite things were "friends" and "friends."
Since the mock combat between Osamu and Kazama, I've had something to do with Osamu, but since I rarely talk to anyone other than Kazama's members, Tokieda witnessed Yuma, "Are the two good friends?" I heard that[Annotation 22].
In the second large-scale invasion, he was initially on a mission to subdue Rabbit, but it became a battle with Enedra who appeared on the way.At the beginning of the battle, by linking the auditory information from his side effect, he can avoid the enemy's attack well or launch an attack in stealth battle, but Kazama is the "King of Mud" (gas blade). Withdraws urgently due to Kazama's instructions.After that, he joined a joint unit led by Shinobu against Enedra who invaded the border base.He stabbed him in a stealth battle with a side effect assisting allies with auditory information and a coordinated attack.
Kaho Mikami
Voice- Toyoshima Machiko
Kazama member.operator.High school girl. 16 years old. A cup.
Born February 2.Height 23 cm. A type.Honeybee.My favorite things are tonkotsu ramen, Daifuku, and manga. Born in February, he is a senior in the first grade of Utagawa and Kikuchihara.
At the recommendation of his predecessor Usami, he was appointed as an operator of Kazama Corps.He is a small but well-cared person, and is loved by many female members such as Sawamura and Konan.
Kusakabe Corps

A class 4th place.The emblem is a chicken-like creature (cockatrice) on the head of a dragon.A unique team headed by an operator.Four members are well-balanced with attackers, gunners, snipers, and all-rounders.

Saki Kusakabe
Captain Kusakabe.operator.
Shun Midorikawa
Voice- Yukiko Morishita[13]
Kusakabe member.Attacker.Junior high school boys. 14 years old.
It's been only over a year since I joined the border.XunHe has become an ardent fan because he has saved his life from Trion soldiers.He was jealous of Osamu who was invited by Jin to move to Tamaki, and deliberately attracted attention in front of a large number of people and challenged a mock battle.As a result, Midorikawa won all ten races and the plan was successful, but Osamu did not notice Midorikawa's dismay.However, Yuma does not allow Osamu to be false, and is returned to Yuma in the same way.Eventually, Midorikawa acknowledged Yuma's strength and apologized to Osamu for reconciliation.Since then, I have honestly called him a senior and respected him.Since then, he has been friends with Yuma and Osamu, teaching Yuma how to use Grasshopper, fighting in solo rank battles, and joining Yuma and Osamu who have just entered the border to his own unit. Introducing Satomi and Yuba, Satomi's master.In addition, using the loan made by Yushin at this time, he fought a rank battle with Jin.Although Yuma was defeated, his ability was high.rice storeHe has been described as "talented above me", and Yuma has evaluated that he will be "stronger in the future".Strong absorption of tactics.
In a large invasionFloodとrice storeTeam up with them under the command of the eastRambane InnEngage with.Taking advantage of the reflection of the battle against Yushin, he greatly contributed to the defeat of Rambananein and raised the first-class battle.
"Scorpion" and "Scorpion" in battleGrasshopperIs used.We are good at "diffuse reflection (pinball)" that deploys multiple grasshoppers, bounces between them like a ball, and makes continuous attacks from multiple directions, and teaches how to use it on the day before the second rank battle. ing.
Ryuji Saeki
Voice- Ryohei Arai[19]
Kusakabe member.All-purpose hand.
Kazuma Satomi
Voice- Shotaro Morikubo[19]
Kusakabe member.Gunner.Gunner personal rank 1st.High school boys. 17 years old.
A follower of Ninomiya who is a disciple of Yuba and recognizes himself and others.Very friendly and cheerful personality.He introduced Yuma and Osamu to Yuma and Osamu through Midorikawa, and talked to Yuma and Osamu about the great points of Yuma and Ninomiya.After Yuma went to see Yuba with Midorikawa, he talked to Osamu about the strength and tactics of Ninomiya, and told Osamu that his fighting style imitated Ninomiya's tactics with Yuba's technique.While talking to Osamu about the advantages of a gunner, he said that he became a gunner because he was not suitable for him. I will fly in the direction. "I taught Osamu the fun of the gunner that I felt.Although he is ranked first in the individual gunner rank, he does not know that because he is not interested in his own rank.After talking with Satomi, Osamu was told by Jin that Satomi was the No. 1 gunner.
Hayato Uno
Kusakabe member.Sniper.
Arashiyama Corps

A class 5th place.The emblem is made by placing five pentagons surrounding a star in a circle and creating a star in the center.He also plays the role of a public relations officer for the border, and has a lot of media exposure as the "face of the border" and is well known.The troupe is a red jacket.Except for the sniper Satori, all of them are made up of all-purpose hands, and they boast a tremendous amount of connected play that does not cause amicable fire even if teleporters are fired.Some people think it's a "face-selected mascot team for promotion," but the ranking is entirely based on ability.[Annotation 23]..It is a unit of the Shinobu faction, and in the black trigger battle, it receives orders from Shinobu and quickly assists.

Jun Arashiyama
Voice- Nobuhiko Okamoto[12][13]
Captain Arashiyama.All-purpose hand.Male college student. 19 years old.A celebrity in Sanmon City who often appears on TV as the face of a border.
Born July 7th.Height 29 cm. O type.Penguins.Favorite things are siblings, dogs, seafood[14].
A hot-blooded man with a gentle personality and a strong sense of justice.There is a strong sense of mission to protect the citizens, but the rules are flexible.He is friendly to Osamu because he was aware of the violation of the military regulations and tried to protect them in the past.What is KonanCousin sister.
Although he was a candidate for a wind blade user, he was excluded from the candidates because he had an "outward (TV exposure)" job.
In battle, it is equipped with an assault gun type trigger, uses "Asteroid" and "Meteora" properly, and also uses teleportation by "Teleporter".Prior to joining Kitora, he was both a captain and an ace.
Jin has the same age, hairstyle, height, and blood type, and has a similar silhouette.According to the author, "Hair is annoying."[Source required]
Kitora Ai
Voice- Hanazawa Kana[12][13]
Arashiyama member.All-purpose hand.middle School girls. 15 years old.
Born June 6th.Height 26 cm. A type.Tsurugiza.My favorite things are self-discipline and spicy things[14].
An elite member of the A-class as a junior high school student, the ace of the Arashiyama Corps.He has a strong sense of justice, but he also has a high elite consciousness.When I heard that Osamu, a C-class lower than me, defeated Mormod in the same age group, I felt like a rival.[Annotation 24]..On the other hand, he is a strict hard worker for himself, and he has the consciousness that he does not intend to take credit for what he is not doing.
The rules are strict.Insisted that Osamu who broke the rules and used the trigger should be punished[Annotation 25]..Osamu softens his attitude once by understanding that his perspective and values ​​are different from his own, but then Osamu thinks about himself. KarasumaBeing a disciple of, he is once again in a state of intense jealousy.On the other hand, he seems to have an accurate grasp of the essence of Osamu, and he has made a certain evaluation of his efforts and future potential.[Annotation 26]..He takes a strict attitude toward Osamu because he feels that free kindness is a burden to him.Interpersonal desires are extreme, saying, "I don't want to be licked by older people, I don't want to lose in the same age group, and I want to be loved by younger people."YoungerFutabaAlways has a cold attitude and is damaged each time.
In battleHandgun type triggerEquipped with "Asteroid" and "Spider" properly, "ScorpionIs also used together[Annotation 27]..Initially, he went up to class B as a gunner, but he didn't have enough trions to fight with just bullets.[Annotation 28]Therefore, I became a versatile hand using Scorpion.Although he was a candidate for a wind blade user, he was excluded from the candidates for the same reason as Arashiyama.
Mitsuru Tokieda
Voice- Yuta Kasuya[12]
Arashiyama member.All-purpose hand.High school boys. 16 years old.
Born April 4th.Height 12 cm. O type.Hayabusa.My favorite things are rice cakes, oranges, and cats.
In battle, he uses an assault rifle-type trigger and is good at combining with Arashiyama.In addition, the support is very skillful, such as preventing pursuit bullets and protecting friends from snipers that are close to unexpected hits.Even in everyday life, he is good at being attentive, such as giving up on Kitora with a fair opinion and reading the air and paying for people, without having to put his personal feelings in the accident.
There are two domestic cats, "Arthur" and "Tomio".
Ken Satori
Voice- Kouta Nemoto[13]
Arashiyama member.Sniper.High school boys. 16 years old.
Born on July 7st.Height 1 cm. O type.Tsurugiza.My favorite things are girls and hamburgers.
Appeared in the black trigger battle.The mood maker of Arashiyama Corps.I like women who are in good shape, but on the other hand, I shoot multiple targets at the same time with two sniper rifles held in both arms.Twin sniper (twin snipe)The arm is certain, such as making it possible and succeeding in sniping in a situation where oneself falls freely.The ranking by points in the training is 4th (the individual rank of the sniper in the rank battle is unknown).
Because I have a gun in both hands when sniping a twinBag wormAlsoshieldHowever, this is a fatal situation for a sniper who is dangerous to "get out of place" and "close the distance".No one else is trying to sniper the twin, either because of that or because of technical difficulties.
Haruka Ayatsuji
Voice- Mikami Shiori
Arashiyama member.operator.High school girl. 17 years old. C cup.
Born May 5th.Height 4 cm. A type.Felis.My favorite things are tidying up, reading, and gummy candies.
You can see the depiction of high operator ability, such as identifying the sniper's sniper points.On the other hand, he has no talent in the art field.
Madonna-like existence with many male fans inside and outside the border.
Kako Corps

A class 6th place.The emblem is a butterfly wing with the initials of the members, the letter "K".A girls team consisting only of members whose last name is "K"[Annotation 29].. We are fully utilizing the "trigger remodeling" of the A-class privilege.

Nozomi Kako
Voice- Misa Watanabe[13]
Captain Kako.Marksman.Female college student. 20-year-old.In the mouthKurokoA beautiful woman with long hair.
We are gathering members with K's initials, and also visited a quiet place to solicit.
His hobby is making fried rice, and he says, "Eight out of ten times, you'll get excellent fried rice." , Members of the same age (mainlyembankment) Has been sacrificed[Annotation 30].
In battle, we mainly use "hounds".A sensational group who is a shooter but sometimes uses a scorpion.For that reason, it is listed as one of the candidates for using "Wind Blade".
Kuroe Futaba
Voice- Yukana[13]
Kako corps member.Attacker.middle School girls. 13 years old. The youngest A-class member.MidorikawaI went to the same elementary school in the mountains.
Although she looks petite and pretty, she has a lot of cool and slightly dry words and deeds.He seems to be nostalgic for Kako, the captain, and treats other senior members with honorifics, but for some reasonTree tigerOnly Ni has a cold attitude.A rare human resource who is resistant to Kako's getemono fried rice.
In battle, we mainly use "Arc Moon".Fight with high-speed movement and slashing by the optional trigger "Skanda" of the prototype.
Mai Kitagawa
Kako corps member.Special craftsman.High school girl. 16 years old.
An Kobayakawa
Kako corps member.operator.High school girl. 16 years old.
Three-wheeled corps

A class 7th place.The emblem is a bullet with two snakes wrapped around it.We are good at linking close quarters combat and sniper with one universal hand, one attacker, and two snipers.[20]..The A-class unit that first appeared in the film.

Shuji Miwa
Voice- Seiichi Morita[12][13]
Captain of the Miwa Corps.All-purpose hand.High school boys. 17 years old.At the time of the latest volume, he is the youngest of the A-class commanders.
Born October 10nd.Height 2 cm. A type.Mikazuki.My favorite thing is to get rid of my sister and people in the near world[14].
My sister in the pastTrion soldierWas killed by, and fired in front of the general public, etc.Near world peopleThe grudge against is stronger than anyone else.He also has negative feelings toward Jin and Tamaki branch, which are compatible with the people of the near world.In addition to attending meetings at the upper borders, he is confident that he will worship the special mission of Kido.
After the battle for Yuma's black trigger, he learned that Jin, who has no prejudice against the people in the near world, is in a similar situation to himself, and that Yuma, who should be an enemy, is cooperative with the border. , I will be upset by the gap between my values ​​and the surroundings.Perhaps through such experience, after the large-scale invasion, he has shown a certain degree of trust in Jin.
He was listed as one of the new user candidates for "Kazeblade" and was recommended by Jin.In a large-scale invasion, he used a "wind blade" to drive the enemy into withdrawal, and has achieved special-grade warfare.[18].
In battleHandgun type triggerWhen"Arc moonOptional trigger to attach a weight to the landing point usingLead bulletIs dealt with.This fights while limiting the movement of the opponent.
Yosuke Yoneya
Voice- Daisuke Kishio[12][13]
Miwa corps member.Attacker.High school boys. 17 years old.HeadbandIs a feature.
Born November 11th.Height 29 cm. B type.Cetus.Favorite things are drinks, battles, dogs[14].
He has a warlike personality, but unlike other members, he does not have a grudge against the people of the near world.As a result, he has a high level of communication skills, such as being in contact with Yuma, who is a close-knit person, becoming a companion to Miwa, who has a difficult personality, and giving advice to Midorikawa, who was defeated by Yuma, and is also good at taking care of his juniors.He has a cheerful, friendly and neat attitude toward everyone.
Usami of the Tamaki branch is a cousin and younger brother, and may be a babysitter of Yotaro.
"Do you think?" Is a habit, and in battle, he often takes action to surprise the opponent with this word.Although he is capable as a border member, he is at the lowest level of academic ability among the members of the same grade.
In the large-scale invasion, Izumi, teamed up with Midorikawa and others to control the fierce battle with Rambananein under the command of the east, and improve the first-class battle.
In battle, "Spear-shaped arc moonOf bad friendsFloodFrom "Spear idiot"It is called.Although the trion ability is not high, he developed a spear-shaped arc moon to cover it, and ascended to a senior attacker with his own fighting sense and creativity.
Toru Narasaka
Voice- Yunari Oda[12][13]
Miwa corps member.Sniper.High school boys. 17 years old.
Sniper personal rank 2nd.
His personality was extremely calm, his emotions were very poor, and he was not upset by Yuma's shaking.Near world peopleThe house has been destroyed.
As a sniper, he is the second most powerful sniper in the ranking, and he participates in training without fail and has a perfect score, which is a very good result.In combat, take a thorough theoretical style.Although he admits his true talent as a brother and disciple, he may be frustrated by his unrestrained attitude and agitation.However, along with Toshin, Izumi was described as a "metamorphosis (precision shooting sniper)".I go to school.
Shohei Kodera
Voice- Yasuhiro Takato[12][13]
Miwa corps member.Sniper.High school boys. 16 years old.glasses.
In contrast to Narasaka, who is calm and calm, tension and agitation tend to appear in his attitude.Every time I get upset, I'm struck by Narasaka.
Near world peopleThe house has been destroyed.As with Narasaka, he attends a high school, has a clear mind, and has top-class academic ability among A-class members.
He is good at grasping the situation of the battlefield, terrain battle, and reading the thoughts of the enemy.
UsamiI have a liking for.
Tsukimi Ren
Voice- Chihiro Ikki
Miwa corps member.operator.Female college student. 19 years old. C cup.
A tactical master and childhood friend of Tachikawa.A cool beauty with long black hair and long eyes.
Katagiri Corps

A class 8th place.The emblem is an ice crystal.The name and appearance of the members are those of the main character of the author's debut work "ROOM303".[Source required]

Takaaki Katagiri
Voice- Ryousuke Kanemoto
Captain Katagiri.Gunner.
Ichijo Yukimaru
Katagiri member.Attacker.
Toichiro Taozono
Katagiri member.Sniper.
Asumi Amakura
Katagiri member.Observer.
Unity Natsurin (Yutsuka Karin)
Voice- Kamada Kozue
Katagiri member.operator.High school girl. 17 years old.
The first appearance is episode 10.At this time, there was no name notation, and the name was revealed when he played the live performance in the rank battle ROUND7.There is a tendency to consider various information numerically.
In the past, he served as the second eastern corps with his current teammates Katagiri and Yukimaru, and from his experience at that time, there are many people on the entire border.to East MalaysiaOne of the few people who disagrees with the "san good man theory".
Tamaki No. 1 (Kizaki Corps)

A-class unit belonging to the Tamaki branch.He also has expedition experience.Emphasis on hand-to-hand combat[20]..Headquarters unapproved "Tamaki branch special trigger", So he has not participated in the rank battle of the headquarters.Its ability isBorder strongest unitAlso called.

Rage Kizaki
Voice- Tomoaki Maeno[12][13]
Captain of Tamaki 1st (Kizaki Corps).Perfect all-purpose hand..Male college student. 21 years old.
Born July 7nd.Height 2 cm. A type.Tsurugiza.My favorite things are self-discipline and cooking[14].
He is tall and has a good physique, and basically has a rugged personality on the top of the Buddha.When it first appeared, Usami introduced it as "calm muscle."My hobby is cooking, and my specialty is "stir-fried meat, meat, meat and vegetables."[Annotation 31]. "
He lost his father, who was a rescuer, nine years ago.
At the Tamaki branch, for lunchsandwichBehaved or suffered by YotarohelmetShow a dexterous side, such as being the creator of.
He is the only experienced sniper in Tamaki, and teaches as Chika's master.Normally, all-rounders do not handle long-range combat, but as mentioned above, they also have experience as snipers, so they can handle short-, medium-, and long-range combat, and are the only perfect all-rounder for border members.The number of chips that can be equipped using the modified trigger holder specially made by Tamaki has been greatly increased.In addition, a dedicated trigger "All armedIt is also possible to control the battle using.
After picking up Konan, who was in another school with Kyosuke at the time of the second large-scale invasion, he sorties out to follow C-class in the southwest.In the battle between Visa and Hughes, Osamu and Kyosuke were asked to withdraw to the base with C-class because they knew that the enemy's aim was Chika and had heard from Jin in advance that they would be involved in a large-scale invasion. After instructing him to defeat the Trion soldiers who invaded the southwestern city area to Konan, he himself develops an endurance battle against Hughes and Visa for the purpose of gaining time.At the end, it was defeated by Visa's "Star Wand", but just before it fell, it damaged Visa's left leg.
LilyShe is tense and stiff in front of her.
Kirie Konami
Voice- Rie Kugimiya[12][13]
Tamakoma No. 1 (Kizaki Corps) member.Attacker.High school girl. 17 years old.Attacker individual rank 3rd[Annotation 32].
Born July 7th.Height 28 cm. B type.Penguins.My favorite things are sweets, fruits, and red ones[14].
A member from the old border era, who belonged to the border earlier than Jin.
He participated in individual rank battles only from just before graduating from junior high school until Tamaki became independent in the middle of the first year of high school, and during that time he reached the number one position in the attacker ranking.Even though he was unfamiliar with the normal trigger, he overwhelmed Yuma with 1 wins and 1 loss, and even in the subsequent training, he is a talented person who constantly maintains 9 races and 1 wins or more.Because of his straightforward personality, he is very easy to be deceived and easy to handle, so he is often teased by Jin and Karasuma.dogIt is believed that.喜怒 哀 楽He has a clear personality and hates to lose.
What is ArashiyamaCousin sisterIn connection with this, I go to a young lady's school that is not affiliated with the border.
The fighting body has registered past hairstyles,Long hairからBob hairIn addition, the number of feather-like ahoges increases to two, which is the most drastic change among combatants.[Annotation 33]..In battle, an ax-shaped trigger that emphasizes firepower and ignores trion efficiencyBimonthlyAnd "Meteora" are used.According to the person himself, "sense group", and according to the replica, "the way of fighting is close to the people of the near world."
In the second large-scale invasion, he will sortie with Rage and Kyosuke to follow the C-class in the southwest.He defeats two Rabbits with an attack by "Souzuki" and enters the battle between Visa and Hughes.At the direction of Rage, he devoted himself to defeating the Trion soldiers, and as a result, he achieved first-class combat by eliminating human damage in the southwest.At the time of the invasion of Galopla, Tachikawa, Kazama, Murakami and others were all entrusted with the defense of the expedition boat, and in cooperation with Tachikawa, destroyed one arm of the "executor".After that, he will attack with "Souzuki" and "Meteora" to stir the opponent and make a gap.He told Tachikawa that he had seen a future in which Tachikawa was split into two from Jin before the battle, and Tachikawa stopped moving due to the bombardment due to a strategy that used the prediction by Jin's side effect in reverse. Defeated Gadrin with Tachikawa and others in "Souzuki".
Kyosuke Karasuma
Voice- Jun Fukuyama[12][13]
Tamakoma No. 1 (Kizaki Corps) member.All-purpose hand.High school boys. 16 years old.
Born May 5th.Height 9 cm. O type.Felis.My favorite thing is my family, pork cutlet[14].
It looks cool[Annotation 34]However, he has a playful personality, such as playing with Konan without changing his facial expression.Kizaki's disciplePoker faceIs inherited from the master.From a friendly relationship (mainly Tamaki branch members), "Torimaru (senior)It is also called.Until a little over a year ago, he belonged to the Tachikawa Corps at the headquarters.
Become a master of Osamu and teach one-on-one.Although he is struggling with the teaching method of Osamu who has low ability, he is consulted with his relatives.
In battle, the arc moon, assault gun type trigger equipped with asteroids and vipers, Escudo is used.Also, the optional trigger "GeistIs also good at short-term decisive battles.
The house is poor, every dayPart-time jobI'm busy at dawn.Setting that is very popular from the appearance and atmosphere[Annotation 35].
Shiori Usami
Voice- Eri Nakao[12]
Tamakoma No. 1 (Kizaki Corps) member.operator.High school girl. 17 years old.
Born April 4th.Height 27 cm. O type.Lepus[Annotation 36]..My favorite things are glasses, reading, and caring for people.[14].
Friendly, caring, and self-paced personality.A peaceful discriminator who is especially kind to people who wear glasses like himself.Yoneya are cousins ​​and younger brothers.An experienced expeditionary unit, he belonged to the Kazama unit during the headquarters era.
He has a wealth of knowledge about triggers and assists Osamu in terms of classroom lectures.He seems to have excellent academic ability, and attends a border-affiliated preparatory school.
He was also an excellent operator, and in ROUND8, Hughes was able to avoid the Ikoma whirlpool through the wall because of her assistance, which was predicted to be the Ikoma corps from the movement of the members on the radar.
As a virtual enemy of training, we have prepared the "Yashamaru series" of Mormod, which was programmed with original settings.
Tamaki No. 2After the official formation of, he also serves as the second operator of Tamaki.[21].

Class B unit

The ranking is as of the start of the B-rank battle in February.

Ninomiya Corps

B class 1st place.The emblem isMilk crown..The corps clothes are black suits.In a former A-class unit, Hatohara, a former member, was demoted from A-class after taking responsibility for the diversion of the trigger to civilians and stowaway to the near world.Master class Inukai and Tsuji will support Ninomiya, who is ranked 2nd overall and 1st in the shooter rank.

Masataka Ninomiya
Voice- Junichi Suwabe[13]
Captain Ninomiya.Marksman.Male college student. 20-year-old.2nd overall personal rank, 1st individual shooter rank.
The amount of trion is top class in the border[Annotation 37], Using asteroids and hounds, take a tactic of controlling from the front with high firepower.In addition, he has a tactic of attacking both number-oriented bullets and power-oriented bullets with slow and fast, which is a combination of his own large amount of trions and his arms.It is said that Kageura, who is a high-ranking attacker while being a shooter, can be stopped, and has a fighting power without a gap in both offense and defense.In addition, he once belonged to the East Corps and is also good at tactics because he received the scented pottery from the east.
He often makes harsh words, and especially gives a strict evaluation to the Mikumo Corps.However, he has a very stoic personality, such as bowing his head to Izumi, who is younger, in order to learn the techniques that he lacks, even though he has climbed to the top of the individual shooters.On the other hand, I don't realize that the black suit was used as a result of changing the troupe to a black suit because I didn't want to give it a cosplay feeling, until the time expired when I got stuck in a ranked battle on the snow map. Make a snowman[22]It is also quite natural.
Former subordinate who disappearedHatoharaI have been independently investigating about this, and have contacted Osamu and Chika on that matter.Since that time, I have been concerned about Mikumo Corps, and during my mission I check the results of ranked battles on my smartphone.
Inukai Sumiharu
Voice- Kendai Tanaka[13]
Ninomiya member.Gunner.High school boys. 18-year-old.
A balancer and mood maker of the Ninomiya Corps.With a simple personality, he is friendly with anyone with his innate communication skills struck by his two older sisters.It is unilaterally hated by Kageura.When I happened to meet Mikumo and Konan at a yakiniku restaurant, I pretended not to know Hughes's identity and made fun of Konan, and also saw Hughes's hidden ball and shaken Osamu. It was.
In battlePDWIt uses a type of gun trigger, and the bullets used are asteroid and hound.The sub is also equipped with a shooter-style hound and scorpion.Calm and flexible turning around.It is also good at handling shields.
Shinnosuke Tsuji
Voice- Yasuaki Nakusho[13]
Ninomiya member.Attacker.High school boys. 17 years old.
He is always calm and has high support ability, and is known as a famous assist along with Izumi and Tokieda.She looks good, but she is not good at women so much that she can't even see her eyes. When she happens to meet Konan, Usami, Chika and others at a yakiniku restaurant, she becomes blushing and upset, and can eat alone with them. I respected Osamu as great.At present, the only women who can have a decent conversation are teammates Hatohara and Himi.According to him, "Mr. Hatohara was kind from the beginning, and Mr. Hyami used to have a wall, but now he is kind."Usami is a classmate, but at school he has a solid guard.
Use the arc moon in battle.
Hatohara Future
Former Ninomiya member.Sniper.Currently disappearing.
Aki Himi
Voice- Ueda Hitomi
Ninomiya member.operator.High school girl. 17 years old.
It is called "Hyami-san" by Tsuji.Karasuma fan.
Kageura Corps

B class 2nd place.The emblem is the fangs of the beast.Former A-class 6th place, was demoted from A-class due to Kageura's violation of military regulations.Although it is a balanced team consisting of one attacker, one gunner, and one sniper, the tactics are heavily biased toward attacks.He specializes in tactics that disrupt the battle situation by the bombing of Kitazoe and kill him in Kageura.

Masato Kageura
Voice- Tomokazu Sugita
Captain Kageura.Attacker.High school boys. 18-year-old.
Problems in the past[Annotation 38]He is about 8000th in the attacker rank because he has confiscated 20 points, but he is one of the most powerful.(I.e.Is one of the four attackers who cannot win.Nickname is "Kage".
The owner of a side effect called "emotion reception constitution".Emotions can be detected from the eyes of surrounding people.The more negative emotions it seems, the more unpleasant it seems, and reading the emotions of the two C-class members who did not change their cheeky attitude in the lobby of the ranked battle, Scorpion's remote slashingMantisInstantly destroyed the fighting body.Although he has a rather violent personality due to the influence of the side effect, Yuma and Murakami, who also know the negative side of the side effect, have gained an understanding because the root is simple and has no front and back. ..Also, in battle, due to the effect of the side effect, attacks such as sudden hits and snipers will not work at all.[Annotation 39]..The side effect is less effective against opponents like Yuma and Higashi who are not killed when attacking, but such a situation is also a type that is considered "thrilling and interesting".
In the B-class rank battle ROUND4, he initially went to Yuma to fight Yuma and engaged in battle, but when Yuma turned to the cover of the rain bird, he defeated Inukai in cooperation with Ema.After that, it became a turbulent battle with the attacking forces of other units, and it was difficult to move due to snow and there was no attacker, but after the bombing at Meteora in Kitazoe, the battle situation collapsed and Oku-dera was defeated. Although he fought against Yuma who survived alone, the time was up as it was because Yuma was defeated by Ninomiya and became stuck.
In ROUND7, he joins Kitazoe and joins the battle with Kuruma and Murakami in the mall.Suzunaru's new tactics and Suzunaru's strategy damage his left arm.After that, Yuma and Hughes participated in the war, and it became a three-way state, but due to the blockade by Hughes's "Escudo", it became 2 to 1 and it became 1 to 3, and Hughes's one-person time difference shooting pseudo 1 It becomes one-on-one, and it cannot be defended and suffers great damage.After that, he escaped to the escape route created by Kitazoe and eventually bailed out, but his score was in Suzunaru.
I like Yuma who fought in Rank Battle ROUND 4, and since then I have been in a relationship where I often play solo rank battles.
Hiro Kitazoe
Voice- Taketora
Kageura member.Gunner.High school boys. 18-year-old.
The first person is "Zoe-san", who is also called by others.In addition, he is as powerful as Rage in terms of combat power.Contrary to such strength, he has a soft and gentle personality.
Fire a Meteora with a grenade launcher type gun and move a rigid battlefield with wide range bombing from a long distance[23]..In addition, it is also excellent as a main force, such as using asteroids with an assault gun and shooting at the opponent at a medium distance. There are no drawbacks other than "slow" and "target is big". "
In ROUND4, at first, Meteora's curved trajectory, which relies on radar, is performed, and Ninomiya, who was nearby, escapes.After that, Ema told him to assist Kageura, and he performed a curved trajectory with Meteora where the attackers were, but the first time he was blocked by the east and was targeted from the east, but Ninomiya scored his own score. For this reason, he defended Kitazoe, and after being defeated by Ninomiya, released Meteora just before, and contributed to Kageura's score by moving the battle situation.
At ROUND7, he joins Kageura in the mall and enters a battle with Suzunaru on the 6th floor of the mall.In the battle with Suzu Naru, he struggles with Suzu Naru's new tactics and strategies.Hughes's "Escudo" that appeared after that made it impossible to cooperate with Kageura, and after Kageura suffered damage, he destroyed "Escudo" and entered the cover of Kageura, but again "Escudo" made the surrounding view visible. Although it was blocked and then defeated by Yushin, he made an escape route for Kageura by destroying the floor with Meteora just before.
Ema Yuzuru (Ema Yuzuru)
Voice- Yufuko Sanpei
Kageura member.Sniper.Junior high school boys. 14 years old.
A disciple of Mirai Hatohara, he has a sniper skill comparable to that of Yuki Toma.Although he cuts corners and plays in training, he has the top individual points in the junior high school group.[Annotation 40]..It seems that she got acquainted with Chika and others during the training and has been interested in her since then.Eventually, he teaches Chika to sniper with lead bullets (red bullets) because he doesn't want him to be like his master, Hatohara, who was suffering because he couldn't shoot people.
In the B-rank battle ROUND4, he entered the cover of Kitazoe, who was initially targeted by Ninomiya, but was protected from the sniper.After that, Inukai, who was aiming for Chika, was damaged by a sniper with Ibis and assisted Kageura's score.Immediately after that, he was attacked by Ninomiya and suffered damage to his leg.Judging that he could not escape from Ninomiya, he told Kitazoe to assist Kageura, and he himself earned time against Ninomiya and was finally defeated by Ninomiya.
Before the B-class rank battle ROUND7, I was thinking of giving up the victory to Tamaki who was aiming for an expeditionary unit, but Arafune advised me that I should aim for an expeditionary unit individually, and decided to seriously take the rank battle. ..
In the B-rank battle ROUND7, the start was from outside the mall, and after entering the mall, he snipered against the attackers and Osamu of the East Corps, but failed.After that, the power in the mall was turned off by Suzunaru's strategy, but the light of the trigger was used to damage Osamu.After that, he hid himself, but he was knocked down to the east even though he defeated Kuruma and Osamu by snipering through the floor with the radar-reliant "Ibis".
Hikari Nire
Voice- Yurie Kobori
Kageura member.operator.High school girl. 17 years old.
Speak in a fairly rough language.
Like Kunika of the Tachikawa Corps, a part of the operation room is half-private, and the kotatsu that I brought in to mess around cannot enter without her permission.
Ikoma Corps

B class 3rd place.With a four-person organization consisting of two attackers, one shooter, and one sniper, he specializes in multifaceted attacks that take advantage of the numbers. 2 out of 1 are scouts from the Kansai area.

Master Ikoma (Tatsuhito Ikoma)
Voice- Katsuyuki Konishi[24]
Captain Ikoma.Attacker.Male college student. 19 years old.Attacker personal rank 6th.
Born April 4th.Height 29 cm. B type.Felis.I like girls, new menus at rice shops, soccer, and Nascaray.
In the record of ranked battles, when you kill an enemy, you look at the camera for some reason.
In battle, he mainly uses the arc moon, and is the best user of the whirlpool arc moon on the border.The whirlpool used by him is called "Ikoma whirlpool", which makes it the longest of all attackers.Originally, this technique was created to counter the fighting style known as the "attacker killer" of Yuba.
Satoshi Mizukami
Voice- Kaito Takeda[24]
Ikoma member.Marksman.High school boys. 18-year-old.
Born December 12th.Height 5 cm. B type.Cetus.I like rakugo, shogi, udon, and spring rolls.
You can use a different bullet trigger than the one you say aloud.Although it is a high-level technique, it is also a technique limited to ranked battles that has no meaning to near-fielders and trion soldiers who do not know or care about the type of ammunition.He is good at controlling the battlefield with bullet triggers and his own positioning.
Koji Oki
Voice- Masamu Ono[24]
Ikoma member.Sniper.High school boys. 17 years old.
Born September 9th.Height 30 cm. AB type.Mikazuki.My favorite things are Akashiyaki, oden, cats, and shopping.
Eaglets are mainly used in battle.A mobile sniper who uses grasshoppers while being a sniper.
Minamizawa Kai
Voice- Horie Shun[24]
Ikoma member.Attacker.High school boys. 16 years old.The only person from Sanmon City in the Ikoma Corps.
Born November 11th.Height 7 cm. A type.Horologium.I like scallops, cheese hamburgers, and stuffed peppers.
In battle, I mainly use the arc moon and grasshopper.Although he is a skillful master class at one time, he has a habit of moving with glue, so he may be defeated early in ranked battles.
Maori Hosoi
Voice- Naomi Ozora[24]
Ikoma member.operator.High school girl. 17 years old.
Born on July 7th.Height 14 cm. O type.Tsurugiza.My favorite things are inari sushi, dandan noodles, flowers, and cute things.
It is called "Mario" by the members of the Ikoma Corps.
Yuba Corps

B class 4th place.A three-person organization consisting of one gunner, one universal hand, and one sniper.Originally it was a four-person organization, but in order to concentrate on college entrance exams before the rank warKandaWas discharged.When Kanda was enrolled, it was a style in which Kanda took command while Yuba was one-on-one.The prince of the prince corps, Kurauchi, is an early member of the Yuba corps.

Takuma Yuba
Voice- Nobuyuki Hiyama[25]
Captain Yuba.Gunner.Male college student. 19 years old.
Born April 4th.Height 30 cm. AB type.Felis.I like one-on-one, family, friends, and pound cake.
As it looks like an intelligent gangster, it is a theoretical group of stubborn wording.He has a rough tone, but he is polite and has a personality that makes things clear.He is one of the candidates for using the wind blade, and is called "Yumiba-chan" by Jin and Konan. Before the B-rank battle round1, Yuma met from Midorikawa through Satomi and introduced Taishima, but Yuma rushed to Yuma instead of apologizing for the fact that Yuma mistaken Taishima for a man. However, when he found out that Yuma had cut corners in the simulated battle, he ordered him to fight seriously because he mistaken Taishima for a man, and showed a new technique in the simulated battle. He said to Yuma that he had "paid too much", and with the knowledge that he would reveal his own hands, he played a simulated battle with Yuma instead of "change" and killed Yuma instantly.
By using a revolver-type two-chome pistol and cutting down the number of bullets that can be fired at one time and the range of the bullet setting, a short-range quick-hit tactic that shoots bullets specialized in power and bullet speed is adopted.Disciple'sSatomiSays "one-on-one strongest", and Osamu who saw the record has the impression that he is an "attacker fighting with a gun".Yuma, who played a simulated battle, realized that "the idea is different from the tactics of carefully shaving using the range of other gunners."This tactic was devised with reference to Suwa's two-handed shotgun in order to take advantage of the attacker with a whirlpool, and the effective range of the bullet is about 1 meters, and the whirlpool arc that the attacker steps in and shoots. It is called an "attacker killer" because it can attack unilaterally before the moon reaches the limit.In the simulated battle with Yuma, he easily defeated Yuma without giving him time to put a shield.Satomi says to Osamu, "If you don't have a one-on-one short distance, you may beat Ninomiya-san."
Yukari Obishima (Yukari Obishima)
Voice- Ryo Hirohashi[25]
Yuba member.All-purpose hand.middle School girls. 14 years old.
Born February 2th.Height 4 cm. B type.Frog seat.I like exercise, sesame dumplings, oranges, and dogs.
Boyish dark-skinned athletic club.It seems that he is often mistaken for a man because of his own tone.Watching Yuma's game, I was impressed by Yuma's flexible creativity, sharpness of judgment, and competitiveness, and I respect Yuma.He has the ability to properly respond to the strict guidance of Yuba.
It is a battle style that fights using both arc moon and shooter trigger, and Yuma, who made arrangements in the simulated battle, says that "the movement is light and the defense is good", and it seems that the image is close to Kumagaya.
Kazuto Tonooka
Voice- Kento Ito[25]
Yuba member.Sniper.High school boys. 16 years old.
Born November 11th.Height 24 cm. B type.Horologium.My favorite things are Kashiwaten, Hojicha, and time for one person.
It is said that he has many independent actions and is good at covert actions (3rd place after Narasaka and Satori in capture and occultation training), and in the B-class rank battle Round 8, he was told to aim only for rain catches by Yuba's instructions and continued to mark , The oversized bombing by Meteora of Ametori was stopped by sniper.
Fujimaru's (Fujimaru's)
Voice- Arisa Sekine[25]
Yuba member.operator.Female college student. 19 years old.
Born October 10th.Height 24 cm. A type.Horologium.I like chocolates, sparkling drinks, and manga.
The skin of a strong sister.The owner of the top bust size in the work, I cup.He is from the same high school as Haya of the Prince Corps and is on good terms.
Prince Corps

B class 5th place.It is a three-person organization consisting of two attackers and one shooter, and they act together and are good at local battles in a narrow space. Top class "running unit" in B class.

Kazuaki Ouji
Voice- Ishida Akira[24]
Prince Captain.Attacker.High school boys. 18-year-old.
Born January 1th.Height 11 cm. B type.Key seat.I like omelets, croissants, horses and chess.
In battle, he has an arc moon in his left hand and an irregular attacker who uses Scorpion and Hound properly in his right hand.
Opponents are "Cougar (Yuma)" "Ossamu (Osamu)" "Amatriciana(Chika) "etc.[Annotation 41], The icon at the time of operation is also unique[Annotation 42]Has a unique sensibility such as changing to.In the old days, he belonged to the Yuba corps with Kurauchi, and he left the Yuba corps with Kurauchi and became independent because he wanted to create his own unit.
Kazunori Kurauchi
Voice- Yusuke Handa[24]
Prince member.Marksman.High school boys. 18-year-old.
Born September 9rd.Height 3 cm. A type.Lupus.My favorite foods are sea bream chazuke, oyakodon, turnip senmaizuke, and an aquarium.
In the old days, he belonged to the Yuba corps with the prince, and withdrew from the Yuba corps with the prince's independence.
In the B-rank battle Round8, not only a wealth of knowledge about triggers, but also detailed explanations were given to grasp the training ranking of snipers.
Yutaka Kashio
Voice- Ryumaru Tachibana[24]
Prince member.Attacker.Junior high school boys. 15 years old.
Born May 5th.Height 29 cm. A type.Lepus.I like lasagna, ramune, potato salad and study.
In addition to using the arc moon mainly in battle, hounds are also used in the sub.
Takahaya Tachibana
Voice- Kawaguchi Sakura[24]
Prince member.operator.Female college student. 19 years old.
Born August 8th.Height 14 cm. A type.Penguins.My favorite foods are spinach, kiwi and yogurt.
I designed the corps clothes, but according to the author, if the warehouse had not been refined, it would have been a more chuunibyo design.[22].
East Corps

B class 6th place.He specializes in tactics in which two attackers fish the opponent and kill them with a sniper.Each of the two attackers is not so tough, but it is said that the level of cooperation in close combat is second only to Kazama Corps.

Haruaki Azuma
Voice- Kenji Hamada
East captain.Sniper.graduate student. 25 years old.
Born January 1rd.Height 3 cm. A type.Key seat.I like fishing, camping, sashimi and tempura.
Ibis is mainly used in battle.Characterized by long hair that extends close to the shoulders.
Border's first sniper who once served as the first A-class captain with Miwa, Ninomiya, and Kako as members.[26]..A master who taught Tsukimi tactics by teaching snipers to Rage Kizaki, Toru Narasaka, and Masayuki Toma.In addition, Chika and her new sniper instructor who joined the army at the same timeArafune,SatoriServing with.SawamuraSynchronization.
The ability as a commander is excellent enough to receive evaluation from the enemy, and at the time of the emergency defense meeting, only one of the B class members is allowed to attend, and the trust from the upper management is strong, and the rank battle The commentary is also highly evaluated.It is also good to take care of juniors, such as complimenting their achievements and grabbing yakiniku.As a leader, he currently has A-class or comparable unit captain-class disciples such as Kizaki, Kako, Miwa, and Ninomiya, including tactical aspects.Even now, Koarai and Okuji lead the strategy planning of ranked battles, and I have adopted a policy of promoting their growth by pointing out problems, and once Kako, Ninomiya, Miwa (first term) and Katagiri, Yukimaru and unity (second term) were also cultivated by this method.He has a fighting ability that is not ashamed of the former A-class title, and he is showing off tricks such as succeeding in a difficult wall-piercing sniper with a single shot and shooting down the curved Meteora with Lightning.
In large-scale invasions, teams were formed with A-class Izumi, Yoneya, Midorikawa, and other B-class units.Defeated Rambananein under his own command, and has achieved first-class combat performance.
Noboru Koarai
Voice- Ryota Asari
East member.Attacker.High school boys. 16 years old.
Born April 4th.Height 24 cm. O type.Felis.My favorite is soccer, fried food.
The nickname from the operator's point of view is "koala".The hair on the front side is bouncing greatly.He has a good personality and is often resigned by Okuji.In combat, use the arc moon.Kazama says that the cooperation between Koarai and Okuji is "the next level after us."
Tsuneyuki Okudera
Voice- Shintaro Ogawa
East member.Attacker.High school boys. 16 years old.
Born May 5th.Height 20 cm. A type.Felis.I like soccer and ramen.
The back hair is bouncing with black hair.With a solid personality, he sometimes collides with Koarai.In combat, use the arc moon.
Mako Hitomi
Voice- Kinkari
East member.operator.High school girl. Eighteen years old.
Born August 8th.Height 28 cm. AB type.Lupus.I like crepes and horror movies.
According to the author, "East Corps sister frame".He joined the border when his grandfather died in the first large-scale invasion.
Katori Corps

B class 7th place.Ace's Katori rampages and scores points, and the other two play a role in supporting it with a chameleon.Due to the unevenness of Katori, the team's record has been declining recently.

Yoko Katori
Voice- Megumi Ban[13]
Captain Katori.All-purpose hand.High school girl. 16 years old.Master class and ace of Katori Corps. Born October 10th.Height 18 cm.Blood type is O type.Mikazuki.I like games, rice crackers, friends, and winning.
A semi-long girl with sharp eyes and splashes on the outside.Family composition is father (voice-Taichi Asahi[27]), Mother (voice- Tomoko Naka[27]), Brother (voice- Yuki Naruse[27]).
His personality is irreverent and he is quite confident.In fact, genius skin that reached the master class in about half a year after joining the army.Although the initials are "K", I am concerned that the voice of the enlisted scouts has not been heard since Kako.During the first large-scale invasion, he was damaged at home and buried in the rubble of his house, but Somei helped him.After that, he joined the border with Somei.
In battle, with Scorpion on both the main and subHandgun type triggerIs set, and is good at close quarters combat.
Yuta Miura
Voice- Yudai Mino[13]
Katori corps member.Attacker.High school boys. 17 years old. Born September 9rd.Height 3 cm.Blood type is B type.Lupus.My favorite things are peace, mandarin oranges, tsukemen, and Yoko in a good mood.
A boy with a mild and friendly personality.Katori is called "Yoko-chan" and she has a sweet attitude.Somei's cousin and sister.
In battle, he mainly uses Arc Moon and Chameleon to support Katori, the ace.
Rokurou Wakamura
Voice- Kenji Akabane[13]
Katori corps member.Gunner.High school boys. 17 years old. Born April 4th.Height 16 cm.Blood type is B type.Hayabusa.My favorite things are egg sandwiches, chicken, and Hana when I'm studying.
It features rimless eyeglasses.Due to his serious personality, he is in constant conflict with Katori.I joined the team with Katori's older brother and friend.
Although he is a disciple of Inukai, he has not become a master class yet because he has been a gunner for two years.In battle, he uses a PDW type trigger like his master to support Katori, the ace.
Somei Hana
Voice- Rena Kondo[13]
Katori corps member.operator.High school girl. 16 years old. Born July 7th.Height 18 cm.Blood type is AB type.Tsurugiza.My favorite things are tackling tasks, cocoa, and friends.
Cell frame glasses and gloves[Annotation 43]A cool girl who is characterized by[Annotation 44]..He is also the organizer of the other three, and Katori is a childhood friend who used to live in the house next door.The house was completely destroyed in the first large-scale invasion, and my father (voice-- Yuji Mitsuya[28]) And mother (voice-- Eriko Kakukura[28])Lose.That triggered him to join the border.
Suzu Naru Daiichi (Kuruma Corps)

B class 8th place.Suzu Naru BranchAffiliation.He specializes in central breakthrough tactics centered on Ace Murakami, who is ranked 4th in the individual rank of the attacker.The captain's arrival is a spiritual pillar, and it is called a team that stands up and keeps the horse in any situation.

Tatsuya Kuruma
Voice- Masaya Takatsuka[13]
Captain Suzunaru Daiichi (Kuruuma Corps).Gunner.Male college student. 19 years old.
Although he is unreliable in battle, he has a gentle and gentle personality.Murakami, who is a member of the team, and another role are so fond of him that he is said to "keep his horse in any situation."
In a large-scale invasion, he participated in the battle with Rambananein as a B-class joint unit, playing a role of attracting as a decoy and contributing to victory.I'm always cold sweating.
In the B-rank battle, it will be overwhelmed by the number of bullets as well, probably because of the experience of surviving the Rambanane battle in a large-scale invasion.NasuI showed the gall bladder that bites to the end.Later, in collaboration with Murakami, he left the defense to Murakami and developed a formation for both attacks that increased the firepower by attacking with a w rifle.
In the character introduction under the cover of the book, the parents' home is wealthy[Annotation 45]It was revealed that he was loved by his juniors as a personality who was super spoiled by his parents but did not have selfishness or arrogance.Also, it seems that he has never been angry in his life.As an episode showing that, Taichi, a member of the team, tampered with the aquarium and annihilated the tropical fish that he had kept, but the past that he forgave while shedding blood was introduced.
The author describes it as "a person who was able to do it" and "a senior who looks like a fawn who is separated from the flock, which everyone wants to aim for."[29].
Murakami Steel
Voice- Hiroshi Nojima[13]
Suzu Naru Daiichi (Kuruuma Corps) member.Attacker.High school boys. 18-year-old.
Attacker Individual rank 4th influential person[Annotation 46]..One of the wind blade user candidates.His personality is stoic and straightforward, and he has a broad perspective of making efforts to maintain the front even if he crushes himself.
In addition, it retains the side effect "enhanced sleep memory" that makes the retention and organization of memory performed during sleep extremely high.This allows you to reflect almost 100% of what you have learned in your own experience with just a sleep.
I had the experience of unintentionally breaking the circle of the group because of the speed of improvement due to the side effects, and I was often depressed, saying, "I'm just stealing everyone's efforts."However, with the encouragement from Arafune, who taught the basics of the attacker, and the encouragement from Kuruma, "You can become stronger with the steel method," I was able to get rid of it.
In battle, he uses the arc moon and the shield mode Reigast, and is an attacker who has no chance of attacking and defending by skillfully using thrusters to lose his posture and movement assistance.In addition, the side effect "enhanced sleep memory" makes it possible to respond to the behavior of the other party once seen in an extremely short period of time, which is extremely superior to the other party who knows the inside of the hand.
In the large-scale invasion, he took on Rabbit (plain body) alone in order to gain time for Kuruma and another role to join the B-class joint unit.After that, he succeeded in gaining time until Tachikawa arrived, even though he was injured by three Rabbits (mods).He was praised for his achievements and was given a second-class battle alone.At the time of the invasion of Galopla, Tachikawa, Kazama, Konan and others all went to defend the expedition boat and protected the expedition boat from two bombardments by Gadrin.
Another role Taichi
Voice- Kosuke Masuo(1st season) →Taichi Kusano[13](2nd season)
Suzu Naru Daiichi (Kuruuma Corps) member.Sniper.High school boys. 16 years old.
It seems that he has little experience in actual battles, probably because he belongs to a branch.In the large-scale invasion, two members of the Chano corps were upset by being defeated by Rambananein with a single blow, immediately afterLightning wingsEscaped urgently after being filled with holes.
A type of dojikko whose non-malicious behavior causes catastrophic damage.According to the author, "genuine evil".In fact, I've been messing around with the aquarium of the coming horse, and boiled all the tropical fish to death.He began to admire him from the bottom of his heart because he forgave it just by shedding tears.[29].
Although immature and careless aspects are conspicuous, it may show a sharp aspect such as finding out that Nasu's viper is a synthetic bullet from the bullet speed in the rank battle Round 3, and planning a disturbing tactic using the map selection right in Round 7.
Now Yuka
Voice-Kozue Kamada
Suzu Naru Daiichi (Kuruuma Corps) member.operator.High school girl. Eighteen years old.
A Japanese-style beauty who likes cooking and matcha, but her body is a little small.At the branch, she has a hard time with remarks that do not read the air and other roles with a lot of clumsiness, and at school she has a poor grade and takes care of Toma and Kokuchi.
Urushima Corps

B class 9th place. A team with an unusual composition of one operator per combatant at the start of the B-rank battle.

Tsune Urushima (Wataru Urushima)
Captain Urushima.Gunner.
Rika Rokuta
Urushima member.operator.
Suwa Corps

B class 10th place.A close combat type unit with a powerful barrage of shotgun-type triggers by Suwa and Tsutsumi, and a surprise attack and support by the attacker Chameleon.

Kotaro Suwa
Voice- Yusuke Numata[12][13]
Captain Suwa.Gunner.Male college student. 21 years old.
One of the people who operated the mock combat between Osamu and Kazama, he wanted to see Yuma's battle, but he evaluated Osamu's good fight.During the large-scale invasion, he became the first victim of Rabbit's cube formation by hiding Sasamori.Therefore, the official nickname is "cube'[30]..In addition, tobacco is a trademark[Annotation 47]In addition, I have the roles of detective novels, beer, mahjong lovers and bad college students.[Annotation 48].
There are many scenes in which the mouth and pattern are bad, and the voice is disturbed by provocative behavior, anger, and surprise.On the other hand, during the large-scale invasion, he was given time to identify his abilities and countermeasures by inviting Enedra to the training room as soon as he returned from cube formation.Even in ranked battlesEar cuttingHe also shows excellent aspects as a captain, such as controlling Sasamori who jumped out without noticing the sniper of the check, and clarifying the position of the rough fleet by decoying himself.The oldest on-site from the middle of the invasion of Galopla[Annotation 49]Therefore, he commanded the interception unit around the base, accepted the dedication of Ninomiya and others as a commander, and instructed Kizaki and Karasuma to shift to suppression tactics at key points.
A steroid is used as a shot with a shotgun type trigger.[32]..Sometimes I have two.
Tsutsumi Daichi
Voice- Yasuhiko Tokuyama[13]
Suwa corps member.Gunner.Male college student. 20-year-old.
One who was operating a mock combat between Osamu and Kazama.At that time, announcements such as "Mock combat start" and "Mikumo down" are made by him.Shaved headThe gentle appearance of the thread.It is called "Tsutsumi" by Osano.
He often takes assistive actions such as helping Suwamori who has fallen while Suwa is attacking the enemy, and going to change the training room settings while Suwa and Sasamori are attracting Enedra.
The weapon is a shotgun type trigger / asteroid like Suwa.
Hisato Sasamori
Voice- Yu Hatanaka[13]
Suwa corps member.Attacker.High school boys. 16 years old.
Characterized by freckles.A tactical key man of the Suwa Corps to make a breakthrough.It also provides shield support.
In the large-scale invasion, he was burning with Suwa's enemies, but withdrew after being advised by Kazama and others.In the subsequent game against Enedra, he acted as a decoy for demonstration and gained popularity from Kazama.
In ranked battlesEar cuttingEven with the shaking of the words, he is showing growth, such as making decisions with an eye on the war situation when invading Galopla.
Weapon uses arc moon.Also handles chameleons.
Rui Osano
Voice- Miku Yoshikawa
Suwa corps member.operator.High school girl. 17 years old.
It is called "Osano (senior)" on the bank and Sasamori.With a laid-back tone, he is in contact with Frank with his seniors Suwa and Tsutsumi.
I used to be a fashion model until junior high school, but I got tired of it and quit.The candy I always lickKonanWhat was handed over to[Annotation 50].. C cup.
Rough fleet

B class 11th place.A unique team in which all combatants are snipers.All three have sniper skills and are high-ranking regulars in training.Originally, the captain Arafune was the attacker, so the team had a concept similar to that of the A-class three-wheeled corps.

Arafune Tetsuji
Voice- Takemoto Hideshi[13]
Captain of the Arafune Corps.Sniper.High school boys. 18-year-old.
It features sharp eyes and a hat that is always worn.left handed.Together with Higashi and Satori, he gave guidance to new snipers such as Ametori.
Although it is a rough wording, he is a rational and caring good person who spares no effort to support younger people.
In the battle with Rambanane, in addition to his high shooting ability, he demonstrated his agility to avoid attacks.The depiction of jumping off a building to evacuate from an attack is often noticeable.One of my favorite things is action movies, which are called "action snipers".[33]..I'm not good at dogs and I'm a hammer.
Previously, he was an attacker with master class skills and also taught Murakami, but he turned to a sniper to become the same perfect all-rounder as Kizaki.[Annotation 51]..Even now, the arc moon is used according to the war situation.
Atsushi Hokari
Voice- Courage[13]
Rough fleet member.Sniper.High school boys. 18-year-old.
The nickname is "Pocari".HairstyleSoft mohican..At the time of publication in this magazine, it was tone hair, but in the book it has been corrected to black hair.Usually, it is almost expressionless and not very talkative, but when it comes to email, it becomes talkative.Inversion methodI have a habit of speaking with (the text of the email is normal).He is really close to Suwamori, who engaged in the ranked battle.
Yoshito Hanzaki
Voice- Makoto Naruse[13]
Rough fleet member.Sniper.High school boys. 15-year-old.
I'm wearing a hat in the opposite direction. Although he has a habit of saying "dull", he is also enthusiastic about practicing, and is a master of precision sniping that is comparable to Yuki Toma and Narasaka.
Rin Kagami
Voice- Ryoka Yuki
Rough fleet member.operator.High school girl. Eighteen years old.
An artist whose hobbies are painting and clay work.It has been decided to go on to an art university.
Nasu Corps

B class 12th place.A women's team consisting only of female members.Nasu, the captain of the ace, scores points, and other members take the tactic of supporting it.

Rei Nasu
Voice- Noriko Kuwashima[13]
Captain Nasu.Marksman.High school girl. 17 years old.NarasakaCousin and younger brother.
He has a history of joining the border in cooperation with research on the trion body.Although he seems to be sick in daily life, his activities in the trion body make use of his mobility to move around quickly.Like Ninomiya, the ace of a unit that is a shooter but has high fighting power alone.
In battle, he mainly uses "Viper", and in recent rank battles, he uses synthetic bullet "Tomahawk".Normally, the viper user uses a preset trajectory, but Nasu sets the trajectory in real time based on the battle situation.Since this technique has only been mastered in Nasu and Izumi within the border, it is said to be one of the best viper users along with him.Viper's omnidirectional attack, which enables real-time ballistic setting, is called "bird cage" among the members.
In Round 3 of the B-class rank battle, Suzunaru Daiichi lost 6 consecutive games, so it was a medium distance because Tamaki No. 2 and Suzunaru Daiichi, who have similar team composition, are the opponents, as well as blocking Ace Murakami. By setting the MAP to "Riverbed A" and setting the weather to "Stormstorm" in bad weather for the purpose of focusing on the battle of However, before the troops joined, a single bridge fell due to the bombardment of Chika's ibis, and on the east side, one person was alone against four people, Kuruma, Mikumo, and Chika. However, he overwhelmed the three people except Chika, who was hiding in the bag worm, with an attack using a viper from beginning to end, and while suffering a fatal injury from the hound of the coming horse, the synthetic bullet "change explosive bullet" However, in the end, the damage caused by the hound of the coming horse became a fatal injury and he collapsed due to the trion running out.At the time of the invasion of Garopura, he and Kumagai played against Wen Saw in the border base, and while being tossed by the trigger for disguise and the trigger "Straw Soldier" that creates a virtual image, he destroyed the "Straw Soldier" with a viper, and finally. Defeated Wen Saw with Kumagai with the help of Kikuchihara's enhanced hearing.
Yuko Kumagai
Voice-Umeka Shoji[13]
Nasu member.Attacker.High school girl. 17 years old.The person who played a central role in the formation of the Nasu Corps.Nickname is "Kuma (chan)".
He often imposes Tekken sanctions because he has a good style and suffers from sexual harassment.
In battle, the "Arc Moon" with a brim is mainly used with both hands.Personal points are not high because he often goes to Nasu's guard, but his sword handling and return skills are considerable, and in ranked battles he fights well in close quarters with Meteora against Murakami, while gaining ability. is there.
In Round 3 of the B-class rank battle, the unity was initially prioritized as planned, but Chika's bombardment at Ibis caused a single bridge to fall, and Yuma and Murakami were on the west side with Hiura. After Yuma defeated Hiura, it became a one-on-one development with Murakami, and although he fought well against Murakami in a battle with Meteora, Meteora was adsorbed by Reigast who flew with a thruster. It was destroyed in the form of a self-destruct.As a result, I couldn't get a point by myself, but from Jin and Tachikawa who were explaining, the struggle of both Hiura was not in vain, and by gaining time, I indirectly contributed to Nasu's 3 points. It is said that if the way of fighting with Meteora, which was used to destroy the bridge, is refined, it will become a powerful weapon.At the time of the invasion of Garopura, he and Nasu face Wen Saw, and he is tossed by the trigger for disguise and the trigger "Straw Soldier" that creates a virtual image, and is attacked aiming at the trion out, but he notices the mechanism of "Straw Soldier" by the shadow. Finally, when Kikuchihara taught him the real enemy who had been masqueraded as a transformation trigger, he damaged Wen Saw and defeated Wen Saw with Nasu.
Akane Hiura
Voice-Chihiro Ikki[13]
Nasu member.Sniper.middle School girls. 15 years old.
It features a hat and pigtails.Compared to the other three calm people, there are places where they are rich in emotions and a little crying.A disciple of Narasaka.
It has been decided to move from Sanmon City upon graduating from junior high school, and at the same time, he will quit the border and Nasu corps.
In Round 3 of the B-class rank battle, the unity was initially prioritized as planned, but Chika's bombardment at Ibis caused the only bridge to fall down, so he played with Kumagai on the west side. Makoto and Murakami will be the opponents, and he will support Kumagai himself.Murakami and Kumagai are aiming at the same time and sniper Yuma who has damaged his right arm, but even though the sniper is exchanged with the "grass hopper" and the whereabouts are known, he is instructed to escape from Kumagaya. I decided to attack Yuma alone without running away, and I installed Meteora in advance, which was equipped for the purpose of destroying the bridge in advance, and by sniping with Lightning, explode Meteora and destroy the building, with Ibis I aimed to destroy it with a sniper, but Yuma was caught in an instant decoy made by separating the right arm that had been damaged by the 咄 嗟, and was struck by a momentary gap and was defeated by Yuma. rice field.
Because of her love for cats, she became friends with Chika and Heading in the joint training for snipers.
Sayoko Shiki
Voice-Ryo Hirohashi[25]
Nasu member.operator.High school girl. 16 years old.
The exact position can be determined from the sniper even in bad weather.
He is not good at the opposite sex, and especially when he is older, he is in a state of "interfering with social life", so he lives withdrawal (as expected, he comes to the operation room during battle).The Nasu Corps holds strategy meetings and meetings at Nasu's home in consideration of Nasu's physical condition, but he also participates only in voice chat.
She designed the current Nasu corps clothing.Therefore, it has received praise and respect from some male members.
Kakizaki Corps

B class 13th place.With a trigger configuration that all combatants have put together, the trigger can be switched according to the situation to handle short and medium distances.Basically, he does not fight with a single horse, but is good at formations where all the members fight.It would be unnecessarily cautious to the opponent, but due to that prudence, no one in the B-class unit bailed out during the large-scale invasion.

Kuniharu Kakizaki
Voice- Hirofumi Tanaka[34]
Captain Kakizaki.All-purpose hand.Male college student. 19 years old.
He was enlisted at the same time as Arashiyama and was a member of the Arashiyama Corps until two years ago, but when he was selected as a public relations unit, he withdrew without confidence.However, within the border, he is a person who is loved by many friends and juniors because of his personality.
He has a cautious personality and basically has a policy of solidifying and acting firmly with all the members, but this tends to delay his judgment.
In battle, the assault gun type trigger and arc moon are mainly used, and the trigger is switched according to the situation to support close quarters battle and medium range battle.
Fumika Teruya
Voice- Noguchi Yuri[35]
Kakizaki member.All-purpose hand.High school girl. 16 years old.
I go to the same girls' school as Konan and Nasu.
A talented man who once competed with Narasaka and Utagawa for the title of "Rookie King". When I saw Kakizaki being interviewed on TV four years ago, I felt that "this person seems to be worth supporting" and decided to join the Kakizaki Corps.
In combat, he mainly uses assault gun-type triggers and arc moons.
Tomoe Kotaro
Voice- Masaru Ino[36]
Kakizaki member.Gunner.Junior high school boys. 14 years old.
Two years ago, he was the only regular member of elementary school.I longed for Kakizaki and decided to join the Kakizaki Corps.
Mainly in battleHandgun type triggerAnd arc moon, fight with swordsmanship and shooting.
Ui Madoka
Voice- Yukiyo Fujii[37]
Kakizaki member.operator.High school girl. 16 years old.
It features an appearance reminiscent of a cat.After Kakizaki left the Arashiyama Corps, he joined the Kakizaki Corps with the help of Ayatsuji.
Hayakawa Corps

B class 14th place.

Satoru Hayakawa
Captain Hayakawa.All-purpose hand.
Funabashi Ryogo
Hayakawa member.Gunner.
Seiji Marui
Hayakawa member.Gunner.
Asami Taya
Hayakawa member.operator.
Matsushiro Corps

B class 15th place.

Hitoshi Matsushiro
Captain Matsushiro.Gunner.
Masakuni Hakoda
Matsushiro member.Special craftsman.
Yuya Tsuchizaki
Matsushiro member.Attacker.
Ayumu Hatori
Matsushiro member.operator.

B class 16th place.

Yuichiro Yoshizato
Captain Kirisato.Gunner.
Hidetaka Kitazoe
Kiri member.All-purpose hand.
Tsukimi Hanao (Tsukimi Hanao)
Kiri member.Attacker.
Asuka Asagiri (Asuka Asagiri)
Kiri member.operator. 15 years old.
Mamiya Corps

B class 17th place.All the combatants are shooters, and they are good at "hound storm", in which three people simultaneously hit both attacks (full attack) of tracking bullets and scrape them down.

Keizo Mamiya (Mamiya Keizo)
Captain Mamiya.Marksman.
Mitsuya Koinuma
Mamiya member.Marksman.
Minoru Hata
Mamiya member.Marksman.
Aoi Kusumoto
Mamiya member.operator. 15 years old.
Ebi Meitai

B class 18th place.

Ebina Takahiro
Ebi Captain.All-purpose hand.
Yukito Otogawa (Yukito Otogawa)
Ebi name corps member.Sniper.
Sho Motegi
Ebi name corps member.Attacker.
Sakurako Taketomi
Voice- Mizusawa Fumie
Ebina corps member.operator.middle School girls. 15 years old.
Responsible for the live performance of the first night of the B-rank battle.Since then, he has been playing live as long as the schedule matches.
From the time of C class, the presentation of the live system was repeated to the upper management, and as a result, the rank battle including the commentary became a place to improve the skill of the entire border.However, there is also the purpose behind "collecting audio data of commentary (which does not remain as a record)", and I am enjoying the commentary recorded in the private room of the base while smirking alone.It seems that those who know this know, and in the bonus 4 frames, Tachikawa is assaulting Sakurako's private room in search of a commentary voice that seems to be from the east.[Annotation 52].
Chano Corps

B class 19th place.An idol unit for the media formed by Netsuke for the purpose of creating a second Arashiyama unit. There is a possibility that they had netsuke when they were promoted to class B, but they are seriously working on it without knowing it.

Makoto Chano
Voice- Kaori Takaoka
Captain Chano.Gunner.High school boys. 16 years old.
He wears a "C" handmade tin badge on his hat and hides his left eye with his bangs.My hobbies are collecting hats and making tin badges.
At the time of a large-scale invasion, Yuma who activated the black trigger to help Osamu is mistaken for an enemy humanoid near-fielder and attacks.In the following game against Rambanane, he was overwhelmed by the power of the strengthening trigger and bailed out with Fujisawa.Use a two-chome pistol.Initially, it was set for men and women, but the author says, "I didn't see it."[Source required]
Ki Fujisawa (Itsuki Fujisawa)
Voice-Umeka Shoji
Chano corps member.Gunner.High school boys. 16 years old.
Two-chome pistol type like Chano.He has an "F" tin badge on his chest.I admire Arashiyama as a "senior" because of the connection with the idol unit.
A serious and nimble personality who offers a decoy to escape the east.
Megumi Tokura
Chano corps member.operator.High school student. 17 years old.
Tokiwa Corps

B class 20th place.

Mamoru Tokiwa
Captain Tokiwa.Attacker.
Saito Tokiya
Tokiwa member.Sniper.
Utsunomiya Waka (Utsunomiya Waka)
Tokiwa member.Gunner.
Yoshinobu Kera
Tokiwa member.Attacker.
Nanao Hazuki
Tokiwa member.operator.
Tamaki No. 2 (Mikumo Corps)

B class 21st place.Formally formed after a large-scale invasion.Aiming for an expeditionary force. Osamu and Chika take a tactic to support Ace Yuma, who has a fighting ability comparable to A-class, with spiders and lightning + lead bullets, respectively. Hughes joins from ROUND7.

Osamu Mikumo
Captain of Tamaki No. 2 (Mikumo Corps).Marksman.Middle school students. 15 years old.
The fighting power is low, but the brains who make up for it with tactics.Mainly uses Reigast and asteroids.Later, I learned the support technique using a spider.
Kukan Yuma
Tamakoma 2nd (Mikumo Corps) member.Attacker.Middle school students. 15 years old.
Tamaki's second ace with high combat power and abundant combat experience.Mainly uses scorpion and grasshopper.
Chika Ametori
Tamakoma 2nd (Mikumo Corps) member.Sniper.Middle school students. 13 years old → 14 years old.
Owner of black trigger level trion ability.It mainly uses ibis and plays a role in changing the terrain by bombardment.Later, he was taught by Ema to sniper with Lightning + lead bullets utilizing his high trion ability.
Tamakoma 2nd (Mikumo Corps) member.Attacker. 16 years old.Near-world people who became POWs of the border.Mainly uses arc moon and viper.
Usami Shiori
Tamakoma 2nd (Mikumo Corps) member.operator.High school student. 17 years old.Tamaki No. 1Also serves as.

Class C

Natsume Izuho
Voice- Hiromi Konno
C-class member belonging to the border headquarters.Sniper.Middle school students. 14 years old.
He joined the army at the same time as Chika, and since then he often acts with her.A brave and courageous girl who is not afraid of Trion soldiers.I go to the same junior high school as Osamu, Yuma and Chika.Although he is inexperienced as a sniper, he is growing due to his good eyesight and the acquisition of a teacher named Toshin.
At first, Chika was a fool, but soon she said, "Chikako""Deho-chanTo get along with each other.In the large-scale invasion, he became a reliable companion who tried to escape Chika.Since then, he has had a deep relationship with Chika and has been going in and out of the Tamaki branch due to that influence, and he also knows that Yuma and Hughes, who are the same second members of Tamaki as Chika, are close friends. ing. When there was a rumor in the C class that Hughes might be a close-knit person after the B-rank battle round 2, I taught the members of Tamaki about the details of the rumor.
"Glasses senior(Osamu) "[38],Ochibi-senpai(Yuma) "[39],Regent senior(Toshin) ""Dogeza senior(Satori) ”and other acquaintances are often referred to by their own nicknames.
I often put a cat that helped in a large-scale invasion on my head.
Teruki Koda, Teru TeruSaotome Fumi Fumi,Hidehide Hinoe
Voice-Ryousuke Kanemoto (Teruki Koda),Ryohei Arai(Fumifumi Saotome), Yusuke Handa (Hidehide 丙)
Border C class member 3 people.Middle school students.Synchronized with Yuma, he collectively calls him "Shinsan Stupid".
He seems to have some qualities, but he has wrong knowledge about borders, such as calling Arashiyama Corps a mascot.
10 such as "Dragon's Team"formationThere is[Annotation 53][40], Defeat Bamster with "Rooster Team" during a large-scale invasion[41].

Border headquarters upper layer

Masamune Kido
Voice- Takuya Kirimoto[12]
Border Headquarters Commander / Commander-in-Chief.A man who stands at the top of the border. 42 years old.It features a large scratch left around the left eyebrow.The top of the border's largest faction, the Kido faction, which takes hard-line measures against the people of the near world.
Border rules, Defense plan,Huge baseA strict person who has proposed and led construction.He hates the people of the near world.In the past, he scouted Kinuda, Netsuke, and Karasawa.
One of the founding members of Border, synchronized with Yugo.Therefore, Yuma also says, "I don't say anything, but I care."
He was devoted to making the border bigger, and at the press conference, he took Osamu's remarks well and devised a plan to go to the world of the people of the near world (it is ostensibly secret that he has already gone to the world of the near world). I have to).
Masashi Shinoda
Voice- Kusao Yi[12][13]
Border headquarters manager. 33 years old.The top of the "Ninda faction" who puts the defense of the city first and has a neutral and exclusive defense-oriented thinking toward the people in the near world.He had a strong sense of justice, praised Osamu's actions to protect the citizens, albeit in violation of discipline, and opposed his dismissal.
He is indebted to Yugo and proposes to withdraw his troops when Yuma is told that he is his son, and sends Arashiyama troops to rescue in the Black Trigger battle.
A teacher who taught swordsmanship to Tachikawa, who ranked first in A-class, at the headquartersNormal trigger strongest manIs called.During the invasion of Aftkrattle, he went to the scene and contributed greatly to stopping the attack on the headquarters by Enedra.
Kinu Tamotokichi
Voice- Kozo Shioya[12][13]
Headquarters Development Office Manager.A man with a wide range. 48 years old.Kido school.
I always look great,gateHe has made achievements commensurate with his attitude, such as the development of the guidance system of the company, the construction of the basic system of the headquarters, and the mass production of normal triggers.I hate Osamu who brings in a number of troubles in a short period of time.
Batsuichi.She has a daughter in the first grade of junior high school who lives separately, and she has a kind and intimate feeling toward Chika, who is close to her age.
Netsuke Eizo
Voice- Satoshi Shimada[12][13]
Media Countermeasures Office Manager.A man with slimming eyes and a big nose. 39 years old.Kido school.
Corresponding to all media, we are striving to improve the impression of borders and deal with and conceal problems.It is thanks to him that there are few negative people on the border.
Katsumi Karasawa
Voice-Eiji Takemoto[12]
Foreign Affairs and Sales Manager. 33 years old.Kido school.However, take flexible measures when it is considered to be in the interests of the organization.
In addition to raising border funds, he is in charge of discussions and negotiations with Sanmon City, prefectures, countries, and foreign countries.You can see every situation objectively.He has experience in rugby when he was a student, and he seems to be confident in his skills.Smoke lover.
After the large-scale invasion, he appears under Osamu in the hospital and takes him out to the border press conference.Osamu is evaluated as a "stupid honest hero".

Border Tamaki branch

Takumi Hayashito
Voice- Keiji Fujiwara(1st season)[12]→Kenjiro Tsuda(2nd season)[42]
Tamaki branch manager. 34 years old.A smoker man with glasses.He reports to Jinda's boss.
Easygoing personality.He is indebted to Yugo and invited him to the Tamaki branch for the purpose of protecting Yuma.
According to the author, he was once the master of Kazama's older brother, which is why he is called "Aoya".[Source required]
Yotaro Hayashito
Voice- Megumi Urawa[13]
A 5-year-old child belonging to the Tamaki branch. Although he has a side effect that "can talk with animals", he can only communicate and most animals including Raijinmaru have not heard what he says.[43]..For the second member of Tamaki, he calls himself a "senior" and wants to take care of him in various ways.In addition, he and Hughes, who were entrusted to the Tamaki branch as prisoners of war, have a close relationship with each other, seeing the records of ranked battles.
It also appeared in the one-shot version and was helped quickly.In the 60th episode of the anime version, an original story with him as the main character is drawn.
Raijin Maru
Voice-Megumi Urawa[13][Annotation 54]
Hayashifuji picked it up from nowhereCapybara..It is considered by Yotaro to be a dog.Also, although most members of the Tamaki branch consider it male, it is female.He always acts with Yotaro and often walks with him on his back, but he never hears orders because he is completely licked.
Michael cronin
Voice- Ryota Takeuchi[44]
An engineer belonging to the Tamaki branch.Like Yuri, both Kusakabe and Katagiri were out of the prefecture as member scouts, so the first appearance of the main story was episode 161 (rear view is revealed in episode 55, name is revealed in episode 147).[Annotation 55].. Use old-fashioned expressions such as "Miss Konan" and "Waka (Yotaro)".
Hughes, who is a Canadian "setting" but is actually a close-knit person and is not oriental in appearance, was set to be his relatives externally.However, according to Higashi, it is a well-known fact to the expeditionary group that Michael is a close-knit person (Kazama also mentioned during the battle for the black trigger), and Hayashifuji gave Hughes the surname Cronin. There is also a message to the expedition team that implicitly tells Hughes that he is a close-knit person.
Yuri Hayashifuji (Yuri Rindo)
Voice- Mamiko Noto[44]
An operator belonging to the Tamakoma branch.Hayashifuji Takumi's niece.Like Kronin, the rear view was revealed at the time of episode 55, but the first appearance of the main story and the name were revealed in episode 161. In episode 162, Osamu talked about the tragedy that happened to the old border.

Border staff

Kyoko Sawamura
Voice-Houko Kuwashima[12][13]
Assistant General Manager of Border Headquarters. 25 years old.A woman suffering from sexual harassment.
He likes Shinobu, but keeps hiding it because of his mission priority.Originally a defense member and an attacker, he is now transferred to the headquarters management and supports field members by utilizing his experience in defense missions.
Seiji Mizunuma
Border Human Resources Manager. I responded to Osamu in the 10th volume flashback scene.Sanmon Municipal Third Junior High School 3rd grade 3rd class teacherMizunumaFather of.
Terashima Raizo
Voice- Sota Arai
One of the chief engineers in the development room. 21 years old.
Until three years ago, he was a combatant and a top-class arc moon user at that time, but he became angry with the strengthening of bullet triggers and the fashion and turned to an engineer.As a blade for anti-bullet trigger, I made Reigast based on shield and scorpion.He was also in charge of the development of thrusters and Meteora.His specialty in the lab is "observation and control of shock waves generated by the trion reaction."
He is also in charge of dealing with the rudden Enedra, and seems to have built a friendly relationship through his hobby, movies.

Former border member

Yugo Kuga
Voice-Hideyuki Tanaka
Yuma SoraFather of.Border founding member.deceased.
I'm from the world on this side.SupportAnd with his son Yuma,Near worldTraveled to, but four years ago to help the dying Yuma himselfBlack trigger(Yushin's trigger) And died.The side effect is to detect lies (later inherited by Yushin).
According to Yuma, he seems to take care of others even if he loses, which is similar to Osamu.
At the borderKidoIn sync withHayashifuji-ShinobuIs a senior of.
Soichi Mogami
Yugo's friend.XunTeacher.Border founding member.deceased.It used to be Yugo's rival.
Yuma relied on the best to come to this side of the world, but five years ago he had already left the black trigger "Windblade" and died.During his lifetime, he wore the same type of sunglasses that Jin currently uses.[22].
Mirai Hatohara
Voice- Ai Maeda
Former Ninomiya member.Sniper.High school student. 18-year-old.
to East MalaysiaDirectly disciple ofRageFor me, it is a younger sister and a disciple.Like Chika, she has the character of "not shooting people", but on the contrary, she has the precision shooting technique of aiming and destroying the opponent's weapon, which is inherited by her disciple Ema.
Chika's older brotherRinjiAt the same time, he passed through the gate and disappeared, and is considered to be the "cooperator" he was talking about.Also, it seems that the trigger that Rinji had was also sent from her.Currently, he is being discharged due to a violation of the military regulations while still disappearing, and the Ninomiya Corps, which was A-class at that time, was demoted to B-class due to joint responsibility.However, these "facts" are concealed by upper management who are wary of imitation, and votive tablets and others said, "Because Hatohara did not shoot people, the entire corps was punished and demoted to B class, and Hatohara himself was also dried. In particular, he is desperate and disappears. "Other than the upper management, the facts are known to Ninomiya Corps, the master Higashi and his brother Kizaki, Kazama Corps who was assigned to chase, and Kizaki after the visit of Ninomiya on condition that "no other words are needed". Only the second member of Tamaki was told, but Konan and Shiori became aware of him because he was seated next to the Ninomiya corps at a later date when eating out.
Tadaomi Kanda
Former Yuba member.High school student.
I belonged to the Yuba Corps until December, and although I was smart and had a good mock exam, I was discharged from the ranks until the last minute in order to concentrate on the university entrance exam.From Satomi, he is said to be "a person who is not flashy but very good", and the prince who once fought with the Yuba corps said "a man who can reach itchy places".
Shinto Kujo
One of the members of the old border. He left the border after the war five years ago and is now living as an ordinary person.
Shin Kazama
Kazama Aoya's older brother.deceased. He died when he participated in the war five years ago.

Near world people

Aftkrattle's near-world people

High rain
Voice- Nozomi Sasaki[12]
Commander of a large-scale invasion.He is also one of the four great lords and holds a very important position in Aftkrattle.Being cautious and also prefers demonstrations and divisions[Annotation 56].. 29-year-old.Height 180 cm.The trigger used is "Egg crown (Alektor). "
In a large-scale invasion, Midorikawa, Izumi, and Karasuma are forced to withdraw and hunt down Osamu.However, due to the replica expedition boat system attack, Miwa / Yuma's attack, and Osamu's wit, he was forced to give up the capture of Chika and withdrew from Sanmon City with Mira and others.
Design motif竜.[Source required]
Voice- Hiroshi Naka[12]
65 years old.Height 176 cm.The trigger used is "Star Wand (Organon). "
Although it looks awkward, he is the most powerful person in the work who manipulates the national treasure of Aftkrattle.A master of swords, he has abundant battle experience and can move the battle situation even from a sword.
In a large-scale invasion, after defeating Rage, he confronts Yuma, but is defeated by Yuma using a double trion body.Withdraw from Sanmon City with Hirain and others.
I have taught Hughes a sword in the past.
Voice-Yurie Kobori[12]
A woman who acts as a group of operators. 23 years old.Height 162 cm.The trigger used is "Shadow of the window (Spiraskia)".It has obedience to carrying out its mission and the coldness to mercilessly eliminate anything that prevents it.
In the large-scale invasion, he mainly cooperates with Hirain and hunts down the border by making full use of the black trigger that manipulates the space, but he is forced to withdraw from Sanmon City due to the operation of the expedition boat by the replica.
According to the author, he plans to marry Hirain or Rambanane later.[Source required]
Design motifDevil.[Source required]
Voice- Toshio Furukawa[12]
A man whose right eye is dyed black. 20-year-old.Height 182 cm.The trigger used is "King of Mud (Volboros). "
He has a warlike personality and looks down on humans in the world, but shows a flexible side in battle.The right eye is black due to the effect of the trigger horn rooting to the brain.According to Mira, he was a wise boy before the horn was transplanted.
In a large-scale invasion, after defeating Kazama, he attacked the border headquarters base and murdered 6 general staff of the border, but the weakness of the "King of Mud" was discovered by the stalemate set by the Suwa unit, and finally Defeated by a joint unit led by Shinoda.The cause of exclusion was that the misbehavior and order violations up to that point were also excluded, and Mira cut off her left hand.King of mudIs robbed and then killed.The body was recovered to the border together with the trigger horn, and later the horn was transplanted to Rudd, and the personality and memory were restored.[Annotation 57]..Promises cooperation such as providing information to borders, mainly because of revenge on the high rains.
Design motifHannya.[Source required]
Rambane Inn
Voice- Junichi Yanagida[12]
A dark-skinned man and Hirain's younger brother.A dynamic and rough personality. 24-years-old.Height 202 cm.The trigger used is "Lightning Wings (Keridoon). "
In the large-scale invasion, many B-class members including the Chano Corps were driven in, but due to the cooperative attacks of Izumi, Midorikawa, and Yoneya, who joined in the middle, and individual abilities gradually became exhausted, and the east was pierced there. The superiority of the number under the command of was tossed by the coordinated attack, and at the end it was defeated by the spear of Yoneya who was protected by everyone around by the joint unit.Withdraw from Sanmon City with Hirain and others.
Design motifRed demon.[Source required]
Voice- Nobunaga Shimazaki[12][13]
16 years old.Height 171 cm.The trigger used is "Butterfly Shield (Lambilis). "
With a serious personality, he controls the latest triggers of Aftkrattle and is also excellent as a user.It is the newest generation in the actual battle deployment with horns, and it is also the best material in the history of stability and trion expandability.
In a large-scale invasion, he was quickly stopped and engaged in a battle, but due to the intention from the beginning of Hirain, he was left alone in Sanmon City while still engaged.
After the large-scale invasion ended, he was secured as a prisoner of war on the border and was under house arrest by the Tamaki branch.While at the branch, I watched the ranked game with the members of the Tamaki branch, and made an accurate judgment such as accurately evaluating the difference in the ability of the units participating in the game from the record shown by Yotaro. ing.
When he was taken prisoner, he tried to escape from the border and return to Aftkrattle by secretly contacting his client state.GaloplaInformed by Legindets that he was abandoned by Aftkrattle.In order to return to the country, he traded with Osamu / Headquarters as a guide to Aftkrattle, and joined the border on the premise that he would join Tamaki No. 2.He was promoted to B-class on that day, and most of the games challenged by the regular members who were there were overwhelming.After that, on the day of ROUND7, he officially enlisted in Tamaki No. 2.The main triggers used at the border are "Arc Moon" and "Viper", and "Escudo" is added in consideration of the missing element in Tamaki No. 2. Karasuma teaches me how to use "Escudo" because I don't want to be taught quickly.
In ROUND7, priority is given to merging with Yuma, and then Taichi, who was operating the power supply in the mall, is assaulted and defeated.After that, he participated in the battle between Kageura Corps and Suzunaru with Yuma, blocked the road with "Escudo" and attacked Kageura with Yuma without being able to cooperate with Kageura Corps, and caused great damage to Kageura by cooperation with Yuma. When Kitazoe destroys "Escudo" and breaks in even though he tries to stab him, he immediately blocks all sides of Kitazoe with "Escudo".At the discretion of Kitazoe's 咄 嗟, an escape route was created by destroying the floor, and Kageura's score went into the bell ring when he escaped to Kageura.After Yuma defeated Kitazoe, he engaged with Suzunaru and was pushed back by the shooting by Suzunaru's new cooperation, but he forcibly broke the cooperation with the rough technique of growing "Escudo" on Murakami's body, and Yuma Defeat Murakami in collaboration with.In addition, in the attack by shooting such as the attack on Kageura and the shooting with the coming horse, it was used like "Asteroid" without using the trajectory change of "Viper" from beginning to end.
After Mikumo and Kuruma were defeated by Ema, they engaged in a battle with the East Corps, and although they were defeated to the east, they damaged their legs with a "viper" just before they were defeated.
After the match, Mikumo asked why he didn't use the ballistic change of "Viper", and he planned to lead the Kageura corps in this match, but Kageura scored Suzunaru and various other things. Considering that, if it was because the importance of the next game increased because it was not possible to make a decisive difference because there was a possibility that it would not be possible to score that much in this game. I told him that he saved it because he didn't have to expose his hand.
After the end of ROUND7, there were rumors centered on C-class members, "Isn't it a humanoid close-knit person who invaded during a large-scale invasion?" A relative of Michael Kronin, who had been scouted and trained as a member of the group, was enlisted in the second slide because Jin returned to class A. "In addition, each captain was notified by the headquarters that Hughes was admitted to the army, knowing that he was a near-fielder.

Galopla's close-knit people

Voice- Egawa Hiroo[45][13]
Captain of the Galopla expeditionary force. 35 years old.Height 189 cm.A stubble, muscular man with a large scar on his forehead.The trigger used is "Executioner (Basilissa)".He has a wife and an eight-year-old son in his hometown.
Aftkrattle ordered him to stop the world, and he took command as a captain. He has a high level of skill in trying to carry out the mission of stalling while not buying the grudge of the Genkai, knowing the true intention of Aftkrattle to "turn the consciousness of the Genkai to Galopla".According to Amaha's side effect, he is an influential person in the Shinobu class.
Voice-Kenjiro Tsuda[45][13]
Deputy Captain of the Galopla Expeditionary Force. 28 years old.Height 191 cm.A tall man with a beard.The trigger used is "Black wall (Nikokira). "
He was picked up by the army as a lonely man for the rest of his life, and climbed from chores and apprenticeships to his current position.In the operation to infiltrate the Border Headquarters base, he leads a trion soldier outside the base and is in charge of obstruction.Trion soldiers on the roofDogAnd interfere with the snipers.After being discovered by Miwa and Yoneya, he fights by making full use of the black wall of the defensive trigger, but is defeated by a long-range slash by the wind blade of Jin.
Wen Saw
Voice- Mie Sonoezaki[45][13]
A member of the Galopla expeditionary force. 24-years-old.Height 164 cm.A woman with ponytail hair.The trigger used is "Straw soldier (Selvitra). "
A warrior who joins the border headquarters assault group and can be left alone to stop the enemy, even though it is one of the red points of the expeditionary unit.He is good at fighting in close quarters while using a lot of tricky triggers such as disguise triggers and smoke screens.In the infiltration operation to the border headquarters base, they confront Nasu and Kumagai.Kumagai is hunted down to the point of emergency escape using a disguise trigger and a trigger to create a virtual image, "Straw Soldier", but the main body is detected by the support of Kikuchihara's side effect, and he is defeated by the counterattack of Kumagai and Nasu.
Voice- Ayumi Murase[45][13]
A member of the Galopla expeditionary force. 17 years old.Height 171 cm.A young man with bright hair straight to the neck.Nickname is "Reggie".The trigger used is "Dragon Sword (Tugaterre). "
In the past, when Aftkrattle invaded Galopla, he encountered Hirain and others, and he hates Aftkrattle.In the operation to infiltrate the border headquarters base, he is in charge of obstruction and demonstration by leading the dog outside the base.When the front line began to be pushed, he showed a pretense of attacking the city area, and tried to disperse the enemy's upset and force, but failed.Later, when he encountered Hughes, he planned to direct a grudge from the Genkai to Aftkrattle, but Hughes and Yotaro's acting also failed.
Voice- Toyonaga Toshiyuki[45][13]
A member of the Galopla expeditionary force. 17 years old.Height 174 cm.A young man with black hair and a crew cut.Nickname is "Rata".The trigger used is "Dancer (Despinis). "
Despite being a young man, he is a calm and calm person who joins the border headquarters assault group on the Genkai expedition.Manipulate a large number of floating spherical triggers "dancers" with circular blades to support Captain Gatlin and cross over with Kazama, a border-top class attacker.
Voice- Ryoko Shiraishi[45][13]
A member of the Galopla expeditionary force. 14 years old.Height 157 cm.A young man who always wears a black helmet.
A genius engineer who independently developed the idler control device.Expeditionary units basically do not enter the battlefield and support other warriors from expeditionary boats.In the infiltration operation to the border headquarters base, he controls the idler remotely and is in charge of obstruction and disturbance outside the base.
It has a side effect of "completely simultaneous parallel thinking" and can operate two idlers perfectly at the same time.

Calwaria's near-world people

Voice- Yasuyuki Masutani
Calwaria Defense Team Leader.He is an old friend of Yugo, and when Yugo died as a black trigger, he thanked Yuma for his gratitude and said that he should not overdo it and fight no more.
Voice-Kozue Kamada
Lymond's daughter.Like his father, he is dark-skinned and older than Yuma.It seems that Yuma was mistaken for a man when he first met him, and after that he was playing with Yuma for that reason.
Voice- Yoko Teppozuka
Lymond's son and Izkacha's younger brother.Like his father, he is dark-skinned and younger than Yuma.

general citizen

Rinji Amatori
Voice-Hirofumi Nojima
ChikaBrother of.OsamuFormer tutor.20 years old at the time of disappearance.
He made a deal with a "cooperator" within the border, secretly obtained a trigger, and went missing as he tried to find a gate to the near world.Before he was kidnapped, he talked to Osamu about Chika's problems and asked him to protect her when he was gone (this is one of the reasons Osamu joined the border).
Chuncheon Aoba
Voice-Shiori Mikami
Chika's elementary school friend.A girl who has been close to Chika, who has been targeted by the people of the near world since that time.After that, he was kidnapped by the people of the near world and his whereabouts are unknown.
The real name was released in the TV anime version.
Kasumi Mikumo
Voice-Ai Maeda
Osamu's mother. 39 years old, she is so young and beautiful that she is often mistaken for her sister.He always has an expressionless and cool impression, but he sometimes makes crazy remarks without changing his complexion.
At first, he was strongly opposed to Osamu's border enlistment, but he felt a strong will to appear at the press conference and began to support him.
My husband is working abroad to build a bridge.His specialty is cream croquette, which is also his favorite dish.

Persons involved in Sanmon Municipal Third Junior High School

Forest (Moribayashi)
Voice-Yasuhiko Tokuyama
Male teacher. 3rd grade chief.
Voice-Umeka Shoji
Female teacher. 3rd grade 3rd class teacher.
Voice-Eri Nakao
3rd grade 3rd class female students.A quiet girl who belongs to the athletic club.
Voice-Yurie Kobori
3rd grade 3rd class female students.A cheerful girl who belongs to the Ministry of Culture.
Voice-Yusuke Handa
3rd grade 3rd class boys.He is a fan of the border and knows all the names of the regular members.He once took a border enlistment test, but was dropped due to a lack of trions.
Voice-Ryohei Arai
3rd grade 3rd class boys.Miyoshi, who talks passionately about borders, is a little amazed.
Three idiots
Voice-Mitsuo Iwata (No. 1), Kouta Nemoto (No. 2), Hiroaki Miura (No. 3)
A group of 3 boys in 3rd grade.Bad group.He had been bullied for Osamu, but when he found out he was a border member, he became mature.
Arashiyama Deputy (Storm Yamafuku),Arashiyama Saho
Voice-Hisayoshi Suganuma (deputy), Hiromi Konno (assistant)
ArashiyamaTwin brothers and sisters.It is loved by Arashiyama.

Anime original character

オ カ ダ
Voice- Okada Kazuchika[46]
Appeared in episode 24.Border C class member.
Voice- Sakaguchi Daisuke[12]
A boy who is a genius engineer of Trion soldiers.He fled Elgates with Lilith, who refused to be used as a weapon of war, and came to this side of the world.
He is open and considerate of Lilith and his own trion soldiers.There are many arrogant remarks such as forcing Osamu to call himself "Zeno-sama", but through many experiences, he has come to trust each other.
Voice-Mamiko Noto[12]
A beautiful girl who has escaped from Elgates with Zeno.Innocent and cheerful personality.Its true identity is a humanoid trion soldier, with tremendous fighting power.
Voice- Takahiro Sakurai[12]
A young man who relentlessly aims at Zeno and Lilith.Its true identity was a humanoid trion soldier who was created before Lilith and branded a "failure", and was planted with false memories of hating Zeno.
He longed for Lamia, who created himself, and even though he knew that he had been abandoned, he kept his will to serve her until the end.
Voice- Tamagawa Sunako[12]
Autonomous trion soldier.Although he follows Gieve, he actually has a brutal nature that looks down on him.During the battle with Yuma, it combined with Gieve's trigger and changed to a black trigger.
He tried to get rid of Zeno and Osamu using Gieve, but failed and shared his fate with Gieve who self-destructed.
Voice-Sakiko Tamagawa
The best scientist in Elgates and the creator of Lilith and Gieve.
Takeda Shinai (Takeda Kokoa)
Voice- Pile
Appeared in episode 60.A junior high school runaway girl whom Yotaro met in a certain town.

the term


The world on this side

The world where the main characters live.Antonym of "the world on the other side" where people in the near world live.From the people of the near world, "Genkai (Midden)"It is called.Due to its large population and undeveloped trion technology, it is recognized by the people of the near world as a foreign world.

The main stage of this work.The population is about 28.It is a base for border activities and guides invasion gates from the near world to prevent damage to other areas.
Sanmon Municipal Third Junior High School (Mikado Shiritsu Daisan Chugakko)
The school where Osamu and Yuma attend.Preferential treatment is given to students who are members for border activities.
Sanmon Municipal First High School (Mikado Shiritsuda Ichikou Togakko)
An ordinary school affiliated with a border.
Rokueikan High School (Rokueikankoutougakko)
A preparatory school affiliated with a border.
Seirin Jogakuin
Lady's school.Although it is not affiliated with the border, there are a certain number of members who go there.
Warning area / Former East Sanmon
The area set by the border around the headquarters.The gate guidance deviceBorder headquartersAlthough it is off limits to the general public because it is more likely to encounter trion soldiers, there are no strict intrusion restrictions and barricades are only barbed wire.Residents have already migrated, but the building remains largely intact.
Abandoned area
An area around the caution area that has become unmanned due to the disappearance of residents.Even though it is an abandoned areaOwnershipRemains in the original inhabitants, so many members act to curb damage during defense missions.[47].
Former Yumatecho Station
Abandoned station because it is close to the caution area.A battle was fought between Yuma and the Miwa Corps.
The town next to the East Sanmon.There is an elementary school that I attended[Annotation 58].. 『Client dog Rilienthal], The city of the same name appears.
Yotsuka City
The main stage of the TV anime version of the original episode "Fugitive Edition".It is far from Sanmon City.A tourist city with various facilities such as border training camps, campgrounds, abandoned amusement parks, swimming pools, and quarry sites.
Goto City
One of the stages of "Fugitive Edition".A town next to Sanmon City.A big city with many skyscrapers.
Nanao City (Nanaoshi)
One of the stages of "Fugitive Edition".There is a big lake.
Niryo City
One of the place names that appeared in "Fugitive Edition".
Hachimon City
One of the place names that appeared in "Fugitive Edition".

Near World (Neighborhood)

Near world peopleThe world where you live. It is also written as "the world on the other side".A star made by a huge trigger in a dark space like the universe, not divided by borders like the world on this side[Annotation 59]Is floating, and the country is built on it.Stars have various orbits and orbit a certain orbit.Planetary nationAnd fly around in the near world without having a constant orbitRansei nationAnd so on.Stars will decline unless they replace the sacrificial humans who continue to supply trions on a regular basis (hundreds of years).

Aft Krattle
One of the largest military nations in the near world.Also known as "Kingdom of God".A planetary nation that has approached the life of the star's lifeline, "God," and has set up a battle on this side of the world in a large-scale invasion to search for a god candidate.
Humans who assimilate the triggers that form stars as sacrifices are called "gods," and those with excellent trion abilities have been carefully selected on expeditions to become "gods," and have raised their national power.Since the life of the current "God" is short and the stars are in danger of being destroyed, we are looking for human resources who will be the next "God" by exploring various nations.
There are four large "houses" that are fighting for territory within the nation.Since the "house" that secured the next "god" will take control of the next era, the head of each house is struggling to acquire the "god".
Lee Berry
A world of water with a vast and abundant sea.Also known as "maritime nation".One of the planetary nations that was approaching the world on this side at the time of the large-scale invasion.
Ride and fight a special trion soldier.Also known as "Cavalry Nation".One of the planetary nations that was approaching the world on this side at the time of the large-scale invasion.
Block enemies in harsh climates and terrain.Also known as "the great power of the snowfield".One of the planetary nations that was approaching the world on this side at the time of the large-scale invasion.
A medium-sized nation that Yuma and Yugo joined four years ago.Also known as "Citadel Nation".The name and features are found in the TV anime version.
Spin tail
A nation that invaded Calwaria four years ago.
Meno Ades
BorderExpeditionary forceIs one of the nations that has traveled.
One of the nations subordinate to Aftkrattle.After a large-scale invasion, Aftkrattle is ordered to stop to prevent a counterattack from this side of the world and attacks this side of the world.
Rod Kroon
One of the nations subordinate to Aftkrattle.Cooperated with Galopla's raid on the Genkai, and provided 1 Trion soldiers to.


borderTools used and managed by.Originally a technology that supports civilization in the near world.For the world on this sideTrion soldierIt is also the only weapon that can compete with.

Border trigger

Border member and trigger comparison table (diagonal line isOptional trigger)
Border membertrigger
Distinguishing by roleCombatantAttackerArc moon(Whirlpool)
カ メ レ オ ン
Bag worm
Lead bullet
Star maker
Ibis(Lead bullet)
All-purpose handFor attackers + for gunners
Perfect all-purpose handFor attackers + gunners + snipers
Special craftsmanSwitch box
Distinguishing by classRegular memberS-class memberCombat triggerBlack trigger
Class A member(elite)Normal trigger
Class B member(Mainstay)
TraineeC-class memberTraining trigger

The border trigger isTrigger holderUp to 1 types of trigger tips of about 8 cm are put in and used.The trigger holder is long and slender and is large enough to fit in one hand.There are 8 slots in the holder for equipping the trigger tip, and the trigger equipped in the 4 slots on the dominant arm sideMain trigger (main trigger), 4 on the other sideSub-trigger (sub-trigger)Called.In battle, you can use two types of triggers at the same time, one for the main and one for the sub, and you cannot use two types of triggers on one side at the same time.However, the optional trigger can be equipped on the same side as the basic trigger and used at the same time.Also, unless it requires "hand operation of the fighting body" such as a gun-type trigger, it is possible to use the trigger on that side even if one hand is dropped.

All triggers are generated by consuming the user's trion.Triggers can be freely generated at the user's will, but when "changing", the original trigger is temporarily discarded and the trion is not recovered.When the trigger is activated, "Trigger activation (on)However, it is not essential and can be activated only by intention.

Trainees have limited functionalityTraining triggerIs provided and is distinguished from regular members.The bullet trigger has a safety treatment to prevent stray bullets, and even if it hits a living human, it will be faint due to pain and impact.

Emergency escape (bailout)
A system that protects the main body stored in the holder by automatically returning the trigger holder to the base when the trion body is destroyed.It can be activated at will even if the trion body is not completely destroyed.With border's own systemRegular memberIt is equipped with the trigger of, but it is not implemented in the trigger for training.Also, the black trigger is not equipped with this system due to its peculiarity.In the anime original "Fugitive Edition" set in the suburbs of Sanmon, it became clear that it can only be used around the base.
Trigger for attacker

Trigger for close combat.Triggers customized for yourself like Yoneya and optional triggers for exclusive use are also described.

Japanese swordTrigger that imitates.The most popular all-purpose blade in the border.Unlike the Scorpion, it cannot be freely deformed and put in and out, and it weighs a fair amount, but it has a high level of well-balanced attack power and durability.
The only trigger for attackerssheathIs accompanied.While it is in this state, it will be in the same state as turning off the trigger, it will not be sharp and it will interfere with the action, but during that time you can use other triggers and will not consume additional trions even if you pull it out again There is an advantage.
Arc moon (spear)
Spear-shaped attacker trigger.Since the trion cost to build a weapon is lower in the handle part than in the blade part, Yoneya who does not have high trion ability said with an engineer, "By shortening the blade and making the handle part long spear shape, the trion ability is high. It was invented with the idea that even a person without it can get a long reach. "It is also possible to adjust the length of the handle.
Dedicated optional trigger for Arc Moon.You can instantly expand the blade by consuming the trion.The speed and power of the swung blade increases as it goes to the tip.The range-up performance is inversely proportional to the duration of the effect, and the shorter the activation time, the longer the range.Since the effect cannot be fully exerted unless the speed of the sword and the timing of the whirlpool are matched, most attackers set the activation time to about 1 second and activate it to about 15 meters.
Ikoma Sora
A common name for the whirlpool used by Ikoma.By narrowing the startup time to 0.2 seconds, the range is increased to 40 meters.The one and only technique that can be achieved with the speed of Ikoma's sword.
Dedicated optional trigger for Arc Moon.Gives the arc moon the ability to change morphology like a scorpion.
Compared to the arc moon, the blade can be taken in and out freely, the weight is almost zero, it can be taken out from other than the hand, and it can be deformed by adjusting the trion, but the durability is low.The longer you extend the blade, the less durable it becomes.It can be used for various purposes depending on its shape, not as a weapon.If you move away from your body by throwing, you will not be able to transform it.
Two-handed sword-shaped trigger.It has a function that can be transformed like a scorpion and a shield mode that increases durability at the cost of decreasing attack power, but it is the heaviest among blades.
Optional trigger for Reigast only.It spouts a trion to accelerate the blade and increase the power of slashing, throwing, and moving.
Trigger for gunner

Trigger for medium-range battles.Fire the trion as a bullet.You can adjust the power, bullet speed, and range.The type of bullet and the dedicated optional trigger are also described.

Gun-shaped trigger (jugata trigger)
A gun-shaped trigger used by combatants in the gunner position.Simple handling instead of shooting only two preset types of bullets.It also has an auxiliary function that extends the range of the bullet by about 2%.
Even if you deploy it, if you only carry it, it is in the same state as trigger OFF, so you can use other triggers in the slot on the same side as long as you do not shoot a bullet.[Annotation 60].
There are various shapes depending on the user, Assault gun type (Assault rifle),HandgunType (hand gun),Shotgun type (Shotgun),Cannon type (GatlingThere is such a thing.
Standard regular ammunition.
An explosive bullet that explodes when it lands.It can be installed in a cube state and used like a trap or a timed device.
A changing bullet that allows you to set the trajectory.It is necessary to set the trajectory before launching.
A guided bullet that automatically tracks the target.There are "detection guidance" that follows the reaction of the trion body and "line-of-sight guidance" that guides with the line of sight. In the work, the former is referred to as "tracking bullet" and the latter is referred to as "guided bullet".
Various trajectories are realized by setting the strength of the tracking performance.
Synthetic bullet
It is a combination of two bullet triggers, and it is a bullet that has the performance of both. Since it uses two bullet triggers at the same time, it can make a powerful attack, but it consumes a lot of trions and takes time to set.
The gunner can load a synthetic bullet into the gun-shaped trigger, but the gun becomes a "gun that can only shoot synthetic bullets".[Annotation 61].
Armor-piercing bullet (Gimlet)
Synthetic bullet of "Asteroid + Asteroid".A bullet that amplifies the ability of asteroids and boasts high penetration.
Change explosive bullet (Tomahawk)
Synthetic bullet of "Meteora + Viper".Fires a bullet with a ballistic setting given to Meteora.
Guided explosive bullet (Salamander)
Synthetic bullet of "Meteora + Hound".Fires a bullet that gives Meteora guidance and tracking performance.
Enhanced tracking bullet (Hornet)
A synthetic bullet of "Hound + Hound".A bullet with enhanced hound tracking performance that allows you to track a target more sharply at an angle that would not be able to bend with a normal hound.
Synthetic bullet combination table
AsteroidArmor-piercing ammunition---
Meteora--Change explosive bulletGuided explosive bullet
Viper-Change explosive bullet--
Hound-Guided explosive bullet-Enhanced tracking bullet
Lead bullet (red bullet)
A general-purpose shooting option trigger that restrains the opponent by changing the trion to a weight.It has no direct destructive power and instead does not interfere with the shield.
Since the trion is devoted to the effect of making it heavier, the range and bullet speed are reduced.
Yuma's trigger is "Anchor(anchor)"PrintI copied this feature as.
Star maker
Optional trigger for gunners and shooters.Place a marker that works for a certain period of time where the bullet hits.Effectively invalidates the concealment and deception of the other party.
Sniper trigger

Trigger for long-range battles and snipers.Both triggers are guaranteed a certain range and are designed to increase their performance according to the amount of trion of the user.[48].

A trigger in the form of a common sniper rifle.A versatile type that emphasizes range.The higher the trion ability, the longer the range.
A trigger for a sharp appearance.Lightweight class with low power but fast bullet speed and easy to hit.The higher the trion ability, the faster the bullet speed.
A trigger that imitates an anti-tank rifle.A heavyweight class with slow bullet speed and difficult to hit, instead of increasing its power for large-scale people in the near world.The higher the trion ability, the greater the power.
Trigger for special craftsmen

A trap trigger used by special craftsmen.

Switch box
A trigger exclusively for special craftsmen, also known as a "trap trigger".Multiple traps with various effects can be installed in various places, and can be activated at any time by the user.There are various effects such as for attack and for movement.However, it is very difficult to equip it at the same time as other attack triggers due to the large amount of trion consumed.
Optional trigger

A trigger that brings various special effects instead of having no attack performance.

Bag worm
A cloak that will not be reflected on the radar.Consume trions little by little during use.Often used by snipers, it can also be used by attackers for surprise attacks.
Bag worm tag
A tag pendant that has the same effect as a bag worm.Although it consumes less trion than bag worms[49], Other slots on the set side cannot be used.
カ メ レ オ ン
A covert trigger that consumes the trion and blends into the landscape.However, while it is disappearing, it is "not invincible", "it is reflected on the radar", and "other triggers cannot be used".[Annotation 62]There is a drawback that it becomes vulnerable to attacks.
Defensive trigger.The shape can be set freely, and the smaller the defense range, the higher the durability.It is also possible to divide and deploy one shield in the same way as a trigger for gunners such as asteroids.You can move it, but moving it will reduce your endurance.It is also possible to make it appear at a long distance and protect the distant members.
Defensive trigger.Build a strong shield from the ground and walls to prevent attacks.Although it has higher durability than the shield, it cannot be deformed and requires a place to grow such as a wall, and the standard range is about 25 m.You need to touch the place where you grow.
It is an old-fashioned trigger and consumes a lot of trions.It is possible to put out more than one at the same time, and it is also possible to pinch and restrain the other party.Since the trion is materialized, lead bullets can be prevented.
Wire-shaped optional trigger.Use as a trap or scaffold to limit the movement of the opponent[Annotation 63]Etc. are the main uses.You can adjust the color of the wire to make it hard to see, but you can't make it transparent, so if you look carefully, you'll notice it.The amount of wire that can be stretched at one time varies depending on the amount of trion of the user.
It can be combined with other triggers, such as making an improvised booby trap in combination with Meteora.
As the name implies, an optional trigger that enables teleportation.It is easy to use, such as moving with your legs closed or moving to the blind spot of the enemy, but since the destination is decided to be "several tens of meters in the direction of the line of sight", you should move to the destination in battle with experts. There is a possibility of being shot.
There is an interval before reuse, it takes 2 seconds to move a short distance (3-0.5m) and several seconds to move a long distance (30m or more), and the interval changes depending on the distance traveled = the amount of trion consumed.
An optional trigger for maneuver warfare that creates a scaffolding in the air and causes repulsive force by touching it to accelerate and move.Can be split like a shield[50]..Since the target is not limited to the user himself, it is also possible to control the movement by letting an ally or opponent step on it.Furthermore, it can be made into an instant catapult by deploying it immediately after the rubble.
Only materialized material can be reflected, and when a trion bullet hits it, it is not reflected and is offset.
Diffuse reflection (pinball)
Thinking of himself as a pinball bullet, he moves at high speed between multiple grasshoppers deployed around the opponent, and attacks from all directions while toying with the opponent.
Blade diffuse reflection (blade pinball)
By confining the opponent in multiple grasshoppers deployed in a spherical shape and throwing a scorpion there, the scorpion is reflected and the opponent is chopped from all directions.
An optional trigger that allows you to move at a speed that is impossible with a normal trion body.Since it moves at a speed that the user's own consciousness cannot catch up with, it is necessary to set the trajectory of movement in advance.Since the trajectory cannot be changed after activation, if the opponent predicts the trajectory and places an obstacle, etc., the collision will occur in an unprotected state.
Dummy beacon
The appearance is a floating spherical trigger.It is generated by consuming the user's trion, and when activated, causes the surrounding radar to display a fake trion body reaction until the trion is exhausted.It can also be moved or unresponsive by external manipulation (deployed bag worm, that is, deceived as if it were a real trion).

Tamaki branch special trigger

Trigger exclusively for Tamaki 1st member.Unlike the trigger of the headquarters, which was standardized with an emphasis on the ability to continue the battle, it is a one-of-a-kind item that matches the characteristics of the user, and it is also an experimental work using the technology of the people in the near world that has not been approved by the headquarters.

Sogetsu,Sogetsu (axe)
KonanDedicated attacker trigger.Trion efficiency Short-term decisive battle type.Usually twoHatchetHowever, if you connect the two with the dedicated optional trigger "connector" in the latter stage, it transforms into a huge battle ax with extraordinary attack power.
An optional trigger that connects the two moons.
All armed (Full Arms)
RageDedicated optional trigger. The restriction that "only one can be used at the same time for the main and one for the sub" is lifted, and the attack trigger set in the holder can be deployed all at once.
The gunner's trigger can be swept all at once, and the annihilation power can be greatly improved, but the trion consumption is heavy.
KarasumaDedicated optional trigger.The stability of the trion body is intentionally destroyed, and the trion is poured into the weapon or foot to greatly enhance the power and mobility of the weapon.
After activation, the unstable trion leaks out, so after a certain period of time (in the case of Karasuma, the maximum amount of trion is about 5 minutes), the fighting body cannot be maintained and an emergency escape occurs.
By switching modes such as hand-to-hand combat specialization (blade shift) and maneuver warfare specialization (speed shift), the weapons and abilities to be strengthened can be decided according to the situation.

Aft Krattle Trigger

The trigger used by the person with the embedded trion receptor is "Reinforcement trigger (horn trigger)"[Annotation 64]It can be treated like a part of the body.

Egg crown (Alektor)
Trigger used by Hirain.Black trigger.
From the egg-shaped illuminant held in the right handFish,(I.e.,LizardAs a general rule, it shoots innumerable bullets in the shape of oviparous creatures, and changes the ones derived from the trion that it touches into cubes.[Annotation 65]..It seems that it consumes a large amount of trions for the power and control of the bullet, but it also has the function of absorbing the trions from the changed cube and repairing the damaged trion body, so the author said "Visa" It is called a "foul class" black trigger in a different sense.
Star Wand (Organon)
Attack trigger used by Visa.A black trigger, one of the triggers treated as a national treasure in Aftkrattle.At first, it was thought to be a cane, but in reality, the blade comes out when the sheath is removed with a swordstick.
Set multiple circular orbits and run several blades on them to cut the target.Due to its structure, a shield that prevents linear attacks cannot protect it.Since the circular orbit is almost invisible, no one has surpassed Organon at first sight.According to the author, "wide range indiscriminate momentary instant death slashing".The range of expansion of the circle is unknown, but it has an extraordinary range and power enough to cut a building over a wide area in an instant.The main territory is a blade attack with a widened circular orbit, but since the user Visa is a master of swords, even if you use some means to slip through the circular orbit and approach, you will surely receive a counterattack with the above-mentioned sword of the main body. It is a trigger with no gap for bifocals.
Lightning Wings (Keridoon)
A shooting trigger used by Rambananein.
Depending on the situation, you can use shooting from both hands, continuous shooting with the left arm transformed into a gun, simultaneous strafing from the back, high-speed flight ability, etc.The attack power is so high that you can not expect the power to be attenuated by shields and obstacles, and it has a performance that is different from the border shooting trigger in terms of range, bullet speed, and rapid fire.
Butterfly Shield (Lambilis)
Trigger used by Hughes.Expand a group of triangular crystals with strong magnetic force-like properties and manipulate them freely.
It is possible to form a shield that reflects bullets, weaken the power of the attack by attaching it to the opponent's body, or capture it, and by making a rail type accelerator, it is possible to move at high speed.It seems to be the most advanced trigger among the military power Aftkrattle.
King of Mud (Volboros)
Attack trigger used by Enedra.Black trigger.
Whole bodyThree statesThe shape can be changed freely by converting to.The basic tactic is to liquefy a part of the main body, sneak into the wall or the ground, eject it from multiple directions and at the same time harden it, but until it develops compared to the "wind blade" which has a similar attack method It's slow and easy to avoid for quick opponents.There is also a technique called "gas blade" that allows the vaporized body to invade the inside of the opponent's trion body, generate a blade, and inflict a stab wound from the unprotected interior.Furthermore, the whole body is liquefied and invades the enemy base from pipes, etc., the trion supply engine and the transmission brain can be moved freely during battle to avoid fatal injuries, and many fake transmission brains are created to prevent the target of attacks. Versatile.
After the death of Enedra, the owner has been absent.
Shadow of the window (Spiraskia)
A trigger for space movement used by Mira.Black trigger.
It has the ability to move people and things by connecting two points separated by a "window" that resembles a gate.By taking advantage of this property, you can shoot an ally's attack from another window and surprise attack, or you can shoot back an enemy's attack.It is also possible to make a black spine appear and pierce the target directly.

Galopla trigger

Dancer (Despinis)
Trigger used by Ratarikov.
Manipulate a large number of spheres with rings like Saturn.The sphere moves freely in the air, tearing the enemy at the ring, or hitting the sphere to deflect the enemy's attack, a well-balanced trigger for offense and defense.
Executioner (Basilissa)
Trigger used by Gatlin.
Deploy four huge arms like insect limbs on the user's back.The tip is blade-shaped and can be used to cut through enemies or pierce the ground when firing a cannon to secure the body.The arm itself is very hard and will not break with a normal trigger opponent.
Black wall (Nikokira)
Trigger used by Kosukero.
A clear liquid trigger, like a buoyant mucus.The shape can be freely operated by the user.If you touch a substance made of trion, you will not be able to cling to it and you will not be able to use that substance (if it is a blade, you will not be able to cut it, and if you attach it to the limbs of the trion body, you will not be able to hold or step on it). Has the ability to "provide a detrimental trion effect."However, it cannot protect substances other than trion because it has no effect and passes through as it is. "It is fatal to touch with the trion (body)", but "powerless except for the trion"Lead bullet,Egg crownA trigger with similar properties to.
Straw soldier (Selvitra)
Trigger used by Wen Saw.
Create a mirror image that behaves like the real thing and mislead the other party.The virtual image can be further mirrored to give it the same appearance as the real one.The main body is an octahedral object floating in the sky.Although the virtual image has no substance, it is difficult to identify the real thing by radar due to the trigger reaction of the main body floating in the sky.
Dragon Sword (Tugaterre)
Trigger used by Legindets.
A supple sword shaped like a spine is drawn out from the right shoulder.

Black trigger (black trigger)

A trigger made by pouring the life of an excellent trion user and all trions.The personality of the creator is reflected, and the number of people who can use it is limited.Many of them have the ability to be a balance breaker in the battle situation, and when used within the border, they are treated as S-class members.In this work, it is often drawn in the center of the story.

Yushin's trigger[Annotation 66]
YushinIt is a black trigger owned by the company and has the shape of a black ring. Using the "mark", it has various functions as well as attacks.In addition, with the support of replicas, it is possible to analyze and copy attacks received during battle.
Yuma was seriously injured when he was in the near world, and his father, Yugo, created it to save him.The ring is sealed with Yuma's body just before he died, but it is gradually dying, and when the body is completely dead, the trion body that is building the current Yuma disappears.Even if you remove the ring, you will not die suddenly, but after a while, it will stop moving and go into sleep mode, and you will eventually die because you cannot send nutrition.
A special function of Yushin's trigger.Performance can be improved by stacking the same marks multiple times, and multiple marks can be used together.Replicas can also be used.
Bullet (bound)
A mark that flips an object and bounces it off.
Strong (boost)
A sign that strengthens the work of the trion.
A mark that puts up a barrier to prevent attacks.
A sign that puts out a chain of trions.
BorderLead bulletCopied from.Performance is similar to lead bullets.
Morphism (bolt)
Copied from the border attack.A mark to fly a trion as a bullet.
The replicaRabbit (Yuma type) (tentative name)The mark used when summoning.
Hibiki (echo)
SonarA mark that emits sound waves like this to grasp the surrounding terrain and the position of the other party.
Wind blade
Soichi MogamiThe black trigger created by.The operation method and appearance are similar to the arc moon.
A black trigger that can be used by many people.
The shape is a straight sword similar to the arc moon and it is operated as a sword technique, but if the conditions are met, it has the ability to propagate a sword to an object and attack a distant opponent.The range of the slash is within the reach of the user, but accurate attacks require support from operators.
A band of light that represents the number of slashing bullets that can be exercised when the wind blade is activated expands around the blade, and it is necessary to refill it after using all the bullets.
As a result of the battle within the border, it was owned by Jin, but was later returned by Jin and became the headquarters.TemporarilyThree wheelsOwned by Aftkrattle and used during a large-scale invasion by Aftkrattle, it was subsequently stored at headquarters at his suggestion and made available to all conforming personnel as needed.

Trion related

triggerBioenergy that is the driving force of.It is possible to measure the amount, and if you have a huge amount of trion ability, it will show a numerical value comparable to the black trigger[Annotation 67].
Trion body / Combat body
A combat body made of trions that appears when the trigger is activated.During the appearance, the user's body is stored in the trigger and sleep is unnecessary, but eating and drinking is necessary to maintain the life of the body.It receives almost no damage other than the attack by the trion, and its athletic ability is greatly enhanced.There is a pain sensation that you can tell where it was damaged, and it is possible to completely block the pain sensation by setting.
There is a "trion transmission brain" that conveys the image of movement to the fighting body and a "trion supply organization" that manages the trions sent from the trion organs, and if either of these is destroyed, it disappears.If damaged, the trion leaks out but cannot be repaired, and in order to repair it, it is necessary to take time to recreate it with the new trion.
Trion organ
An invisible organ that secretes trions.It is located next to the human heart, and the power of the trigger depends on the strength of this organ.Generally, the peak age is around 20 years old.Therefore, borders often retire from combatants after the age of 20.
Side effects
A special ability that rarely appears in humans with high trion ability.Supernatural powerAlthough it is sometimes described as an extension of human basic abilities.
List of side effects
Owner name能力Remarks
Yuma SoraSee through liesYugo KukanWas taken over from.When you tell a lie, you can see something like smoke from your mouth.
Yuichi JinFuture visionYou can see the future of the person you have seen even once.You can see all the possibilities caused by the branch and know that the possibilities have disappeared.
Chika AmetoriFeel the enemy approachingYou can see the distance and number of enemies you are targeting.
Yotaro HayashitoConversation with animalsIt is not the ability to "speak" but to communicate at a minimum.
Shiro KikuchiharaEnhanced hearingIt has about 6 times the hearing of ordinary people, and can accurately "distinguish" the type of sound.
Murakami SteelEnhanced sleep memoryExperienced skills and knowledge can be fully established in about 15 minutes of sleep.
Masato KageuraEmotion reception constitutionPerceive the emotions that the surroundings have toward you as a skin sensation.The more negative emotions you feel, the more unpleasant you feel.
Tsukihiko AmahaDetails unknownThe strength of the opponent can be identified by the color.
YomiFully simultaneous parallel thinkingYou can do two things at the same time.
Trion receptor
Aftkrattle's technology for creating people with high trion ability acquiredly.Those who have embedded it appear to have horns growing from their heads, so they are called "horned" by the borders.
It is made by processing a trigger, and when it is embedded in the infant's head, the quality and quantity of the trion changes as it grows, and the trigger can be treated like a part of the body.Research has also been conducted to use this to improve compatibility with black triggers, and the trion receptors of those who have matched with black triggers have turned black.

Border related

The official name is "Border Defense Agency".triggerUsingTrion soldierAn organization that fights against. Four and a half years agoFirst invasion of the near worldI started to work publicly.The leader isMasamune Kido..In order to avoid duplication of orders, only the superiors who report directly give orders to their subordinates, and even the commander-in-chief does not have direct command to the members of each department.
Funding is primarily from private sponsors.It also compensates for civilian damage caused by Trion soldiers.Sanmon CityWe are trying to prevent the outflow of population.There is a lot of trust from the citizens of Sanmon, partly because of the advance rooting.
It has a memory erasing technology and may erase the memory of ordinary people who have protected it to protect confidentiality.
Old border
Border before the first invasion of the near world. As of five years ago, it was headquartered in the current Tamaki branch.
The members at the time of establishmentBest-Kido-Yugo KukanSuch.from then,Hayashifuji-Shinobu-Xun-Konan-RageAlso joined the members.
Details are unknown, but according to the replica line, it seems that when Yugo left, it was an organization that was interacting with local people in various places.[51].
When I participated in a war in the near world that occurred about five years ago, I lost almost half of the members I belonged to at that time.In the wake of this incident, Kido came to take the stance of "excluding people from the near world."


Border members are combatants (attackers, gunners, marksmen, snipers, all-rounders, perfect all-rounders, special operatives, observers) and operators depending on their roles, and regular members (S-class, A-class, B-class) depending on their rank. It is divided into class members) and trainees (C class members).The clothing of regular members varies from unit to unit, but trainees use the same one.

A member who mainly fights with Trion soldiers.The number of people is about 600.
Position in charge of close combat.Make a sword with your own trion and attack.Many people like to attack, so many people like to use triggers for attacks.
Position in charge of middle-distance battles.Attack by flying your own trion as a bullet.Therefore, it is said that some people consume more trions than attackers and have some margin in the amount of trions.It is classified into "gunner in a narrow sense" and "shooter" according to the battle style.
Gunner in a narrow sense
A style that uses a gun-shaped trigger to shoot a trion as a bullet and attack it.The gun-shaped trigger can only shoot two types of bullets that have been set in advance, but instead, the handling is simple and the more you train, the higher the accuracy of the hit and the quicker the movement to attack.In addition, there is an auxiliary function that extends the range of the bullet by about 2%.Therefore, a stable and solid battle is possible, but there is little room for ingenuity and it is difficult to close the difference in the original trion ability.Also, unlike the bullet trigger, the gun type becomes unusable if the hand of the combat body is damaged.
Originally a style created to homogenize the ability of archers, who tend to have individual differences.
A style that does not use a gun-shaped trigger, but shoots a cube-shaped trion as a bullet to attack.You can freely adjust various performances such as bullet speed, range, power, and number of bullets for each attack.The disadvantages are that it takes a lot of time to attack and the accuracy of the hit is a little rough, so you need a sense to master it.
A position in charge of sniper support from a long distance using a sniper rifle type trigger.The number of people is 42 at the time of episode 128.
All-purpose hand (All Rounder)
A position that doubles as an attacker and a gunner.Mainly responsible for short and medium distances.Members who have earned more than 6000 individual points for each of the gunner and attacker triggers are called this way.[52].
Perfect all-rounder
A position that doubles as a sniper among all-purpose hands.Rage is the only person on the border who falls under this category.
Special operative (trapper)
A position specializing in supporting allies by remotely controlling traps and gimmicks on the map without fighting on the front line.
Observer (spotter)
Details unknown[53].
A position in charge of assisting combatants.Due to parallel processing capacity, almost all are women.
Regular member
A member who actually fights at the border.There are about a hundred and several dozen S-class, A-class, and B-class members in total. For triggers of A-class and B-class membersEmergency escapeThe function of is attached.
S-class member
A member with a black trigger.I will not participate in ranked battles.The relevant person who has appeared by the latest issueXunとAmabaOnly two of them (Jin has returned to class A because he returned the wind blade).Three wheelsReceived Jin's wind blade, but after a large-scale invasion, the wind blade was used by a conforming person depending on the war situation, and it remains class A.
Class A member
Elite border.The number of people is about 5 people, which is the top 30% of all border members.Each unit has its own emblem.The current number of units is 8.
In order to become A-class, it is necessary to challenge A-class after becoming 1st or 2nd in B-rank battle, so in principle, members who are not in the unit and members of the unit who do not participate in the rank battle You can't be A grade.However, as an exception, "former members of the disbanded A-class unit" and "former S-class members who returned the black trigger" are treated as "individual A-class members" until they join a new unit.
Expeditionary force
Near worldBorder top troops selected to go to. Selected from A-class members in a selection test (usually on a unit-by-unit basis).The standard is "have the ability to compete with the black trigger."
Class B member
The mainstay of the border.The number of people is about 100.All the emblems are common to all units, but a unit that was once A-class can attach its own emblem as long as it does not dissolve even if it goes down to B-class.The current number of units is 21.
When the individual points by any of the triggers reach 4000 points or more, it automatically becomes class B.After that, there is a rule that if the individual points become 1500 points or less for some reason, it will be demoted to C class, but at present, no member has this applied.
Trainee / C-class member
Members who do not perform defense missions.The number of people is about 400.The trigger is for inferior training and does not have an emergency escape function.Nor is it allowed to use triggers without permission.
Service regulations
Rules to be followed by border members.Known items include "prohibition of using triggers outside the headquarters of C-class members" and "prohibition of non-regular combat", and if they are broken, they will be discharged or deprived of the trigger.The most serious violation is "trigger leak to civilians", and the offender is treated with a memory seal.Of these, "Prohibition of using triggers outside the headquarters of C-class members" was partially revised due to the success of Osamu, and can only be used in emergencies such as guiding citizens.
Rank battle
A mock battle between border members for training.If you continue to win, you will advance to a higher rank.The unit rank is set by "the class of the member with the lowest rank up to the previous term when the unit is formed or when a new member joins." If there is even one B-class member, it will start from B-class, and if there is a member who has just been promoted to B-class, it will start from the lowest B-class.As an exception, if there is up to one person per season, there will be no change even if members of the current rank or lower join.It is a great benefit of this rule that I suddenly became an A-class member because of my lack of ability.


Borders are greatly affected by the response to people in the near worldKido school-Shinobu faction-Tamaki branchIt is divided into three factions.

Kido school
A group aiming to annihilate the people of the near world.The largest faction, an expedition-oriented faction to the near world, and a mainstream faction.It is in conflict with the Tamaki branch, which is compatible with the non-hostile near-world people.The main members areKido,Kinu field,Netsuke,Amaba,Tachikawa Corps,Kazama Corps,Fuyushima Corps,Three-wheeled corps.
Shinobu faction
A group that has no grudge against the people of the near world, but puts the safety of the citizens first.Defender.One-third of the members of the headquarters belong to this faction.The main members areShinobu,Sawamura,Arashiyama Corps.

Facilities and equipment

Border headquarters
Sanmon Municipal Third Junior High SchoolA very huge building near.The wallTrionMade of.Inside is a training facility for membersKinu fieldBecause there is a gate guidance device developed byWarning areaIt has become.
Tamaki branch
Border branch.The branch managerTakumi Hayashito..Originally a facility for river surveys, the border bought and repaired a building above the river.The atmosphere is loose in contrast to the headquarters.
The number of members is extremely small, about 10, and there are only 4 combatants including Jin at the time of the first appearance, but all of them are super elite units with experience of participating in expeditions.
It inherits the spirit of the old border with the emblem, is compatible with non-hostile near-world people, and has near-world people as engineers in addition to Yuma.Therefore, I hate the people of the near worldThree wheelsDislikes it by throwing it away as "the traitor's Tamaki branch".
Suzunaru branch,Cotton sweetfish branch,Yumatecho branch,Hayanuma branch,Kuma branch
Border branch.It is located on the outer edge of the caution area and the city area, and serves as a contact point for local residents.Other than the Suzunaru branch, there are members who do not aim for A grade, mainly prioritizing work and academics, and do not participate in ranked battles.
Expedition boat
Expeditionary forceNear worldVehicle to use when going to.You can fly using the trion and go back and forth between the two worlds through the gate.It looks like a trion soldier, but its relationship with the people of the near world is unknown.

Near-world people related

Near world people (neighbors)
The world on the other sideResidents of[Annotation 68]..According to Yuma (who himself is a near-world citizen), the near-world people are no different from the human beings in the "world on this side",Sanmon CityThe general public misunderstands that the Trion soldiers, which are the weapons used by the people of the near world, are the people of the near world (even Osamu during his time as a C-class member).
Trion organHumans with strong trions are captured alive and made into soldiers, and humans with weak trion organs are sending various trion soldiers to Sanmon City to take only the trion organs and use them for war.In general, its existence became known in the first invasion of the near world four and a half years ago.
A hole that connects the world on this side with the near world, which is used for the entry and exit of trion soldiers.Border headquartersBecause there is a guidance device in, around the border headquartersWarning areaOther than that, it basically does not occur.
Irregular gate
A gate that occurs outside the caution area.If it does occur, it poses a great threat to neighboring residents.The cause is an improved rud with a small gate generator.Countermeasures were taken by developing a radar for later detection.
First invasion of the near world
The first large-scale attack on Sanmon City by nearby people four and a half years ago. The two-day attack devastated the East Sanmon, causing more than 4 dead and more than 2 missing.However, the trion soldiers are repelled by the suddenly appearing border.With this incident, the existence of people in the near world and borders becomes public.

Trion soldier

Move like an animal[Annotation 69]Weapons in the near world.Existing weapons do not work, and triggers are the only valid weapon.It stops its activity when the eyes or the whole body on the head are damaged.It may also house smaller trion soldiers inside. It is preferred because it saves the trions used for the expedition by making it look like a small capsule called an "egg".

In the near world, normal trion soldiers are called "plain bodies", and improved and unusual trion soldiers are called "mod bodies" (only Rabbit appears at this time).The more trions used, the more powerful and versatile trion soldiers can be created.

As a special trion soldierSupportMultipurpose trion soldiers likeLeoforioAppears in the original anime story of a riding trion soldier operated byLilith,GieveThere are humanoid trion soldiers like.

Trion soldiers for capture.The coloring is white. 2 --The size of a house on the 3rd floor.Although it has a whale-like physique, it walks with thick legs like an elephant and captures humans with its mouth-like part.The armor is strong, but the fighting power is relatively low, and losing to Bamster seems to be embarrassing for border members.Other trion soldiers may be stored in the abdomen.It seems to be the most major trion soldier, and when the citizens of Sanmon refer to the people of the near world, they often refer to Bamster.
Mall mod
Combat trion soldiers.The coloring is light gray.The size of a car with legs.On a rounded torso,bladeThere are 10 legs with a sword (usually I walk with 4 legs and the rest of the legs are foldable).Very agile, the blades mentioned above are the hardest of the Trion soldiers.Stronger than Bumster, when it first appearedYushin"(At that time = C-class era)OsamuIt can't be defeated without 20 people "(of which 2 survived) (in the later large-scale invasion, Osamu alone defeated one).It wasn't a big enemy for Yuma, and he won with a single blow (using a trigger for training training) without using a black trigger.
"Yaksha Maru Series"
A mall mod programmed by Usami as a virtual enemy of training with original settings.There are four types: gold, black, honey brown, and pink.
Trion soldiers for bombing.The coloring is yellow.The size of a horizontally long elementary school.A whale-like body, translucentfinSomething like is growing.It has the ability to fly and drops something like a bomb from the abdomen.When the back is attacked, something like an antenna grows, and when it explodes, it can repel the enemy.Furthermore, when it receives more than a certain amount of damage, it shifts to the "self-destruct mode" that increases the hardness of the armor by deploying the built-in trion from inside the body, and crashes and self-destructs at a place with many people.It can also be used as a kind of mass weapon, and was actually used as a suicide weapon in large-scale invasions.The nations in operation are rare even in the near world, and due to this, we succeeded in setting the star of the invading nation in a large-scale invasion.
A trion soldier for stealth and reconnaissance.The coloring is white.Cleaning robotAbout the size.There is no fighting power, but it is supplemented by an overwhelming number.
Improved Rad
Rad with a gate generator attached to his back.It gradually absorbs trions from nearby humans to generate gates.Irregular gateCause of occurrence.
Trion soldiers for capture and artillery.The coloring is usually white, but the one operated by Spintail is red. It looks like "Bumster is crazy."As a result of trying to perform the contradictory roles of artillery and capture as one, the concept is not as well-crafted as the specialized Irger and Mormod, and the fighting power is too much, such as being overthrown by the repair immediately after being promoted to B class not high.It is said that the correct usage is to arrange the numbers and place them in a distant place to shoot, and even in Yushin's recollection, it appears in such an operation method.
Trion soldiers for capture.The plain body coloring is white.The size is a little over 3m, which is smaller than a general trion soldier, and can walk on two legs like a human.The armor on the skull and back, especially on the arms, is strong and can be played with normal ibis without damage.Also, the ear-shaped parts were like radars or sensors, and detected the attacks of the Kazama Corps hidden in the chameleon. It is overwhelming for B-class members, and the replica says, "Even A-class members can be eaten alone", and it has overwhelming combat power as a trion soldier.According to the replica analysis, 1 Irgers and 4 Mormods trions are used for each Rabbit.
The purpose is to capture the trigger, and the cut surface is coated to stop the leakage of the trion, and when it is attached to the back, it emits an electric shock, etc., and bailout measures are taken so as not to damage it more than necessary. ..An object stabbed with a saw-shaped tentacle on the abdomenCubeAnd incapacitate and store (because of this ability, a large amount of trion is required for generation).Instead of being equipped with a high-powered firearm, it pushes with overwhelming power.Probably because he hasn't devoted his power to special abilities, his strength is stronger than the mod body described later.
Rabbit (mod body)
Rabbit with special abilities.Limited trigger abilities for Rambane Inn, Enedra, and Hughes.Coloring is different from plain body[Annotation 70], The emblem of the trigger use that became the base is drawn on both shoulders.Basically, they are acting in multiples, and even if they are defeated, they will be thrown in from the improved rud mounted on the abdomen.
Rambanane type
Boosters have been added from both shoulders to the back, featuring high-powered artillery and flight capabilities.The coloring is gray on the upper half of the head, both arms, flanks, and back, and white on the lower jaw and front of the neck.Whether it reflects the character of Rambananein, it is flashy to do.The author also says that it is not suitable for capture.
Enedra type
Conical protrusions grow on both shoulders, and it is characterized by liquefying the arms and then turning them into blades, but the whole body cannot be deformed.The coloring is black on both arms, and purple on the head, back, front of the neck, below, and flanks.Perhaps it reflects the bad personality of Enedra, he made a surprise liquefaction attack on the wooden tiger in his hand from the front.
Hughes type
The silhouette is the same as the plain body.The coloring is yellow on the head, arms and back, and gray on the front to bottom and flanks of the neck.A magnetic crystal is ejected from the abdomen.The movement is reluctant compared to other Rabbits, probably because the reflected trigger is complicated.
Yushin type (tentative name)
Rabbit created by a replica.The coloring is black, probably because it reflects the black trigger.The cube formation function is removed to reduce trions.Because Yushin's trigger can be used, it specializes in combat even in Rabbit.The emblems drawn on both shoulders are from the Tamaki branch (Yuma color).
A trion soldier for reconnaissance and patrol.The coloring is purple. Fly with two glowing wheels.A camera is installed inside.Confirmed during a large-scale invasion.
A trion soldier for reconnaissance and group combat.It looks like a dog and plays the role of reconnaissance and scouting.
Dog Takia
Shoot a beam from your eyes.Use "reconnaissance mode" that does not appear on the radar.
Dog Manverd
A dog for support combat equipped with a shield generator.You can also shoot a beam.
Dog Batrile
A dog for assault equipped with a blade on the head.It doesn't shoot a beam, but it has a decent attack power with a blade.
Trion soldiers for group combat.Among the Trion soldiers, it has a body shape very close to that of a human.Combat power alone is weaker than Mormod, but by working together as a group, you can put up a shield enough to stop Eaglet.It is also possible to shoot in close quarters with the blade out of the shoulder or wrist, or shoot with a beam from the mouth.

Bibliographic information

allShueisha〈Jump Comics>Issue.


Title TBD
A name drawn before "Ability School Elite Jin".Partially recorded at the end of the 10th volume of the book.Many characters that are the predecessors of the main characters have appeared, and love elements and descriptive tricks are included.Not posted because it was "bottomed" by the person in charge.Ashihara named this name "Black history"It has said[54].
Trigger keeper
The prototype of this work. Published in "Weekly Shonen Jump" Nos. 2009 and 8 of 9.
Ability group elite jin
Prototype of this work[4].. Published in "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 2011, 44. "Jump LIVENo. 2 (January 2014, 1) and "Boy jump +』Reprinted on October 2014, 10. In "Shonen Jump +", an interview with the author and the author's debut work "ROOM26" were also distributed.Included in the fan book "World Trigger Official Data Book BORDER BRIEFING FILE".The main character is Yuichi Nakamura, the predecessor character of Yuichi Nakamura.

Voice comic

Shueisha's voice comic "VOMICIn December 2013, the jump specialized information program "Saki Yomi Jean BANG!』Broadcast in[2], Was distributed on the VOMIC official website from January 2014.The narration isShigeo KiyamaIs in charge.It attracted attention as an unusual number of views.

Television Animation

1st seasonTV Asahi seriesIt was broadcast from October 2014, 10 to April 5, 2016.Production isToei animation..The animation of "Weekly Shonen Jump" produced by Toei Animation will be broadcast on TV Asahi.Put it on the ring 1 -Japan-US decisive battle-It's been 8 years since the end ofNationwide netIf limited to programs, "Bobobo-bo Bo-boboIt will be the first time in 32 years since the 11nd episode.

Before the next notice, a mini-corner "Lecture to enjoy World Trigger 3 times" is inserted, in which characters deformed into three heads (the character drawn under the cover of the original book is the source) explain the world view and settings of the work. To.The narration will be performed by Hideyuki Tanaka, who plays the role of replica and Yugo Kuga.Tanaka was basically in charge of the previous synopsis that flows after the second episode, but Takumi Hayashito was in charge of only the 100th episode.

Immediately before the start of the broadcast, the special effects TV drama "Kamen Rider DriveWas also jointly advertised with[55]..At the start of the broadcast, the original work published in "Weekly Shonen Jump" magazine was less than 80 episodes and was animated quite early.In addition, there were many suspensions on the original side, and the story development in the animation seemed to catch up with the original on the way, and the production was often made as if the original was stretched.In episodes 49 to 63, the original anime series "The Fugitive Edition" was broadcast.[56]..It is a story of fugitives and trackers from the unknown near world "Ergates, the turbulent nation" interacting with border members.From the 64th episode, the story of the original story was resumed with the setting that the rank battle was suspended for a week due to the influence of the fugitive edition.

It was announced that the 2nd season will be broadcast on TV Asahi series on December 2019, 12.[57], From January 2021th to April 1th, 10NUM AnimationWas broadcast in the frame[58][59].

The 3rd season is being broadcast in the same frame from October 2021, 10[60][61].

ス タ ッ フ

  • Original- Daisuke Ashihara
  • Producers-Kei Mizutani, Hiroshi Yanai,Daichi Nagatomi
  • Chief Producer (1st season) --Tomoharu Matsuhisa → Kei Mizutani, Shinji Shimizu →Washioten
  • Series composition- Hiroyuki Yoshino(1st Season Episode 1-Episode 48 / 2nd Season) → Border Guard (1st Season Episode 49-Episode 73)
  • musics - Kenji Kawai
  • Producer- Yoshiaki Yanagi(1st season) → Tetsuo Inagaki (2nd season)
  • CG Director-Yasuhiro Kato (1st Season), Tomoko Shima (1st Season Episode 49-Episode 65) → Mami Tamura (1st Season Episode 66-Episode 73), Kazuto Furuya, Kazushi Goto (2nd Season)
  • Cinematographer --Shinichi Igarashi (1st season) → Yuichiro Nagata (2nd season)
  • Art Director --Shinichi Konno (1st season) →Megumi Kato(2nd season)
  • Art Setting-Lee HajimeMasanobu Nomura(1st season) → Toshiki Amada (2nd season)
  • Color design --Miyoko Ichinose (1st season episode 1--Episode 48) → Naomi Kiyota (1st season episode 49--Episode 73) → Rumiko Nagai (2nd season)
  • Prop Design-Hirata Ryo
  • Character design-Toshihisa Kaiya, Hitomi Tsuruta (1st season episode 1-episode 48)
  • Series Director- Hongo Mitsuru(Episode 1-Episode 48) → Koji Ogawa (1st season Episode 49-Episode 73) → Morio Hatano (2nd season)
  • Edit --Kenta Katase (1st season) → Kimiki Yoshida (2nd season)
  • Recording-Satoshi Matsuda
  • Effect- Hiromune Kurahashi
  • Song selection-Yasuno Sato
  • Production cooperation- Toei
  • Production (1st season) → Production (2nd season)- TV Asahi,Toei animation

Theme song

The opening theme of the 1st season basically flows after the end of Part A.

Sonar pocket1st Season by Episode 1-Episode 23 Opening Theme.The lyrics are Sonar Pocket, the composition is Sonar Pocket and KAY, and the arrangement is KAY and Shunsuke Harada.
"Ashita no Hikari'[62]
AAA1st Season by Episode 24-Episode 47 Opening Theme.The lyrics areTakanori Mizoguchi,Mitsuhiro Hidaka(Rap), compositionMayuko Maruyama, The arrangementats-.
"Dream trigger'[62]
Pile1st Season by Episode 48-Episode 73 Opening Theme.The lyrics are Takayuki Yasuda, the composition is HAMA-kgn, and the arrangement is Mirai Shiyo.
TOMORROW X TOGETHER2nd season opening theme by.Lyrics and compositionMotoki Omori, Arranged by Omori and UTA.
"Future Eternity"[63]
God does not roll the dice2nd season ending theme by.The lyrics and composition are by Shu Yanagida, and the arrangement is by Hisashi Koyama.
"Time factor"[64]
God is the opening theme of the 3rd season by not rolling the dice.The lyrics and composition are by Shu Yanagida, and the arrangement is by Hisashi Koyama.
"Longing for the clouds"[65]
FantasticYouth3rd season ending theme by.The lyrics are Onyu, and the composition and arrangement are Low Fat.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
1st season[66]
Episode 1Visitors from another worldHiroyuki YoshinoHongo MitsuruYuji HakamadaToshihisa Kaiya2014
May 10
Episode 2Near world people(Neighbor)And Trion soldiersKen KoyamaUedashi Shigeru
May 10
Episode 3Ability of Osamu MikumoKohei KuritaKazuya KarasawaYasuhiro IkutameMay 10
Episode 4A-class 5th place, Arashiyama Corps Kitora AiYuichi NomuraYoshiki KawasakiInoue EisakuMay 11
Episode 5Ability group elite, Yuichi JinNatsuko TakahashiHongo MitsuruToshihisa KaiyaMay 11
Episode 6Chika Ametori's side effectMasahiro YokotaniKimitoshi JiokaMasahiro NaoiMay 11
Episode 7Assault of Miwa CorpsHiroyuki YoshinoAtsushi ShimizuKazuya KarasawaNoboru KoizumiMay 11
Episode 8Black triggerYuichi NomuraMori TakeshiAkihiro NakamuraGen Sato
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Hitomi Tsuruta
May 11
Episode 9An organization called a borderNatsuko TakahashiJun KamiyaHiroki KawashimaToshihisa KaiyaMay 12
Episode 10Tamaki branchMasahiro YokotaniMori TakeshiUedashi ShigeruHitomi Tsuruta-May 12
Episode 11Each determinationHiroyuki YoshinoKen KoyamaYuji HakamadaMay 12
Episode 12Tamaki's A-class memberNatsuko TakahashiYoshiki KawasakiYasuhiro IkutameMay 12
Episode 13Border top teamMasahiro YokotaniHongo MitsuruToshihisa Kaiya2015
May 1
Episode 14NO.1 Attacker Kei TachikawaHiroyuki YoshinoAkihiro NakamuraInoue EisakuMay 1
Episode 15Black triggerWind blade(Fujin)Natsuko TakahashiKazuya KarasawaNoboru KoizumiMay 1
Episode 16The future that begins to moveMasahiro YokotaniYutaka TsuchidaMasahiro NaoiMay 2
Episode 17Border official enlistmentYuichi NomuraJun Kamiya
May 2
Episode 18Osamu Mikumo VS Aoya KazamaMasahiro YokotaniMori TakeshiUedashi ShigeruYuji HakamadaHitomi TsurutaMay 2
Episode 19Rank Battle! Shun Midorikawa's StrategyHiroyuki YoshinoHiroyuki KadoYasuhiro IkutameMay 3
Episode 20Clash!Yuma VS MidorikawaNatsuko TakahashiKen KoyamaMasahiro NaoiMay 3
Episode 21Near world people(Neighbor)world ofMasahiro YokotaniYoshiki Kawasaki
May 3
Episode 22Large-scale invasion startedHiroyuki YoshinoMori TakeshiAkihiro Nakamura
  • Francis Caneda
  • Joey Callangian
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 3
Episode 23Aft Krattle, the Kingdom of GodYuichi NomuraKimitoshi JiokaNoboru KoizumiHitomi TsurutaMay 3
Episode 24Genkai(Miden)Hina birdNatsuko TakahashiYutaka TsuchidaInoue EisakuToshihisa KaiyaMay 4
Episode 25Border strongest unitHiroyuki YoshinoJun Kamiya
  • Takaokaki Ichi
  • Yoshida Tohru
  • Sayumi Yokoyama
Hitomi TsurutaMay 4
Episode 26Fierce fight!Enedra VS Kazama CorpsHiroyuki KadoYuji HakamadaToshihisa KaiyaMay 4
Episode 27Counterattack borderYuichi NomuraHongo MitsuruUedashi Shigeru
  • Yasuhiro Ikutame
  • Inoue Eisaku
Hitomi TsurutaMay 4
Episode 28Star cane(Organon)UserNatsuko TakahashiMori TakeshiMana UchiyamaMasahiro NaoiToshihisa KaiyaMay 5
Episode 29The turning point of fateHiroyuki YoshinoKen KoyamaYouichi OnishiHitomi TsurutaMay 5
Episode 30Enemy General High RainMasahiro YokotaniYoshiki Kawasaki
  • Nobumi Setsuko
  • Hideyoshi Takahashi
  • Noel Annyonuevo
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 5
Episode 31Prepared for Osamu MikumoYuichi NomuraHiroyuki KadoYutaka TsuchidaNoboru KoizumiHitomi TsurutaMay 5
Episode 32Enedra of obsessionMori TakeshiAkihiro NakamuraYuji HakamadaToshihisa KaiyaMay 5
Episode 33Horror of High RainHiroyuki YoshinoJun KamiyaTakaokaki IchiHitomi TsurutaMay 6
Episode 34Fierce battle settled!The strongest battleNatsuko TakahashiMori TakeshiKazuya KarasawaInoue EisakuToshihisa KaiyaMay 6
Episode 35At the end of the battleMasahiro Yokotani
  • Kimitoshi Jioka
  • Yoshiki Kawasaki
Yoshiki Kawasaki
  • Yasuhiro Ikutame
  • Megumi Yamashita
  • Naoki Murakami
  • Nobuhiro Masuda
Hitomi TsurutaMay 6
Episode 36Those who do not haveYuichi NomuraHongo MitsuruMasahiro NaoiToshihisa KaiyaMay 6
Episode 37Hero and buddyHiroyuki YoshinoUedashi ShigeruYouichi OnishiHitomi TsurutaMay 7
Episode 38Class B rank battle beginsNatsuko TakahashiKonosuke UdaNoboru KoizumiToshihisa KaiyaMay 7
Episode 39Suwa Corps and Arafune CorpsMasahiro YokotaniYutaka Tsuchida
  • Nobumi Setsuko
  • Hideyoshi Takahashi
Hitomi TsurutaMay 7
Episode 40Start!Mikumo CorpsYuichi NomuraJun KamiyaTakaokaki IchiToshihisa KaiyaMay 8
Episode 41CheekyNewcomer(rookie)Hiroyuki YoshinoMori TakeshiMana UchiyamaYuji HakamadaHitomi TsurutaMay 8
Episode 42Suzu Naru Daiichi Murakami SteelNatsuko TakahashiKen Koyama
  • Yasuhiro Ikutame
  • Nobuhiro Masuda
  • Megumi Yamashita
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 8
Episode 43Selection of Nasu CorpsYuichi NomuraMori TakeshiUedashi ShigeruMasahiro NaoiHitomi TsurutaMay 8
Episode 44Bad weather combatMasahiro YokotaniKazuya KarasawaInoue EisakuToshihisa KaiyaMay 8
Episode 45What decides the gameYuichi NomuraAkihiro NakamuraYouichi OnishiHitomi TsurutaMay 9
Episode 46Ace's willNatsuko TakahashiHongo MitsuruNoboru KoizumiToshihisa KaiyaMay 9
Episode 47Captain's prideMasahiro YokotaniMori TakeshiTakuma SuzukiTakaokaki IchiHitomi TsurutaMay 9
Episode 48And to tomorrowYuichi NomuraYoshiki Kawasaki
  • Nobumi Setsuko
  • Nobuhiro Masuda
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 10
Episode 49Fugitive from another worldHiroyuki YoshinoKoji OgawaYuji HakamadaHiroshi ShimizuMay 10
Episode 50Invisible raiderMasahiro YokotaniMori TakeshiMana UchiyamaMasahiro NaoiInoue EisakuMay 10
Episode 51Zeno's Trion SoldierNatsuko TakahashiKen KoyamaYasuhiro IkutameHiroshi ShimizuMay 10
Episode 52Genkai(Miden)SunsetYuichi NomuraKazuya KarasawaInoue Eisaku-May 11
Episode 53Something to protectHiroyuki YoshinoTakashi SokabeUedashi ShigeruYouichi OnishiHiroshi ShimizuMay 11
Episode 54Gieve OffensiveHiroshi OnokiAkihiro NakamuraNoboru KoizumiInoue EisakuMay 11
Episode 55Dead or aliveYasuhiro ShigeruTakuma Suzuki
  • Shigenori Taniguchi
  • Shinichiro Minami
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 11
Episode 56Lilith's mysteryToshimitsu TakeuchiKenichi Takeshita
  • Nobumi Setsuko
  • Nobuhiro Masuda
Hiroshi ShimizuMay 11
Episode 57Zeno and LilithMasahiro YokotaniMori TakeshiMana UchiyamaMasahiro NaoiInoue EisakuMay 12
Episode 58Captive OsamuYuichi NomuraIsao ToradaUedashi ShigeruYuji HakamadaHiroshi ShimizuMay 12
Episode 59Two black triggersHiroyuki YoshinoYoshiki Kawasaki
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Hiroko Kasuga
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 12
Episode 60Yotaro's AdventureHiroshi OnokiKen KoyamaYasuhiro IkutameInoue EisakuMay 12
Episode 61Truth and liesToshimitsu TakeuchiKazuya KarasawaYouichi OnishiHiroshi Shimizu2016
May 1
Episode 62Gieve and KaronMasahiro YokotaniGo KogaAkihiro NakamuraInoue Eisaku-May 1
Episode 63The reversing futureYuichi NomuraKoji OgawaNoboru KoizumiHiroshi ShimizuMay 1
Episode 64Aftkrattle POWHiroyuki YoshinoYasuhiro ShigeruTakuma Suzuki
  • Shigenori Taniguchi
  • Shinichiro Minami
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 1
Episode 65No.1 Shooter Masataka NinomiyaHiroshi OnokiTakashi SokabeMana UchiyamaMasahiro NaoiInoue EisakuMay 2
Episode 66Sharpened fangsToshimitsu TakeuchiKenichi Takeshita
  • Nobumi Setsuko
  • Yuka Takemori
Hiroshi ShimizuMay 2
Episode 67B-class high-ranking battleMasahiro YokotaniJiro MakinoYuji HakamadaMay 2
Episode 68Targeted ballHiroshi OnokiYoshiki Kawasaki
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Takaokaki Ichi
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 2
Episode 69Battle royalYuichi NomuraKazuya KarasawaYouichi OnishiHiroshi ShimizuMay 3
Episode 70Captain's dutiesToshimitsu TakeuchiKen KoyamaYasuhiro IkutameInoue EisakuMay 3
Episode 71New threatHiroshi OnokiTakashi SokabeUedashi ShigeruMasahiro NaoiHiroshi ShimizuMay 3
Episode 72Evolving Mikumo CorpsYuichi NomuraYasuhiro ShigeruTakuma Suzuki
  • Shigenori Taniguchi
  • Shinichiro Minami
Toshihisa KaiyaMay 3
Episode 73To the futureHiroyuki YoshinoKoji OgawaNoboru KoizumiHiroshi ShimizuMay 4
2nd season
Episode 1InvasionHiroyuki YoshinoMorio HatanoMiho Hirayama
  • Yuya Takahashi
  • Tsutomu Ono
Toshihisa Kaiya2021
May 1
Episode 2ClashGo KogaAkihiro Ota-May 1
Episode 3Decisive battleAkihiro Nakamura
  • Tsutomu Ono
  • Toshiaki Sato
  • Tokuda Yumenosuke
  • Minoru Okabe
  • Youichi Onishi
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Yuya Takahashi
May 1
Episode 4運 命Ryunosuke KingetsuKimitoshi JiokaHideaki Maniwa-May 1
Episode 5New technologyHiroshi OnokiYoshifumi Sueda
  • Kaori Yoshikawa
  • Kei Hyodo
  • Miho Uezuhara
  • Mitsuteru Kubo
  • Hiroshi Maejima
  • Toshie Ikezu
  • Tsutomu Ono
May 2
Episode 6MeaningMai AsakuraInoue EisakuMay 2
Episode 7MatchHiroyuki YoshinoMorio HatanoMiho Hirayama
May 2
Episode 8NegotiationRyunosuke KingetsuKoji KawasakiAisa RisaMay 3
Episode 9CaptainHiroshi Onoki
Ko Matsumi
  • Youichi Onishi
  • Ikuko Ito
  • Tsutomu Ono
  • Toshiaki Sato
  • Minoru Okabe
May 3
Episode 10SuperiorHiroyuki YoshinoAkihiro Nakamura
  • Youichi Onishi
  • Hiroyuki Honda
  • Toshiaki Sato
  • Tokuda Yumenosuke
  • Minoru Okabe
Inoue EisakuMay 3
Episode 11Strong manRyunosuke KingetsuGo KogaAkihiro Ota-May 3
Episode 12NewcomerHiroshi OnokiKoji Ogawa
  • Hiroyuki Honda
  • Toshiaki Sato
  • Tokuda Yumenosuke
  • Minoru Okabe
  • Yuya Takahashi
  • Ikuko Ito
May 4
3rd season
Episode 1newbornMizuki Yamada
  • Morio Hatano
  • Koji Ogawa
Miho Hirayama
  • Tomoaki Kado
  • Chihiro Saito
  • Yuki Tamori
  • Masakazu Saito
  • Sakai KEI
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Yuya Takahashi
May 10
Episode 2SelectionHiroyuki YoshinoMai Asakura
  • Ikuko Ito
  • Tsutomu Ono
  • Hiromi Sakamoto
May 10
Episode 3StrategyHiroshi OnokiKoji Kawasaki
  • Youichi Onishi
  • Yumenosuke Tokuda
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Toshiaki Sato
May 10
Episode 4Secret policyRyunosuke KingetsuKoji Ogawa
  • Yuya Takahashi
  • Sachi Suzuki
  • Takeuchi Kei
Yuya TakahashiMay 10
Episode 5WarriorsHiroyuki YoshinoKo Matsumi
  • Hiroyuki Honda
  • Tsutomu Ono
  • Nobumi Setsuko
May 11
Episode 6judgmentHiroshi OnokiGo KogaKondo Kokoro
  • Tomoaki Kado
  • Chihiro Saito
  • Yuki Tamori
  • Masakazu Saito
  • Sakai KEI
  • Ryotaro Akao
  • Junko Matsushita
  • Haruka Oikawa
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Toshiaki Sato
May 11
Episode 7PremonitionRyunosuke KingetsuAyako HiraikeAya Nakata
  • Sara Sakoe
  • Kei Hyodo
  • Miho Sekimoto
  • Hiroshi Maejima
  • Keiko Kitayama
  • Kaori Yoshikawa
May 11
Episode 8willMizuki Yamada
  • Miho Hirayama
  • Morio Hatano
Miho Hirayama
  • Ikuko Ito
  • Yuya Takahashi
  • Sachi Suzuki
  • Sakurai Takuro
  • Fuyumi Toriyama
  • Nobumi Setsuko
  • Tsutomu Ono
  • Naoko Masui
  • Toshihisa Kaiya
  • Ikuko Ito
May 11

Impact of disasters, etc.

1st season
  • March 2015, 2Japanese detention case by ISILAboutANNPress special programBecause of the broadcast, episode 16 was broadcast only in some areas other than Kanto on that day.As a result, on February 2th of the following week, episode 8 was rebroadcast only in some areas other than Kanto.[67].
  • On September 2015, 9, episode 13 was rebroadcast instead of episode 46, which was scheduled to be broadcast.In episode 38, a battle was set in a riverbed that was hit by a storm, and in the original story (Volume 46 of the book), Chika Ametori destroyed the embankment, so it happened a few days before the broadcast.27 Typhoon No. 18Occurred due to the influence ofSeptember 27 heavy rain in the Kanto and Tohoku regionsIt seems that consideration was given to[68]..After that, episode 46 was broadcast the following week after modifying the scene of destroying the embankment to only the images and sound effects of the characters' faces.In addition, in the corresponding scene of the media recording version such as DVD, the scene of destroying the embankment flows as it is.
2nd season
  • TV Asahi series on February 2021, 2Kyushu Asahi BroadcastingThe sixth episode, which was scheduled to be broadcast on (excluding), occurred the night before.Fukushima Prefecture Offshore EarthquakeFor ANN news special program broadcast about[69]Was postponed to the next week[70]..In addition, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting was originally scheduled to broadcast episode 6 on February 2th at 15:1-25:1 (midnight on Sunday).[71], At the same time, "Duomo GT』Replaced with[72], Broadcast on the net at the same time the next week.In addition, it should be noted.ABEMAThen.Leading netIt was delivered at the scheduled time, and the next week's delivery was suspended.


TV Asahi seriesAll 24 stations / Broadcast period and broadcast time
Broadcast period Airtime Season Remarks
March 2014, 10-March 5, 2016 Sunday 6:30-7:00 1st season Linked data broadcasting
May 2021-June 1, 10 Sunday 1:30-2:00 (Saturday midnight) 2nd season[59] Subtitled broadcasting /NUM Animation"frame
October 2021, 10- 3rd season[60] "NUMAnimation" frame
TV morning channel 1 / 1st season Broadcast period and broadcast time
Broadcast period Airtime Number of stories Remarks
March 2014, 11-March 1, 2015 Saturday 20: 00 - 20: 30 Episode 1-Episode 44 With repeat broadcast
March 2015, 10-March 3, 2016 Saturday 18: 00 - 18: 30 Episode 45-Episode 60 With repeat broadcast
March 2016, 2-March 1, 2016 Monday 20:00-20:30 Episode 61-Episode 73 With repeat broadcast
Internet in Japan / 1st season Broadcast period and broadcast time
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
November Monday update Tele morning videos
November Updated Wednesday 12:00
Thursday 12:00 update
Bandai channel April 4st episode 1-delivered all at once until episode 1
Episodes 4 and 9 will be delivered on April 23th.
Internet in Japan / 2nd season Broadcast period and broadcast time[59]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
NovemberSunday 1:30-2:00 (Saturday midnight) ABEMA
November Monday 12:00 update


1st season[73][74]
rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
1NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 3BSTD-9501DSTD-9501
2NovemberEpisode 4-Episode 6BSTD-9502DSTD-9502
3NovemberEpisode 7-Episode 9BSTD-9503DSTD-9503
4NovemberEpisode 10-Episode 12BSTD-9504DSTD-9504
5NovemberEpisode 13-Episode 15BSTD-9505DSTD-9505
6NovemberEpisode 16-Episode 18BSTD-9506DSTD-9506
7NovemberEpisode 19-Episode 21BSTD-9507DSTD-9507
8NovemberEpisode 22-Episode 24BSTD-9508DSTD-9508
9NovemberEpisode 25-Episode 27BSTD-9509DSTD-9509
10NovemberEpisode 28-Episode 30BSTD-9510DSTD-9510
11NovemberEpisode 31-Episode 33BSTD-9511DSTD-9511
12NovemberEpisode 34-Episode 36BSTD-9512DSTD-9512
13NovemberEpisode 37-Episode 39BSTD-9513DSTD-9513
14NovemberEpisode 40-Episode 42BSTD-9514DSTD-9514
15NovemberEpisode 43-Episode 45BSTD-9515DSTD-9515
16NovemberEpisode 46-Episode 48BSTD-9516DSTD-9516
17NovemberEpisode 49-Episode 54BSTD-9517DSTD-9517
18NovemberEpisode 55-Episode 60BSTD-9518DSTD-9518
19NovemberEpisode 61-Episode 66BSTD-9519DSTD-9519
20NovemberEpisode 67-Episode 73BSTD-9520DSTD-9520
2nd season[75]
rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
1NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 6BSTD-20421
2NovemberEpisode 7-Episode 12BSTD-20421
1NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 3DSTD-20416
2Episode 4-Episode 6DSTD-20417
3NovemberEpisode 7-Episode 9DSTD-20418
4Episode 10-Episode 12DSTD-20419

Web radio

"TV Anime "World Trigger" RadioIn the titleHiBiKi Radio StationDelivered from September 2021, 9[76]..Updated on the 29th of every month (updated on the 2021th only in November 11).The main personality isMuranaka Satoshi(The role of Yuma Sora),Nao Tamura(The role of Chika Ametori) will serve.

TV Asahi Sunday 6:30-7:00
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World Trigger (1st season)
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Sports sunday
[Local sales from this programSports programframe】
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World Trigger (2nd season)
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World Trigger Borderless Mission
PlayStation VitaSoftware forBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentReleased on September 2015, 9.The genre is "cooperation & team battle action".The person in charge of developmentArt dink.
World Trigger Smash Borders
iOS-AndroidDelivered from Bandai Namco Entertainment on July 2015, 7 as a game for use.The genre is "smash action to aim and hit".The person in charge of developmentGambalion.. The service will end on February 2018, 2.


"World Trigger the StageWill be performed in 2021 in Tokyo and Osaka.[77].

Performance schedule (stage)

Cast (stage)

Staff (stage)

  • Original-Daisuke Ashihara (Shueisha "Jump SQ." Serialization / Jump Comics)
  • Screenplay / Direction- Norihito Nakayashiki
  • Music-GIRA MUNDO
  • Choreography- Plum stick, Yasutomo (KoRocK)


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ For Yuma, who is ignorant of this world, "Japanese food" has a broad meaning like "food to eat in Japan" and includes hamburgers and curry.
  2. ^ At the same time, he said, "Relievedly-I'm about to die soon."
  3. ^ When this side effect is exhibited, Yuma's usually drawn in whitepupilTurns black.
  4. ^ Very rarely, he says, "You make an interesting lie."
  5. ^ He is the youngest and only junior high school student among the captains who have appeared at the time of the latest volume.
  6. ^ At that time, the design of his troupe was also redesigned, but this was arranged by Jin.
  7. ^ At first, he wanted a gunner, but at the recommendation of his master, Karasuma, he became a versatile shooter.
  8. ^ According to the author, "monster".[Source required]
  9. ^ Changed to fried roast in the anime.
  10. ^ There was a sexual harassment description in the original, but it has been cut in the TV anime version.
  11. ^ Therefore, with this workcollaborationBonchiage, which uses the illustration of the work as a package, was also released.
  12. ^ Therefore, he is called "Tamakoma Branch Special Advisor" by Shinoda.
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  17. ^ His dissatisfaction with Jin after the Black Trigger battle was resolved just by declaring his return to the rank battle.
  18. ^ "A computer that has just been unplugged makes a noise by saying" broken! "" "I read" DANGER "as" danger "" "Fruit granolaDried fruitI just sorted and ate. "
  19. ^ A shirt printed with this may be worn as plain clothes.
  20. ^ According to the author, Tomahawk is synthesized in 2 seconds.[Source required]
  21. ^ Since he is a trainee for Yuma, he says, "If you want to compete, come up."
  22. ^ According to the author, "the guy who talked is mostly a friend."[Source required]
  23. ^ According to Kitora, "5th place after doing TV and public relations in addition to the mission".
  24. ^ In reality, Yuma defeated him, but Osamu lied that he had defeated him in order to hide Yuma's existence.
  25. ^ Actually, it was because he was jealous of Osamu who was praised by the people around him.
  26. ^ "It will take two years for (currently Osamu) to be able to compete with the top B class," but when I heard it, Tokieda said, "I think it will be possible in two years."
  27. ^ The scorpion used by Kitora is a modified type, double-edged, and equipped with a function to rotate the handle like a windmill.
  28. ^ According to him, it was a long time ago that the trion was inferior, and the amount of trion now seems to be within the average range.
  29. ^ As a result, it is not necessarily limited to women, and it is also invited to be quiet.
  30. ^ Kuruma and Ninomiya have never been sacrificed in the same age group, but the difference is that the former "has never hit a getemono" and the latter "has never tried to eat."
  31. ^ Meat with 3 times more meat than usualFried vegetables..One of the standard menus of the Tamaki branch.
  32. ^ Due to various reasons, he rarely participates in ranked battles, but when he participated in ranked battles for about half a year, he climbed to the top of the attackers.The current ranking reflects the accumulated points at that time.
  33. ^ At school, she wears a cat and pretends to be an "Ichi operator" for her job, so it also has the meaning of preventing her from falling out.
  34. ^ According to Usami, "a man who is also sick."
  35. ^ Typical examples are Kitora, Katori, and Himi.
  36. ^ However, after the 3rd printing of the 3rd volume of the comic, it is not the rabbit seat but the cat seat.
  37. ^ The centralized shield can prevent the eastern ibis.
  38. ^ In the character introduction under the cover of the 13th volume of the comic, "NetsukeI put on the upper. "
  39. ^ According to Kako, "it is advantageous in a turbulent battle."
  40. ^ It is called by the author as one of the few "genius types".[Source required]
  41. ^ However, there is a taste for older people that does not overlook them, and Kakizaki is usually called "Kakizaki-senpai."
  42. ^ Osamu is glasses, water is broccoli (hairstyle), and even teammate Kashio is a watch (CasioIt is expressed by (Nomojirika).Created by operator Haya at the request of the prince.
  43. ^ During the first large-scale invasion, Katori, who was buried in the rubble of the house, is helped while the nails of his hands are peeled off.I wear gloves to hide the scratches.
  44. ^ After joining the border, he became a fan of Arashiyama and has a meher side.
  45. ^ The building with the Suzunaru branch was donated by his father to the border.
  46. ^ Murakami has not been able to win the only four attackers, Tachikawa, Kazama, Konan, and Kageura.
  47. ^ "It may not be a cigarette" when it is a trion body[31].
  48. ^ The table in the operation room has also been replaced with a mahjong table, which surrounds the table at night with seniors such as Tachikawa and Higashi.
  49. ^ Among the regular members, the older Fuyushima was at the headquarters, and the east was participating in the ranked battle.Kazama of the same year went to the expedition boat hangar defense group, and Kizaki of the same year was also devoted to guarding the sniper group, and it seems that the possibility of emergency escape on the way was considered for the reason described later. ..
  50. ^ Konan was deceived by the fact that he was "big breasts" and bought it.
  51. ^ To Kuruma, who consulted about Murakami, he told him that his ultimate goal was to "become a master class of all styles based on his own theory and mass-produce perfect all-rounders by generalizing that theory." There is.
  52. ^ In the anime, it is traded as a consideration to undertake the explanation of ROUND3.
  53. ^ Nine of them are "cooperative attacks" and one is "full escape".
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  55. ^ However, in the character introduction on the back of the cover, it says "It appears from the first episode soberly",He seems to be the long-haired member in the opening flashback scene.[Original research?]
  56. ^ According to Enedra, "Neguro".According to the author, "like a civilian, not a military officer."
  57. ^ It seems that the cause was that the roots of the horns were even in the brain.Yuma calls this state "Enedrad".
  58. ^ Osamu attended a junior high school in Sanmon City not because he moved, but because his home was on the border and the nearest junior high school was Sanmon City Third, so he consulted with both governments.
  59. ^ Mother trigger,Queen triggerIt is called.
  60. ^ According to the author, "attack by putting out a scorpion from the arm holding the gun" is a basic feint technique for all-purpose hands that use a scorpion.In episode 138, Katori puts out a scorpion from his elbow while holding a handgun in both hands.
  61. ^ From BBF.Details are unknown because the main story has not appeared yet
  62. ^ Radar and communication functions are standard functions of the combat body, so they are not affected.
  63. ^ Compared to grasshoppers, it requires a place to hang wires, which limits the situations in which it can be used, but it has the advantage that once it is stretched, it can be used many times without consuming additional trions unless it is cut.
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  70. ^ All three species have the same black spots on both sides of the upper abdomen.Details of the coloring are revealed in the anime version.
  71. ^ In the original planMisato KawauchiHowever, I was dismissed due to poor physical condition, so I took the place.


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外部 リンク

Theme song

Theme songWhat is (Sudaika)?movies-tv set-radioSuch asMain theme(British: main theme)andTheme song(English: theme song) song. Mainly played in the opening or ending, not necessarilysongNot necessarily. In a broad senseInsert song-Song in the playAlso includes[1]..The theme is German, and the German equivalent to the English theme song is Titellied, so the theme song is a kind.Japanglish.


The Japanese song, called a theme song, is basically music that can be said to be a signboard of a video work or a TV program, as the Japanese song is synonymous with the theme song.

The song used in the openingOpening theme(British: opening theme[2]), the song used for the endingEnding theme(British: ending theme / closing theme[2]), the opening theme in JapanOP, Ending themeEDSometimes abbreviated[3][4][5].

In the work where the theme song is not used for the opening ending, in the playInsert songMay be used as.

The selection of songs is on the side of the workproducer(An employee of a TV station/movie company)Advertising agencyAnd other production staff in consultation with the image of the approximate work and music, artists such as record companies and entertainment agenciesproducerOrEntertainment promoterThere are many forms in which an order is placed and music production is started. On rare occasions, the staff of the work side or the original author's preference, in some cases, nominates and uses songs distributed in unique singers or CD albums. On the other hand, there are cases in which music companies and artists are sold from the record companies to the works to obtain tie-ups.

In general, fit the contentLyrics-CompositionSongs are made in (especiallyTelevision AnimationThe theme song ofAnisonHowever, since the 1990slyricsMay be actively adopted even if it does not reflect the content of the work. For TV dramas and Japanese movieslyricsThan itselfsingerAnd creator (作曲家-producer) Is emphasized.Even in the anime, "Street Fighter II MOVIE], [Detective Conan], [Hikaru no Go"etcAnison singernotJ-POPAppointing an artist.

Television AnimationOpening/Ending songIs often changed from the middle, and in recent years it has become common for the opening / ending song to be changed every 1 cool at the shortest and 4 cools at the longest.Sometimes the lyrics are changed from No. 1 to No. 2 without changing the song itself.

For TV anime and special effects TV dramas, there are generally both opening and ending, but2000 eraSince then, the number of works without an ending theme has increased ("Doraemon] The second season of the second TV anime,Kamen Rider series[Note 1]な ど[Note 2]).On the other hand, there are many works in which only one of them exists in general TV dramas and movies.

Theme song in video

  • In the video work, the theme song flows with a video at the opening and ending. recent years[When?]In the case of movies, there may be no video.
  • In the case of TV programs, 70 to 100 seconds are mainly allocated, but it is short at 60 seconds or less, and some are over 120 seconds, and there are various types.
  • The ending song of the final part of the TV drama (B part)IntroThere is also a pattern of moving to the ending (staff roll) after shedding the stuff.
  • TV anime and TV dramas since the 2000s (Obi dramaIn (excluding), the opening theme is omitted only for the first and last rounds, and the original theme song is played at the ending (usually only one chorus is used, but there may be changes such as using a full chorus). They tend to be treated. Since the 1s, works that use this method have been seen in special-effects TV dramas.
  • Early in the news program[When?]から1980 eraUntil aroundClassical musicThere was a theme song that was an arrangement of symphony andToshiro Mayuzumi"Asahi Shimbun NewsMusic for top titles,"Yomiuri Shimbun NewsInOffenback・"Her Majesty the Princess Jeolstan"").

Theme song production

Time frame given for opening or ending (Timekeeper), Arrange the time scale of the song ()Arranger・It is necessary to edit). Requests from creators of works and music staff (Arranger-DirectorDepending on the judgment of ), an intro ending for tie-up with a modified arrangement is produced.

vocalThe part is independent of the accompanimentIt is recorded on the vocal trackTherefore, if you have already recorded for a record, you can edit it and match it with the song, so there are few cases where you sing again for TV.However, there are cases like that, and how to sing.[Note 3]And lyrics[Note 4]There may be differences in[Note 5].. In addition, in a rare case where one chorus for a theme song is recorded in a hurry with the song unfinished, it was commercialized later.SingleThe arrangement may differ greatly from the board (ZARDof"Turn the fateful roulette"Such).

For Japanese movie works,TV drama,Television AnimationCompared tostuffed rollIntro → 1 because there is a lot to put onchorus→ interlude →Rust→ It may be used for a long time like the ending, or full chorus that is exactly the same as the single board.American movies(Hollywood movies) Staff rolls may be longer, with the theme song (ending theme) + multipleAccompanimentYou can also see works that use songs.

soundtrackWhen recorded on a CD, the edition will be added to the title of the song, such as "TV size", "TV-Mix", "TV (movie) version", etc.


Although the meaning is different from the theme song, a song made with the image of a movie or anime character,wrestlingStarting withFighting sportsThe songs that players and professional baseball players take when they appear in a game are sometimes called "XX (character name/player name) theme". The representative example of the former is "Imperial March”, also known as “The Theme of Darth Vader”. For the latter, existing songs may be used in addition to the original songs created for the players.

In addition, a song that is made for a retail store and frequently played on the in-store broadcast may also be expressed as "XX (the name of the retail store) theme song".


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ "Kamen Rider AgitoToKamen Rider Zero OneMost of the works up to.The only exception was "Kamen Rider Hibiki], The ending theme was abolished with the change of the theme song in the middle stage.
  2. ^ "Crayon Shin-chan''ONE PIECEThere are also works whose ending theme has been abolished during the broadcast.
  3. ^ "Lupine the 1rd (TV Series XNUMX)In the opening theme "Lupin III Theme Song I", the phrase "Lupin the Third", which occupies most of the lyrics, is pronounced in English for TV, but in katakana for records.
  4. ^ "Helper runThe theme song of "" is sung by intentionally changing a part of the lyrics due to social circumstances at the time of production ("The Deadly Series: Original Soundtrack Complete Works 3 Helper Running / Deadly Swordsman" (1996, King Record) from the song description).
  5. ^ "Lightning Superman GridmanLike the theme song of "," the intro and the coder may be replaced with a separately recorded one for TV (from the song description of "Denshin Chojin Gridman Original Soundtrack" (2019, disc union)).


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