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Autumn animation "Shotaimu!" ​​The older sister invited me to the hotel while blushing ... Episode 3 Preceding cut

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"If you stay wet, you'll catch a cold ..." In front of Shoji, who is confused, Minami's sister blushes and invites her to enter a love hotel ...

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Love hotel

Love hotelIs mainlyCouple OfSexA facility where you can use a room with facilities suitable for a short time (break) or overnight stay.Also called "love hotel" for short[1].

the term

As another name for "love hotel", fashion hotel, couples hotel, happy hotel, amusement hotel,Leisure hotel,Motel,ブ テ ィ ッ ク ホ テ ルHowever, the original meaning of leisure hotels, boutique hotels, motels, etc. is not limited to sexual activity.As a result, boutique hotels are no longer used as a synonym for love hotels.[2].

Japanese love hotels

  • The names most often used in hotel names are "Aine", "Resort", and "Villa" in descending order.[3].. Hotels with unique names such as "Hotel Gorilla's Dream," "That's why." And "Hotel Dazo ~" are scattered all over the place.[4].
  • Often there is a photo panel in the lobby to select a room[5].
  • Many facilities are equipped with automatic checkout machines in guest rooms so that checkouts can be made without facing people.Due to legal issues, the checkout machine is called a "guest room exchange machine".This is because it is difficult to attract employees due to the bad publicity of love hotels, so even people with low morals had to hire, so the problem was that the usage fee was set.However, there are high advantages such as ensuring privacy and efficiency of settlement.[6].
  • Even hotels do not necessarily require accommodation, and depending on the time of check-in, a system called "break" can be used to check out in a short time without staying.Normally, the time is set to about 1-3 hours.[5].
  • コ ン ド ー ム(Contraceptives) are often available[7].
  • Basically, it is used by two men and women, but some hotels allow the same sex and use by three or more people.However, there are cases where the use of the same sex is limited to women only, or the use by two or more men is prohibited while allowing the use by three or more people.


Since it is not just a facility for accommodation, there are various services for customers.

There is a waterbed (the mattress is filled with water)[8]Also, the interior is made with a concept that is rarely seen in ordinary business hotels, such as illuminations, mirror balls, etc.SMTool[9]Equipment such as is prepared,CosplayuseCostumeOr rent[10]There is also a service that says.Alsomassage chair,[11], Doodle book[12]There are also examples where such things are installed.

The checkout machine in the room,frontAnd connect each roomAir shooterSome hotels allow you to pay while you are in the room.When a customer enters the room, the door of the room is locked by remote control from the front desk, and the store is not unlocked until the customer pays the fee at the checkout machine in the room or tells the check-out by phone. There is also.In some cases, this became a death and he could not get out of the room in the event of a fire and died.[13].

In addition, unlike Asian countries other than Japan, adult channels are normally broadcast on TV etc. (however, there are many charges) even at general inn business law hotels (excluding hostels, dormitories, etc.) in Japan, which is peculiar to love hotels. I'm not saying that.

Rotating bed

A rotating bed is a circular bed in which the mattress can be rotated left and right by mechanical operation.

It seems that it appeared in Osaka around the end of 1960.[Note 1]Electric beds, such as rotating beds, have been introduced with various tastes in response to customers who like novelty.[14].

But the swivel bed1985 It became one of the "structures or equipment specified by Cabinet Order" under the new Customs Business Law.As a result, hotels with rotating beds have become "store-type special business for sex and customs," and since 1985, it has become impossible to establish new love hotels with rotating beds.Nowadays, it's rarely seen, but there are still active and movable swivel beds in various places only in old hotels that existed before 1985.[Note 2]..In addition, new products are still being manufactured and sold for the rotating bed itself, mainly as equipment for individuals.Tokyo Big SiteIt is also exhibited at an exhibition for love hotels held in Japan.

There are various theories such as "Yuji Kato" who was a living business of electrical work, "Takeshi Okumura" who runs a health appliance maker in Nagoya, and "Fumihiko Hayakawa" who was a designer.[14].

(I.e.Supreme leader ofMuammar al-KazafiImported the swivel bed used in Japanese love hotels from a trader and used it habitually.[15]. this isTripoliLibya's official residence inU.S. ArmyIt became clear when the scene video was released to the press in each country when it was bombed.


Crime prevention

Around the 1980s, there were many murders at love hotels.PolicemenBy the guidance ofSurveillance cameraIs often installed.This is also an alternative to not filling in the customer list.

Love hotels registered under the Fuei Law are prohibited from entering under the age of 18, so they are not allowed to be used by families with children under the age of 18.

Positioning under the Customs Business Law

Customs business law[17]As one of the "store-type special business of sex and customs", "a facility specified by a Cabinet Order (including a private room with a structure or equipment specified by a Cabinet Order) exclusively used for accommodation (including breaks) of guests accompanied by the opposite sex shall be provided. (Limited) is set up, and it is stipulated that "business to use the facility for the accommodation" (Article 2, Paragraph 6, Item 4).

Furthermore, "Ordinance for Enforcement of Law Concerning Regulation of Customs Business, etc. and Optimization of Business"[18](Article 3) and "Regulations for Enforcement of Law Concerning Regulation of Customs Business, etc. and Optimization of Business"[19](Article 4) stipulates standards for "facility, structure, equipment".

Specifically, it is as follows.

  • Rental rooms and other private rooms that have the following facilities among the facilities that are used exclusively for breaks for guests traveling with the opposite sex
    1. Beds that vibrate or rotate by power, special-purpose mirrors provided to reflect the appearance of a person lying down with an area of ​​one square meter or more, or two or more special-purpose mirrors with a total area of ​​one square meter The above and other facilities provided exclusively to respond to the sexual curiosity of guests accompanied by the opposite sex
    2. Vending machines and other equipment that provide sexually intriguing goods
    3. Settees and other equipment used exclusively for breaks for guests traveling with the opposite sex
  • Hotels, inns and other facilities used for accommodation and breaks for guests[Note 4]Out of
    1. Facilities where the floor area of ​​the dining room (including the kitchen) or lobby does not reach a certain value
    2. Facilities that have a break fee display or other indication that the facility can be used for breaks on the outer circumference of the facility or inside the facility that can be seen from the outside.
    3. A facility that is equipped with a blindfold or other equipment that makes it difficult for people entering or exiting the facility to be seen from the outside at the entrance or the vicinity of the facility.
    4. Curtains and other items that can block the line of sight are attached to the front, etc., which may interfere with interviews with customers at the front, etc. A facility that is installed in a position where customers can receive a key to a private room that they use without having an interview with an employee and perform other procedures.
    5. A facility where a customer can receive a key to a private room to be used by operating a machine or other equipment without an interview with an employee or other customer can enter the private room to be used without an interview with an employee. Facilities that can be
    It corresponds to any of
    1. A structure in which the garage of a car used by a customer is connected to a private room normally used for the guest's accommodation.
    2. A structure in which a garage of a car used by a customer is usually provided close to a private room used for the guest's accommodation, and the private room has an entrance / exit on an outer wall surface facing the garage or an outer wall surface adjacent to the outer wall surface.
    3. A structure in which the private room in which the guest stays has a corridor, stairs, and other entrances and exits that are mainly used for the passage between the garage of the car used by the guest and the private room.
    Has a structure that corresponds to any of
    1. (#Applicable facilities only) Beds that vibrate or rotate by power, special-purpose mirrors provided to reflect the appearance of a person lying down, with an area of ​​XNUMX square meter or more, or two or more special-purpose mirrors. Facilities with a total area of ​​XNUMX square meter or more and other facilities provided exclusively for responding to the sexual curiosity of guests accompanied by the opposite sex
    2. (#Applicable facilities only) Vending machines and other equipment that provide sexually intriguing goods
    3. (* Applicable facilities only) Machines and other equipment for receiving and paying accommodation fees that allow customers to pay the fees without interviewing employees.
    Those with equipment that falls under any of the above.

Therefore, there are some love hotels that do not necessarily match what is considered to be love hotels by the public and do not fall under the law.


  • Installed by the hotel owner or userhidden cameraThe video of another person's sexual activity may be voyeur.Some thingsAdult videosIt may become a work and be on the market, or if it has not been edited, private conversations and personal information exchanged between individuals may be leaked.
  • Inn Business LawThen.Guest listAlthough it is obligatory to install (Article 6), there are few people who fill it out at love hotels.again,receiptIn most cases, the number of guests is less than the actual number of guests because they are not issued or received by customers.Tax officeThere are many managers who report totax evasionIt is said to be a hotbed for.movie"Marsa's WomanIt also became the subject of.
  • In areas where the management of love hotels is prohibited, so-calledJapanese innOr by renovating, remodeling, or expanding existing facilities and equipment, etc.Camouflaged love hotel(Similar love hotel) ”has become a social problem[20][21][22].
  • Due to the fact that sexual activity is carried out openly, various body fluids and, in some cases, manure may be scattered, which poses a hygiene problem.Sheets are changed and bathrooms are cleaned more carefully than hotels, but there are differences depending on the love hotel.For that reason, it is said that many facilities have problems with hygiene management.According to a study by Aoki Sakai, director of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, a survey of 80 hotels nationwide found that bathroom cups ranged from 78.8% to general viable bacteria and 48.7%.Staphylococcus, From 3.8%ColiformsIs said to have been detected.From the front side of the toilet seat, we announced the results of a survey that detected 100% of general viable bacteria, 70% of staphylococci, and about 10% of coliform bacteria.[23].


The characteristics of love hotels by region are as follows.[24].

  • HokkaidoThen relativelyBarrier-freeIs progressing.
  • TokyoFeatures a sophisticated and stylish appearance.The room is small because it is a city.
  • NagoyaIs gorgeous and gorgeousDepartment store OfConfectioneryWill be provided.
  • OsakaIn, the break starts from one hour, and there are many goods rental and optional free services.There is a tendency for new services such as the introduction of rotating beds and sweets services to become popular.
  • OkinawaThen,karaokeMany young couples come for the purpose.

Academic research

There are few academic studies on love hotels, and few comprehensive discussions.SociologyIn the field of, there are studies that consider love hotels from the perspective of cross-cultural theory.[25]..I did this studyKim Ik KyungOver 5 rooms in 1000 years[26]I'm investigating a love hotel in Japan, and laterSports Nippon] Comes to have a serialization entitled "Love Hotel Graduate School" on paper.Men's and Women's Sexual Love Studies-Latest Version of Disparity Society- "Love Hotel & Sex Evolution" Weekly Post2009 May 6He is active as a writer of customs, such as contributing to the issue.

Number of users

In Japan2005 Currently, there are about 3 love hotels, and the average number of guest rooms per hotel is about 1.Data that a room is used by a couple of guests a day[27]Based on the above, the number of users nationwide per day reaches about 1 million.There are also hotel portal sites that introduce love hotels all over Japan that are convenient to use, and magazines that introduce hotels.


Shinjuku Kabukicho love hotel serial murder case
Shinjuku Kabukicho love hotel serial murder caseIs1981 From March to JuneTokyoShinjuku wardKabukichoThis is an unsolved case in which three women were killed one after another at a love hotel in Japan.At a love hotelCrime preventionIt is also an incident that triggered measures to be taken.

History in Japan

After the Edo period

Origin isEdo PeriodChayaIn the back offuton"Meeting teahouse (colored teahouse)" and KawaharaPleasure boatIt is said to be a "Kawafune" who acts in[28][14].

MeijiIn the ageTrainWhen it opensShinbashiIn the neighborhoodWaiting teahouse(Waiting) opened one after another, and the high-class waiting was used for meetings with political and business people and geisha play.On the other hand, cheap waiting is said to be the prototype of the current love hotel.[29].

Second World WarIn front of it, the "Yenjuku" with a double bed was also booming.Occupational ladyからwife,芸 者Was also using[30][31].

After the end of the war

After World War II TheWar damageBecause many people lost their homesGangsterIs in fashion, especiallyImperial PalaceAround andOsaka CastleAokan occurred frequently in the surrounding area[32].

Due to poor housing conditions, many couples were concerned about their children's eyes in small houses, so they were originally run as lodging facilities for workers.Japanese-style room"Bring-in inns" (bring-in inns, abeck hotels, bring-in hotels) become popular.The inn was very prosperous because the turnover rate of visitors was high unlike the guests, and because it was stated that there was a bath when there was no public bath.[32].

1957 (Showa 32),Prostitution Prevention LawIs enacted,PlaygroundHas become more and more popular as it has been abolished.[32]..In many cases, the prostitutes who were forced to close their businesses were relocated, but there were also cases in which ordinary houses were renovated after seeing the boom.1961 , The number of inns brought in in Tokyo reached about 2700.[30].

The name of the inn is generally indistinguishable from ordinary inns such as "○○ Tabiso" and "○○ House".[33]The appearance was almost the same as that of the inn, and the maid was serving tea.

After the period of high economic miracle

1963 In (Showa 38), by Mr. Takashi Nakajima who returned from the United StatesmotorizationWith the development ofIshikawaKaga City"Motel Hokuriku", which is said to be Japan's first motel, opened in Japan.Initially, it was aimed at long-distance drivers and family guests returning from the drive, but due to the housing situation at that time, Abek was flooded for sex.If there is demand, we changed the management policy there and created many systems that are also used in current love hotels.[Note 5]..Unlike the inn that was only in the vicinity of the railway station, the risk of a couple meeting an acquaintance can be avoided, it can be built in a mountain with low land prices, and the fashionable image of a motel in Europe and the United States has gained popularity, and it is also popular in rural areas. Spread one after another[34].. Expanded to 1968 in 1413[35].

1960 By designer Shin Amii etc. from the latter half of the generation[36]As a gorgeous and unique "device hotel", it is flashyネ オ ン, Mirrored interior, swivel bedTransparentBath etc.SexualYou can now see hotels equipped with various items[37]..Especially in TokyoSendagayaMany such facilities were found in[31].

1970 In the era, the term "love hotel" became common.[38][Note 6], "Love hotel = hotel that can be entered on foot, motel = hotel that can be entered by car".As for the hotel name, the names of the Western royal family such as "Elizabeth", "Royal", and "Emperor" became popular.Also1970 (Showa 45)Osaka ExpoTaking this opportunity, the number of store names imitating foreign place names such as "American", "New York", and "Niagara" increased.[33].

1973 In (48), the appearance of a fairy tale castle, men and womengondola"Gondola bus" etc.[39]Luxury equipmentMeguro Emperor[Note 7]Opened[30]As a result, the number of castle-shaped love hotels has increased nationwide.Especially in rural areas, it was difficult to attract attention without making the presence stand out, so the hotel was characterized by its eye-catching appearance such as flashy neon signs.[34].

Until the early 70sAmenityGoods were only for men, but shower caps became popular with bar hostesses because the hair set did not collapse even if they had sex at a hotel before going to work in the late 70's, and amenity goods for women increased. bottom[40][41].

Since the enforcement of the revised Fuei Law

11PM,TonightTV show,Mediocre punch,Weekly playboyThe fact that radical sexual information was taken up by the mass media, such as the weekly magazine that said[42]From the love hotel in the 1980spachinkoAlong with the stores, the era of thousands of customers who said, "If you make it, you will make a profit" has arrived.[43].. However1985 In (60), such a form was adopted by the revised Fukuei Law enacted from the imagination that "it is extremely often used for the place of sexual misconduct of girls and boys" and the regulations of local governments concerned about the deterioration of morals. Opening a new love hotel in Japan made the application procedure very complicated.

So the procedure is simplebusiness hotelThe number of hotels that will be renovated and operated as love hotels will increase.They areCustoms business law[17]Separated from the regular love hotels reported byCamouflaged love hotel(Illegal love hotel)[Note 8].

Moreover,Equal Employment ActWomen's rights have improved since the revision of the hotel, and the initiative to select hotels has begun to shift to women. Demand for love hotels has increased to simple urban styles, such as being called boutique hotels, and construction costs. The number of love hotels, which are not much different from ordinary hotels in appearance, has increased because[42]..As the sovereignty of choosing a hotel has been transferred to women, the hotel name has changed to "Paris" and "Florence", which are popular for overseas travel, and "Chapel" and adorable names that are conscious of women's desire to marry. Changed[33].

Decline and changes in love hotels

1990 era,PiaLove hotels are also introduced in information magazines for young people[44],karaoke,Beauty treatmentLove hotels will decline from the latter half of the 90's, even though they are accompanied by advanced services such as[43].

This is less than half the population of 1970 years old, which was 260 million in XNUMX.Low birthrate and aging populationIs the main cause.else,Herbivorous boysTrend[45]The number of young people without lovers is increasing, and entertainment is diversifying, and the value of love hotels is relatively declining.In addition, environmental changes such as an increase in only child families and double-income parents, and an increase in families who have become tolerant of having children having sex with their lovers at home are also considered to be a factor.[43].

business hotel,Japanese innThere is also competition with services for couples.business hotelThen, while proclaiming business use, double bedChristmas,ValentineIntroducing plans and automatic checkout machines, the inn has adopted services for couples such as private open-air baths, all rooms away, a hideaway style with an incomprehensible entrance, and a day trip plan to compete with love hotels.[46].

Senior citizens[47], Middle-aged couple[48], Expected to be used by women,Women's AssociationHotels for use[49]Is also increasing.

The use of so-called "single love hotels," which use love hotels alone, is also increasing.The purpose of use is to use it as a substitute for a normal business hotel because it has a large room, a bath, and excellent sound insulation.[Note 9]In addition to the case of staying in a hotel, there are cases where night shift workers take a nap in the daytime, and there are reasons such as simply wanting to spend time alone in a closed space.The hotel also welcomes the increase in business guests.For this reason, some love hotels are offering facilities that are premised on Internet reservations and business use.[Note 10]..An increasing number of hotels have clearly stated that they are welcome to use alone.

According to the revised Customs Business Law that came into effect in January 2011, the nationwide business was based on the Ryokan Business Law.Camouflaged love hotelApproximately 2700 of them have become official love hotels after completing the transition application procedure under the Fudosan Law.[50].

2011 yearsGreat East Japan EarthquakeUsed by families in the disaster area of[51].

Recent trends

2016 , Government has decided to conditionally support the renovation of love hotels into general hotels[52].Foreign tourists visiting JapanDue to the increase in the number of people, the supply and demand of general hotels around Tokyo and Osaka has become tight.Inn Business LawIt has been pointed out that the purpose of remodeling a love hotel to meet the above conditions and using it as a saucer for guests has been pointed out.[53].

Japanese travel agencies have been reluctant to sign contracts with love hotels, but overseas are not bound by prejudice.Online travel agencyThe number of love hotels that register with and attract customers from all over the world is increasing[53],Also2017 ,Rakuten TravelBegan listing love hotels for the first time on domestic travel sites[54],2019 ToLINE Travel jpStarted listing love hotels[55].

British love hotel

Less in the UKBrightonThere is a hotel that bears a love hotel in Japan, but the host and chef serve food by the hotel staff, which is different from that in Japan. In September 2014, the movie "Love Hotel" co-directed by Hikaru Toda and Phil Cox was released.This work isOsakaTaken inside the hotel of the Plaza Angelo GroupdocumentaryIn March 2015with the BBCIt was aired on.Regarding the persistent popularity of Japanese love hotels, Cox said, "Strict work ethic, adaptive culture, and Japanese people living in a small living space need a private and intimate space. You can expose and enjoy everything. Location. Love hotels are spiritual shelters andThe United KingdomA concept unique to Japan that is not found in other countries such as.A progressive and important space that is also used to stimulate relationships that have become a rut. "[56].

Korean love hotel

South KoreaIn Japanbusiness hotelSince there are very few hotels in the middle price range, love hotels may be used by general travelers, including foreign tourists.Some hotels are popular with foreign tourists because of their good facilities for the price.[Note 11]..In Korea, there are so-called Japanese-style love hotels, as well as Korea's own "so-ryokan" and "ryokan".[Note 12]..Depending on the hotel, many of the guests are travelers, so it is difficult to delineate everything as a love hotel like in Japan.However, love hotels always have adult broadcasts on TV channels, which is a difference from ordinary hotels.In some areas, love hotels are crowded in the housing complex according to Korean business customs, causing trouble with neighboring residents.

The 2005 APEC Busan Summit and the F2010 that began in 1Korean Grand PrixThen, the shortage of hotels around the venue became serious, and reporters from each country who visited the venue were forced to stay at love hotels. 2018Pyeongchang OlympicThen, the price has already risen from the previous year, and during the tournament, it is nearly eight times the regular price, and the maximum is 8 per night.ウ ォ ンMotel is also appearing[57].

Taiwan love hotel

TaiwanThen,(Chinese version)(Motel) Is used for the purpose of a love hotel.However, it is also used by general travelers.In addition, there are many business hotels that also work as love hotels, with condoms in the rooms and adult broadcasts on TV channels.

Brazil love hotel

The name is a love hotel like Japan, and the Brazilian Love Hotel Association (Brazilian Association of Love Hotels, ABM) Also exists.Rio de JaneiroThere are 182 houses in the city alone[58].

French love hotel

advancedCity Hotel OfSuite RoomThen, there is a private room that incorporates a sexual production like a Japanese love hotel.[45].

Similar words

Motor + at the hotelAutomobileA hotel that can be put in as it is."" In the English-speaking worldMotelDoes not mean that it is a hotel dedicated to sexual intercourse, but in some areas and cities such as the suburbs of Los Angeles, the main customer base is couples who are driving."Motel" dedicated to sexual intercourse is sometimes called "ADULT MOTEL", but its existence and name are not very common.
Fashion hotel
A love hotel with a stylish interior that suits the younger generation.
Rental room
On the faceNet room,Conference room for rentSimilarly, we rent a room with a bed, sofa and shower for rest.Not limited to use for rest and nap, in factSexThere is a use for the purpose.Hotel HealthIn many cases, it is used as a service providing place for non-store type sex shops.Unlike the hotel, you cannot stay overnight,Internet cafeSimilarly, we offer a discount service that can be used for a long time during the midnight hours.Although it has not been designated by the Ryokan Business Law or the Customs Business Law, there are some that are regulated by ordinances.
Upside down jellyfish
The former "bring-in inn"Hot spring markThe jargon used because it was displayed in.
Camouflaged love hotel
A hotel that operates as a love hotel by notifying it as a so-called inn in an area where the management of a love hotel is prohibited, or by renovating, remodeling, or expanding existing facilities and equipment.Similar love hotels in police terms.It has become a social problem such as the arrest of a former industry group representative.[59].


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