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🤖 | TV anime "Kingdom", 4th series will be broadcast next spring!The prince, Chengjiao has a fearless smile


TV anime "Kingdom", 4th series will be broadcast next spring!The prince, Chengjiao has a fearless smile

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It is a visual that gives a hint of new turmoil to Qin, who has survived the battle with the combined forces and the crisis of the existence of the nation.

The 4th series of the TV anime "Kingdom" will be broadcast in the spring of 2022.In addition, the younger brother, Chengjiao (sei ... → Continue reading

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Cooperation(Gashorenkou) isChugoku OfSengoku periodIt is a combination of diplomatic measures and coalition measures.In turn, it shows how each power connects and separates depending on the situation.ChengyuIt became.


During the Spring and Autumn Warring States era, it was becoming a mighty of the Seven Warring States.秦As a foreign policy of the six neighboring countries (Han, Wei, Zhao, Yan, Chu, Qi), all of themSchool of DiplomacyWas considered by.

Initially, the six countries tried to connect with each other and work together to prevent Qin's pressure (combination).On the other hand, Qin closed the joint measures by individually establishing an alliance and dividing the cooperative relationship between the six countries (coalition measures).In this way, all the countries that finally participated in the joint measures were killed by Qin, and the unification of the world by Qin was realized.


Of the Seven Warring States, a huge秦Other thanSix countriesThe theory is that they will form a vertical alliance and try to counter Qin on the joint front.

The largest oneSchool of Diplomacy OfSu QinAccording to historical records, heGhost valleyWhen he returned to his home country after studying under him, he was so poor that he was ridiculed by his brother's wife and even his wife.For this reason, it is said that he took the initiative to tackle this.He firstswallow OfWen GongTo gather each country and preach to Qin and obtain consentZhao-Korea-Wei-Qi-ChuIt is said that he skillfully persuaded each country and established the union of the six countries.[1]..At this time, Su Qin is the president of the alliance.[2]And in six countriesPrime ministerAlso served as.After Su Qin, his younger brotherSudaiInherited by etc.

In the case of only two countries other than Qin, it is also called obedience.KusuharaIs known to have been a sect of obedience to Qin in Chu (he said as a rebel sect, "History』).Diners OfMao SuiBut Zhao'sPlain JunAs a messenger of Chu, I went to ChuKing QingxiangThe state of obedience to Lord Pingyuan is described in the Lord Pingyuan Retsuden.


It is the alliance that the nations that are subdued against Qin are separated from the obedience by preaching the interest of connecting with Qin and attacking neighboring countries.Coalitionists are often breathtaking in Qin, confronting the six nations, connecting with certain nations to attack other nations, or offering land and castles from the ties in return for the alliance. Aimed at that.The representative argumenter isZhang Yi.

laterFan Ju TheBefriend a distant attackBy chanting, teaming up with distant countries and attacking neighboring countries, Qin's territory was expanded.


  1. ^ It has been pointed out that many of Su Qin's activities are inconsistent with historical facts.According to it, there is no fact that six countries other than Qin have been federated, and Sima Qian says, "There are many strange stories about Su Qin in the world, and all the incidents of different times are attached to Su Qin's achievements." He tried to restore Su Qin's achievements, but it is said that he failed.As a historical fact288 BCThe five countries of Yan, Qi, Zhao, Han, and Wei joined forces to attack Qin, but the Allied Forces of the Five Countries retreated.next284 BCThis time, the five countries of Yan, Zhao, Wei, Han, and Qin are joining forces to attack Qin.It is this theory that Su Qin played an active part at this time.This era was the era of the two great powers of Qin and Qin, and Su Qin was a diplomat and spy who worked to consolidate the nations and attack Qin for swallows (Gakken"Historical group" 1997 February issue P2-44 Consolidation and the identity of Su Qin)
  2. ^ Ogawa et al. (1975) did thisUnited Nations Secretary-GeneralIt is said to be something like.

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