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🤖 | TV anime "Mushoku Tensei", Blu-ray Volume 3 newly drawn animation visual released


TV animation "Mushoku Tensei", Blu-ray Volume 3 newly drawn animation visual released

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The TV anime "Mushoku Tensei ~ If you go to another world, you'll be serious ~" is being broadcast on TOKYO MX and others.

From "Unemployed Reincarnation-If you go to another world, you'll be serious", which started broadcasting the second cool TV anime in October 2021 ... → Continue reading

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TOKYO MX and others

Mushoku Tensei-I'm serious when I go to another world-

"Mushoku Tensei-I'm serious when I go to another world-』(Mushokutenseiseiseikai wa honki desu) isUnreasonable grandchildren's handsbyJapan OfLight novel.


Novel posting site"Let's become a novelist"soOnline novelSerialized from September 2012 to April 9. From January 2015MF Books(Planning /Frontier Works,Issue·KADOKAWA) Has been made into a book.The illustration is Shirotaka.Abbreviation is "Mushoku Tensei'[2].

34Unemployed OfJapaneseBut,中 世EuropeIn a different world of windReincarnationOf the setting thatFantasyNovel[3].. The mainstream of "Let's become a novelist", the setting that the hero who reincarnated in another world is unrivaled using modern knowledge and magicHigh fantasyPioneer work of[4]So, the main character is the previous life, centering on human relationships including familytraumaA story that overcomes and grows is unfolded[5]..The main focus was on family and relationships.Planetary scissorsAnd 'Parasite』Reveals that it is influenced by[6].

The author's unreasonable grandson's hand described the process of writing this work, at that time, "Shakugan no ShanaModern different ability battles such as "" are the mainstream of light novels, and fantasy works were shunned, but "Re: MonsterHe said that he started posting because he knew that he would become a novelist and thought that he might be accepted here.[7]..Regarding the world view, it is set in the era 80 years ago of the work I was thinking about before writing this work.[8], A story set in another era is posted as "The Story of the Six-sided World" to become a novelist.

The manga version is[9].. WEB comic magazine "ComicWalkerIs being serialized in the spin-off comic "Mushoku Tensei-Roxy is serious"[10]..In the manga version volumes 9 and 10, "Re: Life in a different world starting from zero』Collaboration novel and collaboration manga were recorded[2]..To commemorate the release of the 10th volume of the manga version, a large poster was posted in the JR station yard near Kanto from March 2019th to March 3st, 25.[11]..From March 12 to March 5, 2020 to commemorate the release of 3 volumes of the manga version and 23 volumes of Roxy are seriousTokyo MetroNakazuri posters were posted on 5 routes[12].. From August 2020th to September 8th, 17Seibu LineStickers were posted in some vehicles[13].

From October 2013 to February 10, he maintained the number one position in the cumulative ranking of becoming a novelist. "This light novel is amazing!In the 2017 edition, it was ranked 4th in the book / novels category. As of March 2021, the cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 8 million.[14].


The 20-year-old unemployed hero, who has lived in modern Japan for nearly 34 years, is banished from his house by his brothers as his parents die.After leaving the house, he died in an accident trying to help three high school students who were run over by a truck.

But when he woke up, he was a baby.Then he witnesses the sword and magic and realizes that he has reincarnated in another world.Rudeus GreyratThe hero who reincarnated in the past looks back on his regrets in the previous life, learns magic, takes good care of his family, lives hard, and grows over the trauma of the previous life.

Childhood edition (1 book)
UniquelymagicWhile studying, I realized my mother's talent as a magician of Rudeus.Zenith GrayratBy the demon magicianRoxy MigurdiaIs hired.Of my father who wanted to make Rudeus a swordfighterPaul Gray RatRudeus grew up learning swordsmanship and magic from Roxy, but he still couldn't get out of the trauma that was bullied by the bad guys.Meanwhile, Roxy is finally told that he will take a graduation exam, and Roxy, who does not notice the trauma of Rudeus, runs the village with Roxy on a horse.After seeing the discriminatory demon Roxy being accepted by the villagers, Rudeus overcame the trauma and succeeded in his graduation exam, and Roxy set out on a journey to hone his magical skills.
Rudeus was bullied after overcoming the trauma of being unable to go out thanks to Roxy.SylphietteHelp and become friends.During the pregnancy of Zenith, the maidLillaIs in danger of family collapse, such as having an affair with Paul and becoming pregnant, but somehow his sister'sNorn Gray RatAisha Gray RatWas born and was living peaceful days.One day, feeling stagnant as a magician, Rudeus consults with Sylphyet to go to Lanoa Magic College.
However, Paul, worried that the two became dependent, beat Rudeus and stunned him, making Rudeus an aristocrat.TutorArrange to earn tuition for the Magic College in the town of Lwa.Rudeus, who was reluctantly convinced while he was fainting, was Paul's former companion and a sword king who served a tutored aristocrat.Ghislaine de DordiaTaken to the town of Loa.
Boyhood (Books Volume 2-6)
The daughter of the Boreas Greyrat familyEllis Boreas GreyratRudeus, who became a tutor, manages the job of a tutor while struggling with the fierce Ellis.But 10 years oldbirthdayThe day aftermagicRuns out of control. The "Fitua territory transfer incident" occurs and is sent to the demon continent with Ellis.Rudeus is an unidentified being in a dreamHitogamiA demon warrior who is feared by people according to his adviceLouis Geld SpelldiaWith the help of Ellis and Louis Geld, they form an adventurer party "Dead End" and aim to return to the Asura Kingdom Fitua territory.
Meanwhile, Roxy is also Paul's former companion, knowing that Rudeus and his friends are missing.Elina Rise Dragon RoadStrict Omine TalhandStarted searching for Rudeus and others with the two of them.
Various troubles along the way of Paul's former companionGeese NoucadiaAnd the third prince of the Kingdom of Sea LawnZanova Sea LawnIt has been 3 years since I continued traveling while being helped and resolved.Upon arriving in Fitua territory, Rudeus and Ellis break up with Louis Gerd and learn that Ellis' family has all died in a refugee camp.Rudeus decides to live with Ellis, but Ellis is the second-largest dragon god in the middle of the journey.OlsteadBecause he couldn't do anything when Rudeus was about to be killed, he embarked on a training journey, saying that he could only be a foothold for Rudeus.Rudeus misunderstands that Ellis left because he was fond of him, and goes on a journey to find his missing family in disappointment.
Adolescence (Books Volumes 7-12)
Two years after parting with Ellis, Elina Rise appears under Rudeus, who was traveling in the northern part of the central continent in search of her missing mother, Zenith.Elina Rise finds Zenith on the continent of Vegarit and tells Rudeus that Paul and Roxy have headed.Relieved to know that Zenith was safe, Rudeus decided to enroll in Lanoa Magic College at the recommendation of Elina Rise and Hitogami.
Guardian of the Second Princess of the Kingdom of Asura at Lanoa Magic CollegeFitzThe grandson of Zanova and Pope of the Millis sect who became friends with and reunited with the wisdom of Fitz.Cliff Grimol, Princess of the Dortia tribeLinearna DedordiaPrusena Adoldia, Demon King of the Demon ContinentBirdie gurdy, One of the high school students who tried to help from the truck in the previous lifeNanahoshi ShizukaWe will solve problems related to special students such as.


* Voice actors are unless otherwise specified.Television AnimationRefers to the edition.

main character

Rudeus Greyrat
Voice- Uchiyama Yumi[15],Tomokazu Sugita(Previous life)[16] / Hiro Shimono(Drama CD)[1]
  • Race: Human race
Of this workhero..Nickname is "Rudi".Reincarnated from modern Japan, born in the village of Buena, Fitua, Kingdom of Asura[3][Note 1].
In his previous life, he was withdrawn until he was 34 years old due to bullying in high school and did not attend the funeral of his parents, so he was expelled from his house by his brother and died in an accident trying to help three high school students who were run over by a truck immediately afterwards. did.After reincarnation, I decided to live seriously this time because of the regret that I threw everything halfway in my previous life[18].
From an early age, keep in mind "do not get sick", "do not blame others", and "work hard"magic-Fencing-言语Learn etc.[19], I try to avoid rubbing with others as much as possible, and even if something happens, I try not to unilaterally say bad things, considering the other person's position and what I did wrong.[Note 2][22]..Also, because he was a dropout in his previous life, he does not want to abandon the weak and the dropout, and tries to do his best.He is thought to be a hard-working and mild-mannered person, but since his roots are amorous, he cannot read the air and may make the other person uncomfortable.Other than that, the bad things of the previous life have not completely disappeared at the time of reincarnation, such as playing around with the other person and making a fool of the other person, but he grows up by meeting various people.
Extremely large amount of magical power due to magical power training from childhood and Laplace factor[17]..Since attack magic can be used without chanting, it is possible to release even low-ranked magic with the power of the imperial class by controlling the generation and storing the magic power.However, since the human body cannot withstand using magic that is commensurate with the total amount of magical power, magic that makes use of the huge amount of total magical power cannot be used.[23]..Also, only attack magic can be used without chanting, and healing magic cannot be used without chanting.His specialties are "rock cannonballs" that shape stones made with magical power, add rotation, and eject them at ultra-high speed, and "mud swamp", a mixed magic of water and soil systems.In addition to the fact that swordsmanship does not have a fighting spirit, the sword god that does not suit the aptitude because Paul, the master, hated the aptitude of the Kitagami style and did not teach, and Ghislaine, who became the next master, was a swordsman I was taught the style and stopped as an intermediate swordsman, but when I was 11 years old, I got the right eye changed to a magical eye "foresight eye" that can see the future a few seconds ahead by Makai Emperor Kisilica. If you are a senior swordsman, you can win without magic.[24]..Its ability is recognized by some of the most powerful people in the world, but self-evaluation is low because of seeing many such overwhelming strong people and reflecting on the previous life.On the contrary, people tend to misunderstand or overestimate what went well by chance as a strategy.
In addition to the "human language" that I learned in my childhood, I can use the "beast god language" that I learned from Guillene and the "genie language" that I learned from the dictionary I got from Roxy.[25].
After learning magic from tutor Roxy, he taught Sylphiet magic, but became Ellis' tutor to earn money for Lanoa Magic College. In the Fitua territory transfer incident that occurred the day after his 10th birthday, he was sent to the demon continent with Ellis, where he was helped by the Spelled Louis Geld, and then the three of them formed an adventurer party "Dead End". , Aim for the Kingdom of Asura. After arriving in Fitua territory over three years, he left for Louis Geld and Ellis to search for his missing mother, Zenith, in the northern part of the central continent.
In the search in the north, Zenith went around to make a name for himself as an adventurer so that he could find himself.Rudeus in the mudWill be called.After learning from a report from Elinarise that Zenith was on the continent of Vegalit and Paul and his friends were heading for him, he enrolled as a special student at Lanoa Magic University at the recommendation of Elinarise and Hitogami.
Arrogant Water Dragon King (Aqua Heartia)
Rudeus' favorite cane. It was given by the Boreas Greyrat family on their 10th birthday.
The fist-sized water magic stone from the stray sea dragon and the arm of Elder Turent who manipulates water magic are used as materials, and water magic is multiplied by 5, earth and wind magic is tripled, and fire magic is doubled. It ’s a very powerful cane,[26]It doesn't make much sense for Rudeus, who has a huge amount of magical power and can change the generation of magic with unchanted magic.[Note 3]It is said that it doesn't change so much whether you use it or not.[29].
Zarifu's artificial limbs
Detail is"#Zarifu's artificial limbSee.
Magic Armor
Detail is"#Magical armorSee.
Voice- Ai Chino[15]
  • Race: Mixed race (1/2 human, 1/4 long ear, 1/4 beast)[30]
Quarter elf girl living in Buena village[3]..Nickname is "Sylphy".The first person was "I" in childhood[31], I became "I" after I started dressing as a man.
He has a boyish appearance with short green hair and thin lines, but his personality is homely, gentle and obedient.Her hair color is the same green as the feared demon "Spelled", so she was bullied by the children in the village, but Rudeus helped her to become friends and teach her magic.
Has a Laplace factor[17], The total amount of magical power is considerably smaller than that of Rudeus, but generally it is large.[23]..It is inferior in magic control such as not being able to use two types of magic at the same time, and it is far from Rudeus in attack magic, but unlike Rudeus, the healing system can be used without chanting and it is excellent as a healing surgeon.You can wear fighting spirit, and by equipping with magical power accessories, you have the fighting ability of a sacred swordsman.[32].
He likes Rudeus, but is separated from each other because his parents are worried that he is becoming co-dependent.After Rudeus left the village for a tutoring job, he lived in a clinic helping Zenith and learning etiquette from Lilla.
In the Fitua territory transfer case, it was transferred to the sky above the Asura royal palace.Use magic to prevent the fall and help Princess Ariel, who was accidentally attacked by a monster at the landing point.[Note 4]..After that, after many twists and turns, he dressed as a man and became a guardian of Princess Ariel, calling himself Fitz.As the highest force of the Second Princess, he rejected the assassin of the First Prince and defended Ariel who escaped from the Kingdom of Asura and studied abroad at the Lanoa Magic University.
Hearing rumors about Rudeus acting as an adventurer at Ranoa Magic College, he urges Genus to solicit Rudeus to enter Ranoa Magic College[32]..However, because he was dressed as a gray-haired man, Rudeus did not notice that he was Sylphyt.[29].
Cane for beginners
A wand made from a magic stone about the size of the tip of a little finger and a young vampire torrent tree.[33]..Originally given by Roxy on Rudeus' fifth birthday, it was handed over to Sylphyt.[Note 5]I continue to use it even after becoming a guardian.The first cane is Roxy's commitment to give good things, and uses the best materials among beginner canes.
Annoying cloak
Detail is"#Fever cloakSee.
Overwhelming gloves
Detail is"#Overwhelming glovesSee.
Gale shoes
Detail is"#Gale shoesSee.
Roxy Migurdia
Voice- Yoshimi Ohara[15] / Ryo Hirohashi(Drama CD)[1]
  • Race: Demon (Migurud)
A magician of the demon "Migurud".Appearance is blue hairBraidA girl with sleepy eyes.It ’s a race that lives longer than humans, so it ’s 14 years old.[35], Already 37 years old at the time of first appearance.
A polite, hard-working hard workerBardIt's excellent enough to be a poem, but it has a side that is said to be clumsy, such as making mistakes due to lack of confirmation as well as bad time due to the nature of not spending time on things.[Note 6].
He is good at water-based magic and can use magic faster than usual with a shortened chant.He has a lot of combat experience and knowledge of close combat,[37], Good at fighting monsters rather than interpersonal battles[38]..His specialty is "Ice Spear Snowstorm", which drops an ice spear, and "Frost Nova", a mixed magic that cools water droplets and freezes enemies.
Born in a village of the Migurd tribe on the demon continent, he feels alienated because he cannot use the special ability "telepathy" of the race, and leaves the village to become an adventurer.[39]..After studying under Genus at Lanoa Magic College[Note 7]Wandered in search of a job and was hired by the Greyrat family as a tutor for Rudeus[40]..By eliminating the trauma of being unable to get out of Rudeus by chance in the graduation exam, he became worshiped like a god.[41]..I have a strong feeling for the Greyrat family who treated me like a family because I had a feeling of alienation in my hometown.[42].
Knowing that Rudeus and others were involved in the Fitua territory transfer case, he and Elina Rise and Tarhand search the demon continent.However, due to the interference of Hitogami, he passed by without noticing Rudeus.Finding the whereabouts of Rudeus and others with the "Mari Eye" of the Makai Emperor Kisilica, parting from Elina Rise heading for the northern part of the central continent where Rudeus is, and joining Paul of the Holy Land of Millis with Talhand, heading for the Pegalit continent where Zenith is.
The main character of the spin-off comic "Mushoku Tensei-Roxy is serious".
Ellis Boreas Greyrat
Voice- Ai Kakuma[15]
  • Race: Human race
The daughter of the Boreas Greyrat family, a senior aristocrat of the Kingdom of Asura.Characterized by wavy crimson hair.
"RabiesWith a ferocious personality called ", he repeatedly dropped out of the aristocratic school and sent a tutor to the hospital to quit.His father, Philip, also thought that he could not live as an aristocrat, so he had Ghislaine teach swordsmanship (sword god style), and he thought that he had no choice but to be an adventurer in the future.[43]..Such a personality goes well with the aggressive sword god style,[44]On the contrary, you cannot learn the passive Mizukami style technique.[45]..Rough but do not hit important opponents such as family[Note 8]..Also, if you receive a convincing explanation, you can follow the unpleasant side[Note 9]There is also a devoted aspect that if Rudeus wins by stopping the enemy even if he dies, that's fine.[49]..With a refreshing temperament, he doesn't take root even if he changes his mind quickly and dislikes it, but he continues to be hostile to the person who hurt Rudeus even if the problem is solved.
Ghislaine and Louis Geld, who have excellent swordsmanship and indomitable fighting spirit, are also arguing that they can become stronger than themselves.Originally I didn't want to be that strong[47], Favoring and balancing Rudeus, who was hired by a tutor, he began to devote himself to the only swordsmanship that could beat Rudeus and demanded the strength to fight with him.I'm not interested in the title because it makes it stronger to protect the important person[49].
In the case of the transfer of the Fitua territory, he was sent to the demon continent with Rudeus, and he aimed at the Fitua territory while learning the demon fighting method from Louis Gerd who met there.However, I came to think that I could not do anything because I was left to Rudeus, and I lost to Rudeus who got a foresight in a game without magic, and Rudeus with the lower jaw of the red dragon. The anxiety became stronger and stronger after the events such as being killed by the dragon god Olstead.
After learning about the deaths of his parents and grandfather in the Fitua territory that he finally arrived at, he misunderstood that he was about to rematch with the dragon god Olstead because Rudeus began to learn the demons used by the dragon god Olstead. In order to protect Rudeus, he decided to abandon the name of Boreas and practice with Ghislaine in the sacred place of the sword, leaving a note and heading to the sacred place of the sword.
Unsigned sword[50]
A small, wide single-edged sword.I got it from Loin on the Demon Continent.
It is a work of Julian Harrisco, who is also known as a master craftsman of the demon world, and is said to be a good sword by the sword god Gal Farion, who has no special ability but has a hobby of collecting swords.[51].

Rudeus family

Paul Gray Rat
Voice- Tomoyuki Morikawa[52] / Takemoto Hideshi(Drama CD)[1] / Asuna Tomari(Game <boyhood>)[53]
  • Race: Human race
Rudeus' father[3]..A low-ranking knight who manages the village of Buena[3].
Born in the Notos Greyrat family, a senior aristocrat of the Kingdom of Asura, he left the house at the age of 12 and lived as an adventurer because he could not agree with his strict father.However, by getting pregnant with Zenith, who was the same party, he retired as an adventurer in search of a stable life.Relying on his cousin Philip to take up the post of Knight in Buena Vista, Fitua[43].
An excellent swordfighter who has mastered all three major schools of swordsmanship to the advanced level[Note 10]..It is also said that the sword technique, in which the defense of the Mizukami style and the attack of the Kenjin style are added to the type of the Kitakami style and the dual wield style, embodies the ideal swordsman.[54]..The most talented is the Kitakami style[55]If you fight seriously, it will be a beast-like movement[56], Says that he hates the Kitakami style and does not want to use it[34][57]..There are many points that he has excellent ability as a leader such as being flexible and dealing with people with bad reputation without prejudice, having excellent judgment and execution ability, but he is sloppy in female relations such as having an affair during his wife's pregnancy. Saya[58], I get emotional and I can't see the surroundings[59], There are many drawbacks such as being cornered and running away to alcohol, and in human relations I repeatedly fail and regret[60]..It is said that his father is not talented, and he has high expectations for Rudeus because of his excellence, and he treats him as a full-fledged person from an early stage, but he does not understand the weaknesses and bad points, so in the Holy Land of Millis Became a quarrel because of[Note 11]..Aisha, a genius child, has not been properly seen as having been hurt by the treatment at the Latria family as well, but on the contrary, the mediocre Norns became the only family on the side due to the Fitua territory transfer incident. I was very concerned[Note 12].
In the Fitua territory transfer case, he moved to the southern part of the Kingdom of Asura with Norns.After returning, he grasped the situation and formed the "Fitua territory search team" and started searching for the missing family with Norns.However, not only is his family not found at all, but he is mentally cornered by events such as the death reports of his friends and the death of a member due to a conflict with the Millis aristocrat.He reunites with Rudeus, but does not know that his family has gone missing and quarrels with Rudeus, who happily talks about his journey.After that, he regretted that he made an irreparable mistake when he was pointed out by his former companion Geese that Rudeus was blown away by the harshness of the demon continent and that he had expected Rudeus excessively.The next day, he apologized to Rudeus and reconciled with Rudeus' understanding of Paul's feelings.
Holy sword imitation
Paul's love sword.The sword handle is an imitation of the holy sword of St. Millis that Paul found in the labyrinth.[Note 13]I didn't have a sword, but I replaced it with the handle of the sword I was using so far in order to remember the one that I realized the importance of my friends.It is said that the blade part is a good product made carefully and robustly and can be used for the next 100 years if it is not inadequately maintained.
Zenith Grayrat
Voice- Hisako Kanemoto[52]
  • Race: Human race
Rudeus' mother.Master of jam making[3]..Healer who can use healing magic and detoxification magic up to intermediate level[54]I work for a village clinic.
The second daughter of the Count Latria, a nobleman of the Holy Land of Millis,Miss Millis's bookHowever, when he was an adult, he quarreled with his parents and left the house to be scammed. Paul helped him to join the party.[62].
With a cheerful and cheerful personality[42]Feel free to interact with anyone and take the lead in celebrations[Note 14]..He should have been taught by the demons, but he didn't discriminate against the demons and learned cooking from Geese when he was an adventurer.[46]Roxy, who was hired by Rudeus's tutor, also treated him like a family and taught cooking.[64][Note 15].
Being a monogamous Millis, he was furious when Paul and Lilla had an affair while pregnant with Norns, but Rudeus persuaded them to forgive them.
Lilla Greyrat
Voice- Lynn[52]
  • Race: Human race
The maid of the Greyrat family.Originally a maid of Konoe who served the royal palace, she retired with sequelae on her legs in the battle with the assassin, and was hired by her old acquaintance Paul.[54].
Rudeus, who is not childish, was uncomfortable and distanced, but he paid homage and swore allegiance for his help when he became pregnant after having an affair with Paul.[58][65]..After that, he became the second wife, but he is treated as a maid except for his daughter Aisha.
In the Fitua territory transfer case, he transferred to the Kingdom of Sea Lawn with Aisha.He was captured by Pax as a hostage to lure Roxy, but when Rudeus came to help and made Zanova a disciple, Pax's wrongdoing was revealed and released.
Norn Gray Rat
Voice- Saya Aizawa
  • Race: Human race
Rudeus' sister.Characterized by blonde hair similar to her mother Zenith[66]..He is the only ordinary child with no special talent among siblings, and there is a complex in that.
Although he is a Millis and innocent personality, he trusts and admires Paul, who desperately searches for his missing family while protecting himself after the transfer to Fitua.He knew little about Rudeus, who went to the Boreas Greyrat family for a tutor's job before he even thought about it, and was afraid of Rudeus because of the fight between Paul and Rudeus in the Holy Land of Millis.I also hated Aisha because she was always seen below and suffered from inferiority complex when compared to something in the Latria family and schools in the Holy Land of Millis.
Aisha Gray Rat
Voice- Yuuki Takada
  • Race: Human race
Rudeus and Norns' half-sister.The brown hair similar to Paul is made into a ponytail[67][Note 16]..A genius child who has a talent for everything.She is educated as a maid by her mother, Lilla, to serve Rudeus.
Being cheerful but having a cold personality[68]..I yearn for Rudeus, but I hated Norns because of his position as a child of his wife and his low ability, and because his surroundings prioritized only Norns.
In the Fitua territory transfer case, he transferred to the Kingdom of Sealone with Lilla.He was captured by Pax as a hostage to lure Roxy, but when Rudeus came to help and made Zanova a disciple, Pax's wrongdoing was revealed and released.
Voice- Earth leaf
Save the world with the savior "Holy Beast".A huge dog with a silver coat. It's the size of 2 emails, but it's still a puppy and young.
It is a kind of demon beast that is born only once in hundreds of years, and according to the tradition passed down to the beast tribe, when the holy beast appears from ancient times, it is a crisis in the world. It is said that power will save the world.It is worshiped as a god by the beasts, and is carefully raised until it grows up in a barrier stretched by a tree called a sacred tree in the inner part of the village of the Dordia tribe.Rudeus saves him from being kidnapped and captured by a smuggling organization.

Lanoa Magic College

Special student

A student who was supposed to become a brand name of Lanoa Magic College by enrolling.Enrolling a well-known person or a person who is likely to grow in the future with just the name has a strong meaning as an advertising tower that will be an advertisement for the school, so not only the school fee exemption but also the class is exempted in some cases, They are given preferential treatment in various aspects, such as being able to use the facilities of the school freely.

Zanova Sea Lawn
Voice- Satoshi Tsuruoka
  • Race: Human race
The Third Prince of the Kingdom of Sea Lawn.A poor man with long face and round glasses.
I'm not very interested in anything other than being involved in dolls because I'm a doll enthusiast who loves dolls.However, he has a deep knowledge of works of art other than dolls, and is highly social, such as acting politely when necessary and above.
Contrary to its poor appearance, it is born with a curse and has a strong body and a strong body.Superhuman Miko".It is counted as one of the greatest strengths of the Kingdom of Sea Lawn, but due to the fact that he failed to adjust his power and pulled out his brother Julius and his wife's neck and killed them.Prince of the neckIt is treated like a tumor, feared.
Impressed by the doll that Rudeus made by earth magic, he became a disciple when he learned that Rudeus, who was captured by his younger brother Pax, was the creator of the doll, and rescued Rudeus by revealing the wrongdoing of Pax.However, because of this incident, he was deported in the form of studying abroad at Lanoa Magic University by his brothers who were afraid that Zanova would harm him.Later, he reunited with Rudeus, who had entered the Lanoa Magic University, and learned to make dolls, but he could not make dolls with earth magic because he had little magical power and could not acquire non-chanting magic, so he taught Juliet the technique of making dolls.After finding the automaton made by the mad dragon king Chaos, he has been engaged in research on automata, and continues his research with the goal of creating moving dolls and mass-producing Louis Geld dolls.In the process, he worked with Cliff to develop Zarif's artificial limbs and magical armor.
Superhuman strength and physical defense
A curse that exerts superhuman strength and physical defense that do not understand the principle.Pure power surpasses even the demon god Malta and the dragon god Olstead[69], Sturdy enough to deal physical damage only in the seven great powers[Note 17]..However, since it cannot put a load on the body, it cannot train the body, and its physical strength and agility are low.Also, since the defense power against magic is average, it is weak if you use magic at a distance.[71].
Cliff Grimol
  • Race: Mixed race (3/4 human race, 1/4 dwarf race)
Grandson of Pope Millis.Her bangs hide her eyes, and her grandmother is a dwarf, so she is small and short.
He is a self-confident person who recognizes himself as a genius, cannot read the air and fights quickly, but his roots are sincere and he cannot overlook the troubled person.Being a demon-friendly Millis, he has no discriminatory feelings towards the demons.
"Sage's eggHe has an extremely excellent magical talent called ", and can use 8 types of magic other than barriers up to advanced level out of 7 types of attack magic and healing magic combined.[72]..However, when it comes to combat, he was almost an amateur and didn't understand that he wasn't a strong wizard if he could use a lot of powerful magic until he lost to Linear and Prusena at the Lanoa Magic College.[73]..Since I started researching curses for Elina Rise, I have created magic tools that show my talent in creating magic tools and mitigate curses.In addition, it has helped research Nana Hoshi's return magic and develop Zarifu's artificial limbs and magical armor.
His parents died in a power struggle of the Millis sect, and he was taken over by his grandfather, who spent up to five years in an orphanage and won the power struggle.I grew up listening to adventurers from an orphanage senior, so I longed for an adventurer, and I fell in love with Ellis, who I met when I stole the eyes of the cult and registered as an adventurer, but I lost love when I heard the story of Rudeus. ..After that, he studied abroad at Lanoa Magic University by his grandfather who felt the danger due to the intensified power struggle within the cult.Although he had a crush on Rudeus due to a case with Ellis, he became a friend after he fell in love with Elina Rise at first sight and started dating with Rudeus.
Linearna Dedordia
  • Race: Beast (Dedrudia)
A bad girl from the cat-based beast tribe "Dedrudia".Nickname is "Linear".Characterized by the tone of adding "Nya" to the end of the word.
A devious personality that lives with momentary emotions without thinking deeply about things.When they are together, they often act before Prusena.In battle, he disturbs the enemy with physical and magical techniques with the support of Prusena behind him.
Ghislaine's niece and chieftain of the Dortia tribe, but the chieftain who was worried about his illness sent him to study abroad at the Lanoa Magic University.At Ranoa Magic University, majoring in attack magic, you can use the other basic XNUMX types for beginners in advanced fire magic and intermediate water magic.[54].
By destroying the Roxy doll he stole in the duel with Zanova, Rudeus's wrath was overthrown and he was imprisoned for a whole day until he came up with a screaming revenge.Eventually it was forgiven and released by graffiti, and since then Rudeus has been called the "boss".
Prusena Adoldia
  • Tribe: Beast Tribe (Adoldia)
A bad girl from the dog-based beast tribe "Adoldia".Characterized by the tone of adding "Nano" to the end of the word.
A glutton who is always eating something.He makes a fool of the devious linear, but his head is still the same.In battle, while Linear attracts the enemy, he uses the Doldia tribe's unique magic "Voice Magic" to neutralize the enemy.
The same as Linear, the chieftain of the Dortia tribe, but the chieftain who was worried about his clumsiness sent him to study abroad at Lanoa Magic University.At Ranoa Magic University, he majors in healing magic and can use attack magic for advanced healing magic and intermediate detoxification magic for beginners.[54].
By destroying the Roxy doll he stole in the duel with Zanova, Rudeus's wrath was overthrown and he was imprisoned for a whole day until he came up with a screaming revenge.Eventually it was forgiven and released by graffiti, and since then Rudeus has been called the "boss".
Birdie gurdy
  • Race: Demon (Immortal Demon)
The Demon King who reigns in the Viegoya region of the Demon Continent.A giant with long purple hair and dark skin and muscular bones, he has six arms.
He has a cheerful personality that is always laughing, and at best he is easygoing, and at worst he does not care about the rough and detailed details.He is moderate among the Demon Kings and prefers to make friends, drink and make noise with him rather than pursuing strength.
The jet-black skin will not be damaged unless it has the same attack power as the sword king, and even if it explodes, the pieces of meat will gather and have the vitality to revive without difficulty.Immortal Demon King"It is called.He likes tactics that make use of his immortal body and six arms, and his fighting ability is equal to that of the sword emperor.[74]..However, since it is left to the body and there is no skill, it is completely unmatched by an opponent with a certain level of attack power.Also, it does not appear in the evil eye due to the effect of the evil eye killing remedy that was drunk in the Second Human Demon War.[75].
I was interested in hearing about Rudeus from my fiancé, Makai Emperor Kisilica, and came to Lanoa Magic University to apply for a duel.After exploding with a rock cannonball from Rudeus and admitting defeat, he entered the Lanoa Magic University as a special student.
Nanahoshi Shizuka (Shizuka Nanaboshi)
Voice- Shion Wakayama
A high school girl in modern Japan.One of the three high school students Rudeus tried to help from the truck in his previous life.Just before being run over by a truck, Rudeus was reincarnated and summoned to the world of people 3 years ago.
After being summoned, the Fitua territory transfer incident occurred, and after being picked up by the dragon god Olstead who came to see the situation when he noticed something unusual and was at a loss in the empty grassland, he learned the human language, and then the world Find a way to travel through and return to the original world.
I hate the inconvenient different world that is unrealistic and has different ethics, and I am concerned about the impact of changing the original history of the foreign body of the world and will not be involved in anything other than what is necessary to return to the original world. ..If the research on return magic does not go well, the mental aspect is very weak, such as rampaging and crying, or feeling depressed like a shell.Since it has no magical power, the magic circle uses magical power crystals to activate it.
Rudeus, who was about to be killed by the dragon god Olstead with the lower jaw of the red dragon, somehow suspects that he is a different world person, and advises him to revive Rudeus.After that, he entered Lanoa Magic University with the recommendation of Ryujin Olstead.At the University of Magic, he calls himself the pseudonym Silent Seven Star from his real name.Started researching return magic, reunited with Rudeus who entered the school later, and formed a cooperative relationship.

General students

Ariel Anemoi Asura
  • Race: Human race
The second princess of the Kingdom of Asura.She is the only daughter of the queen and has the third place in succession to the throne.
He has an outstanding charisma with a transparent beauty woven with beautiful blonde hair and a beautiful voice that makes you feel comfortable listening.The best beauty of all time"It is extremely popular with the people.[76]..On the other hand, his personality is angry and profane, but he tries to reward those who serve sincerely.[32][54].
One of the candidates for the next king and the only child of the legitimate Asura royal family, he was originally not interested in the throne and lived an enjoyable life unless he could beat his brothers.[Note 18]..However, he aims for the throne after receiving the will of Derrick, a guardian who died from the demon that had transferred to the Asura royal palace in the Fitua territory transfer case.[76]..At this time, he protected the transferred Sylphyt and made him a guardian.He lays the groundwork for becoming a king, but continues to be targeted by the assassins of the First Prince, and escapes from the Kingdom of Asura in the form of studying abroad in the Kingdom of Lanoa.At Ranoa Magic University, we refuse to treat special students in order to search for excellent human resources among general students, and strive to solidify the ground and strengthen the force by attracting excellent students and those who have political influence to the Kingdom of Asura. ..
Luke Notos Greyrat
  • Race: Human race
Ariel's guardian knight.The second son of the Notos Greyrat family, a senior aristocrat of the Kingdom of Asura, and a cousin of Rudeus.
With a beautifully carved face with brown hair all back, she has a sloppy personality like a woman.In addition to her appearance, she is very popular with women because of her family and skillful speech, but she is hated by some women like a snake because she has often made money talk to her as much as she can.[Note 19]..Although he does not have the power to see the essence of men, he is confident in the eyes of women and is good at handling them, so his colleague Derrick evaluated that he could grow bigger if he peeled it off.[77].
He has been educated as a guardian knight since he was born, but his sword skills are intermediate in the Kenshin style and beginner in the Mizukami style, and he is said to be weak by his friends.[Note 20]..However, his loyalty is high and he is most trusted by Ariel among his subordinates.
Zan Iron Sword
A magic sword that lightly cuts through an iron shield.
Annoying cloak
Detail is"#Fever cloakSee.
Overwhelming gloves
Detail is"#Overwhelming glovesSee.
Gale shoes
Detail is"#Gale shoesSee.
Ariel's guardian.Since he is a user of silent chanting magic with almost no talk, he has nicknames such as "Silent Fitz" and "Silence Wizard".Detail is"#SylphietteSee.

Related person

  • Race: Coal mine
A girl from the coal mine tribe.He was bought by Zanova when he was dying after being sold to a slave trader because of his parents' debt. At the age of six, he was unnamed by the customs of the coal miners, so he was named Juliet after Zanova's dead brother Julius.Nickname is "Juri".
Rudeus teaches non-chanting earth magic and Zanova teaches doll knowledge so that he can replace Zanova, who cannot make dolls, as a puppeteer.He is a younger sister of Zanova and is fond of Zanova, but he was afraid of Rudeus because he confined Linear and Prusena and exploded Birdie Gardy.
Genus Halfas
  • Race: Human race
Vice-principal of Lanoa Magic University.A middle-aged man with a receding hairline.I sent a letter of recommendation to Rudeus as a special student at the University of Lanoa.
Actually, he was a master of Roxy, but at that time he had a strong desire to reveal himself and was separated from Roxy.Perhaps because of this, Rudeus, who is a grand disciple, is treated with honorifics from beginning to end without revealing that he is a master of Roxy.
  • Race: Human race
Principal of Lanoa Magic College.The top of the head is bald,WigI hide it in.
I am good at wind magic, but I don't use wind magic because it blows away the wig.Therefore, there are rumors that if you use too much wind magic at Lanoa Magic University, you will be bald.


Register for the Adventurer's Guild and get a jobJack of all trades..In addition to unstable income, it is a dangerous occupation that can be life-threatening, and although it has a low social reputation, many people long for adventures.

dead end

An adventurer party formed by Rudeus and Ellis, who were sent to the demon continent in the Fitua territory transfer case, together with Louis Geld.By hiding the characteristics of the Spelled tribe (green hair and jewels on the forehead) and calling themselves the dead end, Louis Geld makes them think that it is a fake that is deceiving the name of the dead end (Spelled tribe) around them.

Rudeus Greyrat
Dead end owner.Detail is"#Rudeus GrayratSee.In addition to being mistaken for Rugeld, he called himself "Dead End Louis Geld" when he helped people as part of the rehabilitation of the Spelled tribe, and named Rudeus when he failed.[79], Louis Geld and his brothers, and the use of magical gifts such as wands, and other false rumors spread, contributing to Roxy passing by without noticing Rudeus.[36].
Ellis Boreas Greyrat
Dead-end mad dog.Detail is"#Eris Boreas GreyratSee.
Louis Geld Spelldia
Voice- Namikawa Daisuke[80]
  • Race: Demon (Spelled)
A warrior of the demon "Spelled" who has the nickname of Dead End.Dead-end guard dog.
Quiet and stubborn personality. He has the pride that "a warrior protects children and cherishes his friends", and treats anything contrary to it as a vicious outer road.[81]..Especially, there is no mercy on the person who hurt the child, but at the same time, it is kind and caring for the child.
Has over 500 years of combat experience and is on par with imperial swordsmen[Note 21]..Since you can see the magical power of the surroundings with the jewel on the forehead, you are good at fighting in battles and places with many obstacles.Also, use the demon fighting method that guides the opponent's movement with the line of sight.
Formerly the guard captain of the genie Laplace, he forced the Spelled Warriors to use the cursed spear made by the genie Laplace in the middle of the Laplace campaign, and as a result, the warriors and the cursed spear eroded their spirits. , I couldn't distinguish between the enemy and the ally, and I killed my son.At this time, when his son broke the cursed spear, he returned to his sanity and vowed revenge on the genie Laplace.After several years of hiding, he put a horizontal spear into the battle between the three heroes who killed the genie and Laplace, the genie.
After that, while searching for his family, he helped his child to find and kill the bad guys in an attempt to restore the honor of the Spelled tribe who had fallen for himself.However, that act would rather incite the fear of the surroundings, and the monster that aims only at children "Dead end (die when met)It came to be treated like a demon[36].
Promises to help Rudeus and Ellis, who have moved to the Demon Continent in the Fitua territory transfer case, to escort them to Fitua territory.In gratitude, Rudeus will help restore the honor of the Spelled tribe.At first, I sometimes quarreled because of the difference in values ​​with Rudeus.[Note 22]Recognizing Rudeus's determination to desperately protect Ellis when threatened by Nokopara, he disguised himself and revealed that he was a Spelled tribe. We have built a relationship of trust.
Three years later, he arrives at Fitua territory, thanking Rudeus and parting, searching for the Spelled Doho on the central continent.

Black wolf fangs

An adventurer party to which Paul and Zenith belonged before their marriage.It was a group of people with both habits and habits, and was one of the most famous parties in the Central Continent at that time.It dissolves after the marriage of Paul and Zenith, but some people dislike Paul, who caused a big quarrel at the time of parting.

Paul Gray Rat
Leader of "Black Wolf Fang".Detail is"#Paul GreyratSee.
Zenith Latria
Healer.Detail is"#Zennis GreyratSee.
Ghislaine de Dordia
Voice- Megumi Toyoguchi[83]
  • Race: Beast (Dedrudia)
A sword god style swordsman of the cat-based beast tribe "Dedrudia tribe".A muscular woman with dark skin and an eyepatch on her right eye.
It has the title of "Sword King" and is the fourth strongest among the sword god style swordsmen.[25], I can't read letters and I'm so crazy that I'm called "muscle to the brain"[Note 23]..The right eye is a "magical eye" that can see magical power, and has a high ability to search for enemies in combination with the excellent sense of smell and hearing of the beast tribe.
A Doldia chieftain, he became an uncontrollable violent child when he was entrusted to a traveling swordsman and trained in the sword sanctuary before becoming a member of the Black Wolf Fang.[Note 24].
After the black wolf's fangs were disbanded, he couldn't work alone, and when he fell hungry and fell hungry, he was picked up by Sauros and Ellis and hired by the Boreas Greyrat family as Ellis's escort and sword master.[86].
Although it was the most difficult due to the dissolution of the party, there was an exchange even after the dissolution that Paul was despised but had a step, and instead of teaching Rudeus the sword at Paul's request, he learned reading, writing, arithmetic, and magic with Ellis from Rudeus.[Note 25].
Transferred to the conflict zone in the Fitua territory transfer case.On his way home, he found the bodies of Philip and Hilda, killed the enemy and buried the bodies.After that, he returned to Fitua territory and reunited with Ellis and Rudeus.He suggested to Alphonse, who suggested Ellis to become a concubine of Pilemon and go under Darius, to marry Rudeus and escape.Head to the Sanctuary of Ellis and the Sword, who decided to leave until they were finally balanced with Rudeus.
One of the 48 magic swords made from the bones of the King Dragon King.A single-edged sword that gives off an eerie red glow.Greatly increases attack power against metal and spirits[87].
It was owned by the sword god Gal Farion as one of the seven sword gods, and was handed over to the sword king Ghislaine.
Elina Rise Dragon Road
Voice- Rie Tanaka[88] / Noriko Kuwashima(Drama CD)[1]
  • Race: Long-eared
A long-eared female warrior with blonde hair in a vertical roll. "Ryudo Elina Rise"It is called.
Because he is violated by the curse that he will die if he doesn't get the spirit of a man on a regular basis, he eats free men indiscriminately.Although they may have relationships with multiple people who are close to each other at the same time, they rarely develop into a sword because of their caring personality.
Generate a vacuum waveEstocAnd to mitigate the impactBucklerUsing the two magical power additions of, it acts as a solid avant-garde with low attack power but agile movement.He learned elementary water magic at Lanoa Magic University and incorporated it into his tactics.
The members hated Paul most, saying "I don't want to see my face" and "I won't forgive anything", and when looking for Zenith who went missing in the Fitua territory transfer case, Paul had nothing. Without telling him, he went to search the demon continent with Roxy and Tarhand.
The whereabouts of Paul's family were found by the Makai Emperor Kisilica, and he left Roxy and others who went to tell Paul in the Holy Land of Millis, and headed for Rudeus in the northern part of the central continent by a seaman ship.After joining Rudeus, I didn't want to see Paul, so I advised Rudeus to enroll in the Lanoa Magic College, which received a letter of recommendation, and I also enrolled in the Lanoa Magic College.There, he was confessed to Cliff and began dating in a way that was tied to his passion.
Actually, I had no acquaintance with Sylphyt's grandmother, but at first glance I realized that Sylphyt was a grandson or great-grandson.[78].
The magical power stored in the body is transformed into a magical power crystal by receiving the spirit of a man.
A curse cast by being captured in a labyrinth.Magical power accumulates in the body, and when it receives the spirit of a man, it turns into a small round magical power crystal.If you don't receive the spirit of a man, your magical power will become too large and you will die.It can be mitigated with a magic tool created by Cliff that sends magical power from the outside to offset the magical power inside the body.
Strict Omine Talhand
Voice- Yoshitsuka Otsuka[88] / Kenta Miyake(Drama CD)[1]
  • Race: Coal mine
An old magician of the coal mine family with a long beard.A male lover who loves sake.
Since he is sluggish and has almost no agility, he wears sturdy armor so that he can use magic while being attacked by the enemy.In battle, he moves around the avant-garde and rearguard flexibly.
I'm hated and slammed with Elina Rise every time, but I don't hate each other and I'm on good terms.[89]..I hated Paul, and when I searched for Zenith and others who were missing in the Fitua territory transfer case, I did not tell Paul anything and went to search the demon continent with Roxy and Elina Rise.
The whereabouts of Paul's family were found by the Makai Emperor Kisilica, and in order to get seasick, he handed over the role of going to Rudeus in the northern part of the central continent by a seasick ship to Elina Rise, and joined Paul of the Holy Land of Millis with Roxy. Head to the Pegalit continent.
Geese Noucadia
Voice- Ueda[90]/Chiba Shigeru(Drama CD)[1]
  • Race: Demon (Nuka)
Of the monkey-like demon "Nuka"Thief..The last survivor of the Nuka tribe.I like gambling and have my own "Jinx"Has many.
He behaves in a relaxed manner, but according to Elina Rise, he seems to be an adult in front of Rudeus, and it is not uncommon for him to fail in negotiations and curse.
Self-proclaimed as "you can do anything", you can perform the chores necessary for adventurers, such as collecting information, clearing traps, cooking in the field, jailbreaking, negotiating with merchants, and selecting and stripping materials.However, he couldn't use swords or magic, and had no fighting ability. After the black wolf's fangs were disbanded, he couldn't be an adventurer alone, and he couldn't join other parties, so he almost closed the adventurer and became a gambler. live[46].
It seems that Paul may have the most grudge against himself because he closed the adventurer due to the dissolution of the party, but his feelings are unknown because he is the only member who does not say bad things about Paul.
He searched for Paul's family, who had disappeared in the Fitua territory transfer case, and asked various tribes in the large forest to send the victims to the search team.I heard that a human child was caught in a Doldia village, and found a mechanism Rudeus so that he could be put in the same prison.[Note 26]..Accompanied by Rudeus and others and parted in the Holy Land of Millis, but when he learned of the quarrel between Paul and Rudeus, he advised Paul and reconciled them.[Note 27].

Tokurabu Village Fools

Rookie adventurer party.It seems that he remembers his arm as it is, but even three people were beaten by Ellis.

Voice- Ayaka Asai
  • Race: Demon
Leader of "Tokrab Village Fools".A horned white-haired demon boy.
He misunderstands Ellis wearing a hood as a magician and invites him to the party, but he breaks the hood of the present from Rudeus and is beaten by angry Ellis.
A monster attacks him during his request in the forest, but Rudeus and his friends help him.However, Gabrin died because he did not get help immediately, and Louis Gerd, who blames Rudeus, is prepared to die as long as he is an adventurer, and even if he is strong, he risks it. Gabrin's death stopped Louis Gerd, saying that he was responsible for mistaking the risk of the request.[81].
Voice- Ikuji Nose
  • Race: Demon
A member of the "Toclub Village Fools".A demon boy with four arms and a rugged body.
Voice- Shota Hayama
  • Race: Demon
A member of the "Toclub Village Fools".A demon boy like a bird.
Killed by an armor-shaped monster during a request in the forest[81].

Pea Hunter

An adventurer party specializing in low-ranked requests such as pet hunting and pest control in the town of Rikaris, the demon continent.

Voice- Shin Matsushige
  • Race: Demon (Lugonia)
A pet shop of the lizard-like demon "Lugonia".I am an adventurer as a side business.
A weak hearted person.While protecting the pet that was separated from the owner, the devil was doing the wrong thing to kidnap the pet and find it by self-made self-performance and get a reward, but it was found by Rudeus and others, and the honor of the Spelled tribe was restored and the rank of the dead end was raised. To cooperate with.
Voice- Torigoe Maaya
  • Race: Demon (Sumeba)
A woman of the compound-eye demon "Sumeba".Jalil's companion is in charge of pest control.
Voice- Hiroki Maeda
  • Race: Demon
A compound-eye demon man without white eyes.He threatened to join the party when he learned that Jalil and his friends were kidnapping their pets.
Rudeus and his friends, who were asked to find a pet, found a place where their pets were confined and were detained, but were killed by Louis Gerd after kicking Rudeus who tried to cross-examine.

Counter arrow

An adventurer party where people who lost their friends and family when monsters overflowed in a small village in the territory of Milbots gathered.

  • Race: Human race
Leader of "Counter Arrow".A magician who specializes in fire systems.
Gentle and friendly personality.When he earns a lot of money, he behaves generously, such as by grabbing the adventurers around him, to avoid conflict with other adventurers.
  • Race: Human race
Deputy leader of "Counter Arrow".DreadlocksFemale warrior.The skin of a caring sister is the actual organizer of the party.
サ ラ
  • Race: Human race
A member of "Counter Arrow".A girl with a bow, which is rare for adventurers.Although the bow is not a practical weapon due to the presence of fighting spirit and magic[92], Aiming at the monster's vital point accurately from a considerable distance, he has a genius sense that can fire overwhelmingly faster than chanting magic, and can act as an adventurer.
Originally the daughter of a hunter who lived in a small village in the territory of Milbots, a demon overflowed the forest and lost his parents, and was picked up by Timothy and Susanne who had come to subdue the demon and became an adventurer.When the monsters overflowed, the lord Pilemon did not dispatch the knights for a reason and the damage increased, and the aristocratic child who tries to become an adventurer with a light feeling such as running away from home and causes trouble to other adventurers I hate aristocrats because there are many.
  • Race: Human race
A member of "Counter Arrow".A magical warrior who uses beginner-style magic.
  • Race: Human race
A member of "Counter Arrow".A healing surgeon who can use god attack magic.At the end of the word, "SsuIt is characterized by the tone of "".

Step leader

One of the adventurer parties belonging to the large adventurer clan "Thunderbolt" whose roots are the three magical powers.A martial arts group who mainly explores the labyrinth and sometimes receives requests to subdue.

Zoldart Heckler
  • Race: Human race
Leader of "Stepped Leader".A powerful swordsman who can master the advanced swords and intermediate swords.
He has a bad mouth and a quick fight, but he has a nice personality, such as seriously tackling the troubles of others.Rudeus, who has the ability but looks at the complexion of a person, did not like it and was poking at something, but after Rudeus revealed his true intention that "I do not want to be disliked by people", Rudeus started searching for Zenith in the north with various concerns. I was taking care of something for about two years from when I entered Lanoa Magic University.

Cave a Mondo

An adventurer party centered on magicians, all of whom have mastered intermediate or higher magic.

  • Race: Human race
Leader of "Cave a Mondo".A magician who can master the advanced fire system.A middle-aged man with a mustache.
I taught Rudeus, who was originally from Lanoa Magic College and received a letter of recommendation for a special student, about Lanoa Magic College.

Ricalis Fools

An adventurer party to which Roxy, who had just left the Migurud settlement, belonged.Disbanded in the wake of the death of leader Dale.With Roxy becoming a bard poem, many fledgling adventurers imitate three boys inviting a magician girl to a party.

Voice- Inomata Satoshi
  • Race: Demon
Leader of "Ricaris Fools".An intermediate swordsman of the Kitakami style.He calls himself "Harken Deal" because the longer name is cooler.
A dreamy person who has a dream of making a name for himself as a legendary adventurer.The fact that free help is not good for adventurers[Note 28]I understand that courage and savagery are different, but even if it is pointed out that there is no action involved, I am dismissing it.He invited Roxy, who started an adventurer, to a party and was like an older brother to Roxy.
He died when he was caught in a rockfall during his trip.
Voice- Ryunosuke Watanuki
  • Race: Demon
A demon warrior like a pig.He has a bad mouth and is cursing something, but he has a straightforward personality.Every time Nokopara says something, he quarrels with curse, but he is good at taking care of Roxy who has just left the village of the Migurud tribe.He thinks it takes a lot of skill to become an adventurer, and although he disagrees with Dale's opinion of accepting high-risk requests, he does not disagree with him like Nokopara and Roxy.
He continued to be an adventurer after the party was disbanded, but was killed by a demon and died.
Voice- Hironori Saito
  • Race: Demon
A horse-like demon thief.A nasty guardian for money.We believe in earning money safely and will not accept dangerous requests.I disagree with Dale and Blaze, and I have been fighting with Blaze on a regular basis.
After the party was disbanded, he was asking someone who violated the rules of the Adventurer's Guild to make a small sum of money.He threatens Rudeus and others who have been cheating, but fails in fear of Louis Gerd, who disguise himself and reveal the identity of the Spelled tribe.After that, he continues to do the same thing without discipline.
Roxy Migurdia
Detail is"#Roxy MigurdiaSee.

Road of Judgment

Appeared in the novel "The Story of the Sword" newly written on the drama CD.An adventurer party that existed before the formation of the Black Wolf Fang.

  • Race: Human race
Leader of "Road of Judgment".She has a smooth blonde hair and a sweet mask, but she is notorious for her arrogant personality.
Dive into the ruins where the Holy Sword of St. Millis sleeps, but the party is destroyed in the battle with the guardian, and he tries to retreat by decoying the gasket.Paul and his friends defeated the guardian and tried to steal the holy sword of St. Millis, but the holy sword was a counterfeit and he was stunned.
  • Race: Human race
A member of the "Road of Judgment".A thief with a light mouth.
He found the ruins where the holy sword of St. Millis sleeps, but since he spoke loudly about the information in the bar, he became famous for his skillful but light-mouthed and quick-talking important information.It is used as a decoy by Tossman for leaking information on the holy sword, but it is saved by the help of Paul and others.
Fat Bull
  • Race: Human race
A member of the "Road of Judgment".A giant warrior equipped with a large shield and full-plate armor.
He agrees with Tossman's idea of ​​decoying Gasket as no other means, but he was not willing to abandon his companions and eventually joined Paul and others.After the battle, he left the party in love with Tossman who was trying to steal the holy sword.

Aerial Citadel Chaos Breaker

A flying castle where Pergius, the King of Koryu, lives.The only vehicle in the world of people whose dragons rule air superiority[93]..It was used in the Laplace campaign to revive Pergius and board the home of the genie Laplace.After the end of the Laplace campaign, he flies around the world to find the genie Laplace who will eventually be resurrected.When a person with Laplace factor passes through the gate, white particles are scattered so that the presence or absence of Laplace factor can be known.When you blow a tower-like whistle with a dragon wrapped around it in a place related to the dragon tribe, such as the stone monument of the seven great powers, it is transmitted to Pergius through the clear knight of the roaring thunder, and the brilliant Armanfi uses a magic tool for transfer to the aerial fortress. Take it to the place where the whistle was blown.


Pergius Dora
Voice- Rikiya Koyama[94]
  • Race: Balaur
One of the three heroes of the genie killing, General Goryu "Koryuou".The master of the aerial fortress Chaos Breaker, followed by 12 familiars.
There are some difficult points, but his personality is basically generous.They are kind to the guests and will accept your request as long as it does not get in your way.However, he hates the demons and refuses to get involved, such as refusing to enter the aerial citadel.I especially hate the immortal demon king Atofera Tofe, who was killed many times when he was a fledgling adventurer, but he is forbidden to kill each other by the will of his best friend Carloman Kitagami.[95].
A god-class magician of summoning magic and barrier magic, he developed a technique to allow spirits that normally last only about one day to exist as long as they are alive.In battle, he summons the magic tools "Maeryumon" and "Koryumon" to weaken the enemy, and attacks himself with his magical claws with a fighting spirit.
In the Laplace campaign, he participated in the human race as one of the adventurers, and after the end of the Laplace campaign, the new era "Koryu calendar" was used in honor of the majesty of the aerial fortress and the achievement of the genie Laplace seal.He is on an equal footing with King Asura at the time, and still has a strong voice and political influence in the Kingdom of Asura.After leaving the kingdom of Asura due to disgust with interests, he is trying to monitor the world from the aerial citadel and defeat the genie Laplace immediately after the resurrection in order to take the place of his four dead best friends.[26].

12 familiars

Twelve vassals followed by King Pergius.Twelve people who added the emptiness of the Elyos Sylvaril to the 12 ancient spirits created by Pergius based on the method left by the first King Dragon King Dora.Even if the spirits are defeated, they can be revived in the aerial citadel.

Empty Silveril
  • Race: Elyos
Leader of 12 familiars.An Elyos woman wearing a bird-like mask.He has a graceful and sophisticated behavior, but his personality is narrow and he sometimes dislikes people he doesn't like.A loyal vassal who came to serve with the help of Pergius in the Laplace campaign, he is not the only spirit among the 12 familiars.
Glittering Armanti
Voice- Kengo Kasai[94]
One of the 12 familiars.A spirit wearing a mask that resembles a fox.Has the ability to change into light and move.You can move to the desired location in an instant, but you can only move at the speed of light while moving, and you need to return to the original position when attacking.It's not that fast in the materialized state.
He is a reconnaissance / surprise attacker and his fighting ability is not so high, and even Rudeus at the age of 10 can win with some ingenuity.[96].
Scare coat of time
One of the 12 familiars.A spirit wearing a mask similar to a gas mask.Has the ability to stop the time of the touched object.You can stop the time for about a month with magical power.
Atonement Yurs
One of the 12 familiars.Has the ability to transfer the physical strength and health of others to another.It is a completely different theory from detoxification magic, and even diseases that cannot be cured by detoxification magic can be cured to some extent.
Insight Carowante
One of the 12 familiars.Has the ability to detect the abilities and secrets of others.With this ability, you can also see the sick.
Todoroki Clear Night
One of the 12 familiars.Has the ability of hell ears.He uses his abilities to convey to Pergius the sound of the inside of the aerial citadel and the sound of the whistle blown in a place related to the Balaur.
Dot Bath of Destruction
One of the 12 familiars.
Wave Trophymos
One of the 12 familiars.
Harken Mail of Life
One of the 12 familiars.
Garo of the big earthquake
One of the 12 familiars.
Crazy furias file
One of the 12 familiars.
Dark partemto
One of the 12 familiars.

Seven Great Powers

Seven people who are said to be the strongest in the world.The title was set by the god Laplace at the end of the Second Human Demon War, and it used to make a name for itself. It ’s weaker than before the Laplace campaign.[Note 29], The name disappeared because the whereabouts of the top powers of 4th place and above were unknown[46]..Many people do not know about the seven great powers in modern times, but they have a certain influence, such as being able to meet the king of one country with a single letter written by the seven great powers. The ranks are ranked from 1st to 7th, but if you do not win the direct confrontation, the ranks will not change, and even if you fight with multiple people and win, the ranks will change, so the rank and strength are basically irrelevant. ..However, there is a difference in power that cannot be exceeded between the 4th and higher ranks and the 5th and lower ranks, and the upper ranks of the 4th and higher ranks are regarded as "real monsters beyond human knowledge" and have different abilities from the lower ranks of the 5th and lower ranks. have."The current seven great powers are shown in various places.Stone monument of the seven great powers"Is installed and is automatically updated when a replacement occurs, but since only the emblem representing each person is written on the stone monument, it may not be noticed when the title of the defeated great power is taken over.


No. XNUMX in the ranking "Gigami" Laplace
  • Race: Balaur
Founder of the Seven Great Powers "Gijin".It has been missing for many years and is suspected of being real.
An enormous skill user with top-class skills in history.It was called the strongest when the Second Human Demon War ended.However, if you fight seriously, Ryujin Olstead is stronger.
The true identity is that the soul is split in twoDemon King LaplaceAlthough he lost his memory and magical power, he remembered the purpose of passing on the technique to someone (Olstead) in order to defeat "God", so he created the seven great powers and continued to study the technique.[98].
Second place in the hierarchy "Ryujin" Olstead
Voice- Kenjiro Tsuda[94]
  • Race: Balaur
The XNUMXth generation with the strongest nickname in the worldDragon God".A man with silver hair, golden three white eyes, and a swordsman atmosphere.A curse that is repelled by all living things makes it always look like a murderous "symbol of fear" to others.[99][100].
Contrary to the impression given by appearance and curse, personality is mild-mannered[Note 30]..Kindness such as being careful about allies[98][102], Has the size to forgive Nanahoshi who betrayed himself[103]..On the other hand, he shows a merciless side to the apostle of Hitogami, but if he is attacked by someone who has nothing to do with Hitogami, he will miss it without killing him, and in some cases he will ask the apostle to pull him in to his side.Because of the curse, he is not good at speaking because he is not involved with most humans, and sometimes he cannot change the story without a preface or convey the necessary information due to the lack of words.
It has a particularly strong fighting ability among the seven great powers that are said to be real monsters beyond the reach of humans, and can use all existing techniques and techniques, including the unique magic of the dragon god, with god-class or higher skills, and the central continent. I'm afraid that even the ferocious group of red dragons who are the absolute powers of the gods, and even the god-class swordsmen and magicians such as the water god Reida Ria and the Koryu King Pergius will not win.It is said that if you get serious, you can destroy the world, but you can rarely fight seriously because the recovery of magical power is extremely slow due to the side effect of the mystery of the first dragon god.He also has a habit of observing movements and techniques against first-time enemies, and the sword god Gull Farion says that this habit may be a weakness.
The true character is the only son of the first dragon god who ruled the world of dragons, and the strongest dragon tribe sent to the present age by the reincarnation method from the ancient times to defeat Hitogami.When the 530th year of the Koryu calendar is reached without defeating the human god by the first dragon god, the secret technique of rewinding the time to the 330th year of the Koryu calendar is applied.Currently, he is moving history with the aim of collecting the treasures of the Goryu Sho, which are necessary to reach the world of nothingness with human gods while suppressing the consumption of magical power as much as possible.
When visiting the site to investigate the Fitua territory transfer case that did not occur in the loop so far, discover and protect Nanahoshi summoned to the human world in the Fitua territory transfer case. After teaching Nanahoshi language and lifestyle in the Kingdom of Asura for about two years, the two travel around the world in search of information to return to the original world.In the lower jaw of the Red Dragon, he meets Rudeus, who did not exist in the loop until now, and while searching for his identity, it turns out that he has become an apostle of Hitogami.Rudeus was fatally injured, but he was treated and revived at the suggestion of Nanahoshi.
Repelled by all living things
A curse that is hated or feared by the opponent who senses his magical power.It always seems to be a murderer, and it seems like an indiscriminate murderer for no reason.The effect was so powerful that when the curse worked, he lost his normal judgment and even if Rudeus explained the curse to his friends, he was not trusted at all.It has no effect on otherworldly people, including the Balaur and reincarnated people, and it does not work on the descendants of otherworldly people who have reincarnated into humans in the six-sided world.[Note 31].
Loop from 330 Koryu calendar to 530 Koryu calendar
A secret technique developed by the first Ryujin to defeat Hitogami.When the 530th year of the Koryu calendar is reached without defeating the human god, the time is forcibly rewound until the 330th year of the Koryu calendar when the technique was activated while keeping the memory even if he died on the way.When time rewinds, it has never happened before.Because this mystery deviates from the world's reasoning, Hitogami cannot see the future or present in which the dragon god Olstead is involved.The only thing that can be carried over is to train the body only with memory, so you have to start over, and as long as the technique continues, magical power is always consumed, so magical power recovery is 1000 times slower than usual, and there are major drawbacks.
Third place in the hierarchy "Fighting God" Fighting God Armor
"Fighting godThe strongest armor with the title.The best masterpiece and the most crazy failure work of the demon dragon king Laplace, whose ego sprouted by enormous magical power.
The golden light emitted from the surface almost nullifies magic, and it has the ability to regenerate in addition to the strength that only the surface can be damaged even with imperial swordsmanship, and even the upper powers can not be completely destroyed with the wearer.[104].
The wearer does not feel tired or painful and can always exert the best power, but gradually the armor takes over the consciousness and keeps fighting as the struggle instinct goes, and the madness who keeps fighting until the wearer dies regardless of the enemy or ally It turns into a warrior.When completely hijacked, the armor will judge the battlefield, imitating all martial arts and refining weapons to release the best one for the situation from over a thousand mysteries.Its weakness is that it has no function to recover the wearer's body and is forced to move, so it is vulnerable to endurance battles, but when a pure-blooded immortal demon with inexhaustible physical strength and regeneration ability becomes a wearer, the weakness disappears and even if it is attacked It will play in an instant, and it will be incredibly strong.However, conversely, if the pure-blooded immortal demons do not become wearers, they will not be the strength of the great powers.[105].
XNUMXth place in the hierarchy "Genie" Laplace
  • Race: Demon (former dragon)
"Unified demons"Devil".The only human in history with the title of Genie[25].
A magician with top-class total magic power and vast knowledge of magic.Although it does not have a fighting spirit, it has a strong body and excellent technology commensurate with the amount of magical power, so you can use powerful magic that makes use of tremendous magical power.[Note 32]..Also, since it is immortal by some means, there is no way to defeat it with the sword of the dragon god Olstead except for the Spelled tribe who can detect weaknesses with the third eye.[106][Note 33]..With his overwhelming fighting ability, he succumbed to the demon kings of the demon continent, unified the demons, and obtained the title of genie.
The true identity is a half of Laplace, the demon dragon king whose soul is split in two, and although he loses his memory and power as a dragon tribe, he remembers hatred for "people", so he puts the demons together to start a war in order to destroy the human race.[98]..Destroy the kingdoms of Asura and other tribes other than the Holy Kingdom of Millis, but lose the total war with the Knights of Millis and the Beasts led by the Asura Kingdom Army and seven heroes.Lost the body by the three heroes of the genie killing and Louis Geld."Given certain rights to the demons who lost the war but were treated as slaves to the human race."The greatest demon in historyIs still regarded as a hero in the demon continent.[108]..Before losing his body, he scattered the Laplace factor by the reincarnation method and sent his soul to the future, so he will be revived around 500 in the Koryu calendar.Ironically, it has become the biggest obstacle to defeating human gods, as it is necessary to defeat them in order to obtain the treasure of the Goryu general necessary to go to the world of nothingness with human gods.


XNUMXth place in the hierarchy "Grim Reaper" Randolph Marian
  • Race: Mixed Race (Immortal Demon 1/8)
The strongest knight of the King Dragon Kingdom "grim Reaper".A man with a skeleton-like appearance with an eyepatch on his right eye.He is the grandson of the second generation Kitagami Alex and the nephew of the third generation Kitagami Alexander.
He has a friendly personality, but in addition to his appearance, he is very feared because of his eerie laughter and the assassin of General Chagall's kid.My hobby is cooking, but purple is a color that seems to be delicious, so I can't say that my sense of cooking is excellent in flattery.
For a while after being born, he trained under Alex Kitagami, but when he became an adult, he jumped out of the house and honed his own skills, defeating Laxus, the fifth great power of the time, on the demon continent. Entered the great power.After that, he fought for about 10 years with those who wanted the titles of the seven great powers, but he became disgusted by the days when he had no choice but to study cooking in his hometown of the King Dragon Kingdom and succeeded to his relatives' set meal shop.However, when he was in debt due to financial difficulties, he decided to close the restaurant because Rudeus, who visited the restaurant, gave up the food and became a knight of the King Dragon Kingdom after being scouted by Chagall.
A selfish warrior equivalent to the King of the Mizukami style, equivalent to the Emperor of the Kitagami style.Fight using everything that can be used without a joseki.His specialty is the "illusion sword" that guides the enemy's thoughts by acting.It has the highest rank in the lower ranks, but since it has been away from the battle for a long time, it is now weakened and it is the weakest in the seven great powers unless it is far from the head of the three major powers.[109].
XNUMXth place in the hierarchy "Sword God" Gal Farion
  • Race: Human race
Standing at the top of the sword god style swordfighter "Sword God".The master of the main dojo, the sacred place of the sword, the two sword emperors and the master of Ghislaine.
Crude and impatient, but with a nice personality.As with many swordsmen, it is warlike, but it dislikes waste and aims to act efficiently based on rationality.However, in order to become stronger, it is necessary to have an insatiable desire, and if you regret the education that you have weakened Ghislaine who has acquired rationality and is sensible, or if you pursue rationality, you will be able to overcome it, but Ryujin It does not mean that rationality is absolutely taken, such as saying that it cannot beat "existence outside rationality" like Olstead.I can't read or write and I'm asking for a ghostwriter[110].
An overwhelming sword-speed player who can take the initiative and kill most opponents instantly[Note 34]..The sword cannot be pardoned by the water god Reida Lia, and is also called the "fastest man of the time", but in reality, the dragon god Olstead is superior in both speed and skill.
His hobby is collecting rare swords, and he gives his magic sword to his disciples who have become royal or higher under the name of seven swords.His love sword is "Throat", one of the 48 magic swords made from the bones of King Dragon King.
In the past, he was defeated by Ryujin Olstead, and since then he has continued his training aiming for Ryujin Olstead if he never loses to anyone.I like Ellis who came to the sanctuary of the sword to defeat the dragon god Olstead and make her a direct disciple.
XNUMXth place in the hierarchy "North God" Alexander Carlman Ryback
  • Race: Mixed race (3/4 human race, 1/4 immortal demon)
"Standing at the top of the Kitagami style swordsman"Northern GodOne of them.The son of the second generation Kitagami Alex, commonly known as "Carlman III".
Appearance is a black-haired boy[Note 35], The mental aspect is also young against the actual age, and the overconfident personality of a person who wants to stand out.Aiming to be the greatest hero in history, longing for his father's hero, he thought that he would be great only when he was said to be great in the world, and he was obsessed with gaining fame rather than acting like a hero. Even innocent opponents are described as "powerful children lacking morals", such as trying to kill them, saying "I don't like it, but I can't replace my stomach."
A user of the magic sword "King Dragon Sword Kajakuto", which can be said to be a symbol of the northern god, you can use gravity magic with the ability of the sword, and in unpredictable movements ignoring inertia, strengthen the power of slashing and repel enemy attacks Not only that, you can also float the enemy in the air and get stuck.Also, because it draws the blood of the immortal demons, its regeneration speed is inferior to that of the purebred immortal demons, but it regenerates over time even if it is injured, and even if it is crushed by a Gatling gun that fires rock cannonballs of imperial power. Has a vitality that does not die and a strong body.He easily defeated the Behemoth, which is at least 500 meters in size, and is said to be talented by his father. There are many immature aspects such as not admitting one's defeat as an excuse to lose, not noticing the details and not seeing the trap, licking the opponent and falling into a predicament.
King Dragon Sword Kajakto
The 49th magic sword made from the bones of King Dragon King.It has the ability to manipulate gravity, and if you have a sword, you will be able to use gravity magic.According to the second generation Kitagami Alex, who was the owner, "the strongest magic sword in the world", "If you have a sword, no matter how big a monster, how agile monster, or how strong a warrior you are, you can't deal with it." I would like to comment, but it was so strong that I started to question my ability.

Kingdom of Asura

Royal family

Gravel Zafin Asura
Voice- Masaaki Mizunaka
  • Race: Human race
First Prince of the Kingdom of Asura.Side roomThe right to succeed to the throne is the first child.
One of the candidates for the next king, many influential people such as Senior Minister Darius and the Boreas Greyrat family貴族Aim for the throne with the support of.Ariel, who is highly charismatic, is regarded as dangerous and has sent assassins many times.
  • Race: Human race
Second Prince of the Kingdom of Asura.A child of the concubine, the right to succeed to the throne is second.
One of the candidates for the next king, with the support of influential aristocrats such as the Euros Greyrat family and the Zephyrus Grayrat family, but he is evaluated as not a royal vessel and is seriously thinking of becoming a king. There are few people.
Ariel Anemoi Asura
Detail is"#Ariel Anemoi AsuraSee.

Senior aristocrat

Greyrat family

A family of senior aristocrats who protect the four sides of the Asura Kingdom.The four families of Notos, Boreas, Euros, and Zepyros, who are called the four major regional lords, are the head family and have extremely strong power in the Kingdom of Asura.When the kingdom of Asura went to war, the warriors of generations served as the first to bear the brunt.

Sauros Boreas Greyrat
Voice- Takaoka bottles
  • Race: Human race
The lord of Fitua territory.The head of the Boreas Greyrat family and Ellis' grandfather.
He has a strict and fierce personality that always speaks loudly and does not refuse Tekken sanctions.Although feared by aristocrats, spoiling his own words and deeds had an adverse effect on his granddaughter Ellis, causing him to grow up violently.
Notos Greyrat had a good relationship with his former head, and he treated Rudeus, the grandson of his former head, as a relative and bragged like his own child, but he did not like and hated his current head, Pilemon.[43].
In the Fitua territory transfer case, he returned from the transfer destination and tried to use all the property of the Boreas Greyrat family for the reconstruction of Fitua territory, but he was forced to be executed by Pilemon for the responsibility of the disappearance of Fitua territory and died.
Philip Boreas Greyrat
Voice- Ono Daisuke
  • Race: Human race
Mayor of Loa, the fortified city of Fitua.Ellis' father and Paul's cousin.
He has a calm personality, such as soothing Sauros and Hilda, who tend to run away, but he also has a dark side with good political skills. Defeated by fighting for the position of the next head of the Boreas Greyrat family with his older brother James, who is six years older.In order to keep him away from the royal capital, he was forced to work as the mayor of Loa and adopted his two sons.However, he has not given up on the position of the next head of the family and is looking for an opportunity, and he was thinking of supporting Rudeus and defeating James.[43].
Although Paul's evaluation is low, he has been on good terms since he was a child.Gives Paul the job of a low-ranking knight who has been pregnant with Zenith and crying for a house and a job[112].
He moved to a conflict zone in the Fitua territory transfer case and died on suspicion of being a spy.Ghislaine killed the enemy and buried the body.
Hilda Boreas Greyrat
Voice- Ryoka Yuki
  • Race: Human race
Ellis' mother.A state of emotional instability in which two sons are adopted by the tradition of the Boreas Greyrat family, which prevents losers of the power struggle from embracing their sons and participating in the next generation of power struggles.
I didn't like the fact that my son, Rudeus, was in the hall even though my son wasn't nearby, but I sympathize with Rudeus being left alone by his family and not coming to his 10th birthday. Trying to marry Rudeus to Ellis and make him his son[43].
He moved to a conflict zone in the Fitua territory transfer case and died on suspicion of being a spy.Ghislaine killed the enemy and buried the body.
Ellis Boreas Greyrat
Detail is"#Eris Boreas GreyratSee.
James Boreas Greyrat
  • Race: Human race
The next head of the Boreas Greyrat family.Philip's older brother, 6 years old.
Although he is good at political skills such as defeating Philip in the battle for traces and gaining the position of the next head of the family.[43]Rudeus doesn't think "it's not my favorite Boreas" because of his opportunistic personality.[113][114].
In the Fitua territory transfer case, he replaced the missing Sauros as a lord, but he did nothing to search for and protect the victims, only to protect himself.That's why Paul has been abandoned[60]Darius argues that if the Boreas Greyrat family had been completely crushed, other lords would have sold off Fitua territory and reconstruction would not have been successful.[115].
Pilemon Notos Gray Rat
  • Race: Human race
The lord of Milbots territory.The head of the Notos Glylet family.Luke's father and Paul's younger brother.
A subservient little-minded person whose authority is dwarfed by the superior.Because the lord's work is also sluggish and cowardly, he has a bad reputation as "fucking tawake", "sighing mouse", and "waste", and not only is he resented by the former lord Sarah, but even his vassals "I wish Paul was the head." I was hit in the back.He was very disliked by his uncle Sauros and had a bad relationship with him. When Sauros was deposed in the Fitua territory transfer case, he was burned by Darius and forced Sauros to be executed.
Ariel, who is the leading aristocrat of the Second Princess, but follows for his own benefit, has no loyalty to Ariel unlike Luke, and escapes from the Kingdom of Asura to Ariel, who continues to be targeted by the assassins of the First Prince. After Ariel actually escaped, he took in Darius and turned over to the First Prince.
Luke Notos Greyrat
Detail is"#Luke Notos GreyratSee.
Amarant Notos Greyrat
  • Race: Human race
Appeared in "Paul Gaiden" of "Mushoku Tensei-I'm serious even if it becomes a game".The father of Paul and Pilemon.
I hate that it doesn't make sense, but even the strict Sauros accuses me of being too scooped.[112].
Valentina Notos Greyrat
  • Race: Human race
Appeared in "Paul Gaiden" of "Mushoku Tensei-I'm serious even if it becomes a game".Paul and Pilemon's mother.
Sauros' sister[116], A weak and gentle personality.
Other senior aristocrats
Darius Silva Ganius
Voice- Taketora
  • Race: Human race
Senior Minister of the Kingdom of Asura.The first aristocrat of the first prince group.
A typical vice aristocrat with corruption-covered power and lust.However, his ability as a politician is excellent, and it is said that "it is no exaggeration to say that the current King Asura could become king because of Darius," and it is also used by the first prince Gravel.He also provided financial support to the search team in the Fitua territory transfer case.

Kitagami Three Swordsman

Four wacky people who claim to reign at the top of the Kitakami style.The feature is that everyone has a strange skill and wants to stand out.It is hated by the same Kitakami style swordsman because he does not choose any means in the Kitagami style.Has the role of recruiting disciples within the Kingdom of Asura[117].

Aubert Corvette
  • Race: Human race
One of the three eccentric Kitagami swordsmen. The strongest swordsman of the eccentric group with the title of "North Emperor".
A wacky swordfighter who embodies the Kitakami style, with a peacock tattoo on his cheek, a rainbow-colored jacket, knee-to-knee underwear, and anomalous tactics that use terrain and various tools. and"Peacock swordHas the nickname of.He is a master of surprise attacks and is said to be cowardly, but he is strong in head-to-head competition and is good at dealing with many enemies by himself.If he saw it as a disadvantage, he withdrew gracefully, and the trick was that the dragon god Olstead said, "There is no way I can kill Aubert who has escaped," and he escaped even when he was injured and one leg was about to come off.
  • Race: Dwarf
One of the three eccentric Kitagami swordsmen. A swordsman with the title of "North King".
In the daytime, he uses polished armor and a mirror to reflect sunlight and blinds the opponent, and at night, he uses black armor and a magic tool that emits black smoke to get lost in the darkness.Light and darknessHas the nickname of ".
Knuckle guard
  • Tribe: Beast Tribe (Milted Tribe)
One of the three eccentric Kitagami swordsmen. Twin swordsmen with the title of "North King".
To overwhelm the opponent with the combination of brother Nakuru and younger brother Gado "twin swordHas the nickname of.However, "two people for one person" alone cannot compete with the royal class.


Voice- Junichi Yanagida
  • Race: Mixed race (1/2 human race, 1/2 long ear race)
Sylphyt's father.He was a hunter in the village of Buena and worked with Paul, a knight in Buena, to reduce monsters.
In fact, he realized that Paul and Elinarise, the sons of Elinarise, were friends, but when he realized that he was not on good terms, he taught it only to Sylphyt.
Died in the Fitua territory transfer case.
Voice- Takuya Kodama
  • Race: Human race
A boy who lives in the village of Buena.Sylphyt with green hair was bullied with a playful feeling, but was driven away by Rudeus.
Transferred to the Holy Land of Millis in the Fitua territory transfer case.He was enslaved, but was helped by the Fitua Search Team.
Voice- Nobuo Tobita
  • Race: Human race
The butler of the Boreas Greyrat family.A middle-aged man with a beard on his gray hair.
In the case of the transfer of the Fitua territory, he set up a refugee camp using his property, gathered human resources in various places, and organized a "Fitua territory search team" with Paul.In response to Pilemon's offer to concubine Ellis who returned to Darius to join the First Prince faction for the reconstruction of Fitua territory, he proposed to make Ellis the manager of Fitua territory under Darius' power. However, he argues with Guillene, who proposes that Rudeus and Ellis be together, but he is silent on Rudeus's words, "It is Ellis who decides anyway."Continue to cultivate the Fitua territory even after Ellis's departure.
Edna Rayrun
Voice- Kaori Nakamura
  • Race: Human race
Ellis's etiquette teacher.A thick middle-aged woman who always has a gentle smile.
Since she was Ellis's nanny, Ellis also took classes without hitting her, but she wasn't very good at teaching, such as trying to make her remember without understanding the theory.
Voice- Shota Yamamoto
  • Race: Human race
The butler of the Boreas Greyrat family.
Having a connection with Darius, he was blinded by money and tried to kidnap Ellis to two rogues and sell them to Darius, but after being escaped by Rudeus who was with him, the rogue who became Guillene was also killed and caught. rice field.
Derrick Red Bat
  • Race: Human race
Ariel's guardian.The third son of an intermediate aristocrat, a senior magician who graduated from Asura Magic Academy.
He was a highly motivated and worried kingdom of Asura, which was stagnant due to the corruption of aristocrats.If Ariel, who has outstanding charisma and action, becomes king and works for the development of national power, he thinks that the kingdom of Asura will break the stagnation and achieve further development, and advises Ariel that he should aim for the king. Was there.
Ariel was protected from the monsters that had been transferred to the Asura Royal Palace in the Fitua territory transfer incident and died.At that time, he left a will to ask Ariel to become king and make the kingdom of Asura a good country.
Reida Lia
Voice- Yukiyo Fujii(game)[118]
  • Race: Human race
"Standing at the top of the Mizukami style swordsman"Water god".A petite old woman with deep wrinkles.The name is a name inherited by the female Mizukami from generation to generation, not her real name.
It has a calm and reassuring appearance, but it has a dry personality with a bad mouth.Even the sword god Gal Farion and Gravel, the first prince of the Asura kingdom, are called "boys".Former Asura Kingdom swordsman, there are many followers in the royal palace.
Although the heyday has already passed since he was over 60 years old, he created a unique mystery "Swordsman World" that combines two techniques that are considered to be the most difficult of the five mysteries transmitted to the Suijin style. It continued to bear the name of the water god for over a year.A human who can either move faster than a sword or prevent it within the range of the technique by the "deprived sword world" that can shoot a sword anywhere in front, back, left, right, up and down in response to the movement of the opponent within the range. Any number of people can stop moving[Note 36]..The ability is said to be higher than Randolph, the god of death who is in the fifth place of the seven great powers, and even if the sword god Gal Farion is the opponent, XNUMX% can win.
Isolte Kruel
  • Race: Human race
A granddaughter and disciple of the water god Reida Ria. A swordsman with the title of "Water King".
A polite personality who speaks but speaks softly.He is disgusted by Millis and sloppy women.Although it is evaluated as a person who can develop talents that are rarely seen in the same gate of the Mizukami style, there are some sections where the title does not match the ability, such as losing to Nina who is a sacred swordfighter of the sword god style that is compatible.
ヴ ェ ラ
Voice- Ryoko Maekawa
  • Race: Human race
A member of the Fitua territory search team.Shera's sister, a bikini armor warrior.
In addition to combat, the search team is also in charge of caring for injured people.
Voice- Sayumi Watabe
  • Race: Human race
A member of the Fitua territory search team.Vera's sister, a healer in a robe.
In addition to combat, the search team is also in charge of accounting.

Sanctuary of the sword

Gull Farion
Detail is"#Gull FarionSee.
Nina Farion
  • Race: Human race
Daughter of the sword god Gal Farion.A sacred swordsman of the Kenshin style.Featuring dark blue hair and tanned dark skin on the back of the neck[119].
He has a short temper and a radical personality, but he knows the courtesy of his superiors.It is the best young stock that is said to have an unparalleled talent, but at the beginning it was not possible to distinguish between a match and a serious match due to lack of practical experience.I can't read the letters[120].
In the battle with Ellis who came to the sanctuary of the sword, she broke Ellis's wooden sword with a wooden sword with an iron core, but was immediately beaten down and defeated.It was touted that he hated Ellis and was not suitable for the sword god style, but when he visited Lanoa Magic University to defeat Ellis's soulmate Rudeus and make him a slave, he ended up fighting Birdie Guardy. Defeated with no hands or legs.In addition, Rudeus was overwhelmed by the fact that he defeated Birdie Guardy with a single blow and returned.He realizes that Ellis is about to become as strong, and then changes his mind and devotes himself to his training.
Timothy Blitz
  • Race: Human race
Nina's master. A swordsman with the title of "Sword Emperor".Jinho's father and brother-in-law of the sword god Gal Farion[Note 37].
Gino Blitz
  • Race: Human race
The second son of Timothy Blitz, the sword emperor.A sacred swordsman of the sword god style.
He was the youngest swordsman at the time when he became a swordsman at the age of 12, and although he is not as good as his cousin Nina, he has the talent to say that he does not know what the future will be, but he is "sweet" due to lack of practical experience. It is described as.
In the battle with Ellis who came to the sanctuary of the sword, she was easily defeated by Ellis's surprise strike.

King Dragon Kingdom

Stelvio von King Dragon
  • Race: Human race
The 33rd King of the King Dragon Kingdom.A middle-aged man with a dull blonde and a thin beard.
I can't feel the dignity and talent of a king in a dull atmosphere, but I'm proud of the country and do my best.
Chagall Gargantis
  • Race: Mixed race (2/3 human race, 1/3 long ear race)
"One general" of the king dragon kingdom.Known as "General".One of the people who gathers excellent people from the field and makes the King Dragon Kingdom, which continues to be a wealthy soldier, a powerful country.I scouted Randolph, who was stuck in running a set meal shop.
Randolph Marian
Detail is"#Randolph MarianSee.

Sea Lawn Kingdom

Parten Sea Lawn
  • Race: Human race
King of the Kingdom of Sea Lawn.The father of Zanova and Pax.
Zanova Sea Lawn
Detail is"#Zanova Sea LawnSee.
Pax Sea Lawn
Voice- Jun Fukushima
  • Race: Human race
Seventh Prince of the Kingdom of Sea Lawn.Zanova's younger brother.
An arrogant and vile personality.Not only does he behave in a selfish manner wearing his power, but he is also despised and hated by the people around him because he forces the families of soldiers and maids to be held hostage.
He is obsessed with Roxy, who was a tutor, and confined Lilla and Aisha, who had been transferred in the Fitua territory transfer case, as bait to summon Roxy, and also detained Rudeus who came to help.However, he was banished to the King Dragon Kingdom as a hostage who could be killed by revealing all wrongdoing by Zanova.
Ginger York
Voice- Muranaka Satoshi
  • Race: Human race
Knight of the Third Prince Guard of the Kingdom of Sea Lawn.The knight is the 12th best.
Although he has a personality that allows him to be sensitive, Zanova says that he is "a little noisy because of trivial matters."He has pledged allegiance to Zanova because he was asked by Zanova's mother.
He tried to resign after being exchanged for the Roxy doll that Pax had, but Pax took his family hostage and forced him to take the Guard of Pax.The Louis Geld doll found in Rudeus's baggage confined to Pax is handed over to Zanova, and Rudeus and Zanova are brought together and with the cooperation of Zanova, Pax is deported.

Big forest

Gustave Dedordia
Voice- Shinpachi Tsuji
  • Race: Beast (Dedrudia)
Chief of the beast royal family "Dordia".An old warrior who also participated in the war with the human race decades ago.
Due to the poor performance of the two fathers, Ghislaine and Gues, the next patriarchal candidates, Linear and Prusena, were sent to study abroad at the Lanoa Magic University.
Gues de Dordia
Voice- Daiki Hamano
  • Race: Beast (Dedrudia)
Drudia warrior chief.Ghislaine's brother and linear father.
I still hate Ghislaine, who was a bad boy in the village.
Mini Tona Dedordia
Voice- Izawa Shiori
  • Race: Beast (Dedrudia)
The second daughter of Gues.It features the same tone as my sister's Linear, with "Nya" at the end.
Tersena Adoldia
Voice- Miki Ito
  • Tribe: Beast Tribe (Adoldia)
Prusena's sister.The tone is polite.
Linearna Dedordia
Detail is"#Lineana DedordiaSee.
Prusena Adoldia
Detail is"#Prusena AdoldiaSee.

Millis Holy Land

Harry Grimol
  • Race: Human race
Of the Millis cultpope..Cliff's grandfather and adoptive father.
With a gentle appearance with a white beard on his face, he feels the size of a vessel that wraps around him, but he is said to have survived the fierce power struggle of the Millis sect and was good at the number of tactics. There is a cunning side.
As the top of the demon acceptance group, he is engaged in a power struggle with the demon exclusion group.He lost his son and his wife in a power struggle, and once sent his grandson Cliff to an orphanage to keep him away from the power struggle.He took over Cliff when he became Pope, but thought that it was dangerous for Cliff to be in the Holy Land of Millis due to the intensified power struggle within the cult due to the attempted assassination of the god of memory, and sent him to study abroad at Lanoa Magic University. ..
Leblanc McFarlane
  • Race: Human race
Cardinal of the Millis sect.He is the de facto number two of the sect, overseeing the Knights of the Temple and assisting the Pope, but is aiming for the Pope's demise at the top of the demon exclusion faction.
Miko of memory
  • Race: Human race
A shrine cultivated by the demon exclusion faction of the Millis sect.The name was abandoned when it was summoned to the cult.
A plump appearance due to lack of exercise due to house arrest at the center of the cult headquarters.He is treated as an idol by the Knights of the Temple and is a VIP on the outside, but he is treated as a tool on the back and has no authority or freedom.
It has a curse to see the memory of the other person who looks at it, and is used for hearings inside the cult and for national trials with the permission of the Cardinal.By monopolizing this ability, the voice of the demon exclusion group is strengthened, so it has a value that can be said to be all of the demon exclusion group, but the person himself has no particular demon exclusion idea and is not interested in power struggle.
Browsing memory
A curse that allows you to see the surface of the memory of the other person you look at.If you can see the memory related to what you have in mind and keep looking at it, you can go back forever.
Cliff Grimol
Detail is"#Cliff GrimolSee.
Therese Latria
  • Race: Human race
Captain of the Temple Knights "Shield Group".Zenith's sister and Rudeus' aunt.
A manly and unrestrained personality.He hates demons because he is a demon-exclusionist Millis, but he is flexible, such as overlooking Louis Geld, who was taken care of by Rudeus, and has a good manners, such as giving courtesy to Ellis, a lifesaver.I missed my marriage because I had a big fight with my mother Claire when I joined the Order of the Temple.[Note 38], The desire to get married is very strong, and when you see a man and a woman who are close to each other, you may feel sick or depressed.
He is an intermediate swordfighter of the Mizukami style and has the same ability as a knight, but he has excellent commanding ability and clerical ability, and is trusted by the god of memory that "therese is good for escort".
While escorting the Miko of Memory, he was attacked by a papal assassin, and with the help of Ellis who happened to be there, he protected the Miko of Memory, but was relegated to the customs manager by killing his subordinates.Help Rudeus and others who were rubbing with Bakseal and make travel expenses free.
Skull ash (skull ashes)
  • Race: Human race
A member of the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher.A man wearing a helmet that imitates a skull and armor with a scratch on his chest.
Dust box (trash can)
  • Race: Human race
A member of the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher.A man wearing a trash can-like helmet and a red cloak.
The A-Team who has the fastest judgment speed among the members.His real name is "Duskrite Moukite", and he is supposed to be ostensibly driven by a sinecure and play around without a job.
Grave Keeper (Gravekeeper)
  • Race: Human race
A member of the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher. A 2-meter-tall man wearing a helmet with the words "Sleep peacefully" engraved on it.
Trash sweeper (cleaner)
  • Race: Human race
A member of the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher.A man wearing a helmet like a bamboo broom.
Black coffin (black casket)
  • Race: Human race
A member of the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher.
Burial garment (shroud)
  • Race: Human race
A member of the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher.
Cortage Head (Funeral Procession Leader)
  • Race: Human race
A member of the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher.A sacred swordsman of the Mizukami style.
Carlyle Latria
  • Race: Human race
Battalion commander of the Temple Knights "Sword Group".The father of Zenith and Therese.
Claire Latria
  • Race: Human race
Countess of Latria.Zenith and Therese's mother.
Bakseal von Wieser
  • Race: Human race
Director of Continental Customs, Millis.A man like a pig covered in fat.
Famous for his dislike of demons, he refused to allow Louis Geld to travel, but he admitted that the letter of Gargard was genuine, so he was forced to do so.
Gargard Nash Venik
  • Race: Human race
Leader of the Order of Teaching.In decades, he has raised the Order of the Teaching Knights to the point where he is said to be the strongest in history, and the survival rate of the Order of Teaching Knights has exceeded XNUMX% since he became the leader. It is even said that it does not exist.
Having been helped by Louis Geld as a child, he wrote a letter to free Louis Geld from the continent of Millis to the continent of Central.

Demon Continent

Kysilica xiris
Voice- Yuka Iguchi[94]
  • Race: Demon (Immortal Demon)
"The demons who led the demons in the Great WarMakai Emperor".With two horns like a goat and purple hairOdd EyeA woman with pale skin.Also known as "Evil Eye Demon Emperor" and "Resurrection Demon Emperor".
It should be a great demon, but it is famous for its self-degrading and decadent personality.[122], Acting in the atmosphere of the place without thinking about anything, forgetting to eat and starving to death many times[123]Because of the stupidity, they are treated as idiots and carelessly[Note 39].
The fighting ability is not so great, but with the 12 evil eyes hidden inside the body, you can see through everything such as future vision, remote viewing, magic power visibility, and perspective.In addition, it has the ability to change the eyes of others into evil eyes, and in the human demon war, it gained the power to control the demons with all its subordinates having evil eyes.[24]..Other than that, even if you die, you can revive in about 1000 years.[Note 40]..Although it is considered to be superior to the Demon King in these abilities[89], Because of lack of ability, it is not called a genie because it stops at the Majin Emperor[26].
It was revived about 300 years ago, but the shadow was overshadowed by the existence of the genie Laplace, and because it was a peaceful era when the demons got the rights, they were not treated as opponents, and the evil eye was seen by those who let them eat rice. Wandering the demon continent while giving[26].
Atofera Tofe Ryback
  • Race: Demon (Immortal Demon)
The Demon King who reigns in the Gaslow region of the Demon Continent.A woman with thick horns on her forehead, gray hair, red eyes, dark skin and bat wings.Birdie Gurdy's sister.
A warrior demon king who raged in the Second Demon War and the Laplace campaign, he has a warlike personality that enjoys fighting the strong.It is the most feared of the Demon Continent, but it cannot understand difficult stories because it is a unicellular organism that is crazy and rushing, and even Kisilica describes it as "the best idiot among the Demon Kings and cannot talk decently."He doesn't admit that he's a fool, and as soon as he's made a fool, he gets angry.
Because it has an immortal body that gathers and regenerates meat pieces no matter how much it is attacked by extremely high fighting ability, "Immortal Demon King"It is called.After the end of the Laplace campaign, he began to use the Kitagami style swordsmanship taught by Kitagami Carlman.Its strength is in the lower class of the seven great powers, which is on par with Kitagami.[74]In the duel, I have never lost other than the genie Laplace and the northern god Carlman, but I tend to be alert like an immortal demon, and I have been hurt many times.He has a longing for the battle between the hero and the demon king, and when he fights a duel, he loses himself when he recognizes his ability by not killing his opponent alone.They obey those who win in the duel, but those who lose will sign a contract to force them to submit and add them to the Guard.
In the Second Human Demon War, he served as a pioneer on the demon side, but due to his low intelligence, the supply route was cut off and his subordinates were wiped out and sealed by the human race.Revived by the genie Laplace before the Laplace campaign.He falls to the army gate of the genie Laplace and threatens the human race, but he marries the northern god Karlman who defeated himself after the end of the Laplace campaign.Birth of the second generation Kitagami Alex.
ム ー ア
  • Race: Demon (1/2 immortal demon)
An old soldier of the Atofe Guard.Although he has a soft demeanor, he is a "feeder" according to Kisilica, and is a loyal right-hand man who tells lies and carries things like Atofera Tofe.Atofera Atofe often complains about Tofe's unrestrainedness, but most of the time he doesn't listen.
A skilled magician who uses magic with a shortened chant, he is extremely responsive due to the quicker activation of magic and abundant combat experience.Also, if the head is split in half to draw the blood of the immortal demons, it will be regenerated immediately.
カ リ ー ナ
  • Race: Demon
One of the four heavenly kings of the Atofe Guards.A demon woman reminiscent of yellow scale reptiles. It is called "Wind Carina".
A swordsman with the title of "North King", he has lived a lifetime of nine deaths since he was little, using his excellent crisis detection ability to know just before he died.It is said by the other four heavenly kings to be "the stupidest woman among the four heavenly kings."
  • Race: Demon (Viscous / Hair)
One of the four heavenly kings of the Atofe Guards.A demon with a viscous white hair mass. It is called "Water Bene Bene".
He is a sacred swordfighter of the Kitakami style, and although his sword skill is lower than that of the four heavenly kings, he cannot slash because he draws the blood of the sticky and hair tribes.However, depending on its racial traits, it is said by the other four heavenly kings to be "the most fool of the four heavenly kings."
  • Race: Demon
One of the four heavenly kings of the Atofe Guards.A magic swordsman who manipulates the magic of fire and wind.However, for some reason it is called "earth peridot".
His skill in magic and swordsmanship is the best in the four heavenly kings, and he is also good at fighting against a large number of people.
  • Race: Demon
One of the four heavenly kings of the Atofe Guards. It is called "Fire Arcantos".
As a check, he shoots a long-haired, fluffy familiar that sniffs out the strong man's scent, and if the opponent is a weak person, the familiar eats his limbs.
Betobe Tobeta
  • Race: Demon (Viscous)
Demon King who lives in the labyrinth "Book Labyrinth" in the High Race region of the Demon Continent.A huge slime with dozens of tentacles.
Evil eye "Mario" that loves books and can see everywhere in the world[126]I am copying books from all over the world using.Even if you read a book in the labyrinth without permission, you will not do anything, but if you try to stain, tear, or steal a book, you will have a relentless resentment and attack your subordinates.
Loin Migurdia
Voice- Yusuke Kobayashi
  • Race: Demon (Migurud)
Roxy's father.He is the gatekeeper in the Migurud village.Knowing that Rudeus, who had been sent to the Demon Continent in the Fitua territory transfer case, was a disciple of Roxy, he handed over an unnamed sword and travel expenses.
Localy Migurdia
Voice- Satomi Satomi
  • Race: Demon (Migurud)
Roxy's mother.An unfussy personality.He was 102 years old when he met Rudeus, who was sent to the demon continent.He is worried about Roxy, who has left the house and has no sound, and sheds tears when he reunites with Roxy who came to look for the victims of the Fitua territory transfer incident.
Rocks Migurudia
Voice- Masayuki Kato
  • Race: Demon (Migurud)
Head of the Migurud settlement.He accepted Louis Geld, who helped the children of the village from monsters.
  • Race: Demon (Houga)
A girl of the demon "Houga" who lives in the town of Ricalis.Ask the Adventurer's Guild to search for the missing pet, the Black Panther, and have the Louis Gelds find it.
Birdie gurdy
Detail is"#Birdy GurdySee.

Historical figure

Demon King Laplace
The first five dragon generals who served the first dragon god "Demon Dragon King".In order to survive the only one of the first five dragon generals and defeat the human god, he studied techniques and techniques as the second dragon god, taught and improved the technique to talented people, and repeatedly developed and reincarnated it. I tried to hand it over to the son of the first dragon god (Olstead).I had prepared a reincarnation method in case I died, but in the battle with the fighting god who became an apostle of Hitogami in the Second Demon War, the soul is 2 due to the mystery that is my fatal injury released by the fighting god armor. It cracked and the reincarnation method failedGijin LaplaceGenie LaplaceDivided into.
The main character of "Old Story of Gu Long".
A brave man who ended the human demon war.The strongest human race candidate in history who defeated the Makai Emperor Kisilica and the Five Great Demon Kings with the help of the Balaur.Although not named, it is said to be similar to Ryujin[127].
Founder of the Millis sect.In the First Human Demon War, he defeated the Demon King of the Demon Continent with a blow of the holy sword from the Holy Land of Millis and made a great contribution to the end of the First Human Demon War.
Necros Lacrosse
One of the Five Great Demon Kings during the Human Demon War.Immortal Demon King Atofera Tofe and Birdie Gurdy's father.
"Immortal Necros LacrosseIt was called, and reigned as the strongest and strongest demon king among the demon kings at that time.Defeated by the brave Ars and died.
Lagon Hargon
One of the Five Great Demon Kings during the Human Demon War.A user of divine earth magic.
"Underground Demon KingHe used magic to build a fortress out of the reach of humans, and made a way under the ground, specializing in large-scale surprise attacks.Defeated by the brave Ars and died.
"" Reigning at the top of all beastsBeast God".A hero of the beast tribe who protected the large forest from the invasion of the growing human race after the end of the First Human Demon War.
Because Giger was a Dordia, the Dordia still reigns at the top of the forest.
A human race that is said to be the hero of the Second Demon War.A wearer of fighting god armorGolden knight"It is called.
In history, it is said that the war was ended by defeating the Makai Emperor Kisilica, but in reality he died in the middle of the war, and after his death, Laplace, the demon dragon king, was recognized as Aldebaran and the wrong history was transmitted.
One of the three heroes of the genie killing, "Laplace" at the time of the campaignDragon God".The big brother of Pergius, the King of Koryu.It was said that the total amount of magical power was the smallest among all the dragon gods of all time, and it was said that he would not call himself the dragon god as the weakest dragon god candidate. Developed a unique Ryujin style that pursues enemies with the minimum power without using magical power as much as possible, and won the title of Ryujin.The best genius of all timeA great person who wants the name[Note 41]..He was the only seven great powers who participated in the Laplace campaign and survived with satisfaction, but died due to the decisive battle magic that defeated the genie Laplace.
Karlman Ryback
One of the three heroes of the genie killing and the first "Northern God".He was not well known until his son Alex, the second generation of the North God, became famous because the episode that was not particularly noticeable among the three heroes was not transmitted, but he helped his friends many times as an unsung hero and was respected by King Pergius. ing.After the end of the Laplace campaign, he married his enemy, the Immortal Demon King Atofera Tofe, and signed an agreement with his best friend Pergius, the King of Koryu, to forbid each other from killing each other.
Gaunis Freean Asura
King of the Kingdom of Asura about 400 years ago.Two older brothers and his father, the king, died in the war with the Laplace army, so he asked the seven heroes who were enthroned to the king and were friends to get a way to defeat the genie Laplace. Succeeded in defending the Kingdom of Asura from the Laplace army until it was sealed.It is said to be the great king who put together the tattered kingdom of Asura after the end of the Laplace campaign.
However, in reality, he is a timid mediocre who can neither study nor martial arts, always runs away, is compared with his two excellent brothers, and drinks at the bar from the irritation that no one expects, and complains to mercenaries and adventurers and fights. He was the kind of person who used his eyes for his daughter in the bar.
Although it had many drawbacks, it had "the power to utilize and grow people", so the surroundings helped to settle the kingdom of Asura, and the King Pergius of Koryu recognized it as the "true king" who has the most important element as a king. Was being done.However, he always said that there was another "ideal king" that he envisioned, and that "the one that everyone deserves to take his life is the ideal king."
The first "Water god".A god-class swordsman who specializes in counters and a god-class magician who handles god-class water magic, he froze the sea to create a foothold and defeated the King of the Sea Dragon.
Five mysteries were devised, and all five mysteries could be used only among the successive water gods.In order to imitate the great first generation, he learned three or more mysteries and made a rule to call himself Raidal for men and Raida Lia for women.

Other people

Voice- Whale
"Human godAn unidentified existence who calls himself.The human god is the same title as the modern gods, and is not the god of the human world.With powerful future and remote viewing powers, he appears in the dreams of human races, gives announcements, and manipulates the world at his own convenience.
As soon as I recognized the feature with a flat white face, it came off and I could not remember itモ ザ イ クGives the impression that it has been applied.With a scammer who has a frivolous tone[54]It ’s smelly[Note 42], Has a curse that is trusted by others, feels sacred and divine when it is a person who can communicate with the curse, and misunderstands that he is politely showing the way in consideration of himself.
His personality is insidious and selfish.Ugly to enjoy using others and finally betraying and ruiningegoistSo, in addition to the despicableness of lying calmly and falling into a person, the sneakyness of ridiculing the person who was deceived by oneself, the shamelessness of a thick face who ridicules that he does not remember being resented by others, and the smallness of the vessel that transfers responsibility to others if he fails. It's a childish selfishness that screams if things don't go as planned, and everyone criticizes their personality.
By looking at the future, you can see the details of your distant future and the details of the future of the three people at the turning point of time, but you are not good at predicting because you rely on that power.
Alex Carlman Ryback
  • Race: Mixed race (1/2 immortal demon, 1/2 human)
"Standing at the top of the Kitagami style swordsman"Northern GodOne of them.The son of the first Kitagami Karlman and the Immortal Demon King Atofera Tofe, commonly known as "Karlman II".
He is called the "Great Hero" who has made numerous martial arts in various places, such as defeating the giant dragon, King Dragon King Kajakto, who ruled the King Dragon Mountains, and the Great Behemoth, which is rampaging on the Vegalit Continent.Its activity is told by bards and novelists all over the world under the name of "Kitagami Hero Tan".However, in order to make the name of the northern god famous, he traveled the world and plunged his head into such an incident, and as a result it was negative that it was only in a good direction, and the three heroes who killed the genie were regarded as true heroes. Have respect.
Until about 100 years ago, he was called the "strongest swordfighter", but the power of the magic sword "King Dragon Sword Kajakuto" was so strong that he questioned his own ability and became a son of "King Dragon Sword Kajakuto". Handed over to Alexander, the northern god of the sword, and began to use stick art by studying combat with weapons other than swords.
The main character of "King Dragon King Subjugation-Final Chapter and Preface-".
  • Race: Demon
The chief of the demons, "spirits".In Majin, the first person is "myself" and dignified, but in human language, the first person can only speak a single word with "Ode".
Although he is an indiscriminate violent person when he starts rampaging, he has a gentle personality that non-combatants do not attack.
Gallus Cleaner
Voice- Eiji Takeuchi
  • Race: Human race
A member of a smuggling organization.Northern Shinto style sacred swordfighter.
It is a combat group that has become able to fight against a large number of people without using tactics, and has the strongest nickname of "cleaner" in smuggling organizations.
Give up on the organization that is advancing the dangerous plan of kidnapping the holy beast[129], Asked Rudeus, who met in Wenport, to release smuggled goods instead of cooperating with Louis Geld's stowaway, and in the meantime, by kidnapping the beasts in the large forest with his own hands, he pulled the legs of his friends and only profited himself. Make a plan to get.Although he tried to kidnap the beasts toward the large forest, he failed and was arrested because Rudeus and Geese were in the village.
Bloody cant
  • Race: Human race
An adventurer magician who travels the world.He went around the world and published a guide book "Walking the World" with the names and characteristics of each country in the world.
A powerful person who can travel alone on the demon continent (even a grown-up Roxy avoids traveling alone on the demon continent).Taught magic to Roxy, a child when he visited a Migurud settlement[39].

the term

View of the world

Six-sided world
A different world that will be the stage.HexahedronIt is in the shape of, and each side is inhabited by humans.Human world・ "The demons live in"Devil's world・ "The Balaur live in"World of dragons・ "The beast tribe lives in"Beast world・ "The sea tribe lives in"Sea world・ "The Elyos live in"Heavenly worldCentral cavity in the six worlds of ""World of nothingnessWas composed of.Five worlds other than the human world have perished.
Human world
The only remaining world in the six-sided world.Originally it was a world where humans lived, but it became a world where various races fled from the collapsed world and integrated the six worlds.Everything, including humans, has magical powers and has various influences.
World of nothingness
The inner center of the six-sided world.It is a pure white space with nothing, and is used when moving to another world or as a path for summoning and transfer magic.
The power to fill the six-sided world.All beings in the six-sided world not only serve as an energy source for magic, but also have various effects such as people and things acquiring special abilities, turning animals and plants into monsters, and causing abnormal weather on the land. Is giving.
The total magical power of the worldEnergy conservation lawIf for some reason the magical power decreases significantly and the book ends do not match, the world will suck up objects and creatures and convert them into magical power to make adjustments in order to make up for the shortfall.
Koryu calendar
Used in the workcalendar..It came to be used in honor of Pergius, one of the three heroes who killed the genie who defeated the genie Laplace and contributed to the end of the Laplace campaign.1 years of the Koryu calendar at the beginning of the story.

History / events

Human Demon War
War between humans and demons about 6000-7000 years ago.The demon world emperor Kisilica Kisiris and the five great demons led the demons and challenged the human race.
It continued for about 1000 years, repeating fierce battles and lulls, and finally the brave Ars defeated the Five Great Demon Kings and the Demon World Emperor Kisilica.The defeated demons are now treated as slaves to the human race.
Second Human Demon War
War between humans and demons about 5000-4200 years ago.The demons, led by the resurrected demon world emperor Kisilica Kisiris, bring in beasts and seas to their side and start a war against the humans, but Hitogami uses the demons to kill the demon dragon king Laplace. ..
It was a human race that was cornered by the demon army who received the advice of Hitogami, but continued to fight for about 800 years without declaring defeat, and the demon dragon king Laplace defeated the demon army and influential people alone. By destroying the army, the human race rebuilds the front line.Eventually, Laplace, the demon dragon king, died in the battle with the fighting god armor after receiving his own fatal mystery.Due to the mystery, the magical power that Laplace, the demon dragon king, should use for the reincarnation method went out of control, and the huge land was divided into the central continent and the demon continent, and the war ended.[75][Note 43]..The hole became the Rings Sea.After the war, transfer magic was banned.
Laplace Campaign
War between humans and demons about 500-400 years ago.Laplace, the genie who gathered the demons of the demon continent, draws the sea and beasts to his side and wages a war on the human race.By shooting red dragons on the mountains of the central continent, making the mountains impassable, dividing the human race and conquering the northern and southern parts, the human race was forced into a tough battle that was incomparable to previous wars.In just 100 years, countries other than the Kingdom of Asura and the Holy Land of Millis have died and the human race has been cornered, but with the persuasion of the seven heroes, the sea and beast tribes are drawn into the human race side and challenge the final total war.Although the genie Laplace was defeated, the exhausted human race could not continue the war, and the moderate demon king who remained on the demon continent signed a treaty prohibiting the blockade of the demon continent and discrimination against the demons. It was terminated.
Fitua territory transfer case
A magical disaster that occurred in the Asura Kingdom Fitua territory in 417 of the Koryu calendar.
A wide range of people and things were swallowed and disappeared by the light generated from the fortified city of Loa in the Fitua territory, and the Fitua territory became a grassland area where all man-made objects and trees were lost.People disappeared all over the world about a day after their disappearance, but many lives were lost, including those who moved to the air or sea and died instantly, and those who moved to dangerous lands such as conflict zones and demon continents and died. It was.
The cause was that the world robbed the surroundings of the magical power needed to summon Nana Hoshi to the six-sided world.The disappeared people and things were consumed as magical power in order from inanimate objects, and the surplus was released to the world.[130].

Continent / nation

Central continent
The largest continent in the human world.The Red Dragon Mountains divide the northern land into three areas: the poor and harsh northern part covered with snow, the rich western part controlled by the Asura Kingdom, and the southern part controlled by the King Dragon Kingdom and the conflict zone in the north. Has been done.Originally, it was connected to the demon continent and was called a giant land, but it broke up in the Second Human Demon War.The official language is human.
Kingdom of Asura
The world's largest power that controls the entire western part of the Central Continent.The fertile land with many water sources produces abundant food, and the number of monsters is small and weak, making it the richest country in the world where you can live comfortably.However, no matter how much the aristocrats take taxes, the people will not starve, so there will be no major rebellion or civil war, and the existence of the Red Dragon Mountains is unlikely to be attacked by other countries.[Note 44]Due to the ongoing corruption of aristocrats and the squeeze of power struggles, there are problems such as being unable to take measures even in the event of an emergency, hindering the development of the country and stagnating.[Note 45]..In addition, there are few dangerous areas and monsters, and knights are dispatched to small villages, and the knights regularly exterminate monsters, making it difficult for adventurers to live without work.
The four Greyrats of Notus, Boreas, Euros and Zephyrus, known as the four major lords, guard the four sides of the royal capital.The coins are Asura gold coins (equivalent to 4 yen), Asura silver coins (equivalent to 10 yen), Asura large bronze coins (equivalent to 1 yen), and Asura copper coins (equivalent to 1000 yen).[Note 46]Due to its high value and reliability, it can be used in most countries on the central continent.
An area governed by the royal family west of the Kingdom of Asura.
Royal capital Ars
The royal capital of the Kingdom of Asura.The oldest and largest city in the world, bearing the name of the hero who led the war to victory.The royal castle Silver Palace built on the hill is surrounded by a thick wall like a fortress, and the mansions of senior aristocrats are lined up around it, and the wall further surrounds them.From there, an ordinary townscape spreads out and is surrounded by castle walls at regular intervals, but because the Knights eliminate monsters, the castle walls no longer exist after counting five, and a huge arena, A variety of townscapes such as the beautiful temple of the Order of St. Millis, the aqueducts stretched throughout the city, the headquarters of the world's largest trading company, the dojo of the Mizukami style sect, the theater district lined with theaters, and the gate built to commemorate the victory of the Laplace campaign. Continues beyond the horizon.
Fit a territory
A territory governed by the Boreas Greyrat family northeast of the Kingdom of Asura.Patilus flowers, which are the raw material for perfume, and Aslan wheat, which is the raw material for bread, are cultivated in the famous perfume producing area, and golden wheat fields spread all over except for the fortified city of Loa, where the lord lives.The entire area disappeared in the Fitua territory transfer case.
The largest town in Fitua territory.The mayor is Philip Boreas Greyrat.
"The walls surround the city"Fortified cityAlthough it was a venerable town that functioned as the final defense line in the Laplace campaign, it is said to be a remote area with many savage adventurers among the aristocrats of the royal capital.
Buena Village
Rural village in Fitua territory.As far as the eye can see, more than 30 households live in the countryside of the fields.Paul was dispatched as a knight in the birthplace of Rudeus.
Milbots territory
A territory governed by the Notos Greyrat family east of the Kingdom of Asura.A famous liquor production area with a huge brewery.Beer is a daily drink in the Kingdom of Asura, but most of the wines that are drunk during celebrations are made in Milbots.
Donati territory
A territory governed by the Zephyrus Greyrat family northwest of the Kingdom of Asura.A famous production area for sugar and yarn.It also exports armor to northern adventurers and mercenaries.
Wisir territory
A territory governed by the Euros Greyrat family in the south of the Kingdom of Asura.There are no special products to mention, but distribution is thriving because it is the gateway for merchants from the south.
Three magical powers
An alliance consisting of three countries, the Kingdom of Lanoa, the Principality of Nellis, and the Principality of Bachelant, located on the west side of the northern part of the Central Continent.It is said that if the country prospers in the poor northern part by developing magic and the powers of the three countries are combined, it has the fourth national power in the world.We are gathering excellent human resources from all over the world and are generously investing in research on magic.
Kingdom of Lanoa
The largest alliance of the three magical powers in the north.Among the three great powers of magic, magic education is active and many excellent magicians are produced.[131].
A magical city at the northern end of the Kingdom of Lanoa.It is the center of the three magical powers that exist on the border between the Principality of Nellis and the Principality of Bacheland, and is packed with everything related to magic such as the Lanoa Magic University, the Nellis Magic Tool Studio, and the Magic Guild.A student town centered on the guild headquarters of the magic guild made of the latest magic bricks, and the Lanoa Magic University in the east.To the west is a workshop town centered on Nellis Magic Tool Studio.To the north is a commercial district centered on a commercial guild.To the south is a post town that welcomes visitors and adventurers from the outside.There is no lord because it is jointly managed by the three magical powers and the magical guild.
Principality of Nellis
One of the three magical powers.Good at making magic tools[132].
Principality of Bachelant
One of the three magical powers.Good at studying magic[132]..It is the first country to visit from the west to the north, and the magic tools exported to the Kingdom of Asura account for most of the national interest.
Sanctuary of the sword
The base of the Kenshin style at the cape at the northwestern tip of the central continent.It is a place where the first sword god started a school and taught swords to his disciples in his later years, and it is a place that every swordsman should visit at least once.
It's a harsh land covered with snow all year round, but most of the townspeople are swordfighters and wear light clothes so that they can move fast.In addition, 9% of the townspeople cannot read letters because no technique other than swordsmanship is required.
Beheiril Kingdom
A small country at the eastern end of the northern part of the central continent.Surrounded by mountains, sea and forests, it has three large cities.The land is twice as strong as that of the neighboring country, and the strength is not enough. The adventurer party, who was the leader, made a pledge to protect each other with the demons who felt the grace, and is still under the patronage of the demons, and keeps the country without being invaded by other countries.In Japan, demons are treated the same as humans.
King Dragon Kingdom
A great power that controls the southern half of the southern part of the central continent.With many client states, the national power is the third largest in the world.It used to be one of the many countries in the southern part of the central continent, but about 3 years ago, when the second generation Kitagami Alex defeated King Dragon King Kajakto, who ruled King Dragon Mountain in the northwest, the enormous amount on the territory. Obtained a variety of mineral resources and quickly became a powerful country.Although it is a historic country with many other anecdotes, it is pay-for-performance and does not place much importance on tradition or formality.The town is unorganized, and there is an inn for adventurers in the immediate vicinity of the aristocratic mansion.
Sea Lawn Kingdom
A small country in the southern part of the central continent.Although the conflict zone extends to the north, the country has been preserved for 200 years by forming an alliance with the King Dragon Kingdom.However, because the difference in national power is clear, it is treated like a client state.
From the time he was born, the prince was given a direct guard to learn to move people.If you do good things, the number of guards will increase, if you do bad things, the number will decrease, and it is customary to make the prince with the largest number of guards the next king when the king demises.
Conflict zone
An area located on the north side of the southern part of the central continent.Since the Laplace campaign, countless small nations have continued to fight for supremacy in the area, and have been repeatedly founded and destroyed.There are many countries in the central part of the central continent that want it, but the three countries of "Asura Kingdom", "Millis Holy Country", and "King Dragon Kingdom" have signed an agreement that does not touch the conflict zone.Therefore, in order to control the champion of the conflict zone from the back, each countryspyHowever, when something goes into a unified movement, they pull each other's legs and cause internal disturbances, causing the country to collapse.
Markien Mercenary Country
One of the small countries in the conflict zone.A combat nation whose livelihood is the dispatch of mercenaries, which was founded by the mercenary king Markien in 415.
Two years after the founding of the country, in 2, the two neighboring countries attacked and were in danger of being destroyed. Guillene, who had been transferred in the Fitua territory transfer case, was in the process of accidentally splitting the two countries. Helping Vigo, the commander of the 417rd mercenary nation, and having the headquarters of the two countries in the direction of returning to Fitua territory, he cooperated with the Marquien mercenary nation, and as a result, the Marchien mercenary nation wins.After that, from the story of Vigo who became a general, Ghislaine began to follow the forest goddess Reine.
Hammer polka
A town located at the northern end of the Marquien Mercenary Country.A blacksmith town that earns a living by collecting high-quality iron ore from under a huge rock that can be seen from a distance and exporting it to other countries, but the production of armor is active and it is easy to equip it. It is called a mercenary town by people because it is a den for foreign mercenaries.
Red Dragon Mountains
A huge mountain range that divides the central continent into three parts: the north, the west, and the south.This name comes from the fact that the red dragon released by the genie Laplace in the Laplace campaign settled all over the mountain.[97].
Once you enter the territory of the red dragon, it will be swarmed by the red dragons that form a flock in units of hundreds, and will be eaten without leaving any bones. Nowhere other than the "upper jaw" and the valley "red dragon's lower jaw" that connects the west and south can pass.However, it is possible to deal with the red dragon if it is the top of the seven great powers, and in fact, the dragon god Olstead, who is the second largest power, is passing by knocking down the red dragon.
Demon Continent
A continent located in the northeast.The cracked reddish-brown land where plants rarely grow is full of rocks, and the rocks that are taller than the height are blocked from becoming a natural maze, and there are many powerful monsters of rank C or higher. The toughest land in the world of people who have no way out of monsters.Since food is scarce and vegetables do not grow, the staple food is monster meat, and most of the buildings are made of soil and stone.Even experienced adventurers avoid traveling alone because they have to be wary of monster attacks while sleeping, but there are many warrior practitioners who travel to the demon continent in a perfect place to practice.About 1000 years ago, the genie Laplace unified the demon continent, but now there is no one who governs the entire demon continent, and the demon kings reign in various places and are governed by themselves or their subordinates.Originally, it was connected to the central continent and was called a giant land, but it broke up in the Second Human Demon War.The official language is genie.There are green coins (equivalent to 1000 yen), iron coins (equivalent to 100 yen), scrap iron coins (equivalent to 10 yen), and stone coins (equivalent to 1 yen).[Note 46].
Viegoya region
The area where the immortal Demon Lord Birdie Gurdy reigns.However, Birdie Guardy has been away for years on a wandering journey.
A town built in a huge crater where the Makai Emperor Kisilica was based during the Human Devil War.In the center is Xyris Castle, which was half destroyed by the Laplace campaign.
The crater is a natural barrier that prevents the invasion of enemy troops many times during the war and still helps prevent the invasion of monsters, and the inner wall is embedded with magic stones, and as the sun goes down, the town Illuminate.
Migurud Village
A village where the Migurd tribe lives.There are more than a dozen households, and a poor fence surrounds a house made of the shell of the Great King Rikugame, and the field is bred with a tree demon, Turent, which protects against vermin.The Migurud tribe is eerily quiet because they communicate with each other in a telepathic manner.
Gaslow region
The area where the Immortal Demon King Atofera Tofe reigns.It is one of the harshest lands on the continent, with many vicious monsters inhabiting it, and with poisonous gas generation areas and deep valleys.The number of towns and settlements is extremely small, and all have become solid fortresses.
Necros Fortress
Immortal Demon King Atofera The residence of Tofe.The largest fortress on the demon continent built by the immortal Necros Lacrosse, one of the Five Great Demon Kings.
The walls divide it into five blocks in a staircase pattern, the bottom three are ordinary castle towns, the second from the top is a military facility, and the highest position is a black building like a castle.Atofera There is a tradition that if you have an audience with Tofe and craving for power, you will get unparalleled power, so those who are traveling to the demon continent in warrior training will eventually aim here However, giving power means being trained as a minion of Atofera Tofe.
High race region
The area where the sticky demon king Betobe Tobeta reigns.
Book labyrinth
The residence of the Demon King Betobe Tobeta.Although it is called a labyrinth, it is not a monster, but a bookshelf made by Betobe's familiar demons. As long as there are no traps and the books in the labyrinth are not polluted, the monsters will not attack.
There are all kinds of books in the world that Betobe copied with the power of the evil eye "Marito", but it is difficult to find the necessary information because they are arranged in the order in which they were copied and not organized at all.However, Betobe knows which books are where, and sometimes he finds them as a reward.
Millis Continent
A continent located in the southeast.There is a large forest in the northeast across the Seiryu Mountains, the sacred country of Millis in the southwest, and the Holy Sword Highway without any monsters penetrates the Blue Dragon Mountains and the large forest.The coins are royal bills (equivalent to 5 yen), general bills (equivalent to 1 yen), Millis gold coins (equivalent to 5000 yen), Millis silver coins (equivalent to 1000 yen), Millis large bronze coins (equivalent to 100 yen), and Millis copper coins (equivalent to 10 yen). Equivalent)[Note 46].
Big forest
A huge forest that occupies half of the northeastern continent of Millis.There are beasts in the northern part of the large forest, dwarfs in the southwest, long-eared people in the southeast, and coal mining territories at the foot of the Seiryu Mountains in the south. There is a period of heavy rain that continues to fall for about three months, during which the ground is submerged and impassable.The official language is Beast God.
Millis Holy Land
A great power that controls the southwestern part of the continent of Millis.It boasts a history second only to the Kingdom of Asura and is the second largest national power in the world.It is home to the Millis sect, the world's largest religious organization, and has a strong religious character.Since it is under the knees of the Millis sect, it has a strong wind on other races, and there is a strong sense of discrimination against demons, but the treaty with Omori prohibits the enslavement of beasts.The Knights Templar, which controls the defense of their own country.A knight order that spreads the majesty and teachings of Millis to countries around the world.There are three knights of the Temple Knights who hold the Inquisitor and condemn the heathen.The official language is human.
The capital of the Holy Land of Millis.The Nikolaus River, which flows from the Blue Dragon Mountains, flows into Lake Gran in the center of the city, and a pure white white palace floats in the center of Lake Gran, along the river with a golden cathedral and a silver adventurer's guild. The beautiful scenery of the seven brave towers that exist and the regular streets lined up on the grid that surrounds the city, and the grasslands that spread out widely, is "dignity and harmony. It is said to be the most beautiful city in the world.Although it is close to a large forest, it is protected by the barriers of the seven magic towers that surround the city, so it is not affected by the rainy season and does not cause disasters or epidemics.The north side is a residential area divided into an area where aristocrats live and an area where ordinary citizens live.The eastern side is a commercial area where major trading companies take advantage of all industries.On the south side is the Adventurer's Guild Headquarters, an adventurer's district with shops and inns for adventurers, gambling houses and slums.On the west side, there is a cathedral of the headquarters of the Millis sect, and it is divided into a sacred area where many people related to the Millis sect live.
Blue Dragon Mountains
A mountain range between the Great Forest and the Holy Land of Millis. Once every 10 years, a blue dragon builds a nest to lay eggs and raise children.
Holy sword highway
A highway that runs straight through the Seiryu Mountains and large forests.This road was created when St. Millis, the founder of the Millis sect, cut off the Demon King of the Demon Continent from the Holy Land of Millis, and even now, the magical power of St. Millis remains, so no monsters appear.
Vegalit Continent
A continent located in the southwest.The desert is mostly covered with sand, but suddenly there are forests and mountains, and when you go to the center, the sand disappears and snow falls, and there is no country.[133]..The strength of the demons is weaker and less numerous than the demon continent, but on average they are about the same strength, making it the second most dangerous land after the demon continent.There are a large number of labyrinths underground, and many magical products are produced. In addition, the processing technology is superior to that of the central continent because it is a special production area for glass.The official language is fighting god.The currency unit is "Sinsa".
A labyrinth city located inland on the eastern side of the Vegalit continent.Centering around the ribs of the large Behemoth that surrounds the town, the earth-colored townscape is spread out with buildings made of materials that can be taken from soil and monsters.Originally a small oasis, the second generation Kitagami Alex defeated the large behemoth rampaging in the desert, and all the burrows dug by the ant-type monsters that ate the carcass turned into labyrinths and are produced one after another. Magical additions attract many adventurers, making it a dream land for merchants who sell armor and magic tools like flying, and one of the largest cities in the Behemoth continent where adventurers and merchants from all over the world who seek a lot of money gather. Became.
Heavenly continent
A small continent located in the north.It is connected to the central continent and can be walked from the demon continent at low tide, but it exists on a cliff with no road or scaffolding at an altitude of 3000 m and cannot be reached by the usual method, so it is a separate continent. It is being treated.A criminal wanted in the central continent may try to cross the cliffs of the heavenly continent to the demon continent, but he says he cannot survive.The official language is Tenjin.
A town on the western edge of the heavenly continent.A rustic town with small fences surrounding houses made of earth and stone on bones and straw.Since the monsters fly in the sky, there are no walls and a barrier is created.
Pergius, the King of the Dragon King, was born at the ruins of the Balaur on the nearby Aruche Hill.
Rings Sea
A circular sea surrounded by five continents.It was created when the giant land was divided into the central continent and the demon continent in the Second Human Demon War.The official language is sea god.


Millis cult
The world's largest religious group that praises St. Millis as a god.There are many religious people in the sacred country of Millis and the Kingdom of Asura, and most of the people in the sacred country of Millis are religious and are greatly involved in domestic security and politics, and their power is higher than that of royalty.
It is a religion that wishes for order, peace, and well-being, and many religious people are serious and in-law.Also, because there is a teaching that "men and women love one person each other," I don't like people who are bigamy.Originally, the demons were excluded according to the phrase "All demons should be destroyed" in the scriptures, but about 1 years ago, a priest who saw the phrase "every race is equal under Millis" Ever since he said, "Isn't the demons equal?", They have been divided into demon exclusion groups and demon acceptance groups and have been fighting.It is illegal to teach without the permission of the cult with the rights to god attack magic and barrier magic.
Since St. Millis is not supposed to tell, devout Millis make the telling the devil who speaks God.
Temple Knights
One of the Three Knights of Millis.Wear blue armor.Private soldiers of the Millis sect, also known as fanatics, are known as synonymous with fear of condemning heathens.
Guardian of the Holy Sepulcher (Anastasia Keep)
Escort unit of Miko of memory.A group of fanatics who madly believe in the teachings of Millis and vow to protect the gods for their lives, all of whom are first-class priest warriors with advanced swordsmanship, four-kind attack magic, and barrier magic. The most excellent group in the Temple Knights.In order to prevent information leakage, he is obliged to hide his identity except for managers and gives himself a code name.
Knights Templar
One of the Three Knights of Millis.Wear white armor.It is an elite group that controls the defense of its own country and is in the position of a knight of the Holy Land of Millis.
Teaching Knights
One of the Three Knights of Millis.Wear silver armor.A mercenary unit that has the role of sending young knights to the conflict zone to experience the battlefield and at the same time spreading the teachings of the Millis sect.The Knights of the Holy Land of Millis become full-fledged knights by participating in the expedition of the Order of Teaching Knights.
Lanoa Magic College
A magic school located in Sharia, the magical city of the Kingdom of Lanoa.It is one of the largest in the world, sponsored by the three magical powers and the magical guild.
You can enroll regardless of race, status, or age, and the number of students exceeds 1, but it is difficult to graduate and the number of graduates is about 500 every year.The entrance fee and the tuition fee until graduation are equivalent to 3 Asura gold coins.[Note 47]You can enter the school without taking the exam, but if you take the exam and get excellent grades, you will be exempted from the entrance fee and tuition to some extent, and you will be allowed to pay at the time of graduation, so you can use flexibility to secure excellent human resources. ing.In order to dispel the image of a sneaky school where various races gather, the uniform proposed by Nana Hoshi has been introduced since 422 of the Koryu calendar.
In addition to teaching magic, classes are offered according to various positions and purposes, such as regular school lessons, arithmetic lessons for merchants, and military lessons for military personnel.The period of enrollment is 7 to 9 years, and if you graduate, you will be qualified as a D-class guild member of the magic guild, and you can continue to be a member of the magic guild even after graduation.
From 2 to 3 years after enrollment, learn 6 types of fire, water, wind, soil, healing, and detoxification to the beginner level, and in the remaining few years, decide what to major and study to the advanced level.[71].
In addition to classes, we sell magic textbooks at low prices, enroll famous people and people who are likely to grow in the future as special students, and carry out activities to promote the school and improve the status of magicians.
Adventurer Guild
An organization that provides various services to registered adventurers.Based in Millicion, the capital of the Holy Land of Millis.
It mediates work, delivers rewards, buys materials, and exchanges money.Received technology from the Demon King Laplace, and handles Balaur magic tools such as adventurer cards.[134].
Fitua territory search team
A search team set up to rescue the victims of the Fitua territory transfer case.Alphonse, the butler of the Boreas Greyrat family, goes around to gather talent, launches a refugee camp, and at the same time Paul searches with the young people who have gathered in the Holy Land of Millis, where the headquarters of the Adventurer's Guild is located. ..It is funded by Darius, Senior Minister of the Kingdom of Asura, and the Latria family, a nobleman of the Holy Land of Millis.
Since Paul's purpose was to help his family, he tries not to set a precedent for not helping the victims in order to keep the cause for the family to help in any situation.The enslaved victims were released with the money and power of the Latria family, but kidnapped and hid themselves against the aristocrats who never let go of the slaves.As a result, it succeeded in saving thousands of refugees, but the release of slaves was illegal in the Holy Land of Millis, and the members were attacked by private soldiers of the aristocrats by turning the Millis aristocrats into enemies, resulting in casualties. It's out.
A few years after the incident, Darius discontinued funding and virtually disbanded.Some of the members continued their search activities individually, and the refugee camps shifted their activities from search to reclamation.
Atofe Guard
Immortal Demon King Atofera A fighting group gathered by Tofe.The strongest army of the demon continent, dressed in the best black armor of the demon continent that reduces magic, has extremely high fighting ability such as defeating the demon warriors of the battle race without difficulty.
Atofera If you challenge and defeat Tofe, you may be added to the Guard by being signed a contract to submit to death while fainting, and in addition to that, you may be added to the Guard as a reward.[Note 48]..I usually learn the Kitagami style from Atofera Tofe and practice to vomit blood every day, but I get a two-year vacation once every 10 years.
Atofe Guards Four Tenno
Four idiots who stand out especially in the Guard.It has the role of welcoming those who have come to defeat Atofera Tofe, and if you defeat the four heavenly kings one by one and defeat all of them, you will have the right to challenge Atofera Tofe.On the contrary, the four heavenly kings who defeated the challenger can challenge Atofera Tofe.Each has two names, wind, water, soil, and fire, but they have nothing to do with their abilities.


The definition of human being was treated as human in the world before it perished[135], ~ Tribes with tribes are treated as humans even if they are not humanoid[136].

A race that originally lived in the human world. Adults at the age of 15.It does not have special abilities peculiar to the race and is weaker than the demons and beasts in terms of race, but in the war with the demons, no matter how much it is cornered, it will eventually win without declaring defeat, and other It is said to be a struggle-loving race because it wages wars against races and fights between humans.Basically, only humans have a family name, and other races give their surnames that are fixed for each race.As mentioned above, human beings include not only human races but also all races.
A general term for the races that were attached to the demon side in the war between humans and demons.Even if the race is a demon in terms of classification, it is not called a demon if it was not on the demon side in the war.Originally, there are mixed races such as mixed races mixed with other races and non-human races.
There have been many wars with the human race over the plains.Although he was treated as a slave of the human race due to his defeat in the human demon war, a treaty was signed in the Laplace campaign and discrimination against the demons was prohibited.However, even now, there is a deep-rooted sense of discrimination against demons, especially aristocrats and Millis.
Since the genie Laplace and the Spelled tribe had green hair, there is a widespread myth that the closer the demons are to green hair, the more ferocious they are, and the green hair is considered to be a horrifying and abominable color.
A demon with blue hair and a petite physique. About 10 years old grows up to the same level as an adult (15 years old)[Note 49], The appearance does not change until about 150 years old.If you are a family member, you can talk in a telepathic manner without speaking out.Perhaps because of this, Roxy, who is closed and rarely goes out of the village, is not exclusive and cannot use telepathy, but he grew up without any discrimination.There are many people who cannot speak the genie language in a foreign language for the Migurd tribe.[Note 50]..Also, I never say the really important words.He lives by hunting monsters and cultivating herbs, and grows tree monsters and torrents as bansou.
Migurud's special ability.Migurd people can talk silently even if they are far apart.Even people who do not understand the language in different languages ​​can communicate if it is a telepathy.
A demon with green hair and a red jewel on his forehead.It has a trident tail by nature, and when it grows it hardens and falls off, and the fallen tail is used as a spear.The jewel on the forehead allows you to see the magical power of the surroundings like a radar, and is good at surprise attacks due to its vicious search ability and high agility, and was once known as the elite of the demons.However, due to the runaway by the cursed spear in the Laplace campaign, as a race of demons who killed all the enemies and allies, fear and disgust from all over the world, now the child's discipline says "Bad child is It's notorious enough to make it a standard to teach that the Speared people will come and eat. "For this reason, spears are disliked as demon weapons, and swords are one of the main causes of weapons.
A demon that looks like a lizard.Training techniques have been passed down as a tradition since ancient times, and it is a race that is good at training beasts.
Smeba tribe
A bee-like compound-eye demon.Saliva is toxic and attracts insects, and insects that ingest saliva become immobile due to death or paralysis and become food for the Sumeva tribe.
A demon with a tongue split in two and a lizard-like tail.
Immortal demons
A demon with an immortal body.Has been at the forefront of the demons since ancient times[137]..In addition to having no life[138]It is a tough race that does not die in most cases due to its ability to regenerate even if it is shattered, and even if the body disappears, it is a simple life form, and it is clumsy by force. There are many rough people.In addition, because he has absolute confidence in his immortal body, he tends to be alert and hurt, such as being attacked by an enemy.In addition to regeneration, it is possible to separate a part of the body and activate it as a separate body, or to deform the body to change its shape, so the appearance differs greatly depending on the individual, and there is no appearance characteristic common to all races.
A slime-like demon whose core is covered with mucus.Mucus can be produced from water.It is a parasite that invades the carcasses of fruits and animals, parasitizes the organisms that eat it, and coexists by healing the injuries and diseases of the host. Most individuals live and die with the host, but can live without parasitism. There are also powerful individuals.It is possible to communicate with the host and give advice, but basically it is not possible to take over the body because the other person needs to spend years without resistance.Originally a kind of low-intelligence demon beast, an individual with intelligence gave intelligence to a group of friends and became a sticky family by an experiment of a certain person.
A demon like a monkey.Geese is the last survivor because he was destroyed by a human gami.
Beast tribe
A general term for races with mammalian characteristics.Each race is specialfive sensesIt has.He is an exclusive race and is concerned about the hierarchical relationship, and never refuses invitations from above.I'm crazy, but I'm faithful to observing the rules and rules.Many races have crossed the demon continent, and nearly half are certified as demons.[139].
A race that corresponds to the royal family of beasts.A direct clan of Giger, the beast god who protected the large forest from the invasion of humans, and still has a strong voice not only for the beast tribe but also for all races living in the large forest such as the long-eared tribe, the coal mine tribe, and the dwarf tribe. It is said to be the head of the forest.You can use the unique magic "Voice Magic" that puts magical power on your voice with a special vocal cord. I will never forget "putting in a cage," "chained," "naked," and "sprinkled with cold water" until I die if I'm humiliated.There are two tribes, the cat-based Dedordia and the dog-based Adoldia, who worship and protect the holy beasts that appear to save the world's crisis.The enslavation and sale of the Doldia tribe is prohibited by the treaty[140].
A beast tribe with gray hair, cat ears and a tail.He gives his surname Dedordia.
A beast tribe with gray hair, dog ears and a tail.Gives his surname Adoldia.
A beast tribe with rabbit ears.
A beast like a monkey.The appearance is similar to that of the Nuka tribe, like gorillas and chimpanzees.
Long-eared tribeElf
A race characterized by long, pointed ears and a lean body.It has an excellent sense of direction that does not get lost even in jungles where the sun cannot be seen or in deserts where nothing is visible.As a classification, it corresponds to the demon family.
Coal miners (Dwarf
A race characterized by orange hair, short stature and a muscular body.There are many excellent craftsmen who are dexterous and have learned blacksmithing, architecture, handicrafts, crafts, etc. from an early age. I can't give a name until I'm 7 years old. When I'm 7 years old, I get a name from something I like or specialize in.As a classification, it corresponds to the demons.
Dwarf (Hobbit
A race with a short and petite physique.Even as an adult, it is only about the size of a 10-year-old child.As a classification, it corresponds to the demons.
A giant race with red-black hair on the horns of the forehead[141]..An exclusive battle group headed by a demon.Decades ago, he was saved by an adventurer party led by the Prince of the Kingdom of Beheiril, who was in distress due to the invasion of the sea fish.Since then, he has made a pledge to protect each other with the Kingdom of Beheiril.As a classification, it corresponds to the demons.
A race characterized by silver hair and golden three white eyes.A race that has extremely excellent fighting ability and magical knowledge, all the upper ranks that are considered to be exceptional strength among the seven great powers are related to the Balaur, and magic tools that far exceed modern technology such as fighting god armor and automatic dolls. Is producing.In addition, he is destined to pursue knowledge and shows a strong interest in unknown technologies.It has a race-specific combat technique that is not generally known, such as close combat with magic.In the war between humans and demons, they cooperate with the human side, and in all wars, the dragon god or its related parties end the war by defeating the top of the demons.However, it is not known in history that the dragons were involved in other than the activities of the dragon god Urpen and the dragon king Pergius of the Laplace campaign.He has been fighting against humans since ancient times with the long-cherished desire to overthrow the humans who killed the first dragon god.
In addition, the second and subsequent dragon gods are treated as the head of the school created by Laplace, the demon dragon king, to defeat Hitogami, and can be named even if they are not dragons such as humans.
A race with wings on its back.You can fly in the sky and control the weather.It lives on a continent that cannot be reached in the usual way, so it is rarely found on other continents.
Since he was not involved in the Laplace campaign due to his location on the heavenly continent, he has no fear or disgust with the Spelled tribe and uses his spear as a weapon.
Sea tribe
A general term for races that have the characteristics of fish.There are sea fish with a fish in the upper body and sea people with a fish in the lower body.Races that dominate the sea and live on the ground cannot cross the sea except on designated routes.
Another world person
A human being summoned from a world different from the six-sided world.Except for Rudeus, who has reincarnated into a human race, only Nanahoshi is applicable in modern times.In the six-sided world, it does not change as it was when it was summoned, and its hair and nails do not grow, let alone grow and age.In addition, since he has no magical power, he cannot use magic or fighting spirit, and he has no resistance to magical power and is vulnerable to diseases caused by magical power.The reincarnated Rudeus does not fit these characteristics.The curse of disgust of the dragon god Olstead and the curse trusted by Hitogami, including reincarnated people, do not work.


Existence in which animals, plants and buildings are mutated due to abnormal magical power.Basically, when you see a person, they attack you.There is a magic bag in the body, and if it is a place with strong magic power, it will live steadily without eating to some extent, so it exists in large quantities even in places with little food such as the continent of demons and the continent of Vegalit.[142]..The strength of demons is stronger in the order of Demon Continent = Vegarit Continent> Northern Central Continent = Large Forest> Southern Central Continent> Millis Continent (Miris Holy Land)> Western Central Continent (Kingdom of Asura)[143][Note 51].

A tree monster that lives all over the world.It mimics an ordinary tree and attacks an approaching opponent.There are various types of monsters everywhere as representatives of monsters everywhere.Some races keep them to prevent harmful birds in the fields because they are fond of people if they are raised properly.
Lesser Trent
Young tree torrent.Due to its weakness and slow movement, a typical adult male can be beaten with an ax without any training.If you use it as a material for a magician's wand, you can clearly see the path of magical power, and it is the best low-grade wood available at a low price, but it is fragile and cannot be processed by an amateur.[33].
Elder torrent
Lesser torrent is a high-ranking torrent that mutates with the nutrients of the fairy fountain in the large forest.You will be able to manipulate water magic with the power of the fairy fountain, which has an extremely high concentration of magical power.
Vampire Turent
A vine torrent that sucks up the sap and magic of other torrents.When used as a material for a magician's wand, it has a slightly worse magical power than the young tree of Lesser Trent, but it is light and hard so even an amateur can process it.[33].
Stone torrent
A huge species of torrent that lives on the demon continent.Its appearance mimics a rock, and when a person approaches it, it instantly becomes a tree and attacks.Since it dries when it dies, it is hunted as firewood in the rare demon continent of wood.
Cactus torrent
Inhabits the continent of VegalitCactusTrent.It shoots a needle and attacks with earth magic.Since it is rich in water, it cannot be used for firewood.
Snowfall torrent
Turent inhabits the northern part of the central continent.In the summer, it is a normal torrent, but in the winter, it collects snow on the branches and leaves and drops it to nearby opponents to block the movement.
Icefall torrent
Top torrents that are occasionally mixed in with snowfall torrents.You can use water magic to freeze the trunk, wear ice armor, and drop ice blocks.
A monster whose caves and buildings are mutated by magical power.In the deepest part, there is a magic crystal that can be said to be the source of power, and a guardian to protect it.The magic crystal attracts monsters and absorbs the magical power of dead monsters and humans in the labyrinth, making the labyrinth deeper and wider.In addition, an adventurer who dreamed of making a fortune visits the labyrinth to pour magical power into the belongings of the dead adventurer for many years and turn it into an additional magical power.It may capture humans and make them function as the heart, and those who become the heart are transformed by magical power and wear curses.
Red dragon
A red dragon monster that lives in the Red Dragon Mountains.It has a very ferocious personality, and its tough limbs move lightly, which is unthinkable from a giant body.In addition, it has the aim of defeating powerful enemies with high intelligence first, and the wisdom of not touching unwinnable opponents such as Ryujin Olstead.The strongest of the Central Continent, which always acts in groups of hundreds of animals and catches prey that has entered the territory with powerful detection ability even if it is about the size of a dog, and does not miss any powerful monster and eats up without leaving any bones. It is a demon and is also called an absolute strong man.The weak point is that it has low flight ability and cannot take off from flat ground.Therefore, it usually appears in mountainous areas and forest areas, but there are also stray dragons that fall on flat ground due to eddy.
Inhabits the continent of Vegalitblue whaleToA monster with many legs.Although it is a huge body with a length of 100m to 1000m, it has a gentle personality, is quiet unless it attacks, and escapes deep underground when it feels dangerous.
Since he holds a large amount of magic stones in his belly, some people try to defeat them and make a fortune, but it is said that the hard exodermis of the huge body is extremely sturdy and it can not be used by ordinary attacks and few people have killed it. There is.
Great Tortoise
A turtle monster that lives on the demon continent.The average size is 8m and the maximum is 20m or more.
Meat is hard and fishy, ​​but it is one of the most delicious foods on the demon continent.The shell is the material of the house, and the muscle is the bowstring.


Due to the influence of the Spelled tribe, the spear is said to be a devil's weapon, and long-handled weapons are not preferred, and bows that have peaked in attack power due to the existence of fighting spirit do not work for strong people, so swordsmanship has been emphasized and developed. There is.

Three major schools
Three mainstream swordsmanship schools in the human world.Only those who have learned one of the three major schools are called swordfighters, and in the other schools, even if they use a sword, they are called warriors instead of swordfighters.All three schools have seven levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, holy, royal, imperial, and divine.He has the power to compete with ordinary knights in the intermediate level, and has come to be called a genius in the holy class, and is considered to be one of the most powerful people in the world above the royal class.
Sword God style
One of the three major schools.A swordsmanship school that emphasizes speed and attack power with a focus on hitting the opponent first.There are many people who are impatient and warlike with the creed of prompt decision and immediate decision because of the nature of making a decision by judging everything with one step and one step.From the idea of ​​defeating the enemy with a single blow, he is not good at avoiding and defending, and there is no counter technique.He uses a curved sword and wears light clothing without wearing heavy items such as armor so that he can move quickly.It is said that the mystery "Tachi of Light" can be easily learned through the study of successive sword gods, so it is said to be the strongest of the three major schools at present, but there are only four swordfighters of the royal class or higher at the beginning of the story.
If a swordsman of the sword god style defeats the sword god, he can name the sword god, and if the sword god dies for any other reason, the strongest one in the sword god style will take the name of the sword god.Therefore, the change of generations of the sword god means the civil war of the sword god style.
  • Skill
Light sword
The mystery of the sword god style.A slash that shoots straight with all the fighting spirit without shaking the tip of the sword with both hands.If the dominant arm is strengthened, the tip of the sword will move sideways, so it cannot be used unless you train and use both hands until you can handle the sword with only the opposite hand to the dominant arm.[49], Ryujin Olstead can be released with one hand or a knife[145]..It is very difficult to avoid or defend due to the speed of the sword that the tip of the sword reaches the speed of light if it is simple but completely perfect, and the power to split the enemy into two with the defending sword and armor, and the existence of this technique is the sword This is the reason why the Shinryu is called the strongest of the three major schools.If it is a huge opponent, the sword may not reach and you may not be able to defeat it with a single blow[146]..Learning is a condition to obtain the approval of Kensei[Note 52]
Light return
How to deal with the light sword.Before the enemy's light sword hits you, cut off the wrist that has not reached the maximum speed with the light sword.
Silent sword
Sword god style advanced technique.Slash without leaving any wind noise.
Mizukami style
One of the three major schools.A swordsman school specializing in defense, mainly parrying and countering.When you become a master, you read and deal with the flow of magical power with your senses, parry all attacks including magic, and release counters.Since there are few means to attack from yourself, there is also a talking technique that provokes the opponent to take the initiative.Since I don't have to move from myself, I often wear heavy equipment such as full-body armor.Learn professions that focus on protection, such as court knights and aristocrats.It goes well with the Kenshin style, and if there is no difference in ability, the Mizukami style wins.[145].
In order to take the name of the water god, it is necessary to learn three of the five mysteries left by the founder's first water god Reidal, and other than that, those who became water gods are Raidal for men and women. Then there is a rule to call himself Reida Ria.
  • Skill
A basic counter technique that is familiar to all Suijin style techniques.Hit the enemy's attack with a sword and shoot a parry counter.It is said that any attack can be returned if it is extremely good.Although it is a basic technique and not five mysteries, the Suijin style is named as the most important technique.
Deprived sword world
A mystery created by combining two of the five mysteries by the water god Reida Ria.From the position you are holding, you can shoot a slash in response to the movement of any opponent in front, back, left, right, up, down, all directions within the range of the technique.
Kitakami style
One of the three major schools.A swordsmanship school that seeks a way of fighting that suits oneself, with the way of life and the way of fighting as the main body of the school rather than the technique.Even if there are various factions and the same Kitakami style swordsman, different factions will fight differently.It is a practical sword technique that has techniques other than sword techniques such as first aid and pursuit of injuries, and techniques to fight even in a state of physical deficiency, and is preferred by mercenaries and adventurers, but "just using a sword is not sword technique" Some people dislike "mercenary".
Unlike other schools, it is possible to name multiple god-class titles, and now there are two heads, Kitagami Karlman II and Kitagami Karlman III.
  • Skill
Oboro Jumonji
Kitagami style eccentric mystery.Swing down the swords of both hands and throw them away at the moment when they are prevented.
Teardrop bullet
Kitakami style eccentric feat.Throw a bag of powder mixed with spices at the enemy.
Four-legged mold
A technique developed by the beast tribe Kitakami style swordsman[147]..He jumps from all fours while twisting his body, pulling out the sword at his waist and slashing it, and at the same time holding the sword in his mouth in his left hand and slashing it with his other hand.


A technique that manipulates magical power to cause paranormal phenomena.There is no clear standard for claiming to be a magician, but magicians have a custom of handing wands to disciples who have learned elementary magic.[34], There is a recognition among adventurers that if you have a wand, you are a magician[25]..Swordsmen are overwhelmingly advantageous in face-to-face one-on-one battles, so they are looked down upon by swordsmen, but in addition to the high convenience that can be used other than battle, range magic against hordes is very effective. The less important each person is, such as in many-to-many battles, the more important the magician becomes, and there is a record that the holy magician held down 1 soldiers in the past wars, and one holy magician. It is said to be equivalent to 1 soldiers.

The current mainstream method of activating magic.When you cast it, the shape of the magic you want to use is automatically created, and then within a certain period of time, add magic power and adjust the size.Furthermore, the injection speed is adjusted by adding magical power within a certain period of time.When the preparation time is over, it will be fired automatically after leaving the operator's hand.It is ranked as beginner, intermediate, advanced, holy, royal, imperial, and god according to the scale, but since it was decided after the development of chanting magic, the original magic and non-chanting magic of a specific race are It deviates from the definition of seven stages.
The power of divine magic changes the terrain of the world, and traces of such magic remain as strange terrain in the world.
Non-chanting magic
An activation method in which the magical power is controlled by yourself in the process of generating a technique that is automatically performed by chanting → size setting → injection speed setting → activation.Since the waiting time for inputting size and injection speed can be shortened, it is possible to fire several steps faster than chanting, and since the generated part can be tampered with, the power and effect can be arranged depending on how the magical power is stored. , Even beginner / intermediate magic can be released with the same power and similar effects as the Holy Class.Activating divine magic requires long casting and control magic circles, so it cannot be used with non-chanting magic.[148].
It is a high skill, but it is easy to learn if you train before the age of 10.
Magic Circle
An activation method that applies magical power to a figure to amplify the power.Can be much more complex and detailed than chanting[149], Mainly used in summoning magic and barrier magic, which are not required to have immediate effect and have complicated techniques.There are various ways to draw a figure, such as a paint made by mixing powdered magic crystals and some fixed materials, or carving it on a rock.substrateCreate one function by combining several pattern circuits with something like.It exerts an effect that matches the shape of the magic circle, and more complicated control becomes possible by creating a multiple structure that superimposes multiple magic circles.[150]..It can be reproduced by magic circles except for unique magic with a special activation form.[151].
Attack magic
4 systems of fire, water, soil, and wind.Lightning is classified as a water system by weather manipulation.At Ranoa Magic University, the 4 most frequently used types are "6 types of attack magic plus healing and detoxification."Six basic types".
Fire system
Hellfire Fire Bullet (Exodas Flame)
Advanced fire magic.It emits a huge flame that burns down a group of demons.
Lava (magma gouache)
Advanced fire magic.Generates lava.
Fire holy magic.It spreads flames over an extremely wide area in an instant.
Water system
Thunderstorm cloud (Kumroninpas)
Water holy magic.Heavy rain with lightning over a wide area.You can also submerge one city.
Water King magic.Thunder that is like a pillar of light that has converged a heavy thunder layer cloud.
Electric shock
A reduced version of thunder light.Its power is greatly reduced and it consumes more magical power than lightning, but lightning penetrates the fighting spirit and is suitable for neutralizing enemies.
Soil system
Rock cannon (Stone Cannon)
Intermediate earth magic.Create and release a fist-sized rock with magical power.Since it is easy to adjust the power and fire continuously, it is the magic that Rudeus uses most often, and if you release it seriously, you can get the power of the imperial class.
Hedgehog (Earth Hedgehog)
Advanced earth magic.Push up a large number of arm-sized needles from the ground.
Earth holy magic.A tremendous amount of strong winds and sand that obstruct the view over a wide area and make it difficult to breathe cover the area.
Wind system
Wind slice
Intermediate wind magic.Cut the object into pieces.
Wind Spear Tornado (Tornado Impact)
Advanced wind magic.Hit a lump of wind that rotates like a drill.
Violent Storm
Wind holy magic.Generates strong wind over a wide area.Unlike other holy magic that generates "attribute + wind" with the same amount of magical power, it generates only wind purely, so its power is powerful and it can eliminate heavy thunder clouds and sandstorms.
Healing magic
4 systems of healing, detoxification, god attack, and barrier.
Healing magic
Magic to heal injuries.If it is a holy class, the torn limbs will stick together[152]Can regenerate the limbs lost in the royal class[115]If you are a god, you can revive it as soon as you die[153], If the neck is cut off or the head is crushed, it cannot be cured even with divine healing magic[42].
Beginner healing magic.Can close the wound.It is also possible to attach broken tree branches.
Intermediate healing magic.It can cure whole body burns and fractures, but it cannot cure damage to important organs.[154].
Shine healing
Advanced healing magic.Even severe lethal levels can be treated instantly, but the deficiency is irreversible[155].
Detoxification magic
Magic that cures poison and illness.There is also magic that creates poison.Most symptoms can be treated at the beginner level, and there are many types of intermediate level and above because they correspond to specific poisons and illnesses, and since the chanting has not been shortened, tremendous memorization ability is required to learn. Is said to be[23]..There are many diseases and poisons that cannot be cured by detoxification magic.
God attack magic
Magic that is effective against ghost-type monsters.It is illegal to teach without permission because the Millis sect has rights.
Exorcist straight
Beginner god attack magic.It emits light that extinguishes ghost-type monsters.
Barrier magic
Magic that creates a barrier.Basically, it is used by using magic circles, but if you are a beginner, you can use it by chanting.It is illegal to teach without permission because the Millis sect has rights.
Magic barrier (magic shield)
Beginner barrier magic.Put up a translucent wall in front of you to prevent magical attacks.Can be used for chanting.
Summon magic
There are two types: demon summons and spirit summons.It is basically used using magic circles.The number of summoned magicians is small, there are no humans who can be taught at Lanoa Magic University, and there are only humans who can use beginners or intermediates in the magic guild.
Summon a demon beast
Magic that calls and uses non-human beings.There are a wide variety of beings that can be summoned, but you can also summon goods.[156][Note 53]The summoning magic technique currently in use has a number of restrictions placed on it by the developer, Dora, the first King of the Dragon King, to prevent him from summoning alleged races.If you want to summon something bigger and more complicated, you need more magical power.Those with more magical power than the summoner cannot be summoned, and even if they can, they may not be in control.
Summon Ryumon
Demon beast summoning magic that summons the magic tools "Maeryumon" and "Koryumon".It was devised by King Koryu Pergius.Can be used for chanting.
Summon spirits
Magic that creates a pseudo-living body called a spirit with magical power[156]..The spirits are intelligent and obey the summoner's orders until they use up their magical powers.programmingClose to complexProgramIt is also possible to create spirits that move like humans by assembling.In general, spirits are in a world of nothingness and are misunderstood as calling from there.[156].
Summon the spirit of the light
Spirit summoning magic that creates the spirit of light from the magic circle.Follow simple instructions such as following the operator while emitting bright light and illuminating the designated area.It disappears when the magical power is exhausted, and the greater the magical power that can be put in, the longer it lasts.It is a magical technique created by King Pergius, and is not generally known.Nana Hoshi gave it to Rudeus as a thank you for cooperating with the experiment.[156].
Transfer magic
The magic of moving to another place via the world of nothingness.There is no chant to use transfer magic, and it cannot be used without using magic circles or magical power accessories.It has been designated as a ban since it was used in the war in the Second Human Demon War.
Mixed magic
A technique that causes a phenomenon by using multiple magics in order.Example) Waterfall → Geothermal → Freezing area = Thick fog.
Rudeus can be generated using two spells at the same time.
Mixed magic of water system and soil system.Generates a plate-sized swamp at the opponent's feet.It is also the origin of the nickname because it can be generated in a size that can catch a group of demons by magic that Rudeus often uses.
Unique magic
Tribal secret magic with a special activation method.
Voice magic / barking magic
Drudia's unique magic.By putting magical power on your voice, you can search for the position of the enemy and lose the sense of balance of the opponent.It cannot be used without the special vocal cords of the Dordia tribe, but it can also be used by other races if you understand the principle.
Ranma (Distab Magic)
Unique magic created by the dragon god Urpen[158]..Disperse the magic by hitting the magic power corresponding to the magic before activation.You can neutralize magic with a small amount of magic, but you cannot disable magic that is activated at a distance where you cannot send magic.
Reincarnation method
Unique magic created by the first Ryujin.Originally, the soul and the body are unique, and even if you try to dwell in another body, a rejection reaction will occur, but when you put a factor into some people and that person has a child, the body changes only slightly, When it creates a vessel that perfectly matches the soul sent to the future over thousands of generations, it takes over the life form and revives.The dragon god Olstead and Koryuou Pergius will be reincarnated from the ancient times to the present by the reincarnation method, and will be revived using the genie Laplace, whose body was destroyed by the Laplace campaign.Demon Dragon King Laplace also prepared a reincarnation method, but he failed because his soul was broken by the fighting god armor and reincarnated into two people, the god Laplace and the genie Laplace.


fighting spirit
A technique that explosively increases physical ability by covering each piece of meat that makes up the body with magical power.Not only humans but also monsters and animals can be worn.
No special training is required to learn, and if you train your body, you will naturally be able to wear it, but there are also people who are not talented and can not wear it no matter how hard they train.[23].
Dragon Holy Fighting Spirit
The greatest mystery of the Ryujin style, which was originally created by Ryujin Urpen.The sword god Gull Farion is said to be "a defensive power that looks like a foul", and even a Gatling gun that fires rock cannonballs of imperial power can only do scratch damage, and it is easy to slash the water god Reida Lia. It boasts an overwhelming defensive power that can only be hurt by the skill of the sword king's light sword class, even with the Otori Masaryu sword that plays and nullifies the fighting spirit.
Special ability due to abnormal magic power.Those who have beneficial abilities are called "Miko", and those who have disadvantageous abilities are called "Miko". Some are profitable.Some have a curse by nature, while others are trapped in a labyrinth and acquire a curse.
Magic eye
An eye with special abilities.If you can't control the magical power, it will always be activated, so those who can't control it wear an eyepatch that blocks their vision.
Magic eye
An evil eye that allows you to directly see the magical power.The most common evil eye, one in 1.
Discriminating eye
An evil eye that shows the details of what you see.The details displayed are based on the knowledge of Makai Emperor Kisilica.Therefore, if Kisilica remembers by mistake, the wrong details will be displayed and the unknown will not be displayed.
An evil eye that can see through inanimate objects.The part with strong magical power cannot be seen through.
An evil eye that looks far away like a telescope.
An evil eye that sees the future a few moments ahead.
Sucking eyes
An evil eye that absorbs magical power.
An evil eye that can see everywhere in the world.It can be used with the little girl Kisilica with the upper evil eye, but it cannot be given to others unless it is perfect.
Magic tool
A tool engraved with magic circles.The magical power flows and is activated when the user casts a chant to excite the magic circle.
A magic tool for moving dolls.The magic circle written on top of the inside enables precise movements.
Rudeus and his colleagues find the unfinished products and research materials that the mad dragon king Chaos was studying, and start developing dolls that think and act on their own.
Zarifu's artificial limbs
A hand magic tool made by analyzing an automaton.Named by Rudeus in the name of the developers Zanova and Cliff.
Shaped like a glove, it moves as the wearer wants by putting it on his arm and passing magical power, and exerts power proportional to the amount of magical power.It can be used even when the hand is missing, and the feeling of the fingertips can be reproduced.
Zanova used it to suppress his superhuman strength and make a doll, but it was handed over to Rudeus who lost his left hand.
Zarifu Gauntlet
A gauntlet-shaped prosthesis of Zarifu.It was developed after the left hand of Rudeus was regenerated by the healing magic of the dragon god Olstead.
The performance is the same as that of Zarifu's artificial limb, but the shortened length eliminates the discomfort that the hand is stretched when wearing Zarifu's artificial limb with the arm.
Magic Armor
A magic tool for full-body armor made using the technique of Zarifu's artificial hands.Rudeus, an old man who decided to take revenge on Hitogami, developed with Zanova to overcome his shortcomings that he could not fight and lag behind in defense and speed, and Rudeus who knew about it in his diary also with his friends. Made[Note 54].
A prototype magic armor made to fight the dragon god Olstead.The total height is about 3 meters.The coloring is camouflage because the first match was supposed to be a battle in the forest.
Since the whole body is covered with a rugged armor plate, it is very heavy, and it can not stand unless it is moved with magical power.Wear it so that it fits through the hole in the back of the aircraft, and attach an armor plate engraved with magic circles for emergency escape on the back.
It has the same level of defense and mobility as the lower ranks of the seven great powers, but it consumes a lot of magical power, and even Rudeus has a risk of running out of magical power during battle.It has a built-in magic circle that repairs other magic circles, so it can operate even if most of it is destroyed.
Armed with a Gatling gun that fires 10 imperial rock cannonballs per second in the right hand, and a magic stone that destroys magic in the left palm.As a weapon for close combat, it is equipped with a shield with a dagger, which is an additional magical power that can be easily cut by the harder the tip.
Two-type break
Magical armor detuned for the purpose of reducing magic power consumption and miniaturization.The coloring is jet black.
We abolished the magic circle on the body part and made a "two sets" that concentrated the magic team on the arm parts and leg parts, but if you move it with full power, the limbs will be torn from the root, so the magic team for assistance I made the built-in body parts and completed it.
Its performance has dropped to the level of a sacred swordsman, but it has succeeded in downsizing and reducing its magical power consumption so that it is okay to wear it under a robe.
Armed with a shotgun that shoots 10 rock cannonballs, which is a simplification of the Gatling gun, and a sucking stone on the left palm.Later, Roxy developed a "scroll vernier" that activates the scroll with the magic circle inside just by pressing the button on the waist, and added it to the back.
Adventurer card
A card magic tool that serves as an adventurer's ID card.Made by the Balaur.
The letters change for each race, and when you say the language you want to change by holding the center of the card with your finger, the display changes to that language.
Stone monument of the seven great powers
A stone monument magic tool that shows the current seven great powers.Made by the god of skill Laplace.
In the center, a coat of arms indicating the current seven people is written around the number written 7 in the fighting god language.The emblem is rewritten when the order is changed, but it seems that the stone monument itself does not have a rewriting function because it is made exactly the same as the communication lithograph.
Communication lithograph
A stone plate magic tool that can communicate by letters.Exactly the same as the stone monument of the seven great powers.
The sub lithograph projects what is drawn on the main lithograph, and if you have both the main and zabu lithographs, you can communicate in letters.
A decorative silver-white gate magic tool with a delicate dragon engraved on it.Demon Beast Summon Can be summoned by magic.
It can absorb magical power and wipe out the incapacity and fighting spirit of enemy magic.An average warrior absorbs the magical power of his body and faints in less than five minutes.
An ornamental golden gate magic tool engraved with an elaborate dragon figure.Demon Beast Summon Can be summoned by magic.
You can use the magical power absorbed by Maeryumon.However, since the magical power is stored in the gate, the magical power of the user is not restored just by suppressing the magical power consumption during battle.
Magical power addition (magic item)
A thing that gained special abilities by pouring magical power.It cannot be made artificially so far, and it is born with magical power in the relics of adventurers in the labyrinth.Since the abilities you get are random, most of them don't have the abilities that you can get, but there are some that have tremendous abilities that are deep blue.
Annoying cloak
A cloak with additional magical power that keeps the user at a constant temperature.Used by Sylphyt and Luke.
Overwhelming gloves
Gloves with additional magical power that halves the impact on the palm.Used by Sylphyt and Luke.
Gale shoes
Shoes with magical power that will allow you to run several times faster than usual.Used by Sylphyt and Luke.
Evil eye killing spirit
A magical supplement that disappears from the evil eye when taken.Once taken, it is effective until death.This effect is the result of alteration by the magical power of the labyrinth, so it is unknown what the original drug was.Birdy-gurdy drank in the Second Human Demon War[75].
Magic stone
A stone that amplifies the power of magic.The higher the transparency and the larger the effect, the higher the effect.Colored magic stones have a significantly enhanced system corresponding to the color.
Magic crystal
A magic stone that contains magical power.It is used to activate magic circles and magic tools instead of human magic.
Sucking stone
A light green magic stone that extinguishes magic.There are front and back sides, and sending magical power to the back side destroys the magic on the front side with a high-pitched sound.
Magic stone
A magic stone that stores light.It stores light during the day and emits a pale light at night.
Goryu Sho
Five dragon generals with the power next to the dragon god. Five people, "Sacred Dragon King Szilard", "Meiryu King Maxwell", "Kyoryu King Chaos", "Koryu King Dora", and "Dragon King Laplace".
Originally, he served the dragon god, but in the battle with Hitogami, the first five dragon generals and the first dragon god other than the demon dragon king Laplace died, and the descendants of the five dragon generals began to receive the title and name, and later the demon. Ryuo Laplace also lost his memory when his soul was split in two, so he is no longer a master-slave relationship with the dragon god in modern times.
7 heroes
Seven people who were asked to subdue the genie Laplace by King Asura in the Laplace campaign[77].
Four people died in the decisive battle with the genie Laplace, and the three survivors are called the three heroes who killed the genie.
Three heroes of genie killing
Among the seven heroes, the three who survived after defeating the genie Laplace, "Ryujin Urpen," "Northern God Carloman Ibuck," and "Koryuou Pergius Dora."
Although it is called a genie killer, it is said that the genie Laplace was sealed because it did not disappear completely and was revived by the reincarnation method.[160].
Apostle of Hitogami
A person who is the target of the future vision of Hitogami and receives advice in a dream.Basically, he is a person who is deceived to be good for himself if he follows the advice of the human gami, and he is not aware that he is doing the benefit of the human gami, and most of them are finally betrayed by the human gami after being used. Therefore, it can be said that it is a victim of human turtles.[161]..Apostles easily believe in humans because they have a curse that is trusted by others, but their trust is shaken and advised because of vague advice that hides what they are using for themselves. In some cases, they do not obey, and therefore they do not behave as expected by humans.
It seems that the apostle gained by following the advice, but in reality it is only moved by the convenience of the human god, so in reality it is solved without following the advice, or it is losing without noticing it. ..In addition, since Hitogami has a habit of revealing seeds to betrayed apostles and ridiculing them, many of those who were apostles have a strong grudge against Hitogami.Since the future vision of Hitogami cannot target more than 3 people and can only see the turning point where the future changes, only 3 people can be manipulated as an apostle at the same time, and when the turning point is passed and it is no longer the target of future vision, it will be automatically Not an apostle[Note 55]..Even those who were apostles in the past are not called apostles unless they are currently the subject of future vision and receive advice.[162].
Laplace factor
Factors scattered around the world for the reincarnation of the genie Laplace.When a person with the Laplace factor gives birth to a child, the genie Laplace is revived when the child's body is slightly changed, and after many generations, the body of the whole creature is remodeled to create a body that matches the soul of the genie Laplace. To do.
Those who have the Laplace factor may have characteristics similar to the genie Laplace, such as "high magical power and magical qualities," "green hair," "evil eye," and "not having a fighting spirit."The characteristics expressed by the factor are random, and even if the factor is rich, there are many cases where the characteristic is not.

Previous list

The novel "Mushoku Tensei-I'm serious when I go to another world-"

  • TaiwanButChineseEditionKadokawa, TaiwanIs on sale from[163].Audio bookService ofAudibleThe series is being delivered sequentially from July 2017, 7, read by Ayumi Ito.
  • All special editions come with an "animation commemorative special booklet".
  • Unreasonable Son's Hand (Author) / Shirotaka (Illustration) "Unemployed Reincarnation-If you go to another world, you'll be serious" Frontier Works Planning / KADOKAWA published <MF Books>, already published 25 volumes (as of December 2021, 9)
Release dateISBN
November[165](Special Edition)
978-4-04-680128-9(Special Edition)
November[167](Special Edition)
978-4-04-680129-6(Special Edition)
November[169](Special Edition)
978-4-04-680130-2(Special Edition)
10. November[176]978-4-04-068192-4
11. November[177]978-4-04-068347-8
12. November[178]978-4-04-068483-3
13. November[179]978-4-04-068745-2
14. November[180]978-4-04-069189-3
15. November[181]978-4-04-069355-2
16. November[182]978-4-04-069587-7
17. November[183]978-4-04-069664-5
18. November[184]978-4-04-069925-7
19. November[185]978-4-04-065167-5
20. November[186]978-4-04-065502-4
21. November[187]978-4-04-065637-3
22. November[188]978-4-04-065908-4
23. November[189]978-4-04-064540-7
24. November[190]978-4-04-680069-5
25. November[191]978-4-04-680509-6

Manga "Mushoku Tensei-I'm serious when I go to another world-"

Manga "Mushoku Tensei-Roxy is serious-"

Manga "Mushoku Tensei-I'm serious even if it's 4 frames-"


Drama CD

October 2017, 4Unemployed Reincarnation-Get Real When You Go to Another World-Transposition LabyrinthReleased under the title of[1]..Labyrinth edition, set against Hydra[1]..Newly written novel "The story of the sword] Is enclosed.

Television Animation

Divided 2 cools, 1st cool from January 2021th to March 1nd, 11TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[80][222]..The second cool is on air from October of the same year[223][224].

From the judgment that it is necessary to have a system to continue the project in a long-term and systematic manner in order to animate this work,WHITE FOXEGG FIRMWith joint investment ofStudio bindWas established.By setting up a studio different from the conventional WHITE FOX, we will proceed with the production of this work in a more concentrated environment[225]..The first course was N Anime & Nico Nico Anime Official 1 Winter Anime Popularity Ranking Final Result and Netorabo Survey Team's [2021 Winter Anime] Popularity Ranking No. 2021[226][227].

ス タ ッ フ

  • Original-Unreasonable grandson's hand[4]
  • Character draft --Shirotaka[4]
  • Original project- Frontier Works[52]
  • Director / Series Composition-Mr. Okamoto[52]
  • Assistant Director-Hiroki Hirano[52]
  • Character design-Kazutaka Sugiyama[52], Mizuki Takahashi (2nd Cool)
  • Sub-character design-Yoshiko Saito[52]
  • Prop Design-Ryo Imamura, Shigeyuki Korezawa, Tomu, Michiru Kodaka (1st Cool), Akira Hamaguchi (1st Cool), Tomoko Nakamura (2nd Cool), Yoshiyuki Sano (2nd Cool), Masaaki Teramoto (Cool 2) XNUMXnd cool)
  • Art Director-Masakazu Miyake[52], Miyamoto Seedling (Episode 7, 13, 15, 18), Aiko Taira (Episode 9, 16, 19), Kenta Masuda (Episode 10)
  • Art Setting-Emi Kasomaru, Ayumu Aso, Chikako Shibata (Episode 6 and after), Sachiko Okanishi (Episode 10-16, 18, 19), Atsushi Kobayashi (Episode 9, 12-13, 18), Yasushi Kishimoto (Episode 11-15-18) Episodes 19-12, 13, 18), Makoto Kishikawa (Episode 19-12, 14, 19), Ayumi Sugimoto, Masayuki Niitsuma, Risa Iwatsuki (Episode XNUMX, XNUMX--), Ryusuke Shiino (Episode XNUMX)
  • Color design-Makiko Doi[52]
  • Cinematographer-Shinji Tonsho[52]
  • Edit-Aki Mishima[52]
  • Sound Director- Hitoshi Akagawa[52]
  • Sound effect- Tsuyoshi Ueno[52]
  • musics - Yoshiaki Fujisawa[52]
  • Music Producer-Kenki Kobayashi
  • Chief Producer-Fumiki Yamazaki, Nobuhiro Osawa
  • Producer- Takahiro Yamanaka,Takumi Morii, Ryosuke Imai,Tomoyuki Owada, Sho Osuga, Takuro Hatakeyama, Sokichi Onoda (1st Cool), Mitsuteru Hishiyama (2nd Cool)
  • Animation Production Producer-Toshiya Otomo
  • Produce- EGG FIRM[4]
  • Animation production - Studio bind[4]
  • Production-"Mushoku Tensei" Production Committee (Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures,Toho,KADOKAWA, Frontier Works,Japan BS broadcasting,Glee, EGG FIRM)

Theme song

Yuiko OharaIs in charge of writing, composing, and singing the opening theme and ending theme[16].

"Traveler's song"[228]
The opening theme from the 1rd to XNUMXth episodes of the XNUMXst cool.ArrangementMANYO.
"Awakening song"[229]
The opening theme of the 1th and 2th episodes of the XNUMXst cool and the XNUMXth and XNUMXth episodes of the XNUMXnd cool.Arranged by MANYO.
"Song of inheritance"
The opening theme from the 2th and XNUMXth episodes of the XNUMXnd cool.Arranged by MANYO.
"Prayer song"
The opening theme from the 2th episode to the XNUMXth episode of the XNUMXnd cool.Arranged by MANYO.
"Song of a distant child guard"
The opening theme from the 2th episode of the XNUMXnd cool.Arranged by MANYO.
The first cool ending theme.Arranged by Minoru Yoshida.
"The way to go with the wind"
The first cool ending theme.Arranged by Minoru Yoshida.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
Episode XNUMXMushoku TenseiOkamotoOkamotoHiroki Hirano
  • Kazutaka Sugiyama
  • Yoshiko Saito
  • Sera coater
  • Miyachi
  • Emi Yamazaki
Kazutaka Sugiyama2021
May 1
Episode XNUMXTeacher
  • Okamoto
  • Hiroki Hirano
Yoshiyuki NakakojiYoshiko SaitoMay 1
Episode XNUMXfriendHiroki Hirano
  • Okamoto
  • Chiaki Oji
Chiaki Oji
  • Yudai Otaka
  • Haruka Katsutani
  • Yukiko Kawamoto
  • Keita Hagio
  • Kei Hasegawa
  • Miyachi
  • Katsuya Shigehara
May 1
Episode XNUMXEmergency family meetingOkamotoHiroki Hirano
  • Miyoshi
  • Asahi Oka
-May 2
Episode XNUMXViolence with a young ladyHiroyuki Takashima
  • Haruka Katsutani
  • Takeshi Noda
  • Keita Hagio
  • Kei Hasegawa
  • Mizuki Takahashi
  • Hiroyuki Takashima
Yoshiko SaitoMay 2
Episode 6Lower holidayHiroki HiranoKazuya Aiura
  • Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
  • Takahiro Kumano
  • Hiroshi Yasukawa
  • Hiroki Hirano
  • Tomoaki Kado
  • Yukari Kobayashi
  • Masakazu Saito
  • Sakai KEI
  • Nozomi Shimazaki
  • Phase light
  • Masao Teramoto
  • Koji Togashi
  • Akitoshi Yoshino
MiyachiMay 2
Episode XNUMXWhat lies ahead of the effort
  • Okamoto
  • Hiroo Saito
Katsuya Shigehara
  • Phase light
  • Yudai Otaka
  • Yukiko Kawamoto
  • Yoshiko Saito
  • Haruka Suzuki
  • Sera coater
  • Kenji Terao
  • Miyako Nishida
  • Akitoshi Yoshino
  • Studio musket
Yoshiko SaitoMay 2
Episode XNUMXTurning point 1Sanshio Tenpyo
  • Akari Abe
  • Ai Sato
  • Kei Hasegawa
  • Keita Hagio
  • Mizuki Takahashi
  • Imaoka University
  • Ryo Imamura
  • Akira Nakamura
Mizuki TakahashiMay 3
Episode XNUMXEncounterHiroki HiranoAtsushi Kobayashi
  • Takahiro Kumano
  • Hiroki Hirano
  • Imaoka University
  • Haruka Katsutani
  • Takigoro
  • Nanako Tatsu
  • Tatesaki University
  • Shogo Teramoto
  • Daichi Nakajima
  • Miyako Nishida
  • Keita Hagio
  • Akitoshi Yoshino
Miyako NishidaMay 3
Episode XNUMXHuman life and first job
  • Okamoto
  • Hiroo Saito
  • Shizuka Sugawara
  • Hiroki Hirano
  • Hiroki Hirano
  • Hiroshi Yasukawa
  • Hideaki Aizawa
  • Nozomi Shimazaki
  • Ayashi Suzuki
  • Kenkuma Tsukuma
  • Maki Fukui
  • Phase light
  • Yukiko Kawamoto
  • Miyachi
  • Yoshiko Saito
May 3
Episode XNUMXKids and warriorsMuneo NakamotoShingo Fujii
  • Ryo Imamura
  • Mizuki Takahashi
  • Yoshiyuki Nakakoji
  • Kei Hasegawa
  • Akira Hamaguchi
Mizuki TakahashiMay 3
Episode XNUMXWoman with Evil EyesUrushihara NijiheiAtsushi KobayashiFumi Asahi Kataoka
  • Phase light
  • Imaoka University
  • Haruka Katsutani
  • Yoshiko Saito
  • Takigoro
  • Keita Hagio
  • Akira Hamaguchi
  • Akitoshi Yoshino
  • Mizuki Takahashi
  • Miyachi
May 10
Episode XNUMXPassing each otherAtsushi TakayamaHiroki HiranoYoshitsugu Kimura
  • Yuta Otaka
  • Hyodo wins
  • Yoshihiro Maeda
  • Yoshiko Saito
  • Mizuki Takahashi
May 10
Episode XNUMXNothing is higher than just
  • Hiroo Saito
  • Urushihara Nijihei
  • Okamoto
Tokumoto Yoshinobu
  • Phase light
  • Keiko Ogita
  • Takigoro
  • Kenkuma Tsukuma
  • Akitoshi Yoshino
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi
  • Toshiaki Yamamura
Yoshiko SaitoMay 10
Episode XNUMXSlow life in the village of DoldiaKatsuya Shigehara
  • Haruka Katsutani
  • Yukiko Kawamoto
  • Daiki Nishihara
  • Keita Hagio
  • Kei Hasegawa
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi
  • Morimori
Mizuki TakahashiMay 10
Episode XNUMXParent and childUrushihara Nijihei
BoardYurie DaitoMiyachiMay 11
Episode XNUMX再 会Muneo NakamotoRyuyuki NagaiHiroyuki Takashima
  • Makoto Onishi Adult
  • Hiroyuki Takashima
  • Aka Tsukamoto
  • Takeshi Noda
  • Keita Hagio
  • Akitoshi Yoshino
Yoshiko SaitoMay 11
Episode XNUMXEach tripAtsushi TakayamaTaichi YumemiChihiro Kumano
  • Toshiaki Yamamura
  • Aka Tsukamoto
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Mizuki TakahashiMay 11
Episode XNUMXRoute selection
  • Shigekazu Kondo
  • Okamoto
Tokumoto Yoshinobu
  • Imaoka University
  • Haruka Katsutani
  • Sota Shigeto
  • Takigoro
  • Kei Hasegawa
  • Toshiaki Yamamura
Yoshiko SaitoMay 11
Episode XNUMX妹侍女の生まれた日Katsuya Shigehara
  • Imaoka University
  • 菊池有騎
  • Aka Tsukamoto
  • Nanako Ninomiya
  • Keita Hagio
  • Kei Hasegawa
  • Toshiaki Yamamura
  • Li Jia
  • Phase light
  • Mizuki Takahashi
May 11


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[224]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [230] Remarks
January 2021th, 1 --March 11nd (3st Cool)[222]
October 2021, 10-(4nd Cool)
Monday 0:00-0:30 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
KBS Kyoto Kyoto
BS11 All over Japan Production participation / BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
Monday 0:30-1:00 (Sunday midnight) Sun TV Hyogo
October 2021, 10-(4nd Cool) Monday 1:35-2:05 (Sunday midnight) TV Aichi Aichi First broadcast from 1:50 to 2:20
Monday 22:00-22:30 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / Subtitled broadcasting[231] / With repeat broadcast
October 2021, 10-(5nd Cool) Tuesday 1:00-1:30 (Monday midnight) J:COM TV Japan "Aniobi"frame
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[224]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
January 2021, 1 (11st cool)[222]
January 2021, 10 (4st cool)
Monday 0:00-0:30 (Sunday midnight) niconico
Updated Monday 0:00 (midnight Sunday) d anime store
January 2021, 1 (16st cool)[222]
January 2021, 10 (9st cool)
Updated Saturday 12:00


rollRelease date[232]Recording storyStandard product number
1NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 5TBR-31094D
2NovemberEpisode 6-Episode 11TBR-31095D
3Scheduled for December 2022, 1Episode 12-Episode 17TBR-31096D
4Scheduled for December 2022, 3Episode 18-Episode 23TBR-31097D

Web radio

The role of a man in the previous lifeTomokazu SugitaWeb radio byMushoku Tensei Voice RadioWill be distributed on the YouTube TOHO animation channel from January 2021, 1.[233].


bilibiliHowever, on February 2021, 2, one of bilibili's top streamers, Lex Burner, wrote down this work as "I'm not interested in the psychological growth of scraps at all" and used Lex Burner's listeners.Chinese Communist PartyWas instigated to stop the delivery.In response to this, bilibili stopped distribution of this work on February 2 due to technical problems, and filed a lawsuit against LexBurner's account freeze.[234][235].

Smartphone games

"Unemployed reincarnation-I'm serious even when it comes to games-Will be released on March 2021, 3 with the title[236]..Planning and distributionBeagle, Development and operationAiming, Planning cooperationGlee, Game system provision and technical cooperationPokelabo[237][236].


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  3. ^ If you want to give 5 times more power, use magic with 5 times more magical power.[27]..If Rudeus puts magical power on the wand at maximum output, the magic stone will break.[28].
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