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🎵 | Nana Mizuki releases coupling song "Hana, Hoshi, Sora -reunion-" from her new single

Photo Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki releases coupling song "Hana, Hoshi, Sora -reunion-" from her new single

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For details, please check Nana Mizuki's official website.

Voice actor artist Nana Mizuki will release her new single "Get up! Sho ..." on October 10th (Wednesday). → Continue reading


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Mizuki Nana

Mizuki Nana(Nana Mizuki,1980 May 1[2] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,singer,narrator[3],Stage actress.EhimeNiihamaBackground[1].StarcrewKING AMUSEMENT CREATIVEBelong to. officialFan clubIs "SC NANA NET"[7].

Representative workNaruto』(Hyuuga Hinata), "Mizuki Nana Smile Gang], [MUSIC JAPAN"(Narration),"Heart Catch Pretty Cure!] (Hanasaki Tsubomi / Cure Blossom) etc.[8] However, in the representative song "Deep love","ETERNAL BLAZE","Synchrogazer"and so on[9].

My real sister is a singerMiKA[10].. Married to a musician man in July 2020[5][6].


Until school

I wanted to be a singerDental technicianTo his father (April 1933, 4-October 11, 2008) from the age of five until graduating junior high school, at his father's workplace and at his parents' karaoke classroom,Enka singerIs entrusted with the dream of, and undergoes intense training without rest every day[11][12].. Besides, in order to feed the pitchPiano,ElectoneThe[13], I learned calligraphy so that I wouldn't be bothered if I was asked to sign when I became a singer[13]..Locally "Throat prideIt was called "Trolls", but on the other hand it had nothing to do with winning.[14][15]..My father's discipline was so severe that he was said to be five minutes late for the curfew and was trapped in a storeroom, and he didn't look good when he went back and forth between his friends' houses.

When I was in the second year of junior high school, a voice was heard from an entertainment production company in Tokyo, and the conditions that were announced for my affiliation were "Setouchi Nodo proud 2th anniversary national convention".[Note 5] Was to win the race and become the grand champion,[14]..After moving to Tokyo, while living as an uchideshi of the voice trainer in the office,Horikoshi High SchoolEnroll in the entertainment activity course (currently the comprehensive TRAIT course)[Note 6].. At the schoolDomoto Tsuyoshi,Tomoekari,Yamaguchi Sayaka,Hitomi SatoAnd was a classmate. From the second year of high schoolYoyogi Animation AcademyI also attended the voice talent department in parallel with my academic career.

In March 1998, graduated from Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Voice Actor Talent Department and Horikoshi High School Performing Arts Course.Mizuki was inspired by a teacher who pointed out that he tended to neglect his studies because "the students of the entertainment course are busy with work" while he was still in school.[16]Received the "Horikoshi Award" given to 10 graduates with excellent academic achievement and morality when graduating from Horikoshi[17].. The Horikoshi Award is for students of all courses, and from the comprehensive TRAIT courseTakeshi KusagiIt is the second award since then[17].

During this time, when I was in the second year of high school, my office went bankrupt. At the risk of withdrawal from the Horikoshi/Comprehensive TRAIT course, which requires membership in an entertainment office, the voice trainer, the singing teacher, newly added the office “Sankou Music”[18] Was established and temporarily enrolled to avoid this crisis. From that teacher for five and a half years,sexual harassmentI was misunderstood, and after half a year after my debut as a singer, I lost my discipleship relationship[Note 7][19].

2000s from debut

Released on July 1998, 2PlayStationFor gamesNOëL ~ La neige ~Voice actor debuts as Chisato Kadokura[14].."Space-time detective Genshikun] The role of Sora Yamato became the first regular appearance in TV animation.

August 2000, 12, single "thoughtDebut as a singer[20].. Broadcast started on September 2002, 1Seven Nana』Became the first starring TV animation in the role of Nana Suzuki.

Around this time, he also participated in the voice actor unit from the work, and in 2001, "Sister princess],Natsuko Kuwaya-Yumiko Kobayashi-Mochizuki Hisayoと と も にPritsFormed (Plitz). After that, 3 singles and 1 album were announced. In this albumLINDBERGCovers "GAMBA must be". In 2002, he was a co-star of the above-mentioned "Seven of Seven".Madoka Akita-Mai Asaki-Mai Nakahara-Kaori Natsuka-Yukari Fukui-Momomori SumomoWith the voice actor unitnana x nanaIs in charge of the theme song.

From October 2002, 4Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.In his first crown radio program "Mizuki Nana Smile Gang』Started broadcasting (assistant becomes Mizuki's juniorMisato Fukuen). The number of broadcasts exceeded 2021 on May 5, 30.Nippon Cultural Broadcasting A & G ZoneIt is the longest-lived program that belongs to. The nickname "Head" originates from this program.

On October 2004, 10, the TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical NanohaThe theme song, the 10th single "innocent starter"ButOricon weekly single chartIn the 9th place, it entered the top 10 of the Oricon chart for the first time.

July 2005, 7, the first timeAnimelo Summer Live"Animelo Summer Live 2005 -THE BRIDGE-" (Yoyogi National Gymnasium) Appeared.Since then, he will appear every year until 2014.

October 2005, 10, the 19th single "ETERNAL BLAZEWill be released for the first time on the Oricon weekly single chart on October 10th, and will be ranked 25nd.[Note 8], Broke the record for the highest self (the highest in the name of a single voice actor at the time, including single albums). Radio program"FRIDAY SUPER COUNTDOWN 50』(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.), Won the first place in the name of an individual voice actor.From this, it becomes a high-ranking regular on the Oricon chart.

On the Oricon Weekly Music DVD Chart dated January 2006, 1, "NANA CLIPS 3] Will be number one (comprehensive DVD chart is number three, number one on Oricon's main chart is the first voice actor). album"HYBRID UNIVERSE] Recorded 3rd place on the Oricon weekly album chart (the highest tie record as a voice actor at the time).

"2007st" announced on March 3, 3 Voice actor awardWas awarded the song award,Justice to BelieveWas selected as the award-winning song.Also, on the Oricon weekly single chart on April 4, the 30th single "SECRET AMBITION』, Won the second place for the first appearance for the second time.In addition, the sixth album "GREAT ACTIVITY』(Released on November 11th) first appeared / recorded second place,Megumi HayashibaraAnd the record of the highest album of the voice actor at that time, which he recorded. As a result, he became the highest holder of single albums and DVDs.

On the Oricon Weekly Music DVD Chart dated January 2008, 5, "NANA MIZUKI LIVE FORMULA at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA』Won the 1st place and won the 2st place on the music DVD chart for the second time (4th place on the general DVD chart). The 10th single "TricksterAlso, on the Oricon weekly single chart, it won the second place in Thailand, which was the highest at that time, and the cumulative sales reached the highest at that time.This work reached No. 2 on the Oricon annual single chart and reached the top 100 for the first time on the annual single chart.Japan Record AssociationThanGold discCertified.

The 2009th single "Deep loveWon No. 1 on the Oricon Single Daily Chart on the same day (No. 2 in the week).Furthermore, the 10th single "DreamAlso won the TOP10 for the 10th time in total on the Oricon weekly single chart.Both works reached No. 95 and No. 99 on the Oricon annual chart, and reached the top 2 of the annual single chart for the second consecutive year.In addition, the 100th album "ULTIMATE DIAMOND』Won the 6st place in the week on the Oricon weekly album chart on June 15 (recorded the first move to be the best).As a result, he broke the highest record on his album chart and became the first voice actor to win the number one weekly.[Note 9]..In addition, the work reached No. 85 on the Oricon annual album chart, and reached the top 100 for the first time on the annual album chart.

2009 will also be a turning point in terms of activities. On July 7th, the first voice actor to perform a dome (stadium) concert "NANA MIZUKI LIVE DIAMOND 5 supported by Animelomix"Seibu DomeHeld at.From then on, stadium concerts will be an annual event until 2019.Also, on October 10, "The 60th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』Kohaku Digital Support Team[Note 10]It was announced that it will be appointed to the program, and on November 11, it was announced that it would participate in the program.Mizuki was the first voice actor to appear on the show as a singer.[Note 11]..On the day of the broadcast, he performed "Deep Love" and talked about his feelings for his father who died the previous year.Mizuki since 201465 timesHas participated for 6 consecutive years.

2010 era

The 2010st single "" released on January 1, 13PHANTOM MINDSWon No. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart on January 25th.As a result, he broke the record of 1nd place in the week for 4 works such as "ETERNAL BLAZE", and became the first voice actor to win the 2st place in the week on the single chart.First time on the Oricon weekly single chart by voice actor[21].. The total sales have reached the highest level.

February 2, the same year, my hometownEhimeNiihamaWas appointed as the first "Niihama Hometown Tourism Ambassador" and a commissioning ceremony was held in the city.[22]..In addition, he received the Kei Tomiyama Award at the "3th Voice Actor Award" held on March 6th.[Note 12].

On October 10nd, Fuji TV's music program "MUSIC FAIR』First appearance. On October 10th, as in last year,The 61th NHK Red and White Singing BattleIt was announced that he would be appointed to the Red and White Cheering Squad, and his participation was announced on November 11th, and he will play for the second time in a row on December 24st.In this episode, the broadcast of this year, in which he starred,Heart Catch Pretty Cure!』Theme songAKB48It is also covered and shown with the members of.

On January 2011, 1, an autobiography of a half-life on his birthday, "Deep loveWas released. "NANA MIZUKI LIVE GRACE 1 -ORCHESTRA- supported by Animelomix" held on January 22nd and 23rd (Yokohama Arena), It was released with a venue limited cover. On February 2thFukuya bookstoreShinjuku SubnardA handshake event was held at the store to commemorate the release of the book, and 12000 people selected by lottery from more than 1200 applications participated.[23].

It occurred on March 3th and 29th of the same year.Great East Japan Earthquake"Nana Mizuki Charity Program"Nico Nico DougaAnd the donation of 315 yen was collected.[24].. On December 12rd and 3thTokyo DomeHeld a concert in. This is the eighth Japanese female solo singer in history and the first voice actor to hold it.[25].

On April 2012, 4, he was appointed as the "Iyokan Ambassador" in Ehime Prefecture, where he was born, and at the Tokyo office in the same prefecture.Tokihiro NakamuraGovernor of Ehime PrefectureThe commission was given by[26].. On August 8, the total number of concert performances reached 12 at the concert tour "Animelomix presents NANA MIZUKI LIVE UNION 2012 supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Poterich" Saga performance.Furthermore, on September 100thQVC Marine FieldHeld his first concert at the outdoor stadium (also the first voice actor). On September 9Kyoto International Manga/Anime FairAs part of 2012,Heian ShrineDedication performance held on a special stage[27].

August 2013, 4,Japan Anikan AwardIn 2012, it ranked first in the artist category, female voice actor category, CD single category, DVD & Blu-ray category, radio / TV category, and blog / homepage category, and won the overall first place.

In this year, the TV anime "Valvrave The Liberator] As an OP theme,TMRevolutionCollaboration song with, "Preserved Roses("TM Revolution x Nana Mizuki" name,Epic record japanReleased on May 5th[28])When"revolution dualism(Under the name of "Nana Mizuki x TM Revolution", released on October 10 by King Records).With these two songs, November 23st,55th Japan Record AwardIt was announced that it will receive the planning award together with TM Revolution.[29]..Also, this year's "The 64th NHK Red and White Singing Battle], Has participated in collaboration with TM Revolution for the second consecutive year.

On May 5th of the same year, he made himself a motif.NendoroidWill be sold at "NANA MIZUKI LIVE CIRCUS 7" starting July 7th[30]..Also, on November 11rd and 23th, the first overseas performance "NANA MIZUKI LIVE CIRCUS 24+" will be held.Taipei CityHeld at Legacy Taipei. This will be the first one held on the 24thLive viewingTo Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong-Singapore-Thailand-IndonesiaIt was carried out in.

March 2014, 3, activities including music and events, achievements such as "NANA MIZUKI LIVE CIRCUS 13" were evaluated, 2013 (25th)Art Selection Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Newcomer Award Popular Performing Arts DivisionAward[31].. Held in Ehime Prefecture in 3 on March 24th72th National Sports FestivalAnnounced that he was in charge of singing the image song "Egao wa Kimi wo Aru" of (Ehime Tsunaguehime National Athletic Meet)[32].. Guest participation in the general opening ceremony held on September 2017, 9, and sang in the prefectural creative program ending program before and after the ceremony under the audience of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress.[33].. Simultaneous holding on October 10National disabled sports meetHe also participates in the opening ceremony of the "Ehime National Athletic Meet".

The 4th album "SUPERNAL LIBERTY] Won the 4st place on the Oricon weekly album chart on April 28. It's been 1 years and 4 months since "ULTIMATE DIAMOND"[34].. September 8thYokohama StadiumHe will hold his second concert at the outdoor stadium (the first voice actor at the same venue).

July 2015, 7, TV Asahi music program "Music StationThe first appearance in.

On April 2016th ​​and 4th, 9, he held his second concert at Tokyo Dome for the first time in 10 years and 4 months.In addition, the total number of concert performances reached 4 at "animelo mix presents NANA MIZUKI LIVE GALAXY 2 -FRONTIER- supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Nakau" on April 4.[35].. It will be her first on November 9Hanshin Koshien StadiumHold a concert in[36][37]..It was his third concert at an outdoor stadium, and he was the first voice actor and solo artist in history at the same venue. On October 3Maihama AmphitheaterRecorded inMTV JapanProduction live programMTV unpluggedAppeared for the first time as a voice actor[38][39].

April 2017, 4, in Izumo CityIzumo TaishaHeld a dedication performance at. This is the second dedication performance, and the first performance by a voice actor in the same area.[40].. From July 7th to August 26thImperial TheaterPerformed atCarol KingThe half life ofmusical"beautiful]Hirahara AyakaWithDouble castStarring in.It was the 20th anniversary of the voice actor's debut and became the first starring in the musical's first challenge.[41]..The work was replayed in the same theater and the same cast in November 2020.

A total of 2018 days of concerts will be held at Nippon Budokan from January 1th to 11st, 21.[42][43].

August 2019, 3,Heisei Anison Award"ETERNAL BLAZE" was selected as a voice actor song award, "DISCOTHEQUE" as an artist song award, and "Preserved Roses" as a planning award.[44].. On July 7th, streaming distribution of songs and music videos announced so far will start on July 17th, except for some major subscription services.[45].

On September 9th of the same year, a total of 15 solo live performances were achieved at the live tour Chiakiraku performance held at ZOZO Marine Stadium.[46].. On July 11th, "National festival to celebrate the throne of His Majesty the EmperorAttended[47].

2020 era

20, the 2020th anniversary of the singer's debut, will be held on March 3th.Ehime Prefectural BudokanFrom August 8thNagoya DomeUntil then, a live tour was scheduled to be held for the longest period of time and the largest of its own.[46],New coronavirusDue to the spread of the infection, all performances were canceled.For this reason, the same year was limited to the non-audience online live "NANA ACOUSTIC ONLINE" held on November 11.An alternative performance of this live tour is scheduled for January 7, which is significantly reduced in scale.

In private, he married a musician on July 2020, 7, and reported on his blog on the following day.[5][6].. Announced first child pregnancy on November 11th[48]Reported first childbirth on March 2021, 3[49]bottom.Also, on September 9th of the same year, I belonged for a long time.Sigma SevenAnnounced that he will move to StarCrew, a new office, from October 10st.[4][50].


As a voice actor

Initially, he was aiming to become a singer, but from the second year of high school he also studied voice actors at the Yoyogi Animation Academy. As a result, his debut as a voice actor was faster.

The debut work is a game released in 1998 "NOëL ~ La neige ~The role of Chisato Kadokura[14].. Originally I loved games and knew the existence of the work, so I volunteered and took the first audition[14].. Immediately before graduating from Horikoshi Gakuen, he said, "I was just in time".[51].

The characters played are mainly girls to women, and sometimes also boy voices. As a character, he plays various voices such as "weak and adult woman", "active and unconventional woman", "cool woman", "two-sided character", "same character with different personality". 『Sister princessIn the role of "Ariari", she performed using her back voice.

Since 2008MUSIC JAPAN''Manten ☆ Aozora Restaurant, Etc. on TV programsNarrationThere are many opportunities to take charge. In April 2010, a channel specialized in animals "Animal PlanetWas appointed to narrate the program[52].. Mizuki used to say "World of Meerkat] (Season 4) has experience in charge of narration[52].

In many cases, he is in charge of the theme song of the anime in which he appears. Inside isSymphogearThere are also anime works planned on the premise that she will participate as a voice actor/singer.


In 1993, in the real nameTsuga Sakura"Besshi Copper Mineを偲んだ演歌をカセットで出している。この曲は2010年2月20日に行われた全国ツアー「NANA MIZUKI LIVE ACADEMY 2010」愛媛公演、2011年10月15日に行われた「アカガネマリンミュージックフェスティバル」、2016年4月17日に行われた愛媛県新居浜市の「NHK ThroatWas shown at an attraction after the end of the broadcast (both held at Niihama City Cultural Center). Prior to this, when he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school, he produced a self-produced cassette "Tears of Dolls / Furusato Taiko".[53][54].

King recordI belong, but the label isKing Amusement Creative Headquarters(Until January 2016Third Creative HeadquartersIs the main label in charge of production). Before thatPioneer LDCI was enrolled in, but when I belonged to the company, some songs were included in the two albums, and some songs were not included in the CD. After that, he worked as an indie and released two albums.

At the age of 20, he holds his first solo concert at the Ginza Yamaha Hall. Of King Records who was watching itAkio MishimaWill be scouted to[14].

Initially, the song produced by Sumiyoshi Naka was announced, but later "ES hour radio』PlanningOkui MasamiWhen I asked you to create a song,Toshio YabukiI metPOWER GATEAfter that, it will be produced by Yabuki. After that, while Yabuki was basically involved,Noriyasu Uematsuな どElements GardenI began to receive music from many composers including my musician. Around 2009, over 300 songs have been provided as candidate songs for inclusion in the original album.

As a voice actor in January 2005Go to ShiinaWill be the second personNippon BudokanHold a concert. Since then, concerts have started to be held at large venues such as Budokan.#Live performanceSee). It will be the first voice actor's dome (stadium) concert in July 2009.Seibu DomeHold a concert[Note 13] However, since then, Seibu Dome will hold a total of 2020 performances as of 7, making stadium concerts a regular event. In December 2011, became the first voice actor ever and the eighth Japanese female solo singer ever.Tokyo DomeHold a concert. The second Tokyo Dome performance was held in April 2016 as well, and it was the fastest performance ever among Japanese female solo artists (4 total performances at that time).Namie AmuroAnd Thailand record)[55].. In September 2016, it will be the first solo singer as well as a voice actor in history.Hanshin Koshien StadiumRealized the concert in[Note 14].

OriginallyEnka singerBecause I wanted toShinjuku Koma TheaterI had a dream of holding a Kayo show in Japan. Since it was closed on December 2008, 12, we held a "chair performance" on October 31 in the form of a commemorative event for the release of the single "Trickster" by gathering the voice actors of our friends. The pattern is from the album "ULTIMATE DIAMOND』(Released on June 2009, 6) was recorded as a bonus DVD. Since then, he has regularly performed "chair performances" in Kayo show style.

From 2009NHK OfMusic programHe started to appear on general music TV programs mainly (see "#Music programSee). It will also be the first voice actor in 2009NHK Red and White Singing Battle("The 60th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』) Played[Note 15].

In October 2010, the album "King Records" was formed in collaboration with the Taiwanese gold tile music culture.IMPACT EXCITER, And Mizuki's first overseas edition. In Taiwan, he also performed his first overseas performance in November 2013.

Full at Yokohama Arena in January 2011orchestraHold a live. It was also held at Saitama Super Arena in 2013 and 2019. Also in 2015 at Saitama Super ArenaacousticWe are holding a live.

Done on September 2011, 2Billboard JAPAN MUSIC AWARDS 2010Has been awarded with the Excellent Pop Artist Award at the Award 2012 held in March 3 and at the Award 2011 held in December 12 for the second consecutive year.[56].

2000 eraSince the latter half of the yearBe the first voice actorSuch as “”#Debut since nowSee also).

The goal is to hold live performances in all prefectures, and as of September 2019, there is a record of holding in 9 prefectures.[Note 16].

The national tour was held every year from 2002 to 2015[Note 17] However, it was not held in 2016. Initially in 2016, there was a plan to hold a tour in the autumn, and we were proceeding with securing the venue, but there was a background that we restructured the schedule for the year because the live at Hanshin Koshien Stadium was decided.[57].

Support member

Band members produce songsToshio YabukiProbably due to the influence of YabukiOkui MasamiA musician who was a member of the band "Royal Straits" is enrolled.

The live band is named "cherry boys" and its members are also nicknamed. At the live performance, there are various ideas such as sessions between members, exchange of musical instruments, and dancing by all participating members.

This band composition was collected by Akio Mishima, who decided intuitively that Nana Mizuki needs a top-notch member and will become a diva who can not defeat it.FENCE OF DEFENSE OfKenji KitajimaOr YuanJUDY AND MARY OfKota Igarashi,B'z,TM NETWORK,Sound horizonEtc.Kaoru AbeMany famous musicians are participating.

The back dancer has the experience of being a back dancer for Masami Okui.[58], Dancer and choreographer HIGH-ENERGY It is "TEAM YO-DA" with the nickname of representative Yoko Yoko Yamashiro, and Mizuki himselfLIVE ATTRACTIONReceived choreography by Yamashiro. In addition, Yamashiro is called by Dr. Yoda.

ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンNicknameResponsibleJoin
cherry boys
Kenji KitajimaKennyguitarFirst participation at LIVE SENSATION-Zepp Side- in July-August 2003. Since then, I have participated in almost all live performances, mainlyLead guitarTo serve. As a regular member, he is the leader of cherry boys because he has the best music career, and is also listed at the top in member credits. (However, in recent years, seniors Shoji Ichikawa, who will be described later, may participate, and in that case, it will be the second.)
He was also a regular participant in recording, but his bandFENCE OF DEFENSEHas hardly participated in recordings or TV recordings since 2005, when he resumed his activities in earnest.
Wataru WatanabeItalvicguitarFirst participation at LIVE SENSATION-Zepp Side- in July-August 2003. Since then, I have participated in almost all live performances, mainlyRhythm guitarTo serve.
Shoji IchikawaBig BroguitarParticipated for the first time at LIVE AT TRACTION in November 2002. After that, he did not participate, but since he participated in LIVE FIGHTER in July 11 after a long time, the number of participants has increased again, and he is also participating in TV recording.
Shuji NakamuraShu-changuitarParticipated for the first time at LIVE AT TRACTION in November 2002. After that, he did not participate, but he played the guitar at LIVE GAMES in July 11 for the first time in about 2010 years.
Ryuta SakamotoRyutanベ ー
Double bass
Participated for the first time at LIVE SENSATION-Zepp Side- in July 2003. Since then, has served as the basis for almost all live performances and tours. Also in charge of MC when introducing band members.
Akihiro TanakaTa-sanベ ーParticipated for the first time at LIVE AT TRACTION in November 2002. After participating in LIVE ROCKET in July-August 11, participation has continued, but after participating in LIVE FIGHTER in July 2005 for a long time, participation has increased again, and participation in TV recording etc. ing.
Atsushi TokunagaTotsupanベ ーLIVE ADVENTURE from July to September 2015 and live recording on TV on July 7, 9Music Station』First participation at the time of appearance.
Tsutomu OhiraTomkeyboard
Participated for the first time at LIVE AT TRACTION in November 2002. The only member who has participated in all live performances from the first tour to the present.
Toshiya MatsunagaMachinDrumsParticipated for the first time at LIVE AT TRACTION in November 2002. From the first tour to the present, he has been in charge of drums constantly.
Yutaka WatanabeYutaponDrumsJuly 2006-First participation at LIVE UNIVERSE in August.
Masao FukunagaChoDrums
December 2007-First participation in January 12 LIVE FORMULA.
Kaoru AbeAbesamaDrumsFirst participation at LIVE DIAMOND in July 2009. Often participates as a substitute for regular member Toshiya Matsunaga or Yutaka Watanabe.
Also, as a hobby for photography, he participates as an official photographer, not a band member, at LIVE GATE in January 2018.
Kota IgarashiKotanDrumsParticipated for the first time at LIVE SPARK in July-August 2004. Last July-August 7 LIVE ROCKET did not participate.
Asunato MatsunagaAstonDrumsToshiya Matsunaga's son. Participated for the first time as a special member at the Izumo Taisha dedication performance in April 2017. Together, they were nicknamed "Cherry Boys Jr.".
After that, he officially became a member of Cherry Boys at LIVE ISLAND in July 2018.
Nakajima ObaoObatchpercussionFirst participation at LIVE THEATER in January 2015.
Masahiro FujinoriFireSaxophone
First participation at the LIVE RAINBOW Nippon Budokan performance on January 2005, 1.
Mamiko AmamiyaMami MamiViolinFirst participation at LIVE ACADEMY in February-March 2010. The only female member.
Koichiro MuroyaMoshViolinFirst participation at LIVE CASTLE in December 2011.
Not as "cherry boys", but in January 2011 LIVE GRACEConcert masterIn charge of, has since participated as a concert master in the LIVE GRACE series.
Daisuke KadowakiCaddyViolinFirst participation at LIVE UNION in June-August 2012.
Toshiya ShioiriShioaccordionFirst participation at LIVE THEATER in January 2015. Participated in the accordion instead of the piano, which is the main job.
cherry chorus
Naomi MatsuokaNatsuanchorusParticipated in the performance in July 2010
Kosaku TanakaCossackchorusParticipated in the performance in July 2010
Satomi Takahashiダ ー クchorusParticipated in the performance in July 2010
Other performance participants
Toshio YabukiToshi-chan (Yabu-san)guitarAlthough he has been directing as a producer at regular live performances, he is in charge of guitar as a substitute for Kitajima at the December 2007-January 12 LIVE FORMULA performances in Hiroshima, Ehime and Osaka. Also participates in live events and TV recordings.
Mika Uematsu-AlpaGuest appearance at LIVE FORMULA Saitama Super Arena performance on January 2008, 1 and LIVE DIAMOND in July 3.
Akiko Sasaki-SaxophoneFrom 2002 to 2003
Koichi Fujino-ConductorIn charge of orchestra arrangement and conducting in the LIVE GRACE series.

Other about music

Related to "Dorikan" and "Komucha"
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc."SOMETHING DREAMS multimedia countdown』(Dorikan) in the name of Nana Mizuki's first rank in, the fifth single "on the chart on May 2002, 5".POWER GATE'[Note 18]Is.After that, he won the chart-in for 20 consecutive weeks and the first place for 6 consecutive weeks. In the 1 annual chart, Dorikan ended with the autumn reorganization of this year, and the back frame program "A & G Media Station Komuchatto Countdown』(Komucha) has not been announced because it does not summarize the era of Dorican. In addition, "POWER GATEWas released on the same day asLOVE & HISTORYWas the eighth highest, and charted in for three weeks. Of the 8 broadcasts including Dorican and Komucha in 3, the song that Mizuki was involved with did not get ranked in only four weeks from December 2002th to December 51th.
In the subsequent Komucha, in the 1st broadcast ``suddenly-meet each other-Has been ranked number 1 in the week, almost all of Mizuki's own singles have reached number 1 (the 2012th single was the one that didn't reach number 2 until February 1).POP MASTERAnd the 25th single "Chastity paradox2 songs). inside that"MASSIVE WONDERSHas been No. 13 for 1 consecutive weeks and has been a program record until then.Yui Horieof"The heart is clear and the night is dawn#10 for 1 consecutive weeks, and in the Dorican eraTWO-MIXof"RHYTHM EMOTIONHas been renewed for the 12th consecutive week.
"PHANTOM MINDS", including the era of the DoricanGo to ShiinaHe won the 1st place in his first appearance since "Awake and be a man".
2007 "MASSIVE WONDERS, 2009 "Deep love, 2012 "BRIGHT STREAM, 2017 "TESTAMENT, 2019 "METANOIAWon the first place in the annual ranking.Komucha is the artist with the highest number of acquisitions (1 times) in the annual ranking.
"Komucha family" is established in Komucha to try to get closer to guests. Mizuki's position is “Master”.
オ ア シ スHas been professed to have been affected by (described later). 1st album 『supersonic girlIs the band's debut single "SupersonicThe radio program "Yotsuya Cyber ​​Project] When he made a guest appearance.
Currently, CD as a singer is released by King Records, but the character song as a voice actor is released by the music company involved in the production of the work, so some are released by other than King Records.
水 瀬 い の り,Chihara MinoriThere are quite a few voice actor artists who were influenced by Mizuki.[59][60].
Writer'sMiki NazunaProfessed to be a fan, and claimed that the pen name was Anagram after Mizuki.


Since it was a family that was never wealthy, the remittance during school days was only 3 yen. Even after his debut, he said he continued to have scholarship repayments.[61].. He said he might have been working as a dentist if he hadn't been a voice actor or singer.[62]..Also, my sister, who is 4 years youngerMiKAThere is[63][64].. After moving to Tokyo, he participated in the sister's album with a chorus and was in charge of designing the fan club mascot character "Nanachomo".

After graduating from high school, an hourly wage of 850 yen in KichijojiEsthetic salonHave been working part-time at the reception desk of[65].. The place where I first lived in TokyoKoganei-shiI went to Horikoshi High School from there[66].. When he made his debut as a singer, most of his contracts were single shot, so he was working in a situation where he didn't know if there was a job for the next song, and he said he was next to fear.[67].. Also, as a wish for success before the liveSuzumushi TempleBe sure to visit[68].

Regarding throat care, we take a stance that does not overprotect, and even in dry season, we do not wear a mask and use a candy containing propolis and ginger and put on a humidifier during sleep.[69][70][71][72].

As a pet, the name "Stella (nickname: Stella-chan)"American shorthairI have.I arrived at my house in 2020 when I met him at the veterinary clinic of my dog ​​"Kay", which will be described later.[73]..It used to be called "Kei (nickname: Ketan)"チ ワ ワFor 17 years[74],NANA MIZUKI LIVE DIAMOND x FEVERAnd "Nana Mizuki Singer Debut 10th Anniversary BOOK! Nana Star"[75]Died in 2021[76]..There is also a dog named Shih Tzu (male) Ketan No. 2 in his parents' house (named by his mother).

After the name,7Is particular about[77].. At the Hanshin Tigers "Ul Tora no Natsu 2016" (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) on July 7, 29, it appeared wearing a third uniform with a uniform number of 2016 with the name "MIZUKI".[78].

The origin of the name isNana OkadaBecause I was a fan of[79].. Mizuki's stage name isKondo NanaAnd decided by myself to avoid confusion[80].

I rarely say it, but I am concerned about my short stature. Also, I am concerned that my chest is small[81].. I am not good at swimmingBeet boardIs a required item[82].

In my personal life, I am quite an activist and sometimes go out somewhere alone. To find something that wasn't sold in TokyoSendai cityI had been to (I found what I was looking for in Sendai), so I had a day trip on the Shinkansen because post-recording ended early.Kyoto CityHave also been to.

I want to do whatever I want with a voice performance regardless of genre.[83].. weekly magazine"NHK Weekly Stella”, in response to the question “What is an actress?”, “No way! I want to pursue voice expression.”[83].

2011 January,Fuji Television NEXTIn the documentary program "Nana Mizuki seven pieces" that was broadcast on, the music producer who has greatly supported Mizuki as a singer from the 1st live and provided many famous songs.Toshio YabukiMizuki said, "I felt like I wasn't an ordinary person (from the beginning). I thought it was amazing that I was able to do what I was told. It was just a hard work, so I was in a bad mood, saying, "Today ( I don't want to sing a little.” (I don't think there is a person like Mizuki). It's a genius.”


As a person you respect and your favorite singerHibari MisoraAre listed[84].. My favorite song is "Beyond Amagi"Such.

As a musical taste,Enka,Anime song,Western musicPrefer. Above allFuyumi Sakamoto OfCherry blossoms at nightIs introduced as a song that shocked in "M World", and in the situation that NHK's relay was actually performed at the double encore of Nagoya Chiaki music on LIVE ACADEMY tourCherry blossoms at nightIs singing. Also, as a memory songDo an unbalanced Kiss("Yu Yu White Paper")When,Blue Water("The mysterious sea Nadia)).J-POPThen,Kenji OzawaHe is a fan of and features in the "M World". Especially Kenji Ozawa belonged to in the past,Flippers guitar OfCamera! Camera! Camera!Has been introduced in the above-mentioned "M World" as a song that has been influenced by other than enka and anime songs. In addition, Kenji Ozawa's song is often played on Mizuki's radio.

Regarding western music, when Mizuki debuted as a voice actor, when the staff taught us recommended western musicオ ア シ スI've been a fan of[85].. On October 2008, 10, Mizuki's single "Trickster"And the Oasis album "Dig Out Your Soul[86]Both works are strangely number two on the Oricon chart and have been certified as Gold Discs. Mizuki as a song that feels a bondDon't Look Back In AngerTo your favorite music videoDo You Know What I Mean?(The other isAerosmithJ Dead). In 2012Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsI went to see the performance at Budokan, and in 2017, on my own radioLiam GallagherFeaturing solo debut[87] It can be said that he is a fan of the Garager brothers in particular.

Besides the oasis,Green day(Especially early)Earth Wind and FireI also like and sometimes use it on tours[85].

What is your favorite foodCurry and rice-Herring roe-Gold noodles.. In particular, curry rice is called "match rice", and before eating at live performances and red and white singing battles, you can put tonkatsu and eat it as cutlet curry, or natto etc.[88][89].. Curry and rice, my favorite food, is usually "European". My favorite drink is fruit tea, and my favorite food is sashimi and other creatures.Tomato-celeryI was trying to[67], Of which sashimi and tomato have overcome in the middle of the 2010s[90][91]. AlsoLever stabAlthough he was not good at it, he said that he was able to overcome it around 2005. Pictures of food often appear on his blog, and although he is a small woman, he is a big eater.

My favorite clothing brand is deicy,JILL STUART,DOLLY GIRL BY ANNA SUI.. My favorite perfumeYves Saint LaurentAbout BABY DOLL[92].. Regarding fashion, she likes flashy things such as primary colors.[93].. Favorite colors are blue and white[94][95].

Since childhoodnatural ScienceI especially likeastronomy-SpaceInterested in relationship[96].Japan Science Museum of Future"I'm very excited! I will never get tired of it all day long!"[96].

Around 2007yogaThere was a time when I was addicted toSuaraAlso solicited[97].. After that, the schedule did not fit and I did not do it temporarily, but it restarted from 2013[98], For private travel destinationsKohama Island,SednaBut I enjoy yoga[99][100].

I also like to collect authentic Western antique accessories and interiors.[101],In particularRosaryI love the pendant topHoly GrailIn addition to introducing the Rosary that became[102][103], OtherTen CommandmentsEngraved bracelet[104],Western knight OfarmorWe also introduce a collection of figurines[105].


Once belonged to the same office and co-starred in the radio program "Smile Gang"Misato FukuenThey have a close relationship with and have a birthday close to us, so we exchange gifts every year. Also,"Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha SeriesAnd 'Naruto], [Memories Off After RainYukari TamuraThey are good friends,Animelo Summer LiveI did a duet. Tamura, who saw Mizuki's appearance at the Yokohama Arena, later wrote his own radio program (“Naughty black rabbit related to Tamura』230 times) commented "Aitatsukee!".

Old friendYui HorieHis hobbies include clothes, and is a radio from Horie.Yui Horie's Angel Egg] Has often appeared as a guest.Mamiko Noto[106] ,Sawashiro Miyuki[107][108][109] TogetherTravelI am deepening my friendship.

"100% strawberryNoto, who co-starred inSanae Kobayashi[110],Megumi ToyoguchiFormed a strawberry party[111][112][113], Going to eat, etc.[114].

I belonged to the same office until July 2019Mizusawa FumieIs,Heart Catch Pretty Cure!Have deepened friendships since they co-starred and have been attending English classes together since February 2011.[115].. When Mizusawa made his debut as a writer in the magazine "Cobalt", he received a recommendation comment.

It seems that I can not drink sake, and I am a beginner for Megumi HayashibaraCocktailsHad you prepared[116],Megumi Hayashibara Heartful StationAnd 'Megumi Hayashibara's Tokyo Boogie Night』Also appeared as a guest[117].

AlpaOf the playerMika UematsuHas co-starred with "Heart-shaped chant", and since then Mizuki has deepened friendships, such as visiting the home of Agematsu and traveling together.[118].. In addition, Mizuki played for the first timeThe 60th NHK Red and White Singing Battle], But the two co-starred.In addition to participating in the backing band, Uematsu appears as a guest in the music video of "Angel Blossom" with her own children as a mother.[119][120].

Became a classmate in the first semester of the first year of Horikoshi High SchoolSayuri KatayamaIs Mizuki's "first best friend in life"[121].. Later KatayamaSAYURIWith the pen name ofLyricistAs the lyrics to Mizuki[121]. Also,Kinki Kids OfDomoto TsuyoshiIs a high school classmate.I haven't met since graduating from high school, but I met again for the first time in 14 years with the program co-starring[122].. In high school, Mizuki lent a notebook to Domoto who couldn't attend classes at work, but he hadn't had much conversation. In addition, Domoto was surprised that Mizuki was performing a powerful song on the song program because he was aiming to be an enka singer in his student days and had excellent results.[122].. Domoto is a remnant of that time, and Mizuki is called his real name "Kondo-san" when he appeared on the program. OtherTomoekari,Yamaguchi Sayaka,Hitomi SatoIs also a high school classmate[Note 19].

Tunnels OfNoritake KinashiThey also have a friendship with each other, and Kinashi goes to Mizuki's live, and conversely Mizuki goes to Kinashi's live. This is "June 2010th, 6" where Mizuki appeared as a guest.It was your thanks to the Tunnels"(Fuji TV) corner "The new king who dislikes eatingBut Kinashi reveals[123].. Also,"Tomorrow is a raw Masashi Sada』(NHK general TV) program fans[124] The appearance of this program and "MUSIC FAIR"and"2012 FNS Song Festival"(Both Fuji Television) and other programsMasashi SadaThere was a co-star with.

Tomokazu SugitaIsBasilisk-Koka Ninja Scroll-Since I co-starred in 』, I have become very close to each other because I have many common hobbies, and I still keep in touch and go out to eat privately.Was affiliated with the same officeYuichi NakamuraI was close to him in the same year as I was from Shikoku, and I had been to a meal with three people.

Belonging to the same labelMamoru MiyanoAnd juniors of the same officeAsami SetoIs a sister-in-law relationship, going to dinner and watching each other's live. Mizuki has sent a surprise birthday message to Miyano's radio, especially supporting Seto like a sister, celebrating her college entrance exam, 20th birthday, and ceremonies.[125][126][127].

Hanshin Tigers fan

MyselfHanshin fanSo, the reason I became a fan was that the father of a giant fan was watching a night game on TV, and while watching it together, I began to feel sorry for each time I saw Hanshin who was losing at that time, When he noticed, he was supposed to support him. He also loves baseball so much that his father qualifies as a baseball referee, and he carefully explains the rules, saying that it was his father's influence that became a baseball fan.[128].

Voice actor magazine "hm3 SPECIALAnd 'Pick-up Voice』Although it is outside the genre in her interview article, the interviewer asks "Hanshin Neta" questions almost every time. Your favorite player isYano[Note 20].. At the "NANA MIZUKI LIVEDOM 2006 -BIRTH-" held at Nippon Budokan in 2006, he received a video message and sign ball from Yano himself. On July 2007, 7, in the "hm27 SPECIAL" project,Yokohama Bay StarsBattle (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) I watched for the first time[Note 21]. other,Matt Merton[129],Norihiro Akahoshi[130],Atsushi Nomi[Note 22],Fumihito HaraguchiIs also listed as a favorite player. From April to September 2009, with the love of Hanshin,GAORAof"Petit Tiger!] As a navigator. Renewed Hanshin Koshien Stadium's hot spot and Tigers' cheering song "Rokko grated"How to sing well" is introduced. Also, since the program starts on "Smile Gang," we expect to win the championship every season at the start of the season for professional baseball, but we expect Hanshin to win every year.

At the "NANA MIZUKI LIVE ATTRACTION 2003 -Hall Side-" Kyoto performance, a "Rokko Oroshi" call boiled from the audience and was actually singing. Also,Billboard JAPAN Music Awards 2010At the launch site of the award ceremonyShinya SakaiHe met with (the owner of the Hanshin team at the time) and talked about his passion for the Tigers.[131][Note 23].. In addition, from June 2016, 6, he was in charge of lead vocal for "Lead vocal Nana Mizuki ver." of "Minna de Rokko Oroshi" used in the stadium vision for home games.[132] In addition, on July 2016, 7, he performed at "Urutora no Summer 29" at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium.[133].

For a long time I was saying "I want to live at Koshien Stadium"[62] However, by holding a live at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium on September 2016, 9, he fulfilled his wish.[36][37].. This is an exceptional event because it is difficult to hold high school and professional baseball at the Hanshin Koshien stadium, there are noise problems in the area around the stadium due to the residential area, and there are regulations due to the protection of natural grass, so it is difficult to hold a live concert. Met[Note 24].Daily SportsProduced a commemorative special issue consisting of interview articles and archives of past articles and sold it at Hanshin Koshien Stadium and Amazon[134][135].. The day after the liveMezamashi TVWas introduced as a “Hanshin Tigers fan” instead of a voice actor/singer. In response to some reports that natural turf at the stadium was damaged by this live, it was held as a meeting with the stadium side, and the influence of stormy weather that continued from the venue construction to the live was great. However, King Records, Sigma Seven, and the performance organizers jointly announced their comments, "We worried many baseball fans and everyone involved."[136][137].. Also manages the stadiumHanshin gardening"It wasn't bad for Mr. Mizuki, it happened at everybody's concert, because it was raining all the time," said an official of the company.[138].

Before the live at Koshien Stadium,MBS Radio[Note 25] Was being broadcast at the timeTill Dawn Music”Was featured twice on Mizuki's song, and the second time it was broadcast in the dawn of the day.

In addition, in commemoration of the 2017th anniversary of the launch of Daily Sports in 70, he became the special editor-in-chief of the newspaper, starting the series "Nana Tora!" on April 4th Tuesday from April 25 (4). Months are only available in the Kanto and Kansai editions, and in May and later in the Setouchi edition).


Until high schoolMcDonald'sI had never been to and had a dream to eat a hamburger at McDonald's. (From his autobiography)

In 2006Kikuko InoueLed by17 year oldInoue says, "I'm still young," says "17-year-old teacher Jr." (17-year-old teacher is mainly Yui Horie, Yukari Tamura,Sakura NogawaIs a member).

A program that appeared as a guest in 2007@Tunes."(59th broadcast), when I talked with a female psychic,France OfNunI was told." After that, "Nana Star"[101] I have touched this on several occasions in magazine interviews, etc., and in "Voice Actor PARADISE vol.4", I visited before to shoot "ULTIMATE DIAMOND".UKHe talks about mysterious experiences in Japan. In londonSt. Paul's CathedralThe day before I visited, I was told by an inspirational staff, "I think I will meet something related to Nana's previous life tomorrow," and when I prayed at the shrine, I cried out loud and said "I'm home" unconsciously. It was.” Also, in the same magazine, I was once told that “you have a relationship with France.” I was amazed by the strange experience in London, but when I went to France, it was different. I wonder if there is something..."[139].. In addition, when I went to France with my mother in January 2013, I visitedNotre DameSo, I cried again after London[140].. Furthermore, the kindergarten that I used to attend when I was a child is called "St. Mary Kindergarten."MissionIn the kindergarten of the line, all the teachers were sisters, according to his blog.[141].

Rarely from the same country (Ehime prefecture)Manabe KaoriMay be mistaken for[142][143].. This can be the opposite case[144].. In addition, the two of them realized the long-awaited first meeting in December 2.[145][146].

Died on October 2008, 10[96][147][14][148].. About 10 years before my father diedcerebral infarctionWhen I fell down in a hospital, my doctor declared that I couldn't do anything with the current medicine (in 1998) and that surgery was impossible.[96][149].. Since I had just made my debut, I thought that I wanted to be near my father who is fighting illness, but since it was my father's dream to pursue the dream of "I continue to sing," I decided to continue my activities.[14].. Later, when he participated in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen,Yukie NakamaWhen asked about his father, he recalled, "(My father) loved singing."

August 2009, 11,Tokyo International Exhibition Center"Most noisy people at the concert" at the 4th fan club event in[Note 26]"The world's largest number of handwaves" "The world's largest number of handwaves"BlowbackThree ofGuinness World RecordsChallenge the challenge of "the world's largest number of handwaves" 7014[150][Note 27], "World's number one blowback" 6961[151][Note 28] Two are certified. As for "the noisiest people at the concert," we re-attacked it in 2 at the seventh fan club event at Saitama Super Arena, but it wasn't certified.

"MUSIC FAIR』(Fuji TV), when he appearedhospital"I don't go to," he said, "I think I can cure my poor physical condition,A humanEven if I was advised that I should go to the inspection, I basically do not go." However, in 2012, when I felt a little pain in my abdomen, I went to the hospital for a long time and examined it.Duodenal ulcerI was able to do it," and said, "I was already cured by my self-healing power." "I thought I could do anything humanly with all my energy," he said.[152].. In 2002, the throat became inflamed, the vocal cords became hard, and the octopus was formed. At this time, the doctor diagnosed that he should rest for one month, but as a result of working without speaking for two days, the doctor had recovered surprisingly. The throat recovery is attributed to the guidance of his father from an early age.[153].. In addition, after the 2014st day of the Kitakyushu performance of the live tour on June 6, 21, no voice was heard, and as a result of the doctor's diagnosis, vocal cord inflammation (subsequently diagnosed as a voice disorder due to acute vocal cord inflammation/upper respiratory tract inflammation) Due to the need for medical treatment, the Tottori and Yamaguchi performances on the second day of the Kitakyushu performance and the following week were canceled.[154][155][Note 29].

2010 years,Porn graffitiAlbum of∠ TRIGGER"Introduction-Sako Rira Le Monster-",YukanaParticipated as a character voice with[156].. Originally, the appearance work "Full Metal Alchemist(2003), there was a relationship between performers and theme song artists,NHK Red and White Singing BattleAnd 'MUSIC JAPAN, Etc.Akemi HonmaImami YusukeBoth parties concerned[Note 30] However, I felt a strange feeling to participate as a character voice instead of a chorus ("Porno Graffiti's two people were looking at this interestingly" "Two people challenged dubbing I gave me some advice when I did it." Mizuki talk)[156][157][158].. Also, at this edge, the document book “2012” was published.Separate volume Kadokawa total power special feature Porn graffiti "challenge"』, as one of the special guests[156].. While touching on the above-mentioned "Fullmetal Alchemist" and the episode at the time of dubbing, I mentioned it as an impression of porn graffiti and one of my favorite songs.MelissaAnd sent a message saying, "If you need a voice, please feel free to call me (laughs)."[156].


The following people acted as substitutes for Mizuki's rest and maternity leave.

SubstituteRole nameprogramResponsible time
Mizusawa FumiePersonality"Mizuki Nana's M World"July 2014, 6 broadcast times
Yuka KubotaNarration"MUSIC JAPAN"
Marina Inoue"Manten ☆ Aozora Restaurant"Broadcast on February 2021, 2 --Broadcast on March 20[159][Note 31]


TaiziIs the main character.

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  • CR DARKER THAN BLACK -Black Contractor- (2017,Kirihara Misaki
  • Pachislot Senki Zessho Symphogear (2017,Wind wings
  • CR Fever Revolutionary Valve Rave (2018, Crimhild)
  • CR Fever Senki Zessho Symphogear LIGHT ver. (2018,Wind wings

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    • Drama & soundtrack sound picture scroll second and third chapter
    • Special drama & soundtrack CD ~ Tsurunosuke, Oboro no Emaki ~[300]
    • Basilisk Koga Ninpocho-Tamayura Tsuzuri-
  • Purism x Egoist Drama CD VOL.1-3 (Run
  • Princess maker 4 Original drama CD (パ ト リ シ ア
  • V/B/Rose Series (2005-2009,Joi is
    • V/B Rose (2005 Tokimeki CD SELECT ver.) *Hana to Yume No.20 Appendix CD
    • VB Rose 2005 Hana to Yume All applicants service Original drama CD
    • Drama CD VB Rose (2006)
    • Drama CD VB Rose 2 (2007)
    • V/B Rose Ukiuki Drama CD Hana to Yume Service CD for All Applicants (2009)
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage Series (2005-2008,Fate testarossa
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage 02, 03
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 01-03
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage M * Megami Magazine January 2006 issue Appendix CD
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 01-04
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage M The StrikerS * Megami Magazine May 2007 issue Appendix CD
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage M3 * Megami Magazine September 2008 issue Appendix CD
  • Aquarian Age Series (2006-2009, Earlis)
    • Aquarian Age 7th Anniversary Limited Box with Drama CD
    • Aquarian Age 10th Anniversary Drama CD 2
  • Kagehime Monogatari Eternal Alice Rondo Drama CD "Kira no Monogatari"(Akatsuki Akane)
  • Feng Shui Series (2006-2008,Shinomiya Toko
    • Takuya —TAKUYA— (2006)
    • Toko-TOUKO-(2007)
    • Oni—KITAN— (2007)
    • Onikyo -KIKOKU- (2008)
  • Kotonoha no Miko and Kotodama's Witch Series (Sarasa Kotoori)
    • Limited Edition Comics Enclosed Drama CD "Kotoiro no Hibi to Kotohogi no Kimi to"
    • Madrigal Halloween
  • Nyoden biography Drama CD-Fururai no Renji-(Koto)
  • Whispering in the Dark Night-Detective Kyoichiro Sagara- series(Kanazuki Mana
    • Drama CD "Detective Kyoichiro Soraku: A detective battle on the ocean! At the end of sadness, will the beautiful detectives survive in the shuraba? Will detective dreams of 500 million!" * Limited edition with game software
    • Drama CD "Detective Kyoichiro Soraku Gun and Blood or Night and Tears" *Game software reservation privilege CD
  • Yoshinaga's gargoyle Gar-kun pounding triple match (Pear = Hamilton
  • Rosario and Vampire Series (2006-2008,Akaya Moka
    • Shueisha Drama CD Rosario and Vampire (2006)
    • Shueisha Drama CD Rosario and Vampire 2 (2007)
    • Rosario and Vampire "Sound Date CD with Mooka-san ♥" *1 anime DVD enclosed CD
    • Rosario and Bypaia Animate limited original bonus CD "Vampire and Vampire" *1 anime DVD purchase Animate bonus
    • TV Animation Drama CD Rosario and Vampire (2008)
    • Rosario and Vampire CAPU2 Original CD Project "Sisters and Frogs and Pampires (Part 1)" *XNUMX anime DVD enclosed CD
    • Rosario and Vipire CAPU2 Animate limited original bonus CD "Vampire, everyone's gathering!"
  • Girlfriend / Boyfriend(Satsuki, High school girl A, younger school girl D, clerk)
  • Kill x Love-Kirurabu- CD drama loves, so that want to kill.
  • Drama CD Grow Lancer VI(Neris)
  • Shining wind Series (2007-2009,Sina Canon
    • Drama CD Shining Wind Vol.1-4
    • Drama CD Vol1 & 2 Mail order linked purchase bonus CD
    • Drama CD Vol3 & 4 Mail order linked purchase bonus CD
  • Shuraki ~Shurahime~ Original drama CD episodes 2-5 (2007-2008,Ten dragons
  • Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Original drama CD White Knuckle Crimson (Yugiri Perserte
  • Drama CD DARKER THAN BLACK -Black Contractor-(Kirihara Misaki)-"Monthly Asuka] 2007 October, November issue All applicants service CD
  • Earl and Fairy Series (2007-2009,Lydia Carlton
    • Earl and the fairy Drama CD proposal is easy (2007)
    • Count and Fairy Drama CD I will teach you how to stop a gentleman (2008)
    • Hakushaku to Yosei DVD Vol. 1 & 6 Special Limited Special CD (2008-2009)
    • Earl and the fairy Animate privilege CD Part 1 (2008) *1 anime DVD purchase Animate privilege CD
    • Cobalt Original Drama CD+ 1 (2008) * Service magazine for all cobalt applicants
    • Cobalt Original Drama CD+ 2 (2008) * Service magazine for all cobalt applicants
  • Musiuta bug 01-06 (2007-2008,Ariko Ichinoguro) *DVD Musiuta Volume 1-Volume 6 Limited Edition Enclosed Drama CD
  • Avalon Code Original drama CD (Princess Dorothea) *Game software reservation privilege CD
  • TV animation "AYAKASHI" series(Night dawn aim
    • TV animation "AYAKASHI" Characters Vol.1, 3-5
    • TV animation "AYAKASHI" Drama CD
  • Allison and Lilia Drama CD I, II (Allison Whittington,Lilia Schultz
  • Shining Force Ixa Drama CD (Amitariri)
  • Judgement Series (2008-2013,Varna-Riel
    • Doki ☆ Doki without meals! Hot spring trip to the sea and hot springs! (2008)
    • DRAMA CD Girl's Taik (2008)
    • Judgment Chaim Remuna = Remna's Magic Stone (2012) *Includes special edition with novel "Judgment Chaim Magic Ring Present" drama CD
    • Judgment team Red jewels and magic of love (2013) * Novel "Judgment team Noble Sealed Magic Sword" special edition with drama CD included
  • Shugo Chara! Series (2008-2010,Hoshina Uta
    • Shugo Chara! Amulet BOX 3 Special CD <Variety Edition> Original CD Drama
    • Comic Volume 12 Limited Edition Drama CD
  • Dragon Notes -The Resonance- series(Sieglinde Baumgard
    • Dragonauts -The Resonance- Drama & Character Song vol.2, 5
    • Animage×DRAGONAUT -THE RESONANCE- Jyosai!! *Limited sale in Animage magazine
  • Drama CD-Isn't it a beautiful girl game!?Shin God Miu
  • Minamike Drama CD Series(2008-2013, Minami Touma)
    • Minamike Drama CD
    • Minamike Mini Drama CD 4 * Anime DVD Volume 4 Limited Edition
    • Minamike-Refill-Drama CD
    • Minamike-Refills-Mini Drama CDs 1, 3, 4 *Anime DVDs 1, 3, 4 Volume Limited Edition included
    • Minamike Welcome Back Drama CD
    • MINAMIKE Welcome Back Mini Drama CD 1-4 * Animation DVD 1-4 Volume First Limited Edition included
    • Comic Volumes 8 and 9 Limited Edition Enclosed Drama CD
    • Minamike Drama CD
    • Minamike Tadaima Mini Drama CD 1-4 *Includes Anime BD/DVD 1-4 Volume
  • Rune Factory 2 series(Mana
    • Mana no Dona CD* Game software reservation privilege CD
  • Amber tea hall chat Series (2009-2011,Sara Kotoori
    • Comic Yurihime Vol.16 Appendix Drama CD "Pink princess"
    • Comic Volume 1 Limited Edition Bonus Drama CD "Blue christmas"
    • Comics Volume 2 Limited Edition Bonus Drama CD "White engage"
    • 2 volumes of comics Amazon.co.jp privilege drama CD "Maplecarol"
  • Magama Hanaden Contract between Mikohime and Sakura (Kakuya
  • Girl fight(Oishi) *Comic Book Vol. 5 Special Edition Included CD
  • Tegami Bee Series (2009-2010, Silvet Suede)
    • Shueisha Drama CD Tegami Bachi
    • CD Drama Tegami Bachi Kinza The Flower Festival
    • CD Drama Tegami Bachi Memories of Tree
  • beatmania IIDX spin-off drama ROOTS26S[suite] Vol.1-3 (Saya Kanzaki)
  • "Literary Girl" series(2009-2010,Nanase Kotobuki
    • "Literary Girl" and the Deathly Clown [Part XNUMX], [Part XNUMX]
    • "Literary Girl" and a hungry ghost [Part XNUMX]
    • Fools connected to "literary girl" [first part], [second part]
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st Drama CD Special Appreciation Ticket Side-N / F(Fate T. Harlaown
  • Planetary scissors(Asahina Sumidare) *"Planetary Sumidare Volume 2009 x Hours May-July 5 Issue All applicants actual cost distribution service CD
  • DOG DAYS Series (2011-2013,Ricotta Elmar, Nanami Takatsuki
    • DOG DAYS Drama Box VOL.1-3
    • BD/DVD DOG DAYS whole volume purchase privilege CD EPISODE 13.65 waiting for summer together
    • BD/DVD DOG DAYS' Whole Volume Purchase Privilege CD EPISODE 13.5 Toward Autumn
  • BLOOD-C Series (2011-2012,Changing night
    • BD/DVD Volume 1 Limited Edition Special Disc Drama CD Extra Edition "Okurahoma"
    • BD/DVD 6 Volumes Limited Limited Edition Special Disc Drama CD Extra Edition "Natsunoyoha"
  • Wandering son BD/DVD Volume 4 Original Drama CD "Summer Vacation Remains ~She sells sea shells by the seashare~" (Maho Futari)
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's Special Appreciation Ticket with Drama CD Side-T / Y(Fate T. Harlaown
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha GOD Sound Stage series(Attacker of the electric blade (Levy the Slasher)Fate Testarossa (Theatrical version of the world), Fate T. Harlaown (TV version of the world that splits into BOA and GOD)
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha GOD Sound Stage M "Under the Sky of Ertoria" *Megami Magazine August 2012 Supplement CD
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha GOD Sound Stage A "Under the Midnight Chilled Night Sky" *Animedia August 2012 Supplement CD
  • WWW.WORKING !! Series (Hide Kondo)
    • BD/DVD Limited Edition 3 Volume Special Drama CD "Kono, Wagnerna Quit"
    • BD/DVD Limited Edition Volume 7 Special Drama CD "Let's Hold Hands if You're a Lover"
  • "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ReflectionSpecial Appreciation Ticket with Drama CD [Nanoha & Hayate Edition + Bonus Track ViVid Strike! Fuka Edition] / [Fate & Arisa & Suzuka Edition + Bonus Track ViVid Strike! Linne Edition] (Fate T. Harlaown
  • DRAMA CD Wonderland Wars Side Story Chapter 2 (Miyukino)
  • Shining Resonance Refrain -Premium Fan Box-Enclosed drama CD "Shining Resonance Refrain Dragon Knight's Days" (Excella)
  • (Rukuru) *Hana to Yume No.22 Appendix CD[303]

Reading/Other CDs

  • NOë L La neige VOICE MESSAGE ~To you who haven't seen yet~ (September 1997, 9,Chisato Kadokura
  • Various album "VINTAGE(March 2001, 3) *Recorded as if the exchange novel "Hime ga Gou"
  • Omnibus album "VINTAGE" first purchase privilege CD as if it was an exchange novel "Mystery novel no Ojikan" (March 2001, 3)
  • Sister princess Official Fan Club Message CD (2002,Aria
  • VOICE CD Sister Princess-I love my brother ♥- Series (2002-2003,Aria
    • Sweet Good Night Part1
    • My Little Wish Part2
    • Dream of you Part2
  • Maburaho Valentine message CD Miyama Yuna ver. (2003,Yuma Miyama
  • Memories Off After Rain Vol.2 Soukei SPECIAL COMMENT DISC (February 2005, 2) *Enclosed CD for game software SPECIAL EDITION
  • DEARSTwelve Constellation Monogatari ~Artemis Side~ (pre-sale on December 2007, 12, general release on January 29, 2008)
  • DEARS Constellation Monogatari Gaiden -The Story of 2007- (December 12, 29) *Special CD for Comic Market '73 corporate booth buyers only
  • Wrestle Angels SURVIVOR 2 Doki Doki Angel Voice (November 2008, 11, Ryu Kikuchi) *Game software reservation privilege CD
  • Wrestle Angels SURVIVOR 2 Sofmap Limited Ver. Voice CD (November 2008, 11, Riu Kikuchi)
  • Nana Mizuki Official Fan Club SC NANA NET Birthday Message CD (From July 2009, 7)
  • BD / DVD DOG DAYS Volume 2 Limited Edition Special Edition CD Voice Track "Rico and Sleep" (August 2011, 8,Ricotta Elmar
  • Good night, Roger Read aloud CD book (October 2016, 10)


Responsible actress

Jane Levy
Jennifer lawrence
Diana Agron
Brie larson
Miranda Cosgrove

Movie dubbing

Dubbed drama

Anime dubbing


Unknown time
2000 era
Early 2010s
  • Mint Topia Besshi(2010 -, also in charge of mine railway announcement goodwill ambassador)
  • Kicker's HEART ~ J.LEAGUE STORY ~ (February 2010-March of the same year,TBS
  • Trihada (secret) scoop image 100 department Jiten(December 2010, 3,TV Asahi
  • Ateleco ~ 50 years of "dubbing" that created the golden age of television ~ (March 2010, 3,History channel
  • Practice! Eco file 〜Eco days every day for parents and children〜 (March 2010th, 3th, 29,BS Nippon Television
  • Animal Planet(April 2010 -, Animal Planet Japan)-Program narrator
    • Animal Planet "Cute! 3 black cats and brown tabby cats" (September 2015, Animal Planet Japan)
  • Horiken's exciting new experience Animal Scoop Kingdom (2010 May 5, TBS)
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup DAILY (June 2010, 6, TBS)
  • Nakau In-store commercial (September 2010 -)
  • The documentary "I want to play baseball-women's professional baseball Yuki Umemoto-" (September 2010, 9,TV Osaka-Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.[328]
  • Document 20min.(July 2010, 10, NHK General)[329]
  • Friday road show(October 2010, 10, Nippon Television)-Trailer Narration
  • MJ presents Close contact! Perfume Dome Challenge to Live 5 People (2010 December 12, NHK General)
  • The whole sky planetarium program "Starry Tales -The Constellation is Over Time-" (March 2011, 3Konica Minolta Planetarium Manten in Sunshine cityFirst projection, then projected on Hida planetarium and other planetariums nationwide[330][331],KAGAYA Studio
  • Special exhibition "Osamu Tezuka's BuddhaExhibition" (April 2011-June 4, 26,Tokyo National Museum(Main 5 special rooms)-Voice guide narration[332]
  • MJ presents GirlhoodSpecial (June 2011, 6, NHK General)
  • 24-hour TV 34 "Love Saves the Earth"(August 2011, 8, NTV)-Narration of the Rikuzentakata City Taiko Document Corner
  • MJ presents K-POP Special (September 2011, 9, June 25, 2012, NHK General)
  • MJ presents Dong Bang Shin KiSpecial 2011 (October 2011, 10, NHK General)
  • MJ presents KARA Special (June 2011, 11, NHK General)
  • NTT WestCommunication Grand Prize (Reading of past Grand Prix works until the 2011th in 8)
  • TV drama"Switch Girl!!』First and second period (1-2,Fuji TV TWO) * In charge of the theme song for the 2 series[333][334]
  • BS World Documentary Excavation Asian documentary "Sell online, my life-Beijing-" (February 2012, 2,NHK BS1
  • "Touching earth specialRun the Earth, Cheetah! -Atsushi Ito's exciting experience in South Africa-(Fuji TV, March 2012, 3)[335]
  • MUSIC JAPAN ANNEX (March 2012, 3, October 24, 2013, NHK General)
  • planetariumProgram "Trace of Life-Bond with Space-" (From March 2012, 3)Saga Prefectural Space Science MuseumNoumegin is being projected on the planetarium)
  • It's Animaru~ (April 2012, 4,NHK BS Premium)-Narration / The role of Wonderro / In charge of the ending theme[336]
  • Let's do AAA show choir! (August 2012, 8, NHK General)[337]
  • Nonfiction W The day when French animation captures the world ~ A miracle CG school created by a small town ~ (August 2012, 8,WOWOW prime
  • cute! (November 2012, 11, Animal Planet)
  • BBC EARTH 2012 How Nature Works Connected Life (December 2012, 12, WOWOW Prime)
  • cute! 2 (April 2013, 4 -, Animal Planet)
  • Zentenkaku Planetarium Program "Earth Symphony -The Story of the Sky Playing Light and Water-" (April 2013, 4)Ehime Prefectural Science MuseumFirst projection in, then projected in planetarium nationwide[338][339], KAGAYA Studio)
  • Planetarium program "-Kacho Fugetsu-Hoshigoyomi" (from June 2013, 6Konica Minolta Planetarium Sky in Tokyo Skytree TownProjected on)
  • Great Love II (September 2013, 9,Ehime Asahi TV
  • MJ presents Perfume x Technology (October 2013, 10, NHK General)
  • Challenge of small racers! ~ Kokoro, Body, Kizuna cultivated by Strider ~ (December 2013, 12,Aomori Asahi Broadcastingother)
  • eat announcer SP2014 Ehime's "top"! (January 2014, 1, Ehime Asahi TV)
  • News every.Special feature corner "Tokinohito" (January 2014, 1, January 8, 1, NTV)
  • Chikyu Nohate -A starry desert and a phantom flower garden-To the South American continent- (January 2014, 1, TBS)
  • Sochi Olympics2014 “Live Broadcast! Sho Sakurai & Shizuka Arakawa Medal Expected SP” (February 2014, 2, NTV)
  • cute! 3 (April 2014, 2 -, Animal Planet)
  • GalaxyLarge-scale video program (planetarium) "Earth Symphony: The story of the sky played by light and water" (February 2014, 2 -)
  • MJ presents One Direction Story (March 2014, 3, NHK BS Premium)[340]
  • 24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth" (August 2014, 8, Nippon TV)-Ayako Imoto & Asako Ito Narration of children in the disaster area
Late 2010s
  • Thank you for incoming call!(July 2015, 2, NHK General)
  • News station SUNDAY(April 2015, 2, TV Asahi)
  • Tohoku Hybrid Suites Kobo (November 2015, 11,Aomori Broadcastingother)
  • Challenges of Young Musicians-Document The 84th Japan Music Competition (December 2015, 12, NHK E-tele)[341]
  • The cause is in X!(March 2016, 3 / October 29, 2016-September 10, 28[342],Fuji Television Network, Inc)[343]
  • Nana Mizuki, the queen of ice, has completely navigated! movies"Snow White/Ice Kingdom] Public Commemorative SP (May 2016, 5,Movie plus·Fuji Television Network, Inc)[344]
  • Arihen ∞ World(2016年6月28日・2016年10月4日・2017年9月19日・2018年3月20日・2018年4月17日・2018年11月11日・2019年4月2日・2019年4月16日・2019年12月24日、テレビ東京) - ボイスオーバー出演
  • NHK ThroatChampion Tournament 2018 (March 2018, 3, NHK General)
  • (July 2018, 6-September 14, 6,NHK News Good morning JapanCorner, NHK synthesis)
  • 24 Hours TV 41 "Love Saves the Earth" (August 2018, 8, Nippon Television)-YOSHIKI and Blind Genius Drum Boy Narration of a live session corner that makes your dream come true at Budokan
  • Super amazing! I'll show you the other side of the SDF! Land, sea and air! The backside of the Self-Defense Forces TV first public release SP! (January 2018, 1, TV Tokyo)[345]
  • "Mt. Hakkoda<4K digital remaster version> Broadcast commemorative film meets digital (November 2018, 11,Japanese movie channel・A historical drama channel)
  • Case report of imadoki parent and child (January 2019, 1,MBS TV
  • NHK Throat Champion Tournament 2019 (March 2019, 3, NHK General)
  • OB vs Active Professional Baseball Kochin Battle 2019 Spring (March 2019, 3, Nippon Television)[346]
  • Super amazing! I'll show you the other side of the SDF! 2 (September 2019, 9, TV Tokyo)[347]
  • Miracle Travel To 1964 Tokyo, an Enthusiasm (November 2019, 11, NHK General)[348]
  • BS1 Special"Challenge the fastest! Why did Honda F1 win?" (NHK BS2019 on November 11, 4)[349]
  • If I live in this house, is it the capital? (November 2019, 11, Fuji TV)
  • King of Current Affairs2019 News VS Entertainer (December 2019, 12, NHK General)[350]
2020 era
  • Crossing Kyushu in 1 days and 2 night! Sightseeing Train Q Tour (February 2020, 2, Nippon Television System)
  • 43th Japan Academy AwardAward ceremony (March 2020, 3, Nippon Television)
Narration dvd
  • Hello! Anima Today's cute! Pretty Box (June 2009, 6)
  • Starry Tales Constellation is over time (December 2011, 12)


tv set


Music program

"MUSIC JAPAN”, describes the guest's appearance and song. Programs marked with *Live broadcastShows the appearance in.

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history
Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramAppearance order (Red group)OpponentRemarks
2009 (Heisei 21) /60 timesFirstDeep love6/25FUNKY MONKEY BABYSAppeared as a digital support team
2010 (Heisei 20) /61 times2PHANTOM MINDS11/22L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel・Appeared as a red and white support team
・At the character Kouhaku Uta Gassen
"Alright! Heart Catch Pretty Cure!"
Tomomi Itano-Maeda Atsuko-Oshima YukoAnd singing
・Program mascot from this year to the 63rd
"Uta♪ WookeyIn charge of voice actor
2011 (Heisei 23) /62 times3POP MASTER7/26Porn graffiti[Note 56]
2012 (Heisei 24) /63 times4BRIGHT STREAM10/25Third generation J Soul Brothers
2013 (Heisei 25) /64 times5-Revolution 2013- Kouhaku Special Collaboration
(Preserved Roses-revolution dualism
--TMRevolutionJoint appearance with
2014 (Heisei 26) /65 times6Kohaku 2014 Special Collaboration
(Forbidden Resistance・Preserved Roses)
--Joint appearance with TM Revolution
Singing only forbidden resistance


  • Mizuki Nana eternal voice ~You gave me summer~ (TBS channel: May 2006, 10)
  • Nana Mizuki seven pieces ~NANA MIZUKI LIVE JOURNEY 2011 side-B~ (Fuji Television NEXT: May 2011, 5 June 19th, July 6st, August 16th)
  • Natsu no Kakera-Nana Mizuki 2013 Summer Events (Fuji TV NEXT: October 2013, 10, November 5)
  • Entertainment Nippon (NHK World TV: April 2015, 4)

Entertainment shows

Information program


Talk show

Sports program

  • Petit Tiger! (How to enjoy the new Koshien 100 times! How to sing Rokko Oroshi 100 times more fun!(GAORA: Navigator, 2009)
  • 72th National Sports Festival-Egao-Connecting Ehime National Athletic Meet-General Opening Ceremony Participation Creation Program (NHK E Tele Matsuyama Bureau Area: September 2017, 9) *


  • Dwango
    • Iromelo mix(Appearance / CM song charge 2003)
    • animeloLIVE! (starring/CM song in 2014)
  • Ozaki Corporation"Kanko School Uniform" (no appearance/in charge of CM song)
  • Rohto Pharmaceutical
    • "Rohto Zi series" (appearance)
    • "Body veil" moisturizing aroma
  • Nissan Motor"PURE DRIVE" ECO CAR FACTORYMarchHen ・セ レ ナHen (Narrator)
  • LotteChocolate "Fuyu no Yuyuki" (appearance/"Nana MizukiAlso in charge of the insertion song under the name)
  • Uhu Corporation(Voice only appearance)
  • Ehime Bank(Appearance/CM song charge)
  • Nakau(Appearance/CM song charge)
    • "Unamabushi 2015" (June 2015)[357]
    • "Beef Sukiyaki Nabezen" (November 2015)[358]
    • "Duck soba" (December 2015)[359]
    • "Unamabushi 2016" (June 2016)[360]
    • "Oyakodon Renewal" (July 2017)[361]
  • Tama Home
    • "Happy Song Nana Mizuki" (March 2019) (Cast/Insert Song)
    • "Happy Song Nana Mizuki Animation" (April 2019) (voice cast/insert song)
  • AC Japan(In charge of narration for the 2021 Chugoku-Shikoku region campaign "Trump to protect life")


* IsInternet distribution.

1990 era
2000 era
2010 era
Radio Drama
  • (Nana Kujuku
  • Delicious play (2019)

Radio talk cd

  • Voice Radimage Radio (2000) * Magazine Voice Radimage Vol.2 All applicants service Cassette tape
  • Mizuki Nana Smile Gang Special Edition Schath!! Great Special Disc (April 2003) *Nana Mizuki 4st Anniversary of Smile Gang!
  • HAPPY★LESSON DJ CD 5 (May 2003, 5) *OVA HAPPY LESSON Episode 23 included privilege CD
  • Drama CD Ragnarok animation Animate distribution & mail order bonus CD audio bonus track ~ Theme talk cast credit ~ Ver.1-3 (2004)
  • Nana Mizuki Smile Gang Extra Edition Sumagang Comfort Travel CD (July 2004) *Nana Mizuki Smile Gang 7nd Anniversary!
  • Radio dj cd Oh! NARUTO Nippon Seventh (January 2005, 1)
  • Drama CD Mischievous Kiss Special benefits Voice actor dialogue CD (2005) *All 4 volumes of drama CD linked Animate benefits
  • Radio CD "Strawberry 100% Sweet Café(November 2005, 7)
  • DVD Koi Koi 7 Volume 7 First Limited Edition Character CD “Asukayayoi” (January 2006, 1)
  • RADIO DJ CD ``Hagaren broadcasting station"TAKE 5 (February 2006, 2)
  • Radio CD Feng Shui ~ The Invitation ~ (January 2007, 1)
  • Summon girl Voice actor's talk CD (December 2007, 12) *CD with game software DX pack
  • DARKER THAN BLACK -Black Contractor- SPECIAL CD (December 2007, 12 * Enclosed CD with 26 volumes of BD/DVD limited edition)
  • Feng Shui Toko-TOUKO-Free Talk, Non-cut Edition All-Service CD (2007)
  • Includes a-FAN FAN X 10th Anniversary Book Roundtable talk with four people Special program CD (August 4, 2008)
  • Radio CD Rosario and Vampire(2008 8 年 月 日 6)
  • DJCD Tales Ring Sinfonia Series (2008-2011)
    • DJCD Tales Ring Sinfonia Comic Market 75 Limited (December 2008, 12)
    • DJCD Tales Ring Sinfonia Comic Market 77 Limited (December 2009, 12)
    • DJCD Tales Ring Sinfonia Comic Market 78 Limited (December 2010, 8)
    • DJCD Tales Ring Sinfonia Comic Market 79 Limited (December 2010, 12)
    • DJCD Tales Ring Sinfonia Comic Market 80 Limited (December 2011, 8)
  • DJCD Naruto RADIO Shippu Thunder 6 (April 2009, 4)
  • Radio CD Rosario and Vampire CAPU2 (June 2009, 6)
  • Healed Bar Wakamoto the CD vol.03 (August 2009, 8)
  • Drama CD Magama Hanaden Shrine Maiden and Sakura Contract Special Cast Talk CD *Kadokawa Beans Library Drama CD linked purchase bonus first (1)
  • DVD Tegami Bachi Reverse Volume 3 First Limited Edition Bonus Cast Round-table Discussion CD-Hachinosu- (February 2011, 2)
  • TV animation Toriko Tina's Gourmet Radio DJ (2011 November 11)
  • TV animation Toriko Tina's Gourmet Radio DJ 2 (September 2012, 9)
  • Radio CD "Cross Ange-Ange and Task Radio- Complete Edition" (April 2015, 4) *BD/DVD Volume 22 Limited time limited bonus CD
  • PERSONA5 the Animation KAITALK DJCD Vol.1 (April 2019, 4)
  • Includes a-FANFAN 20th Anniversary Book Roundtable CD (December 2019, 12)

Digital comic


Other contents


Video products

  • SUPER VOICE WORLD Dream, freedom and happening (December 2001, 12)


Tie-up list

Solo, only in the name of Nana Mizuki.

Light snow in winterLotteChocolate "Winter Snow" TV-CM song1999
thoughtDrama CD "Shonen evolution plus"Image Song2000
Anone ~ Mamimume ☆ Mogacho ~Game for PS2Mamimume ★ Mogcho Print Hour] Theme song
Television Animation"Mamimume Momocho"Opening theme2001
TRANSMIGRATIONradio"ES hour radio] Self-produced song
Heaven KnowsTelevision Animation"RUN = DIM"Ending theme
The place of happinessGame for PS2GENERATION OF CHAOS"Opening theme
Music box and pianoDC/PSFor gamesMemories Off 2nd"Ending theme
NANA Shikino ni You-Special album version-TV Asahi "" ending theme
Birdie, birdieTelevision Animation"Seven Nana"Ending theme2002
POWER GATETV Osaka "" ending theme
In the future this starGame for PS2Summer hourglass"Ending theme
Like a flower that blooms in my heartImage song for GBA game "PrincessBlue-"
Brilliant starDrama CD "Middle-aged evolution plus"Image Song
Replay machineDC/PS2 game "You that Memories ~ Memories Off ~"Opening theme
New SensationOZAKICM song for "Kanko School Uniform"2003
nocturneOVA "Memories Off 2nd" opening theme
Music box and piano -holy style-Game for PS2Memories Off Duet"Ending theme
still in the grooveDwango"Color melomixCM song
In love…PS2 /XboxFor gamesBistro/Cupitto 2"Opening theme
Drive away dreamOVA "Natsuiro no Hourglass" opening theme2004
Panorama-Game for PS2Lost Aya Sofia"Opening theme
I'll still remember youGame for PS2Memories Off"Opening theme
innocent starterTelevision Animation"Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha"Opening theme
Take a shotInsert song for the TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha"
WILD EYESTelevision Animation"Basilisk-Koka Ninja Scroll-"Ending theme2005
76th StarDrama CD "Mischievous Kiss"Opening theme
"Like!"Drama CD "Itazura na Kiss" ending theme
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LightGame for PS2Whispering in the Dark Night-Detective Kyoichiro Sagara-"Opening theme
Afterglow GaiaTV Asahi "Selection X" ending theme
Justice to BelieveGame for PS2WILD ARMS the Vth Vanguard"Opening theme
Crystal LetterPS2 game "WILD ARMS the Vth Vanguard" ending theme
AoiiroTV TOKYOWebbama"Ending theme
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Heart-shaped chantGame for PS2Shining wind"Opening theme
Level Hi!TBSSolid Monday!』April-June 2007 ending theme
MASSIVE WONDERSTV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS" late opening theme
Nippon TelevisionShiodome Event Department] Ending theme for February 2007
PrayInsert song for the TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS"
Happy DiveNippon TelevisionRadical] Ending theme for February 2007
Orchestral FantasiaNippon TelevisionMusic Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER』November 2007 POWER PLAY
AstrogationNTV "Music Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER" February 2008 Opening Theme2008
COSMIC LOVETelevision Animation"Rosario and Vampire"Opening theme
Nintendo DSFor gamesRosario + Vampire Tanabata Miss Yokai Gakuen"Opening theme
Dancing in the velvet moonTV anime "Rosario + Vampire" ending theme
TricksterDwango "AnimelomixCM song
NTV "Music Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER" October 2008 POWER PLAY
DISCO THEQUETelevision Animation"Rosario and Vampire CAPU2"Opening theme
Nippon TelevisionRefreshed!!] Ending theme for February 2008
Trinity CrossTV anime "Rosario and Vampire CAPU2" ending theme
Deep loveTelevision Animation"WHITE ALBUM"Opening theme2009
NTV "Music Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER" October 2009 POWER PLAY
PRIDE OF GLORYNippon TelevisionRadical] Ending theme for February 2009
Baby Doll at midnightradio"GOLD RUSH Nana Mizuki's M World"Ending theme
Gimmick GameTBSCard school"Opening theme
Dear DreamTBS "Card Academy" ending theme
Pleasure CamelliaTBSLaughter! One phrase』January / February 2009 ending theme
DreamTV anime "WHITE ALBUM" opening theme
Dwango "Animelomix" CM song
STORIESNippon Television27th City of Trees All Japan University Women's Ekiden"Image Song
Crucifix spreadarcade game"Shining Force Cross] Theme song
PHANTOM MINDSMovie version animationMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st"Opening theme2010
NTV "Music Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER" October 2010 POWER PLAY
Don't be longInsert song for the movie "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st"
Song Communicationradio"Mizuki Nana's M World"Ending theme
Strobe cinema
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social game""Theme song
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SynchrogazerTelevision Animation"Symphogear"Opening theme2012
Love BrickTV drama"Switch Girl!!] Theme song
METRO BAROQUEMovie version animationMovie version BLOOD-C The Last Dark] Theme song
PARTY! PARTY!TBSRank kingdom』August/September 2012 opening theme
Space-time sapphireAnime storyFruit Juice Gumi Tweet Mystery Megumi and Taiyo II The mystery of the disappeared sapphire romance] Theme song
ONENHK BS Premium 3""Ending theme
BRIGHT STREAMMovie version animationMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's] Theme song
Sacred ForceInsert song for the movie "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's"
FEARLESS HEROTelevision Animation"DOG DAYS'"Opening theme
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LINKAGENintendo 3DS / PSP version "Unchain Blaze Xiv] Theme song
Darling plasticRadio "Nana Mizuki's World of M" Ending Theme
Miraculous MelodiaPSP game "Shining Ark] Theme song
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Dramatic loveRadio "Nana Mizuki's World of M" Ending Theme
Egao is for you"72th National Sports Festival"Image Song2014
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Rock you baby!"Animelo LIVE!" CM song
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No Rain, No RainbowTelevision Animation"Duel Masters King"Opening theme
Link or ChainsTelevision Animation"Levius"Opening theme2021
Get up! Shout!Television Animation"SHAMAN KING"Opening theme

Live performance

* Performance scale ・ Venue with "☆" after the venue name indicates that it is the first voice actor to hold a live performance. However, this is only for large venues in the Budokan / Arena class, and live performances at small venues are excluded.

Performance yeartitlePerformance scale/venue
2000 Nana Mizuki 20th Birthday Anniversary LiveMay 1 Ginza Yamaha Hall
2001 Nana Mizuki 21 ANNIVERSARY CONCERT "HAPPY"May 1 Yakult Hall
Nana Mizuki X'mas LIVE "supersonic girl"May 12 Harajuku Astro Hall(2 performances day and night)
2003 40 Melomix Presents
-Zepp Side-/-Hall Side-
Color melomix presents
May 12 Makuhari Messe Event Hall
2004 Animelomix presents
NANA MIZUKI LIVE SPARK 2004 ~ summer ~
2004-2005Animelomix presents
2005 Animelomix presents
supported by Animelomix
January 1 Nippon Budokan
supported by Animelomix
supported by Animelomix
May 2 Yokohama Arena
2007-2008NANA MIZUKI LIVE FORMULA 2007-2008
supported by Animelomix
supported by Animelomix
supported by Animelomix
supported by Animelomix
May 7 Seibu Dome
2010 Animelomix presents
Powered by Windows 7 mania Office
supported by Animelomix
supported by Animelomix
Animelomix presents
supported by JOYSOUND×UGA Calbee Poterich
Animelomix presents
supported by JOYSOUND x UGA Calbee Poterich
2012 Animelomix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Poterich
Nana Mizuki Heian Jingu Dedication Performance ~ Aotsuki no Feast ~May 9 Heian Shrine[Note 59]
2013 Animelomix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Poterich
Animelomix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee
2014 animelo mix presents
2015 animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee
animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Nakau
2016 animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Nakau
animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Nakau
May 9 Hanshin Koshien Stadium
2017 animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Calbee Nakau
Nana Mizuki Dedication Performance at Izumo Taisha ~ Tsukihana no Feast ~May 4 Izumo TaishaToshinen ☆
2018 animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Nakau
animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Nakau
2019 animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Nakau
NANA MUSIC LABORATORY 2019 ~ Nana Lab ~March 3 Himegin Hall (23 performances day and night)
animelo mix presents
supported by JOYSOUND Nakau
2020 NANA ACOUSTIC ONLINENovember 11 Club Mixa (online delivery without audience)
2022 NANA MIZUKI LIVE RUNNER 2020 → 2022

Chair performance

Performance yeartitlePerformance scale/venue
2008 Shinjuku Koma Theater Chairman Performance "Nana Mizuki Sings Greatly"May 10 Shinjuku Koma Theater
2010 Nakano Sunplaza Chairman Performance "Nana Mizuki Singing Greatly XNUMX"May 12 Nakano Sanguraza
2013 Ryogoku Kokugikan Chairman Performance "Nana Mizuki Singing Greatly"May 3 Ryogoku Kokugikan
2016 Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. XNUMX Gymnasium Chairman Performance "Nana Mizuki Singing Greatly XNUMX"May 1 Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium
2019 Makuhari Event Hall Chairman Performance "Nana Mizuki Singing Greatly"May 5 Makuhari Event Hall


Official character

As the official character of the fan club, "Nanachomo"When"NanetteThere is.

As mentioned above, Nanachomo was designed by Mizuki's younger sister, and the first person is often "chomo" and the endings are often "pu" and "puu". In addition to being in charge of updating the fan club blog on the official website, stuffed animals are sold as FC goods.

Nanette was designed by Mizuki himself and is a bird with a round body. At the time of the live, goods with Mr. Nanette drawn will be sold, and in addition,costumeHas also appeared. In July 2015 and April 7, Mr. NanetteLINEStamps are on sale, and the second one also includes a stamp with Nanachomo.[366][367].. In 2012, "" (Mizuki was narrating at that time)NHK BS PremiumCultural program), in 2016TruckeeGoods were released in collaboration with (Hanshin Tigers mascot). In addition, since Nanette's goods are also on sale at general live performances, even non-fan club members can purchase them by going to the venue.


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