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🎵 | B'z to release concept album "FRIENDS III" for the first time in 25 years!Audience & delivery rye ...

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B'z to release concept album "FRIENDS III" for the first time in 25 years!Audience & delivery rye ...

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In addition, a live "B'z presents LIVE FRIENDS" based on the concept of "FRIENDS" will be held at the Tokyo Garden Theater on November 11th (Tuesday) and 16th (Wednesday).

B'z is the first concept album in 2021 years following "FRIENDS" and "FRIENDS II" in the winter of 25 ... → Continue reading


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Tokyo Garden Theater

Tokyo Garden Theater(Tokyo Garden Theater) opened in 2020TokyoKoto WardAriake OfAriake GardenBoasts a maximum capacity of about 8,000 people inTokyoOne of the bestTheater typeEvent hall[1].


National Strategic Special ZoneBy designationSumitomo Real EstateFusion of residential and commercial facilitiesTokyo Bay Ariake districtPlanning an event hall as a place of relaxation in the mixed-use development project "Ariake Garden"Nippon BudokanWas built as an event venue of the same scale as[2].


Postponement of opening

2020 days from May 5rd to 3th, 5,Koji Yoshikawa"KIKKAWA KOJI LIVE 2020 BLOODY BLACK TOUR"EclipseScheduled as a performance[4]It was being done,New coronavirus infectionThe opening was postponed due to the influence of[5][6]..After that, July 7 (Sports Day) "J-WAVE LIVE 2020 ~ # Don't stop the music ~ ”was held at Kokeraotoshi.


From the hall information on the official website[7][8].

  • The large hall boasts a maximum capacity of about 8,000 people, and by having four floors for the audience seats, a three-dimensional structure that makes it easy to see the stage from any seat is realized.
  • Even the farthest seat from the stage is about 54m, which is closer than the large hall of the same class, so you can fully enjoy the power of the live performance.
  • The theater-type chairs with a wide back are arranged in a fan shape with a viewing angle of about 110 degrees from the center of the stage, and it is designed so that the stage can be easily seen no matter which seat you sit on.
  • Not only concerts and various show events, but also international conferences and seminars, awards ceremonies, exhibitions, and all other events can be accommodated.
  • Hall about 2,278 m2 And foyer about 842 m2 Can be operated in an exhibition format by connecting.
  • The "Atrium Deck", which is connected to the block entrance by a pedestrian deck, is an outdoor space with a roof, and has a structure that makes it difficult to get wet even if you line up in the waiting line before the opening.
  • There is a space in the foyer where you can sell goods, so you can choose products comfortably in the indoor space.
  • There is also a cafe in the foyer in front of the theater, which is about 840 square meters and can be used as a product sales and exhibition space.This large space can accommodate more than 1,000 people at events such as live performances, and can be comfortably spent before the performance regardless of the season or weather.In addition to its role as an entrance, it can also accommodate a wide range of events such as events, exhibitions and conventions.
  • By equipping the stage with stage sound that allows you to hear the voice of speech clearly, and stage equipment that assumes the use of screens and large monitors, not only music events but also international conferences, various seminars, new product launches and other stage-style events and exhibitions. We have prepared an environment suitable for.


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