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🧑‍🎨 | 100 volumes of "Detective Conan" have arrived!Gosho Aoyama "No way to reach 100 volumes" Surprise and joy at reaching Odai in the 28th year

Photo "Detective Conan" Volume XNUMX cover

Reached 100 volumes of "Detective Conan"!Gosho Aoyama "No way to reach 100 volumes" Surprise and joy at reaching Odai in the 28th year

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The serialization started in 1994 on "Weekly Shonen Sunday" (Shogakukan), and reached the long-sought goal.

The 1994th volume of the popular manga "Detective Conan" was released on the XNUMXth. "Weekly Shonen Sunday" since XNUMX ... → Continue reading


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Weekly Shonen Sunday

"Weekly Shonen Sunday』(Sweet potato Sunday) isShogakukanIssued byJapan OfWeekly publicationjuvenileCartoon magazine.1959 It was first published in Japan and is released every Wednesday.


1959 (34)May 3In the same yearMay 4First issue as issue. The first editor-in-chief, "Sunday", has the title "If you read this magazine, you'll feel like it's a Sunday."Toyota Kame CityNamed by[1].. Initially every weekTuesdayWas released,2019 Currently every weekWednesdayHas been issued to. Mascot charactercatfishAnd unlike the ones from the "Big Comic" series, this one wears a helmet with an Inazuma mark. It expresses the hungry spirit that "If you put up with the bottom of a stagnant pond you will grow up soon"[2].

The core of the staff at the time of planning launchAcademic journalSince it was the editor of, it was advertised as "Shogakukan's new children's magazine" before the first issue, and it was actually an extension of the academic journal for nearly 10 years after the first issue.[Note 1], Reading materials and appendices were substantial.1960 eraIn the middleSFFocused on the young at the timeYasutaka TsutsuiWas also doing a series of novels.

While serious cartoons often caused problems in the 1960s, there were many hits on gag comics and comedy touch comics with relatively light content, so it was popularly called ``Gag sundaeWas called.1980 eraAt the beginningRomantic comedy"Or"Parody”Has also been added, and such agility continues as a major trend of magazines. That said, in the mid-1980s, the gag cartoonist (parody group) became saturated, and Sunday's author "Monthly Shonen Captain』(Tokuma bookstoreThere were also times when the saddle change to other magazines was noticeable.

There has been a lot of exchange between cartoonists other than teachers and disciples (including not only on Sundays but also magazines related to Shogakukan) that originated from connections and editorial planning through the editor in charge, especially from the 1980s.1990 eraEarlyKazuhiko ShimamotoA group centered around the mid-1990sKazuhiro FujitaThe group centered on is famous.1985 When the record "WINGS OF FREEDOM" was produced as a commemorative project for the volume 1500, a part of the serialization team at that time performed a song.

Traditionally, the editorial department is involved in the published work from the planning stage, and its intention influences the direction of the work to a considerable extent. Also, in order to be a long-term serial, it is necessary for the readers' work to be popular, and the results of research such as questionnaire postcards attached to magazines affect the editing policy and the content and survival of the work, which is no different from competing magazines. However, the competing magazine "Weekly Shonen MagazineIt is not that the attitude of being led by the editorial department is not that strong compared to that, but the later magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump''Weekly Shonen Champion"EnoughReader survey popularitySince it is not a style that is extremely biased to the result data of, when compared with these competing magazines, the manga artist tends to be able to freely set the direction he wants to draw after asking for an agreement with the editorial department. Perhaps, like other magazines, the direction of the work isLever caseThere are relatively few cases of sudden, large changes in quality).

2018 The current circulation is “Shonen Manga Magazine”Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha), "Weekly Shonen Magazine』(Kodansha) Followed by 3rd place in the industry[3].


First published in 1959-1960s

In 1958, was the deputy director of the editorial department of the academic year magazineToyota Kame CityBut,tv setIn response to the arrival of the times and the boom in weekly magazines that have continued since the mid-1950s,ComicIssuing a Shonen Weekly magazine centered onTetsuo AigaAnd the launch of "Weekly Shonen Sunday" is decided. Initially, it was planned to be published on May 1959, 5, but various preparations were started, but there are monthly magazines such as "Bokura" and "Shonen Club".KodanshaIn response to the weekly magazine boomWeekly Shonen MagazineFrom the beginning of the preparation for the launch of the first edition, the launch date has gradually increased, and in the end both were published on March 1959, 3. The lineup of the first issueOsamu Tezuka"Dr. Thrill",Ryuichi Yokoyama"Space Boy Tonder",Hiroo Terada"Sportsman Kintaro", Fujio Fujiko"Sea prince],Katsumi MasukoThe cover of the first issue of "Nanban Kotengu"Yomiuri Giants OfNagashima ShigeoAppointed. At the end of the bookChildrenpsychologist OfYukiko HatanoIs giving congratulations.

The price of both magazines is 30 yen for Sunday and 40 yen for magazines, and Toyota decided that "If Sunday was the same price as magazines, I would lose with the deals of magazine supplements" The print shop with which the magazine has a contractDai Nippon PrintingAs it was, it was a secret leak that "Make sure that the magazine starts printing and put the price of Sunday before printing"Later Rock Paper ScissorsI'm using a trick like this. The first issue of sales is 30 on Sunday, 20.5 magazines, and Sunday goes up[4]The magazine price was also reduced from 5 to 30 yen. Since then, we have been competing with each other and increasing the total number of magazine pages. In the mid-1960sW3 case("W3From the magazine to Sunday), and at the end of the 1960sGenius BakabonThe dispute between rivals continued, including the transfer from Sunday magazine to Sunday.

In the 1960s hit work,Yokoyama Mitsuteru"Shadow circle of Iga(1961),Fujio Akatsuka"Osomatsu-kun(1962),Fujio Fujiko"Ghost Taro(1964),Fujiko F. Fujio"Perman(1966), Mitsuteru Yokoyama “Giant robo(1967), Osamu Tezuka “Dororo(1967), Fujio Akatsuka “Moret Ataro(1967) and so on.

Since the mid-1960s, the magazine has pioneered the dramatic picture line and Spokane line, and the main readership at the beginning of the publication (Post-war baby boom generation), Sunday was particular about boys' cartoons. Every Saturday, the editorial department is opened to children, and the strategy is to explore the demand for manga, and "Weekly Shonen Jump" was planned to be launched at that time.Shueisha) While refusing to cooperate with the editorial department's request for cooperation, "I don't need two cartoon magazines for boys in Hitotsubashi," while a cartoon magazine for young people "Big comic(In 1968, when it was first published, it was one of the reasons that "only top-class manga artists were appointed").In consideration of the relationship with Sunday, Shueisha did not have a serialized work in "Weekly Shonen Jump" and started with the premise that "all works are read out", and even now, the final page of the work is not "continue" but "No. ○ "Story / End" is written.

At the end of the 1960s, the Asahi Journal on the right and the magazine on the leftStudent movementWith the arrival of the era, the magazine, which was supported by students and the underground culture, increased the circulation and was overtaken at once. At this timeMitsuyoshi Sonodaof"Akatsuki Battle Corps] (1968), due to the issue of prizes, the number of war memorial items that had been prosperous was drastically reduced.

1970 era

Following the defeat of the battle with "Weekly Shonen Magazine", we tried to change the direction to a magazine for young people (aiming for a stylish route unlike magazines), and advertised for one year from the 1970st issue of 21. Production productionSan AdOrdered the production of the cover. Starting with the "Monster Series", which is called the "Masterpiece Idea Series", which has a dynamic layout of insects, the definition as the cover of toilet bowls, mannequins, skinheads, matchboxes, all hand-drawn illustrations, and letters to the editorial department. Covers that even destroyed appeared one after another.In the main serialization of this periodGeorge Akiyama"Money(1970),Mitsutoshi Furuya"Useless father(1970), Fujio Akatsuka “Let's Lagon(1971) and so on. From around 1972 when they subsided,Moonlight mask], [Akazodo Suzunosuke, Etc., while developing a manga serialization that accompanies the animation of an old work, and aiming to capture the parents who were familiar with the work at the time,Android kikaider(1972),Ultraman Taro(1973),Good luck!! Robocon(1974),Getter Robo』(1974) and other special effects / science fiction animation comicalization was posted in large numbers, trying to hold down new children, aiming to develop a magazine that "parents and children can read with confidence".

However, since both Sunday and magazines have already turned into magazines for young people (or more), many of the boys who should be the original readers are "Weekly Shonen Jump] In 1973, Sunday, magazine will be overtaken by the number of circulation, will change the direction again for boys (however, some gage remained).

First, in June 1974, Shogakukan first aimed at regaining the number of boy readers who were leaving due to the change of route.BookLabel"Shonen Sunday Comics" ("Drifting classroomWas published as the first edition), and in August, the same book label for children, "Ladybug comics"(Learning magazines by grade"Doraemon", which was serialized in, is the first, but "Getter Robo", which is serialized on Sunday, was also published).Then, "The part of the special effects and science fiction anime work was taken over from Sunday.TV-kun(1976), specializing in children's products based on ladybug comicsColo comic(1977), between the academic year and Sunday, "Manga-kun" (1976) (in 1979, "Shonen Big Comic)), "for the development of new artistsWeekly Shonen Sunday special edition] (1978) and new magazines are launched one after another.

At this timeWeekly Shonen ChampionThe number of circulation was sluggish and was the fourth place, partly due to the influence of the great breakthrough. In 4, the editor-in-chief took over, brought in from a big comic magazine, and the catfish wearing the helmet of the image character symbolizing Sunday still appears for the first time. Also, since 1977, we have adopted a system to change the magazine logo every 1976 years.

From the mid to late 1970s,Yu Koyama"Good luck(1976),Kazuo Umezu"Makoto-chan(1976),Murakami Motoka"Red pegasus(1977) and other hits,Satoshi Kariya/Ryoichi Ikegami"Man group(1974),Saito Takao"survival(1976),Norio Hayashi/Oshima Easy"Father detective”(1976), etc.Big comicThe impact of graphic novels that lead to seinen manga magazines is strong, and they tend to be regarded as hard-line and heavy magazines.However, around 1980, due to the continued strong performance of "Ganbare Genki" and "Makoto-chan" and the sharp decrease in the number of copies of "Weekly Shonen Champion", the circulation became second only to "Weekly Shonen Jump". ..

1980 era

In the 1980s,Gage Village Cram SchoolFromRumiko Takahashiof"Urusei Yatsura(1978) and "Shonen Big Comic"MiyukiWas hitAdachi Mitsuruof"touch』(1981) hitRomantic comedyIt caused a boom (school and youth), greatly increased the number of copies, and reached the golden age in 1983, recording the highest circulation of 228 million copies (by the way, this record is still unbroken). ..Therefore, the editorial department of "Weekly Shonen Jump", which was the leader in the circulation at that time, was afraid of a fierce pursuit and said, "Friendship / effort / victoryWas even tried to change to "friendship, victory, love" (however, this was immediately after that, "Fist of the North Star』It was avoided by the big hit and the accompanying sharp increase in circulation).Takahashi and Adachi continued to serialize on Sunday after that, and for a while[Note 2]Excluding, the state that "both or one of the works are serialized on Sunday" continued until the March 2018th merger issue of 3.

In addition, the special issue group emerged from this period,Kazuhiko Shimamotoof"Flame transfer student(1983),Yuuki Masamiof"Ultimate superhuman』(1985), special effects and animationParodyThe series of works have become a hot topic, and all of them are hits.In addition, even if there is a request for serialization from this magazine, I refuse because I like to draw in a special editionMizutani Naoki[5]There was also a cartoonist like.

The magazine name logo was fixed in 1985, and from that time,RC successionTo the topBARBEE BOYS,Blast slumpSuch asrock bandOr, I was inspired by the excitement of punk and hardcore bands such as Willard and gas tanks (1st band boom).Osamu Ishiwataof"BB(1985),Atsushi Kamijoof"To-y』(1985) and other music and youth magazine manga has increased.

But in mid-1985Kaoru Shintani"Two hawks"," Touch "at the end of 1986, and "Urusei Yatsura" ended at the beginning of 1987, many of the works that supported Sunday until then were completed, and the momentum in the first half of the 1980s stopped .. After that, Rumiko Takahashi's "Ranma 1 / 2(1987), Yumasa's “Mobile Police Patlabor(1988),Gosho Aoyamaof"Magic Kaito(1987-, serialized irregularly) and "YAIBA』(1988), etc., but the subsequent hits did not come out easily, the number of copies dropped sharply, and the circulation was overtaken by the magazine around 1987.

Increase the number of serialization from 1988 to 1991, pull out gag cartoonists from other companies,Shotaro Ishinomori,Kazuo UmezuRe-appointment of the Great House, serialization of the manga artist interview column "Ore no Manga Michi", publication of the special edition "Sunday special" that does not get stuck in the existing frame, open call for the first episode for serialization regardless of professional or amateur The "Comic Grand Prix", which was published in magazines and serialized those that were popular with readers,Tama(No. 1990, 14)XHe made many experimental attempts such as publishing color gravure of rock bands such as (No. 1990, 35).During this time, magazines and editorial departments continued to be confused.Yu KoyamaUnnatural censoring of "Boy" (1989),Kimio Yanagisawa"Welcome" (1990) was discontinued, and the book was out of print immediately after the final volume was published (Ishinomori "Kamen Rider Black], Umezu "Makoto-chan (Heisei edition))) and other mid-sized, veteran, and big-ranked people will be tragic.

At this time, the target audience for Shonen Big Comic was higher than that expected at the beginning of the book, so youth magazine "Young Sunday(1987) was launched as a renewal.

1990 era

In the midst of the turmoil between 1988 and 1991, young cartoonists began to increase the number of new cartoons that were not in the colors of Sunday until then.The band is tight!』(Katsutoshi Kawai, 1989), "Spriggan(Original:Takashige Sora·Manga:Ryoji Minagawa, 1989), "I will do Kenta!』(Takuya Mitsuda, 1989, transferred from the special issue), "Ushio Tora』(Kazuhiro Fujita, 1990), "From today I am!!』(Hiroyuki Nishimori, 1990, transferred from the special issue), "Go!! Tropical Ice Hockey Club』(Kumeda Koji, 1991), "GS Mikami paradise operation!!』(Takashi Shiina, 1991) and other hits, all of which were long-term serializations.

In addition to these,Our field』(Kenichi Muraeda, 1992), "H2』(Adachi Mitsuru, 1992), "Detective Conan』(Gosho Aoyama, 1994-), "Gamba! Fly high(Original:Shinji Morisue·Manga:Hiroyuki Kikuta, 1994), "MAJOR』(Takuya Mitsuda, 1994), "Juruma horse Gourmin★ UP!』(Yuuki Masami, 1994), "DAN DOH !!(Original:Nobuhiro Sakata·Manga:Manji Daichi, 1995), "Fiery flame』(Nobuyuki Anzai, 1995), "Daigo of Megumi』(Masato Soda, 1995), "Holy Mote Mote Kingdom』(Nagaike, 1996), "Monkey turn』(Katsutoshi Kawai, 1996), "Inuyasha』(Rumiko Takahashi, 1996), "Tuxedo silver』(Satoshi Matsuura, 1997), "ARMS』(Ryoji Minagawa, (Draft cooperation:Kagami July), 1997), "Karakuri Circus』(Kazuhiro Fujita, 1997), "Once rebuilt』(Kumeda Koji, 1998), "Cheeky little angel』(Hiroyuki Nishimori, 1999), "Fantasista』(Michiteru Kusaba, 1999), etc. became a hit, and the number of copies that had been stagnating continued to rise from around 1994 to around 2000, and Sunday entered the golden age again. Although it entered a kind of stable period in terms of magazines, on the other hand, young cartoonists did not rise in the mid to late 1990s, and cast a dark shadow (In 1995, the Weekly Shonen Sunday special edition was published.Weekly Shonen Sunday Super』And was waiting for the rise of young cartoonists and renewal).

The magazine name logo has been settled from the 1992th issue of 16 to the current one. With the 1993st issue of 51, Sunday celebrates the first 2000 issue, to commemorateKamon Tatsuo(Same year as Sunday first issue1959 The original song "SUNDAY'S DREAM" by Birth was announced, and an 8cm CD was produced as a gift for Sunday's prize (the lyrics are about Kamon's half life)punIncorporating the serialized work name of the past Sunday).

At this time, we targeted the middle class of "Korokoro Comic" and "Sunday".COMIC GOTTA(1999), Media Mix magazineMonthly Sunday GX(2000) was published.

2000 era

Around this time, long-term serialization and popular works ended one after another, and the number of copies is sluggish. In the 1990s, he began to actively develop media,Golden gouache!!』(Rai Makoto, 2001), "Ueki's Law』(Fukuchi Tsubasa, 2001), "Freshly baked!!』(Hashiguchi Takashi, 2002), "Kenichi, the strongest disciple in history』(Matsue Natoshi, 2002), "Beautiful Bird Days』(Kazuro Inoue, 2002), "Wild life』(Fujisaki saint, 2003), "March』(Nobuyuki Anzai, 2003), "Kekkaishi』(Yellow Tanabe, 2003), "Like Hayate!』(Kenjiro Hata, 2004), "Strongest! Aoisaka High School Baseball Club』(Tanaka Motoyuki,Year 2005) ,"Blizzard Axel』(Suzuki Nakaba, 2005), "Cross game』(Adachi Mitsuru,Year 2005) ,"Zettai Karen Children』(Takashi Shiina,Year 2005) ,"Darren Shan(Original:Darren Shan·Manga:Takahiro Arai, 2006), "Maou JUVENILE REMIX(Original:Kotaro Isaka·Manga:Megumi Osuka, 2007), "Best life doctor』(Hashiguchi Takashi, 2008), "Moonlight Ordinance』(Kazuhiro Fujita, 2008), "The World God Only Knows』(Tamiki Wakaki, 2008), etc., but other serializations have been sluggish, the number of copies has not stopped, and many cartoonists have left Sunday from this period.2008 ,Rai MakotoOver the loss of manuscripts in the Sunday editorial departmentShogakukanTo claim damages againstCivil actionAs was the case with the turmoil of the late 1980s, the period was unstable.

2000 First published inSunday GXThe joint planning section of "" has been set up, and the replacement and pull-in of some artists are published in the same Shogakukan.Girl comic"Chao"At the same time, more things are done.

From March 2008 to March 3Weekly Shonen Magazine] And "Sunday x Magazine 50th Anniversary Project", and in addition to joint magazines, many collaborative products are on sale. In the 2009th issue of 14 (March 3th issue), the cover design of the first issue was reproduced with the title "First issue cover tribute" (Shigeo Nagashima on the first issue cover)Daisuke MatsuzakaToOsamu TezukaIllustration of "Dr. Thrill"Hashiguchi Takashiof"Best life doctor』Was replaced).

After the 50th anniversary event2009 From the end of March, the first weekly boy magazineWeb comic distribution site"Club sunday』Opened.In addition, the monthly Shonen Sunday "Gessan"Weekly Shonen Sunday Super" (currently "Weekly Shonen Sunday S)), such as monthly publication, and actively serialize new writers who have no previous serialization experience, and will focus more on developing new employees.

In addition, since then, there have been more cases of moving serialized works to "Club Sunday" and "Weekly Shonen Sunday Cho", and moving serialized works of "Weekly Shonen Sunday Cho" to this magazine, and the replacement of serialization teams has become fierce. It was.

Early 2010s

Before and after this,Aratakangatari ~Leather Gods~』(Yuu Watase, 2008~), "Magi』(Shinobu Otaka, 2009), "Silver Spoon』(Hiroshi Arakawa, 2011) and many more serializations of new works by popular manga artists from other magazines and other companies.Colo comicIt is designed to be linked with related works,Penguin problemOn a business trip andMobile Suit Gundam AGEIn addition to the pre- and post-posting of "," it is the main content of Shogakukan.PokemonAnd 'duel Masters』Is based on a series of works, as a media mix "Sengoku CollectionAnd 'Mr. Sasami @ Don't do my best], [Captain Earth』I have serialized comicalized works.

Other than the above three works, "Boundary RINNE』(Rumiko Takahashi, 2009), "Alice in the Country of Today』(Aso Uro, 2010), "Permanent Battle Team!! Mushibugyo』(Fukuda Hiroshi, 2011), "BE BLUES!』(Tanaka Motoyuki, 2011~), "Radio teacher』(Touki, 2011), "Yugami has no friends』(Sakura Jun, 2012), "Race girl!!!!!!!!』(Sky dragon, 2013), "But though』(Kotoyama, 2014), "MAJOR 2nd』(Takuya Mitsuda, 2015-) etc. are hits.

Also, as an appendix to the magazine,clear fileAnd stickers, bookmarks,social gameThe number of limited edition serial codes and the like has been added to the appendix, and in the case of books related to books, limited editions and special editions are often released at the same time.[Note 3].. In addition, SSS (Sunday Supporters Shop) and someAnime shop[Note 4]With illustration paperbookmarkThe number of cases in which items such as the above are bundled and distributed as an initial benefit has increased.

Furthermore, regarding web comics,Club sundayIn addition to ""Back sundae"(later"Manga OneWas established in April 2012, andMob Psycho 100』(ONE, 2012) and “Kengan Ashura(Original:Sandrovich Yabako・Drawing:Rammeon, 2012) and so on.

Others are celebritiesShinji Nojima,Gomi KazuoIs a serialization of the original manga, only No. 2013 in 33 sold for 17 yen for the first time in 200 years, various events such as holding the first independent event "Sunday Festival", but like other comic magazinesPublication depressionDue to such factors, circulation has continued to decline.

Late 2010s

May 2015,Gessan』The first issue of the editor-in-chiefTakeho IchiharaIs appointed as the editor-in-chief.Declaring a major reform with the absolute mission of training new writers, it became a big topic.[6]..As declared, the discontinuation of many serialized works, serialization of new works, manga study sessions for new writers, change of mindset of the editorial department, establishment of Sunday Supporter Club (SSC) limited to junior high and high school students who cooperate in making Sunday magazines, ""Weekly Shonen Sunday S"Club Sunday" was renewed, and a new web comic distribution site "Sunday wave, Etc. and various developments, as a work of a new artist, "Amano Megumi is full of love!], [Good night at Demon Castle], [Komi is a communicator.], [Sheriff Evans's Lie -DEAD OR LOVE-], [Funeral freeren] Etc. are hits.On Sunday Webry, "Simmern", "Shinigamibo-chan and the black maid, "You are Meiji-sama. ] Etc. were hit.

In addition to these, "Shushitei should be destroyed], [Ao Sakura Defense College Story], [Maiko-san], [Tonikaku Kawaii], [You are 008], [MAO], [Yofushi no Uta』And so on, boosted Sunday's performance by nearly 500 percent[7]..However, the hits are small compared to other boys' magazines, there are few works that are developed into media such as animation, and the circulation of magazines continues to decrease.

In addition, we will hold an event "Sunday Cultural Festival" exclusively for SSC members, such as meeting serialized writers, and from around 2016, we will regularly provide all services related to "Detective Conan" with Sunday S, and as a spin-off work "Detective Conan Zero's daily life”Has been serialized, and the color of“ Detective Conan ”has become stronger than ever, and depending on the content, it has begun to sell out more and more.

2020 era


Serialization trends and readership

The trend of this magazine isLove comedyとLove cartoonIt has the know-how and strength. This tendency is particularly strong in works that have been serialized over the medium to long term. In addition, even works that are not romantic comedy/love comics often have a strong scent of love and romantic comedy in the episodes in progress.

Compared to other shōnen manga magazines, there are relatively many works that start with a slow start and works that emphasize the process, such as using several episodes for one event / development, and tend to let you write a story deeply.In addition, there are occasional serialized works with heavy content that involve society that does not seem to be a shounen manga magazine.[Note 5].

WorksCensoredIf you want toWeekly Shonen JumpIt rarely ends abruptly like other magazines, and tends to end in a cohesive way to some extent.

Rumiko TakahashiとTakashi Shiinaはサンデーについて、「新人作家の作品に対して読者が優しい」「編集部からの扱いがいい」「少し難しい、考えさせられるマンガも載ってる」「サンデーらしさは品の良さ、優しさ」「週刊少年誌の中でサンデーが一番作家が好き勝手できる」と評価している[8].

The age group of readers is high among boys' manga magazines, and readers of high school students and older account for about 6% of the total.[9].. Because of its strengths in romantic comedy and romantic comics, it is a boys magazine, but there are also many female subscribers. Perhaps because of that, it is also a feature that there are more female cartoonists than other boy magazines.


In the cartoonist,Adachi Mitsuru-Rumiko Takahashi-Gosho Aoyama-Kazuhiro Fujita-Takuya Mitsuda-Takashi Shiina-Matsue Natoshi-Kenjiro HataCompared to other boys' magazines, many writers produce hits with completely new works even after the second work, and it is sometimes referred to as "a magazine that specializes in making manga artists rather than making works".[6].

Weekly Shonen Jump,Weekly Shonen MagazineUnlike the exclusive contract system, there is no exclusive contract system,Ken AkamatsuIt is said that it is because there are writers with brand power such as Mitsuru Adachi and Rumiko Takahashi, and it is a policy not to bind writers.[10]..Also, because there is a relocation in a short period of time, it is said that the connection between the editor and the writer is weak.[10].

Various corners

Unlike "Weekly Shonen Jump", on the covergravure(The same applies to "Weekly Shonen Magazine" and "Weekly Shonen Champion").

In addition, since 2001Reader posting cornerOther than postcardsインターネット(Web sundae) You can also apply and post from, but this is the first started in the Weekly Shonen Magazine.Reader cornerSection ofSunday Youth AcademySee also.

Also, the first weekly Shonen Manga magazine since 2008Web comic distribution site"Club sundayFrom 2012 onwardsBack sundaeFrom 2016 onwardsSunday waveWas established.

Weekly Shonen Sunday Case History

  • 1968 , A riot in which children's literature protested against military equipment of the reader's prize for withdrawal of the prize. For more informationAkatsuki Battle Corps CaseSee.
  • 1986 ,Kaoru ShintaniBut"BalancerThe title change caused a frustration with the editor.[Note 6].
  • 2008 ,Rai MakotoFiled a claim for damages with Shogakukan over the loss of manuscripts in the Sunday Editorial Department.Civil actionCaused Later, the settlement was completed with an apology from Shogakukan and a settlement of 255 million yen.

Past Editor

  1. Toyota Kame City(1959-1960)
  2. Yoshio Kinoshita (1960-1963)
  3. Michio Sakai (1963-1965)
  4. Yunosuke Konishi (1965-1967)
  5. Yoshiya Takayanagi (1967-1969)
  6. Kao Kinoshita (1969-No. 1970, 43)
  7. Shizuo Watanabe (No. 1970, 44-Merged March, 1972th, 3)
  8. Keizo Inoue (No. 1972 of 5-No. 1977 of 46)
  9. Kazuyoshi Tanaka (No. 1976, 47-No. 1984, 29)
  10. Koichiro Inomata (No. 1984, 30-No. 1987, 27)
  11. Gennori Kumagai (No. 1987, 28-No. 1991, 32)
  12. Takashi Hirayama (No. 1991, 33-No. 1994, 33)
  13. Gennori Kumagai (No. 1994, 34-No. 1996, 33)
  14. Toyohiko Okuyama (No. 1996, 34-No. 2000, 16)
  15. Shinichiro Tsuzuki(No. 2000 17-No. 2001 34)
  16. Shinichi Mikami(No. 2001, 35-March 2004, 50 merger)
  17. Masato Hayashi(No. 2004 52-No. 2009 35)
  18. Masaki Nawada (No. 2009, 36-No. 2012, 33)
  19. Hiroshi Torimitsu (No. 2012, 34-No. 2015, 34)
  20. Takeho Ichihara(No. 2015 35-No. 2021 46)
  21. Kazunori Oshima(2021 No. 47 -)

Serialized work

September 2022, 1 (No. 19, 2022) Works currently being serialized. Including irregular serialized works.

Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
What is it?Detective ConanAoyama Let's do thisGosho Aoyama-1994 Issue 5
New storyArata: The Legend-Leather Goddess-Remastered EditionYu WataseYuu Watase-2008 Issue 44[Note 7]
Hiiru Usuu AoiBE BLUES!Motoyuki TanakaTanaka Motoyuki-2011 Issue 9
Ao SakuraAo Sakura Defense College StoryHikaruHikaru Nikaido-2016 22/23 merger issue
Let's sleepGood night at Demon CastleKuma no KakishikiKumano Koji-2016 Issue 24
Komi is trying thisKomi is a communicator.Ota TomohitoOdatomohito-2016 Issue 25
Maiko-san's mother-in-lawMaiko-sanKoyama AikoAiko Koyama-2017 5/6 merger issue
Hoankan-eSheriff Evans's Lie -DEAD OR LOVE-With chestnutMizuki Kuriyama-2017 Issue 20
I'm going toNinth waveKusa is MichiteruMichiteru Kusaba-2017 Issue 21
Tokachi aloneTokachi Alone Bocchi FarmYokoyamaYuji Yokoyama-2018 Issue 1The order of publication is fixed at the end of the book
That's where you come fromAriadne of the AzureYaki NorihiroYagi Norihiro-2018 Issue 2
Anyway cuteFly Me to the Moon /
Let's takeKenjiro Hata-2018 Issue 12[Note 8]
You are a big manYou are 008Matsunashi ShiyunMatsue Natoshi-2018 Issue 13
I would like to do somethingDetective Conan Zero's daily lifeArai TakahiroTakahiro Arai(Comics)Aoyama Let's do thisGosho Aoyama(Draft cooperation)2018 Issue 24"Detective Conan』Spin-off work
Irregular serialization
MaoMAORumiko TakahashiRumiko Takahashi-2019 Issue 23
Yofushi no UtaYofushi no UtaKotoyamaKotoyama-2019 Issue 39
That's how it soundsFuneral freerenAhe TsukasaAbetsukasa(Comics)Kane YamatoYamada Bellman(Original)2020 22/23 merger issue
Riyuuto IchikoDragon and strawberryYanamoto MitsuharuMitsuharu Yanamoto-2020 Issue 25
Sex appeal tomorrowBy LocatorsTanahe Kiyosuke-2021 22/23 merger issue
Kakeru TsukihiKakeru TsukihiFukuiSei Fukui-2021 Issue 24
To Hashimera FukomeokaRomantic comedy OgabebeOkiraku Hooi-2021 36/37 merger issue
Shibuya nifuamiriiShibuyania familyKumeta KoshiKumeda Koji-2021 Issue 48
Shiroyama-kun and Mita-sanMr. Hakuyama and Mr. MitaYuhei-2022 2/3 merger issue
Mikato's Sansaku is Ankaichi armorThe Teinosan sisters are unexpectedly cholo.Aya HirakawaAya Hirakawa-2022 4/5 merger issue
Typhoon RifuThai Fu ReliefMoki Yomoki-2022 Issue 6
Let's shakeRed blueNamikiri AtsushiAtsushi Nagiri-2022 Issue 7
Memory and memoryLast medical record-Memory of Toma Kensho, a forensic veterinarian-Asayama Wakahi-2022 Issue 8


Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueLatest story issueRemarks
How much is itMagic KaitoAoyama Let's do thisGosho Aoyama-1987 Issue 262017 Issue 25
MesyaMAJOR 2ndMitsutaku TakuyaTakuya Mitsuda-2015 Issue 152021 Issue 45"MAJORSequel to
After tomorrow Tomorrow TomorrowAd Astra Pell AsperaLet's takeKenjiro Hata-2015 Issue 402016 Issue 24Monthly series


  • 1959 30 copies (first issue)
  • 1983 228 million copies (the highest circulation of this magazine)
  • 1989 140 copies
  • 1995 140 copies
  • 1998 170 copies
  • 2001 150 copies
  • 2004 (September 2003-August 9) 2004 copies[14]
  • 2005 (September 2004-August 9) 2005 copies[14]
  • 2006 (September 2005-August 9) 2006 copies[14]
  • 2007 (September 2006-August 9) 2007 copies[14]
  • 2008 (September 2007-August 10) 2008 copies[14]
  • 2009 (September 2008-August 10) 2009 copies[14]
Number of circulation (since April 2008) (Japan Magazine Association)
1 to 3 months4 to 6 months7 to 9 months10 to 12 months
2008 866,667 copies833,334 copies802,084 copies
2009 781,667 copies765,000 copies745,770 copies717,728 copies
2010 684,462 copies670,417 copies645,834 copies624,546 copies
2011 630,770 copies605,000 copies583,750 copies565,584 copies
2012 540,167 copies526,500 copies525,834 copies520,334 copies
2013 502,000 copies494,000 copies532,667 copies490,334 copies
2014 461,250 copies445,500 copies428,417 copies411,250 copies
2015 393,417 copies388,417 copies369,231 copies356,584 copies
2016 345,667 copies369,833 copies330,000 copies323,250 copies
2017 319,667 copies315,750 copies311,167 copies306,000 copies
2018 298,333 copies301,667 copies306,667 copies296,250 copies
2019 277,500 copies263,333 copies252,500 copies242,083 copies
2020 232,500 copies223,636 copies213,333 copies206,818 copies
2021 200,000 copies196,667 copies191,250 copies

Special issue / affiliated magazine

Special issue

Series magazine

Web comics

Visualized work


2000 eraIn the medium term, about 4-5 TV anime works were broadcast each week. However, compared to other boys' magazines, the number of animated works is decreasing, and depending on the time, the animated works may only be related to "Detective Conan".

1990 eraMost of the animated works until the middleFuji Television Network, Incseries(FNS), But after thatYomiuri TelevisionProduction/Nippon TVseries(NNN) Is often broadcast. In the 2000sTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series(TXN), Many of the works were animated.Compared to the works of other Weekly Shonen magazines, the so-called "UHF anime"The new work was broadcast as "Beautiful Bird Days"Race girl!!!!!!!!"Ushio Tora"Karakuri Circus"Tonikaku Kawaii』It stays at about, basicallyKey station,Quasi-key stationOften produced and broadcast in.

Works currently on air

As of 2021 month.

worksBroadcast start dateAnimation productionRemarks
Detective Conan1996/1/8TMS / V1 Studio
Maiko-san2021/2/25JCSTAFFNHK World JAPANBroadcast on
2021/10/2NHK E TeleBroadcast on
Half Fairy Princess Yasha2021/10/2SunriseSecond period
Detective Conan Police School Edition Wild Police Story2021/12/4Thoms EntertainmentIrregular broadcast in the frame of "Detective Conan"

Works to be broadcast

As of 2021 month.

worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
Spriggan2022 david productionNetflixScheduled to be delivered at
Urusei Yatsura2022 david productionFirst work
Yofushi no Uta2022 Leiden film
Komi is a communicator.2022 unpublishedIssue 2
Detective Conan Zero's daily lifeunpublishedunpublished
Tonikaku KawaiiunpublishedunpublishedIssue 2

Works animated in the past

Television Animation
worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
W31965 - 1966 Mushi Production
Ghost Taro(Anime)1965-1967 (1st work)A productionThere is a movie version
1971-1972 (2st work)
1985-1987 (3st work)Shinei Video
Osomatsu-kun1966-1967 (1st work)Children's corner,Studio zeroThere is a movie
1988-1989 (2st work)Studio Piero
2015-2016 (First work・ Phase 1)studio PieroThere is a movie, anime title: Osomatsu-san
2017-2018 (3nd work, 2nd term)
2020-2021 (3nd work, 3nd term)
Perman1967-1968 (1st work)A Production, Studio Zero
1983-1985 (2st work)Shinei Video
Oh my god1967-1968 (monochrome version)Tatsunoko Pro
1987-1988 (remake version)Tatsunoko Production,Anime Friend
Animal 11968 Mushi Production
Vampire1968 Mushi ProductionLive-action and animation compositionモ ノ ク ロworks
Plum star denka1969 A Production, Studio ZeroThere is a movie version
Ben Sanshiro1969 Tatsunoko Pro
Moret Ataro1969-1970 (1st work)Toei video
1990 (2st work)
Kamui Gaiden1969 TCJ Video CenterAnime title: Shinobi Kamui Gaiden
Dororo(Anime)1969 (1969 edition)Mushi Production
2019 (2019 edition)MAP,Tezuka Productions
Men's Ahou Koshien1970 - 1971 Tokyo TV videoAnime Title: Men Ahou! Koshien
Dororon Enma-kun1973 - 1974 Toei (Toei Animation)
Judo hymn1974 Tokyo movie
Useless father1974 Nack
One ball1978 Shinei Video
Hit end run1979 Japanese animationAnime Title: Good luck! Our hit end run
Good luck1980 - 1981 Toei video
Dash kappei1981 Tatsunoko Pro
Urusei Yatsura(Anime)1981 - 1986 Studio Pierrot →DeanTheater animation, with OVA
As expected of Sarutobi1982 - 1984 Tsuchida Production
Professional golfer monkey1982 (special program)Shinei Video
1985-1988 (Phase 1)
1988 (2st term)
Gu-Gu Gunmo1984 - 1985 Toei video
Two hawks1984 - 1985 International movie company
touch1985 - 1987 Group tackThere is a movie
1998 (1st TVSP)
2001 (2st TVSP)
Sixty-three sword1985 - 1986 Aiken
Masked ninja red shadow1987 - 1988 Life work
Ranma 1 / 21989 (1st work)Studio Dean
1989-1992 (Enthusiasm)
I am a right angle1991 Studio Piero
21 Emon1991 - 1992 Shinei Video
YAIBA1993 - 1994 パ ス テ ルAnime title: Kenyu Densetsu YAIBA
GS Mikami paradise operation!!1993 - 1994 Toei videoAnime title: GS Mikami
H21995 - 1996 Reed production
Gamba! Fly high1996 - 1997 SunriseAnime title: Gambalist! Shun
Fiery flame1997 - 1998 Piero
The doctor1998 - 1999 Piero
Inuyasha(Anime)2000-2004 (unbranded)SunriseThere is a movie version
2009-2010 (final edition)
2020-2021 (First work・ First term)Anime Title: Yashahime: Princess Half-Young
ARMS2001 - 2002 Tokyo movieAnime title: PROJECT ARMS
Cheeky little angel2002 - 2003 Thoms Entertainment
Golden gouache!!2003 - 2006 Toei animationAnime title: Zatch Bell!
Monkey turn2004 OLM
DAN DOH !!2004 Tokyo kids
Beautiful Bird Days2004 studio Piero
Freshly baked!!2004 - 2006 Sunrise
MAJOR(Anime)2004-2005 (1st series)Studio hibariAnime title: Major
2005-2006 (2st series)
2007-2005 (3st series)
2008 (4th series)SynergySP
2009 (5th series)
2010 (6th series)
MÄR --Märchen Awakens Romance2005 - 2007 SynergySPAnime title: Melhaven
Ueki's Law2005 - 2006 Studio Dean
Youkai Gate2006 - 2007 Radix Ace Entertainment
Kenichi, the strongest disciple in history2006 - 2007 Thoms EntertainmentWith OVA
Kekkaishi(Anime)2006 - 2008 Sunrise
Like Hayate!(Anime)2007-2008 (1st work)SynergySPMovie version, with OVA
2009 (2st work)JCSTAFF
2012 (3st work)mangrove
2013 (4st work)
Zettai Karen Children2008 - 2009 SynergySPOVA, spin-off (THE UNLIMITED Kyosuke Hyobu -"Sunday S'
There is a comicalized version serialized at)
Cross game2009 - 2010 SynergySP
Magic Kaito2010-2012 (irregular edition)TMS Entertainment → TMS / V1 StudioIrregular broadcast in the frame of "Detective Conan"
2014-2015 (single version)A-1 PicturesAnime title: Magic Kaito 1412
The World God Only Knows2010 (1st term)mangrove
2011 (2st term)
2013 (3st term)
Magi2012-2013 (Phase 1)A-1 PicturesSpin-off (Magi Sinbad's Adventure --For a re-edited version of the OVA
(Broadcast with new episodes added) Yes
2013-2014 (Phase 2)
Aratakangatari ~Leather Gods~2013 satellite,JM ANIMATION
Musibuyo2013 Seven arcs pictures
Silver Spoon2013 (1st term)A-1 Pictures
2014 (2st term)
Boundary RINNE2015 (1th series)Brains base
2016 (2th series)
2017 (3th series)
Radio teacher2015 A-1 Pictures
Ushio Tora2015 (1st season)MAPPA & VOLNWith OVA
2016 (2st season)
But though2016 (1st term)feel.
2018 (2st term)Tezuka Productions
Race girl!!!!!!!!2016 XEBEC
MAJOR 2nd2018 (1th series)Oh ElmAnime title: Major XNUMXnd
2020 (2th series)
Karakuri Circus2018 - 2019 Studio VOLN
Tonikaku Kawaii2020 Seven arcsWith OVA
Good night at Demon Castle2020 Video studio
Komi is a communicator.2021 (1st term)OLM TEAM KOJIMA
Theater animation
worksRelease yearAnimation productionRemarks
Makoto-chan1980 Tokyo movie new company
Spriggan1998 STUDIO 4 ℃
Daigo of Megumi1999 Sunrise
worksYear of releaseAnimation productionRemarks
Bluntly1989 - 1991 Japanese animation
Ultimate superhuman1991 Studio Koa
Slow step1991 パ ス テ ル
Ushio Tora1992 - 1993 PASTEL
Ira savage1992 Studio signal
From today I am!!1993 - 1996 Studio Piero
Blue No. 6(Anime)1998 - 2000 Gonzo
Like Hayate!2009 JCSTAFF
Zettai Karen Children2010 SynergySP
Once rebuilt2011 シ ャ フ ト
OVA as a limited edition of comics and as a service for all applicants
Works marked with *2015 October-DecemberAnisan Theater] Was broadcast on television within the frame.

Animation of tie-up works

Both are serialized in "Sunday" in parallel with anime.


Works to be broadcast

Works that have been dramaized in the past

Live-action movie


Special effects

Special effectsSomething that was made into a drama,Media mixAsCartoonizationThe group of works that were done.

Shonen Sunday CM Theater

1995 From, the works that have not been animated yet in the serialized worksTV commercialIt is being animated and broadcast for use. They areOfficial websiteSo, with some exceptions, you can watch the past including the past.Therefore, in this seriesProductionFor works that have been done, it is uniquePilot versionThis work is often regarded as a pilot version. "Megumi no Daigo" etc.Television AnimationAlthough it has not been convertedTV dramaThere are also works that have been transformed.

In the case of animated works, the broadcast ended when the TV broadcast started, but in "Hayate the Combat Butler!", The broadcast continued for a while even after the start of the animation.There are also works such as "MAJOR" and "Karakuri Circus" that are animated with a considerable delay.In recent years, the number of works in which commercials are broadcast in a form that does not take the form of a commercial theater is increasing.

Animated works at the Sunday CM theater

Items with * are those that were not officially converted into TV animation later. In recent years, works that have been decided to be made into TV animation are mostly used for commercials.

Overseas partner magazine

  • Cheerful boy (TaiwanSeibun Publishing Group)
  • Ryoma Shonen Seiten (China, Jilin Art Publishing Company, edited by Shogakukan's local joint-venture company, "Shanghai Hebi Sunbutsu Business Co., Ltd.")
  • BOOKING (Korea・Kushan Culture Company)

*However, not all Japanese works are posted.

Reader corner

"Jump broadcasting stationA reader's section was set up at the end of the book in opposition to "Weekly Shonen Jump" in "" and "Weekly Shonen Magazine" in "Magazine 7". From the Nyanko Club, which was a popular idol at the timeMamiko Takai,Minayo Watanabe,Yoshie AkiHowever, what was worth mentioning was the height of popularity at that time.TunnelsWas in charge of the first reader's corner "Sunday fan".

The current reader page is2001 It started in spring.In the weekly boys' magazine, "Sunday Youth AcademyWas the first to accept an Internet post from a reader.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ A similar situation is the rival magazine "Weekly Shonen Magazine], in the case of the magazine, many of the editors of Shoujo Manga magazine were staffed when the project was launched, and many Shoujo manga artists were appointed.
  2. ^ After the final episode of Takahashi's "Urusei Yatsura" (No. 1987, 8), Adachi's "Urusei Yatsura"roughUntil before the start (No. 17 of the same year).
  3. ^ As an example,"The World God Only Knows], related goods from Volume 10 to Volume 22DVDThe first limited edition that includes is released.
  4. ^ Depending on the work, mainlyAnimate-Gamers-Comic ToranoanaIt is often implemented in. It's not uncommon for new books to be available at stores like this for all manga, but it's one of the most popular weekly Shonen magazine books.
  5. ^ As an example,MoneyAnd 'Man group], [Mobile Police Patlabor], [Maou JUVENILE REMIX], [The story of a little Aoba child counseling center"Such.
  6. ^ Regarding the original title "Jap", I was worried that the author was a disdain for Japan, but although the editor judged that it was not a problem, the title was changed, but many complaints resulted in the title being changed. Due to this one issue, the "Balancer" was discontinued, and Shintani temporarily withdrew from Sunday, including the special issue. Only one volume is published in Shogakukan, and the complete version of "Koutan Bitan" serialized in the special issue was published in 1.HakusenshaPublished by. After that, the relationship with Sunday was restored, and the single-shot read-only works and reprints and interviews of "Shonen Sunday 1983" are also posted.
  7. ^ After serializing "Arata: The Legend-Leather Goddess" from the 2008th issue of 44 to the 2015th issue of 38, after a suspension of about five and a half years, "Arata: The Legend-Leather Goddess-Remaster" from the 5th issue of 2021 Resumed serialization as "version"[11].. From the 25th issue to the 31st issue of the same year, the continuation of the 13th volume of the remastered version (the contents of the 24th volume of the regular comics) is serialized, and the new work is developed from the 32nd issue the following year.[12].
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  • "Squid Poetry and Criticism 2014-03 Special Feature * Weekly Shonen Sunday Era Seitosha,Year 2014

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