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🎥 | Yuzuka Nakaya "For the first time"


Yuzuka Nakaya "For the first time"

If you write the contents roughly
In the weekly FLASH currently on sale, he will show off his first gravure on page 8 with a traditional Chinese bookbinding.

Yuzuka Nakaya, who is appearing as the main cast in the first Hollywood movie "Prisoners of the Ghostland" directed by Sion Sono ... → Continue reading


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FLASH (Photo Weekly Magazine)

"FLASH』(Flash) isKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.IssuedPhoto weekly magazine.. WeeklyTuesdayReleased (excluding merged issues).The first issue is1986 May 11.

Weekly photo magazine of the same genre "FOCUS』(Shinchosha Co., Ltd.), "FRIDAY』(Kodansha)With3F'[Source required], At the beginning of the publication, "Emma』(文藝 春秋), “” (Shogakukan)Together with "3FETWas called[Source required][Note 1]..In this item, "FLASH" sponsored "Miss FLASHIs also dealt with.


1986 OctoberIs the first issue of.2000 Spring, e-book sales site "Bitway-books"soインターネットStarted business development.2005 The cover design will be renewed and the makeover will be planned. Of "FLASH"logoTransformed into a pop one and changed the photographer in chargeMt. Sasayama KishinChanged from[1].

In addition, the company issued "Weekly jewelry"But2001 It was discontinued in Japan, and its roles were integrated to the present.[Source required].

officialマ ス コ ッ トThe character is "Shashamaru".By the way, in 2000, the puzzle game "FLASH Koibito Kun", in which Shashamaru also appeared, was released.Wonder SwanReleased as software for[2].

article·gravureSo women under the age of 30talent"Kun" ("Sun" for those over 30 years old).


The special issue "", which was released irregularly six times a yearFLASH EXCITING』(Flash exciting),2000 eraEntered and gained popularity due to the depth of content such as columns and excavated photographs.However, all other companies said, "EX magazineBy publishing a similar magazine called "shareIt became difficult to expand2008 Was suspended in[3].

FLASH special

Another special issue of "FLASH EXCITING" "FLASH special] Is also released irregularly from January 2008. The magazine name may be changed to "FLASH special issue", "FLASH special gravure BEST", "FLASH +", etc.Also, the cover or the beginning of the book after 1AKB48Group members only (Nogizaka46Including).


"Shashamaru"(Shashamaru) has been published since its inception.2011 It still appears on paperNinjaA mascot character dressed in a costume. You can see the shape such as a copy circle mark at the end of each article of "FLASH"[Note 2]..At the end of the book, there is a "Shashomaru Quiz", and a lottery will be given to the correct answerers.Also, in recent years, there is an article titled "Shashomaru Generation".[4].

Reporters of "FLASH" may conduct hands-on interviews and assault interviews under the name of "Shashamaru"[5].


Sponsored by "FLASH"Miss Contest..To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the magazine's first issue2006 Was founded in.


Number of timesYearsGrand Prix
Other awards
1 times2006 Miki Inase(Tokyo)Semi-Grand Prix:Natsuki Yoshihara,Masuki Ako
Jury Special Award:Yuki Yamamoto
2 times2007 Natsuko Tatsumi(Tokyo)Semi-Grand Prix:Asami Tani,Momo Yoshida
3 times2008 Tomomi Sawada(Hokkaido)Semi-Grand Prix:Ayaka Noda
Jury Special Award:That summer sail
4 times2009 Emi Yanagimoto(Tokyo)Semi-Grand Prix:Yukiko Taira,Yuri Murakami
5 times2011 Misaki Nito(Kanagawa)
Arisa Kuroda(Hyogo)
Marina Saito(Kanagawa Prefecture)
6 times2012 Tono Chika(Hokkaido)
Misaki Komatsu(Shizuoka)
Hakase Mai(Shizuoka Prefecture)
7 times2013 Yuko Ikeda(Kanagawa Prefecture)
Ruido Hido(Ishikawa)
Rina Nagai(Saitama)
8 times2014 Tomoko Kato(Aichi)
Ayaka Ozaki(Osaka)
9 times2015 Miho Abe(Hokkaido)
Anna Tamaki(Nara)
Maori Hoshino(Gunma)
10 times2016 Aya Kawasaki(Kanagawa Prefecture)
Serina Toyoda(Aichi Prefecture)
Apricot Nakano(Hiroshima)[6]
11 times2017 Mayu Tsukishiro(Hyogo prefecture)
(Gunma Prefecture)
(Kanagawa Prefecture)[7]
12 times2018 Runa Kojima(Chiba)
Rei Hozaki(Tokyo)
Maako(Osaka prefecture)[8]
13 times2019 Sakura Shizuka(Hokkaido)
Natsumi Yamagishi(Osaka prefecture)
(Kanagawa Prefecture)[9]
14 times2020 Iroha Fujita(Chiba)[Note 3]
Mizuki Sakikawa(Aichi Prefecture)
Nana Shiramiya(Hyogo prefecture)
Jury Special Award:
15 times2021 Kirishima Seiko(Osaka prefecture)
Anna Masuda(Osaka prefecture)
Natori Kurumi(Chiba)
Jury Special Award:Miho Takatsuki
MachebaraFighting-spirit award:[10]

Special note

  • As of 2021, no Grand Prix winners have been producedGovernment-designated cityPrefectures that haveMiyagi,Niigata,Kyoto,Okayama,Fukuoka,KumamotoThere are 1 prefectures in 5 prefecture.
  • Ten (finalists) entered the 1st to 4th tournaments, and 10 Grand Prix and 1 or 1 Semi-Grand Prix were selected.There was also a special jury prize depending on the times.
  • The 5th tournament (2011) was held for the first time in 2 years (not held in 2010), and the format was "30 semi-finalists → 10 finalists → 4 selected", but the semi-grand prix / judges special There was no award.The announcement of the Grand PrixNippon Broadcasting System, Inc. OfImagine StudioThe pattern is "Saturday Cutie Night Idol Studio No.1Was recorded and broadcast.In addition, the above 4 people and 5 of the entries this time (Ayumi Shiina,Shiduka,Miyu Ishihara,)ButIdle unit"G ☆ Girls"(G-Gilrs) was formed. Debuted in September 2011SingleWas released and continued activities while changing members,2018 May 9Disbanded with[11].
  • The 6th tournament (2012) was "30 semi-finalists → 12 finalists[Note 4] The format was "→ 3 people selected", but as with the 5th tournament, there was no semi-grand prix / jury special prize.The announcement of the Grand Prix was also made at Imagin Studio.In addition, Mai Hakase, who won the Grand Prix with Tono and Komatsu, was active under her real name "Mai Hakase", but she changed her stage name to "Mai Hakase".[12][13].
  • Since the 7th tournament (2013), the semi-grand prix and special awards have not been positioned, and the system of three grand prix continues, but in 3, the jury special award will be added for the first time since 2020. Was done.However, the total number of votes for the final result has not been announced (both in the magazine and on the web).
  • From the 5th to the 9th, the Grand Prix was announced in early February every year, but after the 2th tournament (10), it has been advanced from early to mid-January to the present.
  • In recent years, a manga weekly magazine-based beauty pageant (Miss Magazine,Control), The age group of the top prizewinners is relatively high, and the Grand Prix winners under the age of 20 are Rei Hozaki of the 12th (2018).[Note 5] Has not appeared at the end.Also, Chika Tono, Miho Abe, Aya Kawasaki, Shizuka Sakura, Seiko Kirishima, Anna Masuda, etc.Race queenThe awards of experienced people are also conspicuous.
  • In the 13th (2019), the Grand Prix winners decorated the cover of the final result announcement issue for the first time, and since then, the cover and the opening gravure have been displayed in the 14th and 15th announcement issues.
  • On August 2020, 8, Ruri Shinato, who was one of the 28th Grand Prix, died suddenly at the young age of 7.Became the first deceased talent to win the Miss FLASH Top Prize[14].

Main record

(Year / Time)
The oldest grand prix of all timeSakura Shizuka
(2019, 13th)
(1986 May 9birth)
2nd place: Seiko Kirishima-29 years old[Note 6]
3rd place: Miho Abe-27 years old[Note 7]
The youngest grand prix of all timeKagami
(2014, 8th)
(1998 May 1birth)
HeiseiFirst Grand PrixEmi Yanagimoto
(2009, 4th)
1992 (4)May 4birth
ShowaThe last Grand Prix of birthSakura Shizuka
(2019, 13th)
Born March 1986, 61 (Showa 9)
The first grand prix for women in their 20sTomomi Sawada
(2008, 3th)
24 years old
(1984 May 5birth)
Grand Prix announcement issue
(Released on April 2008, 4, No. 8) At the time of 1001 years old.

False alarms, scandals, discontinuation

  • July 2013, 7, August 30 issue "TV" Midsummer Dark Fight "NTV24-hour TV vs.Fuji27-hour TVCM fee, guarantee of talent ... Get a scoop of secret cost !! "[15].. 24-hour TV is the main personalitystormStarring in a special drama for 5000 million yenOhnoIs +500 million yen.Charity marathon runnerMori Sanchu-Miyuki OshimaIs 1000 million yen.Charity personalityAya UetoIs 500 million yen, the general moderatorShinichi HatoriAnna is 500 million yen.Furthermore, karaoke membersYuzo Kayama-Shinji TanimuraThe big name of the class was 200 million yen, and the others were 10 to 100 million yen, but on August 8th,Nippon TVIn response to Arashi, who has been the main personality for the second consecutive year in the annual Japanese TV series "24-hour TV 36 Love Saves the Earth" (broadcast on August 8th and 24th), "25 million yen" in some photo magazines. Announced a comment after it was reported that the gala was paid. "I have been volunteering again this year," he totally denied.The company explained, "Unlike some reports, Arashi members are volunteering for the main personality of 2-hour television, including the design of chari T-shirts."[16].
  • On September 2014th, 9, the September 8rd issue (which was supposed to achieve the 9th volume in this issue), on the 23th, the day before the planned release, some articles were incomplete and it was decided to cancel the release. Announced on the official website[17][18].
  • Whether it fits the definition of false alarms and scandals is controversial (if anything).Skipped articlesAs an example of a flood of criticism, an article entitled "Hiroyuki Miyasako, Secretly hoarding" celebrity rice "for 2020 yen per kg" in the April 4, 14 issue.[19] There is.As for the content of the article, "Mr. Miyasako bought up the equivalent of 8 kg of rice," and a comment from a customer who was present said, "At a rice shop, I bought more than 1 kg of high-quality rice of about 700 yen per kg, which is also used at high-end sushi restaurants." The article was summarized by the editor commenting, "I can't laugh at the hoarding of celebrity rice that isn't dark rice."
However, on April 2020, 4, YouTuber on Mr. Miyasako's YouTube channelHikaruMiyasako, who saw this with him, argued.The varieties I boughtUonuma Koshihikari[Note 8] It is not classified as high-grade rice such as, but is regarded as a general variety.Akitakomachi[Note 9] He stated that he had purchased the product, and insisted that the purchase amount was not unnatural considering the family structure.In the process, I called the weekly FALSH editorial department and asked questions such as confirming the facts of the article and the opinion of the editorial department.The main comments displayed in white subtitles (telop) in the view of the FLASH editorial department in the video are as follows.
"Three family members buy up 3 kg of rice." "I have no intention of slandering Mr. Miyasako." "I do not publish FLASH magazine for my country."
However, following the parallel lines of both sides, Miyasako side confirmed the opinion of the editorial department and insisted that "I want you to apologize for the problem with the content of the article", but the FLASH side in the video said "There is a problem with the article" There was no apology from the editorial department, and the discussion ended with parallel lines.Therefore, as a summary of the video, it ends with a comment criticizing the behavior of this weekly magazine, saying "Don't trust the magazine that writes such articles."
After the video was released, criticism flooded on FLASH articles and behavior on SNS[20][21].. It was pointed out on SNS that the amount of 8 kg is a general purchase amount considering his family structure, and the amount is not unnatural considering the amount.Also, regarding the hoarding, it is advocated that it should be considered that the purchase amount will increase as a result because it is a situation to refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently, and it is unknown on what basis the introduction of 1 yen per kg was calculated. Therefore, it was criticized that it was impossible to classify it as high-grade rice.


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注 釈

  1. ^ How to read "3F" and "3FET"In addition to reading in English, there are various theories such as "Sanefu" and "Sanfetto".[Source required].
  2. ^ For standard articles, on the title sideDigital clockThere is also a copy circle mark on the top.There are more than 100 types of poses for the copy circle, which can be used according to the content of the article.
  3. ^ The 10th Aya Kawasaki is a senior at her office.
  4. ^ A total of 10 people, including 20 finalists and 2 of the 12 semi-finalists as a repechage.
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  9. ^ Generally speaking, the planted area is always high and the distribution volume is large, so it is often cheaper than special brands such as Uonuma Koshihikari.For the time being, even in Akitakomachi, there may be differences in the amount of money as a single product and higher prices due to the large amount of purchases, but that is another problem and will be omitted here.


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