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🎵 | Takako Okamura releases a special version MV of the new song "Goddess's Smile" on the 36th anniversary of her solo debut

Photo "Goddess's Smile" Special Version MV

Takako Okamura releases special version MV of new song "Goddess's Smile" on the 36th anniversary of her solo debut

If you write the contents roughly
[First Press Limited Edition] (2CD + Blu-ray)
MHCL2931 ~ 3 / ¥ 5,500 (tax included)
[Normal Edition] (2CD)
MHCL2934 ~ 5 / ¥ 3,850 (tax included)
<Included songs>
■ Disc-1
01 Meadow of the heart
02 The never-ending summer
03 Summer afternoon
04 Kiss
05 Season of living with you
06 Don't give up on your dreams
07 Liberte
08 train
09 The wind is from the sea
10 clown
11 An angel who seems to be stray
12 I can't sleep today
13 Rhythm
14 Baby, Baby
15 I want love
■ Disc-2
01 Chasing the rainbow
02 Long time (every time)
03 Believe
05 White summer
06 Autumn day dusk
07 Poplar
08 Good-Day ~ If it turns into a memory ~
09 Mistral ~ Seasonal Wind ~
10 Invincible Career Girl
11 I can't match my smile
12 Road to tomorrow
13 Mountains and valleys
14 In the middle of a dream
15 The starry sky is always
■ Disc-3 Blu-ray Disc * First-run limited edition only
01 Believe (from Encore II)
02 Season of living with you (from Encore II)
03 Shine (1990 Conifer Forest Outdoor Live) * First commercialized
04 I can't match my smile (from Encore IV)
05 Ryoku (from Noël)
06 Kokoro no Soubou (Music Video)
07 Liberte (from Encore V)
08 Summer afternoon (from Encore V)
09 Don't give up on your dreams (from Encore V)
10 Clowns (2003 Shibuya Public Hall Live)
11 Chasing the rainbow (from Encore V)
12 Welcome back (Music Video)
13 Clear blue sky (Music Video) * First commercialization
14 Don't give up on your dreams (1987 Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall Live) * First commercialization
* The recorded songs are subject to change.

Takako Okamura celebrated her 1985th anniversary on October 10th since her solo debut in 19. Unexpected major illness in 36 ... → Continue reading


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