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🎥 | Minami Tanaka, the venue is buzzing like a goddess! Also supports the happening of Sayuri Matsumura


Minami Tanaka, the venue is buzzing like a goddess! Also supports the happening of Sayuri Matsumura

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This work is a movie adaptation of a popular comic that Mari Okazaki made an essay by Mami Amemiya into a manga.

A preview of the completion of the movie "Are you going to be single all the time?" (Released on November 11) was held in Tokyo on the 19th, and Minami Tanaka ... → Continue reading

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Mami Amemiya

Mami Amemiya(Amami and Mami,1976 May 9 - 2016 May 11[1]) IsAVWriter,作家.FukuokaI'm from

While writing himself as an "AV writer" mainly in erotic media, he also wrote in non-erotic media as "Mami Amemiya".Also, in another nameSensual novelWas also writing. In 2011, he published "Prying Girls". "Prying girlsAs a naming writer of the word "a woman who has agitated her self-consciousness and her self-evaluation of her femininity," she often interviewed and commented.Pen nameOne of the origins ofHiroshi Homura OfSongbook"Letter Mami, Summer Moving (with Rabbit)"[2].


He spent his time in his hometown of Fukuoka until high school, and went to Tokyo to go on to university.Part-time worker,バ ニ ー ガ ー ルAfter work such asWailea Publishing(Ocean booksJoined the group).After working as an editor of erotic books, he became a freelance writer.

The serialization "Sex is twisted" on the Pot Publishing website has been renamed and made into a book as "Girls are twisted". "Kojirase Girls" in 2013New Word/Buzzword AwardIt gave birth to topics such as being nominated for.

2016 May 11Early in the morning, he died suddenly at home due to an accident. 40 years old[3].. On November 11, it was reported that the funeral was held only by relatives and that a general farewell party was not planned.[1].


Single Author


Magazine serialization

WEB serialization

  • "Tokyo" (June 2013, 6-July 1, 2014, Yamato Shobo[4])
  • "Every woman likes fortune-telling" (August 2012, 8-November 30, 2013, Kokoroni Prolo[5])
  • "Are you going to be single all the time?(July 2012, 7-December 31, 2013, Mynavi News[6])
  • "Waiting at the bottom of the hole" (January 2014, 1-November 16, 2016, Kokoroni Prolo[7])
  • "Remains of Broken Heart" (June 2014, 6-November 24, 2015, Mynavi News[8])
  • "How many miles to the ideal room? "Can I buy an apartment?" (July 2015, 7-October 9, 2016, Mochiie Women's web)
  • "40 years old is coming! (May 2016, 5-November 16, Daiwa Shobo[9])



Audio drama


  • "Prying Girls" Pot Publishing


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