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🎵 | Momosumomosu, new song "Thermo Klein" MV released with Baku Idegami acting as MV director himself

Photo "Thermocline" MV

Momosumomosu, MV release of new song "Thermo Klein" in which Baku Idegami appeared as MV director himself

If you write the contents roughly
A beautiful and ephemeral moment with Baku Idegami that makes my heart burst.
I love what I left as a work.

MBS drama special zone "Anyway ..." started on September 9th (Thursday) by singer-songwriter Momosumomosu. → Continue reading


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Beautiful and ephemeral

Baku Idegami

Baku Idegami(Idegami Baku,2003 (Heisei15 years)May 1[5][6] -) isJapan Oftalent,Genderlessモデル.Discovery NextBelongs.


February 2003, 15 (Heisei 1),MaleBirth as.According to her mother, she used to be an "ordinary boy", but since she fell in love with the bride's wedding dress at the wedding she attended in her childhood, she became interested in girlish things.It was natural for me, but I also noticed that there was a gap between myself and the views of those around me, and I was worried and struggled.However, it is said that the family always respected Idegami's individuality without denying or rejecting it.

Ama Municipal Ama Junior High SchoolCurrently in school for 3 years[8], I wrote the composition "Colorful" based on my experience of thinking about how to keep my mind and behave in order to be myself.I read the compositionNational languageAt the recommendation of the teacher, he participated in the "39th National Boys' Claims Tournament".Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology AwardWon[4][5][6][7][9][10].

2018, "31thJunon Superboy Contest, And be elected as a finalist. When you win the DD Self-Produce Award[11],Junon Boy Too CuteHas come to attract attention as[12][13][14][15].

2019, Shimane PrefectureGoodwill ambassadorInaugurated as "Kentoushi"[1][2]..After that, it was appointed as a poster of the prefecture that appeals the best skin in Japan.[14][15].

August 2019, 10,Discovery NextWas announced to belong exclusively to[4][16].

It was announced that the first photo essay will be released by Kodansha on January 2021, 1 and April 20, 4.[17]..On the same day, the official Twitter of this book was opened.

  • On March 3, the same year, the title was decided to be "normal?", And the number of reservations and the degree of attention were large, so in response to that, the original schedule of 22 pages may be increased to 160 pages. Also announced[18]..In addition, the reprint was decided before the release date[19].
  • With the release of the photo essay, the first exhibition "Baku Idegami" will be held at Nagoya PARCO from April 4th to May 20th and at Fukuoka PARCO from May 5th to 10th.[20].

August 2021, 3,Shimane Prefectural Oki-Dozen High SchoolGraduated.After graduating, he moved to Tokyo and announced his intention to concentrate on performing arts activities.[21].

On April 2021, 4, the photo essay "normal?" Was released.As of May 20, the same yearOriconRanked 3rd in the weekly BOOK ranking ("Photobook" by genre) for the first time[22].

October 2021, 10 of the terrestrial television programSuper invincible classRegular appearance in[23].


  • Shimane Oki DistrictAmamachiI'm from.I lived in the same town until I graduated from high school and spent a day in Tokyo.[5][6].
  • I have an older sister[5].
  • Special skills are songs, pictures,volleyball[5][6].
  • I have two cats in my houseAllergiesI can't touch the cat[24].
  • The person I admire isNaomi Watanabe.
  • Since I was a kidPrecure』I like[5].
  • The reason for participating in the "Boy's Claim National Tournament" wasNational languageWhen I wrote the composition to show it only to my teacher, I was asked "Why don't you put this out at the speech contest?"[5].
  • On January 2020, 1, the speech "colorful" at the "Boy's Claim National Convention" was read aloud in connection with the story-telling class at Hamada City Yaei Junior High School.[25].
  • Introducing colorful composition in library materials News from Hamada Education Office No. 84 p3.
  • Announced "boy's claim" at the spring ceremony when he was in the second year of junior high school[26].
  • "Junon Superboy ContestWas recommended by the teacher at the only clinic on the island.[5][7].. In the first screeningSEKAI NO OWARIof"RAIN”[7].
  • Is a model of the manga "" by[27].. Contributed a recommendation comment to the obi of Volume 2020 of the book released on August 8, 6.[28].


TV program


  • Event @ Osaka SHIBUYA109 (April 2019, 4)
  • Girls Award 2019 SPRING/SUMMER (March 2019, 5)[6]
  • Baku Idegami × PIVOT DOOR SUMMER COLLECTION 2019 (July 2019)
  • Shimane Nursing Care Heart Understanding Promotion Project Summer Vacation Nursing Care Work Experience (September 2019)[36][37][38]
  • Yumi KatsuraBridal fashion show guest appearance (November 2019, 11)
  • Guest appearance at the final selection of the "32nd Junon Super Boy Contest" (November 2019, 11)[12][39]
  • 30st Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 SPRING/SUMMER (March 2020, 2)[11][40][41]
  • MUSIC POP BOY AUDITION Special Ambassador[42]
  • Shimane Prefecture Special Fraud Damage Prevention Public Relations Ambassador (commissioned on August 2020, 8)[43]
  • Oki Saigo Tax Office Electronic Filing Promotion Poster (January 2021, 1, Okikuni Chamber of Commerce and Industry)[44]



  • Baku Idegami's cute person (AuDee)-Personality[57]

Music video


Books and photo books

  • Classroom Creation Network 37 “Classrooms that Accept Diversity” (December 2020, 12, Gakuji Shuppan) --Special Interview Diversity in Classrooms-Thinking about LGBTQ-
  • normal? (April 2021, 4Kodansha) --Photo essay.SakanactionYamaguchi IchiroIs contributing a obi sentence[63].


  • "Summer Vegetable Kojoyu Marinated" won the highest award at the 27 "My Family's First-class Chef in Oki" Cooking Contest (November 2015, 11)[64][65]
  • The 39th National Convention for Boys' Claims Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award (November 2017, 11)[66]
  • 31 timesJunon Superboy Contest DD Self-Produce Award (November 2018, 11)[67]
  • 36 timesBest Jeanist Award Japan2019 Next Generation Division (October 2019, 10)[3][4][68][69]


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  3. ^ Brand movie.The TV commercial will be broadcast on March 2020, 3.R-1 Grand Prix』Broadcast only once in.Digital Hollywood UniversitySpecial website and official websiteYouTube, Can be viewed with outdoor advertising[52][53].


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