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📺 | Takayuki Yamada, "The Sequelae" of "The Naked Director" who faced for three years "Toru Muranishi is still in the corner of the field of vision"

Photo Takayuki Yamada Crank-in!Photo: Mami Matsubayashi

Takayuki Yamada, "The Sequelae" of "The Naked Director" who faced for three years "Toru Muranishi is still in the corner of the field of vision"

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Takayuki Yamada's poetry collection with a reading CD, "The Man Who Longed for the Heart," is now on sale from Wanibooks.

Including the Netflix original drama "The Naked Director" series, it continues to show its presence in numerous dramas and movies ... → Continue reading

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Founder of KK BestsellersJunzo IwaseHowever, he took over several employees of Pep Publishing and took over.1979 Established in May[1]..The company name isKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.of"Kappa booksFrom a sense of opposition to ""KappaEatワ ニNamed with the meaning of[2]. afterwards,KK Best SellersIndependent from the group.

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