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🎥 | Matz's fur coat looks too cool! "Chaos Walking" scene photo

Mads Mikkelsen looks great with a fur coat – (C) 2021 Lions Gate Films Inc. All Rights Reserved

Matz's fur coat is too cool! "Chaos Walking" scene photo

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Prentice's cheeks, dressed in a ten-gallon hat and a luxurious fur coat, are engraved with a large cross wound that hints at a deadly battle in the war.

The movie "Chaos War ..." co-starring Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, and Mads Mikkelsen. → Continue reading

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Ten Gallon Hat

Ten Gallon HatWhat is (ten-gallon hat)?cowboyA type of wear by such.It is equipped with a high crown, a wide brim, and a decorative string.


10gallon It is said that (ten gallon) water enters, and in the western drama, there are scenes where water is drawn with a ten gallon hat, but the hat does not have the capacity to hold 10 gallons (= 37.85 liters) of water.[1]..It is presumed that the Spanish language from Mexico has changed, but there are various etymologies.

It is used by Mexican cowboys (vaqueros) to mean "braid" because it is braided with a decorative string.スペインThe word "galón", "TexasIt is thought that the name was intentionally mistranslated in connection with the appearance of the Texas people, who said, "Anything is big."[Source required].

WesternIt is said that it was made as a costume for[Source required].

Popular in the late 19th century, cowboys wore ten-gallon hats to make themselves look bigger because they were short, and they were spending enough money to tell their income.[1].


The material is winterwoolAnd summerStrawIs used.Most of the colors are white, gray, brown, and black, but there are also red and blue.It's a rare type of cowboy hat, and real cowboys rarely wear this style of hat.[Source required]..Today's common cowboys andCountry musicThe style of hat that the singer wears is a type called Cattleman.



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