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📺 | What is the scene that "is more exciting than kissing or hugging each other"? "Erotic boyfriend fascinates me" Airi Matsui, Kasamatsu ...


What is the scene that "is more exciting than kissing or hugging each other"? "Erotic boyfriend fascinates me" Airi Matsui, Kasamatsu ...

If you write the contents roughly
Kasamatsu: Before I heard this story, there was something like antithesis for the role of handsome guy.

The FOD original drama "Erotic ..." written by Shinji Nojima, in which Airi Matsui and Sho Kasamatsu play the modern "marriage view" comically. → Continue reading

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antithesis(alone: Antithese[1], British: antithesis[1]) Is the opposite theory or claim submitted to deny a theory or claim.[2].

Dialectic antithesis

dialecticThe simplest explanation ofthesis(Proposition, standing), antithesis (opposition, anti-standing), ginthese (integrated proposition). For example, "hell"Is"天国"The disorder," "disorder" is "orderIs an antithesis. It is a parallel of contrasting concepts, usually balanced.

Rhetorical antithesis

RhetoricSo antithesis is generallyContrast method,PairwiseIs translated as word·section-CultureRequirement to state the contrast of the concept by an explicit contrast inRhetorical technique.grammarAlsoparallelHas a unique structure.

When you have to keep silent, you speak,
When you have to speak

The contrast method sometimes intersects the structure in contrast. (Interlaced array methodSee also)

You speak when you have to keep silent.
When you have to speak

For writers who used the contrast method abundantly,EnglandThen,Alexander Pope,Samuel Johnson,Edward GibbonThere are A notable example isJohn Lily"You Fuise" (EuphuesThere is). But,FranceThen the contrast method was more commonly used than in England. on the other handGermanyIt was rarely used, with a few exceptions.

The most prominent example of the contrast method would be the following saying.

  • Man proposes: God disposes

If the wordsAlliterationIf the beat is weakened or has a sound similar to it, the effect of the contrast method is increased, and it is a lively expression with a point rather than ordinary usage.

Fiction antithesis

fictionSo the antithesischaracter,moralThe view is completely oppositecharacterCan be used to describe each other. But this does not necessarily mean they are in conflict.

Christian antithesis

キ リ ス ト 教 OfAntithesis of the LawaboutExpounding of the LawSee.


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