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Expected sequel to "Police in a Pod" Galaxy Award Monthly Award "Waiting for the day to come back"

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In September, "NNN Document '9" Why I Stopped Nursing Care "(Broadcast on September 21th, TV Shinshu)," Kibayashi and Yuya ~ Trickster Couple's Showa Heisei History ~ "(9) Broadcast on September 19, NHK) has won the award.

Japanese TV drama "Hakozume-Tatakau! Alternate Girls-" starring actresses Erika Toda and Mei Nagano (July 7 ... → Continue reading

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From July 9st until July 25th

NNN document

"NNN document』(NN Document),1970 Started broadcasting fromNNN series OfdocumentaryMidnight programIs.In the program title at the time of broadcasting, it is written as "NNN document'○○" (○○ is the last two digits of the Christian era).


1970 May 1Broadcast started on.In the NTV program currently being broadcast, "Kewpie 3 Minute Cooking (NTV version)], [Lol』The third place in historyLongevity programIs[2]..Initially, a facilitator called "program leader" was appointed.Takashi Yamaguchi(1970 years),Terada(1971 ),Nakaya Noboru(1972 ) Are in charge of each[3]..In some cases, the program leader interviews himself,State of Okinawa just before returningConducted on-site interviews with all three[4].1973 The facilitator has been abolished[5].

The broadcast time shifts backwards year by year, and what was normally started at 23:1990 on Sundays will start at 4:0 on Mondays (24:XNUMX on Sundays) from April XNUMX, although the broadcast time tends to be delayed. , Sunday version from the beginning of the broadcastNight news(NNN Today's EventsNNN NewsGoing! Sports & News) Is being broadcast in the next frame.

The net station of this program was initiallyYomiuri TelevisionWas only[5], The number of online stations has gradually increased, and now among the 30 NNN member stationsTV MiyazakiIn addition to 29 stations excluding, it is not a member of NNNOkinawa TVIt is broadcast on all 30 stations including. Like "Document '70", "NNN" was not included in the title at the beginning of the program.[6],1974 "NNN" came to be included in the title when it became a joint production program of NNN network from April.[5]..However, Okinawa TV has removed the "NNN" credit in consideration of non-membership of NNN, and hides the NNN credit on the screen after the commercial so that it cannot be seen.sponsorIs individual for each station.

From April 1974, not only NTV but also NNN affiliated companies began to participate in the production.It may also take the form of collaborative production by multiple companies (eg).2006 May 10"Waiting for seismic intensity 1" broadcast in the early hours (midnight of the 7st)Shizuoka Daiichi Television・ Nippon TV / Yomiuri TV[7]).Normally, it is a 30-minute program, but it is expanded to a 1-minute frame and broadcast approximately once a month.

Broadcast theme平和-welfare-Environment-Education-employmentSuch. In July and AugustHiroshima TVProductionAtomic bombProblems, etc.Pacific WarThere is a tendency for projects dealing with March 2011Great East Japan Earthquake,Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAfter that, when taking up these topics, the subtitle of "3/11 Great Earthquake Series" came to be basically attached.[8]..Even local themes are sometimes broadcast on the nationwide network, and the competition rate is high. For the frame of broadcasting about 50 broadcasts a year, hundreds of plans are coming up to Nippon Television from NNN companies, so it is also known as "Koshien". being called[6]..In addition, a part of the content was re-editedEvening news programMay be featured in.

Galaxy award,Agency for Cultural Affairs Art FestivalGrand prize,Japan Broadcasting Corporation PrizeGrand Prize,Broadcast Cultural FundIn addition to receiving awards,Emmy AwardReceived the international award for the first time in a Japanese program (broadcast on June 1975, 6, produced by NTV "Catch tomorrow! Ki-kun ~ 29 days record"[9]).

NarrationIs basicallyVoice actor,talentHowever, the announcer and commentator of the production station may also serve as narration (especially Yomiuri TV).Sapporo TVThere is this tendency in the production, and NTVYamaguchi broadcastingBut rarely).In addition, when the subject matter taken up is related to an individual, in rare cases, the person himself / herself may be in charge of it.

Before March 1990, it was broadcast from 3:23 on Sunday, but from April of the same year, it did not start broadcasting within Sunday, but started at 55:4 on Monday.As mentioned abovevariety-Sports newsDue to the increase in program slots, it is currently broadcast from 0:55 on Monday (midnight on Sunday).[10]It has become.Regarding the broadcasting time zone, even on the NTV side, which is the key station of NNN.2010 January regularPress conference(May 1), When we took up the 40th anniversary of the program, we also suggested changing the broadcast day and time zone.[11]At the moment, the broadcast is continuing in the same time zone as before without moving the frame.

In the 2000s, there are cases where programs with the Christian era in the title stop omitting the first two digits (example: Fuji TV series "LIVE'2x → 9xx". News JAPAN』), This program continues to omit the upper two digits (TBS system"All-Star Thanksgiving』There is).

The opening title of the program used to change every year, but from around the 2000s, it will change every few years. The opening title as of 2021 has been used since 2020, the previous year.

The opening song of "NNN Document '1"-"-'14" one generation ago isChris de Burgh"Composer"Spaceman Came Traveling"(1975 ) Is an arrangement of the rust part. (Excluding projects dealing with war, such as the series "70 years after the war", and the series "Heisei")

Key station in TokyoProduced byAffiliated stationsIs the only documentary program that participates in the production of the program, which is broadcast on the nationwide simultaneous network.However, TV Miyazaki broadcasts irregularly, and Okinawa TV broadcasts on a delay net.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Chief Producer: Toshiaki Harai → Kazunori Tanihara → Yasunori Arita
  • Producers: Tomoko Katsura, Shoichi Kato, Tadashi Imamura
  • Director: NNN stations, Mitsuaki Oikawa
  • Edited by: Koichi Sato

Internet station

"NNN Document" Net Station
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateNet situationRemarks
Kanto wide areaNippon TV(NTV)NTV seriesMonday 0:55-1:25
(Sunday midnight)
Monday 0:55-1:50
(Sunday midnight)
Simultaneous netNNN mission
Coverage also covers Okinawa Prefecture, which has no NNN member stations[12].
HokkaidoSapporo TV(STV)
AomoriAomori Broadcasting(RAB)
IwateTV Iwate(TVI)
MiyagiMiyagi TV(MMT)Started on October 1970, 10.
AkitaAkita Broadcasting(ABS)
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting Corporation(YBC)
FukushimaFukushima Central Television(FCT)Started on October 1971, 10.
YamanashiYamanashi broadcasting(YBS)
NiigataTV Niigata(TeNY)Started on October 1981, 4.
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month to X NUM X DayNiigata General TelevisionBroadcast on.
NaganoTV Shinshu(TSB)Start March 1984, 10[13].
Delayed net from the start to April 1987, 4.
Simultaneous net from April 1987, 4[14].
ShizuokaShizuoka Daiichi Television(SDT)Started on October 1979, 7.
From October 1978, 7 to March 2, 1979
Shizuoka Kenmin TelevisionBroadcast on.
ToyamaNorthern Japan Broadcasting(KNB)
IshikawaTV Kanazawa(KTK)Started early on April 1990, 4 (midnight on the 2st).
FukuiFukui Broadcasting(FBC)[15]
Chukyo wide areaChukyo TV(CTV)Started on October 1973, 4.
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month to X NUM X DayNagoya TVBroadcast on.
Kinki wide areaYomiuri Television(Ytv)
Tottori prefecture/Shimane prefectureNippon Sea TV(NKT)Until March 1972, 9Tottorionly,
After March 1972, 10Shimane Also joins.
HiroshimaHiroshima TV(HTV)
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcasting(KRY)
TokushimaShikoku Broadcasting(JRT)
Kagawa prefecture, Okayama prefectureNishinippon broadcasting(RNC)Until March 1983, 3Kagawaonly,
After March 1983, 4OkayamaAlso joins the broadcast target area.
(The target of coverage is both prefectures from before that[16]
EhimeNankai Broadcasting(RNB)
KochiKochi Broadcasting(RKC)
FukuokaFukuoka Broadcasting(FBS)SagaAlso covered.
From October 1990, 10 to March 7, 1991
Nagasaki Prefecture is also covered.
NagasakiNagasaki International Television(NIB)Started early on April 1991, 4 (midnight on the 8st).
Until dawn on October 1990, 10 (midnight on September 1)TV NagasakiBroadcast on.
KumamotoKumamoto citizen TV(KKT)Started on October 1982, 4.
Coverage of Kumamoto Prefecture until the station opened (especiallyMinamata diseaseRelated things)
Mainly done by NTV[17].
OitaTV Oita(TOS)NTV series
Fuji TV series
Started on October 1970, 4.
KagoshimaKagoshima Yomiuri TV(KYT)NTV seriesStarted early on April 1994, 4 (midnight on the 4st).
Until dawn on March 1994, 3 (midnight on 28th)Kagoshima TVBroadcast on.
OkinawaOkinawa TV(OTV)Fuji TV seriesMonday 1:45-2:15
(Sunday midnight)
Delay netThe only non-NNN member station.
Broadcast with the crown of "NNN" removed.[18]
MiyazakiTV Miyazaki(UMK)Fuji TV series
NTV series
TV Asahi series
Irregular broadcastingThe official broadcast will start before dawn on April 2006, 4 (midnight on the 3nd).
(After that, it will be broadcast irregularly)
All over JapanNippon Television News 24CS digitalSunday 5:00-5:30
Sunday 5:00-6:00
Monday 0:00-0:30
(Sunday midnight)
Monday 0:00-1:00
(Sunday midnight)
Delay net"BREAKING NEWS" and "Earthquake Early Warning"
If you enter, it may be interrupted or suspended.
BS Nippon TelevisionBS digitalSunday 8:00-8:30
Sunday 8:00-8:55
Although it is not a production participating station,
2010 Broadcast starts on April 4th.[19]
Other internet stations
  • Ishigaki Cable TV(I had participated in the production until the Ishigakijima relay station of Okinawa TV opened)
  • NHK BS PremiumSo, on "The Best TV 2015" broadcast on September 9, 28, "Mothers-Special Adoption and Truth Announcement" (broadcast on April 2015, 2014) produced by Chukyo TV was broadcast.This is because this time won the "Japan Broadcast Culture Award"[20].

Remarks on TV stations, etc.

  • Northern Japan BroadcastingWas a time-shifted net from 1976:23 on Tuesday for a period around 50.[21].
  • Yomiuri TV is the firstOil shockThe period during which the broadcast end time was advanced as part of the power saving by1974 May 1 - May 5) Had suspended the broadcast of this program[22].
  • Kagoshima TV(KTS) is a member of Nippon Television Network due to the reorganization in April 1992.Midnight programThe frame was abolished, but only this program remains after that.Kagoshima Yomiuri TV(KYT) It continued to be broadcast until dawn on March 1994, 3 (midnight on 28th) just before the opening of the station.
  • Video distribution serviceVideo distribution byHuluMade inTVerFree overlooked distribution by etc. is not implemented as of 2019.


Extraordinary broadcast

In October 2011, 10 stations of Nippon Television Network System[23]At, "Rugby World Cup 2011Due to the broadcast, it was not possible to broadcast during normal broadcast time for three consecutive weeks, so the following measures were taken.

  • Broadcast on October 10 (10-minute frame): Transfer broadcast immediately after the broadcast on October 30 (10-minute frame).As a result, October 3rd will be broadcast in a 30-minute frame.NTV NEWS10 will broadcast this 3-minute frame on October 60th from 24:10 to 9:60.
  • Broadcast on October 10 (17 minutes frame): October 55 10:22 --10:30[24]Transfer broadcast to.NTV NEWS24 will broadcast this 10-minute frame on October 30th from 55:18 to 00:19.
  • Broadcast on October 10 (24-minute frame): After performing transfer broadcasting during the normal broadcast time on October 30, broadcast on October 10 (31-minute frame).As a result, October 10st will be broadcast in a 31-minute frame.NTV NEWS30 will broadcast this 10-minute frame on November 31th from 60:24 to 11:6.
    • During the normal broadcast hours of October 24th and 10th on NTV NEWS17, the broadcast "News 24+" will be extended from 15:00 to 30:19.
    • BS Nippon Television will broadcast the broadcasts of the day that should have been originally broadcast on 28 Nippon Television affiliated full-net stations from 6:11 on Sunday, 00 days later.

Expanded broadcasting

2020年2月3日(2日深夜)放送分は番組50周年を記念して、「あなたは、いま幸せですか?」をテーマにNNN系列29局(テレビ宮崎を除く)が取材した3~5分間のショートドキュメンタリーを30本連続して放送。180分(3時間)の拡大版として、0:55 - 3:55に放送した[1][6][25][26].

  • It was broadcast on NTV NEWS24 from 2:15 on February 15th, but due to organizational reasons, BS Nippon Television suspended the broadcast only this week.[27].


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