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🎥 | What is "Come Come Everybody"?Thoughts in the title

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What is "Come Come Everybody"?Thoughts in the title

If you write the contents roughly
Instructor Hirakawa's desire to "brighten" the heavy postwar Japan is included in it, and even in this work, the slogan "Come Come Everybody" will be a power word that will open up the future of people living in the present. With a wish, it was made the title.

The NHK TV series "Come Come Everybody," which will begin airing on November 11.What does the title mean?Put ... → Continue reading

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Come Come Everybody

"Come Come EverybodyIs2021 Late broadcastNHK"Continuous tv novelAs the 105th work,May 11[Note 1]Is being broadcast fromJapan OfTV drama[1].京都,Okayama,OsakaOn the stageShowaからReiwaThree erasradioEnglish courseThree generations of heroines, grandmother, mother, and daughter who lived withXNUMXst centuryDraws a (100 years) family story as a heart-full comedy.Fujimoto YukiWork[2][3].


2007 The 77th serial TV novel "Dust and dust』WorkedFujimoto YukiIt is an original work by the script of[4].FukuiAt the time of shooting the same work on the stageNHK Fukui Broadcasting StationReijiro Horinouchi, who was the director of the movie, saw the script written by Fujimoto and dreamed of "I was shocked by how interesting it was" and "I'm sure I'll make a drama with Mr. Fujimoto someday."And, by the nomination of Horinouchi who became the executive producer in this work, it was appointed in Fujimoto's second serial TV novel.[2].

The theme, "NHK Radio English Course," was warmed up by Fujimoto, saying, "If I have the opportunity to write a second serial TV novel someday, I'm sure I'll write it."1925 (TaishoUnraveling the history of the English course that began with the start of Japanese radio broadcasting in 14) is synonymous with finding and spinning a 3-year story about it, and the idea of ​​a story of a three-generation heroine is a natural process. It is said that it has arrived.The title of the work is1946 (Showa 21) From September 21951 (Showa 26) Until February 2thNHK Radio First Broadcast→NHK Radio First BroadcastIn charge of "Cam Come English[Note 2]'[5]Familiar asLanguage program"English conversation"[6]Theme song "Come, Come, Everybody" (Nursery rhyme"Shojoji's Tanuki MusicIs a parody of.The lyrics were also a program instructorHirakawa only) Is taken from[2][7][8].

This is the first time in the history of a serial television novel that three actresses play the three main characters as different heroines.[9][Note 3]..Also, the first main character, Yasuko Tachibana,OkayamaOriginally from Okayama prefecture, the stage of the morning drama is the 56th work "AguriThis is the second time in 24 years since[10].

At least one of the three2020 It is publicized that it will be decided after the performer audition scheduled to be held around the summer[2][3],same yearMay 12ToShang Baishi Meng Yin,Fukatsu Eri,Kawaei RinaWas announced to play the heroine in the form of a relay[11]..Kamishiraishi and Kawaei were selected by audition from all 3061 applicants.[11]..In addition, the 98th work "Half, blue."ofMei NaganoIt's been 3 years since then[12].

The photo was taken in KyotoToei Tahata Photo StudioIn 2021May 3Start to[13].

On July 2021, 7, it was announced that broadcasting will start from November 21, 11.[1].. September 9th, the theme songAIof"(English edition)"(Songwriting:Moriyama Naotaro) Was announced[14][15].

The subtitle is the year (AD) drawn in that week.On the contrary, in this volume, subtitles indicating the year of each scene are not included."For example, a person who lived in 1962 is not living his daily life consciously that it is 1962. I want him to immerse himself in the story of 100 years with the same feeling." And talk about that intention[16].

Since the subject is an English conversation program, the beginningAvan titleFor "EPISODE XXX (serial number of episodes) serial TV novel"[Note 4], "TO BE CONTINUED" for the ending[Note 5]Is displayed.

Saturday is a omnibus, the same as the main storyYu ShirotaIs in charge of reconstruction narration[Note 6]..At the end, the next week's notice of 25 seconds, "On the radio! Come Come Everybody] And the official SNS of the program, etc. will be announced for 5 seconds.

Location etc.

ShigaHigashiomi City
Oshiro Shrine[17]-Asaoka Shrine in Okayama, where Yasuko frequently visits.
Ieto Riverbed[17]-The river near Osaka University of Commerce as seen by Minoru, who has decided to go on an expedition.
OkayamaOkayama City
AsahikawaRiverbed[18]-A riverbed where Yasuko practiced cycling under the guidance of Minoru.

Location gallery


A family story of the first century (100 years) spun by Yasuko (grandmother), Rui (mother), Hinata (daughter), and three generations of women. There was always a radio English course beside them.

Yasuko edition

Born in 1925 (Taisho 14) at a Japanese sweets shop in Okayama City on the day radio broadcasting began in Japan.Yasuko TachibanaIs the eldest son of a famous local familyMakoto HagiI started studying English in a radio English course.Yasuko thinks of Minoru and communicates with Minoru who has returned to the university in Osaka.Yasuko's older brotherSutaIs disowned because of debt, and Yasuko is advised to make a match.Minoru who knew it visited the Tachibana family in Okayama and proposed to Yasuko.Minoru's motherMitosatoHas a matchmaking story with Minoru, so Yasuko withdraws, but Minoru's father,ChikichiRecognizes Yasuko's good temper and allows the two to marry.Minoru goes out after a short marriage with Yasuko.

Rui edition

The story of Yasuko's daughter, Rui, begins in Osaka in the 30's with the theme of jazz.

Hinata edition

The story of Rui's daughter, Hinata, begins in Kyoto in the 40s with the theme of historical drama.



Yasuko Tachibana → Yasuko Kijima
Performance- Shang Baishi Meng Yin[11][20](Childhood: Yui Amimoto Mai Aoi)
Rui's mother, Hinata's grandmother.
Born at 1925:3 am on Wednesday, March 22, 9, when radio broadcasting began in Japan.An ordinary girl who loves bean paste and fashion, and is the signboard girl of the sweets maker "Tachibana" in the shopping district of Okayama city.
Higher elementary schoolAfter graduating, he didn't go on to school and helped the house. One day in 1939, he met Minoru who happened to buy "Tachibana" sweets and gradually became friends.Then, he listened to the NHK radio course "English Conversation for Minoru" which was recommended by him and was broadcast from 6:30 am, and he was attracted to English and started learning.End of program[Note 7]After that, I continued to study by listening to "", which was also introduced by Minoru, but the program was discontinued due to the start of the Pacific War.[Note 8]Study is also interrupted.
After a refraction with the parents of both families, he married Minoru in 1943, but Minoru went out about a month later.Two months after the expedition, pregnancy was discovered and she gave birth to a girl (Rui) around September 1.
Pheasant Rui
Performance- Fukatsu Eri[11](0 years old: Shinkoto Arai, Yuito Nasu, Aotsuki Miura, Shizuki Nakata, Mirei Masumi, Aoi Tokumoto, 1 year old: Nozomi Imai, Rui Nagao, 5 years old: Midori Nakano)
Daughter of Yasuko and Minoru.Hinata and Momotarou's mother.Name is,Louis·ArmstrongSings "On the Sunny Side of the StreetIt was named by Minoru who was impressed by the lyrics.
Although he grew up hating English with his parents, he paved the way with jazz songs.
Born to the Pheasant family as Yasuko's daughter, she grew up in Okayama until she was 18 years old.For some reason, I left Okayama and went to Osaka, hoping that I would like to live freely as I am.By chance, he met a couple who run a dry cleaner and started a new life while living and working.A hard worker who works hard and quickly becomes a signboard girl of the store.Once I decide to do it, my mother, Yasuko, has a personality that doesn't bend. [21]
Performance- Kawaei Rina[11](childhood:Chitose Niitsu[22])
Yasuko and Minoru's grandson, Rui's daughter.Momotaro's older sister.
Raised in the downtown shopping district of Kyoto.Due to his father's influence, he loves historical drama and longs for a samurai.It has a strong sense of justice, and its appeal is its cleanliness, which helps the weak and discourages the strong.When I get motivated, it burns at all, but I'm not good at steady efforts, and Mikabozu, no matter what I do, it doesn't work and I'm repeatedly frustrated.Although she is always serious, she is a lovely girl who flies low in her life and cannot find her place all the time.[23]


People of the Tachibana family

Kinta Tachibana
Performance- Masahiro Komoto[24][20]
Yasuko's father. The second general of "Tachibana".We carefully protect the taste of red bean paste in the store.A straightforward personality.I like entertainment.He collided with his son, Sota, who was not interested in the family business many times, and refused to forgo his departure after disowning Suta, who was in debt, but he continued to regret it later.
He was thinking of marrying Yasuko to the second son of a sugar company due to a shortage of supplies during the war, and because of the difference in family, he opposed the marriage of Yasuko and Minoru, but finally admitted the relationship between the two. ..
Bombing of OkayamaOccasionally, he gave an evacuation order after designating an air raid shelter, but he went to extinguish the fire, but the air raid shelter was burned and the two died, causing deep emotional wounds.After that, he became depressed and fell asleep, but he regained his motivation by eating the rice cake made by Yasuko.Aiming to rebuild "Tachibana" that was burnt down with Yasuko, he collapsed due to a heart disease and died while seeing the demobilization of Sota and the illusion of a family.
Tachibana Koshizu
Performance- Naomi Nishida[24][20]
Yasuko's mother.A gentle mother who always wishes for the happiness of her family.His parents' house is an azuki farmer, and he is married to Kinta (Hisashi says, "It was famous for its beauty").Cut "Tachibana" with her husband.At first, Yasuko was worried about whether the two could overcome the difference in family traits, but after hearing Minoru's strong determination, she supports her.
At the time of the bombing of Okayama, he evacuated with Hisa according to Kinta's instructions.Air defense shelterDied when he was burned in the war.
Senta Tachibana
Performance- Takeda[24][20](Childhood: Ryunosuke Ujimoto)
Yasuko's older brother.While he is a troublemaker and is constantly in conflict with his surroundings, he shows a gentle side to Yasuko.
As of 1934, he trained in "Tachibana", but due to his lack of interest, he repeatedly skipped and did bad things, and collided with Kinta many times.At the movie theaterGolden eraAspiring to be a dancer after watching "", he left home and moved to Osaka on the condition that "if it doesn't become a thing, he will come back soon".After thatdance hallHe was a lecturer at the company, but suddenly returned home in 1941 when his workplace was closed.Immediately after he disappeared, Tanaka (described later), who was scared, visited "Tachibana", and it became clear that he had a large amount of debt, and he was disowned by Kinta.
After that, I was lost for a while,1943 ToRed paperArrives and goes on the road.
Tachibana Pestle Only
Performance- Shinya Owada[24][20]
Yasuko's grandfather.Kinta's father. The first general of "Tachibana" (I hurt my back in the first week and retired).His son, Kinta, and the craftsmen are strict, but his granddaughter, Yasuko, has a sweet side (which makes him dislike it).As a smoker, "cherry"I love smoking.Hisato got married in love.
During the war, my back pain worsened again and I spent more time sleeping, and later my lungs also suffered.He left a word for happiness to Yasuko and died shortly thereafter.
Hisa Tachibana
Performance- Machiko Washio[24][20]
Yasuko's grandmother.Kinta's mother.He is a solid person, his head turns quickly, and he does not move.The oshiruko made by Hisa is exquisite and is the origin of the bean paste of "Tachibana".I got married to Pestle Only.
At the time of the bombing of Okayama, following Kinta's instructions, the air raid shelter that evacuated with Koshizu died because it was burned by the war.
Masaharu Kurotetsu
Performance-Kenzo Matsuki
One of the live-in employees of the sweets maker "Tachibana".[Note 9]
Saburo Kikui
Performance- Daisuke Sugimori
Also one of the live-in employees of "Tachibana". 1941, the fastest of the three employeesWarrantArrived and set out.
Shigeru Tanbara
Performance-Rintaro Nakamura
Also one of the live-in employees of "Tachibana".

Pheasant family people

Pheasant Senkichi
Performance- Yasunori Danda[24][20]
President of Pheasant Textile.A talented person who is known locally who started the company in his lifetime.We are aiming for the succession of Minoru (described later) and further expansion of the business.
Initially, Minoru was with the daughter of the deputy president of the bankPolitical marriageHe opposes the marriage with Yasuko, but he persuades him with courage and changes his mind after learning about Yasuko's personality and admits the marriage.
Pheasant Mami Tori (Pheasant Midori)
Performance- YOU[24][20]
Chikichi's wife.Raised as a young lady of a good family, she is elegant and always gorgeous.Because he loves his son's fertility and courage, it becomes a big wall for Yasuko.
At first, he opposes the marriage of Minoru and Yasuko because of the difference in family traits, but he reluctantly admits the feelings of Minoru who is going on the road.
Minoru Kijima
Performance- Matsumura Hokuto(Sixtons)[24][20]
Chikichi's eldest son and later Yasuko's husband.A good young man who grew up as a tracer of the Pheasant family, he was enrolled in a commercial university in Osaka as of 1939, and is studying English hard with the aim of commercializing Pheasant textile products with Europe and the United States.jazzWhen I was a college student, I often went to the coffee shop "Dippermouth Blues" to study because "studying at home would hinder me", so I am close to Yanagisawa's parents and children who run the shop.
Student campMarried Yasuko before going to the battlefield.
After the end of the Pacific War, after returning home, you will receive a paper reporting the death of the war.
Pheasant Masamu
Performance- Niro Murakami[24][20](Childhood: Shion Fujiwara)
Chikichi's second son.A baseball boy who is a classmate from Yasuko's elementary school and aims for Koshien.I respect my brother Minoru.I have been fond of Yasuko since I was a child, but I couldn't be honest and kind, so I said, "AnkoIn many cases, they call it "" and give a little bit.After Minoru and Yasuko's thoughts came to pass, that was gradually disappearing, and he persuaded his father, Chikichi, to support the marriage of the two.After getting married, Yasuko came to be called "sister-in-law".
Survive the Pacific War and return home about four months after the end of the war.
Tami Murano (Tami Murano)
Performance- Kanagawa Nishikawa[20][25][26]
A maid who serves the Pheasant family.Always bright and support the daily lives of the people of the Pheasant family.
Performance- Okada Yumi[24][20]
The maid of the Pheasant family.A hard worker who has a modest personality but is well aware.For some reason, I have mixed feelings about Yasuko.

People in the city of Okayama

Paddy Kinu (Mizuta Kinu)
Performance- Karin Ono[24][20](Childhood: Yomari Oka)
Yasuko's childhood friend.A close friend who is a little cool and solid and supports Yasuko.
Uhei Mizuta
Performance- Asakoshi Goe(The Plan 9)[24][20]
Kinu's father.The owner of the tofu shop "Mizudaya Tofu" in the same shopping district as the sweets maker "Tachibana".Watch Yasuko warmly and liven up the local shopping district with Kinta.
Hanako Mizuta
Performance-Megumi Komaki[20]
Uhei's wife.Together, we are cutting "Paddy shop tofu".Homely and very cheerful personality.
Akashi Kichibee
Performance- Keisuke Horibe[25][26][20]
The owner of the rough shop "Akashi" in the same shopping district as the sweets maker "Tachibana".I was the first to get a radio in the town.Anyway, because of his stingy personality, his nickname from the surroundings is "Kechibei".
Although he has a blunt personality, he is sweet to his son, Yoshiemon.During the bombing of Okayama, he died while protecting Yoshiemon from the war.
Kiyoko Akashi[20]
Performance- Mai Miyajima
Akashi Kichiemon[20]
Performance --Taishi Ishizaka (Childhood: Seiichiro Nakagawa)
Son of Yoshibei and Kiyoko. He loves "Tachibana" sweets and frequently visits "Tachibana" with Yoshibei.A calm and calm person who is impressed by Yoshibei.
Sadaichi Yanagisawa
Performance- Sera Kiminori[25][26][20]
Minoru's favorite coffee shop "Dippermouth Blues"[Note 10]Master.He loves jazz and collects many rare records from overseas.
Kenichi Yanagisawa
Performance- Tomoya Maeno[25][26]
Sadaichi's only son.The store is being run with Sadaichi.In elementary school, he is a junior in the second grade of Sota, and has experienced some inconvenience, though not directly, when he was in school. As of 1943, he has already set sail.


Hirakawa only(Hirakawa Taichi)
Performance- Masashi Sada[27]
Lecturer of the radio English course "Cam Come English".
Robert Rosewood
Performance- Tatsumasa Murasame[25][26]
An officer of the expeditionary force.
Sumiko Ogawa
Performance- Mahiru Konno[25][26]
A housewife that Yasuko meets in Osaka.
Frightened Tanaka
Performance- Yu Tokui[25][26]
One day, a debt collector suddenly rushes to the Tachibana family.
Ogura bear
Performance- Midori Wakai[25][26]
The landlord of Oguraso, the boarding house of Makoto Hagi, who attends university.
Takeshi Kanda
Performance- Takei So[25][26]
An Imperial soldier and Lieutenant Colonel of the Navy.
Performance- Go Nakagawa(Nakagawa family)[28]
Manzai teacher.
Performance- Nakagawa Reiji(Nakagawa family)[28]
Manzai teacher.


People to meet

Otsuki Lockichiro (Otsuki Joichiro)
Performance- Odagiri Joe[29]
A customer at a laundry shop where Rui works.Known as: Joe.
Female college student attending a jazz cafe
Performance- Michiko Ichikawa[29]
A female college student who has a crush on Lockichiro.Known as: Berry.
ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン
Performance- Taichi Saotome[29]
A musician based in a jazz cafe run by Kogure.Known as: Tommy.
Heisuke Takemura
Performance- Murata Takehiro[29]
Owner of "Takemura Cleaning Shop" in Dotombori, Osaka.
Kazuko Takemura
Performance- Mari Hamada[29]
Heisuke's wife.He runs a "Takemura Cleaning Shop" with his husband Heisuke.
Yosuke Kogure
Performance- Yoshimasa Kondo[29]
Owner and bartender of a jazz cafe.A person who knows Lockichiro.A customer of Takemura Cleaning Shop.
Nishiyama Futoshi
Performance- Shofutei Shobo[29]
The owner of a movie theater near the Takemura laundry shop.Chairman of the neighborhood.
Isomura Gin
Performance- Atsushi Hamamura[28]
Radio personality.


Bunshiro Igarashi
Performance- Hongo Kanata[22]
Young large room actor.
Kazue Noda
Performance- Toko Miura[22]
Hinata's classmate.
Sayoko Fujii
Performance- Yuu Shinkawa[22]
Hinata's classmate.
Performance- Yuzu Aoki[22]
Yasuko and Minoru's grandson.Rui's son.Hinata's younger brother.
Akashi Kichinojo
Performance- Yuuki Tokunaga[22]
Son of Akasui Kichiemon and grandson of Yoshibei and Kiyoko.
Shinpei Morioka
Performance- Come Oda[22]
Uncle of a liquor store.
Kiyoko Akashi
Performance- Chieko Matsubara[22]
The wife of Yoshibei Akasui, the owner of the rough shop "Akashi", and the grandmother of Kichinojo.I used to live in Okayama (mentioned above).
Makoto Sakakibara
Performance- Generation[22]
Movie village employee.
Misaki Sumire
Performance- Yumi Adachi[22]
Performance- Yutaka Matsushige[22]
Large room actor.


Week 1

Takeo Kyoda
Performance- Shofukutei Matsutaka
announcer.The person who made the first voice of radio broadcasting.
Rakugo performer
Voice- Katsura XNUMX
A rakugoka who appeared on the radio that Yoshibei was listening to.
Voice- Toshiyuki Goda(Former announcer, 2nd week)
directed by
Performance- Keep refrigerated(Week 2)
Director of the Yumoka Junior High School baseball club.
Performance-Alan Holy
A foreigner who was lost.Ask Minoru to explain in English.
James Bernard Harris
Voice- Robert Harris
Lecturer of "Practical English Conversation".
Voice- Donna Burke
Lecturer of "Practical English Conversation".
Rakugo performer
Voice- Katsura kohaku
In the radio program that the Tachibana family was listening to, "Scary bunThe rakugoka who played.
Voice- Haruyuki Kurita(Japanese Centerannouncer.2nd week)
Voice- Kyoyama Yukie Waka
A rokyoku master who appeared on a radio program that the Tachibana family was listening to.
三味 線
Performance --Ipputei first month

Week 2

Tobacco shop grandma
Performance-Yumi Maeda
Tobacco shop owner.I remember the brand of cigarettes that Pestle Only smokes.
Performance --F. Japan
Young daughter
Performance-Kiri Yamashita
Performance-Yukari Tomoyori
Eishiro Hori
Voice-Hiroshi Matsuzaka

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

The number of years is engraved on the subtitle.

週TimesAirdatesubtitleShowWeekly average ratings
1001 - 0052021/1101st-April05 days1925-1939 Adachi Mojiri15.5%[31][32]
2006 - 010October08th-11th December1939-1941 16.0%[33]
3011 - 01511 July-15 September1942-1943 Shinichiro Hashizume15.7%[34]
4016 - 02011 July-22 September1943-1945 Adachi Mojiri16.5%[35]
5021 - 025July 11-October03 days1946-1948 Shinichiro Hashizume
Period average audience rating: (Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

The initial audience rating is 16.4%, and in the first time of the work that starts at 8:XNUMX am, "Gegege's wife""CarnationWas the worst 3rd place after[36].

Omnibus / catch-up broadcast

Catch-up broadcast

2021 May 112: 34-3: 49 (May 11Midnight) andMay 11At 2:02-3:17 (midnight on November 11th), NHK General TV's "Midnight channel] In the frame, we caught up and broadcast 1 episodes each in the 2st and 5nd weeks.


Normal times are about 1-2 minutes at the beginning of the programAvan titleAfter playing, the opening title (generally 90 seconds on Monday, 60 seconds for others) will be played, but for the 8th episode (2rd week of the 3nd week), the 12-second version from about 90 minutes of the main story, which is almost at the end of the program. The opening (partially omitted) was played.The English title logo appears first on the title sequence.Credit titleIs displayed, the official katakana title logo appears at the end.


  • The end 5 seconds at the end of the live broadcast of the main story (Monday-Friday) is called "Come Come English" and posted with English words based on photos and illustrations of everyday scenery, things, people, etc. sent by viewers. It is a corner where you can have them do it.[37]
  • Episode 2 (1st week 2) ・ On November 2021, 11, the previous work "Welcome back MonetPlayed the role of Nagaura HyakuneQingyuan GuoyeBut,Kesennuma City OfCommunity FMThe photo of "Radio Personality" taken at the radio booth set of "Hamarain Kesennuma" was adopted, and the phrase "Welcome home, Mone." Was used.By the way, in the 115th episode of "Okaeri Mone" (23th episode of the 5rd week = 5th episode before the final episode), on the contrary, the photo posted by Mone Kamishiraishi of this work is adopted and broadcast.[38]

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注 釈

  1. ^ Due to the delay in the broadcasting period of the previous three works, the broadcasting start date was changed from the original September 3 of the same year.
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  4. ^ A disc-like telop of a record.There is a notation "Continuous TV novel" at the bottom
  5. ^ The meaning of "continue next time"."SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!" (See you next week) is displayed during the weekly omnibus on Saturday.
  6. ^ However, from Osaka, "OchoyanAppeared in the character of "", the previous work from Tokyo "Welcome back Monet』I will not appear in the appearance that has been done until.
  7. ^ Japan-Germany Ikoku UnionThe explanation that it is due to is under construction
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