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🎥 | "Squid Game" British municipality requests ban on viewing Children who imitate play appear one after another

Never imitate the photo – The image is from "Squid Game" – Noh Juhan / Netflix

"Squid Game" British municipality requests ban on viewing Children who imitate play appear one after another

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According to the site, in Central Bedfordshire, England, children around the age of 6 have been imitating extreme play at school.

A series of children in the eastern part of England imitating the extreme play of the Netflix drama "Squid Game" ... → Continue reading

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Bedfordshire (Bedfordshire) は、EnglandeastIt is inRitual countyAlso known as the county of Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire county.The center isBedford.Cambridgeshire,Northamptonshire,Buckinghamshire,HertfordshireIs in contact with.The highest point is nearby 243 meters (797 feet).The slogan is "Constant Be".

Kensworth1897 Until then belonged to Hertfordshire.

The plant conservation group chose 2002 as the state flower[1].


The name first appears in the record1011 OfBedanfordscirIt means "Beda's ford".

Historically nineVillageConsists of. ,,Clifton,Frit,,,,Willy, And.LutonWas part of Bedfordshire until 1997, but became independentUnitary AuthorityIt became.Still part of Bedfordshire in the historic state, one(English edition)Represented by.Unless otherwise noted, this article describes Bedfordshire as a historic state, including Luton.


The southern tip of Bedfordshire is a white ridge known as Chiltern Hills.The rest of the region is a vast basin with the Great Auds River and its tributaries.

Most of the rocks in BedfordshireJurassicとCretaceousClay and sandstone, some of which are limestone.The clay here is used for brickwork in Fletton.Glacier erosion, hard flint masses removed as gravel, and were once used commercially at quarries that are now lakes in Pryoli State Park, Wyboston, and Fermatham.


There is no main terminal station, but BedfordshireUKThere are many major transportation routes connecting the inland and northern parts of England.


  • A1 - London - Edinburgh --The longest road in England.It passes near Biggleswade and Sandy.
  • A5 (Watling Road) --London - Holyhead ――I'm going through Dunstable.
  • M1 --London --Leeds --Opened in 1959.There are a total of 5 junctions, including near Luton.
  • A6 --Luton - Carlyle --The fourth longest road in England.It passes through Luton and Bedford.


Three major rail lines pass through Bedfordshire.

As a branch line, it connects Bedford and Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.(English edition)Exists and is operated by the London Northwestern Railway.


By BedfordshireFenlandIs tied by water transport. In 2004, a plan was raised to build a canal connecting the River Ouse.


London Luton AirportDomestic, European and North African routes are operated by low-cost carriers.

Town village


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