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Smartphone version Y!If you search for "beloved" in, an SP video with plenty of drama charm will appear!

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Rio (Yuriko Yoshitaka) and Daiki (Kouhei Matsushita) reunited unexpectedly for the first time in 15 years.

The Friday drama "Beloved" is being broadcast on TBS every Friday from XNUMX o'clock.This work is a woman who became an important reference for serial murders ... → Continue reading


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Kohei Matsushita

Kohei Matsushita(Matsushita Kohei,1987 May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actor,Singer-songwriter,talent..旧芸名はThe old stage name isKohei(Kouhei).

TokyoHachioji CityI'm fromVocational school Tokyo Music and Media Arts Naomi(Currently: Shobi College of Music) Graduated from Vocal Department[1]. My office isCube, The record company to which you belongVictor Entertainment..Formerly known as "singer-songwriter"Kohei(Kouhei) I was doing music activities under my name[2].


From childhood to student days

From childhoodartとMusicFamiliar with画家Under my mother油 絵From junior high schoolダンスTo start.

Entered an art high school and majored in oil painting[3]..The movie I saw when I was in the third year of high schoolLove songs for angels...I was impressed and suddenly wanted to sing a song.The next day, I told my mother that I would quit the artistic path and become a singer, and at first I was strongly opposed to it. Allowed me to go to a music school [4].

After graduating from high schoolVocational school Tokyo Music and Media Arts NaomiVocal Department[1]Go on to[5].

As a painting singer-songwriter 

2008 "Painting singer-songwriter" who sings while drawing a picture according to his own songKoheiLive activities in Tokyo and the suburbs of Kanto.同年6月から3ヶ月連続で配信限定シングルをリリースした後、11月にシングル「STAND UP!」でAfter releasing a limited-edition single for XNUMX consecutive months from June of the same year, in November with the single "STAND UP!"Victor EntertainmentMore CD debut[6].Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."THE Radio Park 2008 in HibiyaIs adopted as an image song of[7].2009 ToChildren's program"Be ponkikki』(BS Fuji) Appeared in the ending, and the original song "Good morning good night" is used as an insert song[6].. Also,"TV LIFEIn charge of serializing illustrations and poem works on the Web and magazines such as "PATi ☆ ACT".

As an actor

About a year after his major debut, there was talk of a musical audition, and he took the stage for the first time in 1 BROADWAY MUSICAL "GLORY DAYS".同作への出演を機に「どうしても芝居を続けたい」との思いが芽生え、翌2009年2010月に所属事務所をThe appearance in the same work gave rise to the desire to continue playing, and in May 5, the agency was opened.CubeTransferred to the stage name of the real nameKohei MatsushitaPause the music activity againstage-musicalStarted activities as an actor centered on[8][9].

While repeatedly appearing on stage and musical works,2012 In NovemberNo more kidnappingFirst appeared in a TV drama, and in the same April period,Propose again to you』, Played the first regular appearance in a serial drama, and advanced to video works such as TV dramas, movies, and commercials.一方で、俳優活動の合間を縫って自身の活動の原点と語る音楽制作を再開し、2016年7月にはOn the other hand, he resumed music production, which he talked about as the origin of his own activities, in between actor activities, and in July XNUMX.YouTubeThe channel will be open to the public and music videos edited by himself will be distributed, and live performances will be held once a year.[2][9][10][11].

In 2016Scorpio"Postwar" Life "Trilogy" 2nd work "Army on the tree』Appeared in the replay[12][13]..続いて2018年に三部作最後の1作となるIt will be the last one of the trilogy in XNUMXYoji YamadaThe director's movie was set in "母 と 暮 せ せ』[14][15], 30 (73rd) by acting in the same workAgency for Cultural Affairs Art FestivalReceived the New Face Award in the theater category of[16]..In addition, the same work and the musical "Thrill Me"[17]By acting in, the 26thYomiuri Theater AwardsReceived the Outstanding Actor Award and the Haruko Sugimura Award, which is given to newcomers who have made outstanding achievements.[18][19][20].

I was losing the audition many times and was giving up saying "I have no connection"NHKContinuous tv novelIn the latter half of 2019 broadcast "scarlet』Fulfill the long-sought first appearance[3][21][22][23][24][25].Toda ErikaHe was selected to play the role of Hachiro Taita, who will be the opponent of the heroine Kimiko who plays.Social MediaAbove, I used the "swamp" that I am completely addicted to its charm.hashtag"#Hachironuma" occurs, etc.[25][26], Attracts attention with delicate acting[27][28][29].

In 2020Burn swordI once participated in the workshopHarada MasatoBy the directorHajime SaitoAppointed as a role and first appeared in a historical drama movie[30].

Held solo live performances in Tokyo and Osaka from April to May 2020, restarting music activities in earnest[31][32]

From 2021, "Round and round nine nine』(Nippon TV), At "Gourmet Chicken Race Gochi! 22"Nakajo AyamiRegular appearance as a new member with.Also active as a variety show in earnest.


Hobbies & Skills

My hobbies are cooking and watching the stage[33]..Special skills are painting and dance[33].

I mainly write songs on the guitar.音楽劇『魔都夜曲』の役作りでピアノを習得し、自身の楽曲で弾き語りを披露しているHe learned the piano by making the role of the musical drama "Matoyakyoku", and performed his own songs.[11].

Morning Dora "scarletWhen he appeared in the movie, he played a right-handed person because he basically made pottery on the right.[25][34][35]..文字だけは右手で書けずI can't write only letters with my right hand[25], In the scene of drawing a portrait in the play, I dare to draw with my right hand because it is too good to draw with my left hand[36].. movies"Burn swordIs said to have been left-handedHajime SaitoI was looking for a left-handed actor in pursuit of reality in the roleHarada MasatoIt was appointed by the director as being fresh and expected to be active in the future.[30].

Also, in "Scarlet", he practiced pottery between shootings, and in 2021ShigaCommissioned by Shiga Ceramics Ambassador (No. XNUMX)[37].


According to self-analysis, my pace.On holidays, he doesn't go out much and spends his time alone after cleaning all over because he likes cleaning, and then spending time watching the morning dramas that he has taken.[20].

Home / family 

The whole family, including myselfleft handed[38].

Mother is画家I'm painting an oil painting[39].

I sometimes draw work patterns, and when I go to an art supply store, the smell of the art supplies is the smell of my parents' house.[40].


My favorite food is squid.Sake is a strong highball.


ActressHana KurokiI learned together at a theater workshop when I was a student at Kuroki, and later in 2015,Suntory all free Lemon & Lime TVCMCo-starring in[41].

Daily portal ZAt the cartoonistSeiichi AmakuI have submitted a work to the "writing novel" serialized by.同じく「書き出し小説」に作品を応募している俳優兼漫画家のとは家族ぐるみの付き合いであるThe actor and cartoonist who is also applying for the "writing novel" is a family relationship.[42].


In 2020, a total of 700 people participated in the voting on the Weekly TV Guide, and won the 2nd place in the "Ranking of Actors with Good Acting"[43].



TV drama

Other TV programs


Theater animation




  • Kohei Special Live ~ Under the Sun and Stars ~ (2008)
  • Kohei Gallery (2009)
  • Kohei 1st Anniversary Live (2009)
  • CONRAD SPECIAL X'mas LIVE & Picture Book Reading Session (2009)
  • gravity Live vol.4 (2010) --Guest appearance
  • gravity Special Live in PARCO !! (2010) --Guest appearance
  • Kohei Matsushita Birthday Event 2011 ~ Year Man's Tweet ~ (2011)
  • Kohei Matsushita 25th Birthday event Sweetwenties TALK x LIVE 2012 (2012)
  • gravity × ManaKana Special Live (2012) --Guest appearance
  • Kohei Matsushita LIVE 2014 -image- (2014)
  • Kohei Matsushita LIVE 2015 ~ CALM ~ (2015)
  • Kohei Matsushita LIVE 2016 ~ LIVING XMAS ~ (2016)
  • KOUHEI MATSUSHITA LIVE2017 -acoustic- (2017)
  • KOUHEI MATSUSHITA LIVE 2021 "HEART to HEART" (2021)[31][32]



Kohei Matsushita

#Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
Limited EditionNormal Edition
-NovemberKohei Limited CDFRKH-1Live venue limited CD
1stNovemberSTAND UP!VIZL-308VICL-36472Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."THE Radio Park 2008 in Hibiya"Image Song
2ndNovemberGood morning good nightVICL-36514BS Fuji"Be ponkikki" Insert song

Kohei Matsushita

#Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[78]
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1stNovemberTsuyogariVIZL-1934VICL-376038 bit[79]

Distribution limited single

Kohei Matsushita

#Delivery datetitleRemarks
1NovemberUnstoppable rainIncludes "Kohei Limited CD"
2NovemberSummer Breeze

Mini album

Kohei Matsushita

#Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[80]
Limited EditionNormal Edition



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外部 リンク

Yuriko Yoshitaka

Yuriko Yoshitaka(Yuriko Yoshitaka[1][4],1988 May 7[1][4][3] -) isJapan Ofactress[1].. Real name is private.TokyoBackground[1][5][3].AmuseAffiliation[3].


When I was in the third year of high schoolHarajukuWhen I was shopping at, I was scouted by the entertainment agency Will Corporation and entered the entertainment world[5][6].. It was a woman who was scouting, so she was willing to give her contact information.[6].. He said he had no admiration for an actress.[7].. After that, the original agency Will CorporationMerged with AmuseAs a result, he became a member of Amuse.

2006 ,movies"Noriko's Dinner TableDebuted with[5][6], 28thYokohama Film FestivalReceived the Best New Face Award[4][5].

2007 In September, he was hospitalized due to a serious injury that broke his jaw in a traffic accident.[8][9].. At the audition, "Pierced snakeIt was a few days after the starring was decided.[8][9].. In the same work, she showed off her first nude since her debut.[8][9],32th Japan Academy AwardNew Actor Award,Blue ribbon awardReceived a newcomer award, etc.[1][5], Play a break[5][9][10].

2009 October periodFuji Television Network, IncsystemDue by March 9thDrama"Tokyo DOGSIs selected as the heroine of[Note 1].

2010 October periodNippon TVsystem"Mioka -The days you were-』First starring in a terrestrial serial drama.

2013 The movie "Shinosuke Yokomichi』In the 68thEvery day movie contestReceived actress supporting award etc.[11].. Fuji TV system in AprilDue by March 9thDrama"Galileo』Play the heroine of the second season.

2014 October periodNHKContinuous tv novel"Hanako and Anne』Was selected as the heroine without audition[5][8],same yearMay 12Broadcast of "The 65th NHK Red and White Singing BattleWas the moderator of the Red Group[5].

2015 October, First challenge to the stage with "Great Reverse Run"[12]did.


left handed[13].. When he appeared in the drama "Hanako to Anne", he became the leading model.Muraoka HanakoBecause he is right-handed, he changed his usual diet to hold chopsticks with his right hand.[13].

I also had a part-time job at a yakiniku restaurant or a discount store[7].. I also worked at a convenience store[14].

As a turning point as an actress, he answered that it was a traffic accident that occurred just before shooting the movie "Snakes and Earrings" in 2007.[8][9].. Regarding this, Yoshitaka recalls, "Through the accident that I was prepared to die, I became aware of how I was helped by myself, who had no work."[9].. In another interview, "I was humanly pointed at that time, and I didn't even know that I would be grateful to others. Once you had to feel pain, you were given the experience of such an accident. I think it is. "[8].

He says he is so worried that every time he decides on a role, he may not be an actress in a few years.[15].

Fashion magazine since 2009JILLEAppeared in "Yoshitaka Complementary Plan". Among them, there is a plan to challenge the art field,2012 By the December issue, he said that "the most difficult thing in the history of serialization" was pressed flowers.[16].

January 2010CNNSelected as "7 Japanese actors whose names are unknown in the world but have acting ability"[17].

Hobbies/Special skills/Preferences

My hobby is drawing[1],Music appreciation[1].

Favorite actressHiromi Nagasaku[10]So, he says, "I want to grow up beautifully like that."[10].

My favorite dishes are meat and fish[10].

My favorite colors are black and dark purple[10][18].

What's your favorite movieStudio GhibliWork of[10].. Above all, "Castle Laputa in the Sky"like[10].

Hiroshima dialectとOsaka DialentCan be manipulated freely[19].. Father is from Hiroshima[20].. Make at homeOkonomiyakiIs “Hiroshima style"[21].

make friends

Natsuo GiniroIt is,2000 When I had an errand at the elementary school where my daughter (Kaka, then elementary school 4) attended on April 6, I happened to see Yuriko Yoshitaka (then elementary school 2) who took care of the new students, and I fell in love with her behavior at first sight. After that, I searched for her and sent a letter saying "I want you to take a picture" and let me take a picture in front of my house or in a nearby park. The photo at that time was published in the poetry collection "Bye bye Matane". I didn't realize that Yoshitaka, who was active in the entertainment world after that, was a girl at that time until my friend told me.[22].

Kou ShibasakiIsGalileoI had a friendship before I co-starred in[23], Calling each other "Yuriko" and "Kou-chan"[24].. Besides, the movie version of the same work "Midsummer's equation』apricotThey are on good terms with each other and call each other "Yuri-chan" and "Kyou-chan".[25].

ModeratorThe 65th NHK Red and White Singing BattleIn a special program that welcomesGo NagabuchiChildren andShinichi MoriRevealed that he is a classmate with his child[26].

other"Hanako and Anne』Haliselbon-Haruna KondoIs my best friend.What is Kondo?Justice』Co-starring in episode 8[27].


* StarringTaizi


TV drama


WEB drama

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Teacher (March 2006, 3-May 20,GyaO) --As Satomi Sekiguchi
  • Mudra"Woh woh" (January 2009, 1-February 26, FUJIPACIFIC MUSIC)- Hitomi Role
  • Premarital Express-Jinsei from 17- (September 2009, 9-7, 28,au LISMODrama) - Ikeshita Chie Role
  • Percentage of Love ~ My boyfriend is surprisingly about 10% ~ (2009,Sogo/Seibu"2009 Love Xmas Campaign")- Faint Role
  • Premarital Express-From Jinsei 21- (January 2011, au LISMO drama)- Ikeshita Chie Role
  • Cannonball Wedlock-117 days to get married-(September 2011, 9-September 2, all 9 episodes, au LISMO drama)- Ikeshita Chie Role

Television Animation






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tv set



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