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🎥 | Orders for the "BIC" item "Shiro Click Gold Ballpoint Pen" from the movie "Child of Kamiari Month" have started!


We have started accepting orders for the "BIC" item "Shiroclick Gold Ballpoint Pen" from the movie "Child of Kamiari Month"!

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▽ Specifications Price: ¥ 550 (tax included) Size: Maximum diameter φ13mm, Total length 140mm Ball diameter / Writing width / Core diameter 0.7 Weight: 8g Material: Butyrate resin Ink color: Black BIC is 1945, Marcel Bich is Edouard Buffal Established a writing instrument company, BIC, in France and started joint management.

Alma Bianca Co., Ltd. plans and sells goods based on the concept of "creating new value through collaboration" ... → Continue reading


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Overall length 140mm ball diameter


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