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🎥 | Fileys Aito Cure Summer "Aiseki Shokudo" praised by travelers from staggered "God times"

Photo Fairouz Ai and Cure Summer (c) ABC TV

Fayries Aito Cure Summer "Aiseki Shokudo" praised by travelers from Chidori "Kamikai"

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When he visited Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where nature is abundant, his father was an Egyptian and he tried to climb Mt. Ashitake, which is called the "Pyramid of Japan," but it turned out that he was not in light clothing.

The main character of the popular anime "Tropical-Ju! Precure" (every Sunday, XNUMX:XNUMX am) being broadcast on TV Asahi ... → Continue reading


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Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture


Ashitakeyama(Ashitakeyama)HiroshimaShobaraLocated in Honmura-cho, eastern part of(I.e..elevation815m.Since there are traces of rocks that seem to be artificially piled up from the middle abdomen to the vicinity of the mountaintop, "Japan PyramidKnown as ", and has been locally known for a long time.Emperor JimmuIt was said to be a tomb[1].

"Japanese Pyramid" theory

1934 ,Shogun SakaiBut "Ashitakeyamapyramid"It is also" the oldest pyramid in the world 2 years ago. "This became the first "Japanese Pyramid" advocated by Shogun Sakai, and at the same time, it was published in newspapers nationwide and became known as the "Japanese Pyramid".In addition, there are many theories that the mountain of Japan is a pyramid, and it is in Nagano prefecture.MinakamiyamaAnd in Akita prefectureKuromatayamaEtc. are known.However, these theories have no archaeological support.


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  1. ^ See Ashitakeyama trekking map on external link

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