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📺 | When Hyakune is talking to Ryo ... "Welcome back Monet" 115th Synopsis

Photo The story of the storm ... – (C) NHK

When Hyakune is talking to Ryo ... "Welcome back Monet" 115th Synopsis

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Hyakune asks Ryumi what his father, Koji (Seiyo Uchino), thinks about working in the sea.

NHK serial TV novel "Okaeri Mone" with Kaya Kiyohara as the heroine. The 22th synopsis broadcast on the 115th ... → Continue reading

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Uchino Seiyo

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(2018/5)

Seiyo Uchino(Our fault[2],1968 <Showa 43>May 9[3] -) isJapan OfAn actor[3].Kanagawa横 浜 市Background[4].. Height 177cm,Blood TypeAB type[3]..The real name reading is "Our MasaakiIt was also used as a stage name until July 2013.[2]..Ex-wifeactress OfMaki Ichiji[5].


Parents' home横 浜 市 OfSoto sectTemple.Setagaya Gakuen High School,Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and EconomicsDepartment of Political Sciencegraduate[4]..The first play while in college was an English play[6]I played a playboy role in, but I didn't want to play it for a while, so I went behind the scenes.[6].1992 , While in schoolLiterary TheaterEntered the laboratory[4].. In syncShinobu TerashimaThere is[4]..The following year, it will be the first year of the training course, and during the training, he will practice as a bit part of the drama.[6]..Although he was opposed to his family by not inheriting the temple of his parents' house, he went on to become an actor.[7].

1996 IsTwo children],1997 Then,Mrs. CinderellaThe face is known for appearing in Bungakuza (became a member of Bungakuza)[4]).

In the theater, he was towed by his ability and mobilization at the home ground and Bungakuza, and also appeared in many plays hosted by others.[4].Straight playIs the main activity, but aiming to develop and amplify further expression methods2000 ToElisabeth] For the first timemusicalAlso perform[4]..This appearance became a turning point in Uchino's later expression and private life (described later).

2003 ,CicadaPlayed Bunshiro Maki, and received the Hosou Bunka Foundation Performer Award.Monte Carlo TV FestivalWon the Best Actor Award[4].

2004 ,Aim for Ace!』Appeared in the role of Jin Munakata and became a hot topic.

2007 ,Fulin Volcano』In the leading roleYamamoto KansukeAt the press conference at the time of crank-up, he cried, saying, "I'm proud of this work."[8].

In my private life, I kept acquainting and dating with "Elizabeth"Maki Ichijiと2006 OctoberAnnounced engagement. Enrolled at the end of July, and a girl was born at the end of October.At the time of enrollment, the filming of "Furinkazan" was started, and the reception was held in 7 when the filming of "Furinkazan" was completed.May 10To do2011 May 8Announced by fax with joint name that the divorce report was submitted[5].

At the end of 2011, he left Bungakuza, where he had been enrolled for about 20 years since his debut, and established a private office.Stardust promotionAnnounced business alliance with[9][10][11]..Withdrawal procedure dated January 2012, 1[12].

In July 2013, on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of his birth, he announced that he would change the reading of stage names from his real name "Uchi no Masaaki" to "Uchi no Seiyo", which had been going on for many years since his debut.[2]..The reason is that "many people couldn't read" Masaaki "."[13].

August 2021, 5,New coronavirusThe infection to[14]..Currently living with a woman in her thirties[15].

On November 2021, 11, the recipients of the Medal with Purple Ribbon were announced in the fall of 2rd year of Reiwa, and it became clear that they would receive the Medal with Purple Ribbon.


  • Actor'sYu YoshizawaIs the drama "Aim for Ace!In my mid-20s, I was supposed to play the role of a high school student "Takayuki Todo", and I was dissatisfied with the gap between the actual age and the age difference of the cast, so I wanted to play "Jin Munakata", which is close to the actual age. However, Uchino finished the role of "Jin Munakata" perfectly and appeared in the face-to-face (as if he had jumped out of the manga), so he couldn't express his desire to play "Jin Munakata". Talking to[6].
  • I once built a soundproof room at home to practice loudly by remembering the lines[6].
  • At "Furinkazan", he entered the dressing room earlier than anyone else and was preparing for it.Also, as a co-star who left an impression on this workShinichi Chiba-Kamejiro Ichikawa-GACKT-Nukijiya ShihoriAre listed[16]..Especially for Chiba, "I alsoSwordI like it very much and I practice it all the time, but Mr. Chiba is famous all over the world and his action is amazing.I was so happy to be able to sword with such a person.Mr. Chiba is standing firmly with the feeling that "Please come from anywhere".I also borrowed this big breast and felt like I should do it to my heart's content.Mr. Chiba is a very passionate person, and even after the recording is over, he gathers young people and talks about acting while drinking alcohol.Even though I was asked to join the group and the lights went out and I was told "Please go out early", I just drank and talked (laughs).It was fun to hear about the secrets of the sword fight.I learned techniques that I couldn't teach to the viewers, and I learned in many ways (laughs). "[16][17]The memorable scene also mentions "sword fight with Chiba".[16][17].
  • "JINIn playing Ryoma Sakamoto in 』, many times before shootingKochiBy going to and drinking alcohol with the local peopleTosa dialectI wore it.Uchino's performance, which speaks fluent Tosa dialect, was well received, and the audience rating in Kochi, Ryoma's hometown, was over 30%.When he won the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Supporting Actor Award, he commented on his reaction in Kochi: "Did you like my Ryoma?" Mr. Uchino was the first to speak Tosa dialect properly. " He even said, "[18].



TV drama



Theater animation

Radio Drama


  • Witness! Japanese archipelago (December 2011, 10, NHK)-Narration
  • History Dream Team Astonishing Detective Honnoji Incident (January 2014, 1, NHK) --Guide



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外部 リンク

Hundred sounds

Hundred sounds(Mone) isJapan OfFemaleCell phone novelist.. Cancer, type A[1].. Real name is not disclosed.


Fiction based on real-life experiences depicting the unfulfilled future that was once desired[2]"Eternal dreamBecame popular on mobile websites, and in December 2006Take ShoboMade into a book from. First half of 2007TohanBecame a bestseller in the top 10 in the book and literary rankings. In July 2007, the sequel "" was released. "Eternal dream"FutabashaIt was also made into a comic from (2 volumes in total). April 2011,ShueishaCompleted over 4 years as the first title of the new cell phone novel label[3]"" Is announced. The latest issue is "" released in June 2014.


Book version



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外部 リンク


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