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📺 | Morning Dora "Come Come Everybody" Synopsis / Cast Information [Summary]


Morning Dora "Come Come Everybody" Synopsis, Cast, etc. Information [Summary]

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Rui: Eri Fukatsu (second heroine) Born in the Pheasant family as the daughter of Yasuko, she grew up in Okayama until she was 18 years old.

The 105th serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" will start on November 11st (Monday-Saturday, NHK General TV, morning ... → Continue reading

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Fukatsu Eri

Fukatsu Eri(Fukatsu Eri,1973 May 1 ‐) isJapan Ofactress.OitaOita CityI'm from.Same real name.AmuseBelongs.Mother isCalligrapher OfYumiko Fukatsu.. Nickname is "Fuka-chan. "



  • From a young age until a few years after his debut, he had short hair, and as of 1991, he said, "I amLong hairI can't think of it, and I have a great attachment to shorts. "[5] I was saying.
  • In the "Mole is attractive actress ranking" held in November 2020, where 11 people participated in the vote, it surpassed Nana Komatsu and Nanako Matsushima to take second place.[6].

Evaluation / episode

  • Koki MitaniFukatsu in the movie "The Magic HourAbout the reason why it was appointed to the movie "Journey to the West』When he co-starred and had a conversation, he said," Because it felt good. "In the play, Fukatsu shows a live song at the time of shooting instead of dubbing, and also sings a long version at the ending.Regarding this, "Mr. Fukatsu was a really good person in both singing and acting. (Ad-lib) Mr. Fukatsu never laughs. She never gives NG. She is an iron lady. "Type" "The ears are good and the English pronunciation is perfect. The ending was a masterpiece."[7].
  • Akashi familyIs "Kimura Takuya, It's better not to co-star with Eri Fukatsu.They haven't seen the script (on the spot). "" I don't say "show me a little." I'm just hiding the script like a fool. "[8].


TV drama






  • JVC "S-VHS Video HR-S5500"
  • Acecook "Large Chinese Yakisoba" "Large Squid Yakisoba"
  • Asahi Soft Drinks "Aqua V"
  • Mitsubishi "ミ ラ ー ジ ュ(1992)
  • Kao "Rouage" (1994)
  • Glico "Kiss Collection" (1994)
  • Nisshin Flour Milling "Ma Mar Spaghetti" (1995)
  • Meiji Seika "Porte" (1995)
  • DeBeers "Diamond Engagement Ring" (1998-2000)
  • JCB card
    • "Mickey's Ears"
    • "Thai food"
  • Fuji staff "Speed ​​photo"
  • Eisai Chocola series
  • JR Tokai
    • "HOME-TOWN EXPRESS Christmas Version (Christmas Express '88)" (1988)
    • "X'mas Express 2000" (2000)
    • "Musical Edition"
    • "State-of-the-art fashion"
    • "Woman hated by machines" (2003)
  • Suntory
    • "Grapefruit, Pingle, Kyohogure"
    • "Blessings of the earth and water"
  • Intel
    • "Honeybee Edition"
    • "Dog muffler edition"
    • "Uhoha" (2006)
  • Morinaga Confectionery
    • "DARS2006 Mochabiter Limited Time Until August -Woman for a Limited Time-" (8)
    • "DARS2007 Limited time until February -Fortune-telling-" (2)
  • Kanebo Home Products Ichi hair
    • "Appearance"
    • "Autumn / Visit"
    • "Winter / Shirakabe"
    • "Spring / Stone Steps" (2007)
  • Ajinomoto General Foods "Marieme" (1999, 2000)
  • Sapporo beer Winter story
    • "I can't stand it"
    • "Don't look"
  • Yakult Headquarters Joa (2008)
  • Daiwa House Industry"Here, Together" (2011)
  • JRA"WIN5(2011)
  • Shikishima bread Pasco Super Mature "Encounter" (2013)


Television Animation


  • Guest participation in "Gelatin Silver Session 08 Exhibition Save The Film"
  • Japan Academy Award --35th Award Ceremony Moderator



TV drama





  • (As Rie Kogen) Marionette Blue (C / W) Mangetsu no Kuchikushi (as Rie Kogen)Victor Entertainment, Released November 1988, 10)
  • (Eri Fukatsu +Masami NakagamiAs) NIGHT-CLUBBING (C / W) Sun, flowers, trees (Victor Entertainment, released on February 1991, 2)

(Hereafter, as Eri Fukatsu)

  • YOKOHAMA Joke (C / W) Sad Metrogene (Victor Entertainment, released on October 1988, 10)
  • Seven tears (C / W) His tears and her will (Victor Entertainment, released June 7, 1989)
  • Approach (C / W) Girl disqualification (Victor Entertainment, released on November 1989, 11)
  • Two Bride (C / W) Bride (Victor Entertainment, released on February 1992, 2)
  • Love is nice, love is a bouquet (C / W) For girls with long hair (Victor Entertainment, released on June 1992, 6)


  • Applause (Victor Entertainment, released on February 1990, 2)
  • sourire (Victor Entertainment, released on March 1992, 3)
  • Poisonous strawberry(NODA MAP, released on August 2012, 8)
Hideki NodaAn album containing all eight songs in the play sung in the 17th performance "Egg" of NODA MAP led by.Released under the role name "ICHIGO ICHIE".
  • Golden Best (Victor Entertainment, scheduled to be released on June 2015, 6 → Canceled)
Released by each record companyGolden bestIt was planned to be released as one of the SHM-CD specifications, but it was canceled soon after the announcement was announced.


  • Original video animation "Mermaid Forest" soundtrack (released July 1991, 7)
Includes "Through the Forest-Born to love you".
  • Here is Greenwood VOCAL BEST COLLECTION (released October 1992, 10)
  • Here is Greenwood FLYING DOG (Reprinted on September 2008, 9)
Includes "Seven Tears".Participated in chorus lines in "Green Wood Carnival 7 and 1" as Mieko Nitta.
  • "The Magic Hour" Original Soundtrack Edition Universal Music
movies"The Magic Hour』Singing as Mari Takachiho (Eri Fukatsu) at the time of appearance.
  • "Nice gold binding" original soundtrack board King Record
Includes the theme song "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON" in "Eri Fukatsu & Toshiyuki Nishida with Court Boys".

Photo album

  • Sobacasu Eri Fukatsu Photobook (released in June 1989, Kindaieigasha)


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