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🤖 | KAMAITACHI Hamaya, the actress who appeared in her favorite anime is "That entertainer's wife" "Seriously amazing"


KAMAITACHI Hamaya, the actress who appeared in her favorite anime is "That entertainer's wife" "Seriously amazing"

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In the video "[Assault] I met an Ano celebrity who longs for Bride Land !! [Dinosaur Planet / Kamaitachi / Hamaya]", a surprising relationship with license Kazuhiro Fujiwara's wife Rand (Misa Yamaguchi) Was revealed.

On the 20th, Ryuichi Hamaya, a comedy duo and KAMAITACHI, announced on the YouTube channel "Fujiwa Land [License Fujiwara] ... → Continue reading

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Daughter-in-law land

Kazuhiro Fujiwara

Kazuhiro Fujiwara(Kazuhiro Fujihara,1977 May 9 -) isJapan OfComedianAndlicense OfBlurI am in charge.NaraIkoma CityFrom (Permanent domicile-Tottori)[1]..Height 181 cm, weight 80 kg.Blood type O type.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs.


Ikoma City Ose Junior High SchoolAfter graduation, Nara Prefectural Kammaki High School (currently:Nara Prefectural Seiwa Seiryo High School) And graduated.When I entered high school, I entered with the brain of the 8th grade, and the grades were top class until the first year of high school[Source required]..However, in the second year, I met my partner, Imoto, and my grades got worse and worse.In karate, which he used to do in club activities, he won the championship in Nara prefecture and has achieved the best 2 national tournaments.[2].

1996 , A high school classmateTakashi ImotoAnd formed a duo.

August 2014, 1,talent OfMisa YamaguchiAnnounced to marry[3].

On January 2014, 1, I submitted a marriage registration in Tokyo.

On May 2017, 5, we announced the birth of our first child, a girl, at talk live and SNS.


He often transferred to junior high school and lived in Tokyo and Niigata.Among them, Niigata, where I spent my elementary school days, has a particular feeling for me, and I often talk about it as an episode.[4].

Obtained a drone license and posted images taken with the drone on SNS[5].. The YouTube channel "Drone Fujiwara Channel" was opened, but the number of registered users and the number of views were sluggish.KajisakThe channel name was changed to "Fujiwaland" by the advice of.In the video, his wife Misa Yamaguchi appears as "Bride Land" and her daughter as "Chibi Land".


  • A good junior entertainerRough controlShigeoka,CanaryAdachi,Mokkosu FireNori.I often drink together.again,2700He has become friends with Tsune and is also participating in his 32nd birthday party.It often appears on Fujiwara's blog.In addition, at this birthday party, the two of ArmstrongFeeling relaxedEsaki is also participating, and at the New Year partybroadcastFusano is also participating.With Shigeoka of Rough ConElite YankeeI went to izakaya with Nishijima, and recentlyLLRThe exchanges with the entertainers are expanding through junior entertainers who are close to each other, such as having a few meals with Fukuda.
  • Senior entertainerReallyI like it, and sometimes I pick up and drop off by car and eat.
  • Also, of senior entertainersWild bomb・ Kunihiro Kawashima (currentlyKukki!), And even the male entertainer (including the spiritual meaning) that he thinks names Kawashima.I kept the graffiti written by Kawashima, which I received as a talisman when I came to Tokyo, in my wallet until the paper was worn out.There is also a story that the number of jobs increased as soon as I pulled it out of my wallet.
  • EXILEI've been with USA since I co-starred on the stage, and sometimes I go out for a drink.
  • At Fighting KairosKickboxingI am practicing and belong to the same gymK-1Fighter'sKimura MinoruI am on good terms with.Kimura's K-1 andKrushIn many cases, he serves as the second.
  • 2014 for his wedding in 2700,NON STYLEBesides, still before the breakAnyway bright YasumuraInvite.following yearBuzzword AwardYasumura showed off the shining iron plate material, but he said he wasn't happy at all (he didn't say "Please rest assured, I'm wearing it").
  • back number OfIyori ShimizuI have an exchange with him and go to live.He also wrote on his blog that he had a new album as a gift.I was also invited to the wedding.


  • Yoshimoto handsome ranking:'00年度5位、'01年度18位、'02年度13位、'04年度13位、'05年度17位、'06年度18位、'07年度8位、'08年度2位、'09年度1位、'10年度1位、'11年度1位(殿堂入り)。


* Appearance in the duolicensereference. Only personal appearances are listed.

tv set

Many others.

TV drama


V cinema

  • Makoto Iizuka, the first president of the Kamikaze Union, Eizawa Noyama (2005)



  • Heritage game (2017 KADOKAWA)
  • Heritage game Kondo edition (2018 KADOKAWA)



  • YU-A"I want to watch over" -as a novelist


  • Pile driver (2007, YOSHIMOTO R and C) released on April 4
  • Eating!4 ~ Gluttony Gluttony ~ (2008,GP Museum) Released on December 12th
  • Pediatric Lifesaving DVD-BOX (2009, Pony Canyon) Released on March 3
  • The Gorgeous Spy DVD-BOX (2009, VAP, INC) released on December 12
  • Tragic Situation Theater Snake Princess-My Heart's Naja- (2009, YOSHIMOTO R and C) Released on June 6th
  • 2 Girls / YU-A (2011, appeared on the music video DVD attached to the first limited edition, YOSHIMOTO R and C) Released on February 2nd
  • Dog and Your Story Inu no Eiga (2011, TC Entertainment) Released on August 8th
  • Canary LIVE "Kinitojaku" (2012, bonus video, YOSHIMOTO R and C) released on February 2
  • Goodbye ★ Hello Japan Longitudinal Ekiden Trip Okinawa → Kagoshima → Miyazaki → Oita Edition (2013, YOSHIMOTO R and C) Released on January 1
  • Gion Laugher ~ Handsome Talking Hands ~ (2013, YOSHIMOTO R and C) Released on February 2th


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