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🎥 | Props gun explodes in a movie set starring Alec Baldwin. 1 dead and 1 injured


A prop gun explodes in a movie set starring Alec Baldwin. 1 dead and 1 injured

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A Rust spokeswoman told Deadline, "Today, a blank-loaded prop gun accidentally foamed on the Rust set in New Mexico." "Cast and crew safety. We will give top priority to this and will stop production for a while. "

On October 10st, a prop gun exploded on the set of the movie "Rust" starring Alec Baldwin, killing one person ... → Continue reading

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New mexico

New mexico
State of New Mexico
Estado de Nuevo México
New Mexico State FlagNew Mexico Mark
(State flag(State emblem)
State nickname: Land of fascination
Land of Enchantment
New Mexico Location
State capitalSanta Fe
Largest cityAlbuquerque
Governor(English edition
Official terminologyEnglish(De facto official language)
 - Grand total
 -Water area
5th in the US
315,194 km²
314,590 km²
608 km² (0.2%)
 - Grand total
 - Population density
36th in the US
6.27 people/km²
Join US
 -Date of subscription

1912 May 1
Time zoneUTC -7
STD -6
latitudeNorth latitude 31° 20'-37°
longitude103 ° -109 ° west longitude
East-west width550 km
North-south length595 km
 -Highest altitude
 -Average elevation
 -Lowest altitude

4,014 m
1740 m
867 m
Abbreviation (ISO 3166-2: US)US-NM
WebsiteNew Mexico Government
SenatorMartin Heinlook
Ben Ray Luhan

New mexico(British: New Mexico,West: New Mexico, "Nuevo Mexico") IsThe United States of AmericaIn the southwest ofState..North of the stateColoradoOn the east sideOklahomaTexasOn the west sideArizonaOn the south sideTexasandメキシコWith国境Is in contact with.Also in the northwest of the stateFour CornersThere, thereUtahThey are in contact with each other at one point.It is the fifth largest in area in the United States, 5th in population, and 36th in population density.Known as the "Land of Enchantment" because of its beautiful landscape.[1].

State capital The1607 ToスペインA historic town built by peopleSanta fe city.

Languages ​​Spoken at Home (New Mexico) 2010
Racial composition (New Mexico) 2010
イ ン デ ィ ア ン


The first inhabitants known to have lived in what became New MexicoPareo indian OfClovis cultureWas the people of[2]: 19.

After that, Indians of Magyoun culture and Anasazi culture lived.[3]: 52.. By the time of contact with Europeans in the 16th centuryプ エ ブ ロWith peopleNavajo,Apache,YutoA tribal settlement was created[2]: 6,48.

Francisco Vasquez de CoronadoFrom 1540 to 1542 in MexicoCompostelaCreated a huge expedition withMarcos de NizaThe legendary storySeven cities of goldI searched for and tried to find the seven golden cities of[3]: 19-24..The name Nuevo Mexico was first used by a gold mine explorer named Francisco de Ibera, who explored far north of Mexico in 1563, and reported that it was "New Mexico".[4].Juan de OñateIs new in 1588New Mexico ColonyOfficially adopted the name when appointed as the first governor of[3]: 36-37.. In 1598, Oñati was near Okay Owinge Pueblo on the Rio Grande.[3]: 37Established the San Juan de los Caballeros colony, the first permanent European settlement in the area[5]..Oñatiチ ワ ワ700 miles (1,120 km) from Santa Barbara to your colonyCamino Real de Tierra Adentro(Inland royal road) was extended[6]: 49.

Around 1608,Rocky mountainsBranch at the southern end ofSangre de Cristo MountainsTown of Santa Fe was established at the foot of the[6]: 182..This town, along with most of the settlements in the areaPueblo rebellionAbandoned from Spain for 12 years as a result of[7]..Pueblo leaderPopeAfter the death ofDiego de VargasReturned the area to Spanish control[3]: 68-75..While Santa Fe developed as a center of trade, returning pioneers founded the town of Albuquerque in 1706 from an already existing settlement.[3]: 84..The name Albuquerque isNueva Espana OfViceroyNamed after Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva, the 10th Duke of Albuquerque[8].

Because it was part of Nueva EspanaMexican War of IndependenceAfter Mexico became independent in 1821, New Mexico was inherited as part of it.[3]: 109.Republic of TexasClaimed to occupy the eastern bank of the Rio Grande when it separated from Mexico in 1836.[9]..Texas has been separated from the New Mexico by Komancheria, the only attempt to attempt to dominate the territory of that claimTexas Santa Fe ExpeditionBut it failed.The northernmost landmark of New Mexico was initiallyFranceWas dominated, but in 1803Acquisition of LouisianaWas sold to the United States as part of[10].. By 1800, the Spanish population had reached 25,000, but Apache and Comanche continued to attack Hispanic pioneers until they were dominated by the United States.[11].

From 1846 to 1848American ink warAnd of 1848Guadalupe Hidalgo TreatyAs a result, the northern region, where Mexico has barely settled, todaySouthwestern United StatesWith the area calledCaliforniaCeded to the United States[3]: 132.Compromise of 1850Withdrew its claim of sovereignty over the eastern bank of the Rio Grande in exchange for $ 1,000 million[3]: 135..United States of America 1853Gadsden purchaseAcquired the heel of boots in southwestern New Mexico, mostly desert, and the southern Gila River in Arizona.This is for AmericaTranscontinental railroadWas involved in the construction of[3]: 136.

United States CongressPromoted New Mexico as the 1912th state on January 1, 6[3]: 166.

Second World WarIn betweenLos AlamosIn the firstAtomic bombIs designed and manufacturedSokoroAlamogordoIs betweenWhite Sands Experiment RangeFirst in the desertNuclear testWas made[3]: 179-180.

New Mexico benefits from a federal budget. Three US Air Force Bases, White Sands Missile Range andLos AlamosSandiaThere is a national laboratory in the state.After World War II, the state's population expanded rapidly, growing from 1940 in 531,818 to 2000 in 1,819,046.[12][13]..Areas where employment is expanding in the stateElectronics,Call centerandIndian CasinoThere is[14].


New Mexico covers an area of ​​121,412 square miles (314,460 km²), making it the fifth largest state in the United States.[15]..In New Mexico the eastern boundary of the west longitude 103 degreesOklahomaIt borders Texas 103 miles (3 km) west of 5 degrees west longitude.Texas also borders the eastern two-thirds of the southern New Mexico border, but the western third of the "boot heels" (boot-heelThe part that protrudes to the south called) is from MexicoChihuahuaas well as the SonoraIs in contact with.Of these, 90% is in contact with Chihuahua.ArizonaThe western boundary with and is along 109 degrees 3 minutes west longitude,Washington DCFrom is 32 degrees in longitude difference.The north borders Colorado at 37 degrees north latitude.The northwest cornerFour CornersCalled New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona andUtahTouch at one point, and their state borders form a cross.New Mexico is a large state, but it has few water bodies.The water area is about 1 square miles (250 km²) and the ratio to land is only 650%.

The terrain of the state is varied, southeast of 3,000 ft (914.4 m) above sea level.CarlsbadFrom the desert plains around the city to the northeastern part of the state at the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of 13,000 ft (3,962.4 m)TaosUp to the city, the terrain such as rivers, valleys and mountains shows the history of continental formation.There is an image of a dry desert, but especially in the northern part, the mountainous plain covered with deep forest spreads to a considerable extent.Rocky mountainsIs the southernmost point ofSangre de Cristo MountainsIs rocky and in the northern part of the countryside,Rio grande riverIt extends from north to south along the eastern shore of.The important river is the Rio GrandeCanadian river, San Juan River, andHira RiverIs.The Rio Grande is the fourth longest river in the United States[16].

The federal government is the United States National Forest (United States National Forest) As millions in New MexicoacreProtecting the land of[17]..The national forests include the following.

United States National Park ServiceAreas managed by the company include:

Tourists often visit the remaining indigenous Pueblo.This will drop a lot of money in the state.Other scenic areas include the Kasha Katswe Tent Rocks National Monument and the Valles Caldera National Preservation Site.The Hira fabric is in the southwestern part of the state.


New Mexico is a rare land blessed with 340 days of sunlight a year, and there are very few natural disasters.Because there is little rain and it is drySub-arid climateからDry climateIn Although,ContinentalOrAlpine climateThere is also an area of.Elevation is a major determinant of the state's climate.Comparing regions at the same altitude at the northern and southern ends of the state, temperatures differ by only 1.6 degrees (3 degrees Fahrenheit).On the other hand, numbersMilesOnly 4,000フ ィ ー トComparing areas with (1,219 meters) elevation differences, the average annual temperature differs by 8.3 degrees (15 degrees Fahrenheit).

The average annual rainfall is 13.9 inches (353 mm).Average annual temperature is 64 in the southeast ° F From (18 ° C) to 40 in the northern mountains ° F There is a change to (4 ° C) less than[15]..In summer, daytime maximum temperatures often exceed 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,524 degrees Fahrenheit) in areas below 37.8 feet (100 meters) above sea level. Average maximum temperature in July is 7 in the lowlands ° F From (36 ° C) to 70 in the highlands ° F (21 ° C) Until the latter half of the range.Even at the highest altitudes, the standard maximum temperature in summer is around 25 degrees Celsius.Summer peaks earlier than in other parts of the United States, in July and AugustGulf of MexicoThe humidity of the monsoon from the sky enters and makes a shower.At night in summer, the temperature drops sharply with sunset, making it easy to spend.

Record highs were recorded on June 1994, 6 at a waste isolation experimental plant near rubbing 27 ° F (50 ° C), record low temperature recorded in Gavilan on February 1951, 2-1 ° F (-45 ° C)[18].

Winters are surprisingly cool for the state's latitude, with maximum temperatures of around 13 degrees Celsius in the lowlands of the south and barely below zero in the highlands of the north.However, the temperature difference from nighttime is large, and it is not uncommon for the minimum temperature to drop below zero throughout the state.Precipitation in the state generally increases with altitude.In the southern desert, the annual rainfall is less than 250 mm, while in the highlands, the annual rainfall is 500 mm or more.Most of the state's rainfall comes from the July and August monsoons.As an exception, the western part of the state has more rainfall in winter than the rest of the world.Snow cover is not uncommon in the highlands.

Heavy thunderstorms in July and August can cause natural disasters.The northeast is the most vulnerable and is exposed to an average of 7 days of thunderstorms annually.this is,FloridaMore than any other part of the United States except the Gulf of Mexico region and the neighboring region of Colorado.These thunderstorms are fleeting, but can also cause sudden floods with strong winds, hail, and thunder.竜 巻Is not uncommon, and is more likely to occur mainly in the eastern part of the state.Very rarely, the Gulf of Mexico in the east and the westGulf of CaliforniaComes from bothTropical cycloneThe rest of the can affect the state's weather, usually with heavy rains without wind.


Population transition
Yearspopulation% ±
Sources: 1850–1990,[12]
2000,[13] 2010[19]

As of July 2008, 7, New Mexico had a population of 1, an increase of 1,984,356, or 2000%, from 165,315.[20]..This includes a natural increase of 114,583 (235,551 births and 120,968 deaths) and an increase of 59,499 immigrants to the state.The breakdown is 34,375 immigrants from outside the United States and 25,124 immigrants from within the United States.[20].

New MexicoCenter of gravity TheManzanoThere is a townTorrance CountyHas become[21].

Looking at the population by age group, 5% under 7.5 years old, 18% under 25.3 years old, 65% over 13.1 years old[22]..The proportion of women is 50.7%[22].. As of 2000, 8.2% of the state's inhabitants were foreign-born[22], Spanish colonial descendants and recentlyLatin AmericaIncluding people who have immigrated fromHispanicThe population is 46% (2010 estimate), which is the highest in Japan.More than 2% of the state's citizens are illegally resident foreigners.There is no end to the number of people smuggling in for employment from the United States of Mexico.

Race and ancestry

New Mexicoイ ン デ ィ ア ンAnd with Spanish colonistsLatin AmericaIt is the most populous state of Hispanic population, including immigrants from.Also,Navajo,プ エ ブ ロTribe,ApacheOf the Indians who have been federally certified as "Indians"Reservation placeBecause of the existence of, the ratio of Indians to the total population is relatively high,ア ラ ス カ 州It is the third largest in Japan after[22][23].Santa Fe de Nuevo MexicoHispanos, descendants of dating Spanish colonists, are concentrated in the north, central and northeast.Younger Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, live in southern New Mexico.New Mexico citizens of American, Spanish, Mexican, and Indian ancestry have a strong influence on New Mexico's climate and culture.

New Mexico Racial Composition[24]Is as follows.

What is the population composition divided by the country of origin of the ancestors as declared in the 2000 census?[25]:6, Spanish / Hispanic (18.7%),Mexican (16.3%), Indians (10.3%), andGerman descent (9.8%).


According to the 2000 census, 5% of state citizens over the age of 28.76 are at homeSpanishAnd 4.07%NavajoTalking to[26]..Those who speak the Spanish dialect of New Mexico are mainly descendants of Spanish pioneers who came to the region in the 16th and 18th centuries.[27].

Spanish is widely used, so Spanish isEnglishIt is often considered to be the official language of New Mexico next to.1912 Although a bilingual state government existed for a short time when it joined the United States, current New Mexico law does not specify an official language.However, election ballots and driver manuals are printed in both English and Western languages, and in 2 the bilingual song "New Mexico-Mi Lindo" ("New Mexico-Mi Lindo"). Nuevo México ") was selected.

The 1912 State Constitution envisioned a bilingual government, and the law was published in both English and Spanish.[28]..This provision was rewritten twice in 1931 and 1943.[29]..Still, the State Constitution does not specify any language as an "official language."[30].. Spanish was accepted by Congress until 1935, but all state officials are required to have knowledge of English.Linguists Kovalbias and Fishman argue that New Mexico does not print all the laws in two languages, so it cannot be considered bilingual.[29]..Juan Perea and others say they were bilingual until 1953.[31]..In any case, in the states of the United States,HawaiiOnly officially continues to be bilingual into the 21st century[32].

With respect to the judicial system, witnesses have the right to testify in either of the two languages, and it is believed that those who speak only Spanish are obliged to serve as juries as well as those who speak English.[33][30]..The Constitution stipulates that high school education should be conducted in both languages ​​and that there are Spanish-speaking teachers in school districts where the majority of students are Hispanic.[30].

In 1989, it became the first state to adopt English Plus, and in 2008 it adopted Navajo textbooks in public schools.[34].


New Mexico has the highest proportion of Catholics in the western states.Also otherWestern United StatesLike many states inNo religionThe percentage of residents who insist on this is higher than the national average.

According to a report by the American Association of Religious Organizations, the largest denomination in 2000Catholic church670,511 people, followed bySouthern Baptist Federation132,675 people,Mormonism42,261 people, unifiedMethodistThe church has 41,597 people[35].

Indian tribe

Indigenous to this landイ ン デ ィ ア ンThe tribes are a mixture of settled farmers such as the "Pueblo" and (former) mobile predators such as the "Apache".

Settled farmer's village was made of sun-dried bricksAdobe architectureKnown for its multi-story dwellings, the Spanish who entered the area in the 16th century said, "プ エ ブ ロIt was named "Tribe" (in Spanish for "village").They set up an underground prayer room called "Kiva" in the center of the village, and have been engaged in sedentary farming life centered on corn cultivation for generations.Having an excellent culture of crafts, ceramics, silver processing, "Indian jewelry", etc. are also popular in Japan.

Pueblo's myth has a common motif of "their ancestors emerged from the ground in ancient times" and has influenced the surrounding tribes of the Navajo.Unlike the Plains Indians'Uchiwa Taiko, the drums they use are tubular "single-sided drums", and when they dance in a circle, they dance clockwise, which is the opposite of the Plains Indians. ..

In the 17th century, the Spaniards tried to force the Pueblo people to convert to Christianity, burning the village several times and slaughtering the tribal people.Pueblo rebellionCaused.Also,"Apache"Or"Comanche","NavajoIt has been eaten by the surrounding predatory tribes.There used to be more than 20 Pueblo settlements, but now they are tribal recognized by the US federal government.Reservation placePueblo, which owns (Reservation), has 18 tribes. Some tribes, such as the Pohoake tribe, have been "resurrected" in the 20th century.

The Pueblo people, who have a dwelling and farming culture, have maintained their culture more firmly than the Indian tribes of mobile hunter-gatherer culture.Despite the destruction and crackdown of Kiva by the Spaniards and the US government, the traditional religions of each tribe are still firmly preserved, and annual events are held in harmony with Christianity.the current,Albuquerque"Indian Pueblo Cultural CenterIs set up, and traditional events can be seen by tourists other than Indians. Some tribes, such as the "Cochiti", entertain tourists, while others, such as the "Hemes", are off limits to the village.

≪Tribes and organizations officially recognized by the US federal government≫

≪Tribes and organizations requesting official certification from the US federal government≫

  • "Cherokee・ Albuquerque Branch "
  • "Navajo Kanon Cheet Band"
  • "... Indian tribe[36]'
    • "San Juan de Guadalupe Pueblo Band"
    • "Guadalupe Pueblo Band ()"

National sacrificial area

The Indian Reservation Area in New Mexico is in the United Statesnuclear weaponsWith developmentNuclear powerIt is the center of industry, and the National Academy of Sciences calls it "National sacrificial area"(National Sacrifice Area).

HiroshimaNagasakiWas dropped onAtomic bombIs the "Four CornersNavajo, Hopi, Pueblo, MountainsUte OfReservation placeMined by the U.S. federal government almost without the permission of the tribeUraniumWas refined and manufactured and exploded on the reservations of the Mescalero Apache, West Shoshone, and Southern Paiute.The radioactive by-products produced at this time were stored on the reservations of the San Ildefonso Pueblo and Santa Clara Pueblo.

In 1990, the search for a "storage" for high-level radioactive waste in the U.S. nuclear industry facility became a concern for relevant authorities, and the "Mescalero Apache" in New Mexico and the "...Shoshone, Utah's Skull Valley "", and Oklahoma's "" reservations were nominated.A $ 2 million related subsidy was offered to the recipients of the plan to transport high-level radioactive material by land from across the United States.The chairman of the "Mescalero Apache" tribal assembly made a name for himself, and the tribal people who opposed the plan and the tribal assembly became tumultuous.Even a tribal referendum, which was pointed out to be quite fraudulent, was held, and in 5 it almost failed.This plan was to be brought to the "Gochute" and "Shoshone" in neighboring states.

From the state to Arizona, uranium mining took place in the Navajo reservations from the 1940s to the 1980s.At the beginning of the mining, the white traders did not inform the tribes of the danger at all and even recommended the mining debris as a material for the "Hogan" of their traditional dwelling.Since then, the incidence of cancer and kidney disease in the Navajo, Pueblo, and other surrounding Indians has increased abnormally, which has become a serious social problem.

On October 2009, 10, a forum on the issue was held in Acoma, Tong, reporting the morbidity and inadequate compensation of surrounding Indians.The uranium mining industry was once cut off in the late 26s when uranium prices plummeted there, but now many related companies, including speculative factors, have begun to look for veins again, and the surrounding Indians are uranium. He is fiercely resisting the resumption of mining.

Indian and energy plan

From 2002 to 2008, the United States government gave about 100 Indian tribes across the United States an energy program that involved the construction of large-scale plants such as "solar power" as the "Tribal Energy Program." It provides a total of $ 1650 million in funding. In 2005, federal law authorized spending of up to $ 2000 million annually. Efforts to "renewable energy" such as "solar power" are attracting attention as a new attempt to secure income for many Indian nations suffering from unemployment rates twice the national average.

CaliforniaBased on this, San Diego's "Campo" built a 50 MW class wind farm on the reservation. As of 2010, the Kumeyaii tribe is "San Diego Gas Power Corp.We are planning to build a second 160-MW class wind farm in collaboration with.

On January 2010, 1, the state's "Jemez Pueblo" announced an agreement to implement a four-year plan to build America's first solar power plant on their reserves.Former Tribal Governor James Roger Madalena said of the plan, "We have no income other than a tiny convenience store. The plan is novel and creative, with no terrible environmental impact for generations. It's a decisive hit. "The plan is to install 23 solar panels on 4 acres of land and sell 30 megawatts (equivalent to 0.1214 households' worth of electricity) to contractors.

Indian Casino

On October 2009, 10, "Fort Sill Apache" closed their three-day weekly bingo yard from April to September 6 at their "Apache Homeland Casino." The National Indian Youth Council has demanded a suspension of operations and a $ 4 fine from the tribe for the Bingo field being in breach of the agreement. The "Indian Gambling Regulation Law" sets permission standards for gambling performed by Indians by dividing them into three grades according to the degree of betting rate.

In 2008, the "Hemes Pueblos" were rejected by the Interior Ministry for their Indian casino construction plan because "the planned casino site is far from their reservation."

In 2009, the Isleta Pueblo's Isleta Casino & Resort entered into a business alliance with the Hard Rock Cafe, making it the only hard rock casino in the state.Three tribal groups operate Indian casinos in the state.

  • Pueblo
    • "Isleta"
      • "Isleta Casino & Resort" (store expansion to "Hard Rock Casino" from spring 2010)
      • "West Palace"
    • "Laguna"
      • "National Highway 66 Casino"
    • "Sandia"
      • "Sandia Casino & Resort"
    • "Laguna"
      • "Casino Express"
      • "Dance of the Eagle Casino"
    • "Santa Clara"
      • "Big Rock Casino Bowl"
    • "San Fang"
      • "Okai Casino"
    • "Pohoake"
      • "Buffalo and Lightning Resort & Casino"
      • "Golden City Casino"
      • "Kix 66"
    • "Tesuque"
      • "Camel Rock Casino"
    • "Saint Felipe"
      • "Saint Felipe Casino Hollywood"
    • "Santa Anna"
      • "Santa Anna Star Casino"
    • "Taos"
      • "Taos Mountain Casino"
    • "Akoma"
      • "Casino in the aerial city"
  • Apache
    • "Fort Sill Apache"
      • "Apache Homeland Casino"
    • "Mescalero Apache"
      • "Casino Apache Travel Center"
      • "Mountain God Resort & Casino Hotel"
    • "Hicaria Apache"
      • "Apache Nugget Casino"
      • "The Best Hicaria Hotels and Casinos in the West"
  • Navajo
    • "Flame Rock Navajo Casino"

Major cities, towns and counties

Populated cities and towns in New Mexico
2010 Census[37]
1AlbuquerqueBernario County545,852
2Las CrucesDoña Ana County97,618
3Rio Rancho87,521
4Santa FeSanta Fe County75,764
6San Juan County45,877
7ClovisCurry County37,775
8Lie group34,112
9AlamogordoOtero County30,403
10CarlsbadEddy County26,138
New Mexico's populous county
2010 Census[38]
Largest city
1Bernario County662,5643,020Albuquerque
2Doña Ana County209,2339,860Las Cruces
3Santa Fe County144,1704,944Santa Fe
4Sandoval County131,5619,609Rio Rancho
5San Juan County130,00414,281
6Valencia County76,5692,766Los Lunas
7McKinley County71,49214,113
8Chaves County65,64515,724Roswell
9Lie group64,72711,378
10Otero County63,79717,164Alamogordo


Oil and gas production, tourism and the federal budget are important drivers of New Mexico's economy.The provincial government has ingenious mechanisms such as tax credits and technical assistance to drive growth in employment opportunities and business investment, especially in new technology areas.

Economic indicators

The Bureau of Economic Analysis of the United States Department of Commerce states that New Mexico's gross domestic product was US $ 2010 billion in 797.[39].. Per capita income in 2007 was US $ 43, the 31,474rd in the United States.[40].. In 2005Poverty lineThe following population was 18.4%[41]..New Mexico Tourism Board generated $ 2006 billion in tourism in fiscal year 65[42].. As of August 2011, the unemployment rate in the state is 8%[43].

Oil and gas production

New Mexico's crude oil and natural gas production is the third largest in the United States.The Permian Basin (part of the Mid-Continent oil field) and the San Juan Basin hang partly in the state. In 3, it produced 2006% of domestic oil, 3.4% of natural gas and 8.5% of liquefied natural gas.[44].. 2000 oil and gas production reached $ 82 billion[45].

Federal budget

The federal budget is an important driver of the New Mexico economy. In 2005, $ 1 per dollar of tax revenue collected in the state was sent to New Mexico.This recovery rate is the highest in Japan[46].

Many federal jobs are involved in the military.That is,Kirtland, Horoman, Canon Air Force Bases,White Sands Missile Range, And the Army Performance Test Site and Shooting Range (Fort Bliss and McGregor Shooting Range).According to a May 2005 estimate by New Mexico State University, 5% of total employment in the state came directly or indirectly from the military budget.[47]..As another federal facilityLos Alamos National LaboratorySandia National LaboratoriesThere is.

Economic incentive

New Mexico offers many financial incentives to run businesses in the state, including various tax credits and tax exemptions.Most of these are based on the creation of vocational opportunities.State law allows state governments to provide land, buildings, and infrastructure for projects that facilitate the creation of vocational opportunities.Some municipalities have imposed an economic development income tax (in the form of a civil infrastructure tax) for the cost of improving these infrastructures and marketing in the region.[48]..New Mexico also provides financial incentives for filmmaking[49][50]..At the end of 2007, the New Mexico Films Division had a $ 2003 billion economic effect, with the invitation program attracting more than 85 film production plans in the state since 12.[51].

State tax

Individual since 2008income taxIs a four-step progressive tax from 1.7% to 4.9%[52].. Since 2007, military personnel's active duty salary has been exempt from income tax.

Many transactions, including those involving the government, are subject to income tax.this isconsumption taxSimilar to, but unlike sales taxes in other states, it also applies to services and tangible goods.Normally, the provider or seller of goods and services imposes a tax on the purchaser, but the legal effect and burden are levied on the business side as consumption tax.The income tax is levied by the state, and the final tax rate is the sum of the tax rates added by the local government.[53].. As of July 2008, 7, the final tax rate is 1% to 5.125%.[54]..Property taxes are levied on real estate by states, counties and school districts.Real estate used by individuals as a whole is not taxable.On the other hand, most of the movables used by businesses are taxable.Tax is levied on one-third of the asset value.The tax rate is about 3 mils (mills are 1/30 dollars) for the taxable amount, and the effective tax rate is about 1000%. In fiscal year 1, it was approximately 1 mils for residential assets and 2005 mils for non-residential assets.The valuation of a home cannot be increased by more than 26.47% annually unless the home is refurbished or resold.[55].


New Mexico has long been an important corridor for trade and migration.The builder of the Chaco Canyon ruins also built a road network that radiates from a mysterious town.Chaco Canyon's trading function is now in Chihuahua, MexicoCasas GrandesHowever, trade in the north-south direction continued.MesoamericaWith culturePre-Columbian periodTrade items included exotic birds, shells and copper heading north.Turquoise, earthenware and salt were carried southward along the Rio Grande River.The current Pre-Columbian trade in New Mexico is characterized by being carried on foot.The north-south trade route will be laterNueva EspanaIt became a pioneer's path with horses that arrived from, and was also used for trade and communication.This route isCamino Real de Tierra AdentroWas called[56].

Santa fe trailWas an important commercial and military road connecting the eastern United States in the 19th century.Camino Real, Santa Fe TrailOld Spanish TrailAll have their origins in northern New Mexico and are registered on the National Historical Road.The low latitude of New Mexico and the low height of the pass made it an attractive east-west transportation route.[57]..The Gadsden Purchase increased the territory of New Mexico, the transcontinental railroad on the south side.Southern Pacific RailroadWas used for the construction of.Another transcontinental railroadAtchison Topeka and Santa Fe RailwayWas built by.The railroad replaced the old trail, but caused a surge in population.The transcontinental motorway, which later crossed the state, also brought in more immigrants.The railroad was later relegated to the highway network and planes.Today in New MexicoInterstate highwayFollows the original land routes of the Camino Real, the Santa Fe Trail and the transcontinental railroad.


There was a problem with drunk driving in New Mexico, but it is now decreasing.Los Angeles TimesAccording to the report, as of July 2009, New Mexico had the worst car crash rate due to drinking in the country for four years, but it was the 7th highest in the country in terms of fatal accident rate due to drinking.[58].

Automobiles have changed the character of New Mexico, and large-scale migration from anywhere in the country has begun.World DepressionAnd those who moved to the west during the era of American culture after World War II were the National Old Trails Highway, laterNational Highway 66Made immortal.Automobiles have become an important means of transportation in New Mexico today.

As of 2000, there were 59,927 miles (95,883 km) of high-standard roads in the state, of which 7,037 miles (11,259 km) were federally supported.[59]..In the summer of the same year, there were 1,003 miles (1,605 km) of highways in the state, of which 1,000 miles (1,600 km)Interstate 10,Line 25andLine 40Was the road network[60]..Higher standardized roads near Poirky, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces were given higher numbers than the original route numbers.The fatal accident rate on high-standard roads was 2000 per million miles as of 100, the 1.9th worst in Japan.[61]..A prominent bridge is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge near Taos. As of 2001, 703 bridges, or 1%, were declared structurally defective or dilapidated.[62].

Local and intercity transportation by road is Americanos USA, LLC,GreyhoundAnd some local governments operate.

Urban mass transit

New Mexico Rail Runner ExpressOperates in the Albuquerque metropolitan areaCommuter trainIs. The service started on July 2006, 7.The train runs from Verin to downtown Santa Fe.Large cities in New Mexico have a mass transit system, usually by road. ABQ RIDE is the largest of them[63].


As of 2000, there were 2,354 miles (3,766 km) of railroad lines, an increase in which rail runners were extended to Santa Fe.[64]..New Mexico has a long history with Colorado, in addition to local rail and tourist train linesNarrow gaugeOf the steam trainCumbres and Toltec Scenic RailroadOwns and operates.Narrow-gauge railroads once connected many towns in the northern part of the state, from Farmington to Santa Fe.[65]: 110..At one point, railroad lines of various names, not less than 100, were operating in the state.[65]:8..It was at its peak after New Mexico was promoted to the state, with 1914 railroad companies operating 11 miles (3,124 km) of rail lines in 4,998.[65]: 10.

Railroad surveyor arrived in New Mexico in the 1850s[66]..The first railroad was incorporated in 1869[65]:9..The first railroad, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, has an advantage and competition in 1878.Raton PassEntered the area through.Finally in 1881 TexasEl PasoReached the Southern Pacific RailroadDemingIt became the second of the transcontinental railroad in the nodal point.Southern Pacific Railroad in 2Arizona TerritoryCame in from.[65]: 9, 18, 58–59[66]..Narrow gauge was generally used in New MexicoDenver and Rio Grande RailroadEntered the state from Colorado and began service to Espanola on December 1880, 12.[65]: 95-96[66]..These early railroads were built as a means of long-distance transport, and also for the transport of later produced resources.[65]: 8-11.


In the stateBNSF RailwayUnion Pacific RailroadTwo ofFirst-class railroadIs running.The two companies together operate 2,200 miles (3,520 km) of routes.[64].


The New Mexico Rail Runner Express, a commuter train, connects towns such as the state capital and large cities.[67]..The privately-operated, state-owned railroad went into operation in July 2006. From BNSF Railway VerinRatonThe whole line purchase is the state of up to, those that are part construction as the second stage was opened in December 2[68]..The second stage of Rail Runner extended north from the station in Sandval County, the northernmost station of the first stage, to Santa Fe.Today, the counties of Santa Fe, Sandval, Bernalillo, and Valencia are connected.The train connects Albuquerque's densely populated area with central Santa Fe to the center of the business district and makes eight round trips a day.There are few routes to the south of Verin[69]..Operates on a regular flight for 7 days every week[70].

With the rise of rail transport, many towns have grown or been established, and the state has become a tourist destination. Already in 1878, the Santa Fe Railroad promoted tourism in the region, taking advantage of the image of Indians.[71]: 64..The named train represented the characteristics of the area through which it passed. "Super chiefIs a streamlined successor to the chief, the Navajo is an early transcontinental train, and the cavan is a cave.ClovisCarlsbadIt was a direct train connecting[65]: 49-50[72]: 51.

The railroad used to run passenger trains in nine of the state's ten largest cities, excluding Rio Rancho, but is now only available in two cities, Albuquerque and Santa Fe.[67].. It became the smallest form of New Mexico when most of the domestic intercity railroads declined in the late 1960s. In the early 1960s, many branch lines and local lines operated at least six long-distance round-trip trains a day.Passenger revenues have declined, but not necessarily the number of passengers, and many railroads are state-owned businesses.AmtrakPassenger service was handed over to the main line service.Amtrak, also known as the National Passenger Railway Company, began operating two existing long-distance lines in May 1971.[65][71][72]..This is the route that was once operated by the Santa Fe Railway's "El Pasoan" train.DenverThe revival of passenger trains from to El Paso has been proposed for many years. Already in the 1980s, former Governor Toney Anaya connects the two cities with the state's largest cities.High speed trainWas proposing line construction[73]..Front range commuter railWyomingIs a project that connects New Mexico and New Mexico by high-speed rail.[74].

Amtrak "Southwest ChiefThe trains are Gallup, Albuquerque,Lamy, Las Vegas and Raton stop daily,Los Angeles,ChicagoAnd proposes a connection with its intermediate station. The Southwest Chief is Amtrak's fastest long-distance train, with a top speed of 90 miles per hour (144 km / h) recognized on several lines of BNSF Railway.[75]..It also maintains the New Mexico Rail Runner Express track. "Southwest Chief" trains are "Super Chief" and "Super Chief"El CapitanIs the successor train[72]: 115..The streamlined "Super Chief" was a favorite of early Hollywood stars, one of the most famous named trains in the country, and was highly regarded for its luxurious and exotic trains.The passenger car was named after the local Indian tribe and was adorned with the work of many local artists.Furthermore, the speed was also for sale, and the westbound could be reached in 39 hours and 45 minutes.[71].

"Sunset LimitedIs with Los AngelesNew OrleansIt runs between and stops at Roseburg and Deming three times a week in the state. "Sunset Limited" is the successor to the Southern Pacific Railroad's train of the same name, and runs exclusively on Union Pacific Railroad tracks in the state.


Albuquerque International AirportIs the largest airport in the state.

Truth or ConsequencesUpham, close to, is the world's first commercial spaceport.Spaceport AmericaIs the place where[76][77][78]..Rocket launch began in April 2007[78]..Plans have not yet progressed for this port, and one company, UP Aerospace, which has launched a small observation device, is occupying the port.[79].Space travelCompanyVirgin GalacticIs planning the first base of activity[77][80].

Law and government

New Mexico Constitution entered into force in 1912 of the province promoted, and then piled some modifications.It defines the form of a state government in the Constitution.

On March 2009, 3, the Governor signed a bill to abolish the death penalty (not applicable to extreme penalties committed before the law was issued).It was the 18th state in the United States to abolish the death penalty[81].

Both the incumbent Governor and Vice-Governor John Sanchez are Republicans and were elected in the 2010 elections for a term of office until January 2015.The governor's term is four years, and re-election is permitted for up to two consecutive terms.New Mexico has more experienced governors than other states.Juan de OñateWas appointed by the Spanish royal family as the first governor of New Mexico in 1598.Since that time, Spanish, Mexican and American governors have been appointed.

Other state officials stipulated in the Constitution include the Secretary of State.[82], Prosecutor General[83], State Auditor[84], State Land Manager[85], State Treasurer[86]The current term of office is until January 2015.All are Democrats, except the Secretary of State is a Republican.The New Mexico State Capitol has a bicameral system with a 1-member House and a 70-member Senate.

State electionUnited States SenateBoth lawmakers are Democrats.House of RepresentativesTwo members are Democrats and one is a Republican.

Voter registration and political party registration (As of April 2011, 1)[87]
partyNumber of voters(%)
Democratic Party571,36349%
Republican Party369,73032%


New Mexico is considered to be a state where two major political parties are playing a close battle, and it has beenDemocratic PartyRepublican PartyI have chosen both of the presidential candidates.The incumbent governor is a Republican, but the former governor is a Democrat, serving two terms from 2003 to 2011.Prior to that, he was Governor of the Republican Party and also served for two terms.In the presidential election, in 2, the Democratic PartyAl GoreWon the state, and in 2004 the RepublicanGeorge W. Bush, 2008 of the Democratic PartyBarack ObamaWon.

The strong Democratic grounds in the state are the cities of Santa Fe, the west and south of Albuquerque, the north and west of the center of the state, and most of the Indian reservations, especially the Navajo.Republicans have strong ground in the eastern and southern parts of the state (called Little Texas), Rio Rancho, and the northeastern hills of Albuquerque.


Due to the variety of research facilities in the state, doctoral degree holders in the state as of 2000 are more concentrated than in other states.[88].

Colleges and universities

Art and culture

As of 1990, New Mexico was home to 134,000 Indians and remains an important center of Indian culture.Both the Navajo and Apache are Athabaskan languages.The Apaches and some Ute live in federal-designated territories in the state.Most of the Navajo settlement is in the neighboring state of Arizona, but with an area of ​​1,600 million acres (65,000 km²), it is the largest in the country.Prehistoric pueblo Indians live in scattered pueblos throughout the state.

More than one-third of New Mexico citizens declare Hispanic origins, many of them descendants of colonial pioneers.Its ancestors settled in the northern part of the state.The majority of Mexican immigrants live in the southern part of the state.Also, mainly in the north, 3 to 1% of the population is Hispanic.JewHave an ancestor of

People who speak Spanish dialect that certain features often.New in Mexico of Spanish it is often vocabulary you do not know the Spanish speakers in the other.In the history of New Mexico, may have been isolated from other Spanish regions, elsewhere in has to leave the Castilian language of the late Middle Ages that are considered archaic, and many adopted the Indian languages, such as place names, and even the concept It is also using the vocabulary of English to and new invention.

Albuquerque is home to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is held every fall.

Art and literature

A large artistic society is thriving in the city of Santa FeBruce Nauman, Richard Tattle, Stina Basluca and others.The capital is home to the Spanish colonies, international ethnic groups, Navajo ceremonies, contemporary Indian and contemporary art museums.Separately from the deceased citizenGeorgia O'KeefeThere is also a museum that honors.Colonies of artists and writers flourish, and there are also small civic groups with art galleries.The Santa Fe Indian Market is held every August, making it the oldest and largest Indian art screening exhibition in the world.

New Mexico has a strong legacy of Spanish culture.Sarzuela,フ ラ メ ン コOld Spanish traditions are still very popular today[89][90]..María Benitez, a world-renowned flamenco dancer born in New Mexico, "to provide the highest quality program on Spain's rich artistic heritage expressed through art forms such as music, dance and visual arts. , Maria Benitez Spanish Institute of Arts[91]Was established.The Albuquerque International Flamenco Festival is held every year, and dancers born in Spain and New Mexico perform dances at the University of New Mexico.

There is a well-known Santa Fe Opera troupe in theater, and five repertoires are performed at the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, which is held from July to August every year.It uses the restored Rensik Theater, which is the main venue for many types of theater.On weekends after Labor DaySanta Fe FestivalCelebrate by burning an elephant bra, which is the image of a giant 50-foot (15 m) marionette.

In the mid-20th century, Hispanic literary schools flourished and research was conducted in both English and Spanish.Notable writers born there include Angelico Chavez, Nina Otero-Warren, Fabiola Savesa de Baca, Aurelio Espinosa, Cleofas Haramilo, Juan Bautista Rael and Aurora Lucero-White Leigh. ..

作家DH LawrenceLived in the DH Lawrence Ranch near Taos in the 1920s, where he now has a shrine containing his bone ash.

Silver City, in the mountains of the southwestern part of the state, was originally a mining town.Currently at least one mine is operating nearby.It is known as a home and exhibition space for quite a few artists.

Food culture:

In New MexicoNueva EspanaThere is a traditional dish called a fusion of the food culture of the Spanish conquerors and the food culture of the Indians.For geographical and historical reasonsMexican food,Tex-Mex cuisineAlthough they have a sister relationship with, they are strongly influenced by the unique climate and ethnicity of New Mexico.The characteristic of New Mexican cuisine is the indigenousRed pepperThis is clearly reflected in his attachment to.PepperCommon beanAlong with, it has been established as a "state vegetable", and both immature green peppers and ripe red peppers are available.salsaThe beginning, used in a variety of dishes.Fast New in Mexico food chain storeSubwayThen, everywhere, you can choose a topping of green pepper that has been boiled, peeled, and chopped.Preservation and research of New Mexican cuisine is being actively carried out mainly in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Las Cruces.

Beef in areas of the eastern part of the state where beef cattle are grazingsteakAnd beefjerkyA flourishing consumption of beef, such as a common point of the food culture of Texas stands out.

Main New Mexican food:

  • Salsa: There are green salsa made from green pepper and red salsa made from red pepper.Also called simply chili or chili sauce. "Red or Green?" ("Red or Green?") Is enacted in the "Frequently Asked Questions of the State."
  • tortilla : Wheat flourThe tortillas made in Japan are the mainstream.
  • Burrito: Indigenous to the statefast foodone of.Mexican-style slender burritos are the mainstream.
  • Carnet Advada: Pork with red peppervinegarWith the sauce made withMarinatedThen baked dishes.
  • : Roughly chop the peeled green pepper on fire,potato, Meat and stewed dishes.If you use red pepper, it becomes a red chili stew.Besides eating it as a main dish, it is also used as a burrito ingredient.
  • : Melts in fired and peeled green peppercheeseA dish that is stuffed, battered and fried.Besides eating it as a main dish, it is also used as a burrito ingredient.
  • Frijoles: Pinto beans (focus beans) are the mainstream.An important side dish of New Mexican cuisine.
  • : A dish of stuffed tortillas rolled into strips and fried.
  • : Alkaline treated and peeled corn, blue or red pepper,豚 肉Of stew.
  • : Bread that is fried with a thin layer of dough.Eat instead of tortillas, stuff inside,honeyTo make a dessert.
  • Capirotada : Bread puddingA dessert similar to.


As a prominent professional sports team based in New Mexico, baseballLos Angeles DodgersAAA team under the umbrella, Albuquerque Isotopes, basketballNBA Development LeagueBelongs toNew Mexico Thunderbirds, New Mexico Mustang, which belongs to NAHL of ice hockey, and New Mexico Linegaze, which also belongs to WSHL of ice hockey.College sports teams include the University of New Mexico Lobos and New Mexico State University Aggie's.

Olympic gold medalist Tom Jager is an advocate of high altitude swimming training and camps at Albakaki (5,312 feet (1,619.1 m)) and Los Alamos (7,320 feet (2,231 m)).[92].


Celebrity from New Mexico

State symbols, etc.

Japan's sister cities


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