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🤖 | "Kureshin" and "Sailor Moon" are actually ... Kotono Mitsuishi "Oh, that's my line" Shinnosuke, a young boy! ??


"Kureshin" and "Sailor Moon" are actually ... Kotono Mitsuishi "That's my line" Shinnosuke, a young boy! ??

If you write the contents roughly
On the other hand, in "Reunion with Action Kamen", a sailor suit beautiful girl corps called "Sailor Muhoon" that is not Sailor Moon appeared.

"Crayon Shin-chan", which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, and "Bishojo Senshi Sara ...", which will celebrate its 2022th anniversary next year in 30. → Continue reading


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    Sailor suit beautiful girl corps

    Sailor Moon

    "Sailor Moon』(Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon) isNaoko TakeuchibyJapan OfComicAnd thatOriginalAndMedia mixthe work.Kodansha OfShojo manga magazine"Nakayoshi"so1992/From April issue1997/It was serialized until the March issue.The old edition has 3 volumes, the new edition has 18 volumes, and the complete / paperback edition has 12 volumes (for media mix development, see below.#Media mix developmentSee).


    1993/In the signboard work when the circulation of "Nakayoshi" exceeded 205 million.[1], At the same time as the serialization startsTV animationDone[Note 1], Popular among adult women and men, mainly girls, and becomes a boom and social phenomenon that goes far beyond mere shojo manga and anime.[Note 2].Musical,TV dramaAnd so on. The 1993th in 17Kodansha Manga AwardAwarded the girl category.2021/As of January, the cumulative worldwide circulation of books has exceeded 1 million.[2].

    In the United States1995/After the TV anime was broadcast from1997/From Mixx Publications (currently:TOKYOPOP) Was serialized in the published magazine "Mixx-Zine", and a book was published by the company in 1998.the 2000sOut of print in the first half[3].. Since 2011, a new edition has been published in a new translation by Kodansha USA, an American corporation of Kodansha.[4].. 20119/13The first volume of the new edition released in September and October has been the number one seller for two consecutive months, and the sister work "Codename: Sailor V" is also number two in September and number six in October. It was a feat to rank in[5].

    1994/August, Sailor Moon original painting exhibition in TokyoShinjuku OfIsetanHeld at[6].2016/Original painting exhibition in MayRoppongi HillsHeld at the observatory / Sky Gallery, the number of visitors exceeded 10[7].

    the 2000sTakeuchi established a private office "Princess Naoko Planning (commonly known as PNP)". Currently, the copyright management source of this work is PNP,CopywriterIt is also described in place of the publisher Kodansha.

    2013/From now on, the 20th anniversary project will be developed, and cosmetics for adults, toys for adults, collaboration products with famous brands such as Shiseido and GU will be released in the luxury gacha series and the Miracle Romance series of "Premium Bandai".Nerke planningIt was re-musicalized under the initiative. Since the TV anime version of the 90's was a completely original development,2014/Aiming to faithfully animate the original mangaPretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal],2021/ToMovie version"Sailor Moon EternalWas released.2016/"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary BOOK" was released in[8].

    The first official fan club since 2016 Pretty Guardians Was launched.

    2017/Various 25th anniversary projects are underway. As part of this, the first permanent specialty store "Sailor Moon Store"9/23,Laforet HarajukuWas opened in[9][10].

    South KoreaThen.1997/In the title of "달의 요정 세일 러문" (Moon Fairy Sailor Moon), the characters were renamed and translated and published and broadcast as an anime.2021/In the full version, the names of the characters are returned to the same as the Japanese version under the title of "미소녀 전사 세일러문" (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon).(Korean version)Published by[11].

    2022/From then on, the 30th anniversary project is underway.

    Production background

    Early 1991, thenNakayoshiso"The Cherry ProjectWas serializedNaoko TakeuchiIn, sister magazineRunrunFumio Kosano, the current editor in charge, who was a founding member of the singer, proposed "action stuff by a beautiful girl in a sailor suit"Codename is Sailor VWill be posted[12][13]..After that, "Sailor V" was released as the TV anime "Sailor V" based on the Nakayoshi manga of the same name.Kingo Warning!After that, a plan to make it into a program came up, and the characters and stories were reworked for publication in this magazine.Toei videobyTelevision AnimationSimultaneous development of two works withMedia mix) Started as a project[12][14].

    Takeuchi said, "Beautiful girl Kamen Poitrin"When"Super squadron series』Is influenced by[Note 3]. at that timeBattle girlAlthough there were things, the "Women Only Sentai Team" was the first attempt as an original work for girls. From around this timeBattle girlsystemMagical girlHas been acknowledged, and many works of similar genres have been produced since then.Takeuchi has actually lived in the stage of the workTokyoMinato-kuAzabu JubanSo, the facilities that appear are modeled on real places[15].

    The basic setting is common to all media mixes, but the development differs depending on the work, and the original manga isPrevious lifeThe theme is the fate of the world and the battle between light and darkness.In the first serialization, it won the first place in the reader questionnaire, and the first edition of the book exceeded 50 copies.[16]..He studied pharmacy at university and made use of his knowledge of science in Takeuchi, who was a faculty of astronomy in high school.Of the hero couplePrevious lifePrincess Serenity and Prince Endimion areGreek MythologyGoddess of the moonSeleneとEndymionIs the motif.Takeuchi, who grew up as a daughter of a jeweler, got stuck in her name and she visited the Yamanashi Gem Museum to devise her ideas.mineralIn mania, the name of the mineral was used for the name of the enemy character[17].

    According to Kosano, Takeuchi initially designed the costumes for the characters individually, but they were unified for the development of the anime.Takeuchi thought, "Each girl has her own personality and commitment, and she has her own favorite things." The color scheme of the ribbon on the chest and waist is changed.[16]..Sailor Moon wears a mask only in the first episode of the original, but the first director of the TV anime versionJunichi SatoAccording to Takeuchi, "I want you to wear a mask", but "If there is something around your eyes, you can't draw cutely unless you're a fairly skillful person (animator)." "I want to reduce the effort of the animator as much as possible." Was removed because of[14].

    Takeuchi himself wanted to design the moon stick, the first weapon item, but the schedule of the manuscript was tight and he couldn't get started. I drew a design on a paper napkin at a coffee shop and was presentBandaiThe person in charge took the napkin and delivered it to a trader in Osaka on the first bullet train in the morning.The completed Moon Stick toys were a huge hit like never before, overturning the theory of the industry that "anime goods for girls cannot be expected to sell more than a certain amount".[18]..Bandai is in charge of designing items for the second and subsequent periods, and Yoichi Fukano, a former industrial designer with a background in designing railroad cars, was selected as the person in charge of the second and third periods.[19].

    As the work became longer, TV stations and production companies raised the opinion, "Why don't you make Chibiusa the leading role as an alternative?" (In the character vote announced in the March 1994 issue, Chibiusa suppressed Tsukino Usagi. I won the first place), and I also wanted to take care of the leading role, so I decided to make it a double heroine.[20].

    "" Appearing outside the main part of the mangaOsa BUIs the nickname of Kosano[21].


    Phase XNUMX Dark Kingdom

    TokyoGo to Juuban Junior High Schoolhero-Tsukino UsagiIs a second-year junior high school student who is a crybaby and is sloppy but cheerful.One day, a mysterious person who speaks human languageBlack cat-LunaThe rabbit that I met is of love and justiceSailor suitPretty girl warrior·Sailor MoonTransforms into and robs the people of the city of energyDark kingdom"ofYoumaWill fight.

    Rabbit struggled in an unfamiliar battle, but alsoSailor warriorTransform intoIQ300 genius girlsAmi Mizuno / Sailor Mercury, Inspired girl at Hikawa ShrineSailor Mars / Sailor Mars, A transfer student's superhuman girlMakoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter,hero of justice·Sailor VIs the true identity ofSailor Venus / Sailor VenusAnd others gather and continue to exterminate the youkai smoothly.

    Sailor Warrior tells Luna, "Legendary treasure,Phantom silver crystalとMoon princessFind out and protect from the Dark Kingdom. "Who is the Moon Princess, a mysterious gentleman who acts like watching Sailor Moon?Tuxedo MaskWhat is the purpose of?And where is the battle between Sailor Warriors and Dark Kingdom?All mysterious keys were hidden in the memories of the rabbits' previous lives.

    Second term Black Moon

    The battle with the Dark Kingdom is over, and the rabbit and the Tuxedo Mask are who they are.JibaeThe love from the previous life came true and he became a lover.When Usagi and Mamoru were dating, a little girl suddenly fell from the sky.The child calls himself "Tsukino Usagi" and is a rabbit's cousin.ChibiusaWill live in the Tsukino family.Chibiusa was a cheeky little rabbit, but Chibiusa was looking for a "phantom silver crystal" for some purpose.

    At that time, a new enemy "Black moon clanAppears on Tenth Avenue, where the rabbits live.Their true identity is "Nemesis, the 10th planet of the solar system"[Note 4] Is a future person based in Japan, and the aim isfutureIt was to eradicate Chibiusa, conquer the earth in the past, and change history.

    The keeper of the "door of space-time" that connects the past and the futureSailor PlutoRabbits heading to the future world with the help of, Chibiusa is the daughter of the future Usagi and Mamoru, and the future rabbits are the future earth "Crystal TokyoKnowing that he is leading, he decides to protect the earth of the future.However, Chibiusa is an executive of Black MoonWisemanIn the brainwashingBlack ladyTransforms into and becomes a member of the Black Moon.

    Third term Death Busters edition

    The battle with the Black Moon Clan is over, and the rabbits are regaining their peaceful lives.However, Mamoru and Rei began to dream of a disturbing prediction that the world would collapse, and soon after.private school-Mugen GakuenA student is attacked by a monster.

    Rabbits are genius racers who attend the high school of Mugen GakuenTenno HarukaAnd a beautiful girl violinistKaioh MichiruMeet.Sailor chibi moonChibiusa, who has the power to transform into, is the president of Mugen Gakuen.Professor Tomoe TomoeDaughter of·Dowa HotaruI met and became my best friend.

    New sailor warriorSailor UranusHaruka who transforms intoSailor NeptuneMichiru transforms into a new enemy, "Death BustersInfiltrated Mugen Gakuen, the home of the university studentSailor PlutoSailor Pluto reincarnated in Japan also appeared, and Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and othersExternal solar system sailor warriorWhen gathered, the powerful weapon "ThreeTalisman"Is complete.Rabbit and Chibiusa are items that were in the futureLegendary Holy GrailWith the power ofSuper sailor warriorPower up to.

    Eventually, the rabbits are the warriors of ruin and birth, whose true identity leads the world to collapse.Sailor SaturnKnow that it is a rebirth of.Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto try to kill the firefly before Saturn wakes up in an attempt to protect the world today.At the same time, Death Busters was trying to use fireflies for a project.

    XNUMXth Dead Moon Edition

    Chibiusa begins preparing to return to the future, and the rabbits pass the high school exam safely.I was trying to lead a new life toward each dream.

    One day, the biggest in this century in JapanTotal solar eclipseOccurs.At the moment when the sun began to disappear, in front of the rabbit, Chibiusa, and MamoruPegasusAppeared and disappeared for help.andNew moonCompletely covered the sun, and when Tokyo was surrounded by darkness, "Dead Moon Circus"airshipAppeared.Tenth Avenue, where the circus troupe came to Japan, became a festive event, and the rabbits warned that the circus troupe was suspicious, but Mamoru suddenly collapsed due to a mysterious illness.

    Around the same time, Chibiusa, who for some reason couldn't return to the future, was a boy who transformed Pegasus in a dream.EliosMeet.Elios is transmitted to the earth country "Golden crystalIs released and the sacred place of the earth "ElysiumTo save ""MaidenI'm looking for a bell-shaped item "Chibiusa"Crystal carillonWas passed.In the battle with the revealed Dead Moon, the Sailor Warrior gains the power of super transformation.

    Haruka, Michiru, and Setuna, who disappeared after the battle with Death Busters, were raising reincarnated fireflies, but when they sensed the crisis of Usagi and Mamoru, they returned with the awakened firefly to Sailor Saturn and gathered. Sailor Warriors make new power-ups.

    XNUMXth Sailor Stars Edition

    Rabbits who are excited about their dreams and hopes and enjoy their high school life.Harvard UniversityRabbit sees off Mamoru leaving for study abroad, but Mamoru disappears after being attacked by a mysterious woman.When the rabbit sees it, he loses his memory partially and thinks that Mamoru has left for the United States.

    One day, the popular idol group "Three lightsThe rabbits who went to Michiru's live concert are new enemies who call themselves sailor warriors.Shadow GalacticaIs attacked.In addition, a mysterious three-person sailor warriorSailor Star LightsAndLittle chibiEven a mysterious girl who calls herself appears.

    Sailor Warrior tells Shadow GalacticaSailor crystalIs robbed and disappears.Rabbit who lost his companion remembers that Mamoru also disappeared, and Sailor Star Lights and Star Lights servePrincess Kakyuu, Along with Chibi Chibi, there is "Galactica Palace", the home of Shadow Galactica.Galaxy CordronToward.

    Rabbit who lost allies other than Chibi Chibi in the battle with Shadow Galactica rushed from the future to ChibiusaSailor quartetJoined with and learned the true identity of Chibi Chibi, wrapped in a mystery.The battle then evolves into a decisive battle for the future of the galaxy, and the rabbit faces an unprecedentedly harsh fate.


    Sailor warrior

    Tsukino Usagi(moon Rabbit)
    hero..She is a little clumsy and crying girl.She is a second year student at Juuban Junior High School (when she first appeared).MonthSailor suit of love and justice, Sailor Moon, who has the protection ofSailor MoonTransform into.
    Mizuno Ami(Sailor Mercury)
    IQ300 kind-hearted genius girls.Water and the star of intelligenceMercuryA brain warrior who has a guardianSailor MercuryTransform into.
    Rei Hino(Hino Rei)
    Of Hikawa ShrineinspirationGirl.A star of fire and passion火星A warrior of battle who has a guardianSailor MarsTransform into.
    Makoto Kino(Makoto Kinoko)
    ManlyStrange powerGirl.A star of thunder and courageJupiterA protective warrior who has a guardianSailor JupiterTransform into.
    Minako Aino(Aino Minako)
    A blasting girl who has been active as "Sailor V" before the rabbit.A star of love and beautyVenusA warrior of love who has a guardianSailor VenusTransform into.
    Usagi and Mamoru's daughter who appeared from the future.Her real name is "Rabbit, Small Lady, Serenity".Sailor warrior apprenticeSailor chibi moonTransform into.
    Tenno Haruka(Haruka Tenou)
    Looks like a boyA high school studentracerGirl.Stars in the skyUranusA flying warrior who has a guardianSailor UranusTransform into.
    Kaioh Michiru(Kaiou Michiru)
    High school student who acts with HarukaviolinistGirl.Deep sea star海王星A hug warrior who has a guardianSailor NeptuneTransform into.
    Sailor Pluto(Meio Setsuna)
    A lone keeper of the "door of space-time" that connects the past and the future. In the 20th centuryFemale college studentAct as (when first appearing).Stars in space-timePlutoA warrior of change who has a guardianSailor PlutoTransform into.
    Dowa Hotaru(Tomoe Hotaru)
    Private Mugen GakuenDirectorDaughter of.When it first appeared, it was a sixth grader at Mugen Gakuen Elementary School.The star of silenceSaturnA warrior of ruin and birth who has a guardianSailor SaturnTransform into.

    Sailor warrior collaborator

    Jibae(Mamoru Chiba)
    Rabbit's fateful lover.A gentleman who helps a sailor warriorTuxedo MaskTransform into.In the original, it is said to have the earth and the sun as guardians.
    Rabbit partner.A female black cat who speaks words and is a messenger from the moon.
    ア ル テ ミ ス
    Minako's partner.A male white cat who speaks words and is a messenger from the moon.
    ダ イ ア ナ
    Female gray cat. A partner of Chibiusa from the future, the daughter of Luna and Artemis.

    Basic terms / items

    See also the individual pages for each character and hostile organization.

    Phase one

    Sailor Warrior (all media mix works)
    Protect the moon kingdom and princess,星A warrior who has been protected by.After the destruction of the lunar kingdom, he reincarnated as an earthling in the 20th century, but was awakened one after another by the appearance of enemies.His makeover spell is "○○ power!Makeup!'[Note 5] so,Sailor suitとleotardCombat uniform[Note 6] I'm wearing.In many cases, they have excellent abilities by nature, and after transformation, their physical abilities and attack power will improve.
    Protect the moon princessFour guardian gods or Internal solar system sailor warrior, Watch out for foreign enemies from outside the kingdomExternal solar system sailor warriorThere is.Power up from Super Sailor Warrior to Eternal Sailor Warrior throughout the whole story.In the original manga, at the time of awakening, it returns to the genus of the moon princess.[Note 7], In media mix works such as TV animation, it feels like taking a distance from the previous life and using the power of the previous life to protect the earth.
    According to Part XNUMX, there are sailor warriors outside the solar system, and Sailor Star Lights, who protect the princess of Kinmoku, will appear.According to the original author Naoko Takeuchi, all sailor warriors are girls[22]..If the person is male before the transformation, there are cases where he becomes feminized (Sailor Uranus in the original manga, Sailor Star Lights in the TV anime).In the original, Mamoru Jiba is not officially a warrior, but is equivalent to a sailor warrior on Earth, with the exception of a man with a guardian star (Earth and Sun) and a sailor crystal.
    The official English translation during the TV anime broadcast was "Sailor Soldier" (DIC EntertainmentThe name of the North American version bygirl ScoutOriginated from "Sailor Scout"), changed to "Sailor Guardian" in the live-action drama version.
    Phantom silver crystal (all media mix works)
    Dominated the solar systemMonth OfkingdomThe treasure of "Silver Millennium".It is inherited by the ruler of the moon and causes various miracles at the request of the owner.Colorless and transparentjewelrySo, when you release the hidden power, the buds will openlotusIt changes to the shape of a flower. It has the power of "purification and regeneration" and can reincarnate people or blow off one star depending on how it is used, but if the energy is used up, the owner will also die.
    Sailor Warrior and Tuxedo Mask in the first phase,Dark kingdomWas looking for, but the rebirth of Princess SerenityTsukino UsagiAppeared from the tears of[23]..At the end of the second termChibiusaA new silver crystal appeared from the tears of.
    In the original, it has the power to revive people and make them immortal and longevity, and also has the function of automatically defending the owner from attacks such as the time stop of Sailor Pluto and the collapse of the universe.At the end of the original, it is called "the sacred stone that governs the galaxy" with the strongest energy and regeneration power in the universe, and the sailor crystal of Eternal Sailor Moon "Silver moon crystalAnd Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon's Sailor Crystal "Pink moon crystalPower up to.
    In TV animation, when using great power, the power of the sailor warrior is gathered and the power is amplified. It was also used to seal the "Seven Strongest Demon People" and purify humans who were turned into demons, but after the third period, it will be replaced by other items and will no longer play an important role.
    In the live-action version, the negative mind of Serenity who lost Endimion was amplified and the world of the previous life was destroyed.
    Dark kingdom(All media mix works)
    The first enemy organization.MonsterYoumaThe dark kingdom under its control.It is based at D Point in the Arctic Circle (a cave in a live-action drama).
    In ancient times, in search of a phantom silver crystal, he hijacked the Earth and destroyed the Silver Millennium, but Queen Serenity sealed it to D Point in the Arctic.HumanEnergy"energySearching for the phantom silver crystal while collecting, trying to release the ruler Queen Metalia.
    Red rose (TV anime)
    When Sailor Moon is in a pinch, the tuxedo mask throws like a shuriken redrose..Made from the energy of the Tuxedo Mask.
    Sailor V Game (Original Manga,Television Animation)
    Lateral movement type in "Game Center Crown"shooting game..Sailor V with a moon stick appears as a player character.
    In the original, "Codename is Sailor V], Artemis prepared for mock combat, and Minako sent a message to Usagi and Luna through the game machine.Since the basement of the game machine is the entrance to the control room, a strong shield is put up, and when the clearing speed is fast, the alarm of Minako's transformation pen sounds.Luna mysteriously took out her watch and dropped it in her mouth.
    In TV animation, the game console itself is a computer, and its slogan is "A:"Moon Rabbit with Mochi"・ B:"Moon mochi is sticky"・ A:"When baked, it swelled up!"".A mysterious person sent a command to Luna through a computer, and Artemis was later identified.
    Lunakara (Live-action drama)
    "Karaoke Crown" A karaoke machine in the basement of a sailor warrior built in the basement.It always contains the latest songs.
    Black crystal (original manga, TV anime)
    A black jewel with dark power used in Queen Beryl's crystal ball.In TV animation, crystals that react to strong energy have appeared.
    Rainbow Crystal (TV Anime)
    Seven jewels made by dividing the power of the phantom silver crystal in order to seal the "strongest demon seven people", which is especially powerful in the Dark Kingdom.The seven demons were embedded in the reincarnated body of a good earthling, and eventually became one with the phantom silver crystal.
    That's the Way God (Original Manga, TV AnimeCassette collection 3, Live-action drama, "Crystal])
    A god-decided rule that "the inhabitants of the moon and the inhabitants of the earth must not communicate".It was defeated by Princess Serenity and Prince Endimion who fell in forbidden love.
    Pocket watch (original manga)
    A moon phase clock dropped by the Tuxedo Mask.I awakened the memories of Usagi and Mamoru's previous life.
    Starry sky music box (TV anime)
    A music box pendant dropped by a tuxedo mask.Originally a gift from Princess Serenity to Endymion.
    Legendary mythological sword (original manga, live-action drama, "Crystal")
    A sacred sword made of the same material as the phantom silver crystal, given by the four guardian deities to protect the princess.
    In the original and "Crystal", it was placed on the pedestal in front of the Crystal Tower and pulled out by Venus.Initially it was petrified, but when it pierced Queen Beryl, it returned to its original state and a method to seal Metalia emerged.In the live-action film, it appeared only in the Special Act., And appeared as an item that can be a sailor warrior for only one day.

    Second period

    Makaiju (TV anime "R")
    Appeared in the Makaiju edition in the first half of the second half of the TV anime.A mysterious space plant that gives energy to Ail and Ann.He also needs energy and is given the energy that Ail and Ann have collected from the Earthlings.
    Black moon clan(Original manga second season, TV anime "R")
    The enemy organization of the second period.He came to the earth in the 30th and 20th centuries to change history.It has an artificial life form called a droid under its control, and uses various supernatural powers with the pierced earrings of the item "Evil Black Crystal" that opposes the phantom silver crystal.
    In the original, an earthling organization that opposes Crystal Tokyo's longevity society.In the TV animation, it is a descendant of a criminal who has fallen into "Planet Nemesis" and aims to move to the earth.
    Space-time key(The key to space-time)(Original manga second season, TV anime "R")
    Sailor PlutoThe key to moving time, managed by[24]..It looks like a miniature version of the garnet rod.Chibiusa robbed Pluto of this key and came to Earth in the 20th century.
    "The guardian of time, tear the door of space-time, open the sky to me, and I call your true name, Kronos, the father of the guard, guide me, protect me, protect me, the path of light!" Cast a spell and create a flood of light that leads to the "door of space-time."
    Evil Black Crystal (Original Manga XNUMXnd Season, TV Anime "R")
    A black jewel with dark power used by the Black Moon Clan.Produced only on the planet Nemesis, it has the power to twist space-time.
    "Past Silver Crystal" and "Future Silver Crystal" (Original Manga XNUMXnd Season, TV Anime "R")
    The silver crystal of the modern rabbit and the silver crystal of Neo Queen Serenity (future rabbit) that Chibiusa brought out from the 30th century.In the original, silver crystals of the same person at different times are not allowed to exist at the same time, and if these two are brought into contact, the world will be destroyed.
    Youka Kisenian (Movie version "R")
    A devil's flower that prospers by robbing the energy of the stars.A legendary monster that destroyed many stars, it is notorious for the Silver Millennium.
    Since it is just a plant, it cannot move, but it parasitizes life forms with weak hearts, amplifies hatred, and manipulates it at will.Sow the seeds of the flower demon with legs (Grisina, Campanula, Darian).

    Third period

    Death Busters(Original manga third period, TV anime "S")
    The enemy organization of the third period.Appearing on Earth in the form of an egg from the fallen Mother Star, it possesses the Earthlings and acts to empower the ruler Pharaoh 90.He has a monster called Daimon under his control.
    Net(pure)Crystal of the heart (TV anime "S")
    A crystal of the heart that a pure human has.Some pure hearts become "Talismans" when taken out.However, if the pure heart is taken out, the owner will be weakened and die.
    Savior(Messiah)(Original manga third period, TV anime "S")
    In the original, it is Neo Queen Serenity that regenerates the world destroyed by Sailor Saturn.In the TV anime, "Silence MessiahIt refers to a person who truly masters the "legendary Holy Grail" regardless of good or evil.
    Magic tool(Talisman)(Original manga third period, TV animation "S")
    Three kinds of sacred treasuresWith the weapons of the three external warriors derived fromSailor UranusSpace Sword (the treasure sword that controls the attack),Sailor NeptuneDeep Aqua Mirror (hand mirror that controls detection), Garnet Orb (jewel that controls space-time) of Sailor Pluto.The motif is "Three kinds of sacred treasures". Talisman saidAmulet", Of the originalDowa HotaruHas the same meaning as "amulet".
    In the original and "Crystal", Sailor Saturn awoke in resonance when three Talismen, who would not normally meet, resonated in response to Sailor Moon's voice, empowering the "Legendary Holy Grail" described below.
    In the TV anime, Uranus and Neptune's "pure heart" has changed.Appearing from the body of Uranus and Neptune shot by Eugene's capture gun, it resonates with Pluto's Talisman and separates from the pure heart, and becomes the weapon of the two as it is.This is because the Talismans of Uranus and Neptune assimilated with their pure hearts when they reincarnated and forgot about it when they reincarnated.[25].. And when the three Talismans gather, the legendary Holy Grail appears.
    Legendary Holy Grail (Original Manga Third Season, TV Anime "S")
    An item that transforms Sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon.The motif is "The Quest for the Holy Grail".The name of the TV animation setting material is "Rainbow Moon Charis. "
    In the original, the Holy Grail, in which Chibiusa is reproduced with clay, becomes the real thing, and the inner solar system warrior gathers the power of the stars, and the outer solar system warrior gathers the power of the Talisman to make Sailor Moon super.When Sailor Chibi Moon saw it and wished, "I want to be like Sailor Moon someday," another Holy Grail appeared and made Chibi Moon super.
    In the TV animation, it is said that the person who got the Holy Grail can become the "true savior", and the three outer solar system warriors and Death Busters were looking for it, but it appeared when three Talismans gathered, and with the power of the Holy Grail Sailor Moon, who can transform into a supermarket, was in custody.According to Mistress 3, "a pure crystal of the heart that raises all emotions to the highest level."To gain power beyond the Holy Grail, we need to look for a purer, pure heart. It seems to be displayed in a museum in the 9th century, and Chibiusa is reproduced in the art classroom.

    Fourth period

    Dead moon(Original manga XNUMXth period, TV animation "Supers", Eternal)
    The enemy organization of the XNUMXth period.In the nightmare kingdom of the new moon, which is sealed deep in the darkness of the new moon, he has a monster called Remless under his control.Under the control of Queen Nehelenia of the New Moon, she usually works as a circus troupe.
    In the original, he cursed Princess Serenity and Silver Millennium to drive him to death, and cursed Mamoru with a black rose.In the TV anime, she seeks eternal youth and is looking for a "golden crystal" protected by Pegasus (Elios), who travels through beautiful dreams.
    Maiden (Original Manga XNUMXth Season, TV Anime "SuperS")
    In the original story, "A princess and a warrior protected by the moonlight with a beautiful dream" that can break the seal of the golden crystal, which appears in the revelation given by Elios.It was the rabbit that unsealed the Golden Crystal, but in fact the "Princess Lady Serenity" that gave the revelation to Elios was a growing Chibiusa.
    In the TV anime, it appeared as the nickname "My Maiden" for Chibiusa of Elios.
    Dream Mirror (TV anime "SuperS")
    A mirror in the heart of a human being with a "beautiful dream".The dream mirror in which Pegasus is hidden shines golden and is called the "Golden Mirror".I don't have the Amazon Trio of Dead Moon cadres, whose animals are who they are.
    Sacred stone(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)(After the XNUMXth period of the original manga)
    A jewel with great power transmitted to the universe.It usually refers to a phantom silver crystal, but it may also be referred to in conjunction with "golden crystal".
    Golden Crystal (Original manga XNUMXth period and later, TV animation XNUMXth period)
    In the original, it is a sacred stone of golden crystal, which has been missing for a long time, but emerged from inside Mamoru's body.The appearance is very similar to the flowering shape of the "phantom silver crystal".
    In the TV anime, Pegasus dwells in the forehead, a beautiful dream crystal of the people of the earth. "Golden crystalIs written.It has the power to easily destroy the stars in the sky, but that power is a secret that can only be passed on to the priests of Elysium.[26]..Targeted by the Dead Moon, Nehalennia says it is an "energy aggregate that can shine with the power of darkness and the power of beautiful dreams."It is a diamond-shaped double jewel, and when activated, the small stone inside shines.
    Holy Moon Charis (Original Manga XNUMXth Season, TV Anime "Stars")
    A newly born Holy Grail instead of the broken "Legendary Holy Grail".Used by Sailor Moon attached to the weapon "Eternal Tial".
    In the original, Sailor Moon transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. Transformed the sailor warriors into guardian princesses, poured the power of each guardian castle into the Holy Grail, and made Sailor Moon eternal.
    In the TV anime, it appeared when Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon first transformed.
    Sailor Crystal (Original manga after the XNUMXth period)
    A heart-shaped stone inside a sailor warrior.Sailor Warriors get this stone and make it super, and after that it will be used as a transformation item.In the fifth period, it changed to a star shape with the eternalization.The sailor crystal that comes out of the body is a rhombus.
    It turned out to be the core of the Sailor Warrior in the fifth period.When robbed, his body disappears and he dies.It seems to exist forever unless it returns to the sea where "Galaxy Cordron", which has eternal brilliance and is the place where all the stars are born.
    Guardian spirit(Sailor Power Guardian)(Original manga XNUMXth period)
    A guardian spirit who controls the power of sailor warriors, it looks like a miniature sailor warrior. In the original, Ami and Makoto received Sailor Crystal from this spirit. It is like a sailor warrior's alter ego, and usually manages the castle of each guardian star.

    Fifth period

    Shadow Galactica(Original manga XNUMXth period, TV animation "Stars")
    The enemy organization of the fifth period.An organization of evil sailor warriors dominated by Sailor Galaxia, collecting star seeds of sailor warriors.
    The original is based on the "Galactica Palace" built in the "Galaxy Cordron".In the TV animation, it is based in Tokyo's "Galaxy TV Station", and the executives are active as members of the Galaxy TV station.
    Star Seed (Original Manga XNUMXth Period, TV Anime "Stars")
    A small stone in the core of all living things, also known as the "star seed."The special star seed is called "Sailor Crystal" (called "True Star Seed" in the TV anime).
    Princess Kakyuu's incense burner (Original manga XNUMXth period, TV animation "Stars")
    An incense burner transformed by Princess Kakyuu to hide from Galaxia.It has the scent of Kanagi.

    Place names appearing in the work

    Mostly real, except for fantasy elementsTokyoMinato-kuAzabu JubanIt is modeled on the facilities that actually exist in the surrounding area.

    Phase one

    Azabu Juban Shopping Street(All media mix works)
    Really exists in Azabujuban, Minato-ku, TokyoShopping district..The main stage throughout the series, the hometown of the rabbits.In TV animeJubancho Shopping StreetAppears as.
    Municipal Juban Junior High School (all media mix works)
    Tsukino Usagi,Mizuno Ami,Makoto KinoJunior high school that I attend.Although it is common to many of the schools that appear, there is no class change, and it seems that wearing pierced earrings and brooches does not violate the school rules.When the TV anime "R" was airedMovicからStudent handbookHas been released, and the principal's name is Naoya Takeuchi.The model actually existed in Minato-ku, TokyoMinato Ward Jonan Junior High School.. The location of the live-action drama is in Shinjuku-ku, TokyoMejiro Gakuen[27].
    Ichi no Hashi Park(Original manga,Television Animation,Crystal])
    Really exists in Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyopark.. It will be a relatively important place throughout the series, such as a meeting place and teleporting.
    Jewelery OSA ・ P (Original manga, TV anime, “Crystal”)
    A jewelry store run by her mother, Molly Baker. It is also the place of the first team of Sailor Moon[Note 8].. The origin of OSA / P is from the nickname "Osabu" in charge of the original author. The model exists in Azabujuban, Minato-kuJules A[28].
    Renaissance Hall (Live-action drama)
    A venue where the mother of Molly Baker announces her new jewelry design. It is also the place of the first team of Sailor Moon.
    Crown (all media mix works)
    Rabbit's favorite shop.Motoki FuruhataIs a part-time job and is run by the father of Furuhata brothers and sisters. In the original and animeArcade.. In live actionKaraoke room.. The model is a pachinko parlor of the same name that existed in Azabujuban, Minato-ku (currently closed). The live-action drama location was used at the Kichijoji North Exit, a karaoke hall in Kichijoji.
    In the original and "Crystal", there is a "Sailor V game" machine, and in the basement with a strong shield, there is a command room connected to the host computer of the moon (= old version, main system in the new version).
    In the TV anime, "Sailor V Game" itself was a computer, so there is no command room.
    In the live-action film, there is a base with a strong shield. The entrance to the base is near the cashier counter, but no one except the warrior notices it.
    Fruit Parlor Crown (Original Manga, TV Anime, "Crystal")
    Furuhata UnazukiIs working part-timeA coffee shopAnd, like "Crown", it is run by the father of Furuhata brothers and sisters. One of the meeting places for rabbits. The model is Marumi and fruits and vegetables in Minami Azabu, Minato-ku (there is a sign called Crown Mask Melon).
    Command room (original, live-action drama, "Crystal")
    A sailor warrior base built in the basement of "Sailor V Game" in "Game Center Crown".Science developed in Silver Millennium is used, and a strong shield is put up because the game machine is the entrance to the control room.A relatively important place in the series to communicate with Sailor Warriors and use for strategy meetings. "Crystal" is a more futuristic facility. Live-action dramaThen, it is made in the basement of "Karaoke Crown".
    Bus stop on Sendai Sakagami (Original manga first period, TV animation first period, "Crystal")
    If you take the "Magic 6 o'clock bus", you will reach the 6th slope that should not exist.urban legendwas there. In fact, it is a missing case by jadeite.
    Hikawa Shrine (all media mix works)
    On the outskirts of Tenth AvenueSendai slopeNear the topShrine.Rei HinoGrandfather is a priest and is also Rei's house.Ray's crow "Phobos Deimos" has also settled down.
    In TV animation, it is a place like the "command room" mentioned above, and it is a relatively important place throughout the series, such as being used for strategy meetings, teleports, study sessions, etc.
    The original model is Motoazabu, Minato-ku, TokyoHikawa Shrine.. The model of the TV animation is Akasaka, Minato-ku, TokyoAkasaka Hikawa Shrine.. The location used for the live-action drama was in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.Shibuya Hikawa Shrine.
    TA Jogakuin (all media mix works)
    Sailor Mars, Unazuki Furuhata, and Sarashina go through,Mission systemPrivate girls' school for integrated education. In the original story, it is known as a young lady's school, and the conversation is based on a young lady's tone, and there is a sister. The model exists in Roppongi, Minato-kuToyo Eiwa Jogakuin.
    Private Motoazabu High School (Original manga,Live-action drama, "Crystal")
    JibaeA high school where Hajime Asanuma attends, a super-advanced school with a deviation value of 90.It turns out that there is also a junior high school in the second term.A prestigious private school with the longest history in Tokyo.The tie is different between the middle and high school.According to Mamoru, "A hungry school where only motivated ones can survive."The model exists in Motoazabu, Minato-kuAzabu Junior High School/High School.
    Tokyo International Airport(Television Animation)
    The place of the final battle between Sailor Warrior and Jadeite in the TV anime.Really exists in Ota-ku, Tokyo.It also appears in the second term "R" when Ami tries to study abroad.
    Embassy of Country D (Original manga first period, TV animation first period, "Crystal")
    In Sendai Sakashita (original), the world's largest jewel-producing country "D country" (diamond country in TV animation)Embassy. Princess D (Princess Diamond in the TV anime) stayed in Japan and held a ball where her "phantom treasure" was released.
    Tokyo Tower(Original manga, "Crystal")
    A TV tower in Shibakoen, Minato-ku.The place used to collect the large amount of energy stolen by Zoisite and Kunzite.The moon princess and the "phantom silver crystal" have appeared.
    Starlight Tower (XNUMXst period of TV animation)
    In the Bay Area, where Zoisite summoned the Tuxedo Mask and stole the "Rainbow Crystal". Here, both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask reveal their true identity. At this place, a "phantom silver crystal" and a moon princess appeared. It collapsed in the battle with Kunzite and was abandoned.
    KO University (Original manga, "Crystal")
    With Motoki FuruhataReika NishimuraUniversity to attend. The name of the university that Mamoru, who was manipulated by Queen Beryl, introduced himself when he assassinated his former best friend Endo (erasing his memory in "Crystal") and took over.
    In the XNUMXrd term, Mamoru will enter the school in the XNUMXth term. The model exists in Minato-ku, TokyoKeio UniversityMita Campus.The original author, Naoko Takeuchi, was later merged into Keio University.Kyoritsu Pharmaceutical UniversityGraduate.
    Azabu Institute of Technology (TV animation)
    The university that Reika Nishimura attends.
    Silver Millennium (all media mix works)
    In the kingdom that once existed on the moon, the birthplace of the rabbit's predecessor Princess Serenity. It had the role of watching over the evolution of life on Earth.Since one princess is born for generations, it is a queen system, and the forehead of the royal family has a golden crescent mark.The building was made of crystals and had a high degree of mechanical civilization.
    With the power of the "phantom silver crystal" protected by the royal family, the inhabitants of the moon have a lifespan of a thousand years, and are known as the "thousand-year empire of the moon."The enemy forces call it the "white moon."
    In the live-action version, it is called the "Kingdom of the Moon" and is surrounded by a dome-shaped barrier.
    Clear sea(Mare Serenitatis)(Original manga first period, "Crystal")
    "Moon seaOne of the places called. Where the Silver Millennium once existed, the remains of the abandoned Silver Millennium temple are left behind.
    The English name for "Mare Serenitatis" is "Sea of ​​Serenity", which is said to be the origin of Princess Serenity.
    Moon Castle (Original manga first period, TV animation first period)
    The Silver Millennium palace stands on the "Sunny Sea". It was petrified and collapsed at the time of the destruction of the previous life, but in the original and "Crystal", it was revived by the prayer when Metalia was sealed. It is unknown whether it was discovered in the Luna project of the third movie version "Kaguya Hime no Koibito".
    Crystal Tower (Original manga first period, "Crystal")
    A crystal "Prayer Tower" located in the "Prayer Room" in the center of Moon Castle, where only Queens are allowed to enter.It is said that the moon will protect you when you pray when a crisis occurs.It was broken in the middle when it first appeared, but it grows up in response to the prayer of Moon in the final stage.On the pedestal in front of the front, where the holy sword described later was sealed, there is a system that holograms the intention of Queen Serenity transferred to the computer.
    Earth country (all media mix works)
    The name when the earth was a kingdom, the birthplace of Mamoru's predecessor Prince Endimion. "The moon kingdom is unilaterally monitoring the evolution of life on Earth."Dark kingdomThe country was taken over by the leader of the invasion of the moon for the purpose of "phantom silver crystal" that brings eternal youth, but it died at the same time as the destruction of the Silver Millennium.
    In the XNUMXth term, "Golden kingdomThe name was revealed[Note 9], Exists in the sanctuary Elysium, and it turns out that the royal family guarded the "Golden Crystal".
    Municipal Juban Hospital (live-action drama after the first period of TV animation)
    Meiwa University Hospital (live-action drama)
    Ami's mother workshospital..In the live-action drama, Minako Ward Juban Hospital appears as a hospital where Minako (Rei in Special Act.) Was hospitalized.
    Super dimensional space (Original manga first period, "Crystal")
    When a battle broke out in Crown's command room, Mercury called in to avoid destroying the entire Crown area.

    Second period

    Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park(Original manga second term, "Crystal")
    Minato-ku, TokyoMinami AzabuA real park in.ChibiusaThe place where I escaped when I first appeared.
    Minato Ward Juban Elementary School (the second period of the original manga, the latter half of the TV anime "R")
    At the elementary school where Chibiusa attends, Shingo Tsukino also attends.From the XNUMXth period of the originalDowa HotaruAlso started to go.The model exists in Minato-ku, TokyoMinamiyama Nanzan Elementary School.
    Planet Nemesis (Original Manga XNUMXnd Season, TV Anime "R")
    Black moon clanHome of. A dark planet that exists in the 30th century and is the tenth planet of the solar system.A harsh land that emits strong negative power and is barely reachable by the sun.
    In the original, the place where Death Phantom was banished to Neo Queen Serenity, and in the TV anime, the place where criminals who refused to rule Neo Queen Serenity escaped.
    Door of space-time (Original manga second period, TV animation "R")
    Sailor PlutoA door that connects the world of the past and the future that is protected by.It is also located in the back of Moon Castle and in the corner of Crystal Palace.
    Space-time gap (original manga / TV anime "R")
    It exists between space-time. If you don't have the key to space-time, you will wander forever. In the original, there is no concept of distance or direction, and the dark pitfalls of space-time open in some places. Beyond that, there is a forbidden place "the depth of space-time" that no one has been to, and it seems that strong darkness and storms are blowing. In TV animation, there is a "space-time corridor" that connects space-time.
    Crystal Tokyo (Original manga, TV anime "R")
    The birthplace of Chibiusa on the earth of the future in the 30th century.Rabbit is a futuristic city of crystals built on the earth by the power of "phantom silver crystal", and is governed by Neo Queen Serenity (future rabbit) and King Endimion (future guard).Located in Azabujuban, the Silver Millennium has been revived in the center.Invaded the gap where the "phantom silver crystal" that protected the city disappearedBlack moon clanBecame a city of death after being attacked by.
    In the original story, the Earthlings enjoy an eternal youth and a thousand years of life with the power of the "phantom silver crystal", and enjoy a peaceful life in which conflicts and crimes are forgotten.
    In the TV anime, the earth in the 20th century was suddenly hit by a "catastrophe" and went into a cold sleep, and in the 30th century, a rabbit was awakened by the power of a "phantom silver crystal".
    Crystal Palace (the second period of the original manga, the latter half of the TV anime "R")
    Crystal Tokyo's immortal castle made of "phantom silver crystal". Only the Silver Millennium clan can enter, and is home to Neo Queen Serenity, King Endimion, Chibiusa, Internal Solar System Warrior, and Sailor Pluto (original). At the tallest crystal tower in the palace, there is a building that imitates Moon Castle.
    小 惑星(Movie version "R")
    An asteroid that has approached the earth.Fiore changes its orbit and collides with the earth, and is destroyed by the power of Sailor Moon's "phantom silver crystal" with the help of Sailor Warrior and Mamoru.
    The corresponding scene is "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's CounterattackIs a homage to.
    Well of peace (TV animeCassette collection 3)
    A magical hole sent by Prince Endimion, who was accused of having a secret meeting with Princess Serenity.When you enter, you will end up wandering forever in a different dimensional space.

    Third period

    Unlimiteddelta(Original manga third period, "Crystal")
    Located in Minato Ward, the center of the Tokyo Bay reclamation project, "Mugenshu" in the center and "Tennozu", "Kaiozu", and "Meiozu" that surround it. All of them are reclaimed from the mouth of the river, and the combined shape of the four is an equilateral triangle. Mugenshu station exists. In addition, the aforementioned Omega area was being developed. "Tennozu" is different from Tennozu, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, but it is a model.
    Mugen Gakuen (Original Manga Third Season, TV Anime "S", "Crystal")
    A private school created by Pharaoh 90.Dowa HotaruOwned by his father, Professor Tomoe.Exists near Mugenshu Station. The 60-story building is the school building, and behind it is the Tomoe Research Institute, which is headed by Professor Tomoe at his home in Hotaru.
    Firefly attends elementary school andTenno HarukaとKaioh MichiruWas infiltrated as a high school student.We provide integrated education from childhood to graduate school, and there are five classes: philosophy, entertainment, science, physical, and professional.An example is five students dressed as Witches 5, where excellent students sometimes act as instructors to teach doctrine.
    CondominiumTower (XNUMXrd period of the original manga, "Crystal")
    A condominium is a "for-sale property", and refers to a high-class tower condominium (rent 1 million yen per month) that surrounds "Mugenshu" and is located in "Tennozu", "Kaiozu", and "Meiozu". ..
    Haruka, Michiru,Sailor PlutoThe three of them lived in their respective condominium towers to watch over "Mugenshu". The room number for 3 people is the number obtained by adding 3 to the birthday (Haruka: Birthday January 1,000 → Room number: 1, Michiru: Birthday March 27 → Room number: 1127), or the birthdayanagram(Setsuna: Birthday October 10th → Room number: 29). The model is Times New Pier Takeshiba North Tower in Minato Ward.
    Mugen C. Park (Original Manga Third Season, "Crystal")
    A theme park created in "Mugenshu". On the searoller coasterThere is. Chibiusa and her classmates, Mamoru and Asanuma came to visit.
    J Medical University Hospital (Original Manga Third Term, "Crystal")
    At the hospital where Ami's mother works, the Eucharist was pulled out and Chibiusa was brought in. The model actually existed in Minato Ward, and the original author worked as a pharmacist.Jikei University Hospital.. In addition, the original version "Princess Kaguya's lover], Kakeru was hospitalized.
    Miharadai General Hospital (TV anime "S")
    The hospital where Professor Tomoe, who has regained his sanity, is hospitalized.
    Comet Snow Kaguya (Original Manga Extra Edition and Theatrical Version "Princess Kaguya's lover])
    Discovered by Kakerucomet.. It was given this name because it looked like it came from the moon.
    The true identity is the Ice Queen who tried to rule the earth during the primitive solar system.Once driven away by Queen Serenity, it re-orbits the Earth after 45 billion years of wandering.Using his alter ego, Snow Dancers, he tried to keep people in a happy dream.

    Fourth period

    Metropolitan Juuban High School (TV anime "Stars", "Crystal" after the XNUMXth period of the original manga)
    High school where rabbits go.In addition to Ami and Makoto together from junior high schoolMinako AinoAlso enrolled.In the initial setting of the third term of the original, I went to school far before the transfer to Mugen Gakuen (I transferred to Michito later. I went to school in a girls' uniform).The model is Tokyo Metropolitan Roppongi High School in Minato Ward. 
    Sanctuary Elysium (Original manga XNUMXth period, TV animation "SuperS", theatrical version "Eternal])
    The holy place of the earth protected by the ritual Elios.It was covered with black roses by the curse of Nehalennia.ElysiumMeans "paradise" in Greek.
    In the original, the heart of the earth where the Golden Kingdom used to be.A temple stands in the center of the lake surrounded by lush forests.Protected by the priest Elios and the shrine maiden Menard, Elios prays in the "Tower of Prayer" deep underground.White roses are in full bloom, and the earth has a purifying effect (when it first appeared, it was desolate due to the curse of Nehalennia, and the white roses turned black and were about to die).Elios is the guardian priest of Endimion, and Elysium and the Earth are connected, and Elios and Mamoru are connected with the mind and body.
    In TV animation, it seems that it exists in the depths of the "dream forest" made of crystal in a world supported by the beautiful dreams of people on the ground.Elios is the guardian of the Golden Crystal, watching over the beautiful dreams of the people of the earth. Elios transformed into Pegasus lurks in the "Dream Forest," and later the Amazon Trio's "Dream Mirror" was carried.
    Dongseo University (TV anime "SuperS")
    The university where Mamoru, Motoki Furuhata, Saori, and Kobayashi attend.The dance party is famous.
    Kaleidoscope Old Museum (Original Manga XNUMXth Period)
    A shop where Rabbit and Chibiusa Mamoru bought a kaleidoscope.It actually exists in Azabujuban.
    Sailor Senshi Castle (Original Manga XNUMXth Period, Movie Version "Eternal")
    The castle that the solar system sailor warrior gave to Queen Serenity.usuallyGuardian spirit(Sailor Power Guardian)Is in control.She takes on the appearance of a princess as she devotes herself to the Holy Grail, chanting the name of the castle on her mother planet.Each star except Moon Castle of Sailor MoonsatelliteThe name is attached, and only Chibi Moon is chanting "Crystal Palace of the 30th century!".
    In the fifth period, when Moon, Starlights, and Fireball arrive at the castle of the external warrior, the battle with the Galaxian forces will behologramIt was disseminated as information on.
    Black Dream Hall (Theatrical version "The miracle of the Black Dream Hall])
    Huge made of energyBlack Hole.. Badiyanu, a witch from another world, makes the fairy Puplans call with the sound of a whistle, and absorbs and grows sugar energy from the dreams of all the children of the earth trapped in the coffin of the dream and swallows the earth. The energy of the sailor warriors is also gaining suction power at the same time. The true identity is Badiyanu integrated with a huge ball of fire.
    Majipanne Castle (Theatrical version "The Miracle of the Black Dream Hall")
    Home of the Black Dream Hall.A huge tower castle hidden in the sea of ​​clouds.It appeared in response to the sound of the whistle of the Pupelins.

    Fifth period

    Kinmoku star (Original manga XNUMXth period, TV animation "Stars")
    Sailor Star Lights and Princess Kakyuu's mother star.After being destroyed by Galaxia, the princess escapes to the earth, and Starlights acts as a boy idol "Three Lights" in order to find the princess.
    According to the original, Kinmoku's "Tankei Kingdom" is the hometown of Starlights and Princess Kakyuu.Name isosmanthusDerived from the Chinese name "Tankei" of (Kinmoku star).There is a folk tale in China that "Katsura tree (Kanagi 犀) grows on the moon."
    Galaxy Cordron (Fifth period of the original manga)
    The place where all the stars in the galaxy are born and returned in Sagittarius Zero Star.Protected by Sailor Cosmos.
    Galaxy TV (TV animation XNUMXth period)
    Shadow Galactica's Tokyo headquarters.At first glance, it's an ordinary TV station.Sailor Anima Mates is a staff member looking for a special star seed owner as a talent agent and TV reporter.
    Hammer Price Hall (Original Manga XNUMXth Extra Edition)
    It is run by Makoto BonmatsuuraPawnshop.. Malicious because it is in a prime locationGround clearanceI was in trouble.Great Kanto EarthquakeHowever, the earth spirit (Genius Loki) "Otakura" appears from the warehouse that he did not frighten. After the case is resolved, it will be rebuilt into a magnificent skyscraper. The symbol is an eagle decoration with spread wings, but after the case was resolved, only the wings have changed to imitate the wings of the Eternal Sailor Moon. The model is the Daikokuya Azabu store, which actually exists in Azabujuban, Minato-ku.

    More informations

    Altuka Empire (musical"Legend of Kaguya Island")
    The kingdom of the earth that existed 5000 years ago.The orbit of Comet Coatl, which was about to collide with the Earth, was destroyed by a flood caused by the influence of the moon princess shifting it with the power of "phantom silver crystal".
    Kaguya Island (Musical "Kaguya Island Legend")
    An island in the territory of the Altuka Empire.You can get jewels.

    Extra edition

    Codename is Sailor V

    The work that became the mother of this workMinako AinoIs the main character. In the time series before the battle with Dark Kingdom, Minako, a first-year junior high school student, awakens as Sailor V, regains the memory of the previous life, and awakens as Sailor Venus.

    Chibiusa Picture Diary

    "Nakayoshi" sister magazine "RunrunA work that depicts the daily life of Chibiusa, serialized in. All 3 works (TV auctionAll 4 works including "Himitsu no Hammer Price Hall" drawn for the winning bidder in.

    "Chibiusa Picture Diary (Extra Edition)" was animated under the title of "Chibiusa Adventure! Horror, Vampire House" in the TV special of the TV anime 4th series Super S, and "Chibiusa Picture Diary (Mushitou Hen)" is Super S 153. In the story "Horror Dental Doctor? Parapara no Yakata", a story with almost the same content is animated. Chibiusa's Special Move, which usually does not have that much attack power, has the ability to defeat the enemy with a single blow in the 2nd and 3rd works.

    Recording volumeNumber of storiessubtitlePublished
    5Episode 1Chibiusa Picture Diary (Extra Edition)1993 year 7 month number
    10Episode 2Beware of Tanabata countdown1994/7 month number
    15Episode 3Chibiusa Picture Diary (Caries Edition)1995/3 month number
    17Episode 4Secret Hammer Prize Hall Volume1996/8 month number

    Princess Kaguya's lover

    A story about the love of Luna, a black cat who is a partner of a rabbit. The movie "The movie produced by Toei in 1994"Movie version Sailor Moon SWas written in the original action of.The manga version was released as a special bound book as KC Nakayoshi Deluxe, and then included in the 11th volume of the main comic.

    Recording volumesubtitlePublished
    11Princess Kaguya's loverDraw in November 1994

    Casablanca Memory

    An episode in which Rei Hino plays the leading role. You can learn about Ray's family environment and his first love affair, which are rarely talked about. It was included in the 11th volume of the main comic.

    Recording volumesubtitlePublished
    11Casablanca Memory1993 year 9 month number

    Examination War

    Sailor warriors other than the main character "Tsukino Usagi", "Ami Mizuno", "Makoto Kino", "Rei Hino", and "Minako Aino" are the main characters respectively.Spin-offIn a series of short stories, "Runrun』(Kodansha) was serialized for a short time. The story is allHigh school examIt is a story entwined with.

    "Mako-chan no Yuutsu" (May issue), "Ami-chan's first love(Published in the July issue) and "Battle between Rei and Minako's Girls' School" (published in the November issue). Included in 7 volumes of the old edition. "Ami-chan's First Love" was released in the same year as the short story, and was an animated film "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS』It has been made into a theatrical animation and released as a parallel work.

    Recording volumeNumber of storiessubtitlePublished
    13Episode 1Mako-chan's Yuutsu1995 year 5 month number
    Episode 2Ami-chan's first love1995 year 7 month number
    Episode 3High school girl battle between Rei and Minako1995 year 11 month number

    Parallel Seramu

    Married Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno (both couples are working doctors), Rei Hino (who is a shrine maiden at a shrine, her husband is a priest and teacher), Makoto Kino (my dream shop (flower shop or cake shop is unknown)) (Has), Minako Aino (husband is in charge of laughter programs)AD) A short manga featuring these children. The children's names are Kosagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Mako Kino, and Mina Aino, all in the third grade of elementary school (Chibiusa and Hotaru are in the third grade of junior high school). All husbands seem to be adopted children. Because the stage is "a certain star of a certain dimension"Parallel worldMay be the story of.

    It was recorded in "Sailor Moon Setting Material Collection". It was later reprinted in "Sailor Moon Short Stories 2" and the paperback edition after the full version.

    Media mix development

    Since 1992 in parallel with the serializationToei videoThe production was made into a TV animation, and it was made into a theater animation, a game, a cassette drama, and a musical similar to the TV animation version. In 2003, it was made into a TV drama similar to the original manga version.

    2012/7/6At the "20th Anniversary Talk Event" held in Japan, a new animation faithful to the original manga was released as "Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Work".2013/It was announced that it will be released in the summer, and after several postponements,2014/From OctoberPretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal』In the beginning with the titleWeb animePublished as, laterTelevision AnimationAlso published as[Note 10].. Also, as part of the 20th anniversary project, which will be described later.SHFiguartsbyAction figureBecomingNerke planningA musical version based on the original work by2018/Based on mangaNovelizeWas released.


    "Sailor Moon"

    1992/3/7から1997/2/8ToTV AsahiIn the systemToei videoBy productionTelevision AnimationAll 5 episodes of 200 works were airedMovie versionAlso produced 3 works.

    The previous program "Kingo Warning!』The flow was taken over and the route was changed to a friendship comedy.It has become a pop character design, and the story and character settings have been greatly arranged with the younger age group in mind.It caused a social phenomenon at that time and had a lot of influence on the successor works.

    "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal"

    From July 2014 by Toei Animation productionWeb animeWas delivered online and laterMidnight animeWas broadcast on television as.2017/By midnight, it will be broadcast until the 3rd period, and the 4th period will be2021/ToSailor Moon Eternal』The title was made into a theatrical animation in the front and back, and the 5th period2023/ToBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosmos』The title will be made into a theatrical animation in the front and back.

    It is not a remake of the TV anime mentioned above, but the concept is "animation faithful to the original manga", but some unique settings and stories are included.


    From 1993 to 2005BandaiA musical series produced was performed.Some of the settings of the original manga are also used based on the TV anime.

    From 2013 to 2017Nerke planningA musical series produced by the production is performed, and a part of the setting of the TV animation is also used based on the original manga.


    Various game works based on TV animation.Besides home video game consolesarcade gameWas produced.

    Cassette collection

    As a related product of TV animationAnimateA cassette drama sold at. Since the purchasing group is for teens, this is a gag work with a lot of off-color humor and sexual expressions. It was later made into a CD.

    TV drama

    Aired from October 2003 to September 10Special effectsLive-action drama version.

    The content is based on the first period of the original manga, but with a drama element depicting the conflict between the sailor warrior and the four heavenly kings over the forbidden love between Serenity and Endimion, a unique story such as the appearance of "Evil Sailor Mercury" It has become a development.Original sailor warriors designed by Takeuchi, Princess Sailor Moon and Sailor Luna will also appear.

    Fan club

    Inaugurated in April 2016. April 4Tokyo gymnasiumKick-off event was held atThree Stones,Mitsuko Horie,Kenji Nojima,Momoiro Clover ZPitched.

    4-D attraction

    "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D"
    "Universal Studios Japan] A hands-on theater show screened at "Cinema 4-D Theater". The costume is based on the second period of the original. Initially it was screened from March 2th to August 2018th, 3, but it was extended to September 16th due to its popularity.
    "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D ~ Moon Palace Edition ~"
    The second in a series of screenings from May 2019st to August 5th, 31. Based on the 8rd period of the original, new external solar system warriors and Super Sailor Moon will appear, and 25 sailor warriors will line up.
    "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D ~ Moon Palace Edition Deluxe ~"
    Scheduled to be screened from March 2022, 3 to August 4, 2022.In the second reprint, as an additional element, the sailor princess dress of the Sailor 8 warrior at that time will appear in the 28th period of the original.

    Show restaurant

    The restaurant "SHINING MOON TOKYO", which also has a show, opened in 2019 in Azabujuban, the stage of the work.[29][30].

    Super live


    "Sailor Moon EternalIt was held in 2021 in collaboration with.

    Ice show

    An ice show scheduled to be performed under the title of "Sailor Moon Prism On Ice". The story is the first episode of the original story, Dark Kingdom.Evgenia MedvedevWill play the role of Tsukino Usagi / Sailor Moon, and the figure skater will play the characters of the Internal Solar System Warrior, Tuxedo Mask, and Dark Kingdom. Played the role of the first Tsukino Usagi / Sailor Moon in the Bandai version of the musical as a special cast.ANZAWill play the role of Queen Serenity.

    The narration of the cast is the voice actors of "Sailor Moon Crystal", and Hiramitsu, who is also involved as a script in the musical version, is in charge of the script.Akiko KosakaとLunar eclipseIs in charge of music.

    The period from June 2020th to June 6th, 5 was planned,[31],New coronavirusDue to the social influence of the turmoil, the originally scheduled performance in 2020 has been cancelled.[32]..The transfer performance was scheduled for the period from June 2021th to June 6th, 4, but it was postponed to June 6.[33], Further postponed to 2023.


    About subtitles and new / complete editions

    Original version

    • All are published from "Nakayoshi". The number of stories is from the old book. Currently out of print.
    Recording volumeNumber of storiessubtitlePublished
    Phase XNUMX Dark Kingdom
    1Act1Rabbit — SAILOR MOON1992 year 2 month number
    Act2Ami — SAILOR MERCURY1992 year 3 month number
    Act3Ray — SAILOR MARS1992 year 4 month number
    Act4Masquerade—Masked Ball1992 year 5 month number
    Act5Makoto — SAILOR JUPITER1992 year 6 month number
    2Act6Tuxedo Mask — TUXEDO MASK1992 year 7 month number
    Act7Tuxedo Mask — TUXEDO MASK1992 year 8 month number
    Act8Minako — SAILOR V1992 year 9 month number
    Act9Serenity — PRINCESS1992 year 10 month number
    3Act10MOON—Month1992 year 11 month number
    Act11Reunion — ENDYMION1992 year 12 month number
    1993 year 1 month number
    Act12Decisive Battle — REINCARNATION1993 year 2 month number
    4Act13End and Beginning — Petit et ranger1993 year 3 month number
    Second term Black Moon
    4Act14Black Moon Cohen — SAILOR MARS1993 year 4 month number
    Act15Black Moon Berche — SAILORMERCURY1993 year 5 month number
    Act16Black Moon Pets — SAILOR JUPITER1993 year 6 month number
    5Act17Black Moon Caravelas — SAILOR VENUS1993 year 7 month number
    Act18Time Warp — SAILOR PLUTO1993 year 8 month number
    Act19Crystal Tokyo — KING ENDYMION1993 year 9 month number
    6Act20NEMESIS—Complicated1993 year 10 month number
    1993 year 11 month number
    Act21NEMESIS — Dark Leap1993 year 12 month number
    Act22Attack — BLACK LADY1994 year 1 month number
    7Act23Play — NEVER ENDING1994 year 2 month number
    1994 year 3 month number
    Third term Death Busters edition
    7Act24Infinite 1 premonitionMay 1994 issue appendix
    8Act25Infinity 2 ripples1994 year 4 month number
    Act26Infinity 3 2 people-NEW SOLDIERS1994 year 5 month number
    Act27Infinity 4 Sailor Uranus-Sailor Uranus
    Sailor Neptune-Sailor Neptune
    1994 year 6 month number
    Act28Infinity 5 Sailor Pluto-Sailor Pluto1994 year 7 month number
    9Act29Infinity 6 3 Warrior1994 year 8 month number
    Act30Infinity 7 Makeover-SUPER SAILOR MOON1994 year 9 month number
    Act31Infinite 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 11994 year 10 month number
    Act32Infinite 9 "Infinite Labyrinth" 21994 year 11 month number
    10Act33Infinity 10 ∞- "Infinity"1995 year 1 month number
    1995 year 2 month number
    1995 year 3 month number
    XNUMXth Dead Moon Edition
    12Act34Dream 1 — eclipse dream1995 year 4 month number
    Act35Dream 2-Mercury Dream1995 year 5 month number
    Act36Dream 3-Mars Dream1995 year 6 month number
    13Act37Dream 4-Jupiter Dream1995 year 7 month number
    Act38Dream 5—Venus Dream1995 year 8 month number
    14Act39Dream 6—New Soldier Dream1995 year 9 month number
    1995 year 10 month number
    Act40Dream 7 — Elysium Dream1995 year 12 month number
    15Act41Dream 8-Dead Moon Dream1996 year 1 month number
    1996 year 2 month number
    Act42Dream 9—Earth and Moon Dream1996 year 3 month number
    XNUMXth Sailor Stars Edition
    16Act43Stars 11996 year 4 month number
    Act44Stars 21996 year 5 month number
    Act45Stars 31996 year 6 month number
    1996 year 7 month number
    17Act46Stars 41996 year 9 month number
    Act47Stars 51996 year 10 month number
    Act48Stars 61996 year 11 month number
    18Act49Stars 71996 year 12 month number
    Act50Stars 81997 year 1 month number
    Act51Stars 91997 year 2 month number
    Act52Stars 101997 year 3 month number

    New Edition

    The new edition (Sailor Moon renewal version) re-edited all 2003 volumes of the old edition of "Sailor Moon" and all 18 volumes of the old edition of "Codename: Sailor V" in the summer of 3 when the live-action drama version was aired.CGModified (Mac OfAdobe PhotoshopUsed for the cover and color door). The props were rewritten to match the live-action version, and the monochrome pictures and lines of the parts were also corrected. The beginning of the book is a color page, etc., and some stories have been added to change. In addition, minor corrections such as color adjustment have been made since January 2013, and it has been re-released with a new obi to commemorate the 1th anniversary.

    Volumes 2-4 are about 2P where the author describes the production situation at that time and the initial setting of the character.4 comic strip cartoonHowever, it is posted as a postscript.

    Recording volumeNumber of storiessubtitle
    Main story
    1Act1Rabbit — SAILOR MOON
    Act3Ray — SAILOR MARS
    Act4Masked Ball — Masquerade
    Act5Makoto — SAILOR JUPITER
    Act6Tuxedo Mask — TUXEDO MASK
    2Act7Tuxedo Mask — TUXEDO MASK
    Act8Minako — SAILOR V
    Act9Serenity — PRINCESS
    Act10Mon — MOON
    Act11Reunion — ENDYMION
    3Act12Enemy — QUEEN METARIA
    Act13Decisive Battle — REINCARNATION
    Act14End and Beginning — PETIT ETRANGER
    Act15Invasion — SAILOR MARS
    Act16Kidnapping — SAILOR MERCURY
    4Act17Secret — SAILOR JUPITER
    Act18Invasion — SAILOR VENUS
    Act19Time Warp — SAILOR PLUTO
    Act20Crystal Tokyo — KING ENDYMION
    Act21Complexity — NEMESIS
    5Act22Speculation — NEMESIS
    Act23Dark Leap — WISEMAN
    Act24Attack — BLACK LADY
    Act25Showdown — DEATH PHANTOM
    Act26Play — NEVER ENDING
    6Act27Infinity 1 — Premonition
    Act28Infinity 2-Ripples
    Act29Infinity 3-2 people NEW SOLDIERS
    Act30Infinity 4-SAILOR URANUS Tenno Haruka SAILOR NEPTUNE Sailor Neptune
    7Act31Infinity 5—SAILOR PLUTO Meiou Setuna
    Act32Infinity 6-3 Warrior
    Act33Infinity 7 — Makeover SUPER SAILOR MOON
    Act34Infinity 8-"Infinite Labyrinth" 1
    Act35Infinity 9-"Infinite Labyrinth" 2
    8Act36Infinity 10—Infinity—Sky
    Act37Infinity 11—Infinity—Referee
    Act38Infinity 12—Infinity—Departure
    Act39Dream 1 — eclipse dream
    9Act40Dream 2-Mercury Dream
    Act41Dream 3-Mars Dream
    Act42Dream 4-Jupiter Dream
    Act43Dream 5—Venus Dream
    Act44Dream 6—New Soldier Dream
    10Act45Dream 7 — Mirror Dream
    Act46Dream 8 — Elysium Dream
    Act47Dream 9-Dead Moon Dream
    Act48Dream 10 — Princess Dream
    Act49Dream 11 — Earth and Moon Dream
    11Act50Stars 1
    Act51Stars 2
    Act52Stars 3
    Act53Stars 4
    Act54Stars 5
    12Act55Stars 6
    Act56Stars 7
    Act57Stars 8
    Act58Stars 9
    Act59Stars 10
    Act60Stars 11
    Short Stories [Short stories]
    1Episode 1[Chibiusa Picture Diary] Beware of transfer students!
    Episode 2[Chibiusa Picture Diary] Beware of Tanabata!
    Episode 3[Chibiusa Picture Diary] Beware of tooth decay!
    Episode 1[Examination War Edition] Mako-chan's Youtsu
    Episode 2[Examination War Edition] Ami-chan's first love
    Episode 3[Examination War Edition] Rei and Minako's high school girl battle !?
    -[Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Extra Edition] Secret Hammer Price Hall
    2-Princess Kaguya's lover
    -Casablanca Memory
    -Parallel Seramu

    Complete version, paperback version, all-color version

    Full versionIs a complete version of the original comic that was republished as a special publication for the 20th anniversary of the birth of "Sailor Moon". The cover illustration is the latest drawing by the original author, Naoko Takeuchi, and is A5 size that reproduces the color page at the time of publication in the magazine. Beautiful and luxurious binding supervised by Takeuchi himself, for all manuscriptsDigital remasterIt is a re-edited version. 201311/272 volumes are released each month. It was planned to have 12 volumes in total, but the 11th and 12th volumes were treated as 2 volumes in "Codename: Sailor V" and were released in May 2014.

    Originally, it was scheduled to be released as a favorite edition in a special box from October 2012, but later the release was postponed significantly, and the name of the "favorite edition" was changed to "complete edition" and it was published.

    2020/6/29, Volumes 1 and 2 of "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition" with all pages of the manga colored under the complete supervision of the original author Naoko Takeuchi based on the complete versionE-bookStart delivery at. The cover is the latest drawing by the original author, Naoko Takeuchi.

    Recording volumeNumber of storiessubtitle
    1Act 1Rabbit SAILOR MOON
    Act 3Ray SAILOR MARS
    Act 4Masquerade Masked Ball
    Act 5Makoto SAILOR JUPITER
    Act 6Tuxedo Mask TUXEDO MASK
    Act 7Tuxedo Mask TUXEDO MASK
    2Act 8Minako SAILOR V
    Act 9Serenity PRINCESS
    Act 10MOON month
    Act 11Reunion ENDYMION
    Act 12Enemy QUEEN METARIA
    Act 13Decisive battle REINCARNATION
    Act 14End and beginning PETIT ETRANGER
    3Act 15Invasion SAILOR MARS
    Act 16Kidnapping SAILOR MERCURY
    Act 17Secret SAILOR JUPITER
    Act 18Invasion SAILOR VENUS
    Act 19Time Warp SAILOR PLUTO
    Act 20Crystal Tokyo KING ENDYMION
    Act 21Complex NEMESIS
    4Act 22Speculation NEMESIS
    Act 23Dark leap WISEMAN
    Act 24Attack BLACK LADY
    Act 25Showdown DEATH FANTOM
    Act 26Play NEVER ENDING
    Chibiusa Picture Diary Episode 1Beware of transfer students!
    ■Casablanca Memory
    5Act 27Infinite 1 premonition
    Act 28Infinity 2 ripples
    Act 29Infinity 3 2 people NEW SOLDIERS
    Act 30Infinity 4 SAILOR URANUS Tenno Haruka SAILOR NEPTUNE Kaioh Michiru
    Act 31Infinity 5 SAILOR PLUTO Meiou Setuna
    Act 32Infinity 6 3 Warrior
    Act 33Infinity 7 Makeover SUPER SAILOR MOON
    6Act 34Infinite 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 1
    Act 35Infinite 9 "Infinite Labyrinth" 2
    Act 36Infinity 10 Infinity — Sky
    Act 37Infinity 11 Infinity — Referee
    Act 38Infinity 12 Infinity — Departure
    Chibiusa Picture Diary Episode 2Beware of Tanabata
    ■Princess Kaguya's lover
    7Act 39Dream eclipse dream
    Act 40Dream 2 Mercury Dream
    Act 41Dream 3 Mars Dream
    Act 42Dream 4 Jupiter Dream
    Act 43Dream 5 Venus Dream
    Act 44Dream 6 New Soldier Dream
    8Act 45Dream 7 Mirror Dream
    Act 46Dream 8 Elysium Dream
    Act 47Dream 9 Dead Moon Dream
    Act 48Dream 10 Princess Dream
    Act 49Dream 11 Earth and Moon Dream
    Chibiusa Picture Diary Episode 3Beware of tooth decay!
    Examination War
    Episode 1Mako-chan's Yuutsu
    Episode 2Ami-chan's first love
    Episode 3Rei and Minako's high school girl battle !?
    9Act 50Stars 1
    Act 51Stars 2
    Act 52Stars 3
    Act 53Stars 4
    Act 54Stars 5
    Act 55Stars 6
    10Act 56Stars 7
    Act 57Stars 8
    Act 58Stars 9
    Act 59Stars 10
    Act 60Stars 11
    ■Secret Hammer Price Hall
    ■Parallel Sailor Moon


    • The appearance of the worship hall of "Hikawa Shrine" where Rei Hino was a shrine maiden in the playTokyoMinato-kuAzabu JubanExisting inHikawa ShrineIt is almost the same as the hall of worship (especially the anime version). For this reason, at the height of the boom, "Hikawa Shrine" was regarded by fans as a "sacred place".WorshipSales of bills, amulets, omikuji, etc. and offerings increased dramatically compared to before the boom. Even now, enthusiastic fans sometimes come to worship[34].. The appearance of the worship hall of "Hikawa Shrine" is very similar to the appearance of the actual worship hall of "Hikawa Shrine" because the original author Naoko Takeuchi lived in the suburbs of Azabujuban when he was a student. There is. Hikawa ShrineDeity TheSusanooomikotoAnd the head office isSaitamaOmiya city(CurrentSaitamaOmiya W)It is in. Hikawa Shrine in Azabujuban is the Hikawa Shrine in Omiya.Shrine.
    • In addition, Azabujuban has a shopping street entrance, Ichi no Hashi Park, and a game center "Crown" that appear in the play (the real thing ispachinkoThe store, then closed and nowMcDonald'sThere are many model townscapes such as).
    • "Q-pot X Sailor Moon Cafe" in collaboration with Omotesando, Tokyo was held at a regular collaboration event from the end of June to the end of July or the middle of August every year from 2015.[35][36]. 
    • Van Halen OfDavid Lee RossFilmed in JapanKonishiki Yachikichi(Co-starring with), and the last Kime Serifu is "Oshioki instead of the moon!"[37].
    • "Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward』Parody of this workDetective Moonlight and Detective EggplantHas appeared.
    • Russia OfFigure skatingplayer,Evgenia MedvedevHas professed to be a fan of this work, showing the theme song lyrics in interviews with Japanese media, and at the championshipExhibitionA play that dramatically reproduces this workCosplayIt's so complicated[38].

    Related books


    All are sold by Kodansha.

    Collection of original drawings and materials

    • Sailor Moon original picture collection (6 books in total)
      1. "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Drawing Collection Vol.I" released on August 1994, 8[92],ISBN 4-06-324507-1
        • Contains 46 original drawings of the first part "Dark Kingdom Edition". Also includes "Anime Version!" By Naoko Takeuchi and "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Part XNUMX All Characters". With a commentary on the work written by Naoko Takeuchi.
      2. "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Drawing Collection Vol.II" released on August 1994, 8[93],ISBN 4-06-324508-X
        • Includes 43 original drawings of the second part "Black Moon". Also includes "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Part 2 All Characters" by Naoko Takeuchi. With a commentary on the work written by Naoko Takeuchi.
      3. "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Drawing Collection Vol.III" released on August 1996, 8[94],ISBN 4-06-324518-7
        • Includes 50 original drawings of the third part "Death Busters". With a commentary on the work written by Naoko Takeuchi.
      4. "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Drawing Collection Vol.IV" released on August 1996, 8[95],ISBN 4-06-324519-5
        • Includes 50 original drawings from Part XNUMX "Dead Moon". With a commentary on the work written by Naoko Takeuchi.
      5. "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Drawing Collection Vol.V" released on August 1997, 8[96],ISBN 4-06-324522-5
        • Includes 45 original drawings of Part XNUMX "Sailor Stars". With a commentary on the work written by Naoko Takeuchi.
      6. "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Drawing Collection Vol.∞" released on June 1997, 6, USAG I-30-00-000000I (Doujinshi)
        • Part of "Sailor Moon"Voice actor-animatorIncludes illustrations of the work. Includes some planning and setting drafts by Naoko Takeuchi.
    • "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Setting Documents" released on September 1999, 9[97],ISBN 4-06-324521-7

    Original picture collection CD

    • "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Screensaver" [CD-ROM Original Drawing Collection],ISBN 4-06-208387-6
      • Includes 39 original drawings from the initial work to the latest work.
    • "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Photo CD Original Drawing Collection 1 Dark Kingdom Edition",ISBN 4-06-207451-6
      • Includes 1 original drawings from the first book version "Dark Kingdom Edition". Narrated commentary on works written by Naoko Takeuchi. You can search by character and issue.
    • "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Photo CD Original Drawing Collection 2 Black Moon Edition",ISBN 4-06-207452-4
      • Included only 2 original drawings and a photo CD version from the second book version "Black Moon Edition". Narrated commentary on works written by Naoko Takeuchi. You can search by character and issue.
    • "CD-ROM Original Drawing Collection Sailor Moon (Windows & Macintosh)",ISBN 4-06-207788-4(Win),ISBN 4-06-207242-4(Mac)
      • Includes original drawings from the 1st and 2nd books of the book version. You can search for original images by character and issue. Narrated commentary on works written by Naoko Takeuchi. Also includes a bonus "Image scenery of Azabujuban, Tennozu, etc."

    References / Related Materials

    • Mitsunaka Tadano and Kenji Tokuda "SAILORMOON SPECULATE" Kinema-Junposha, released in December 1994,ISBN 4-87376-114-X
    • Sailor Moon Sisters "Sailor Moon Likes" Kinema Junposha, released in December 1993,ISBN 4-87376-073-9
    • Tenth Avenue Irregulars "Sailor Moon's Secret Beautiful Girl Warriors' Privacy" Data House, released in July 1993,ISBN 4-88718-162-0
    • Tenth Avenue Irregulars R "Sailor Moon's Secret More R" Data House, released in December 1993,ISBN 4-88718-193-0
    • Tenth Avenue Irregulars Supers "Sailor Moon's Last Secret" Data House, released in December 1995,ISBN 4-88718-263-5

    Official Book

    • "Sailor Moon Official Fan Book (SAILOR MOON OFFICIAL FANBOOK)" 1993 Nakayoshi Appendix, not for sale
    • "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary BOOK" Kodansha, released on October 2016, 10,ISBN 978-4-06-364997-0



    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

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    6. ^ The leotard has protectors on the chest and shoulders, white gloves (with a manicure under the gloves), a golden V-shaped tiara, different colored ribbons, pumps or boots, brooches, piercings and chokers. .. When joining forces in the TV animation after "Theatrical Version R", the jewel of tiara shines and transforms exclusively for each memberSound effectSounds.
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