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📺 | "Princess Weiyoung" starring Tiffany Tang!"Yanundai" DVD & BD release depicting the life of the legendary empress

Photo "The Legend of Xiao Chu-The Legend of Empress-" Released on November 11rd (Wednesday) DVD & Blu-ray (C) Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited Released and sold by: NBC Universal Entertainment

"Princess Weiyoung" starring Tiffany Tang!"Yanundai" DVD & BD release depicting the life of the legendary empress

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The complex relationship between the three sisters, who sometimes become enemies and allies, is spectacular.

The historical blockbuster drama "The Legend of Xiao Chu" in which Tiffany Tang of the Chinese historical drama "Princess Weiyoung -BIOU-" played the legendary empress ... → Continue reading

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Three sisters

"Three sisters』(San) is1967 May 1からMay 12ToNHK5th work broadcast onTaiga drama.BakumatsuFrom the turmoil ofMeijiUntil the beginning,Flag bookDraw from the perspective of the three sisters of the house.This is the first female protagonist in a taiga drama, and is a story of the three sisters who are at the mercy of the waves of the times.[1].


From 1967 to 1968Meiji RestorationIt has been 100 years since then, and in 1968,Ryoma goesWas set at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate[1][Annotation 1].. NHK wants to put 100 years in the title in some wayJiro ObutsuHowever, it seems that he was refused, and instead he proposed to write a script based on works set in the end of the Edo period ("Aima no Tsuji", "That person", "Rosenkavalier", etc.). The work was written[Source required]..Daibutsu was chosen as "Ako RoushiIn the flow from the use of the original in "", let Daibutsu write the original in a form close to the newly written one ("Weekly Asahi』), Based on thisNaoyuki SuzukiWas a concept to be a script[1]..In that sense, it is the first "newly written work" of a taiga drama.[1].

De facto hero orKyogen spinningCorresponds toKingoro AoeSo, in the fallAspirantIn the story that various historical events unfold around Aoe who will be deeply involved with him, and he rarely appears,ShinsengumiJoinedUkyo MotaniOr, chasing him and dying out of workBraveThe story of several deputy protagonists is spelled out, and the drama progresses from the end of the Edo period to the restoration.It was also the first time in the history of a taiga drama that a fictional character was the main character, including the three sisters who were the original protagonists.[1].

However, the writing of Daibutsu's original work did not proceed, and there was no original original work, and Daibutsu asked Suzuki to "write with your original from here", and Suzuki was forced to write his own script. rice field[2]..Since the method of involving a fictitious person in a historical event relied heavily on Daibutsu's concept, the director and Suzuki were worried about how to proceed, and the relationship between Suzuki and the producer became terrible. That[2][Annotation 2][Annotation 3]..From this background, the opening credit was written as "From the original by Jiro Osaragi".[Annotation 4].

Forbidden,Shimonoseki WarAll battle scenes such as are shot in the studio[5]..Smoke was moved by the wind to give a sense of reality[5]..Also, in order to shoot the sword fight with subjective shots, when there was no handy camera, a method was devised in which a stationary TV camera was placed on a table and carried by two cameramen, and the other party cut into it.[6].

Casting to the eldest daughter of the three sistersMariko OkadaTo the second daughterShiho FujimuraIt was a movie star, but the third daughter was a newcomerKurihara KomakiIs appointed[7]..This work became Kurihara's successful work and created a fan base called "Komakist".

In the original conceptRokumeikanEra (1883 から1887 It seems that it was a concept to draw up to), and there is still a still picture of Mariko Okada wearing a dress, but in reality1870 eraThe story ends at the beginning.The above still picture is2011 You can see it in the published "NHK Taiga Drama Encyclopedia 50 Works Thorough Guide".

No subtitle is set for the main story.Works without subtitles in the main story are rare, and other than this work, the next work "Ryoma ga Yuku",1972 of"New Heike story],2016 of"Sanadamaru(Only the final episode[8]) Is applicable.


The average audience rating is 19.1%, the highest audience rating is 27.0% (Kanto area,Video researchResearch)[9].


TaiziIs an existing performer of episode 19

The main character and its surroundings

Act:Mariko Okada
The eldest daughter.The heroine of "the person" which is one of the original works.
Act:Shiho Fujimura
Second daughter.
Act:Kurihara Komaki
The third daughter.The heroine of "Aima no Tsuji" which is one of the original works.
Uneme Nagai
Act:Shinsuke Ashida
Sister's brother.
Iori Kugimiya
Act:Takao Inoue
Mura's husband.
Jimbo Matashiro
Act:Nobuyuki Katsube
Rui's husbandAizu DomainTaxi.
Misawa Hannojo
Act:Takashi Yamaguchi
Snow husband.
Act:Tanami Tatsuko
Uneme concubine.
Kingoro Aoe
(Shinichiro Kosugi → Kingoro Aoe)
Act:Tsutomu Yamazaki
The main character of "Aima no Tsuji", one of the original works.
Misawa Heizaemon
Act:Takashi Shimura
Kingoro's father and Hannosuke's adopted father.
Shohei Saeki
(Gotaro Taki → Shohei Saeki)
Act:Yoshio Nakamura
Hannosuke's younger brother.

Restoration Shishi and its surroundings

Saigo Takamori(Saigo Takamori)
(Saigo Yoshinosuke → Saigo Takamori)
Act:Eiyu Kanze
Takato Kido(Kido Takayoshi)
(Kogoro Katsura → Junichiro Kido → Takayoshi Kido)
Act:Shinsuke Mikimoto
Act:Tamao Nakamura
Takusugi Takasugi(Takasugi Shinsaku)
Act:Yamamoto Manabu
Shinsaku's mistress.
Ryoma Sakamoto(Ryoma Sakamoto)
Act:Atsuo Nakamura
Hanjiro Nakamura(Hanjiro Nakamura)
Act:Yonekura Saika year
Shunsuke Ito(Shunsuke Ito)
Act:Yoshiyuki Fukuda
Inoue Kaoru(Inoue Monta)
Act:S. Takatsu
Yamagata Aritomo(Kyosuke Yamagata)
Act:Toru Emori
Kyunosuke Masuma(Masumitsu Kyusuke)
Act:Hideo Murota
Kurushima Matabei(Kijima Matabee)
Act:(Currently Kazuo Kitajima)
Mitsuaki Tanaka(Kensuke Tanaka)
Act:Kosaku Okano
Shoichiro Shiraishi(Shiraishi and Shoichirou)
Act:Kiyoshi Nonomura
Act:Wakaba Irie
Shoichiro's daughter.
Ryosuke Shiraishi
Act:Yoshiaki Hanayagi
Shoichiro's younger brother.
Izumi Maki(Izumi Maki)
Act:Masao Takahashi
Murata Kururoku(Murata Zoroku)
Act:Takeshi Kato

Shogunate side person

Katsu Kaishu(Katsukaishu)
Act:Taketoshi Naito
Enomoto Kamajiro(Enomoto Kamajiro)
Act:Ichiro Nakatani
Matsudaira Yoho(Matsudaira Katamori)
Act:Matagoro Nakamura
Isamu Kondo(Kondo Isami)
Act:Tetsuro Agawa
Toshizo Hijikata(Toshizo Hijikata)
Act:Hiroshi Iwashita
Heisuke Todo(Toudou Heisuke)
Sanosuke Harada(Harada Sanosuke)
Act:Kenkichi Hayakawa
Jimbo repair(Jinbo Shuri)
Act:Ryosuke Kagawa
Tetsutaro Jimbo
Act:Jiro Kawarazaki
Child of repair.
Yamaoka Railway(Yamaoka Tesshu)
Act:Takeo Namai
Shinano Mamoru Sasaki(Shinano Kami)
Act:Ko Mishima

Other (real person)

Car Zenshichi(Car Zenshichi)
Act:Mizuho Suzuki
Yakuro Saito(Saito Yakurou)
Act:Bando Mitsugoro
Mimi Sanjo(Sanjo Sanetomi)
Act:Taro Suganuki
Ernest Sato
Act:Jerry Ito

Other (fictitious person)

Shinbei of the wind
Act:Osamu Takizawa
Act:Sachiko Aria
Keinosuke Jimbo
Act:Gen Shimizu
Matashichiro's father.
Act:Mitsue Suzuki
Matashiro's mother.
Act:Kazuko Tachibana
Matashiro's younger sister.
Kojuro Jimbo
Act:Choichiro Kawarasaki
Jusaburo Jimbo
Act:Kenzo Kawarasaki
Ukyo Motani
(Kuroki Daizo)
Act:Kei Sato
Act:Sumiko Hidaka
The landlady of "Komusashi".
Enma's Chouji
Act:Nishimura Akira
Power (oriki)
Act:Sanae Kitabayashi
Ikaridoko no Roku
Act:Hisashi Ikawa
Shingo Kakizaki
Act:Yoshio Kaneuchi
Sadakichi Shibata
Act:Rokuhiro Toura
Togiya Jinbei
Act:Koji Mitsui
Act:Ichiro Sugai
Fire extinguisher Nikichi
Act:Yano[Annotation 5]
Act:Haruko Kato
Shohei Kida
Act:Akitake Kono
Act:Hosei Komatsu
Doctor Genei
Act:Takamaru Sasaki
Act:Masami Shimojo
Act:Kikuko Hanaoka
Florist's relatives
Act:Franz Glubel
Hoshun Nun
Act:Yoko Minakaze
Act:Kakuko Motoyama
Act:Machiko Washio
Act:Munechika Harumi
Bank bear
Act:Kenji Utsumi
Act:Yukio Ninagawa
Keijuro Oda
Act:Nobuaki Sekine
Maki Yasojiro
Act:Atsumi Kuniyasu
Act:Tappei Shimokawa
Act:Niwa Matasaburo
Act:Kunihiko Shiihara
Act:Mitsuru Yamazaki,Makoto Matsuzaki
Beggar's head
Act:Kei Iinuma
Tsushima feudal lord
Act:Koichi Tsushima,Yuichi Kikuchi,
Satsuma Domain
Act:Shiro Okamoto
Act:Hiroshi Yanagiya
Act:Tamura Masakazu,Masao Imanishi,Akira Kume,Masao Imafuku,Mari Shimizu,Machiko Soga,Akimoto Yosuke

ス タ ッ フ


Unless otherwise specified, check the "NHK Program Guide History" on the website "NHK Chronicle"[10].

Normal broadcast time

Broadcast schedule


  • Omnibus 1: December 1967, 12 30:19 to 20:20
  • Omnibus 2: December 1967, 12 31:19 to 30:20

Existence of video

It is said that only a part of the 19th episode and the first part of the omnibus exists in NHK, and the number of other episodes does not exist.NHK ArchivesIt is published in.

In March 2019, a DVD containing the existing episode 3 (19 minutes), a part of the first part of the omnibus (43 minutes), and the production scenery (21 minutes without audio) was released.

Related works

  • ...... 1990 remake of this workTBSTV drama.Kingoro Aoe, the main character of "Aima no Tsuji," which is one of the original novels of this work, will appear in the same way.


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注 釈

  1. ^ In November 1968 after the work was finishedNational theaterAtMeiji Centennial MemorialThe art festival special performance "Three Sisters" was performed.
  2. ^ In this case, the relationship between Daibutsu and NHK became estranged, and it was created as a remedy.Friday historical dramaof"Kurama Tengu"was[3].
  3. ^ Like this work, "The end of the Edo period was drawn as an original work with a fictional character as the main character.Lion era(1980), two directors wrote the scriptTaichi YamadaA method was introduced to create a historical chronology as an assistant to the hero and select a scene where the main character can appear.[4].
  4. ^ A book that corresponds to the novelized version of what is now called has also been published (Naoyuki Suzuki,Tomonji"Three Sisters" (upper and lower volumes) Kofusha Bookstore, 1967).
  5. ^ "Lantern turtle" and two roles.
  6. ^ Some broadcast dates and times have changed.



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