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🤖 | "Gintama" Vinyl Doll Gin-san, Pakuyasa is now a merchandise!Introducing the Tsumamare Keychain

Photo "Gintama 240 episode vinyl doll Gin-san acrylic tsumamare key chain" 660 yen (tax included) (C) Hideaki Sorachi / Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Dentsu, BNP, Aniplex

"Gintama" vinyl doll Gin-san, Pakuyasa is now a merchandise!Introducing the Tsumamare Keychain

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"Gintama" Tsumamare Keychain is currently accepting reservations at "Animo".

From "Gintama", "Vinyl Doll Gin-san" that appeared in episode 240, Sougo Okita, Toshiro Hijikata and other deformed characters ... → Continue reading

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Currently accepting reservations

key ring

key ring(English:key holder, keyring, keychain)keyA tool for bundling together. Collecting multiple keys makes it easier to carry and hard to lose.


A key chain is a tool for carrying one or more keys so that you do not lose them.WalletThere are many products on the market that focus on carrying around everyday, such as. this isHouseThis is because it is necessary to lock the door that separates the inside and the outside of the building from the outside and to keep this key with you while you are out.

The type widely used today is a type called a key ring in which a plurality of keys are hung from a small ring made of metal so that the key can be attached and detached, and the structure is simple. Usually, the key ring has a handle to make it easy to grasp and what key it iseverythingThere is a function that makes it easy to identify whether or not it is.

The handle has various designs and various designs. As an example,symbol,logoPlate-shaped one withcharacterThree-dimensional objects that imitate others. Because it is cheap and not bulky,Souvenir·Souvenir·noveltyIt is also popular as

Depending on the nature of the key, when it is deformed due to a collision with the outside or an external pressure, there may occur a problem that the key does not function as a key. For this reason, even with a key chain, to protect the key袋NoEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euStatecontainerThere is also a function to protect the key,Louis VuittonThe term "key holder" means a leather key case.

In addition, even if it is dropped or stolen carelessly, some people have devised it so that the person who got it cannot abuse it.

For those that emphasize designAccessoriesThere is also a side, so that the key chain with the mascot attached is not a key chain but a mascot goodsstrapYou can also see the style used for decoration.There are also styles used to decorate bags and backpacks.

Keychain and function

A simple key chain has only the function of holding a key. Such a simple product may be an accessory to the key rather than the subject itself, or the novelty orCrudeな どAdsforGratisAlso found in items such as those distributed at. merestring,wireHowever, if you use a bundle of keys, it is essentially a key ring.

However, since it is an item that you carry with you often, add other functions to it (Multifunctional) Is widely used, in which an electronic communication device is built in.Remote controlTo enableSmart entrySome of them have been added with functions such as, but this is rather a part of the key. In this direction of multi-functionalization, the above-mentioned mascots etc. have been added with functions that have no other love such as pet objects.knife,懐 中 电灯,mirror-toolSome of them have such a function.There are also key chains with reflective materials and charms of light-harvesting materials, which are also used as traffic safety goods.

In addition, carrying around is easy to lose, and there are some products that make a sound in response to the sound of a whistle in order to facilitate this search. Also,Pleasure boatThe one that is supposed to be used on the water's side like the key, has a function as a float (the key ring never sinks) is also used. For products that are relatively common, straps or beltsreelSome products that are fixed at one end and are more difficult to drop are also sold and distributed.

each(I.e.,theater,station,Drive inThere are key chains in which the name of the place is written in three-dimensionally with illustrations and engravings, but in recent years, the demand for the key chain itself is low, the cost of the mold in the manufacturing process, and the same problem. Keychains that entwined famous characters and specialties with characters (Hello Kitty,Kato-chan,ONE PIECEEach local series, etc.) has the feeling that it has been superseded, and old-fashioned models are being weeded out.


In a car, using an unnecessarily large key chain or heavy key chain (including hanging many keys) may cause the driver to touch the legs of the driver and make a mistake in operating the steering wheel. May cause rotating motion and is dangerous[1]. There are also cases where heavy key chains interfere with the operation of the sensors of the ignition switch, resulting in a fatal accident.recallWas subject to (General Motors Large-scale recall (2014)See))).


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