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🎥 | "True criminal flag" The most suspicious thing is Mizuho played by Kyoko Yoshine!Announcement of the results of the 3rd vote

Photo The ranking of the 3rd voting result will be announced

"True criminal flag" The most suspicious thing is Mizuho played by Kyoko Yoshine!Announcement of the results of the 3rd vote

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This work, planned and drafted by Yasushi Akimoto, reveals the truth because ordinary office worker Ryosuke Sagara (Nishijima) has become a "suspicious husband" who has suddenly received public attention due to the disappearance of his family. A mystery that challenges the battle.

Nippon TV drama "True Criminal Flag" starring Hidetoshi Nishijima (broadcast every Sunday from 10:30 to 11:25 ... → Continue reading

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Akimoto Yasushi

Yasushi Akimoto(Yasushi Akimoto,1958 〈Showa33 years>May 5 -) isJapan OfTV writer-Lyricist-producer[1].

My wife is a former idolMamiko Takai..Akimoto Yasushi Office Co., Ltd.[Note 1].TokyoMeguro big bridgeBackground[2].Chuo UniversityDepartment of literatureDropout.

TunnelsSince being known to the world as a brain producer, he has written lyrics for many songs regardless of genre.2000 eraLater,AKB48 Group,Slope seriesAs a producer of, he writes most of the songs.

Japan Film Directors AssociationMember[3].. Appointed Chairman of the Television and Radio Writers' Association of Japan in June 2010[4].. 2020Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing CommitteeDirector[5].. April 2016,Yoyogi Animation AcademyAppointed Honorary Academy Director and General Producer[6].. CorporationKeyHolderSpecial advisors[7]..Fanplus Co., Ltd. Special Advisor[8].



The eldest son of two brothers in a salaryman family[2]..I suffered from asthma and was in the first grade of elementary schoolHoya City(CurrentNishitokyo) And entered Nishitokyo City Nakahara Elementary School[2]..Aspiring to be a bureaucratKaisei Junior High SchoolI took the exam but failed[9].

With parental recommendationsChuo University Senior High SchoolGo on to[2]..When I was in the second year of high school, I had to studyTokyo UniversityI thought I couldn't enroll in, so I started studying for entrance exams[10].

Activities of broadcast writers

Winter of the second year of high schoolNippon Broadcasting System, Inc."Mitsuo Senda's footsteps make a big advance for two days!When I was listening toMitsuo SendaThe main character is "Heike storyI wrote a parody of ”over 20 notebooks prepared for studying for entrance exams.[Note 2][9]..I wasn't recruited, but when I sent a note to Nippon Broadcasting System at the recommendation of my classmate, I was the deputy director of the Nippon Broadcasting System Production Department.Akinobu Kamebuchi(Later the president) andOhashi Koizumi OfficeBelonged to the broadcast writer group ofKoshin OkuyamaCaught in the eye[11], I was told to come to Nippon Broadcasting System, and as I went in and out, I became a disciple of Okuyama and belonged to the Ohashi Koizumi office.[12].

After entering the Faculty of Letters at Chuo University, when I first started working as a broadcast writer, I thought that a broadcast writer was a part-time job, but I earned nearly four times as much income as a salaryman at that time from the broadcast writer business.[12]..However, he called it "Abukusen".[12].. "If you think about it, life started from Michikusa," he recalls.[13].

Activities of the lyricist, produced by the Onyanko Club

When I felt unsatisfied with the broadcasting writer business and worried about the future of the profession as a broadcasting writer, Kamebuchi to Pacific Music Publishing, which was a subsidiary of Nippon Broadcasting System (later).Fuji Pacific Music)ofIchiro AsazumaIntroduced and started writing lyrics[10]..For these reasons, as a lyricist, I have a contract with Fuji Pacific.[14].

In 1981, the anime "Fuji TV" was broadcast.Outrageous Warrior Muteking』Insert song" Octopus Dancing "[Note 3]For the first time as a lyricistcreditBe done[15].

The first work I provided to the artist wasAlfeeSingle record "(I.e.(Released on October 1981, 10), side B "Weather you don't want to put into words"[12]..Since then, he has also started working as a lyricist. 1982Junichi Inagaki"Dramatic rain, In 1983Go Nagabuchi"GOOD-BYE YouthGain name recognition as a lyricist[10].

As a broadcast writer, the TV program "The Best Ten], [All Night Fuji], [Sunset』In charge of the composition, while raising the high audience rating, while working on the lyrics of songs of various genres[16].Kyoko Koizumi"What an idol'[17],Tunnels"Rain AzabuTo hit songs such as[18].

Since 1985, the female idol group "Onyanko Club, And made the members make their solo debut one after another, and was in charge of writing and producing all the songs.[19]..However, unlike AKB48, who later became involved as a general producer, the Onyanko Club was the first to have the aforementioned "Yuyake Nyan Nyan", and Akimoto himself said that the Onyanko Club was a collaborative work, and he was the creator. Explain that it is not[20]. Also,Sayuri Kokusei"Mr. Akimoto, a radio writer, was a member of the staff, and in a good way, he was on the same level as the other staff."[21].. Onyanko Club-related songs won first place in 1986 of the 52 weeks on the 36 Oricon Weekly Chart[15].. In 1987Choreographer16th place in the "Other" category (tax payment amount: 1 yen)[22].

In 1988, he married Mamiko Takai, a member of the Onyanko Club.[23]..I went to the United States at the same time as I got marriedニ ュ ー ヨ ー クStayed in for about a year and a half[16]..After returning to JapanHibari MisoraIt became the last work of "Like the flow of a riverWas in charge of writing the lyrics[16]..This made his position as a lyricist immovable.[18].

Produced by AKB48 Group Sakamichi Series

2005 years,Produced by KRKRepresentativeYasushi Kubota,office48RepresentativeKotaro Shiba,DentsuIn cooperation with others, the "Akihabara 48 Project" was launched.Tokyo·AkihabaraIn the female idol group "AKB48Was launched and became a general producer.[24].

2006 years,AKS[Note 4], TokyoMinato-kuShirokanedaiEstablished (inside KRK Produce) to operate and manage AKB48. AKB48 advocated "an idol who can go to meet" who performs every day in a dedicated theater.At that time, Akihabara was a book, drama, and movie that caused a social phenomenon.train manBecause it was recognized by the images of "Beautiful girl anime game", "Maid cafe", and "Otaku man carrying a rucksack" drawn in "Akihabara's Moe Idol", AKB48 was also positioned as an underground idol. But the 10th single "Loud DiamondSince then, it has gradually gained popularity with the general public, and since 2010, it has recorded sales of over 100 million single CDs.[25].

In an interview in early 2010, Akimoto said, "In the future, I want to build theaters in seven major cities in Japan and make JAPAN7 with selected members," and actually established AKB48's sister groups in Japan and overseas.[Note 5].

In 2011Nogizaka46Established, from 2015Slope seriesSakurazaka46 (currently:Sakurazaka46), Keyakizaka46 (currently:Hinatazaka46) Was launched[26].

2013 years,Soichiro TaharaIn a conversation with AKB48, it is suggested that he will retire from the production business of AKBXNUMX in the future.[Note 6].


Height 166.7 cm[Note 7]..Nickname is Yasushi[29], Akimoto sensei[30].. In March 2001, I had my first child, my eldest daughter.[31]..Daily sleep time is about 3 hours[32].

TV writer

  • Since debuting as a broadcast writer, in August 2012Mainichi NewspapersUntil asked in the interview, the year of birth on the profile was 1956 (the actual year of birth was 1958, so it means that he was reading mackerel two years older).[Source required]..The reason is that when I was writing a radio script in my second year of high school, my classmate's best friend told me that I wanted to work part-time at a radio station, and when I consulted with the station, I was told that I should be a college student. I cheated that I was in the first year of college, and I followed suit as the first year of college and left it as it was because "it is troublesome to fix it now"[Source required].JASRACFrom the beginning, it is delivered in the actual year of birth[33].
  • The basics of entertainment areScheduled harmonyBelieve that it is to destroy[34], It is said that they tend to dislike scheduled harmony[35], More precisely, we use this term to mean that we are not bound by preconceived ideas, rather than aiming to destroy planned harmony.[36]..In the days of broadcast writers, he was in a position to make continuous hits for a short period of time, so he sought certainty and produced projects that followed the greatest common divisor of the market.[37]As a result, the technology was averaged and no outstanding attempts could be made.[38]Since it is easy to be imitated and there is a high risk of being involved in excessive competition, it later came to emphasize the superiority and differentiation of planning.[39]..Akimoto said, "I'm not a genius, an artist, or an artist.[Source required].ピ カ ソwant to beAdvertising agencyman.But when I want to be Picasso, I can't be Picasso. "[Note 8]"Our work is unstable and uncrushable. Even people like us are worried about when we will run out of work."[Note 9].


  • He wrote the lyrics for most of the songs of AKB48 and its sister groups (and derivative units), Sakamichi Series and its related groups.Usually, the style is to give a title after finishing the lyrics.As an exceptionHibari Misoraof"Like the flow of a riverI decided the title first and wrote the lyrics[41].. For the lyrics of AKB48 and Nogizaka46, select a song from about 1,000 songs and start writing the lyrics when the arrangement is completed.[42]..I think that the lyrics I created are not "poetry" but "lyrics", and I write the lyrics with the person's mouth in mind, so even if it feels a little strange, it will remain in my ears. Emphasis is placed on the nuances of lyrics and voice[42].
  • Before debuting as a lyricist, write lyrics for consultationI'm sorryWhen I showed it to him, he was severely rated as "Akan, don't talk at all. Take it home."[43]..According to Takajin, it was evaluated as "just a sentence, not a lyrics".[43]..However, in the end, a hit work came out from the lyrics, and Takajin said, "It was a great thing. I wish I had something from that," and Akimoto also said, "Takajin is particular about it. It's very difficult to write lyrics that you can understand because you are strong. "[44]..According to Takajin, not only did he show the lyrics at this time, but Akimoto said, "Even if I continue to be a broadcast writer, I can see the ceiling with an income of at most XNUMX million or tens of millions. He said he was consulting to the effect that he didn't want to[45]..About 30 years later, in 2010, Takajin became the last single in his life.The sky at that timeThe lyrics are provided with[46].
  • There is one song that Akimoto himself participates in singing[Source required]..Consists of Tunnels and program staffWild monkeyof"First impressionParticipated as all staff with Tsugutoshi Goto, the composer of the coupling song "TODAY"[Source required].. 『It was your thanks to the TunnelsParticipated in the song performance at[Source required].


Below is the chronology as a producer.

Idle unit


Sales record

  • The total sales of singles reached a total of 2013 works, about 2 pieces by February 27, 506, and it was the first place until then.Yu AkuIt surpassed about 6831 copies of the song and became the number one lyricist in history.Of whichAKB48Is about 1998, accounting for about 7000%[60]..Of the songs written, more than 100 songs are number one on the chart, and the number is also number one in the history of lyricists (No. 1 single on the chartSee).So far, more than 4,000 songs have been released to the world. Over 48 songs related to AKB700 alone (as of February 2012, including stage performances and single CDs / albums).The first song to sell a million sellerTunnelsof"Rattle snake is comingIs[61]..The most hit single is AKB48's "Goodbye crawl'[62].
  • 30 years of lyricist history, singleMillion sellerHas won numerous awards 19 times (as of October 2014)[63].Japan Record AwardOnly the acquisition was not achieved until receiving a special prize with AKB2009 in December 12.[64].
  • In 2011, AKB48's "Flying GetWon the 53rd Japan Record Awards at the 12th in 54Midsummer Sounds good!Won again for the second consecutive victory[65][66]..He also won his first poetry award.[67].. In 2017, Nogizaka46's "InfluencerWas the 59th, and in the following 18th year, the 60th, "SynchronicityWon the award and achieved the second straight victory again[68][69].
  • 2011/2012JASRAC AwardFor the second consecutive year, he monopolized the three gold, silver, and bronze awards. Tetsuya Komuro (2) has only achieved the three-prize monopoly at the JASRAC Awards, and Akimoto will be the only one for the second consecutive year.[70].
  • March 2013, 2thAnnie AwardMusic award,Henry Jackman,Skrillex,Adam Young,Matthew SissenAwarded jointly with Jamie Houston and others[71].
  • In December 2015, the total number of singles sold exceeded 12 million.[72].




Broadcasting as of 2021

Regular / irregular


TV drama

Television Animation


  • ICE(2007) --Planning / Draft



  • PSST PSST ~ShibugakitaiROCK PERFORMANCE ~ (Produced)
  • Ichiro Furudate TALKING BLUES (Comprehensive Produce)
  • Snow Firefly Koinotaki (Screenplay / Director)[107]
  • Standing ovation (planning / original)[108]





Or row

Sa line


Na row

Is line


Ya line

Ra row

Wa line

No artist

No. 1 single on the chart

Below, the single work that became No. 1 on the weekly chart.

No.Release dateSong titleartist name
1NovemberGraduation -GRADUATION-Momoko Kikuchi
2NovemberBOY's ThemeMomoko Kikuchi
3NovemberWhat an idolKyoko Koizumi
4NovemberWinter opera glassEri Nitta★
5NovemberBanana tearsUshiro Yubisasagumi★
6NovemberSee yaOnyanko Club★
7NovemberOut-of-season loveYoshie Aki★
8NovemberBlue stasionKawai Sonoko★
9NovemberI'm RikaNyangilas★
10NovemberDon't untie the love ropeEri Nitta★
11NovemberOtto CHIKAN!Onyanko Club★
12NovemberElephant's ScantyUshiro Yubisasagumi★
13NovemberI can't wait for summerSayuri Kokusei★
14NovemberWind InvitationFukunaga Eri★
15NovemberHydrangea bridgeSanae Jonouchi★
16NovemberI'm also Yuu myselfNyangilas★
17NovemberLabyrinth of reunionKawai Sonoko★
18NovemberPromise to the eyesMinayo Watanabe★
19NovemberExcuse me firstOnyanko Club★
20NovemberLike a mysterious trickEri Nitta★
21NovemberNoble Red MomentSayuri Kokusei★
22NovemberNagisa's "..."Ushiro Yubisasagumi★
23NovemberI in the mirrorYoshie Aki★
24NovemberTake a deep breathMarina Watanabe★
25NovemberThe way back from the snowMinayo Watanabe★
26NovemberStop the sad nightKawai Sonoko★
27NovemberKoi wa QuestionOnyanko Club★
28NovemberWaza-ari!Ushiro Yubisasagumi★
29NovemberThat summer bikeSayuri Kokusei★
30NovemberMessage from White RabbitMarina Watanabe★
31NovemberTOO ADULTMinayo Watanabe★
32NovemberNO MORE love pretendOnyanko Club★
33NovemberSmartUshiro Yubisasagumi★
34NovemberMarina summerMarina Watanabe★
35NovemberPINK CHAOMinayo Watanabe★
36NovemberBeyond the river of timeBack Hair Hikaretai★
37NovemberSnail sambaOnyanko Club★
38NovemberForbidden TelepathyShizuka Kudo★
39NovemberDon't stop the kissKyoko Koizumi
40NovemberRattle snake is comingTunnels○
41NovemberTo the greatest personTUNNELS
42NovemberBy the time of Christmas CarolJunichi Inagaki○
44NovemberSNOW! SNOW! SNOW!KinKi Kids
46NovemberCherry blossomAKB48☆
47NovemberAcambe BridgeWatarirouka Hashiritai☆
48NovemberPonytail and Hair TieAKB48☆
49Novemberthe wings of heartTeam Dragon from AKB48☆
50NovemberHeavy RotationAKB48☆
51NovemberBeginnerAKB48☆ ○
52NovemberOrder of opportunityAKB48☆
53NovemberLet's be a cherry blossom treeAKB48☆ ○
54NovemberBanzai VenusSKE48☆
55NovemberWeekend Not yetNot yet☆
56NovemberEveryday, headbandAKB48☆ ○
57NovemberFlowerMaeda Atsuko☆
58NovemberSurfing shaved iceNot yet☆
59NovemberUnexpectedlyTomomi Itano☆
60NovemberExtinct black hair girlNMB48☆
61NovemberPareo is an emeraldSKE48☆
62NovemberFlying GetAKB48☆ ○
63NovemberOh my god!NMB48☆
64NovemberThe wind is blowingAKB48☆ ○
66NovemberFirst emailFrench kiss☆
67NovemberFrom above, MarikoAKB48☆ ○
68NovemberUnusual stoneKinKi Kids
69NovemberUnrequited loveSKE48☆
70NovemberJunjo U-19NMB48☆
71NovemberGIVE ME FIVE!AKB48☆ ○
72NovemberCome shampooNogizaka46◇
73NovemberI Citable!SKE48☆
74NovemberMidsummer Sounds good!AKB48☆ ○
75NovemberWatermelon babyNot yet☆
77NovemberRun! BicycleNogizaka46◇
78NovemberGingham checkAKB48☆ ○
79NovemberEven kisses are left-handedSKE48☆
80NovemberSissy masqueradeRino Sashihara with Henrile☆
81NovemberUZAAKB48☆ ○
82NovemberKitagawa KenjiNMB48☆
83NovemberHikaru thingsMayu Watanabe☆
84NovemberEternal pressureAKB48☆ ○
85NovemberUniform mannequinNogizaka46◇
86NovemberChocolate slaveSKE48☆
87NovemberSo long!AKB48☆ ○
88NovemberYour name is hopeNogizaka46◇
89NovemberLove! Love! Skip!HKT48☆
90NovemberGoodbye crawlAKB48☆ ○
91NovemberOur EurekaNMB48☆
92NovemberGirls rulesNogizaka46◇
93NovemberBeautiful lightningSKE48☆
94NovemberFortune cookie in loveAKB48☆ ○
95NovemberMelon juiceHKT48☆
96NovemberTingling flowersNot yet☆
97NovemberCamone gixNMB48☆
98NovemberHeart ElectricAKB48☆ ○
99NovemberI'm so cute!SKE48☆
101NovemberIf you say "I dream of your smile" on the Suzukake tree road
How our relationship will change
Something like a somewhat embarrassing conclusion after thinking for a few days in my own way
AKB48☆ ○
102NovemberTomonoura BojōMisaki Iwasa☆
103NovemberI can only go to the frontAKB48☆ ○
104NovemberSakura, everyone ateHKT48☆
105NovemberWhat is the future?SKE48☆
106NovemberTakamine appleNMB48☆
107NovemberIf you notice, unrequited loveNogizaka46◇
108NovemberLabrador RetrieverAKB48☆ ○
109NovemberSummer Free & EasyNogizaka46◇
110NovemberClumsy sunSKE48☆
111NovemberHeart placardAKB48☆ ○
112NovemberModest I love you!HKT48☆
113NovemberHow many times is the blue sky?Nogizaka46◇
114NovemberNot likeNMB48☆
115NovemberHopeful refrainAKB48☆ ○
116NovemberKangaroo in DecemberSKE48☆
117NovemberGreen FlashAKB48☆ ○
118NovemberLife is beautifulNogizaka46◇
119NovemberCoquettish congestionSKE48☆
120November12 秒HKT48☆
121NovemberWe do not fightAKB48☆ ○
122NovemberDurian boyNMB48☆
123NovemberSun knockNogizaka46◇
124NovemberFront squirrelSKE48☆
125NovemberHalloween nightAKB48☆ ○
126NovemberMust be nowNMB48☆
127NovemberThere is someone you want to talk nowNogizaka46◇
128NovemberIf you dream, you may get hurtKinKi Kids
129NovemberOnly because!HKT48 feat.Kishidan☆
130NovemberBe My Baby on the lipsAKB48☆ ○
131NovemberYou are a melodyAKB48☆ ○
132NovemberWhen Halzion bloomsNogizaka46◇
133NovemberChicken LINESKE48☆
134NovemberSilent majorityKeyakizaka46◇
135NovemberTo you of 74/1 billionHKT48☆
136NovemberSweet bite princessNMB48☆
137NovemberI don't need wingsAKB48☆ ○
138NovemberBarefoot SummerNogizaka46◇ ○
139NovemberI'm notNMB48☆
140NovemberThere is only love in the worldKeyakizaka46◇
141NovemberLove of gold, love of silverSKE48☆
142NovemberLOVE TRIPAKB48☆ ○
143NovemberIs it the bestHKT48☆
144NovemberMeaning of goodbyeNogizaka46◇ ○
145NovemberHigh tensionAKB48☆ ○
146NovemberTwo peopleKeyakizaka46◇
147NovemberSomeone other than meNMB48☆
148NovemberBugs are fineHKT48☆
149NovemberShoot signAKB48☆ ○
150NovemberInfluencerNogizaka46◇ ○
152NovemberYouth clockNGT48☆
153NovemberPerishing every wishAKB48☆ ○
154NovemberSurprisingly mangoSKE48☆
155NovemberIs there no choice but to wait for a kiss?HKT48☆
156NovemberEscape waterNogizaka46◇ ○
157November#I like itAKB48☆ ○
158NovemberI can do it someday so I can do it todayNogizaka46◇ ○
159NovemberEven if the wind blowsKeyakizaka46◇
160NovemberNovember's AnkletAKB48☆ ○
161NovemberWarotapee PoNMB48☆
162NovemberUnconscious colorSKE48☆
164NovemberBreak the glass!Keyakizaka46◇ ○
165NovemberJabajaAKB48☆ ○
167NovemberWhere does spring come from?NGT48☆
168NovemberSynchronicityNogizaka46◇ ○
169NovemberFast forward calendarHKT48☆
170NovemberTeacher TeacherAKB48☆ ○
171NovemberSudden punch lineSKE48☆
172NovemberGoing my way!Nogizaka46◇ ○
173NovemberAmbivalentKeyakizaka46◇ ○
174NovemberSentimental trainAKB48☆ ○
175NovemberI'll cry tooNMB48☆
176NovemberI want to make a detour on my way homeNogizaka46◇ ○
177NovemberNO WAY MANAKB48☆ ○
178NovemberStand by youSKE48☆
179NovemberWait for the windSTU48☆
180NovemberMasamitsu Musume on the floorNMB48☆
181NovemberBlack sheepKeyakizaka46◇
182NovemberJiwaru DAYSAKB48☆ ○
185NovemberAdult survivorLast idol
186NovemberSing Out!Nogizaka46◇ ○
187NovemberBuenos AiresIZ * ONE
190NovemberA person I loveSTU48☆
191NovemberReturn to your alma mater!NMB48☆
192NovemberYou don't have to be strong until dawnNogizaka46◇ ○
193NovemberSustainableAKB48☆ ○
194NovemberVampireIZ * ONE
195NovemberCan I fall in love with you like this?Hinatazaka46◇
196NovemberFirst love supremacyNMB48☆
197NovemberIs there a So You Toko?SKE48☆
198NovemberReckless dreams never wake upSTU48☆
199NovemberSonnako TonayoHinatazaka46◇
200NovemberThank you for heartbreakAKB48☆ ○
201NovemberProtective color of happinessNogizaka46◇ ○
202NovemberI know the loveLast idol
203November3-2 HKT48☆
204NovemberLet's have a memorable loveSTU48☆
205NovemberLove is No thank you!NMB48☆
206NovemberNobody's faultSakurazaka46◇
207NovemberI like meNogizaka46◇
208NovemberLove fall flagSKE48☆
210NovemberOnly you wonHinatazaka46◇
211NovemberI'm sorry Fingers crossedNogizaka46◇
212NovemberI found you back thenSKE48☆
213NovemberScolded by youNogizaka46◇
214NovemberRumor roots and leavesAKB48☆
215Novemberstray bulletSakurazaka46◇
216NovemberHey guysSTU48☆


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