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🤖 | "Mobile Police Patlabor" Theatrical version 1st & 2nd works will be broadcast for 2 consecutive weeks!At the Sunday Anime Theater

Photo "Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie" (C) 1989 HEADGEAR / BANDAI VISUAL / TOHOKUSHINSHA

The first and second movie versions of "Mobile Police Patlabor" will be broadcast for two consecutive weeks!At the Sunday Anime Theater

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In commemoration of this TV broadcast, "Mobile Police Patlabor" official "TV simultaneous viewing event" will be held.

"Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie" will be released on October 10th, "Mobile Police Patlabor 24 the Mov ... → Continue reading

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TV simultaneous viewing party

Mobile Police Patlabor

"Mobile Police Patlabor] (Keido Keisatsu Patlabor,Mobile Police PATLABOR) IsheadgearOriginalMedia mixIt is a work.

The following description is a continuous live-action movie work released from 2014 to 2015 ``THE NEXT GENERATION -Patlabor-] Except for the series.

All animation works in this series have been released as video softwareBandai visualChanged its name from April 2018, 4BANDAI NAMCO ARTSHowever, at the moment, the company name at the time of release is listed below.


A walking work machine that applies robot technologyLaborSet in the near future of Tokyo, where "" will play an active role, the activity of the newly established Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's labor unit "Special Vehicle Division XNUMX" will be depicted.OVAIt is a pioneering work that developed a media mix that was rare at that time, starting with manga serialization, novels, movies and game works in parallel.[1], Still many related works and goods are still released.

The work was announced1988 It was the near future at that time1998 Set in Tokyo, the time axis is slightly different for each medium, but it is generally in the early 21st century (2002 Around) is drawn.

Work background

In the work,Global warmingTo prepare for the danger that Tokyo will be submerged due to sea level rise due toTokyo BayA huge national civil engineering project to construct a huge embankment that doubles as a crossing road and reclaim much of the bay into usable land.Babylon projectIs being promoted. In addition, the land created by the development will be sold,Capital AreaIt is said that the land shortage of theバ ブ ルInfluences the work background. In the process,1995 There was a direct earthquake in the center of Tokyo, and the reclamation project also serves to deal with the large amount of debris generated at this time. Also,Bubble periodVery prosperous to be in an extended world of.

In the city center, many reconstruction projects after the earthquake disaster and development projects related to the Babylon project have been carried out, which contributed to the rapid spread and development of labor. The large project of land reclamation of Tokyo Bay naturally has a very large impact on the environment, and caused a strong opposition movement centered on environmental protection groups and fisheries personnel, and even escalated.Environmental terrorismThere is even destructive activity called.

Since it was a world set in the 1980s, the difference from reality was 1998,Cold WarIs in a stateWest Germany,USSRThere are settings and rivers associated with them. The story of this work unfolded until the early 2000s, but it was carried out during this periodMinistry reorganizationThere is no depiction of the name, and you can see the description in the name of the old ministry.

In the details,Pull tabThe point at which canned beverages appeared[Note 1],T-shirtFashion to put in your pants,Harumi Exhibition Hall 1996 Since then, the US military officially adopted helicopter in the maniac partAH-64 ApachenotAH-56 CheyenneOr in a Japanese manufacturer's carEunosbrand[Note 2]However, there are differences from the actual 90s, such as the existence of companies that carry out Christmas holidays that are relatively common in Europe and the United States. As for the names of companies that appear in many plays, even if there is a clear model, many avoid using real names, but there are some exceptions. The actual2002 In "WXIII" released in (14), the year number isHeiseinotShowaIt is set to remain.

More pocket-sized than the real worldMobile phoneIt is set to be a little late in the spread of, and this setting is followed in the "WXIII" that was produced after the spread of mobile phones. In the second movie version, which is the final stage on the time axis, there are some scenes that use mobile phones,Car phone,Pager,Public phoneIt is still depicted as the mainstream one.

On the other hand, mainly PCインターネットRegarding the situation around the world, it is set that it has developed to the same level as the actual 2000s.[Note 3].. Strictly speaking, at the time when this setting was invented (from the end of the cartoon version to the preparation for the production of "WXIII", the middle of the 1990s-the latter half), the broadband environment was not yet in place, and it was set as a situation looking a little ahead. However, the release of the main part was delayed for several years, and as a result, the real world caught up.

Work description

The original isheadgear.. This work isMedia mixIt is a work that introduced a method called, and there are anime and manga versions. The basic settings of all works are the same, and characters and appearance mecha are mostly shared, but the atmosphere of each work is quite different.

Originally planned and decided as an animation,Yuuki MasamiThe manga by was started first, and then the anime work was released. Throughout the whole series, most laborers and other mechanic designsHiroshi DebuchiHowever, various interfaces such as monitor consoles and sub-mechanismsYoshinori Sayama, Mainly for aircraftShoji Kawamori, Equipment of the Ground Self-Defense Force, etc.Hajime KatokiIt was often shared by In addition, Debuchi is also the supervisor of the third movie version, and in some episodes may serve as director or storyboard, and is involved in the series in various ways.

The initial OVA series recorded a hit of selling 5 each volume for both video and LD, and selling about 2 if the special version 40 volumes were included.[2].. Since then, it has developed into comics, movies, albums, and TV series, and has conquered almost all media.[3].. It was said that the popular hits on TV were turned into movies and OVAs, which was the pattern of hits until then, but this work was the first work to turn from OVA to TV series.[4].1991 - 1992 (3-4 years) was delivered to the telephone service, the story was told by the character himself, such as the story behind the character was not told in this volume. This sound source was then recorded on the DVD version of the new OVA series.

After that, with the second OVA1993 (5) With the second movie version, which is the de facto final version of the release, the anime series will be separated, but after the completion of the manga version, about 2 years later2002 In (14), the spin-off works "WXIII" and "Minipat", which are the third movie version, were released to the theater. 3 more years later2016 (28) was produced with a new generation of staff as the main axisrebootThe short film "Mobile Police Patlabor REBOOT" was screened at the event.

History of establishment

1980 eraAt the beginning,EkodaAt a coffee shop "Manga Gallery" in Yuuki, a gathering called "Magic Empire Doronto" to which Yuuki belonged,Tomato Aki"Dronto Wide Theater"[Note 4][Note 5]Robot robot for work "Laber Machine"[Note 6]"Lightning Fire Galaxless" is born[5].. But at that timeCombat Mecha XabungleIs popular, and Galacless's project ends within the category of friends[5].

The next thing Yuuki came up with was a police drama called Bydor[5].. The bidor was made up of subtitles for all 26 episodes, and there were detailed settings such as "three times the robot entering the city in the city" "the stage of Japan in the near future"[5].. At that time, YuukiShimokitazawa"Parallel Creation"[Note 7]Is appearing inHiroshi DebuchiWhen I showed you the prototype of Patlabor, I decided to bring it to Sunrise[6].

After that, I will be in charge of the series composition and the scriptKazunori ItoAnd will be in charge of character designAkemi TakadaI got to know them, and at that timeBandaiWas a producerShin UnozawaAnd the concrete start of the Patlabor project takes shape.[6].. The name Patlabor originated from the military raver "Batlabor" that Yuuki thought of, and it was also Yuuki who independently planned it as Patlabor.[6].

Initially, from the composition that one episode was completed, the four Yukira thought that the series director could not be set up only by the director of each episode, but since 1 books will be released as an OVA in one pack, the budget and schedule Can be managedOshii MamoruUnozawa recommended that, and it became the formation of headgear[7].. The fact that Patlabor has no original work and headgear is "the original author group" means that it is an original animation project[Note 8]There is also a meaning of division of labor[7].

Regarding the manga version, Yuuki had a stance of "I can draw if the project is crushed" when I was planning for Sunrise, so I can not look back on that time and draw what I once deposited As a result, he answered that "because it was animated" in the background depicting the cartoon.[7].. Regarding the difference between the manga version and other media versions, he said that there was no opinion or request from each side such as arranging, and there was no statement.[7].

Yuuki referred to Patlabor as "the number one earner in his work" in an interview in 2007.[7].


Yuuki's intention for this work[Note 9]Groups organized by[7].. It started with Yuuki and Debuchi, and finally joined Oshii in a manner invited by Ito.[9].

The name is Takada. There was also a candidate called "Fictional Defense Force" by Ito, but it was rejected[10][Note 10].. It is attached because five members work with their heads as tools and the heroes are equipped.[11].

Oshii said he had a lot of dissatisfaction with the fact that he had participated when the basic plot was solidifying.[7], Oshii was shunned as the creator of esoteric works at the time, and the industry was dried up, making life difficult. As a director, Oshii, this work recognizes the turning point of rebirth and both himself and others.

Originally, the city was planned as the background of the work, but Oshii's ideaLandfillIt was suddenly changed to. The reason for this was to save his own strong feelings for the landfill and the labor required to draw the buildings and cars that are indispensable for the battle in the city. Also,Urusei YatsuraTake advantage of the experience ofDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIt was Oshii who proposed a person arrangement with the captain as a teacher and a drama in the style of school things.

Regarding the design in anime, there are scenes where Oshii's preferences and intentions pass, for example, in the second movie version, initially Shinohara Heavy Industry'sConnectionThere was a setting to paint in two colors, but it was cut by a word of Oshii's "Tsunagi is white"[11].. Takada said of Oshii, "I think Patlabor doesn't need flashiness and glitz."[11][Note 11].


World setting for each work

Although the basic settings and characters are the same, the story development and settings in each work are treated as parallel worlds.

  • The first OVA, the first movie version, and novels 1-1 are drawn at the same time.
  • The TV version and the new OVA are drawn at the same time. The time axis is different from the initial OVA, and it is drawn with slightly different settings. Although it is a different world than the manga version, some stories and settings, such as the Griffon edition, are based on the manga version.
  • The manga version is drawn on its own timeline. Characters from different worlds have appeared in different roles.
  • The second movie version is a work directed by Mamoru Oshii, like the first OVA movie version, but the telephone service at the time of release revealed that it was a world linked to the new OVA on the TV version, the special car 2 section The location of the building also does not exist on the reclaimed land on Jonan Island, which was set in the first OVA movie version. On the other hand, new OVA deployment1992 In the drama of "Mobile Police Patlabor CD BOX" released in (4), while looking back on the contents of the initial OVA, it is sent out as Noaaki and Yuma who are dispatched as test pilots to Shinohara Heavy Industries, and as a test machine. The figure of type 98 is drawn. Also, in the movie version of the second movie "TOKYO WAR", Ota only left a will to Kakanuki and no bear to the bear ear. You can also see some depictions of what it looks like.
  • The third movie version is based on "Waste No. 3" in the manga version.On the other hand, in reality, the characters and settings of the first and second theatrical versions and the TV version are mixed everywhere.Heisei notation is used in the second movie version and the TV version, which is different from the setting in 13 for the third movie version.

In addition, the work explanation page in the `` Mobile Police Patlabor Official Site'' opened in 2018 also explains parallel development, and it is said that it can be roughly divided into the following four axes.[12].

  • "Cartoon version" axis (unique time axis that does not intersect with other axes)
  • Starting from "early OVA", the axis leading to "theatrical version 1st work", "theatrical version 2nd work", and "live-action version"
  • Axis of "Novel version" (5 volumes in total) ("Novel version" is based on the settings of "Initial OVA" and "1st movie version", but also incorporates the settings of "TV version")
  • The axis that starts from "TV version" and leads to "New OVA" and "EZY"

As mentioned above, the third movie version is based on the episode "Waste No. 3" of the "manga version", but the "first movie version", "second movie version", and "TV version" Since the settings are mixed, it can be said that it is connected to or not connected to any of the three axes other than the "manga version". Short stories such as "Mini Pato" and "REBOOT" are extra editions that do not belong to any axis.


A general-purpose multi-legged walking work machine that emerged with the development of robot technologyLabor(Labor) has rapidly developed and spread, and has come to be used in all fields, whether military or civilian. Especially in the metropolitan area including Tokyo,Global warmingA large dike between Kawasaki and Kisarazu in Tokyo Bay to prepare for sea level rise[13]When,1995 For the "Babylon Project", a national project aimed at three birds with one stone, to solve the land shortage in the Tokyo metropolitan area by reclaiming the inside of the embankment as well as disposing of the rubble caused by the Great Tokyo South Offshore Earthquake that occurred in Japan. Most of the laborers were concentrated.

However, as a result, he opposes the Babylon project from various criminal acts using Labor (drunk brawl and theft, as well as accidents by Labor.Eco terroristTerrorist activities caused by) have become a social problem.

To deal with this "labor crime"Metropolitan Police Department TheSecurity departmentHe introduced a labor force to a special-purpose unit inside and assigned him. However, at the beginning of the launch, those were only strengthening the armor of old-fashioned laborers, and in the situation where the labor is improving the performance with the progress of the day, even if it is a special equipment unit that gathered excellent human resources I couldn't cope with the crime. And1998 The Metropolitan Police Department has newly added "Special Course Vehicle XNUMX Division Company" as a specialized department within the security department, commonly known as "Special car section XNUMXWas established. This is the birth of Patrol Labor, commonly known as "Patlabor".

It has been decided that the platoon will form a new "second platoon" in addition to the "first platoon" that operates the conventional aircraft. The second platoon will be manufactured and introduced with Shinohara Heavy Industries' 98 type AV (Advanced Vehicle) "Ingram", which is the latest model dedicated to Patlabor. However, the second platoon given the new rover, except for one incumbent officer, has only zero experience of leaving the preparatory school, and when he became the captain, he wondered whether he would be an elite or independent. It was a group that said, "Is it going to be a fool corps?" In this way, the second platoon of the second section of the special car, which was later acclaimed and praised, was launched.

The story is a youthful group of young Patlabor members growing up in conflict, an industrial drama, and a conspiracy drama. These are stories that are developed in parallel.


Special vehicle second section second platoon
Norizumi Izumi
Ingram XNUMX pilot. I have a strong attachment to Ingram. Excellent motor skills.
Shinohara Asuma
In charge of conducting the first machine. The chief clerk of the labor manufacturing company "Shinohara Heavy Industries".
Kiichi Goto
A simple man of the second platoon captain.
Isao Ota
In charge of piloting Unit XNUMX. Good at shooting, but prone to runaway.
Shinki Mikiyasu
Commander of Unit XNUMX → Logistics support. Feeling weak, he was swayed by Ota's runaway.
Hiromi Yamazaki
Logistics support staff. Although he is over 2 meters tall, he has a modest personality and tears.
Kakanuki and Clancy (Kanuka Clancy)
Responsible for Unit XNUMX command in place of Shinji in the anime version. Labor control technology is also high.
Takeo Kumagami
In the manga version, in charge of conducting the second machine instead of Shinji (in the animation version, conducting the second machine as the successor to Kakanuka). Second platoon organizer.
Special Vehicle Section XNUMX First Platoon
Nagumo Shinobu
First platoon captain. I am bothered by the turmoil of the Second Platoon.
Special vehicle second section maintenance group
Seitaro Sakaki
Maintenance team leader. A veteran who is called the "god of maintenance".
Shiba Shigeo
Maintenance team member. The leader of the group members.
Shaft Enterprise
Chief of the "Planning 7 Section" that designs and builds the combat rival "Gryphon".
He is a subordinate of Utsumi and is always on his side.
Badrinath Harchand (Bud)
A boy who is a Griffon pilot.

Appearance mecha

Special vehicle second section second platoon
IngramUnit 1
It is a main character aircraft that plays a major role. The driver (forward) is Akira Izumino.
Ingram Unit 2
The pilot is Isao Ota.
Ingram Unit 3
Spare aircraft mainly for data collection. Parts are taken for Units 1 and 2, which often break.
Type 97 Labor Command Car
backupA vehicle that is used when a passenger gets in and gives instructions while moving.
Type 99 large special carrier
Responsible for transporting Ingram. Known as "Labor Carrier". It can be used as a huge shield by lifting up the carrier part.
Military ravers.
Equipped with a laser weapon.
A strong enemy with amazing performance.



In this workLaborIs a "multipedal work machine" operated by humansMech robotThat is. The official name is "Multi-legged large type"Manipulator(In the initial OVA, it was introduced as a "general-purpose humanoid work machine" and at the beginning of the TV series as "a generic name for industrially developed robots"). The name (trademark) of the "multi-legged manipulator" that first appeared in the world of work was "Labor 90", which was originally owned by Shinohara Heavy Industries, but after releasing it, these working machines As a general name for (Yumbo,Stapler,マ ジ ッ クIt is said that it became popular. After that, various forms of labor were born, and if we look at things such as underwater only, it is not necessarily only those that have a multi-legged walking system. There are also wheeled lovers, and in addition to the multi-legged walking mode, the number of vehicles that can run on general public roads in a manner similar to the original "car" is increasing. However, when the destructive power goes to a crime, the patrol rover (patlabor), on which the protagonist of the work is aboard, plays an active role because the existing police force cannot counter it.

The origin of this is said to be "control of multi-legged walking machine" which was studied in the Koyanagi classroom of Jonan Institute of Technology in the manga version. In addition, this classroom produces many people involved in the center of labor development.

Labors that appear in the work are mainlyCivil engineering machineryIs treated as an extension of. It is legally referred to as a "special vehicle", and the aircraft itself is also referred to as "each vehicle" in a similar manner to the vehicle. Therefore, as a ruleLicense plateIs installed, and a multi-legged controller license is required to operate it.A driving school has been established in the work as well as a car, but it is still technically in its infancy, and both general work and security / military aircraft are "(except for the fire control system) the basic maneuvering system is There is also the problem that it does not change.As a result, some impulsively start fighting or sabotaging with ravers or become terrorists.In the manga version, Goto points to Bud and describes it as "practical if you are accustomed to it from within your child."On the other hand, the license plate, which started in 1998, the first year of the work setting, has not been converted to three digits, and the main robot, Ingram, is also equipped with a two-digit number.

This labor isTetsujin 28Unlike the existing giant robots such as ”, which are anime and manga robots, there is one exception, but they do not have beam weapons.[Note 12]I can't fly in the sky[Note 13].. The concept of the production side was not a robot as a “weapon” until then, but a “robot that blends into everyday life”. For these,Mini Pat] It is explained in detail in the second episode. Manufacturersmotor ShowSuch as an exhibition (Labor Show),Insurance companyHas sold insurance for laborers, and the police have also taken out insurance exclusively for Patlabor, and settings that give the impression of a work machine are often appearing.However, even if the position of the robot in the work is a daily necessities, fighting battles often end up in the mountains in the story, and in that respect, the tradition of giant robot anime and manga was observed.

By the way, in this work, even if it is an unmanned aerial vehicle that does not have a cockpit in the body, it is called a "labor" when the presence of the operator is external via wired/wireless. On the other hand, basically those that operate semi-autonomously by programs etc.Mech robot".

Past Patlabor

Past "Patlabor" varies depending on the work.

  • In the initial OVA version and the first movie version, Shinohara Heavy Industries Type 1 AV (AV-98, AV means Advanced Vehicle) did not have the nickname "Ingram". However, there is a novel version that follows this trend. Also, in the manga version, Nomei did not name Unit 98 "Alphonse" (I wrote my name on the upper left arm on page 1, Volume 2 of the book). The first platoon machine is the Shinohara Heavy Industries Type 133 Asuka MPL, which is a modification of the Type 96 Asuka SSL (commonly known as General) at the Shinohara Heavy Industries Tokorozawa Plant. In the first movie version, the introduction of the Shinohara Heavy Industry 95 type AV (AV-X1), which was designed with HOS installed, was postponed due to the discovery of a serious defect in the OS HOS and the runaway of the prototype. Later, it moved to the novel version and was reorganized as "Shinohara Heavy Industries AV-00 Peacemaker". By the way, in the first movie version, the TV version and the new OVA version, the name of each machine is "○ machine", but in the initial OVA version, the second and third movie versions, it is called "○ car". ing.
  • As of the 1st episode of the TV version, the 96nd platoon is using the surplus "Shinohara Heavy Industries Type 97 Asuka MPL" (painting is significantly different from the initial OVA version) due to the reorganization of the 97st platoon. The platoon was using the second generation "Manabe Heavy Industries Type 0 Kai Python". In addition, in the same series, the caption "designed for police from the beginning" is given to this "XNUMX Kai Kai Python". The successor to the XNUMXst squadron is the Shinohara Heavy Industries Zero Type AV (AV-XNUMX) Peacemaker.
  • The manga version of the first platoon plane was the Shinohara Heavy Industries Type 95 Gorilla, which had a completely different design from the video media series. It is unclear whether "gorilla" is a unique name like "Ingram" or a nickname that has spread among users. In the second volume, the model was changed to "2 type break", but in the 96th volume, "Shinohara Heavy Industries AVS-14" is introduced.
  • In the movie version 2, all aircraft have been replaced with the Shinohara Heavy Industries Type 2 AV (AV-2 Variant) due to model conversion.
  • However, in addition to the settings that can be extracted from these works, the magazine "Hobby Japan] And “B-CLUB”MookThere are many settings announced in, and it is not possible to give a clear genealogy.
  • Also, the original "Type 98 AV" designed by Debuchi is only for the initial OVA, and is very different from other works. After the TV version, the "98-type AV Ingram" is a manga version that Yuuki redesigned based on the design of Debuchi, and Debuchi et al. added the setting of the initial OVA version.
  • In addition to this, there is also the “Road Runner” of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Traffic Task Force as a labor introduced by other prefectural police. The NY Police Department has also introduced "Shinohara Heavy Industries AV-0 Peacemaker" and "AV-02 Crash Buster".

Patlabor as a "real robot"

This work was originally planned as an OVA, and also the main sponsorFujifilmTherefore, it is said that "the harmful effect of having a toy maker as a sponsor"Robot animeHad no longstanding problems. By the time the TV version was broadcast, the fan base of the work had solidified, and it was decisive that making visual changes contrary to this would be a disadvantage. As a result, the "patlabor," including the leading mechanism "Type 98 AV Ingram," was said to be the "robot three primary colors."TricolorIt is released from the flashy coloring mainly of color, and the exterior color is a monotone calm exterior that seems to be a police car except for the patrol lights. There are other non-police lovers that actually existConstruction machinery,AutomobileIt has the same kind of color usage as.

This work is a robot animationReal robotHowever, it is not far from the technology that existed in the actual 20th century, rather than the one that came from a different world and the one that imagined a far future, as in conventional giant robots. The point is that Robodesign as a "generation industrial product" sets it apart from conventional products. Therefore, "Superheroes and Evil Battles" or "Battle of Evil" drawn by the giant robot animation up to that point戦 争It's not a "non-daily life" for modern Japanese people like "," but the reality of a scene that a giant robot naturally blends into the "daily life" of reality.

However, director Oshii still seems to be dissatisfied with the disagreement between the world view and the labor design, and later wrote in the book "Mechaphilia.[14]』, Izubuchi is described as a" mechanical designer of mechanical noise ", and it is a reaction to the fact that Raber is hardly active in the second movie version.Oshii wrote the script "Mini Pat] Also in the first and second episodes, the subject is the weapon portrayal and mechanical concept of Labor in this series. "PATLABOR LIVE ACTION MOVIE" pilot film is based on Oshii's intentionAtsushi TakeuchiThe Patlabor that has been redesigned has appeared. Also, in 2011, a novel "Babakuse: Special Police Vehicle Section, Security Department of the Metropolitan Police Department" published by Oshii and a live-action film released in 2014 "THE NEXT GENERATION -Patlabor-』, "Labor" "bipedal robot" is only a temporary fad, and in 2013 when the economy deteriorated it was completely abolished from the problem of cost performance, and in the world of unmanned and miniaturized In the robot market, the Japanese robot industry itself is set to fall behind.

Special car section XNUMX

Although the official name is "Special Department Vehicle Special Section (Special) Vehicle Section XNUMX" by the Metropolitan Police Department, it is commonly called "Special Vehicle Section XNUMX". It is the core organization of the story, and is also the department where the characters, including the main character, Akira Izumino, work. According to the explanation in the manga version, at first there was a "special equipment unit" (company) as a company in the special-purpose vehicle corps. There is an explanation that the special vehicle corps will be "special vehicle section XNUMX" and the labor group will be "special vehicle section XNUMX".

(Note that depending on the time, the notations and names of "Special Vehicles Section XNUMX" and "Specialties Vehicles Section XNUMX" are mixed. The actual name of the Special Vehicles Corps, which is originally a Special Vehicles Division, is the Metropolitan Police Department Special Vehicles Corps. (There is a mistake in “Special Vehicles Section XNUMX” because there is such a confusion of notations in the works, and it can be seen that it was not easy to unify the details in each work due to the media mix.)

A special-purpose unit that was created to counter the crimes caused by the multi-legged walking work machine "Labor" that was rapidly popularized by the national large-scale business "Babylon Project" was strengthened and reorganized to counter the violence and frequent occurrence of labor crimes. This was the second section of this special car. It is currently operated by two units, the 2st platoon and the XNUMXnd platoon, and the platoon leader of the XNUMXst platoon is Shinobu Nagumo.Assistant InspectorThe platoon leader of the XNUMXnd platoon is Kiichi Goto. The unit is not organized more than the company, there is a section manager on it suddenly (though the presence is thin). The first version of the OVA version was Sobue, then Fukushima. In the TV version, Fukushima has been the director since the beginning of the broadcast, but there is an episode in which Sobue appears as the previous manager.

The ridge of the 13nd section of the special car is a landfill site that can be said to be a solitary island on land (the image of Odaiba in 1988, a landfill site under curing after landfill work) ・In the initial OVA version, the tip of Jonan Island It is built in a non-existing landfill site in and is used by platoon members and maintenance crews. During the breaks, you can enjoy the idyllic scenery, such as fishing, grooming the vacant fields, and shopping for food and drink on your own motorcycle.

実 際 のOdaibaAlready in 1998Fuji Television Network, IncThere is the current office building of (1997),Tokyo Big SiteWas built (1996)Comic marketEtc. (from the same summer C50) are being held.

Although it is a unit under the direct control of the Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department, it is far from the main government building of Sakuradamon, and in a sense it is a workplace with a unique atmosphere.Only the section chief and the administrative department have offices in the main government building / security department, but in the manga version, the frequency of Fukushima section chiefs going to the landfill is increasing, and at the same time, the depictions of police officers / staff other than the labor members / maintenance team are increasing.Even the platoon leaders Goto and Nagumo are in a position to be seen as "island exiles" off the career advancement course, and Izumi, who has been assigned to the second section of the special car, said "I can no longer advance" from instructors and colleagues during the prep school days. It is pitiful (however, regarding this, according to Goto's "back of business card" plan (described later), he is a "labor platoon specialist police officer" who was "forcibly cultivated" by a preparatory student, omitting the conventional process and specializing in labor. It is thought that this is because.Goto himself points to his platoon and ridicules himself as an "independent foolish corps."However, the existing "First Platoon" at the beginning of the play is positioned as an elite unit selected from all police officers, and has high morale and morale, and is treated with awe under the platoon leader Nagumo.

operating system

In this work, it can be said that the robots that appeared in fiction at that time (including not only general SF but also novel) are novel.operating systemThe existence and operation of the robot are depicted (not limited to OS S, but the violence device called police, bureaucratic mechanism, giant company, robot etc. which is a collection of mechatronics,システム"Is a keyword of this work).

In the following description, the manga version (some of which is also theatrical version), which is also referred to as "The story of the battle of Labor's operating system", is used as a reference.

Unlike conventional construction machines, labor requires a high degree of control in terms of software.Real-time operating system(In the real world, ROS(Robot Operating System),V-Sido OS Labor Operating System (abbreviation LOS) with advanced robot functions is used in most cases. In addition, (in the description in the workWORMOr rewrite typeoptical diskNoMagneto-optical diskSomething like that is used exclusively) but with a system such as learning that fits the operator such as Patlabor, it cannot be started without its personal data.

Each company has developed LOS for their own use, but it is suggested from the work that it can be rewritten by the user's will. There is also a scene where you set up and install it by yourself when you first start it up. However, it is difficult to obtain it personally. Therefore, it is not a model-specific system, but versatility is ensured, and there is also a LOS format by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. During the opening of the second movie version, the message "Welcome to LOS" (Mac OSYou were conscious of "Welcome to Mac OS"? ) The screen of the LOS startup sequence appears.

As mentioned above, in aircraft such as Patlabor, the learning type system accumulates data (on a removable disk) when operated by an individual as personal data, which creates individual differences (habits) in the operation of the laborer.[Note 14]..If you get a bad habit, you need to fix it.

In addition, the Hyper Operating System (abbreviated as HOS) that appears in the first movie version is an OS developed by Shintech, a subsidiary of Shinohara Heavy Industries, which aims to parallelize personal data and unify and optimize operations. It was for sale and was used by a considerable number of laborers in the movie version.softwareからhardwareIt is said that it is a design concept that seeks to maximize the power of. The "computer virus" that was installed in this HOSTrojan horseLogic bomb"Composite" is near) is depicted in the first movie version.

The ASURA used by Griffon is a system that is completely different from any of the existing labor systems in the industry under construction, it was developed at Jonan Institute of Technology, but it was discontinued due to the reduction of research expenses "phantom" Based on the OS and other systems that are said to have been completed by former researchers on the shaft. It is possible to control it with a very high degree, and its movement is also called "biological".

In the past, the description of the computer system that controls the robot was "Mobile Suit GundamEducational computer in,Galaxy drifting by femme"Computer-dependent maneuvering" (posture control in outer space, detailed maneuvers such as operation patterns are left to the computer),Armored cavalry bottomsThere was a mission disc in.However, in this work, each author[Note 15]At the timePersonal computerBased on his experience and various information, he is "a thing that manages a computer and the devices connected to it" and "a key to the system, but it has no visible shape".softwareWhereoperating system(As I mentioned at the beginning, some systems similar to the OS that pushed out the "robot" all over appeared in the 2010s, and a little while ago. It is known that Sony's AIBO also used a system based on Aperios, a distributed OS researched and developed by Sony's CSL ().en: AIBO # Aperios and Open-RFrom that, it can be said that it was a sharp depiction of the future).

Shinohara Heavy Industry

Officially "Shinohara Heavy Industry Co., Ltd."[Note 16]And the abbreviation isSHI.Labor Of製造-SaleIs a company mainly.KantoCentered around 5工場have.

As a heavy industry maker including laborers, it is a backward-running and smaller scale than heavy-duty shipbuilding, Hishii Industry, and Hasaki Heavy Industries, and has repeatedly acquired companies after changing its name from its predecessor, Shinohara Seisakusho. .. As a result, the company has an independent faction, and even the company's goals cannot be said to be a monolith. According to the manga version, the Hachioji Factory and Tokorozawa Factory also competed with each other for the models to be delivered to the special vehicle section XNUMX.

Shaft Enterprise

Huge worldwide expansionMulti national companyAnd thenToothpickからspace shuttleFrom household items under the catchphrase "to"Automobile,ChemicalProduct,arms,weaponWe manufacture and sell all kinds of products,Temporary staffingWe are also engaged in the service industry. Each country has an independent corporate body that conducts corporate activities and has a manager who directs and manages each region.

On the other hand,smuggling,Human trafficking,arms-ExplosivePossession ofterroristThe authorities are suspicious that they may be conducting illegal activities such as providing funds to

In the Far East area, a Far East manager stationed in Hong Kong directs and manages companies in the Far East area such as Shaft Enterprise Japan and Shaft Enterprise Korea. The Far East manager has offices on the luxury liner “Great Wall” (English name: Great Wall) and travels around the world.

Japanese corporation

The Japanese corporation is known as a company that develops arcade game machines and game software. Headquartered in Tokyo,TsuchiuraAlthough it has a research institute in Japan, there are many unclear points in its corporate activities because clear management information has not been disclosed.The name and identity of the president have not been revealed.Planning Section 7 is a department that conducts product planning and market research for ostensibly arcade game machines and game software.Utsumi, the section chief of Planning Section 7, has many actions that deviate from the company policy and is often criticized from within the company, but the trust of the management team such as the president and the Far East manager is deeply behind it.Utsumi's subordinates are divided into two systems, with Kurosaki as the chief, Akaishi, Midorikawa, Murasaki and other highly specialized engineers, and Aoto and Shirai and other back-office work force units.An inspection by the Audit Department revealed that the company was working on an in-house online system to raise funds for back-office activities.

Related subsidiary

Shaft security system
Shaft affiliatessecurityUndertakesubsidiaryAnd is effectively organized to protect the company.Private soldierIt is an organization. Commonly known as SSS. It seems that public security officials are suspicious that they may also be conducting illegal activities such as sealing and vandalizing people who are inconvenient for the company. It uses a security vehicle equipped with special equipment.
Shaft security service
For the general publicSecurity companyIs.Due to its wide variety of services for the general public, its equipment and operational flexibility surpasses that of shaft security systems.Also, when Utsumi and others who sensed that SSS was heading to Tsuchiura Research Institute to secure Griffon in the manga version escaped, the vehicle that tried to stop at the laboratory gate was not SSS but security service. ..
A subsidiary of Shaft that provides temporary staffing and placement services. It has been suspected that an overseas company had hidden password-protected trafficking data in a PR disk for job applicants, and that it might be involved in international trafficking.
Hori Security Service
Known as HSS. Japan's largest security company.
Appeared in the TV anime version.

Anime version

Early OVA series (early days)

1988 (63)May 4 - 1989 (XNUMX)May 6Released.

The work that became the origin of the Mobile Police Patlabor. Originally planned as 6 volumes, 7 volumes were added later.

Achieved a low price of 1 yen while the OVA at that time was around 1 yen per bottle.[15][Note 17].. ProducerTaro MakiWrote a false approval letter saying that if it didn't sell, it would cost 9800 yen.[16].. In order to reduce the cost, OVA introduced CM for the first time (AXIAOf cassette tape. CM is cut in LD version and DVD version. LD box version "PATLABOR LD BOX" (sold by Warner Music Japan Co., Ltd.).

The production cost was 35 million yen for other OVAs using 3000mm film, but this work was only 16 million yen using 1500mm film.Kazunori Ito did not receive a guarantee as the original fee, but later when it was made into a DVD.[17].

Also, compared to the movie version and later works, the actual shade is different, although the color settings have not been changed.

The later released DVD version has the subtitle "Early Days".

Staff (early OVA)

Each story list (initial OVA)

Number of turnstitlescriptShowStoryboardAnimation directorProduction cooperationRemarks
1Send out the second platoon!Kazunori ItoKoji SawaiOshii MamoruKazuya KiseI ・ G Dragon Child
2Long shotRyutaro NakamuraMasahiro KitazakiMushi Production
3A 4 million year trapKoji SawaiKazuya KiseI ・ G Dragon Child
4The tragedy of LRyutaro NakamuraMasahiro KitazakiMushi Production
5Longest day of Part XNUMX (Part XNUMX)Koji SawaiKazuya KiseI ・ G Dragon Child
6Longest day of the second lesson (second part)Itano IchiroTakuya WadaD ・ A ・ S ・ T
TBUTrends and countermeasuresFull story highlights
TBUKawarabanCommemoration of the completion of all 6 episodes and the latest information on the movie version
7Special vehicle corps, head north!Kazunori ItoNaoto TakahashiMovie version special prologue recording
TBUAFTER THE MOVIETheatrical version making

Movie version 1st Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie

The first feature-length animation for theatrical production that was produced in response to the popularity of the early OVA series. The OVA series had a wide variety of production styles that challenge different types of stories in each volume, but this work aimed at a style that emphasizes the sense of scale unique to the movie version. In addition, "Three Oaths for the Movie" are called, "Going on the royal road of entertainment", "The main role of Yuma and Noaki who have little success in OVA", "Rever vs. Labor" It has been created with a composition of "drawing" in mind.[18].

Still, the story that is the center of this work is developing an extremely serious suspense drama. Along with that, after carefully shooting the downtown of Tokyo, the world carefully drawn and the director of the drawingKazuya KiseThis is one of the major features of this work, which is arranged by a large amount and the people who are drawn extremely realistically give the image a unique reality.

The design of "Type 98 AV" has been redesigned to be similar to the cartoon version, and subsequent works have also been arranged based on this movie version design. However, in this work, the nickname "Ingram" still appears on the OS boot screen.

TV Anime Series (ON TELEVISION) "Eve Festival"

  • Of the week before the first episode of the TV series was broadcast1989 (XNUMX)May 10"Eve Festival" (official title is "Mobile Police Patlabor I will show you all! Eve Festival") that Yuko Nito who sang the theme song onNippon Television Network(* Some delayed net stations have not been broadcast and are not yet softened as of 2017).The main content is a digest of the Patlabor quiz and the first episode of the TV series, along with an introduction to the Patlabor world and characters from the early OVA series produced in 1988, which is being promoted by members of the "Patlabor Command Headquarters" set up by Yuko Nito. It looked back on the trailer and the first movie version.In addition, a live-action ending part that doubles as a promotion for Yuko Nito, who sang the theme song, was also inserted.The shooting location of the "Patlabor Command Headquarters" in the main story was at that time.Nippon Television Kojimachi StationI used the sub-control room (subcontractor) of "G Studio".
ス タ ッ フ


1989 (XNUMX)May 10 - 1990 (2)May 9ToNippon TVBroadcasted in the series, all 47 episodes.

A work developed as a TV series in response to the favorable reception of the early OVA series and the movie version. However, there is no story-like connection with them, and it begins again when the main character, Akira Izumino, joins the special vehicle division XNUMX. Produced by a long-established robot anime[19]SunriseMove on to.

I was the scriptwriter until nowKazunori ItoIs in charge of series composition,Oshii Mamoru,Michiko YokoteBy having them participate in the script, the story content is rich in variety. The story of the manga version will be introduced and developed from the 3rd cool, but the conclusion with Griffon showed a different aspect from the manga version. Initially, it was said that the airing period would be half a year until Kakanuki Hana returned to Japan, but it will be extended to one year after the airing begins. Suddenly, Takeo Kumakami was introduced, and it was decided to rush into the Griffon edition in a form that complies with the cartoon version.

Another feature is that the name "Ingram", which was not used in the first movie of the OVA series, is used. Still, the nickname of "Alphonse" still remains.

  • In Episode 27 "Voice Calling to the Darkness", there is a scene where bear ears fearing ghosts throw documents at Goto.Frame advanceThen you can read a message from the staff.
  • In episode 47 of the final episodeTomakomaiThe depiction of the city is completely different.
  • Although it was monaural at the time of the first broadcast, it was remixed into stereo sound called SS-REMIX (* re-dubbing of audio material) when it was converted to video. Subsequent rebroadcasts and video software consistently use the material after SS-REMIX.
  • Oshii laterMobile Investigator 7Was in charge of the script for the 35th episode "Keita no Hatsume" in the TV series, the 29th episode "Destroying a special car"[20].

Staff (TV series)

  • Original-Headgear
"Weekly Shonen SundaySerialized (Yuuki Masami
  • Series composition-Kazunori Ito
  • Director-Naoyuki Yoshinaga
  • Character design-Akemi Takada
  • Mechanic Design-Yutaka Izubuchi
  • Mechanical design cooperation- Yoshinori Sayama
  • Music-Kenji Kawai
  • Art Director- Yukihiro Shibutani
  • Director of Photography- Atsushi Okui
  • Recording production- Naoko Asari
  • Edit-()
  • Producers-Toru Horikoshi (NTV), Kiyoji Ishikawa (YOMIKO Advertising), Shin Unozawa (Bandai), (Tohokushinsha), (Tohokushinsha) (Sunrise
  • Production cooperation-Sunrise
  • Planning and production --NTV
  • Production-Bandai, Tohokushinsha

Each story list (TV series)

Number of storiesAirdatetitlescriptShowConteAnimation directorMain appearance Labor
May 10
Ingram launchKazunori ItoNaoyuki YoshinagaSeimura NishimuraAsuka MPL Bulldog
Tyrant 2000
2May 10Kanuki Hana cameKeitaro MotonagaToshifumi TakizawaAkio TakamiDauphin
3May 11This is the second section of special carOshii MamoruYasunao AokiFutoshi Takano
4May 11Go to Devil's Mountain!Kazunori ItoAkihiko NishiyamaKoji SawaiAtsuo TobeClubman
5May 11Runaway Labor X10Hiroyuki HoshiyamaShinji TakamatsuSeimura NishimuraHAL-X10 boxer
6May 11The Tower SOSYasunori UrataToshifumi TakizawaAkio Takami
Hirotoshi Sano
7May 1197 glorious breakKazunori ItoKeitaro MotonagaFutoshi TakanoChuichi IguchiType 97 Python SRX-70
8May 12Dim greenNaoto KimuraYasunao AokiKoji SawaiSeimura NishimuraGumbol Guinea/Housaku-kun
9May 12Landing Red LaborOshii MamoruAkihiko NishiyamaFutoshi TakanoAtsuo TobeBoxer XR-99 Doshka
10May 12Eve's TrapKazunori ItoShinji TakamatsuToshifumi TakizawaChuichi IguchiPhantom Brocken Helldiver
11May 12Eve's horrorKeitaro MotonagaNaoyuki YoshinagaAkio Takami
May 1
Ota's messy afternoonMichiko YokoteNaoyuki YoshinagaSeimura NishimuraRex 2500
13May 1Your HighnessNaoto KimuraYasunao AokiAtsuo TobeBrocken
14May 1You win!Oshii MamoruAkihiko NishiyamaFutoshi TakanoChuichi Iguchiboxer
15May 1Whale singing a songMichiko YokoteShinji TakamatsuAkio Takamifrogman
16May 2Platoon cross the seaTetsuko TakahashiKeitaro MotonagaKuriyama MihideHiroki TakagiRex 2500
17May 2The goal is Captain GotoKazunori Ito
Michiko Yokote
Yasunori UrataKazuhito KikuchiSeimura NishimuraLabor X
18May 2Sukisuki Noaki-senpaiYasunao AokiMitsuko KaseAtsuo TobeClauber
19May 2Geofront shadowYutaka IzubuchiKeitaro MotonagaToshifumi TakizawaChuichi Iguchi
20May 3Black fetal movementKazunori ItoAkihiko NishiyamaMitsuko KaseAkio TakamiPhantom Saturn
Hell diver
21May 3Ghost (Phantom) againYasunori UrataNaoyuki YoshinagaAtsuo Tobe
22May 3Flowers and laborMichiko YokoteYasunao AokiKazuhito KikuchiSeimura NishimuraHosaku-kun/Crow Bear
23May 4Kanuki Flower ReportArisu Hibari
Naoyuki Yoshinaga
Nana HaradaNaoyuki YoshinagaHiroki Takagi
24May 4Farewell Kanuki flowersKazunori ItoKeitaro MotonagaNozomi Takaokabulldog
25May 4Spring stormMichiko YokoteAkihiko NishiyamaToshifumi TakizawaChuichi IguchiTyrant 2000
26May 4I’m Takeo KumamiYasunori UrataMitsuko KaseAtsuo TobeClubman high legs
27May 5Voice calling to darknessKazunori ItoYasunao AokiSeimura Nishimura
28May 5Two suspiciousKeitaro MotonagaToshifumi TakizawaHiroki TakagiSaturn
29May 5Destroy the second section of the special car!Oshii MamoruAkihiko NishiyamaNaoyuki YoshinagaChuichi Iguchi
30May 5Gryphon is here!Kazunori ItoYasunori UrataToshifumi TakizawaNozomi TakaokaGriffon
31May 6Rain tragedyKeitaro MotonagaKazuhito KikuchiAtsuo Tobe
32May 6再 会Kazunori ItoYasunao AokiHiroki Takagi
33May 6Shaft dogsAkihiko NishiyamaNaoyuki YoshinagaChuichi Iguchi
34May 6Battle of the castle gateYasunao AokiSeimura Nishimura
35May 7Griffon falls!Yasunori UrataNaoyuki YoshinagaAtsuo Tobe
36May 7Nomei's AdventureNamiki SatoshiKeitaro MotonagaAkio Takami
37May 7Sell ​​at easeAkihiko NishiyamaToshifumi TakizawaYamada KisarakaPicking-kun
38May 7Underground labyrinth propertyOshii MamoruNana HaradaAyumi ChibukiSeimura Nishimura
39May 8Mass production planNamiki SatoshiYasunao AokiKazuhito KikuchiHiroki TakagiAVS-98 MARKII
40May 8Coast Guard OrderShigemi SugamaYasunori UrataSatoshi Isono
41May 8Save the terroristsNamiki SatoshiKeitaro MotonagaShigeru IkedaSeimura Nishimura
42May 8Men returningMichiko YokoteAkihiko NishiyamaYamada Kisarakaboxer
43May 8Working ladyArisu Hibari
Tetsuko Takahashi
Yasunao AokiAkio TakamiTyrant 2000
44May 9CLAT foreverKazunori ItoYasunori UrataNaoyuki YoshinagaEarthenware bossAmerican version Ingram
Mega iron
45May 9Freedom of choiceMichiko YokoteKeitaro MotonagaYamada KisarakaHell diver
46May 9Its name is zeroKazunori ItoAkihiko NishiyamaKazuhito KikuchiHiroki TakagiAV-0 Peacemaker
47May 9Condition greenYasunao AokiNaoyuki YoshinagaAkio Takami


Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
Kanto wide areaNippon TVWednesday 17:00-17:30NTV seriesProduction Bureau
MiyagiMiyagi TV[21]
FukushimaFukushima Central Television[21]
NiigataTV Niigata
KumamotoKumamoto citizen TV
HokkaidoSapporo TVFriday 17:30 --18:00 (October 1989, 10-March 13, 1990) →
Sunday 7:30-8:00 (April 1990, 4-September 8)[22]
NaganoTV Shinshu
ShizuokaShizuoka Daiichi TelevisionWednesday 6:00-6:30
ToyamaNorthern Japan BroadcastingTuesday 17:00-17:30[Note 19]
IshikawaTV KanazawaWednesday 17:00-17:30[Note 20]
Chukyo wide areaChukyo TV
Kinki wide areaYomiuri Television
HiroshimaHiroshima TV
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcasting
Kagawa prefecture, Okayama prefectureNishinippon broadcasting
FukuokaFukuoka BroadcastingWednesday 17:00-17:30
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting CorporationMonday-Friday 17:30-18:00NTV series
TV Asahi series
[Note 21]
[Note 22]
NagasakiNagasaki International TelevisionNTV series[Note 21]
KagoshimaKagoshima BroadcastingTV Asahi series[Note 21]
[Note 23]
  • Since it was broadcast in the local sales frame, most of the net stations were delayed. In addition, some broadcasting stations have not been aired even in affiliated stations.
  • In Nagasaki, it was an affiliate station at the time of the main broadcastTV Nagasaki(Currently integrated into Fuji Television) and some Nippon Television programs that were out of the organization of the same station were broadcastNagasaki Broadcasting(TBS system) was not broadcast, and was broadcast by Nagasaki International Television, which opened after the main broadcast.
  • In Kagoshima prefecture, it was an affiliated station at the time of the main broadcastKagoshima TV(Currently integrated into Fuji Television) and some Nippon Television programs that were out of the organization of the same station were broadcastMinaminihonhoso(TBS system) and started broadcasting after the end of the main broadcastKagoshima Yosuke TVNot broadcast on (KYT)Kagoshima BroadcastingAfter the end of the main broadcast and after the opening of KYT1996 Was broadcast 7 years later[Note 24].
Nippon TV Wednesday 17:00-17:30
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Cyber ​​police cybercop
(October 1989, 4-December 5, 7)
Mobile Police Patlabor
(December 1989, 10-February 11, 1990)
Karakuri Swordsman Den Musashi Road
(December 1990, 10-February 3, 1991)

NEW OVA series

1990年(平成2年)11月22日 - 1992年(平成4年)4月23日発売。全16巻(全16話)

Both the setting and the time axis are works that are extensions of the TV series. Consists of the final chapter of the Griffon, which is the final chapter of the TV series, which came off when the schedule of 1 episodes per year was 52 episodes due to the broadcasting frame, and the original episode of 47 episode completed .. Among them, in the 1th episode “Two Karuizawa”, the dialogue was recorded first, and the picture is added later.PrescoMade by the method[25].. At the time of the initial release, the Griffon edition was released every other episode, but since the Memorial LD ​​BOX, the number of episodes has been reassigned so that the Griffon edition becomes a continuous formation.

Staff (NEW OVA)

  • Original-Headgear
"Weekly Shonen Sunday" serialized (Masami Yuki)
  • Series composition-Kazunori Ito
  • Director-Naoyuki Yoshinaga
  • Character design-Akemi Takada
  • Mechanic Design-Yutaka Izubuchi, Yoshinori Sayama
  • Music-Kenji Kawai
  • Art Director-Yukihiro Shibutani
  • Cinematographer-Atsushi Okui
  • Recording production --Naoko Asari
  • Edit --Tsurubuchi Tomoaki (Tsurubuchi movie)
  • Producer-Shin Unozawa (Bandai), (Tohokushinsha), Eiji Sashida (Sunrise)
  • Production cooperation-Sunrise
  • Production-Bandai, Tohokushinsha

Each story list (NEW OVA)

Number of stories at releaseNumber of stories after changetitlescriptShowStoryboardAnimation director
1Gryphon RevivalKazunori ItoKeitaro MotonagaNaoyuki Yoshinaga
Yutaka Izubuchi
Hiroki Takagi
Meiju Maeda (Mecha Animation Director)
25Disaster dayMichiko YokoteYasunori UrataKazuhito KikuchiYamada Kisaraka
32Counterattack shaft!Kazunori ItoYasunao AokiAkio Takami
4690% audience ratingArisu HibariKeitaro MotonagaAyumi ChibukiHiroki Takagi
53The biggest decisive battle in historyKazunori ItoYasunao AokiYutaka IzubuchiShunji Suzuki
67Black triple starOshii MamoruYasunao AokiAkio Takami
74GAME OVERKazunori ItoKeitaro MotonagaNaoyuki YoshinagaHiroki Takagi
Meiju Maeda (Mecha Animation Director)
8Seven days of fireOshii MamoruYasunori UrataYasunao AokiYamada Kisaraka
9VSMichiko Yokote
Kazunori Ito
Yasunao AokiAkio Takami
10Its name is AmnesiaOshii MamoruNana HaradaNaoyuki YoshinagaYamada Kisaraka
11Sesame came on a rainy dayKazunori ItoYasunao AokiHiroki Takagi
12Karuizawa of the twoArisu Hibari
Kazunori Ito
Yasunori UrataNaoyuki YoshinagaAkio Takami
13The dungeon againOshii MamoruNana HaradaAtsushi Shigeta
14Snow rondoYutaka IzubuchiNaoki HishikawaYutaka IzubuchiAkio Takami
Meiju Maeda (Mecha Animation Director)
15Woman from the starsKazunori Ito
Atsushi Kosugi
Keitaro MotonagaEarthenware boss
16No second platoon abnormalitiesKazunori ItoYasunao AokiNaoyuki YoshinagaHiroki Takagi

Movie version 2nd Mobile Police Patlabor 2 the Movie

2002 Depicting the Patlabor world of. A work that has the meaning of a complete series. With Goto directly in front of him, he depicts the battle against the "circumstance of war" in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Most of the members of the special vehicle section XNUMX have been moved to different departments except Goto and Nagumo, and Hiromi and Shige. Ingram has also retreated.

Based on Mamoru Oshii's original "city theory," he conducted a thought experiment to create a situation of "war" in Tokyo.Poisonous gas attack on urban areas,Public order,Vertically divided administrationSectionalism,US Army in Japan,Destructive activity prevention law, Credibility of digital media, and many other factors that will become a problem in the real world. From the time of publicationPKO Cooperation Lawbased onSDF overseas dispatchIt was the content that pointed out the problems of.

Although the number of members of the former Second Squadron has dropped dramatically, Oshii himself added a lot of parts that were omitted in the novel version "TOKYO WAR", so they were not drawn in the movie Is also spelled out in detail.

Mobile Police Patlabor Labor Selection

2001 (13) TV anime and new OVA rebroadcast select version that was broadcast on Wednesday night in TV Tokyo from October 10, 3.

The number of original stories is in parentheses.

  1. (1) Ingram start
  2. (2) Kanuki Hana came
  3. (5) Runaway Labor X10
  4. (7) Glory 97 type break
  5. (10) Eve's Trap
  6. (11) Dread of Eve
  7. (19) Shadow of Geofront
  8. (20) Black fetal movement
  9. (21) Reincarnated again
  10. (26) I'm Kumami Takeo
  11. (29) Destroy the special car section XNUMX!
  12. (30) Visiting Griffon!!
  13. (31) The tragedy of rain
  14. (32) Reunion
  15. (33) Shaft dogs
  16. (34) Battle of the castle gate
  17. (35) Griffon falls!
  18. (38) Underground labyrinth property
  19. (46) Its name is zero
  20. (OVA13) Dungeon again
  21. (OVA1) Griffon Revival
  22. (OVA3) Counterattack shaft!
  23. (OVA5) biggest battle ever
  24. (OVA7) GAME OVER
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Wednesday 24:45 frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Sister princess
(October 2001, 4-December 4, 9)
Mobile Police Patlabor Labor Selection
(December 2001, 10-February 3, 2002)
.hack // SIGN
(December 2002, 4-February 3, 2002)

Movie version 3rd WXIII Mobile Police Patlabor

The work is based on the manga version of "Waste No. 13", but while following the development of the main story, it has changed into another story with the original characters Kuzumi and Hata as the main characters. Other than Goto, there are few special vehicle divisions that include the spring and Yuma, spinning the second work.

Mini Pat

A short full CG digital animation consisting of all three episodes.It was screened at the same time as "WXIII Mobile Police Patlabor" one episode at a time on a weekly basis.

Mobile Police Patlabor REBOOT

"Mobile Police Patlabor REBOOT" 2016 (28)May 10More 1 week event release.

Hideaki AnnoAn animation production company and studio color omnibus short animation group sponsored byJapanese Anime Trade Fair(Hereinafter, "Trade Fair"), treated as "EXTRA" (extra), Patlabor's completely new animation was produced for the first time in 14 years since "WXIII" & "Mini Pat", and was released during the above period. ..Since it is one of the short animation works, this work is also a short story of about 8 minutes.The story-like flow is "Raber robbers rampage while delivering live online → Labor platoon arrives → Ingram passenger (male), confronts the criminal → Labor platoon leader (female) devises a plan → Situation Collection ".

The "Trade Fair" is created with the concept of fascinating the skills of animators with short stories, and this work is no exception to that.Patty of drynessIt was produced mainly by Yasuhiro Yoshiura who worked on[26]..From the old staff and headgear members, Yutaka Izubuchi is involved in mechanical design and supervision, Kazunori Ito is involved in the script with Yoshiura, and Kenji Kawai is also working on the drama accompaniment as before.There is no big difference in the design of the labor, but it is drawn in 3DCG.In addition, Yutaka Izubuchi has refined "Ingram" and the details have been improved.[27].

Characters have been redesigned and castMegumi HayashibaraKoichi Yamadera(The "Trade Fair" is a specification in which the cast of all works is performed by only two people).Both of them have participated as bit parts in the TV anime version, but this time they were cast as the main members of "Patlabor" for the first time.

Staff (REBOOT)


* In this work, characters are not named, so the names below are for convenience.

  • Koichi Yamadera --AV-98 Unit 1 "Ingram" passenger (young man), raver criminal, etc.
  • Megumi Hayashibara -Unit 1 backup (young woman), Labor platoon leader (middle-aged woman), etc.

PATLABOR EZY (tentative)

A new project announced at the 2017 Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Theme song

Opening theme

Futurist Lovers (initial OVA version 1-6 *7 without opening)
song - Hiroko Kasahara
Stay as you are(TV version 1-34)
Lyrics-Yuriko Mori / Composition-Ichiro Haneda / Arrangement-Motonori Funayama / Song- Yuko Nito
Condition Green ~Emergency Start~ (TV version 35-47/New OVA version 1,2 (old 3), 5 (old 2), 6 (old 4))
Lyrics-Shun Taguchi / Composition-TSUKASA / Arrangement-Takayuki Negishi / Song- Hiroko Kasahara
I want to protect (new OVA version 3 (old 5), 4 (old 7), 7 (old 6)-9)
song - Mina Tominaga
YOU ARE THE ONE (New OVA version 10-13)
Song-DAIZO (Daizo Koshiba)
IDLING for you (New OVA version 14-16)
song - Norihiko Tanimoto(Currently Kentaro Hayami)

Ending theme

And dawn (early OVA version 1)
Song- Kenji Kawai
Megalocity Police (initial OVA version 2)
Song-Kenji Kawai
At the end of the illusion (early OVA version 3)
Song-Kenji Kawai
(The tragedy of L) (Initial OVA version 4)
Song-Kenji Kawai
The longest day of the second lesson (initial OVA version 5)
Song-Kenji Kawai
(Revolution) (Initial OVA version 6)
Song-Kenji Kawai
(Kiichi Goto's case file) (Initial OVA7)
Song-Kenji Kawai
MIDNIGHT BLUE(TV version 1-34)
Lyrics and composition-TAKE / Arrangement-KISSME QUICK / Song-KISSME QUICK
Probability of Paradise (TV version 35-47 / New OVA version 1,2, 3 (old 5), 2 (old XNUMX))
Lyrics-Keiko Aso / Composition-Yasuhiko Warita / Arrangement-Motonori Funayama / Song- JA-JA
My Pace ~ My Way My Pace ~ (New OVA version 3 (old 5), 4 (old 7), 6 (old 4), 7 (old 6)-9)
song - Mina Tominaga
100 Carat Future (New OVA version 10-13)
song - Hyodo Mako
LONG SILENCE (New OVA version 14/15)
song - Dynamite Shige
Wings to the Dream (New OVA version 16)
Song-Kenji Kawai
The one with lyrics by Hiroko Kasahara is "With courage as wings."

Other influences on later works

  • At the time of initial OVA release, the price of one OVA was relatively high at around 1 yen due to production costs. However, on the premise that this work will be a series,eye catching・By sandwiching commercials, we succeeded in reducing the cost to 1 yen per piece, which was less than half the price, and then expanded to other media.
  • This work was at that timeCriminal dramaBut it was a pioneer of a work that I could not see, depicting "Police as an organization"[28],Dancing Great Investigation LineKnown asKatsuyuki MotohiroIt had a strong influence on. Especially the TV special “Spin-off work of the series”Gulf Police Police Story Early Summer Road Safety Special",Movie version"Negotiator Masayoshi Mashita] Is mentioned as a remarkable example of homage. Motohiro himselfOshii MamoruProfessing that he is a fan of "The Dancing Great Investigation Line was affected by the Mobile Police Patlabor."[29].. Motohiro has beenMobile Police Patlabor 2 the Movie] Is a production companyProduction IGBelong to. "Dancing Daisakusen Line" At the location deciding the stage of the Gulf Station, the staff showed the above theater version "Patlabor" and asked "Please look for such a place", but there was no place like that at Odaiba Calm down
  • Chika UminoIsイ ノ セ ン ス"Waiting for", draws the feelings of Mamoru Oshii animation such as "Mobile Police Patlabor 2 the Movie", and later is a disciple of Oshii.Mini Pat"directed by·Kenji KamiyamaOriginal animation ofEden of the East''Xi AVANT] Character design.
  • Guillermo del ToroIsPacific Rim』Proclaimed to be greatly influenced by the anime version of Mamoru Oshii that I saw at the recommendation of James Cameron. When I first came to Japan in 2002, an animation production companyProduction IGVisited to see the drawing scenery and met Oshii in person. Despite the transition to CG, Guillermo is said to have been influenced by the way he draws by hand. "THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor Capital Battle”Mamoru Oshii is a great example for me,” commented on the release.[30][31].
  • Weekly Shonen SundaySo, the second half of this work and the serialization period overlap,Takashi ShiinaCartoon ofGS Mikami paradise operation!!], the main character, Yokoshima's father, Yokojima Taiki and his subordinate models are Utsumi and Kurosaki.
  • Kaoru ShintaniUtsumi is a model of Yanagi, a character that appears in "Elan" and "Gentle Man". Kaoru Shintani has a corner for a teacher-discussion conversation with Masami Yuuki, who was former assistant of Shintani.At that time, Shintani liked the character of Utsumi very much and asked if he could use it, and Yuuki agreed. has been written.
  • Mayo Mineoof"Pataro!』, Patariro boarded a robot similar to Ingram, and Patariro was surprised by the onion No. 000.New LaborI was just doing a test drive of."[32]
  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST) Humanoid type robotHRP-2(Manufacturing: Kawada Kogyo) requested Hiroshi Debuchi for the body design. The design is similar to the piece maker that appears in this work. The body design was commissioned to Debuchi because of "hope of multiple researchers aiming to be robot developers under the influence of Patlabor".[33].

Comic version

Yuuki MasamiWorks by. 『Weekly Shonen Sunday』(Shogakukan) At1988 (63) Issue 17- 1994 (6) Serialized in No. 23. The 36th (2)Shogakkan Manga AwardYoung boy category award.

The first Griffon game (book 1-5 volumes) until the video animation that had been planned earlier (OVA) version has been made aware of the tie-up, but the manga was serialized first. After that, the character as a work of Yuuki is strong. Yuuki himself said, "I have said this many times, but the project itself is the original work," and I am not the original author. The manga is not the original, so please call it "manga version" or "comic version". ], said in interviews. In addition, the scenario of OVA was written up at the beginning of the cartoon series[34]..However, since the TV series and the new OVA series produced after that use a part of the character, setting, and story of Masami Yuki's manga version as the original, it adds to the complexity of the situation.

The main story is a plot inside a global giant company set in a new industrial field, and the middle and short stories are published against the background of the front and back of modern society and social issues. The content of the work was relatively advanced, such as depicting the problems brought about by globalization in the early 1990s, and it was a unique development in the boys' magazine.As a manga expression, a lot of depictions from a distance are used, and a certain degree of suppression is effective even in battle scenes between laborers.On the other hand, the emotions of the members of the XNUMXnd platoon are delicately depicted, and the comedy color is lighter than the TV anime version (on the other hand, it can also be seen in other Masami Yuki works).MetafictionThe comical character depiction is increasing due to the heavy use of and deformation.Captain Nagumo is a prominent example).Compared to other media, it carefully depicts the process by which each member grows into an adult or a member of society, which is essentially the main theme of this work.

The story covers less than three years from the beginning of 1998, when Noa Izumi took the recruitment test for the Special Vehicle Division 2000, to October 10 after defeating Griffon.

The back cover of the first edition of Shonen Sunday Comics Volume 3 depicts Noaki's face. From the second edition onwards, it has become a horizontal silhouette of "headgear" like other volumes. Since the title logo has also changed, the design of the spine cover is "old version with logo of Nomei's face" "old version with headgear silhouette" "logo with headgear silhouette" There are three types of "new version".

A special appendix of the monthly new type May 1988 issue contains an extra edition drawn according to the settings of the initial OVA series. It is now possible to read the electronic book “Mobile Police Patlabor Extra Edition Operation Manual Chapter 5”. The story was later animated in the TV series.

The favorite edition of the comics began to be published in November 2019, and a total of 11 volumes have been published.In addition to reproducing the color pages at the time of serialization, the conventional book also includes additional frontispieces and concept art that have not been released for the first time.

Novel version

Kazunori ItobyFirst movie versionOne volume including the novelization of the TV series and the screenplay for the TV seriesMichiko YokoteBy 2-5 volumes,Oshii MamorubyFirst movie versionNovelize "TOKYO WAR" and "Babakushi" which depicts the world of Patlabor over time have been announced.

  • Mobile Police Patlabor 1-5
    • Mobile Police Patlabor Wind speed 40 m (1990 (2) October,Fujimi Fantasia Collection) Kazunori Ito
      FILE1. Access
      FILE2. Wind speed 40 meters-Novelize for the first movie version
    • Mobile Police Patlabor 2 Syntax Error (1992 (4) March, Fujimi Fantasia Collection) Michiko Yokote
      FILE3. Syntax error
      FILE4. Father's son
    • Mobile Police Patlabor 3 Third Mission (1992 (4) March, Fujimi Fantasia Collection) Michiko Yokote
      FILE5. Hong Kong Sayaka (Hong Kong Serenade)
      FILE6. Third Mission
    • Mobile Police Patlabor 4 Blackjack (Part XNUMX) (1993 (5) March, Fujimi Fantasia Collection) Michiko Yokote
      FILE7. Blackjack (Part XNUMX)
    • Mobile Police Patlabor 5 Blackjack (Part XNUMX) (1993 (5) March, Fujimi Fantasia Collection) Michiko Yokote
      FILE7. Blackjack (Part XNUMX)
    It is a story that continues in the first movie of the early OVA series, the movie version, and contains the return story of Kakanuki Hana and the appearance of Kumagai that were not told in other stories. In addition, Yokote's work is a story that delves into each character such as Yuma Shinohara's home environment, Takeo Kumagai's Hong Kong era, Kiichi Goto's past.Yuuki Masami"Is that what it was?"[35].. Mobile Police Patlabor Volumes 1-5 were out of print for a long time, but in 2013AnimateWas reissued in the form of a limited sale at[36].. At that time, the color cover was changed to a new painting by Akemi Takada (no change for the front and back illustrations).
  • TOKYO WAR-Mobile Police Patlabor (Part XNUMX) (1994 (6) April, Fujimi Fantasia Library) Mamoru Oshii
  • TOKYO WAR-Mobile Police Patlabor (Part XNUMX) (1994 (6) April, Fujimi Fantasia Library) Mamoru Oshii
    Directed the movie's second movie by himself. The cut part is also drawn in the movie. Out of print
  • TOKYO WAR MOBILE POLICE PATLABOR (2005 (17) March 6,Enterbrain) Mamoru Oshii
    Reprinted the second movie version of the novel with hard cover. Corrections were made from the paperback edition.
  • Upset Special Police Department, Police Department, Police Department (2011 (23) March 1,Kadokawa Haruki Office) Mamoru Oshii
    It is a story long after the main story of the animation, the captain is Gotoda, the main character is Akira Izumino (male is Izumino Akira), Kanukiko, Otawara, liquor store The former members do not remain, and the laborer itself is in a payment box. These settings were created laterTHE NEXT GENERATION -Patlabor-There are a lot of things in common with, but there are clear differences such as the gender of Akira Izumino, so it can be said that it is a prototype work.
    There was an obvious mistake on page 121 from the first to the third printing of the book, and Otawara, who should not be there, had participated in the conversation. It has been corrected to be the statement of Captain Gotoda.
    Konno SatoshiWork "Evening Storm Tokyo Bay Coastal Station Azumi Group[37]In the second section, the special car section XNUMX and Kiichi Goto, who was assigned to the second section, made a guest appearance.
  • Man in the back seat (2015 (27), Haruki Kadokawa Office) Mamoru Oshii
    A short story. The story of the next generation of Noa Izumi. The first platoon has already disbanded and the second platoon has been reduced to four. "Tag My Buddy" (2015 (27),Japan Detective Writers Association, Kadokawa Haruki Office) and "My Buddy-Police Anthology" (2017 (29), Haruki Bunko, renamed when it was made into a paperback).

Computer game version

Media mixAs a part of, the game version has been actively promoted since the beginning, but most operate the raverAction gamesOrAdventure gamesIs. The only exception is the PC-9801 version, which is based on the Babylon project.Simulation games.

Mobile Police Patlabor
Family computer disk systemFor games. 1989,Bandai.
PATLABOR Targeted city 1990
Game boyFor games. August 1990, 8,Yutaka.
Officially advocating an adventure game, it's actually a role-playing game.The long vowels are written as "~", and one of the features is the unique sense of puns.The appearance of the main characters, who are police officers, acquiring items in the treasure chest is described as "Nekobaba".When you defeat an enemy, YP, which is an abbreviation for "defeated points", increases.If you start while pressing the select button, it will pretend that the United States will start, and the message "What is it?" Will be displayed, and it will end immediately.It is classified as "stupid game" from the style that does not follow the original at all as described above.[38].
Mobile Police Patlabor-Activate Type 98-
Mega driveFor games. 1992, Marva.
Of the type that walks around the field and stocks informationRole playing gamesHowever, even though there is no concept of strengthening by leveling up, the enemy that encounters becomes stronger as the story progresses, and the encounter rate itself is unusually high, and it is a harsh game property.
Mobile Police Patlabor: Griffon
PC engineFor games. 1993,River hill soft.
Mobile Police Patlabor
Super NintendoFor games. Bandai, 1994.
computer(PC 9801) For games. Bandai, 1994.
Mobile Police Patlabor ~Game Edition~
Play stationFor games. 2000, Bandai Visual.
Mobile Police Patlabor Kamabaku Mini Pat
PlayStation PortableFor games. 2005, Bandai Visual.
Super Robot War Operation Extend
Game for PlayStation Portable. 2013,BANDAI NAMCO Games.
A crossover work featuring many old and new robot animes. The character and robot of this work will appear in the name of the TV version and the movie version. The story has been reproduced, and in some cases the voice is applied to the cartoon version of the dialogue.
Giant city
PlayStation 4For games.2017 , Bandai Namco Entertainment.
An action-adventure game in which the main character is an ordinary man who escapes in a city where a giant giant, a human being, who is much larger than a human being battles. Labor such as Ingram appeared as one of the giants.
Super Robot Wars X-Ω
smartphone(iOS / Android) For games. November 2018, 11, Bandai Namco Entertainment.
The movie version will appear for a limited time in 2018.

Game book

  • Mobile Police Patlabor Defeat! Tsuji Killing Labor / Akira Takeda, Studio Hard Edition: Bandai Bunko:1989 : 494 yen

Mook book

  • Mobile Police Patlabor Akira Izumino Pia (March 2020, 3, Pia)[39]
  • Mobile Police Patlabor Kiichi Goto Pia (October 2020, 10, Pia)[40]

Pachislot and pachinko

  • Mobile Police Patlabor / Mobile Police Patlabor X (2007,Abilit
  • Pachislot Mobile Police Patlabor (2016,North Electronics

Live-action version

On September 2013, 9, the production of the live-action work "THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR-" (hereinafter "NEXT", renamed to "THE NEXT GENERATION -Patlabor-" after December 25) was announced. It was.NEXT GENERATIONAs shown in the title, it is not a remake of the existing work set in the late 1990s to the early 2000s, but a new generation in 2013.[42].. Prior to this, a live-action project was announced on March 2013, 3[43][44].

September 2012, 9, before "NEXT" was officially announcedNico Nico Live Broadcast , With Mamoru OshiiToshio SuzukiPatlabor's live-action was discovered in the form of Suzuki being exposed during the talk[45].. But receiving itYuuki MasamiSaid on Twitter, "I don't know the story of live-action. I want you to stop that kind of political movement.[46].. "It shouldn't be moving, whether it's anime or live action. At least I haven't heard anything[47].. "I'm not thinking about visualization right now[48]"I'm denying.Yutaka Izubuchi, who was later invited as a guest of a related talk event during the release of "NEXT", also had a soft tone to the event host Oshii, but he said, "I understand that there are various things that are troublesome, but I wanted you to go through the process. I complained[49].

Before "NEXT", Bandai Visual played a central role in addition to live-action footage created for use in commercials.Digital engineDuring the project,Oshii MamoruThere is a pilot film titled "PATLABOR LIVE ACTION MOVIE" directed by and staffed by. Some of them can be seen in the "Patlabor Game Edition" and the special footage recorded in the Memorial DVD BOX.

注 釈

  1. ^ Since 1, when the movie version 1989 and the TV series were produced, the canyon drink has come to the Steion tab type due to environmental problems, and by the early 90's almost all canned drinks were switched. Also,PET bottlesDue to the technological capabilities of the time and voluntary regulation of the industry, only 1.5 liters of large-sized products were distributed (500 ml PET bottles appeared from 1996 onwards).
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