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🎥 | "Kano Sisters Fabulous World", special edition of hot movie talk urgently delivered


"Kano Sisters Fabulous World", special edition of hot movie talk urgently delivered

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He enthusiastically talks about the 007 series released in "007 / No Time to Die" and his favorite director.

The talented Kano sisters (Kyoko Kano and Mika Kano) have released the Spotify original podcast program "Kano Sisters' Fabura ... → Continue reading

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James Bond

"James Bond"(British: James Bond) Series is a writerIan FlemingCreated in 1953 in Great BritainSecret Information DepartmentA group of novels with the agent of the main character, he appears in 12 novels and 2 collections of short stories. Since Fleming's death in 1964, eight writers have written Bond's novels and novelizations.The latest novel in which he appears was published in May 8.Anthony Horowitz"Forever and a Day".In addition, Charlie Higson wrote a series about young Bond, and Kate Westbrook is a semi-regular in the series.MoneypennyI wrote three novels based on my diary.

Bond is known by the code number "007" (Double O Seven) and has appeared on television, radio, comic strips, video games and movies. In 1962Sean ConneryPlayed the role of Bond007 is the killing numberAs of 2021, the movie series that started withEon Productions24 works have been produced as a series produced by.The latest Bond movie "007/No Time To Die』(2021)Daniel CraigIs the sixth actor to play Bond in Eon Productions.Also, as an independent production bond movie, "007 / Casino Royale"When"Never Say Never Again』There are two works. In 2, the series' box office revenue was estimated at $ 2015 billion, making James Bond the highest-grossing box office ever.Media franchiseHas become one of.


Father Andrew works for Vickers Defense SystemsScottish[1], Mother Monique DrowSwiss.

My father is a corporate spy, and he lived in various parts of Western Europe as a child due to his father's transfer.His parents were set to have died in an accident while climbing the French Alps when James was 11 years old, and were subsequently taken over and raised by his aunt Charmian.

Oxford UniversityAfter graduation,NavyBecome a lieutenantSecond World WarDeparture at.After the end of the warSecret Information Department(MI6)EngineerBecomesPublic schoolThen, the more you start a club in JapanjudoHe is good at all kinds of martial arts including judo.However, in terms of health, excessive uric acid levels,Liver disease,Rheumatism,High blood pressureHe suffers from headaches and is advised by a doctor that he cannot live long.

coffeeThe faction says, "Drinking such muddy water has caused the British Empire to decline."Black teadislike.BeansBlue mountain,coffee makerIs using (Hario style).It is followed in the movie version, and there is no scene where Bond drinks tea.

liqueurIs a cocktailVodka martini(initiallyginBase cocktailMartiniThevodkaHe likes to shake (based on) without steer and drink "cool tongue numbing", which is his deciding line.Also, prepare both vodka and gin (3, vodka 1, Kina Lillet 1/2), shake well and pour into a champagne glass.LemonThe one that ordered to put the skin ofVesperIt is also popular in the real world under the name.

"Windsor knotI can't trust the guy who is doing it, "he said, and he never tied a tie with Windsor knot.I don't care about lace shoes, and I often wear them.

These clothing and food preferences strongly reflect Fleming's preferences.Fleming even said, "Windsor knots have a strong desire to reveal and don't want to go out with them."My favorite pistol is Beretta M007 (in the play of the first work "418 Dr. No""en: Beretta 418) Was used with the advice of the person in charge of weaponsWalther PPKSwitch to (laterWalther P99It has been the same gun since.

Birthdays vary from movie to movieDaniel CraigPlayed the role of BondCasino Royale』The settings have been renewed in the subsequent works,1968 May 4,BerlinIt is set to be born.It is the same as the original until his parents died in a mountain climbing accident, but after being raised in Kincaid with Skyfall in the suburbs of Scotland as his parents' home, he was taken over by a person named Oberhauser and changed to a birth that grew up with his brother-in-law Franz. Has been done.Ironically, his brother-in-law Franz and his father-in-law Oberhauser died in an avalanche accident while climbing, and they became lonely again.From the background of being raised by a German father-in-law, the scene of talking in Spanish with the receptionist of a hotel in Bolivia in German, "Quantum of Solace" is also "Specter』In Mexico, there is a depiction of eavesdropping on a scene where terrorists talk in Italian, so he is good at multiple languages. "Skyfall], It is supposed to be a bond that reflects the character of the original, such as being advised to retire due to alcoholism and passing the return test with compassion.

The name of "007"

James Bond is on his own during the missionSuspectYou have been given a murder permit (so-called "killing license") that will make you unquestioned even if you kill, and of "007" (the numbered agent belonging to the 00 section)Code namehave.

English-speaking countriesThen, usually this is called "Double O Seven (Double O Seven) ”[2]..In addition, the movie "007 は 二度 死 ぬIn the play, Tiger Tanaka played "007".zero zero ...There is also a scene that pronounces ".

There are various readings outside the English-speaking world, and in Germany "null null sieben", In France"zéro zéro sept"In Japan, it is often read as" Zero Zero Seven. "[3].Coca-Cola ZeroWas tie-up with the release of "Comfort Reward" and was released in more than 7 countries around the world, including Japan, with the design of "zero zero 35".

Ian Fleming's novel

Fleming is a bank clerk,journalistAnd so on,Second World WarInside is involved in special work with the Navy Intelligence Service and MI6, and it is said that he wrote 007 by making use of this experience.

"James Bond"English-speaking countriesFleming consciously avoided the pre-war swashbuckler-like, glamorous name, which has a rather mediocre impression.Fleming loves to readAuthor of Bird Research BookTaken from the name of.

Fleming's novel "007 series"1953 Beginning with the first work "Casino Royale", Fleming died1964 Will be handed down to.

Initially, it did not sell well, although it received some evaluation.Therefore, Fleming wants to finish the series many times, but each time there is talk of visualization, the series will be continued.It started selling in earnest in the late 1950s, and it was triggered by Fleming.US President John F. KennedyWas putting "With Love from Russia" in the list of love reading[4].

The style is heavy, which was the mainstream in England in the past.リ ア リ ズ ムsendSpy novelAt the other end of the spectrum, in a gorgeous and entertaining setting, the Americanhard boiledIt portrayed severe violence and action influenced by the novel (Casino Royale is a good example).

But soonWestern,Space operaAs a result of getting stuck in the mediocre pattern of "rescuing a beautiful woman from a villain", the works after the late 1950s became a rut, and there were many grandiose delusional settings (1959 "Gold Finger" etc.).


The impact on movies and comics is also enormous.There are so many scenes of this kind of hero that he falls into the hands of the enemy and is tortured.Kimiko KoizumiDescribes "the main dish is a mystery" as "elegant sadism."

"Sophisticated" with a superhuman playboy spy as a hero and a glamorous beautyMachoismThe story matches the tastes of the masses andCold WarUnder circumstances,Eastern countriesSince the latter half of the 1950s, a huge amount of 007 sub-class novels have flooded all over the world because it was easy to abuse the easy setting that imitated the absolute evil.Shinichi Hoshi"I feel sadly easy to imitate and show off the brains of the people involved," said the essay "Kimagure Museum Magazine" on page 169.Shunichi Karasawa TheTsutomu GotoIn the part that mentioned "The number of crises is 13", I expressed it as follows.

At that time, the world was in the midst of a spy boom due to the big hit of the 007 series.Even in Japan, imitation works are circulating enough to make Tsukudani, and the main character is a squishy-headed man who does not seem to be a very international spy.Guns, cars, secret weapons, and naked Ne-chanThere were a series of three-sentence novels that seemed to be overwritten, knowing that readers would be pleased if they appeared (although they were actually pleased). — And society Hen "Counterattack of Tondemo Book" Takarajimasha library170p, boldOriginal mama

Authors other than Fleming

British writer after Fleming's deathKingsley AmisWith the permission of the widow, in the name of Robert Markham,(English edition)I wrote.It was planned to be made into a series, but it was not well received and did not reach the series.

1977 In the movie "The spy who loved me"ofNovelizationWas published (title isJames Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me).Written by the novelist who wrote the script(English edition)..Wood1979 Published inMoon LakerAlso in charge of the script.Similarly, he worked on novelization (the title isJames Bond and Moonraker).These are the only two films in the film series that the scriptwriter was in charge of novelization.

1981 "Meltdown Operation" announced in(License Renewed)』FromJohn GardnerHas resumed the "007 series" in the form of taking over Fleming.Gardner's new "007 series" was declining every time the work was released.It seems that the cause was that it became completely different from the movie series while developing independently.afterwards,1996 からRaymond BensonAnnounced his work as the third generation writer in the series, but the sixth work ("007 / Man with a red tattoo(The Man with the Red Tattoo)』I will get off the 007 writer.2008 To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Fleming's birth(English edition)By "The Devil with the Hand of a Monkey (Devil May Care) ”Was announced, but since this is a commemorative work, there are no plans to make it into a series.

Incidentally,2002 When Benson released "007 / The Man with the Red Tatami", the content was set in Japan, so some Japanese media made a noise about whether the next movie will be set in Japan, but both originals. The work has never been made into a movie, and on the contrary, a novelization version based on the script of the movie is released in parallel with the original.However, the region where the work was set (HokkaidoNoboribetsuとKagawaNaoshima Town) Is still continuing activities aimed at realizing the movie adaptation of this work and attracting locations (see the relevant item for details).

List of novels

(The year in parentheses is the year of announcement)

Works by Ian Fleming

All Japanese translationsKazuo InoueTranslated by.

Feature film

  1. Casino Royale Casino Royale(1953) - Sogen detective library(Tokyo Sogensha The following is omitted) 1963,Rō ShiraishiNew translation of `` 007 Casino Royale'' Sogen Suiri Bunko 2019
  2. They are the ones who die Live and Let Die(1954) - Hayakawa Publishing: HPB (World Mystery Series) 366 1957, new edition (abbreviated below)Hayakawa Mystery Library, Revised 1998
  3. Moon Laker Moonraker(1955) --Sogen Suiri Bunko 1964, revised 1998
  4. Diamonds forever Diamonds Are Forever(1956) --Sogen Suiri Bunko 1960, revised 2008
  5. With love from Russia From Russia, With Love(1957) The Japanese title of the movie version is "From Russia", and the novel notation is "From Russia". --Sogen Suiri Bunko 1964, revised 2008
  6. Doctor Noo Doctor no(1958) -Hayakawa Publishing: HPB511 1959, Hayakawa Mystery Bunko, Revised 1998
  7. Gold finger Goldfinger(1959) --Hayakawa Publishing: HPB601 1960, Hayakawa Mystery Bunko, Revised 1998
  8. Thunderball strategy Thunderball(1961) --Hayakawa Publishing: HPB736 1962, Hayakawa Publishing: Complete Works of World Mystery <13> 1972, Hayakawa Mystery Bunko, Revised 1998
  9. Spy who loved me The Spy Who Loved Me(1962) The Japanese title of the movie version is "I", but the novel notation is "I". --Hayakawa Publishing: HPB800 1963, Hayakawa Mystery Bunko, Revised 1998
  10. Her Majesty the Queen 007 On Her Majesty's Secret Service(1963)-"Her Majesty's 007" Hayakawa Publishing: HPB806 1963, "Her Majesty's 007" Hayakawa Mystery Bunko, revised 1999
  11. 007 は 二度 死 ぬ You Only Live Twice(1964)-"You Only Live Twice" Hayakawa Publishing: HPB007 855, "You Only Live Twice" Hayakawa Mystery Bunko, Revised 1964
  12. Man with a golden gun The Man With the Golden Gun(1965) The Japanese title of the movie version is "Golden Gun", but the novel notation is "Golden Gun". --Hayakawa Publishing: HPB888 1965, Hayakawa Mystery Bunko, Revised 2000

Short edit

  • 007 Adventure For Your Eyes Only(1960)
    The old version is "Adventure of No. 007" Sogen Suiri Bunko 1964, the title is changed to "Rose and Handgun", and the new version is "Rose and Handgun" Sogen Suiri Bunko 2007
    • Roses and pistols From a View To A Kill
    • Should be incinerated after reading For Your Eyes Only
    • Danger Risk --Part of the content is used in the movie "For Your Eyes Only".
    • Rare fish Hildebrand The Hildebrand Rarity --Partially used in the movie "License to Kill".
    • Nassau night Quantum of Solace --Partially used in the movie "Quantum of Solace".
  • Octopathy Octopussy and the Living Daylights(1966)
    The old version is "007 / Escape from Berlin" Hayakawa Publishing: HPB956 1966, renamed "Octopussy" Hayakawa Mystery Bunko New Edition 1983
    • Octopathy Octopussy
    • Escape Berlin The Living Daylights
    • The owner is a woman The Property of a Lady --Part of the content is used in the movie "007 Octopussy".
    • 007 Go to New York 007 in New York --Not recorded in both Japanese books and paperbacks.The Japanese translation is HMM '08.10 .XNUMX.

007 novels by other authors

Works by Robert Markham (Kingsley Amis)

  • No. 007 / James Bond White Paper The Book of Bond or, Every Man His Own 007(1965) --Bill Tanner (appears in the series)MI6(Chief of the staff) in the name (however, in the Japanese translation, in the name of Kingsley Amis).Non-Fiction
  • The James Bond Dossier(1965) --In the name of Kingsley Amis.Non-Fiction
  • No. 007 / Colonel Son Colonel Sun(1968) --In the name of Robert Markham

Works by John Gardner

"John GardnerSee also

  1. Operation Meltdown License Renewed(1981)
  2. Specter's Counterattack For Special Services(1982)
  3. Ice breaker Icebreaker(1983)
  4. Revolutionary war game Role of Honor(1984)
  5. No one is immortal Nobody Lives Forever(1986)
  6. Are you ready, Bond? No Deals, Mr. Bond(1987)
  7. Scorpion earrings mystery Scorpius(1987)
  8. Operation Wren Ready Win, Lose or Die(1989)
  9. Die like a gentleman Broken claw(1990)
  10. The Man From Barbarossa(1991)
  11. Death is Forever(1992)
  12. Never Send Flowers(1993)
  13. SeaFire(1994)
  14. cold(1996) The American version is "Cold Fall"

Raymond Benson's work

  1. 007 / Zero Minus Ten Zero Minus Ten(1997)
  2. 007 / Fact of Death The Facts of Death(1998)
  3. 007 / High Time to Kill High Time to Kill(1999)
  4. Doubleshot(2000)
  5. Never Dream of Dying(2001)
  6. 007 / Man with a red tattoo The Man with the Red Tattoo(2002)
  • Short story (not included)
    • Blast from the Past(1996)
    • Midsummer Night's Doom(1999)
    • 007 / Live at Five Live at Five(1999)

Works by Sebastian Forks

"(English edition)See also
  • 007 / Devil with monkey hands Devil May Care(2008)

Jeffery Deaver's work

  • 007 / Blank power of attorney Carte Blanche(2011)

Works by Anthony Horowitz

"Anthony Horowitz"See also

  • 007 / Counterattack Trigger Trigger Mortis(2015) --007 new work by Horowitz who wrote Holmes derivative work in "Moriarty"[5]..Officially recognized by the Ian Fleming Foundation[6].
  • (English edition)(2018)
  • Untitled Bond novel (2022)

Works by John Pierson

"(English edition)Also refer to
  • James Bond biography James Bond: The Authorized Biography of 007(1973)
    In the form of an interview with Bond himself, a masterpiece depicting Bond's half-life, both public and private, from his upbringing to after "The Man with a Golden Gun".Bond's activities are all true stories, and Fleming, commissioned by the British Intelligence Service, has set the story as a novel "to make Bond look like a fiction person and keep him away from the Soviet witches."According to the settings in this book, only the third novel in the series, "Moonraker," is "fiction to impress Bond as a fictional character."In an interview in this book, Bond made critical remarks about Sean Connery, who played himself, saying, "What's that guy?"

Novelization work

  • The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond, the Spy Who Loved Me(1977) (English edition)By
  • 007 and Moon Laker James Bond and Moonraker(1979) by Christopher Wood
  • License to Kill Licence to Kill(1989) John GardnerBy
  • Golden eye Goldeneye(1995) by John Gardner
  • Tomorrow Never Dies Tomorrow Never Dies(1997) Raymond BensonBy
  • World Is Not Enough The World is Not Enough(1999) by Raymond Benson
  • 007 / Die Another Day Die Another Day(2002) by Raymond Benson

Derivative work

James Bond Jr. Series
  • A View to a Thrill(1992) John Vincent Written by (Puffin Books) --The first work in the series featuring James Bond Jr. and the next-generation second-generation Q.The original title is "A View to a Kill"A View to a KillNomojiri.
  • The Eiffel Target(1992) --A novelization of the anime "James Bond Jr." "The Eiffel Missile".
  • We are the ones who dance Live and Let's Dance(1992) --The original title is "They are the ones who die"Live and Let DieNomojiri.The Japanese title is that of HMM.
  • Sword of Death(1992) --At the end of the movieReactorSurvived from the explosionDr. NoHowever, he confronts James Bond Jr. Dr. No will continue to be the masterpiece of evil throughout the series in TV anime and novel versions.
  • High Stakes(1992)
  • Tunnel of Doom(1993) Caryn Jenner Written by (Buzz Books)-Baron Skarin and Hitman Jaws are villains in subsequent works, and Dr. No is treated as a mastermind and does not appear on the surface.
  • Barbella's Revenge(1993)
  • Freeze Frame(1993) --A novelization of the anime "James Bond Jr." "Weather or Not".


  • 007 dies three times Sreshchu 007(Andrey Gulyashki(Author)
    Communist blocBulgariaThe series of intelligence officer Avvakum Zahoff, which was started as the "Eastern James Bond" in 1958 during the Cold War by the writer Gryashki, became very popular in Bulgaria.This work, which confronted Zahoff with the head family 007 across the world, is the only Japanese translation of the Zahoff series.Since Bond's name cannot be used, all of them were written as "007" in the work, and in the original book, the notation was changed to "07" due to trouble.Since it is an eastern work, the Soviet Union is naturally described as an ally of the main character, and 007 is described as an enemy and a ruthless professional operative.Zahoff, on the other hand, is portrayed as a quiet, capable, clean scholarly skin spy.KGBThis is in line with the historical fact that many of the actual senior operatives on the eastern side, including the above, had a background as scholars and researchers.
  • Sadakichi No. XNUMX (Takashi Togo)
    Japanese version of 007 parody by Ryu Togo.Osaka Chamber of CommerceA strange spy action comedy novel whose main character is "Apprentice with a murder permit" belonging to.It is a very close parody with supporting characters, villain characters and small scenes.
  • "On Her Majesty's Secret Property" "From the Nothing, with Love" (Kei Ito)
    A parody manga and short story by Project Itoh.The change of Bond actor in the movie version 007 is depicted with an original interpretation of "another person whose memory was overwritten by overtechnology along with the line of duty of his predecessor."In the film, all past movie series were treated as missions actually carried out by 007, which seemed impossible.Thunderball strategyWith his success, MI6 is said to have decided to permanently preserve the talent of James Bond, a talent that will never be available again.I've met all 007Elizabeth IIとQOnly, Q died in a car accident (acted)Desmond LlewellynAfter that, M, who was left alone, suffered, and 007 candidates (all of whom used the names of young actors who were candidates for Bond at the time of writing) were killed one after another. It is a story that James Bond goes to investigate in response to being slaughtered.Middle-agedLondon simultaneous bombingIt is said that this work is about the same time as, and this work also depicts Bond's change from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig.
  • "Phantom Thief Jibaco" (Morio Kita)
    Confront the phantom thief Jibaco in "No. 007 Appears" in the series of short stories.
  • "Eight man"
    Appeared in the anime version "Spy Command No. 100". 007 Clearly calling himself James Bond, he fights with Eightman who infiltrated the mechanical nation Mechania.
  • "0093 Her Majesty the Queen Masao Kusakari"


In 1954Casino Royale"ButShort TV dramaWas done (starring:Barry Nelson) However, no other examples of visualization have been confirmed throughout the 1950s.In this drama, the villain Le Chiffre was played by "M], [The assassin's house(English edition)], [Maltese hawk』And famous actors known for moviesPeter Lorewas.After that, the two producers became interested in James Bond, and the movie began in earnest.

Although the international situation and domestic situation at the time of creating each work are more or less influenced by each work, each work is devoted to entertainment works, and the enemy role is far from the actual national government, criminal organization, company, etc. There are many settings for existence.

Also, even in the Cold War era, there are few works whose main enemy is the Soviet government itself.For example, in the work of 1983, the radical politician of the Soviet government was one of the enemies, or in the 1960s, "With love from Russia], The Soviet Union is also an enemy, but it is a secondary enemy, and neither is the "main enemy."However, in the 1995 work, the mission at the beginning was to destroy the nerve gas factory in the Soviet Union, but this should be seen as a setting for comparison with the post-Cold War era.On the other hand, in the 1970s, there are works that fought with KGB executives and defeated enemies in cooperation with Soviet spies.During the Cold War, the treatment of communist blocs such as the Soviet Union in each work was even called a "barometer of thaw."

In Japan, from the Japanese title, "007 seriesKnown as[7][8].


Eon Productions works

Worktitlerelease datestarringdirected byscript
First01 works007 is the killing number

(007 / Dr. No)

Dr. No

British flag 1962 May 10
United States flag 1963 May 5
Japanese flag 1963/6/1
Sean ConneryTerence YoungRichard Maibaum
Joanna Harwood
Berkeley Mercer
First02 works007 / One crisis

(007 / With love from Russia)

From Russia with Love

British flag 1963/10/10
United States flag 1964 May 4
Japanese flag 1964/4/25
Richard Maibaum
Joanna Harwood
First03 works007 / Gold Finger


British flag 1964/9/17
United States flag 1964/12/22
Japanese flag 1965 May 4
Guy HamiltonRichard Maibaum
Paul dehn
First04 works007 / Operation Thunderball


Japanese flag 1965/12/11
United States flag 1965/12/21
British flag 1965/12/29
Terence YoungRichard Maibaum
John Hopkins
First05 works007 Hanito /007 は 二度 死 ぬ

You Only Live Twice

British flagUnited States flag1967 May 6
Japanese flag 1967/6/17
Lewis GilbertRoald Dahl
First06 worksShiyo /Her Majesty the Queen 007

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

British flagUnited States flag 1969 May 12
Japanese flag 1969/12/27
George LazenbyPeter huntRichard Maibaum
First07 works007 / Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever

United States flag 1971 May 12
Japanese flag 1971/12/25
British flag 1971/12/30
Sean ConneryGuy HamiltonRichard Maibaum
Tom Mankiewicz
First08 works007 Shinuno /007 / They are the ones who die

Live and Let Die

United States flag 1973 May 6
British flag 1973/7/5
Japanese flag 1973/7/28
Roger MooreTom Mankiewicz
First09 works007 Ouko /007 / The Man with the Golden Gun

The Man with the Golden Gun

British flagUnited States flag 1974 May 12
Japanese flag 1974/12/21
Richard Maibaum
Tom Mankiewicz
First work007 I /007 / The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me

British flag 1977 May 7
United States flag 1977/7/13
Japanese flag 1977/12/24
Lewis GilbertRichard Maibaum
Christopher Wood
First work007 / Moonraker


British flag 1979 May 6
United States flag 1979/6/29
Japanese flag 1979/12/8
Christopher Wood
First work007 / Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

British flag 1981 May 6
United States flag 1981/6/26
Japanese flag 1981/7/11
John GlennRichard Maibaum
Michael G. Wilson
First work007 / Octopussy


British flag 1983 May 6
United States flag 1983/6/13
Japanese flag 1983/7/2
George MacDonald Freather
Richard Maibaum
Michael G. Wilson
First work007 Utsuku /007 / A View to a Kill

A View To A Kill

United States flag 1985 May 5
British flag 1985/6/13
Japanese flag 1985/7/6
Richard Maibaum
Michael G. Wilson
First work007 / Living Daylights

The Living Daylights

British flag 1987 May 6
United States flag 1987/7/31
Japanese flag 1987/12/19
Timothy Dalton
First work007 Kesare /007 / license to kill

License To Kill

British flagUnited States flag 1989 May 6
Japanese flag 1989/9/9
First workGolden eye


United States flag 1995 May 11
British flag 1995/11/24
Japanese flag 1995/12/16
Pierce BrosnanMartin CampbellBruce Fearstin
Jeffrey Kane
First workTomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies

British flag 1997 May 12
United States flag 1997/12/16
Japanese flag 1998 May 3
Roger SpottiswoodBruce Fearstin
First work007 Waal /World Is Not Enough

The World Is Not Enough

United States flag 1999 May 11
British flag 1999/11/21
Japanese flag 2000 May 2
Michael AptedNeal Purvis
Robert Wade
Bruce Fearstin
First work007 Tire /007 / Die Another Day

Die Another Day

British flag2002 May 11
United States flag 2002/11/22
Japanese flag 2003 May 3
Lee TamahoriNeal Purvis
Robert Wade
First work007 / Casino Royale

Casino Royale

British flag 2006 May 11
United States flag 2006/11/17
Japanese flag 2006/12/1
Daniel CraigMartin CampbellNeal Purvis
Robert Wade
Paul Haggis
First work007 Nakusa /007 / Comfort Reward

Quantum of Solace

British flag 2008 May 10
United States flag 2008/11/7
Japanese flag 2009 May 1
Mark ForsterJoshua Zetuma
Neal Purvis
Robert Wade
Paul Haggis
First work007 Skyfall


British flag 2012 May 10
United States flag 2012/11/7
Japanese flag 2012/12/1
Sam MendesNeal Purvis
Robert Wade
John Logan
First work007 Specter


British flag 2015 May 10
United States flag 2015/11/6
Japanese flag 2015/12/4
John Logan
Neal Purvis
Robert Wade
Jez Patavas
First work007/No Time To Die

On Time To Die

British flag2021 May 9
Japanese flag 2021/10/1
United States flag2021/10/8
Carrie George FukunagaNeal Purvis
Robert Wade
Scott Z. Burns
Phoebe Wally-Bridge
Carrie George Fukunaga

Works other than AEON

titlerelease datestarringdirected byscript
007 / Casino Royale
Casino Royale
British flag 1967 May 4
United States flag 1967 May 4
Japanese flag 1967 May 12
David NivenJohn Houston
Ken Hughes
Val Guest
Robert Parish
Joseph McGrath
Wolf Mankiewicz
John lowe
Michael Sayers
Never Say Never Again
Never Say Never Again
United States flag 1983 May 10
Japanese flag 1983 May 12
British flag 1983 May 12
Sean ConneryIrvin KershnerLorenzo Semple Jr.

Eon Productions

Around 1960, the producer who read Fleming's originalAlbert R. BroccoliFeeling that "this is suitable for making a movie," he went to Fleming and asked for negotiations.However, Fleming puts the right to image one step ahead.Harry SaltzmanWas sold to.Salzmann, on the other hand, was struggling to find an investee within the expiration date of the video right, but he was running out of money.Broccoli comes into contact there, and the two join hands.UKToEon Productions(Aeon Pro) was established and cooperated in the production of the 007 movie.

After the establishment of the production, Salzmann and BroccoliHollywoodMajor movie companyUnited artistsTraveled to the United States to sign a contract with (UA)[9].ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWas the president of UA(English edition)I met with him and asked him to make a movie.At that time, he was the president's secretary of UA and a big fan of Fleming's original work.(English edition)With the support, UA's investment was decided[10][11]..At this time, UA signed a contract with Aeon Pro on the condition that it will provide a full loan and produce and distribute at least 7 bond movies, and finally the 007 movie adaptation project will be in full swing. It started.

Initially, Eon Productions was trying to make "Thunderball" into a movie for the first movie, but UA was rejected due to rights-related issues and budgetary reasons.As a result, "Dr. Noo" with a strong SF color was selected.Regarding the director, Aeon Pro initially recommended an American director, but UA recommends a British director, judging from the content of the work.After that, he was a craftsman and was engaged in intelligence activities during the war.Terence YoungTo the director, the first Bond movie "007 / Dr. NooWas made into a movie (released in 1962. The Japanese title is "007 is the killing number").Although the movie is a low-budget movie of $ 100 million, the box office revenue was $ 5900 million, which was a big hit more than expected.Of the leading roleSean ConneryWas successful in this one, and Bond became his hit.Composed by Monty Norman,John BarryThe arrangement and performance of "James Bond Theme" is also very popular, and at the opening of the subsequent works, the muzzle aiming at Bond is shot in reverse and blood is shed (Gun barrel sequence) And it came to be swept away.

Influenced by the hit of this work1960 eraIn the mid-term, "007-like" B-class spy movies were breached around the world, but none of them were more successful than 007.

Since "Dr. No", the 007 movie produced by Eon Productions has continued to be a popular series to this day, although the leading actor has changed several times.

1970 eraWorks from the early days borrowed only the title from Fleming's novelScenario writerIt is an original story by, and is almost unrelated to the original.The content is a set of flashy settings, glamorous beauty, and guest appearances of big actors.EntertainmentIt should be called the royal road of, and the setting is generally stylized.1990 eraOriginal movie works became the mainstream from the works of2008 Published “Quantum of SolaceFleming's novel is completely depleted.

Broccoli and Salzmann's Conflict

Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were co-producers until the early 1970s, but Broccoli's entertainment lines gradually rebelled against the original and literary hobbyist Saltzman.Len DeightonTo 007antithesisThe esoteric spy novel "Ipcres File" written asMichael caneStarring "International Intelligence Service"(1965,Sidney J. FuryIt was none other than Salzmann who made the movie as a director).

Produced based on the opinions of Salzmann, there was a devotion to reality and romanticism.Her Majesty the Queen 007The box office record of "" was not good, but the story "", which was absurd and flashy, was subsequently produced based on Broccoli's opinion.Diamonds forever』Because of the good box office results, broccoli came to take the initiative.

Eventually, in 1975 Salzmann left Aeon Pro.Since then, Aeon Pro and its parent companyDanjaqWill be ruled by Albert Broccoli and his clan.By the way, Salzmann's holdings were sold to UA without permission from Broccoli, and UA became a major shareholder of Aeon Pro.However, the UA also said,Heaven gate"(1980,Michael ciminoIn 1981, he fell into a financial crisis due to the blunder of the director).Metro Goldwin MayerIt was merged into (MGM).Therefore, the 13th work "Octopathy], MGM will also be added to the production, and along with that, distribution outside North America will be newly added.United International Pictures(UIP) will be in charge.

"Casino Royale"

The first novel series "Casino Royale" and the third novel "Moon Laker"[12]Only, Aeon Pro could not hold down the rights due to the confusion of rights.

This workColumbia PicturesGot the production right,John HoustonIt was made into a movie jointly by five directors (released in 5, "007 / Casino Royale』).In fact, it is said that more directors are involved, and the production process was extremely confusing.David Niven,Peter SellersWhile mobilizing all the talented actors, as a result, it is made as a strange slapstick parody work that deviates from the original to another dimension, and it is a nonsense that gag, jokes and people-eating developments are repeated from the beginning to the end. It is a monster work.

Now in the mid-1960sPop cultureAs a unique movie that leaves a strong influence oncultThe hit movie "Austin Powers] Has a strong influence on the series.It is a highly evaluated work of a different layer from the original movie 007 series.

"Never Say Never Again"

1982 In, starring Sean Connery, who was away from the 007 movie,Warner BrothersIn the offer "Never Say Never Again』(Irvin Kershner(Director) was produced.The title is the words Connery's wife once again received an offer for 007 and said to her lost husband, "I won't do it anymore.Don't say that (Never Say Never Again)Please do it again. "

This is "Thunderball Operation" written by Fleming in 1961 (as the fourth work in the Aeon Pro series in 1965).Terence YoungIt is a re-movie of the director, starring Connelly), in a form away from Aeon Pro.This work is also a product of the confusion of rights relations, and since then, 007 movies have not been produced except for Aeon Pro (for the above reasons, the familiar opening theme of 007 movies and the muzzle aiming for bond at the opening A scene where you are shot in reverse and shed blood (Gun barrel sequence) Is not used).

With the producer of "Never Say Never Again" in 1999Sony picturesAnnounced that they will work together to produce a new 007 series that has nothing to do with Aeon Pro.Danjaq and MGM opposed this, and the situation was brought into a court battle.Eventually MGM owned "SpidermanInstead of letting go of the rights of "Casino Royale" and "Never Say Never Again" owned by Sony Pictures, the two parties reached a settlement, and Sony Pictures produced the new 007. I gave up.However, in 2005, MGM suffered from financial difficulties.SonyInvestor group includingconsortium) Acquired.As a result, Sony Pictures has the right to work on the original "007" movie.

Main title

The movie series is also known for the fun of title design.typography(Font) can be changed freelySaul bass,Kyle CooperA unique style that is different from that is consistent to this day.

1st workDoctor NooWas known for Stanley Donen's workMaurice BinderInvitedGeometryAnimated works using patterns.In the 2nd and 3rd works(English edition)Provided a strange image that characters and scenes of works are projected on the body of a woman, and a style with a female motif was established (Brown John is a poor work as a title designer, and two works in the 007 series Other than that"(English edition)(1965) andThe night of the generals』(1967) only).

4st workThunderball strategyFrom 』, Binder will be in charge again, and the style that makes heavy use of female silhouettes will continue, but in 1991 Binder died, and"Golden eyeAfter that, with Binder's assistant1980 eraからマ ド ン ナ,Van HalenHas produced many music videos for(English edition)However, he inherited the style of Binder / Brown John while making full use of digital compositing.


Aeon Pro's 007 series is(English edition)"By compositionJames Bond Theme"Early to mid-term music directorJohn BarryThe orchestration created the basic style of 007 sound. The main title sequence (with a few exceptions) is usually accompanied by a theme song with vocals, and top-notch musicians and singers from each era participate.The theme song was a hit along with the movie. "Tomorrow Never DiesFrom "Quantum of Solace" to "Quantum of Solace"David ArnoldOriginally a big fan of 007 movies, the cover album of successive theme songs "Shaken And StirredWas announced as an opportunity for the appointment.

Main theme

Movie nameSong titleSinger (band)Remarks
007 / Dr. NooJames Bond Theme
"James Bond Theme"
instrumentalA short but singing "Kingston Calypso" plays in the second half of the credit title
007 / With love from RussiaWith love from Russia
"From Russia With Love"
instrumentalFor the endingMatt Monro"From Russia With Love" by the vocalist of
007 / Gold FingerGold finger
Shirley Bassey
007 / Operation ThunderballThunderball
Tom JonesAs a theme song candidateJohnny CashIs singing "Operation Thunderball" but lost in the selection[13].
007 は 二度 死 ぬ007 は 二度 死 ぬ
"You Only Live Twice"
Nancy Sinatra
Her Majesty the Queen 007Her Majesty the Queen 007
"On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
instrumentalThe insert song isル イ · ア ー ム ス ト ロ ン グ"Love is beyond everything" ("We Have All the Time in the World")
007 / Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds forever
"Diamonds are Forever"
Shirley Bassey
007 / They are the ones who die007 They are the ones who die
"Live and Let Die"
Paul McCartney(Paul McCartney &Wings)The first song in the top 10 on both US and UK charts
007 / The Man with the Golden GunThe man with the golden gun
"The Man With the Golden Gun"
LuluAs a theme song candidateAlice CooperSinging "a man with a golden gun" but lost in the selection[14]
007 / The Spy Who Loved MeThe spy who loved me
"Nobody Does It Better"
Carly SimonThe first theme song about Bond himself
007 / MoonrakerMoon Laker
Shirley Bassey
007 / Your Eyes OnlyYour Eyes Only
"For Your Eyes Only"
Sheena EastonThe singer himself appears in the opening title
Other theme song candidates, "For Your Eyes Only"Blondie(The lyrics and songs are different)[15], Lost to Easton in the final selection.
007 / OctopussyAll time high
"All time high"
Rita CoolidgeThere is no work name anywhere in the lyrics
007 / A View to a KillBeautiful prey
"A View to a Kill"
Simon Le Bon(Duran Duran)Recorded No. 1 in the United States
007 / Living DaylightsLiving Daylights
"The Living Daylights"
I seeat first"Pet shop boysWas scheduled to sing "This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave"lyricsThe contents ofReligiousIt was rejected due to the problem of dark color.
John BarryThere are two versions due to the conflict with.
007 / license to killLicense to Kill
"Licence to Kill"
Gladys Night
Golden eyeGolden eye
テ ィ ナ · タ ー ナ ーAs a theme song candidateAce of BaseIs singing "Golden Eye" but lost in the selection[16].
Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies
"Tomorrow Never Dies"
Sheryl CrowAs a theme song candidatePulp (band)Is singing "Tomorrow Never Rye" but lost in the selection[17].
World Is Not EnoughWorld Is Not Enough
"The World is Not Enough"
007 / Die Another DayDie Another Day
"Die Another Day"
マ ド ン ナThe singer who sang the theme song appeared as an actor in the work
007 / Casino RoyaleYou No My Name
"You Know My Name"
Chris CornellThere is no work name anywhere in the lyrics
The theme song for male vocals for the first time in 19 years since a-ha
007 / Comfort RewardAnother Way to Die
"Another Way to Die"
Jack white
Alicia Keys
The first duet in the history of the 007 series
007 SkyfallSkyfall

85th Academy Awards,Song AwardAward
As a theme song candidateMuse (band)Is singing "Premacy" but lost in the selection[18].

007 SpecterWritings on the Wall
"Writing's On The Wall"
Sam SmithAs a theme song candidateRadio headIs singing "Specter" but lost in the selection[19].
007/No Time To DieNo time to die
"No Time To Die"
Billy IrishThe youngest in the history of the 007 series, in charge of the theme song

The one who sings the main theme song mostShirley Bassey.. "Gold Finger", "Diamonds Are Forever", "Moonraker" 3 times.

The opening song of the first work "Dr. Noo" is "James Bond Theme", and there is no main theme of vocals ("Kingston Calypso" with a song in the latter half of the credit title and an insert song in the play "Under the Mango Tree" flows).

The main theme of the sixth work "Her Majesty's 6" is also an instrumental song,ル イ · ア ー ム ス ト ロ ン グThe insert song "Love is beyond everything" ("We Have All the Time in the World") Is played in the play. In addition, in the cell VHS of" Her Majesty's Queen 007 ", a version of" We Have All the Time in the World "that flows after the end credit was sold for a while as a privilege, but it is currently distributed. It is not included in the DVD version.

Music of 007 movies other than Aeon Pro

The 1967 parody version of "007 / Casino Royale" is composed and arranged in its entirety.Burt Bacharach, The performanceHerb AlpertAnd Tijuana Brass.Dusty SpringfieldThe insert song "Koi no Omokage" ("The look of love") Is loved as a standard more than the number of the head family Aeon Pro.

The movie music of "Never Say Never Again" is a major figure in the movie music world.Michel LegrandIs in charge, the theme song is(English edition)Singing Never Say Never Again, it is as luxurious as the original.However, at the time of this movie release,soundtrackThe album did not exist, and the same recording from the movie was broadcast as it was in the movie music introduction program.

Rejected 007 movie music

  • In "Thunderball Operation", there is a theme song "Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Shirley Bassey that was produced but not actually used.[20][21]..Shirley Bassey also recorded "Quantum of Solace" (No Good About Goodbye) composed by David Arnold and written by Don Black.
  • 1981 , Blondie sings "For Your Eyes Only" (with different lyrics and songs) as a theme song candidate for "007 Your Eyes Only", but in the final selectionSheena EastonLost to[22]..However, the song has also been recorded on Blondie's album and has been released.
  • Also in "Never Say Never Again"(English edition)There is "Never Say Never Again" by, and the title is sung in the lyrics.

List of leading actors

Actor nameDate of BirthFirst starring workFinal starring workstarring
titleRelease yearagetitleRelease yearage
Sean Connery1930 May 8007 is the killing number1962 32Never Say Never Again1983 537 work[23]
George Lazenby1939 May 9Her Majesty the Queen 0071969 30Her Majesty the Queen 0071969 301 work
Roger Moore1927 May 10007 / They are the ones who die1973 46007 / A View to a Kill1985 587 work
Timothy Dalton1946 May 3007 / Living Daylights1987 41007 / license to kill1989 432 work
Pierce Brosnan1953 May 5Golden eye1995 42007 / Die Another Day2002 494 work
Daniel Craig1968 May 3007 / Casino Royale2006 38007/No Time To Die2021 525 work

Dubbed voice actor

bondAn actorVoice actorversionWork in charge
First generationSean ConneryWakayama GenzosoftVersionAll works
TBSVersion"Gold finger"When
"Never Say Never AgainAll works except
Nippon TVVersion"Gold Finger"
Fuji Television Network, IncVersion"Never Say Never Again"
In-flight version
Hikaru HidakaNET TVVersion"Gold Finger"
TBS version"With love from Russia"
Kenji Utsumi"Diamonds forever"
2 generationGeorge LazenbyJurota KosugiSoftware versionAll works
Taichiro HirokawaTBS version
3 generationRoger MooreSoftware version
TBS version
Michio HasamaIn-flight version"Octopathy"
4 generationTimothy DaltonYoshitsuka OtsukaDVD/BDVersionAll works
Hideyuki TanakaVHSVersion"License to Kill"
Shinji OgawaTBS versionAll works
Hirotaka SuzuokiTV AsahiVersion"Living Daylights"
Koichi Yamadera"License to Kill"
Tsukayama SpeciesIn-flight version"Living Day Lights"
Taniguchi Festival"License to Kill"
5 generationPierce BrosnanAkira KamiyaSoftware version"Golden eye"
"Tomorrow Never Dies"
Yokoshima Wataru"World Is Not Enough"
"Die Another Day"
Hideyuki TanakaTV Asahi versionAll works
Masashi EharaFuji TV version"Tomorrow Never Die"
Horiuchi KenoVideo game version"Nightfire"
"Everything or Nothing"
6 generationDaniel CraigJurota KosugiSoftware version『』
"Quantum of Solace"
Shinshu Fuji"Skyfall"
TV Asahi version"Casino Royale"
King recordVersion"Quantum of Solace"
BS JapanVersion

James bond day

October 2012, 10 marks the 5th anniversary of the first screening of the first film "Dr. No" in the United Kingdom on October 1, 1962, and is 10 as "James Bond Day" (GLOBAL JAMES BOND DAY). A related event was held.

  • The 50rd work "23 Skyfall", which is the 007th anniversary of the series' birthAdeleThe theme song "Skyfall" sung by "Skyfall" was lifted worldwide on October 007, 2012 at "10:5 (0:7)" UK time.
  • British auction houseChristie's, A charity auction called "50 YEARS OF JAMES BOND – THE AUCTION" was held.A total of 50 items related to all 50 works, including the 23rd work "Skyfall", which is the 23th anniversary of the series' birth, are exhibited.Forty of them were put up for online auction, and at least three were won by Japanese and airlifted to Japan. The remaining 50 of the 40 items will be auctioned exclusively for invitees at Christie's on October 3th, James Bond Day.At the online auction, the first Bond's fifth film "You Only Live Twice" (50) set in JapanSean ConneryIn the play, the equipment that he used to climb the enemy's base in the play, and the belt with ammunition in the golden buckle that appeared in the ninth work "The Man with the Golden Gun" (9) The props and costumes that appeared, posters and theater panels used in advertising are exhibited.In the invitation-only auction, the 1974st work "Casino Royale" (21) was the 2006th generation.Daniel CraigWas worn in the swimming pants that he wore when he appeared from the sea, and in the 50rd work "Skyfall", which is the 23th anniversary of the series' birth.Tom fordSuit and black tie,omegaWatches, the right to participate in the latest premiere, etc. were exhibited.In addition, the car Aston Martin DBS used in the 22nd work "Quantum of Solace" (2009) was also exhibited, and in this auction with an estimated winning bid of 12 to 17 pounds (about 1500 million to 2130 million yen). The highest price was expected[24]..A soccer player who is a big fan of BondDavid Beckham,ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドWas also reported to be aiming for Aston Martin.

Villain (Main Villain)

Common to novels and movies

Novel only

  • Serafimo Spang ... "Diamonds Forever"
  • Jack Spang ... "Diamonds Forever"
  • Sanginetti ... "The Spy Who Loved Me"
  • Slugsy Morant ... "The Spy Who Loved Me"
  • Sol "Horror" Horowitz ... "The Spy Who Loved Me"
  • Assassin Rider ... "Rose and Handgun"
  • Colonel von Hammerstein ... "Should be incinerated after reading"
  • Trigger (KGB Agent) ・ ・ ・ "Escape from Berlin"

Movie only

Bond girl

"Bond girlSee

Bond car

"Bond carSee



  • In the UKGilberton Company, Inc.からClassics Illustrated On the label "Dr. NoWas made into a manga and published.in America,DC Comicsから It was released on the label of.

The story is almost the same as the movie, but while fighting in the nuclear reactor, Dr. Noo's metal prosthesis hitting Bond is overwhelmed, and it is the last to touch the instrument and get electrocuted.[30].


in JapanRental book graphicMade popularity immovable in Saito Takao However, a comprehensive magazine for young people, "Boys life』Written.This is heBook rentalからmagazineIt was a turning point to move the place of activity to.

1960 eraSince enteringNovelとmoviesA project adapted from Ian Fleming's 007 series, which has begun to become popular in Japan.Except for the basic settings and the outline of the story, it has been greatly arranged.The title of the original is "Double O Seven" to be exact, but at the time of the release of this work, it was called "Zero Zero Seven" including the released movie.Shotaro Ishinomori(The pen name at that time was Shotaro Ishinomori)Cyborg 009, "(Zero Zero Shirai)", and the series of manga "(Zero Zero X)" by multiple manga artists are also based on this name.

Saito draws a thrilling and speedy development that incorporates abundant gun action and car action in a realistic style, and finishes it as a new type of action manga.The idea of ​​Saito, who tried to establish the graphic novel as an expression method different from the conventional manga, clearly appeared, and made the general readers of the young people who were not recognized as the readers of manga at that time aware of the charm of the graphic novel. It became the spark of the later graphic novel boom.

As the first new comic bookShogakukanThe first of the golden comics published bySanpei Shiratoof"Kamui Gaiden] Is a good indication of the quality and character of the subsequent graphic novel boom.

The series consists of four works: "Live and Let Die", "Operation Thunderball", "Her Majesty's Queen 007", and "The Man with the Golden Gun".Unlike novels and movies, the bosses up to the third movie are not Brofeld, but Mr. Big, following "Live and Let Die". (Emilio Largo is also obeyed in "Operation Thunderball".)

Game works

Table talk RPG

American in 1983Victory GamesThanTable talk RPG"James Bond 007: Role-Playing In Her Majesty's Secret Service] Has been released.Ruled opportunismHero pointsIs known as the first game to adopt.

Following the basic system, the following additional systems with movie motifs and additional scenarios have been released.

  • Goldfinger
  • Octopussy
  • Dr. No
  • You Only Live Twice
  • Live and Let Die
  • Goldfinger II --The Man With The Midas Touch
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
  • A View to a Kill
  • You Only Live Twice II: Back of Beyond
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service

In Japan, in 1986Hobby JapanA Japanese translation of the basic system was released in a box as "James Bond 007 RPG". Includes "Basic Rule Book (included in the introductory adventure" Dr. No Island ") 1 book".Also, as an additional scenario, only "Gold Finger" is available in Japanese.The magazine "Tactex]ReplayThe serialization of was also posted.

The player creates a character by arbitrarily assigning a value to each ability value.In this work, the larger the ability value of "appearance", the less conspicuous the appearance is, which is not remembered by people.For this reason, if the ability values ​​required for actions such as muscle strength and agility are set high, the appearance value will be low, and 00 personnel for beautiful men and women will be completed.In addition, there was a special rule to "seduce" the opposite sex in order to reproduce the behavior of 007 in the movie.[31].

video game

The rights to make the 007 series into gamesElectronic Arts 2010 Until[from when?]It was supposed to be owned, but the contract was canceled due to the issue of portrait rights because the role of Bond was transferred to Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale" in 2006.Later,ActivisionHas the right to make a game. November 2020, "Hitman seriesIt was announced that a new game called "Project 007" is under development by IO Interactive, which is developing "".[32].

Work list

James Bond model

James Bond's work, as mentioned above, is based on Ian Fleming's experience in the MI6 era.However, there are multiple real people who have become Bond's models.He chose Bond's direct model asDushan PopovIt was an MI6 operative. Fleming's mission when he was at MI6 was to monitor Popov.

Popovユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アI'm fromSecond World Warof timeNormandy Landing OperationThere is a track record of disseminating fraudulent information to Germany just before the event, which led to the success of the operation.In addition, it is said that he was acting in a big way, such as having a relationship with actresses and spending a lot of money at a casino.

Bond item

  • clock
    • omegaSeamaster 300 "SPECTRE" Limited (24th work commemorative model in total, 7007 limited to the world)
    • Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond 007 Limited (24th work commemorative model in total 15007 worldwide)
    • OMEGA Seamaster Professional (40th Anniversary 20th Anniversary Model)
    • Swatch007 モ デ ル
  • suit
    • Quantum of Solace Tom ford Regency Line 21BL4B, Skyfall Tom ford Line name undecided


[How to use footnotes]
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