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🎥 | Theatrical company "Dramatica" ACT1 / Nishiyuki Yukyu Kitan Now performing


Theatrical company "Dramatica" ACT1 / Nishi Yuuki Eternal Kitan is currently being performed

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(Happy Elements Co., Ltd.)
◆ Screenplay / Director: Naohiro Ise
◆ Music: Arte Refact
◆ Cast:
Goku / Hokuto Hitaka Role: Ikkei Yamamoto
Sanzo / Hibiki Wataru: Kazuma Yasui
Hakkai / Mune Saimiya Role: Taiki Yamazaki
Gojo / Reverse Natsume Role: Tsubasa Kizu
Tamaryu / Ran Nagisa Role: Gaku Matsuda
◆ Organizer: Theatrical company "Dramatica" production committee
The details of the performance will be updated on the official website and Twitter at any time.

Theatrical company "Dramatica" is a popular idol-produced game "Ensemble Stars! !! Theatrical sark in the work ... → Continue reading

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