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🎥 | Disney's new heroine Japanese voice actor, 19-year-old newcomer has been selected!

Photo Ruki Saito, voice actor for the Japanese version of Mirabel, the new heroine – (C) 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

A 19-year-old newcomer, the Japanese voice actor of Disney's new heroine, has been selected!

If you write the contents roughly
"High School Musical" was the first opportunity to sing Western music, so Disney works are always a special existence that gives me an opportunity. "

Mirabel, the new heroine of Disney's latest musical "Encanto and the House Full of Magic" (released on November 11) ... → Continue reading

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List of Disney works

デ ィ ズ ニ ーmovies(Disney Eiga) /Disney works(Disney Sakuhin)

here,Walt disney picturesThe works produced by are listed below. "English version "List of Walt Disney Pictures films"See also the list.

TV set(Television Animation)about,"Disney television animationSee, etc.

Incidentally,Walt Disney StudiosUnder the umbrellaMarvel Studio,Lucas film,20th century studioの作品は含めない。

Live-action movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures

numberJapanese titleOriginal titleRelease date / Broadcast date / Release date / Delivery dateJapan release date / broadcast date / release date / delivery datedirected by
1Treasure islandTreasure Island1950/May 071951/May 12Byron Haskin
2The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men1952/May 061955/May 01Ken Annakin
3The Sword and the Rose1953/May 071954/May 02Ken Annakin
4The living desertThe Living Desert1953/11/101955/May 01
5Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue1954/02/271955/07/06
6Perishing prairieVanishing Prairie1954/08/171956/May 03James Alger
7XNUMX horses under the sea20'000 Leagues Under the Sea1954/12/231955/12/23Richard Fleischer
8Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier1955/05/251956/12/28Norman Foster
9Lion, King of BeastsAfrican Lion1955/09/141958/May 01James Alger
10Little outlawLittlest Outlaw1955/12/221957/May 11
11Locomotive chasingGreat Locomotive Chase1956/06/081957/05/05
12Davy Crockett and the River Pirates1956/07/181959/May 06Norman Foster
13Secrets of Life1956/11/061957/03/15James Alger
14Westward Ho the Wagons!1956/12/201958/08/19
15Johnny Tremain1957/06/19UnpublishedRobert Stevenson
16PeriPerri1957/08/281958/12/25(English edition
Ralph Wright
17Yellow old dogOld Yeller1957/12/251959/03/18Robert Stevenson
18Light in the Forest1958/07/081960/May 06
19White wildernessWhite Wilderness1958/08/121960/02/21James Alger
20Tonka1958/12/251959/04/25Lewis R. Foster
21I'm a peeling dogShaggy dog1959/03/191959/12/25
22Four wishesDarby O'Gill and the Little People1959/06/241960/03/23Robert Stevenson
23Zorro the Avenger1959/09/101959/09/10Charles Burton
24Third Man on the Mountain1959/11/101960/01/15Ken Annakin
25Toby Tyler or 10 Weeks with a Circus1960/01/211961/03/18Charles Burton
26pirate shipKidnapped1960/02/241961/01/10Robert Stevenson
27PollyannaPollyanna1960/05/191963/03/21(English edition
28Mysterious ZoroSign of Zorro1960/06/111958/11/19Norman Foster
28Jungle cat1960/08/101960/11/22James Alger
29Ten Who Dared1960/11/01Unpublished
30Swiss Family RobinsonSwiss Family Robinson1960/12/211961/12/27Ken Annakin
31Flavor Inadvertently Dr. Great InventionThe Absent-Minded Professor1961/May 031961/07/29Robert Stevenson
32The Parent Trap Daddy and MomThe Parent Trap1961/06/211962/03/10David Swift
33Nikki, Wild Dog of the North1961/07/121961/11/22
34Greyfriars Bobby1961/07/17Unpublished
35Babes in Toyland1961/12/141970/03/21
36Moon Pilot1962/May 041962/08/11
37Bon Voyage1962/05/171963/10/12
38Big Red1962/06/061962/11/02
39Almost Angels[Note 1]1962/09/261963/07/20
40The Legend of Lobo1962/11/071963/04/27James Alger
41ShipwreckIn Search of the Castaways1962/12/191964/03/14Robert Stevenson
42Flavor DeluxeSon of Flubber1963/May 011964/08/08Robert Stevenson
43Miracle of the White Stallions1963/03/291964/04/29
45Summer Magic1963/07/071965/03/20
46Go through the wildernessThe Incredible Journey1963/11/201965/01/15James Alger
47Tiger in the fogTiger Walks1964/May 031966/02/12
48Misadventures of Merlin Jones1964/03/251965/03/20Robert Stevenson
49The Three Lives of Thomasina1964/06/041967/01/07
50The Moon-Spinners1964/07/081966/03/16
52Those Calloways1964/11/101966/10/26
53Emil and the DetectivesEmil and the Detectives1964/12/181970/06/27
54The Monkey's Uncle1965/May 08UnpublishedRobert Stevenson
55Siamese Cat FBI / Nyan TouchableThat Darn Cat!1965/12/021967/08/04Robert Stevenson
56Be careful of fierce dogsUgly Dachshund1966/May 021966/04/27
57Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN1966/07/291967/03/18
58The Fighting Prince of Donegal1966/10/011967/12/01
59Singing voice is high in the blue skyFollow Me, Boys!1966/12/081968/08/17
60Monkeys, Go Home!1967/May 02Unpublished
61Operation Gold Chased ChasedThe Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin1967/06/151968/01/20
62The Happiest Millionaire1967/06/231968/03/09
63The story of the little forestThe Gnome-Mobile1967/07/121969/03/21Robert Stevenson
64Return to the Cougar WildernessCharlie the Lonesome Cougar1967/10/191968/01/20
65Black beard big whirlwindBlackbeard's Ghost1968/May 021968/12/24
66Family bandOne and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band1968/03/211969/04/25
67Phantom thief great whirlwindNever a Dull Moment1968/06/261970/02/28
68Cheers on the red ribbon!The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit1968/12/201969/06/27
69Love bagThe Love Bug1968/12/241969/12/20Robert Stevenson
70Smith!1969/May 03Unpublished
72Computer with tennis shoesThe Computer Wore Tennis Shoes1969/12/241970/12/29
74King of the Grizzlies1970/May 021971/03/20
75The Boatniks1970/07/011971/04/24
76The Wild Country1970/12/151975/08/16
77The Barefoot Executive1971/May 031971/12/25
78Scandalous John1971/06/22Unpublished
79Ahiru big whirlwindThe $ 1,000,000 Duck1971/06/301972/03/18
81The Biscuit Eater1972/May 03Unpublished
82Now You See Him, Now You Don't1972/07/121972/12/23
83Napoleon and Samantha1972/07/19
84Run, Cougar, Run1972/10/181974/06/22James Alger
85Snowman Bullet TrainSnowball Express1972/12/221973/12/25
86The biggest super champion everThe World's Greatest Athlete1973/May 021976/03/27
87Charley and the Angel1973/03/23Unpublished
88Little IndianOne Little Indian1973/06/20
90 [Note 2]Herbie Rides Again1974/May 061975/12/20Robert Stevenson
91A distant bear forestThe Bears and I1974/07/311976/12/25
92The Castaway Cowboy1974/08/01Unpublished
93Island at the top of the earthThe Island at the Top of the World1974/12/201975/03/15Robert Stevenson
94 [Note 3]The Strongest Man in the World1975/May 021976/08/28
95Friends from the land of starsEscape to Witch Mountain1975/03/211977/04/29
96Chibikko gang typhoonThe Apple Dumpling Gang1975/07/011987/09/28
97One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing1975/07/09UnpublishedRobert Stevenson
98The Best of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures1975/10/081977/01/15James Alger
99Ride a Wild Pony1975/12/25Unpublished
100No Deposit, No Return1976/May 02Unpublished
102Treasure of Matecumbe1976/07/011977/01/15
103New, my dogThe Shaggy DA1976/12/171987/05/28Robert Stevenson
104Freaky FridayFreaky Friday1977/May 01
105The Littlest Horse Thieves1977/03/11Unpublished
106Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo1977/06/241980/04/12
108Candle shoe / St. Edmond's treasureCandleshoe1977/12/161988/01/28
109 [Note 4]Return from Witch Mountain1978/May 03John Hough
110Space catThe Cat from Outer Space1978/06/091980/11/22
111Hot Lead and Cold Feet1978/07/05Unpublished
112The North Avenue Irregulars1979/May 02Unpublished
113The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again1979/06/27Unpublished
114Unidentified Flying Oddball1979/07/26Unpublished
115Black HoleThe Black Hole1979/12/211980/12/20
116Midnight Madness1980/May 021980/07/19
117The Last Flight of Noah's Ark1980/07/09Unpublished
118Viva! Love bagHerbie Goes Bananas1980/06/271990/08/22
119Devil and Max / Devil is an angel?The Devil and Max Devlin1981/May 021987/10/28
122Cursed forestThe Watcher in the Woods1981/10/071982/09/11
1238 balloonsNight Crossing1982/May 021984/09/15
126Trenchcoat1983/May 031988/04/25
127Something Wicked This Way Comes1983/04/291986/11/21
128Never Cry WolfNever cry wolf1983/10/071984/06/23
129OzReturn To OZ1985/May 061986/03/15
130Nati storyThe Journey of Natty Gann1985/09/271987/09/28
131One Magic Christmas1985/11/221987/11/25
132NavigatorFlight of the Navigator1986/May 071986/12/27
133Benji the Hunted1987/May 061988/03/12
134Return to Snowy River1988/May 031991/04/21
135Micro kidsHoney, I Shrunk the Kid1989/May 061990/03/10Joe Johnston
137White FangWhite Fang1991/May 011992/08/29
139Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken1991/05/241994/02/18
140RocketiaThe Rocketeer1991/06/211991/12/07Joe Johnston
141New ZealandNewsies1992/May 041993/07/21Kenny Ortega
142Duck that can't flyThe Mighty Ducks1992/10/021993/07/03
143Muppet Christmas CarrollThe Muppet Christmas Carol1992/12/111993/11/27
144Miracle journeyHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey1993/May 021993/06/19
145A Far Off Place1993/03/121995/03/17
146Adventures of Huck Finn1993/04/021994/08/03Stephen Sommers
147Hocus PocusHocus Pocus1993/07/161994/10/29Kenny Ortega
148Cool runningcool Runnings1993/10/011994/02/19Jon Turteltaub
149The Three MusketeersThe Three Musketeers1993/11/121994/03/12
150Iron Will / Burning in SilverIron Will1994/May 011994/06/11
151Blank Check1994/02/111995/04/21
152D2 Mighty DuckD2: The Mighty Ducks1994/03/251995/01/21
153White Fang 2 / Legendary White FangWhite Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf1994/04/151995/02/17Ken Olin
154AngelsAngels in the outfield1994/07/151995/03/18
155Squanto: A Warrior's Tale1994/11/271996/03/21
156Santa clauseThe Santa Clause1994/11/111995/10/28
157ジ ャ ン グ ル · ブ ッ クThe Jungle Book1994/12/251995/07/08Stephen Sommers
158Heavyweights1995/May 021995/12/16Steven Brill
159Man of the House1995/03/031996/05/17
160The miracle of Tall Tail/Paradise ValleyTall Tale1995/03/24
161Dumbo Drop DaisakusenOperation Dumbo Drop1995/07/281996/07/19
162A Kid in King Arthur's Court1995/08/111996/04/20
163The Big Green1995/09/291997/02/21
164Frank and Ollie1995/10/20
165Tom and Huck's Great AdventureTom and Huck1995/12/221997/03/21
166Muppet Treasure IslandMuppet Treasure Island1996/May 021996/07/13
167Miracle Journey 2 / San Francisco AdventureHomeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco1996/03/081997/02/21
168First Kid1996/08/301997/06/18
169D3 Mighty Dax Non-flying duck 3D3: The Mighty Ducks1996/10/041998/03/14
170101101 Dalmatians1996/11/271997/03/15
171Abduction riot / Nyan touchable[Note 5]That Darn Cat1997/May 021997/12/17
172Jungle 2 JungleJungle Jungle 21997/03/071998/02/07
173Jungle GeorgeGeorge of the Jungle1997/07/161998/11/07Sam Weissman
174Air buddyAir Bud1997/08/011999/08/06
176Flavor[Note 6]Flubber1997/11/261998/03/28
177Mr. MagooMr. Magoo1997/12/251998/11/07
178Meet the Deedles1998/May 032001/04/06
179Family Game / Twin Angels[Note 7]The Parent Trap1998/07/291999/08/14
180I'll Be Home for Christmas1998/11/131999/11/17Arlene Sanford
181Mighty JoeMighty Joe Young1998/12/251999/04/10
182Bravo Martian 2000My Favorite Martian1999/May 022000/05/17Donald Petrie
184GO! GO! GadgetInspector Gadget1999/07/302000/07/19
185[Note 8]The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story1999/10/082008/12/17
186Straight storyThe Straight Story1999/09/032000/03/25
187Whispers: An Elephant's Tale2000/May 032005/07/22
188KidDisney's The Kid2000/06/252000/09/23Jon Turteltaub
189Remember the TitansRemember the Titans2000/09/232001/04/28
190102102 Dalmatians2000/11/222001/03/10Kevin Lima
191Pretty princessThe Princess Diaries2001/May 082002/01/26Garry Marshall
192Max Keeble's Big Move2001/10/052009/06/20
193Snow dogSnow Dogs2002/May 012002/06/15
194Old rookieThe Rookie2002/03/292003/01/18
195Country BearsThe Country Bears2002/07/262003/04/26
196Tuck wandering during everlastingTuck Everlasting2002/10/112003/11/19
197Santa Claus Returns! Close Call at ChristmasSanta Clause 22002/11/012002/12/07
198James Cameron's Titanic SecretGhosts of the Abyss2003/May 042003/07/19
199Hole / HOLESHoles2003/04/182004/04/23
201Pirates of the Caribbean: The Cursed PiratesPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl2003/07/022003/08/02Gore Verbinski
202fortune cookie[Note 9]Freaky Friday2003/08/062004/05/01
203haunted MansionThe Haunted Mansion2003/11/262004/04/24Rob Minkoff
204The Young Black Stallion2003/12/252005/04/20
205MiracleMiracle2004/May 022005/03/18
206She dreams of a drama queenConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen2004/02/202005/05/18
207Sacred Planet2004/04/222005/04/20
20880 daysAround the World in 80 Days2004/06/162004/11/06
209Pretty Princess 2 / Royal WeddingThe Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement2004/08/112005/02/26Garry Marshall
210National treasureNational Treasure2004/11/192005/03/19Jon Turteltaub
211Aliens of the Deep2005/May 012005/09/01James Cameron
212Captain WolfThe Pacifier2005/03/042005/10/29
213Ice PrincessIce Princess2005/03/182006/01/25
214Harvey ~ Mechanical Cupid ~[Note 10]Herbie: Fully Loaded2005/06/222005/07/30
215Sky HighSky High2005/07/292006/02/25
216The Greatest Game Ever Played2005/09/302006/07/26
217The Chronicles of Narnia / Chapter 1: Lions and WitchesThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe2005/12/092006/May 03Andrew Adamson
218Glory RoadGlory Road2006/May 012006/10/20
219Roving Mars2006/01/272021/10/27George Butler
220Antarctic story[Note 11]Eight Below2006/02/172006/03/18
221Shaggy dog[Note 12]The Shaggy Dog2006/03/102006/10/07
222Pirates of the Caribbean/Deadman's ChestPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest2006/07/072006/07/22Gore Verbinski
223Touchdown to invincible gloryInvincible2006/08/252007/May 03
224Santa Close 3 / Christmas Daisakusen!The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause2006/11/032006/12/02
225Bridge over TerravisiaBridge to Terabithia2007/May 022008/01/26
226Pirates of the Caribbean/World EndPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End2007/05/252007/05/25Gore Verbinski
227Iron one underdogUnderdog2007/08/032009/05/20
228Game planThe Game Plan2007/09/282008/10/22
230National Treasure Lincoln Assassin DiaryNational Treasure: Book of Secrets2007/12/212007/12/21Jon Turteltaub
231Hannah Montana The Concert 3DHannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert2008/May 022009/05/16
232Road Trip Papa is unstoppable!College Road Trip2008/03/072010/03/17
233The Chronicles of Narnia / Chapter 2: Prince Caspian's Horn WhistleThe Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian2008/05/162008/05/21Andrew Adamson
234Beverly Hills ChihuahuaBeverly Hills Chihuahua2008/10/032009/05/01
235Morning lightMorning Light2008/10/172009/06/13
236High School Musical / The MovieHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year2008/10/242009/May 02Kenny Ortega
237Bedtime storyBedtime Stories2008/12/252009/03/20
238Jonas Brothers The Concert 3DJonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience2009/May 022009/05/30
239Witch Mountain / Mountains removed from the map[Note 13]Race to Witch Mountain2009/03/132009/07/04
240Hannah Montana/The MovieHannah Montana The Movie2009/04/102010/May 02
241Spy Animal G ForceG-Force2009/07/242010/03/20
242Walt & El Grupo2009/09/09Unpublished
243Книга Мастеров2009/10/29Unpublished
244Old dogOld Dogs2009/11/252010/09/03
245Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland2010/May 032010/04/17Tim Burton
246Prince of Persia: The Sand of TimePrince of Persia: The Sands of Time2010/05/282010/05/28
247Wizard's discipleThe Sorcerer's Apprentice2010/07/162010/08/13Jon Turteltaub
248Secretariat / Miracle ThoroughbredSecretariat2010/10/082012/06/20
249Tron: LegacyTron: Legacy2010/12/172010/12/17
250Prom2011/May 04Unpublished
251Pirates of the Caribbean / Fountain of LifePirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011/05/202011/05/20Rob Marshall
252The MuppetsThe Muppets2011/11/232012/05/19James Bobbin
253John CarterJohn Carter2012/May 032012/04/13Andrew Stanton
254Timothy's Little MiracleThe Odd Life of Timothy Green2012/08/152013/05/22
255Battle of the beginning of OzOz: the Great and Powerful2013/May 032013/May 03Sam Raimi
256lone RangerThe Lone Ranger2013/07/032013/08/02Gore Verbinski
257Walt Disney's PromiseSaving Mr. Banks2013/12/132014/May 03
258The Muppets 2 / World TourMuppets Most Wanted2014/May 032014/09/06James Bobbin
259Million Dollar ArmMillion Dollar Arm2014/05/162014/10/04
261Alexander's, Hidden, Hisan, Site, Syaku DayAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day2014/10/102015/07/02
262Into the WoodsInto the Woods2014/12/252015March 03,Rob Marshall
263McFarland Sprint to GloryMcFarland, USA2015/May 022018/05/23
264CinderellaCinderella2015/03/062015/04/25Kenneth braner
265TOMORROWLANDTomorrowland2015/05/222015/06/06Brad Bird
266The Finest HoursThe Finest Hours2016/May 012016/02/27
267ジ ャ ン グ ル · ブ ッ クThe Jungle Book2016/04/152016/08/11Jon favreau
268Alice in Wonderland/Time JourneyAlice Through the Looking Glass2016/05/272016/07/01James Bobbin
269BFG: Big Friendly GiantThe BFG2016/07/012016/09/17Steven Spielberg
270Pete's Dragon[Note 14]Pete's Dragon2016/08/192016/12/23
271Queen of Katwe2016/09/162018/05/23
272beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast2017/May 032017/04/21
273Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last PiratePirates of caribbean: Dead men tell no tales2017/05/262017/07/01
274Wrinkle in timeA Wrinkle in Time2018/May 032019/04/03
275Pooh and I became an adultChristopher Robin2018/08/032018/09/14
276Nutcracker and the secret kingdomThe Nutcracker and the Four Realms2018/11/022018/11/30
278(I.e.Dumbo2019/May 032019/May 03Tim Burton
280The Lion KingThe Lion King2019/07/192019/08/09Jon favreau
281Maleficent 2Maleficent Mistress of Evil2019/10/182019/10/18
282Doggie storyL2019/11/122020/06/11
285Detective TimmyTimmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made2020/May 022020/06/11
286Star girlStargirl2020/03/132020/06/11
287Artemis and fairy ransomArtemis Fowl2020/06/122020/08/14Kenneth braner
288Magic Camp2020/08/142020/08/21
290Cruellacruella2021/May 052021/May 05
291Jungle cruiseJ2021/07/302021/07/29

Short animated film work

Walt Disney Animation Studios Feature Film

Walt Disney Animation StudiosA feature-length animated film produced by.

For advertising purposes Walt Disney CompanyBegan numbering feature-length animated works from the late 1980s.In recent years, this has been called Disney Classics uniquely in Japan.Originally the Disney Classics category was on April 1983, 4.Disney channelIt was discussed at the time of the launch of, and pointed to the one selected from the early 15 works such as Snow White.Eventually it became the "label name" sold as a home video work (this label name was called the "masterpiece video collection" in Japan until October 1998). "Disney Classics" was thus confused in the promotion and was sometimes used to refer to newly released works or the entire Disney feature film, but officially Walt Disney Classics was the "label" of the home video work. It is recognized as a "name".Of these, as of September 10, "Peter PanUntilCopyright protection periodIs considered to have ended, so nowPublic domain DVDIs on sale (the package will be marked as "public domain").The release dates below are the release dates in the United States.

numberJapanese titleOriginal titlerelease dateJapan release datedirected by
1snow WhiteSnow White And The Seven Dwarfs1937/May 121950/May 09David hand
2PinocchioPinocchio1940/May 021952/05/17Ben Sharpsteen
Hamilton Rusk
3FantasiaFantasy fabric1940/11/131955/09/23Ben Sharpsteen
4(I.e.Dumbo1941/May 101954/May 03
5BambiBambi1942/May 081951/May 05David hand
6Latin America JourneySaludos Amigos1942/08/24[Note 15]1957/May 03Norm Ferguson
7Three knightsThe Three Caballeros1944/May 12[Note 16]1959/May 03
8Make Mine MusicMake Mine Music1946/May 041985/10/21Joe Grant
9Fun and Fancy FreeFun and Fancy Free1947/May 091954/08/09Jack kinney
10Melody timeMelody Time1948/May 051987/May 01Ben Sharpsteen
11Squid board and Mr. ToadThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad1949/May 102004/05/01
12CinderellaCinderella1950/May 021952/May 03Hamilton Rusk
Clyde Geronimi
Wilfred Jackson
13Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland1951/May 071953/May 08
14Peter PanPeter Pan1953/May 021955/May 03
15Doggie storyL1955/May 061956/May 08
16眠 れ る 森 の 美女Sleeping Beauty1959/May 011960/May 07Clyde Geronimi
17101 dogsOne Hundred and One Dalmatians1961/May 011962/May 07Wolfgang Riserman

Clyde Geronimi
18King's swordThe Sword in the Stone1963/May 121964/May 07Wolfgang Riserman
19ジ ャ ン グ ル · ブ ッ クThe Jungle Book1967/May 101968/May 08
20Fashionable catThe Aristocats1970/May 121972/May 03
21Robin HoodRobin Hood1973/May 111975/May 07
22Kuma no Pooh Complete Preservation VersionThe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh1977/May 031977/May 07Wolfgang Riserman
John Lounsbery
23The Rescuers of BiancaThe Rescuers1977/06/221981/May 12Wolfgang Riserman
John Lounsbery
Art Stevens
24Fox and hunting dogThe Fox and the Hound1981/May 071983/May 03Ted Berman
25CordronThe Black Cauldron1985/May 071986/May 07Ted Berman
Richard Rich
26Olivia's big adventureThe Great Mouse Detective1986/May 071989/May 07

John Muscar
Ron Clements
27Oliver New York kitten storyOliver & Company1988/May 111990/May 07George Scrivener
28The little mermaidThe Little Mermaid1989/May 111991/May 07John Muscar
Ron Clements
29Bianca's Great Adventure Save the Golden Eagle!The Rescuers Down Under1990/May 111996/May 04
30beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast1991/May 111992/May 09
31AladdinAladdin1992/May 111993/May 08John Muscar
Ron Clements
32The Lion KingThe Lion King1994/May 061994/May 07
Rob Minkoff
33PocahontasPocahontas1995/May 061995/May 07Mike Gabriel
34Bell of Notre DameThe Hunchback of Notre Dame1996/May 061996/08/24Gary Truthdale
Kirk Wise
35HerculesHercules1997/May 061997/May 07John Muscar
Ron Clements
36MoulinMulan1998/May 061998/May 09
Barry Cook
37TarzanTarzan1999/May 061999/May 12Chris Buck
Kevin Lima
38Fantasia 2000F2000/May 012000/01/01Don Hahn
40King who became a llamaThe Emperor's New Groove2000/12/152001/May 07
41Atlantis Lost EmpireAtlantis: The Lost Empire2001/May 062001/12/08Gary Truthdale
Kirk Wise
42Lilo and StitchLilo & Stitch2002/May 062003/May 03Chris Sanders
Dean DeBlois
43Treasure PlanetTreasure Planet2002/11/272003/07/12John Muscar
Ron Clements
44Brother bearBrother Bear2003/May 112004/May 03
45Home on the Range Save a lively farm!Home on the Range2004/May 042005/May 02
46Chicken littleChicken Little2005/May 112005/12/23Mark Dindal
47Lewis and the future thiefMeet the Robinsons2007/May 032007/12/22
48boltBolt2008/May 112009/May 08Byron Howard
49Princess and magic kissThe Princess and the Frog2009/May 122010March 03,John Muscar
Ron Clements
50Rapunzel on the towerTangled2010/May 112011/03/12Nathan Greno
Byron Howard
51Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh2011/May 072011/09/03Stephen Anderson
Don Hall
52Sugar rushWreck-It Ralph2012/May 112013March 03,Rich Moore
53FrozenFrozen2013/May 112014March 03,Chris Buck
Jennifer Lee
54Bay MaxBig Hero 62014/May 112014/12/20Khrys Williams
Don Hall
55ZootopiaZ2016/May 032016/04/23Rich Moore
Byron Howard
56Moana and the legendary seaMoana2016/11/232017/03/10John Muscar
Ron Clements
57Sugar Rush: OnlineRalph Breaks the Internet2018/May 112018/12/21Rich Moore
58Frozen 2Frozen II2019/May 112019/11/22Chris Buck
Jennifer Lee
59Raya and the Kingdom of DragonsRaya and the Last Dragon2021/May 032021/03/05Don Hall
60Mirabel and a house full of magicEncanto2021/11/242021/11/26Byron Howard

Animated movie works produced by other companies

A feature-length animated film produced by another company and distributed by Disney.

numberJapanese titleOriginal titleRelease date / broadcast date / release dateJapan release date / broadcast date / release datedirected by
1Brave Little ToasterThe Brave Little Toaster1987/07/102000/01/21Jerry Reese
2Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before Christmas1993/10/291994/10/22Henry Selick
3Giant peachJames and the Giant Peach1996/04/121996/12/14
4The Brave Little Toaster to the rescue1997/05/202000/03/17Robert C. Ramirez
5Brave Little Toaster Let's go to Mars!The Brave Little Toaster goes to mars1998/05/192000/05/19Robert C. Ramirez
6Dougs First MovieDoug's 1st Movie1999/03/19UnpublishedMaurice Joyce
7Recess ~ Protect our summer vacation! ~Recess: School's Out2001/02/162006/04/21Chuck sheets
8Teacher's Pet2004/01/16UnpublishedStephen Swofford
9ValiantValiant2005/May 08Unpublished
10Find Ryan!The Wild2006/04/142006/12/16
11Disney's Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol2009/11/062009/11/14Robert Zemeckis
12Shonen Mylo's Mars Adventure 3DMars Needs Moms2011/03/112011/04/23
13Franken WinnieFrankenweenie2012/10/052012/12/15Tim Burton

Live-action + animation composite work

A feature film for theaters in which animation is synthesized mainly by live-action.

numberJapanese titleOriginal titlerelease dateJapan release datedirected by
1Retractant DragonThe Reluctant Dragon1941/06/201956/03/21Alfred Worker
2Victory Through Air PowerVictory Through Air Power1943/07/17UnpublishedPerth Pierce
3Southern SongSong of the South1946/11/121951/10/19Herb foster
4I love you so much in my heart(My heart)So Dear to My Heart1948/11/291951/09/02Hamilton Rusk
5Mary PoppinsMary Poppins1964/08/271965/12/18Robert Stevenson
6Bedknobs and broomsBedknobs and Broomsticks1971/11/111973/03/10
7Pete's DragonPete's Dragon1977/11/031987/09/28Don Chuffy
8Roger RabbitWho Framed Roger Rabbit1988/06/211988/12/03Robert Zemeckis
9Lizzie Magwire MovieThe Lizzie McGuire Movie2003/05/022004/02/07Jim Fall
10EnchantedEnchanted2007/11/212008/03/14Kevin Lima
11Mary Poppins ReturnsMary Poppins Returns2018/12/192019/02/01Rob Marshall

Disney / Pixar works

Walt disney picturesPixar Animation StudioCo-produced work.

numberJapanese titleOriginal titleRelease date / delivery dateJapan release date / delivery datedirected by
1Toy storyToy Story1995/May 111996/May 03John Lasseter
2Bugs LifeA Bug's Life1998/May 111999/May 03John Lasseter[Note 17]
3Toy story 2Toy Story 21999/May 112000/May 03John Lasseter[Note 18]
4Monsters IncMonsters, Inc.2001/May 112002/May 03Pete Doctor[Note 19]
5Finding NemoFinding Nemo2003/May 052003/May 12Andrew Stanton[Note 20]
6Mr. IncrediblesThe Incredibles2004/May 112004/May 12Brad Bird
7CarsCars2006/May 062006/May 07John Lasseter[Note 21]
8Remy's Delicious RestaurantRatatouille2007/May 062007/May 07Brad Bird
9WallyWALL-E2008/May 062008/May 12Andrew Stanton
10Karl's Flying HouseUp2009/May 052009/May 12Pete Doctor
11Toy story 3Toy Story 32010/May 062010/May 07Lee Ankrich
12Cars 2Cars 22011/May 062011/May 07John Lasseter
13Merida and the Forest of MatchBrave2012/May 062012/May 07Mark Andrews
Brenda Chapman
14Monsters UniversityMonsters, University2013/May 062013/May 07
15Inside headInside Out2015/May 062015/May 07Pete Doctor
16Arlo and the boyT2015/11/252016/May 03Bob Peterson
17Finding DollyFinding Dory2016/May 062016/07/16Andrew Stanton[Note 22]
18Cars/CrossroadCars 32017/May 062017/May 06
19Remember MeCoco2017/11/222018/May 03Lee Ankrich
20The incredibles familyIncredibles 22018/May 062018/08/01Brad Bird
21Toy story 4Toy Story 42019/May 062019/May 07Josh Cooley
22Half the magicOnward2020/May 032020/May 08Dan scanlon
23Soulful world[Note 23]Soul2020/12/252020/12/25Pete Doctor
24That summer Luka[Note 23]Luca2021/May 062021/May 06
25I sometimes a red panda[Note 23]Turning RED2022/May 032022/May 03Domee Shi
26Buzz LightyearLightyear2022/06/172022/07/01Angus MacLaine

Disneytoon Studios work

Disneytoon StudiosA movie for theatrical release produced by.

This company says,Aladdin Jaffer's Counterattack] And other video works are also produced.

numberJapanese titleOriginal titleRelease date / broadcast date / release dateJapan release date / broadcast date / release datedirected by
1DuckTales the Movie / The Lost Magic LampDuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp1990/08/032004/09/18Bob Hascock
2Goofy Movie Holiday is the best !!A Goofy Movie1995/04/071995/12/16Kevin Lima
3The Tigger Movie Pooh's GiftThe Tigger Movie2000/02/112000/07/15Jun Falkenstein
4Peter Pan 2 Neverland SecretsReturn to Never Land2002/02/152002/12/21Robin Bad
5Jungle book 2The Jungle Book 22003/02/142005/12/21Steve Trenberth
6Kuma no Pooh Complete Preservation Version II Piglet MoviePiglet's Big Movie2003/03/212004/08/06Francis Grevas
7Pooh's Heff The Movie / Nice to meet you, Lampy!Pooh's Heffalump Movie2005/02/112005/09/21Frank Nissen
8Bambi 2 Forest PrinceBambi II2006/02/072006/06/16Brian Pimental
9Tinker bellTinker Bell2008/10/282008/12/23Bradley Raymond
10Tinker bell and moon stoneTinker Bell and the Lost Treasure2009/10/272009/12/23Clay Hall
11Tinker Bell and the Fairy HouseTinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue2010/09/212011/08/03Bradley Raymond
12Pixie Hollow Games Fairies CelebrationPixie Hollow Games2011/11/92012/05/18Bradley Raymond
13Tinker Bell and the Secret of Shining FeathersSecret of the Wings2012/10/232013/01/23Peggy Holmes
14PlainsPurchase Plans2013/08/092013/12/21Clay Hall
15Tinker Bell and Neverland Pirate ShipThe Pirate Fairy2014/04/012014/05/21Peggy Holmes
16 Planes 2 / Fire & RescuePlanes: Fire & Rescue2014/07/182014/07/19Bobs Gunaway
17The legend of Tinker Bell and the shooting starTinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast2015/03/032015/05/20

Video sequence

Walt Disney Animation Studios An original animation work that assumes video sales of a feature-length work or a work derived from a TV series.

2007/Appointed Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios on June 6ndJohn LasseterBut,"Peter Pan"ofSpin-off worksIsTinker bellWith the low quality of "" as a problem, it was revealed that all OVA works would be discontinued from the works of the sequel commercial law so far.As a result, "Alice in Wonderland 2", "The Aristocats 2", "Chicken Little 2", "Lewis and the Future Thief 2", and "Peter Pan III: Back to Neverland" were being planned. I canceled all the projects.[1][2]

numberJapanese titleOriginal titleRelease datedirected by
1Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue1990/04/21Donald McDonald House
2Aladdin Jaffer's CounterattackThe Return of Jafar1994/05/20Tad Stones
3Gargoyles The MovieGargoyles the Movie: The Heroes Awaken1995/01/31Saburo Hashimoto
4Aladdin Complete Edition Legend of the Thieves KingAladdin and the King of Thieves1996/08/13Tad Stones
5Around The World with Timon and Pumbaa1996/09/12
6Boo to You Too! Winnie the Pooh1996/10/25
7Mighty Ducks the Movie: The First Face-Off1997/04/08Joe Barso
8Winnie the Pooh Find Christopher Robin!Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin1997/08/05Carl Gales
9Dining Out with Timon and Pumbaa1997/08/15
10On Holiday with Timon and Pumbaa1997/08/15
11A wonderful gift of beauty and the beast bellBeauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas1997/11/11Andy Knight
12Beauty and the Beast Bell's Fantasy WorldBeauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World1998/02/17Bob Klein
13Pocahontas II / Departure to EnglandPocahontas II: Journey to a New World1998/08/04Bradley Raymond
14The Lion King 2 Simbaz PrideThe Lion King II: Simba's Pride1998/08/27Darrell Rooney
15Hercules: Zero to Hero1998/08/31Bob Klein
16101 Dalmatians Gokigen Version Go Go! Dalmatian !!Dalmatian Vacation1998/09/18
17A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving1998/11/22Jun Falkenstein
18Winnie the Pooh forever friendsWinnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You1999/02/14Keith Ingham
19Belle's Tales of Friendship1999/08/17David W. King
20Kuma no Pooh / Winter giftWinnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving1999/11/08Harry Allen's
21Mickey's Christmas giftMickey's Once Upon a Christmas1999/12/07Alex mann
22Great panic with the strongest Goofy Movie X game ever!An Extremely Goofy Movie2000/02/29Ian Hallowell
23Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear Defeat Emperor Zerg!Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins2000/08/08Tad Stones
24The Little Mermaid II Return to The SeaThe Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea2000/09/19Jim Kamalad
25Lady and the Tramp IILady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure2001/02/18Darrell Rooney
26Mickey's Magical Christmas Happy Party on a Snowy DayMickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse2001/11/06Tony Craig
27Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street2001/11/06Chuck sheets
28Cinderella IICinderella II: Dreams Come True2002/02/23John Kafka
29Notre Dame Bell IIThe Hunchback of Notre Dame II2002/03/19Bradley Raymond
30Tarzan & JaneTarzan & Jane2002/07/23Victor Cook
31I won't lose to Mickey's bad guy!Mickey's House of Villains2002/09/03Jamie Michel
32Kuma no Pooh / Everyone's ChristmasWinnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year2002/11/04Carl Gales
33The first adventure of 101 doggy II patch101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure2003/01/21Jim Kamalad
34The Last Mystery of the Atlantis EmpireAtlantis: Milo's Return2003/05/20Tad Stones
35Stitch! The MovieStitch! The Movie2003/08/26Tony Craig
36Recess: All Growed Down2003/12/09Chuck sheets
37Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade2003/12/09
38The Lion King 3 Hakuna MatataThe Lion King 1½2004/02/10Bradley Raymond
39Winnie the Pooh / Lou's Fun Spring DayWinnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo2004/03/09Elliott M. Bar
40Mickey, Donald and GoofyMickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers2004/08/17Donovan Cook
41Pop-up Mickey / Nice ChristmasMickey's Twice Upon a Christmas2004/11/09Matthew O'Callahan
42Mulan 2Mulan II2005/02/01Darrell Rooney
43Tarzan 2Tarzan II2005/06/01Brian Smith
44Lilo & Stitch 2Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch2005/08/30Tony Leung Chiu
45Kuma no Pooh / Lampy and ghostPooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie2005/09/13Elliott M. Bar
46King who became llama 2 Kronk's Norinori masterpiece warKronk's New Groove2005/12/13
47Leroy and StitchLeroy & Stitch2006/06/23Tony Craig
48Brother Bear 2Brother Bear 22006/08/29Benjamin Gluck
49Kitsune and Hunting Dog 2 Todd and Copper's AdventureThe Fox and the Hound 22006/12/12Jim Kamalad
50Cinderella III Returned clock handsCinderella III: A Twist in Time2007/02/06Frank Nissen
51DISNEY PRINCESS Fairyland Princess / Believe in DreamsDisney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams2007/09/04David Block
52The story of the beginning of The Little Mermaid IIIThe Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning2008/08/26Peggy Homless


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High school

High school(High school)The United States of AmericaSuch asSecondary educationorgan.

The United States of America


The United States does not have a common education system across the country, and the education system varies by state and even by school district.[1][2][3].

初等教育から中等教育の学校制度には、8-4制、4-4-4制、4-2-2-4制、5-3-4制、6-6制などがあるが、アメリカ合衆国全体では5-3-4制が一般的である[3].VirginiaIn the case of public schools, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School 6-2-4 are common.[2].

Upper secondary education in the United States includes the 3-year Senior High School and the 4-year 4-year High School.[3]. There is also a 6-year Combined Junior Senior High School that consistently provides secondary education.[3].

Many high schools have adopted a comprehensive system that combines ordinary and vocational courses, but there are also single high schools, such as only the vocational technology course.[1].

In many countries, secondary education was controversial in institutional design because of its origin, between primary education and higher education, but high school itself was sometimes controversial, especially in the United States.[4]. The main problems were the grade structure, teaching method, curriculum structure, educational content, discipline, etc., and all the points were controversies regarding the position of extension of primary education or imitation of higher education.[4].


19st century

With the development of primary education institutions in the 1810s, the English High School was established as a secondary education institution in the 1820s.[5]. This English High School was an institution for general education and practical education centered on English for students who did not want to learn the classical language.[5]. With the Boston English Classic School in 1821 as the starting point, this type of school later developed into a public high school.[5]. In the states that have state universities, connection with university education is also emphasized, and the curriculum of high schools has been differentiated according to course such as classical language, modern language, English, and science, and some schools have implemented elective system.[6].

Approximately 50 years from the Civil War to the First World War is a turning point when the United States transforms from an agricultural nation to a capitalist industrial nation[6]. After the Civil War, the demand for secondary education for all young people increased rapidly in the process of industrial capitalism formation, and public high schools not only functioned as a preparatory education for college, but also as a function of vocational education for youth who did not enter college. Also came to have[7]. However, such a phenomenon caused a tendency such as an increase in age at the time of entering a college and a lack of preparatory education, and in the latter half of the 19th century, criticism and dissatisfaction came to be expressed by the university side.[7]. Therefore, the National Association of Education researches and discusses the unified school system of primary and secondary education and the connection between them, and recommends shortening of primary education and partial transition of the contents of secondary education to primary education. did[7].

Late 19th century to early 20th century

The Economic Commission for Time in Education, established by the National Association of Education, proposed in a 1913 report to divide the period of secondary education into two divisions, four and two[8]. Furthermore, H. Suzzaro, H., who was one of the members of the "Economic Committee of Time in Education", decided to increase secondary education between junior high school and senior high school due to the widening gap between 12 and 18 years old. Proposed to divide into 3 years[8].

In 1918, the Secondary Education Remodeling Committee published "The Fundamental Principles of Secondary Education."[9]. This report divides secondary education into juniors and seniors, and during junior years each student should seek his or her own background, and during senior years training should be emphasized in the areas selected during junior time. did[10].

1940 era

In 1944, the Education Policy Board of the National Association of Education published a report entitled "Education for All Youth," extending compulsory education to 18 years of age and dividing secondary education into elementary, intermediate, and advanced. It is recommended that high-school graduates up to intermediate level who wish to be given higher secondary education (equivalent to community colleges of public junior colleges later)[11].

In 1945, the Council for Vocational Education of the Federal Office of Education adopted the Prosser Report to report that 20% of high school students, except 20% who received vocational skills training and 60% who wanted to go to college, % Of students were considered systemically neglected and reported to need life adaptation education to meet the realistic needs of these students[11]. In response to the Prosser report, discussions were held in the Youth Life Adaptation Education Committee for Young People (from 1947 to the Second Committee) from 1950, and a report on secondary education was published.[11].

1950 era

In 1956, the University Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) launched a special advancement program offering college-level courses to high-performing students in high school and subject-based exams and credits.[12].

1957 yearsSputnik shockSince then, the tendency of meritocracy has become stronger due to the strengthening of science and technology competition.[13]. In 1958, the National Defense Education Law was enacted, and federal assistance for education such as promotion of science, mathematics and foreign language education, training of intermediate engineers, loan scholarship for university students and salary scholarship for graduate students expanded significantly.[13].

1960 era

Large-scale deployment centered around the 1960sCivil rights movementIs[14]. 1954 Supreme CourtBrown judgmentWas conducted mainly in the south bySeparation but equalityThe racial discrimination policy was denied, and at least legal discrimination (de jure segregation) has disappeared.[14]. Laws enacted under the Johnson administration include the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 and the Primary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.The Primary and Secondary Education Act strengthens federal government financial support for primary and secondary education and Compensation education came to be implemented[14].

The Coleman report published by the Federal Office of Education in 1966 pointed out the issue of racism over equal opportunities for education, de facto discrimination in public schools, slight differences in educational facilities and faculty qualities, and standards. We conclude that problems such as disparities in intermediate scores in the test are due to differences in the student's family background and the economic and cultural environment of the neighboring society.[15]. The federal government is addressing these de facto segregations by pairing white and black schools, school district restructuring, integrated school district systems, voluntary transfer incentive programs, school commuting, and school consolidation. Promoted[16].


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