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🤖 | New idol content "Shine Post" has started in various fields such as novels, games, anime, and music!


New idol content "Shine Post" has started in various fields such as novels, games, anime, and music!

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A new media mix project has started, in which the story of girls aiming to become "absolute idols" is drawn in "novel" and the experience is expanded with "game", "animation", "music" and "LIVE".

Konami Digital Entertainment is an idol content based on the novel "Shine Post" (Dengeki Bunko) ... → Continue reading


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Absolutely ☆ Idol

"Absolutely ☆ Idol』(Zettai ☆ Idol) isHiroshi SudaOriginal,GintaBy drawingJapan OfComicthe work. 『Monthly Dragon Age』(Fujimi Shobo) In the magazine2008 Serialized from the April issue to the August issue of the same year.


IdolAspiring boy Amano Sora is mistaken for a girl and is scouted by an entertainment agency, and makes her debut as a female idol while keeping herself a man in secret.


Amano Sora
main character.A petite, weakly pushed boy who wants to be an idol.He longs for a manly and cool idol, but he is far from ideal in terms of mentality, such as being surprised by a cat and screaming "Kyaa!".My eyes are usually hidden by my long bangs.
Although he has been auditioned many times, he has been unsuccessful due to his neutral appearance.One day, he was scouted by Riko Kiriko who helped him when he was mistaken for a girl in the town and was about to be violent by a thug, and he belonged to Kirishima Productions.It is not until the stage of costume matching that I realize that I am mistaken for a woman, but in front of Riko Kiri and Rioko in underwear, I can not say that I am really a man, and I keep secret that I am a man She made her debut as a member of a female idol group.
The stage name "Hoshizora Solano" was given with the meaning of the return of the legendary idol "Hoshizora Lara", and he made a spectacular debut as a member of "Star ☆ t" and "Re: Star".However, due to the fact that her true identity was rarely revealed, she lost the confidence to continue playing a woman and escaped once, but she was scolded by a certain person and her talent as an idol blossomed in earnest, and finally she became like a person around her.Transistor grammarYou can now make the illusion that you are a beautiful girl.
He had one older sister, but died of illness three years ago.I have come to have a strong admiration for the existence of an idol who made my sister at the end of her fighting illness, who had been depressed for a long time lying on her bed, regain her smile.When acting as a woman after school, she takes out her sister's uniform and wears it.Even when dressed as a woman, underweartrunksIs on.
Kirishima Kiriko
Rioko's older sister, the leader of "Star ☆ t" (renamed "Re: Star" after leaving Rareka), an idol group belonging to Kirishima Productions run by her father.The stage name is "Kiriri".Also serves as an office staff.He also serves as the moderator for stage events.
When I was little, my father introduced me to the legendary idol "Hoshizora Lara", and I was fascinated by its charisma. While admiring "Hoshizora Lara," I think that the reality is that the office style should be changed from innocent idols to gravure idols.He mistakenly mistaken for a woman in the air that helped him get entangled in a cock, but he felt the same atmosphere as "Hoshizora Lara" and scouted as an idol.In plain clothes, he takes care of him by taking out the air, which is always dressed like a boy, for shopping, and trying to estimate and wear girlish clothes.Sometimes the cuteness of the air made me feel strange, and every time I told myself "I'm normal", I got drunk at the TV appearance decision party and finally approached the air from myself. I have.
He seems to have some kind of self-defense or martial arts, and showed the men who attacked the air by himself without any pain.
Rioko Kirishima
A member of Kiriko's younger sister, "Star ☆ t" (renamed "Re: Star" after leaving Rika), an idol group belonging to Kirishima Productions, which is run by her father.The stage name is "Rio".
Although he has a very good singing ability, he was atrophied when he encountered a rare flower that was completed at an extremely high level as an idol, and he could not make use of his talent.She kept her identity by sticking to Rareka's back, but she was depressed by the time she refused to stand on the stage due to her withdrawal.However, encouraged by the air, he recovered and established himself as the main vocalist in "Re: Star".
He has a poor facial expression, is blunt, and has a slightly bad mouth, but he likes sweet pastry such as crepes, and when he eats such sweets, he smiles with a big smile.
Kinoshita Rareka
Former member of "Star ☆ t", an idol group belonging to Kirishima Productions.He does not use stage names and works under his real name.I go to the same school as the air.
A talented idol who is excellent not only in appearance but also in singing and dancing. He was the main vocalist of "Star ☆ t" and monopolized the popularity.Externally, he behaves like an honor student, but his true personality is overconfident, self-centered and insidious. Transferred to Otori Pro.I had a strong hostility towards "Starry Sky Solano" who revived "Star ☆ t" as "Re: Star" after I left, but by chance Solano's identity is in the air of a male student attending the same school. And threatens him not to stand on the stage with it.However, Sora appeared dignifiedly in the audition for the right to appear on the TV program, and trying to reveal his identity had the opposite effect, and he was kidnapped by "Re: Star".
The president
The president of Kirishima Productions and the father of Riko Kiri and Rioko.A middle-aged man with a mustache.
Kirishima Productions used to have the legendary idol "Hoshizora Lara" and was extremely prosperous, but after her retirement, it was downhill, and now it has declined to the point where the profits are overtaken by the dumpling shop run by his wife. ..However, he is stubbornly keeping the office alive, not losing to his wife who is approaching the closure of business.
He values ​​the pride of sending good old idols to the world, and dislikes gravure idols on the sex appeal line, which has become the mainstream in recent years, as "not such an idol."
The mother of Riko Kiri and Rioko, who run a dumpling shop on the first floor of Kirishima Productions.A middle-aged woman with a good range.I'm urging my husband to close the entertainment agency.He is extremely hostile to Western confectionery because of his obsession with business.
The true identity is the legendary idol, "Hoshizora Lara," who was once predominant in the world and was described as an "absolute idol." After making his debut at the age of 25, he continued to reign as a top idol for 10 years.Its charisma is alive and well, and even now it can make people around it illusion that it is a beautiful woman.I met my daughter, Riko Kiriko, who was brought to my father at a retirement concert, but I couldn't find out that she was my real mother.
A classmate in the air.Kubo, who loves idols, was frustrated, but he happened to encounter "Starry Sky Solano" in the town and became an ardent fan at a glance.I'm completely unaware that Solano is in the air of my friend.
A classmate in the air.A fan of Rare Flower and "Starry Sky Solano".I'm completely unaware that Solano is in the air of my friend.


  • Original: Hiroshi Suda, Drawing: Ginta "Absolute ☆ Idol" Fujimi Shobo <Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr.>, 1 volume
  1. 2008 Released on November 9 ISBN 978-4-04-712565-0

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