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🎥 | MANKAI STAGE "A3!" Troupe LIVE ~ SUMMER 2021 ~ Opening!


MANKAI STAGE "A3!" Troupe LIVE ~ SUMMER 2021 ~ Opening!

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Emperor Tenma (act: Sho Jinnai), Rurikawa Sachi (act: Yu Miyazaki), Kousaka Ryo (act: Jun Noguchi), Ikaruga Triangle (act: Reo Honda), Kazushige Miyoshi (act: Tomoru Akazawa) and Matsukawa Starring Isuke (act: Ryo Taguchi) and others.

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Ryo Taguchi

Ryo Taguchi(Taguchi Ryo,1989 May 2 -) isJapan OfAn actor.KyotoMaizuruI'm fromWaseda UniversityFaculty of Human SciencesServed as secretary general of the existing circle.


2012 debut on stage with "Dandy cute Dandy"[1][2]
ElitesAfter working for, he is now active as a freelancer. [3]
Favorite actorSakai.
From 2019, we will start a self-planned event. Established as "Ryo Taguchi's Namba Ringu Event".Regular members are called "Tagu Ibe members". YoutubeThe channel "Ryo Taguchi's Namba Ring Channel" and the online salon "Ryo Taguchi's Namba Ring Official Online Salon (tentative)" have also been opened.
Taguibe member charge number: XNUMX charge color: yellow



  • Elites
    • Dandy cute Dandy (replay) (February 2012, Ikebukuro Theater Green BIG TREE THEATER) Ensemble appearance
    • PRISM (premiere) (May 2012, Ikebukuro Theater Green BIG TREE THEATER) Ensemble soldier role
    • "Love Letter Girl!" Team "Love" (October-November 2012, Theater KASSAI) -Shinji Sato
  • Kaorufu Festa "Mikano Sustainable Case" (June 2012, 6, Musashino Civic Cultural Hall Large Hall) --Kunigoro
  • Stage "Tubo" Team B (September 2012, Theater KASSAI)
  • A Theater
    • Is it the darkest before dawn? (April 2013, Shinjuku SPACE4) --The role of Entero (B)
    • Steel Steel (Replay) (June 2013, Theater KASSAI) -Silver (A)
    • Iroha of Iron Fire -Forty-eight Views of the End of the Edo Period- "August 2013-September, Nakameguro Woody Theater)-Tetsuji
    • WORLD (premiere) (December 2013) --Asuka
    • OASIS (replay) (May 2014)
  • Human Wolf The Live Playing Theater
    • # 13: VILLAGE VII Village where summer grass sways (July-August 2014, Theater KASSAI)-Apprentice Cameron
    • Werewolf TLPTX Shinsengumi ~ Mibu Village Werewolf Seisei no Maki ~ (September 2014,CBGK Shivureki !!)-As a soldier
    • # 16: VILLAGE IX Snow Flower Blooming Village (December 2014, Theater KASSAI) --Apprentice Cameron
    • # 18: MISSION II The Buggy Job (February-March 2015, Man Theater)-Weapon shop Cameron
    • # 19: VILLAGE X Spring Thunder Sound Village (April 2015, Man Theater) --Apprentice Cameron
  • SP / ACE = project
    • PRISM (replay) (February 2015)-The role of Shana
    • WORLD (replay) (July-August 2015,Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater East)-Asuka
    • Where is Alice's love (April 2018 / Shinjuku Theater Moliere)[4]
    • "Casual Meets Shakespeare" series
      • RomeO and JulieT RomeO and Juliet (October 2014, Shinjuku Theater Moliere)-Juliet
      • The Twelfth Night Twelve Nights (October 2015, Shinjuku Theater Moliere)-Viola (G) / Valentine (Y)
      • A Midsummer Night's Dream Summer Night Dream (Replay) Night Team / Summer Night Team (June 2016,Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol) --The role of Lysander
      • Macbeth SC Macbeth Serious (October 2016, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol)-The role of Malcolm
      • Jaja Uma Narashi (November 2017, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol) -The role of Hoten Show[5]
      • HAMLET SC (September-October 2018, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol)-Hamlet (S) / Fortinbras (C)
  • Creative Zero Project "Bank Van Lesson" (Group B / Group C / Group F) (June-July 2015, Nakano The Pocket)-Jun
  • Drama ☆ Man 6th Performance "Birth" (December 2015, Theater Green BASE THEATER)
  • Tsuranuki Phantom Group 6th "Actor, Ryoma Sakamoto." (January 2016, Theater BONBON)
  • Prime Rondo-Prime Numbers, Treasure Swords and the Mystery of the Safe- (February 2016, Theater KASSAI)
  • Theatrical company TEAM-ODAC
  • Dragon, Dance with Wolves (March 2016, CBGK Shibugeki !!)-Iori Katsuragi
    • Dragon, Dance with Wolves- (March 2017, CBGK Shibugeki !!)[6]
    • "Dragon, Dance with Wolves-"-Kusarai no Shishi- (March-April 2018, Kii Kuniya Southern Theater) -Iori Katsuragi[7]
  • Whales sing on the sand --The role of Nibi
  • Queen's Strategy (June 2016, Theater BONBON)-Masato Hayakawa
  • Freestyle reading drama "○○ Gakuen! Vol.2" (November 2016, B-BOX) --MC
  • Theatrical unit [Bombing adult elementary school student] The 2016rd all-school rally "Primary Education Royal" (November 11, Shinjukumura LIVE)
  • 2.5 Escape Stage "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress(December 2017,Theater 1010) --Sukari[9]
  • Prince of Stride THE LIVE STAGE --Kansuke Tomaru
  • good and evil (June 2017, Rikkoukai Hall) --Key role
  • B-PROJECT on STAGE "OVER the WAVE!"(April-June 2017,Tennozu Galaxy Theater / Zepp DiverCity) --Kazunan Masucho
    • B-PROJECT on STAGE "OVER the WAVE!" REMiX (February-March 2018, AiiA 2 Theater Tokyo / Shin-Kobe Oriental Theater) as Kazunan Masucho[12]
  • MANKAI STAGE "A3!" --Isuke Matsukawa
    • ~ SPRING & SUMMER 2018 ~(June-July, Galaxy Theater / Kyoto Theater, October-November, Galaxy Theater)[13]
    • ~ AUTUMN & WINTER 2019 ~(January-March 2019, Nippon Seinenkan Hall, etc.)[14]
    • ~ SPRING 2019 ~ (April 2019-June, Galaxy Theater, etc.)
    • Film collection 2019 in KOBE (July 2019, 7, AiiA 26 Theater KOBE)
    • ~ AUTUMN 2020 ~ (January 2020-March, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball, etc.) [15]
  • Mirage of Blaze Showa Edition Sankayuki Bruce (August 2018, Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero) -Sakuma Morimasa[16]
  • Swordfish(June 2019, Tennozu Galaxy Theater / July, AiiA 6 Theater Kobe) --Norimasa Amemiya
  • Capital battle battle stage (stage) "XNUMX Great War" begins!Tottori edition(October 2019-November, Shinjuku FACE, etc.) As Stabe-chan [17]
  • The XNUMXth edition of the finest literature "Under the cherry blossoms in full bloom(December 2019, Shinjuku FACE) [18]


  • "Ryo Taguchi's Namba Ringu Event" each time
  • "Prince of Stride THE LIVE STAGE FAN MEETING 2017 -MEMORY OF SUMMER-" (September 2017, 9 noon,Theater 1010[19]
  • "STAGE FES 2019-2020" (December 2019, 12,) [20]

Web tv

  • Atsumare! Flame Mölkky League! (September 2021, 9, U-NEXT) All 1 times[21]

Stage (no appearance)



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