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🎥 | Kankuro Miyato "Only Nagase can do it" "Story of my house" Grand Prix at the Tokyo Drama Awards

Photo Kankuro Miyato, the scriptwriter of "The Story of My House", who took the stage at the Tokyo Drama Award 2021

Kankuro Miyato "Only Nagase can do it" "Story of my house" Grand Prix at the Tokyo Drama Awards

If you write the contents roughly
Local Drama Award
"Peperoncino" NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station
"Miyako has arrived in Kyoto!

The award ceremony for the "Tokyo Drama Award 2021", which commends attractive dramas that can be proud of overseas, was held in Tokyo on the 27th, and ... → Continue reading

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NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station

NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station(NHK Sendaikyo Tenho Sokyoku)MiyagiTheBroadcast target areaToJapan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK)Local broadcasting station..The current official name isNHK Sendai Broadcasting Station[1][2][3]However, names that omit the conventional "base" are also widely used.Tohoku 6 prefecturesNHK Tohoku block that has jurisdiction overBase station.


Station building relocation

1961 (Showa 36) Since the station building that had been used for 3 years since its completion in March was aging, there was a plan for new construction and relocation for some time, and I was looking for a relocation site.2011 (23)May 3Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), So the plan was further advanced[7].

same yearMay 8, As a relocation siteHotel Sendai PlazaAnd Saito Hoon Kaikan (Saito Hoonkaishi Museum of Natural History) Site (total 5,522.47m)2)Tokio Marine HoldingsAcquired from an affiliated company of[8],further2012 (24)May 2, Adjacent 1,034m2Municipal land (1998 UntilSendai City Budokan,Or later,Coin parkingUsed as) for 5 million yen[21][22]..Both acquisition sites are 6,556m in total2It is slightly larger than the site area of ​​the previous station building.

2011 (23)May 9In the plan announced in2012 By (24), the buildings, etc. at the relocation destination will be demolished.2014 (26) Construction of a new station building started during the period,2018 It is said that it will move and start operation by (30), but it will try to advance the plan.[7][8].

2017 (29)May 6The completion ceremony of the new hall was held in2018 (30)May 2Opened in.Total construction cost is about 117 billion yen[13]..It plans to set up a public studio and a space where you can learn about the earthquake with images, and will sell the site of the former station building.[13].

Broadcast system

Digital television broadcasting

DainenjiyamaTransmitting station(Sendai cityTaihaku WardMogasaki XNUMX-chome)
Remote control key IDBroadcasting station namecallsignPhysical channelAntenna powerERP
3General TVJOHK-DTV17ch (497.142857MHz)3kW24kW
2E TeleJOHB-DTV13ch (473.142857MHz)
In Miyagi prefecture,TBSOf seriesTohoku BroadcastingSince the TV uses the same "1" as the analog master station for the remote control key ID, the general TV uses the same "3" as the analog master station.In the Tohoku region, it is the same station that uses "3" for the remote control key ID on NHK General TV.Aomori stationThere are only two stations.

Analog television broadcasting

ChannelBroadcasting station namecallsignAntenna powerERP
3 ch General TVJOHK-TV (closed on March 2012, 3)Video 10kW / Audio 2.5kWVideo 71kW / Audio 18kW
5 ch Educational TV (E-tele)JOHB-TV (closed on March 2012, 3)Video 10kW / Audio 2.5kWVideo 87kW / Audio 22kW

AM radio broadcast

Station nameRadio No. 1Radio No. 2
Aerial line
callsignOpening datefrequency
Aerial line
callsignOpening date
1kHz of Sendai 891st Radio HeadquartersSouth Korea-KBS Busan Broadcasting BureauSince it has the same frequency as the No. 1 radio station in Japan, interference is severe, especially on the Sea of ​​Japan side and the Kyushu region.This KBS Busan No. 1 Radio had a midnight broadcast suspension frame for NHK Radio No. 1 broadcast based on the reception status in Japan.1962 May 3After a while after shifting to 24-hour broadcasting1995 May 4Until,Voice of Free Korea → Radio Korea (currently KBS World Radio)1 hour of the first half of the Japanese broadcast program[Annotation 4]Was broadcast, and the first 5 minutes was the national anthem of NHK Radio 1 broadcast.You arePerformance, the end of the broadcastInterval signal(celesta) However, in the event of a natural disaster such as a typhoon or an earthquake, or an emergency, the broadcast was broadcast all night, so interference was severe.
"Radio midnight flightWas started1990 After that, as the opportunities for overnight broadcasting increased, the interference became more intense, and after April 1995, 4, the broadcasting of Japanese broadcasting on KBS's first radio was abolished.

FM radio broadcast

Station nameFrequency (MHz)Antenna powerERP
Kesennuma(Vertical polarization)84.6100w175w

Relay station

Digital tv broadcasting

  • Wakuya General 17ch E-Tele 14ch 100W (New vertical polarization / digital station)
  • Kesennuma General 15ch E Tele 13ch 30W
  • Shiraishi Comprehensive 18ch E Tele 16ch 3W
  • Kurikoma Total 26ch E Tele 30ch 30W
  • Shizugawa General 22ch E Tele 26ch 3W
  • Naruko Total 25ch E Tele 23ch 1W
  • Zao Togatta Comprehensive 42ch E Tele 40ch 300mW

Radio broadcast

Radio first broadcast
  • Naruko 1161kHz 100W
  • Kesennuma 1161kHz 100W
  • Shizugawa 981kHz 100W
Radio first broadcast
  • Kesennuma 1539kHz 100W
FM broadcast
  • Naruko 85.2MHz 10W
  • Kesennuma 84.6MHz 100W (vertical polarization)
  • Shizugawa 85.2MHz 10W
  • Shiraishi 84.3MHz 1W

Branch office

Information camera

Current major programs

After May 2021, 3[25]..For details on the current program, see the official websiteYape's Program GuideSee.

General TV

Tohoku block broadcast
  • News / weather information
    • Weekdays 15: 07-15: 10
    • Saturday 6:55 --7:00 ・ 12:10 --12:15 ・ 18:45 --19:00 ・ 20:55 --21:00
    • Sunday 6:55 --7:00 ・ 7:40 --7:45 ・ 12:10 --12:15 ・ 18:45 --19:00 ・ 20:55 --21:00
    • Holidays 6:55 --6:59 ・ 7:25 --7:30 ・ 12:10 --12:15 ・ 18:45 --19:00 ・ 20:55 --21:00
    • Year-end and New Year holidays 7:15 --7:20 ・ 12:10 --12:15 ・ 18:50 --19: 00 ・ 20:55 --21: 00[Annotation 5]
  • Weather information
    • Weekdays 5:56 --5:59 ・ 6:28 --6:30 ・ 6:55 --7:00 ・ 7: 54.40 --7: 58 ・ 11:57 --12:00 ・ 17:57 --18:00 etc.
  • Morisuta!(Weekdays 11:45 --11:54, complete Tohoku block net from this program[26][Annotation 6])
  • From Tohoku Coco (Friday 19:30 --19:57, Rebroadcast: Saturday 10:30 --11:00)
  • Michitan ~ Ah! Wonderful World ~ (Irregular Friday 19:30 --19:57, Rebroadcast: Irregular Saturday 10:30 --11:00)
  • Weekend Tohoku(Saturday 7:30 --8:00)
  • Voice from the disaster area Next step(Saturday 10:05 --10:30)
  • A hot spring for everyday wear・ Selection (Saturday 11: 00-11: 10)
    • It was once broadcast nationwide on NHK General TV.Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was virtually discontinued in March 2011.In addition, past works have been broadcast as regular programs since April 3.
  • I love you ♡ Tohoku Seizenji Shaberitei(Saturday 11:10 --11:54)
    • With the broadcast of this program, "Document 72 hoursIs being rebroadcast from 9:30 to 10:00 (one week behind the rebroadcast on Saturday).
  • NHK Tohoku Program Deliberation Committee (broadcast on the first Sunday of every month)
Miyagi prefecture area broadcasting (One SegApril 2006, 4-Tohoku block broadcast until March 1, 2007)
  • News (Weekdays 12:15 --12:20)
  • Good morning miyagi(Weekdays 7:45 --8:00, 7:50 --7:58Tohoku block broadcastHandling)
  • Teremasane(Weekdays 18: 10-18: 58, program content / NHK general program notice may be broadcast until 18:59)
  • News Telemasa 845(Weekdays 20:45-21:00)
  • From Tohoku Coco (irregular Friday 19:30 --19:57, rebroadcast: irregular Saturday 10:30 --11:00)

Sports broadcast

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(I.e.
  • Often broadcast in the Tohoku block[Annotation 7], Broadcast nationwide once a year during the daytime on Saturdays and Sundays[Annotation 8].
Vegalta Sendai(I.e.
  • The opening round of the season (same as the opening round of the home) and the final round.Montedio YamagataThere are many broadcasts of Tohoku Derby.In the final round of the season, the match against Vegalta may be prioritized over the match that was broadcast on the national net at the same time as the J-League 1st division. At the end of the 2001 and 2008 seasons, he also aired a match against Vegalta on Wednesday's golden time.
  • Broadcast the match between Vegalta Sendai and Vissel Kobe on December 2006, 12.The J2 "Urawa Reds vs. Gamba Osaka" championship deciding match was broadcast on the nationwide network, but the Sendai station (1Seg is all Tohoku stations) broadcast this match on a reduced screen.However, the victory ceremony was broadcast on a regular screen. The final section of 2003 (Oita Trinita vs. Vegalta, Yokohama F Marinos vs. Jubilo Iwata on the national network) and 2005 (Avispa Fukuoka vs. Vegalta, national broadcast: Cerezo Osaka vs. FC Tokyo) also aired the Vegalta match.In addition, Ventforet Kofu vs. Vegalta away match on November 2001, 11, and J6 / J2008 exchange match 12st round Vegalta vs. Jubilo Iwata on December 10, 1, both aired in golden time.
Sendai 89ers(I.e.
  • Broadcasts home games held during the daytime on Saturdays and Sundays, about two games a year.bj leagueOf the era2015-16 seasonIn the playoffs, the conference semi-finals, vs.Akita Northern Happinets・ Round 2 in Miyagi ・AkitaIt was broadcast live to both prefectures.
National High School Baseball Championship
  • The Miyagi Prefectural Tournament will air after the quarterfinals.

Radio first broadcast

Radio local frame

* No mark is Tohoku block broadcast, ★ mark is Miyagi local only on weekdays.
* Saturdays and Sundays (* from April 2020), public holidays, and year-end and New Year holidaysAll day Tohoku block broadcastBecause there is no Miyagi local.
* When there is time left, we will announce a local event called "Notice" and NHK.
  • 5:55 (FM Simulcast)
  • 6:25
  • 6:55 (FM Simulcast)
  • Weekdays 7:20 ★, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, New Year holidays 7:15 (FM Simul,NHK Keisa News)
  • Weekdays / Saturdays / Holidays 7:50, Sundays 7:55
  • 9:55 --Marine forecast for the Tohoku region, but no broadcast on Sundays (""Sunday discussionBroadcast)
  • 11:50 (FM Simulcast) ★
  • 12:15 (FM Simulcast) ★
  • 13:55
  • 14:55 ★
  • 16:55
  • 17:55 --On weekdaysGoji!One corner. ★[Annotation 9]
  • 18:50 (FM Simulcast) ★
  • 19:15 (FM Simulcast) (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays "NHK Today's News")
  • 19:55-No broadcast on Sundays (""Sound landscapeBroadcast)
  • 21:55
  • 22:55

FM broadcast

* A series of radio programs broadcast in the 6 prefectures of Tohoku or Miyagi prefecture is "NHK Net Radio Rajiru Rajiru・ It is possible to listen to it nationwide at "Sendai".The program of the first radio broadcast is "radiko], But it is possible to listen in 6 prefectures in Tohoku.

Major programs in the past

General TV

Weekday morning

  • Today's topic
  • News Wide Miyagi 730
  • Morning Wide Miyagi (April 1988, 4-April 4, 1993)

Weekday morning

  • Living notes
  • Miyagi Hot Rain
  • Marumaru Miyagi
  • Miyagi lunch soon

Weekday evening

  • Your 620
  • Miyagi 640
  • NHK Miyagi 630 → NC Miyagi 630
  • Evening Network Miyagi (April 1988, 4-March 4, 1997)
  • Network Miyagi 610 (April 1997, 4-March 1, 1998)
  • Hot Miyagi 600 → NEWS Hot Miyagi (April 1998, 4-)
  • Yu YOU Tohoku → Yu YOU Miyagi (April 2000, 4-)


  • Daypack Tohoku
  • Tohoku Hour
  • NHK News Wide Tohoku (-October 1985, 10)
  • Close-up tohoku
  • Wonderful Tohoku (Friday 20: 00-20: 43,National fireworks competitionSome contents may be broadcast from 19:30)
    • The Tohoku block net drama "Rice Namida" (September 2008, 9) also started at 19:19.
    • In "Tasty Arena", which will be broadcast several times a year in 2010, it may be pre-broadcast or delayed-broadcast even in areas other than the Tohoku region, even in the relevant area block broadcasting stations where the locals participate.
  • Tohoku Z
  • Challenges for Konpas Tohoku
  • Fragment of feelings (NHK General TV) --A short animation with only one episode made after the 5th anniversary of the earthquake. A 1-minute version and a 5-minute version were produced, and only the 25-minute version was broadcast nationwide, but after that, it was rebroadcast nationwide.
  • Earthquake-related news(Earthquake news, ending on March 2012, 3) (Weekdays 30:12 --20:12) "Duck bra""Friday variety(Ended on March 2012, 3) ”was broadcast on Digital Comprehensive 30.
  • Even (broadcast for 5 minutes at midnight)
*Yudoki Network → YudokiIs not broadcast on the local stationMorioka Broadcasting StationとAkita Broadcasting StationIt was also broadcast by this (currently all 6 prefectures in Tohoku are broadcasting, but Aomori and Fukushima are not broadcasting on Friday).
  • Dater Music Arena
    • A one-off special program.The performance by amateur musicians who are active in Miyagi prefecture will be broadcast live, and the champion will be selected by audience voting. In 2006, it was broadcast only in Miyagi prefecture, but since 2007 it has been broadcast in the Tohoku block. The 2009rd tournament was held in March 3.


BS Premium / BS4K

Radio broadcast

  • Good morning radio centerTohoku → Radio Center Tohoku (1st radio broadcast)
  • Hot Miyagi 505
  • Yojiraji! Miyagi
  • A moment in the evening(FM broadcast Monday-Friday 18:00 --18:50)
    • Tohoku block net. From 2011 to 2013, it will be broadcast on Saturday as "Sabato Sera Tohoku".
  • Nukumari no Yado Michinokutei(Radio 1st broadcast National broadcast 2nd Tuesday of every month 21:30 --21:55)
  • Sabato Sera Tohoku(FM broadcast Saturday 18:00 --18:50) --Tohoku 6 prefectures block net. "NHK Symphony OrchestraThere is a pause in special programs such as "Regular Concert Broadcast".
  • Sendai Music Club (Once a month Saturday 1:16 --00:18)- FM request hourIt inherited the production frame of the Sendai Broadcasting Station, and once a year it carries out public live broadcasting from the TV studio.At a later date, the pattern was broadcast on NHK General TV (Miyagi prefecture only) in the midnight frame.It had been suspended since the Great East Japan Earthquake, but resumed in August 2011. It was broadcast nationwide on December 8, 2011. It will end at the end of March 12.

Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

  • 2011 (23)May 3Around 14:46,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquakeoccurrence.Seismic intensity 7 recorded in Miyagi prefecture.that moment[29]Started simultaneous broadcasting of earthquake and tsunami warning information on all NHK channels (including BS and NHK World) (all in eight waves).TV sub-audio (domestic TV channels excluding educational TV and NHK World Premium. Monaural dual audio for both analog and digital) and radio 2nd broadcast use English, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Intermittent broadcast of tsunami warning.After the start of the warning information broadcast, Kengo Yachi delivered the first report from the Sendai station after 15:XNUMX in the form of receiving a call from the broadcasting center.
  • May 3 Tsunami warning canceled.Except for the second radio broadcast, which was returned to normal broadcasting immediately after the cancellation, the earthquake disaster broadcast was continued on all channels, and the educational TV and FM broadcasts were for those affected by this earthquake.Safety confirmation broadcastCarried out.
  • May 3 Only BS high-definition broadcasting will return to normal programming from 4:30 am.Also, as a special measure, the usual "Satellite safety net(General TV BS291ch, Educational TV BS292ch), general TV and BS1 and educational TV and BS2 will be simultaneously broadcast all day long (Educational TV and BS2 will broadcast a safety confirmation broadcast and a list of evacuees. Due to this earthquakePlanned power outageFor energy saving measures such asMay 3(May 3From midnight to 0 am until dawn)Midnight broadcastPause.In addition, educational TV <Same as BS3 on March 14-18> resumed only general programs for children from the viewpoint of viewer protection).
  • March 3 Regular programs resumed in stages. BS19 / Educational TV returns to almost normal organization.In general TV, BS2, Radio No. 1, and FM, the program is organized around earthquake-related programs, but gradually returns to the appearance of regular programs, but in each channel of terrestrial comprehensive broadcasting except BS1 which is unified nationwide. Apart from the national broadcast, the special program related to the earthquake disaster "Tohoku Lifeline Information" for the Tohoku region will be organized almost all day, and some special programs of the first simultaneous broadcast of general TV and radio will also be organized.On NHK General TVL-shaped screenUse roll telop to insert information related to life in the disaster area in various parts of Tohoku almost all day including news.
  • May 3 83th Selected High School Baseball Tournamentstart.As for TV broadcasting for the Tohoku region, all games will be broadcast on educational TV for the time being because general TV continues to broadcast related to the earthquake (in principle, broadcasting will be discontinued at 16:XNUMX).Kanto / Koshinetsu regionThe same applies.However, if the match continues after 16:55, it may be broadcast on educational television.In that case, since NHK General TV broadcasts national news from 17:17, Educational TV will once bypass the "Tohoku Lifeline Information" from 00:17 to 10:17 <or until 15:XNUMX>. High school baseball is temporarily suspended>.In other areas as well, broadcasting on NHK General TV has been partially reduced and broadcasting on educational TV has increased.At the time of general TV broadcasting, at any time other than TohokuL-shaped screenInsert the earthquake-related text information with the roll telop.Radio 1 is the same as usual, but the earthquake disaster broadcast is inserted at intervals etc.).
  • Of the TV local news for the Tohoku region, 12:18 and XNUMX:XNUMX[Annotation 12]Is a service that is distributed on the Internet homepage.Also, high school baseball has endedMay 4After that, as a general rule, the time zone when the national broadcasts of 10/11 am and 13/15/16 pm are broadcast is limited to the Tohoku region, and the earthquake-related "news", "lifeline information", and "damage" Broadcast programs such as "Voice from the ground" and "I want to tell the disaster area now".
  • About 10 days have passed since the earthquake occurredMay 3After that, even in the national broadcast, the program scheduled for midnight was changed to "Close-up modern""Special information metropolitan area""Welfare network, Etc., was rebroadcasting a program that covered the subject related to the earthquake.May 4Midnight (May 4Rebroadcast of earthquake-related programs all night with replacement for NHK General TV Tohoku block for nearly 1 hours from 10:5 to 4:XNUMX (early morning) (at this time, other districtsMidnight channel-Major League Baseball Live BroadcastBroadcast).
    • 1: 10-2: 00 "Voice from the disaster area, omnibus"
    • 2: 00-5: 00 "Close-up modernRebroadcast the following 4 books
    1. "Save the disaster-stricken municipality !!"
    2. "What we can do now"
    3. "Chain of earthquake damage"
    4. "Save the victims of the" mental crisis "!!"

Time zone when we were doing our own organization

The main time zones that were originally organized for the Tohoku region are as follows.It was replaced with news for the Tohoku region.

  • Weekdays 12:XNUMX (XNUMX:XNUMX)Duck bra-Friday variety From December 92012 May 3Broadcasting started and resumed as a multi-organization[Annotation 13]Both programs are broadcast on sub-channels, and the end of main channel 2012Seg analog has been postponed to March 3, 31 until March 3 for analog broadcasting.Earthquake newsWas being broadcast.As for public holidays, the earthquake news was suspended, so all of the terrestrial digital, one-segment, and analog broadcasts were broadcast on A Stroll In The Afternoon and Friday Variety. The earthquake news was suspended during the year-end and New Year special organization period from December 12th to January 29rd of the following year).The earthquake news ended on March 1, 3, and after April 2012, 3, programs on weekdays at 30:4 can be viewed on the main channel, 2Seg.note that,Thursday OfLuncheon(Rebroadcast) was not broadcast, but "Voice from the disaster area" was broadcast (Source: NHK Tokyo, Sendai, Aomori, Morioka, Hokkaido stations homepage program table), but in April 2017, "Stricken area" "Voice from" "Sarameshi" (rebroadcast) can now be viewed in the Tohoku region as the broadcast time moves.

About weather information

Target area / sea area

  • When communicating the news of Tohoku Block Net, the weather information is概況It is reported to each region in Tohoku.The temperature part has been around for many yearsPrefectural office locationAlthough it was only displayed, the temperature in each area has been displayed since 2009 (in the case of NHK News).


  • 2010 (22)May 5Due to the subdivision of warnings and warnings, the display of warnings and warnings announced in the weather program on the Tohoku Block Net has been changed from the previous "icon" to "map display".


  • After the Great East Japan Earthquake, in addition to the usual forecast in Tohoku Block News, the forecast of the disaster area (including weekly forecast, until the end of 2011)TEPCOFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantThere isFukushimaIt also broadcasts wind directions and wind power from AMeDAS observations in and around (mainly in South Tohoku and Kita-Kantou). Since 2013, information on wind direction and wind power has been expanded from the center of South Tohoku and Kita-Kantou to the entire Tohoku region and its surroundings.
  • After the earthquake, in addition to the usual forecasts in summer and winter when electricity demand is high,Tohoku Electric PowerThe announced "Electricity Usage Forecast" was also broadcast.

Announcer / Caster


  • *Mark has experience working at the Sendai station in the past.If the predecessor is in bold, that station is the first place.
NamePredecessorMain programs in chargeRemarks
Tadayoshi ShioyaTokyo Announcement RoomAnnouncement full-time manager
Tohoku region news
Management business entity
Yoshiki IwanoTeremasane
Shingo TeshimaMoriokaWeekend Tohoku
Yugo TakagiOtsuVarious sports broadcast
Tohoku region news
Shun KurozumiOkinawa
Kenta FukasawaMatsuyama
Muneki Sugio*MiyazakiGoji! 
Yoshiaki TsudaAkitaVoice from the disaster area
Born in Ishinomaki
Yasushi Abe*Japanese CenterSecondedTohoku region news
Hiroki UchikoshiNagano
*Tokyo Announcement Room
Hiromi Onuma*Seconded to Japanese Language CenterTohoku region news
Minori Chiba*Tokyo Announcement RoomBorn in Sendai
Marie MoritaNiigataI love you ♡ Tohoku Seizenji Shaberitei
Tohoku region news
Senior staff
Hiroo SomaFormer regular staff announcerTohoku region news


NameAffiliation, previous job, etc.Main programs in chargeRemarks
HK exclusive
Tomomi ItoTokushima
(Contract caster)
Good morning miyagi
Yukako UedaNagasaki
(Contract caster)
Hitomi IwamaFukushima
(Contract caster)
Born in Ogawara Town
Narumi SasakiMorioka
(Contract caster)
Born in Ishinomaki
Saki ShimakageUtsunomiya
(Contract caster)
(Sports caster)
Yuka Fujiwara
Haruna FukahoriNiigata
(Contract caster)
Weekend Tohoku
Born in Natori
Mai Inomata2017 Sendai / City of Trees Goodwill AmbassadorMorisuta!
I love you ♡ Tohoku Seizenji Shaberitei
Born in Sendai
Miho NaitoHakodate
(Contract caster)
Sachi HoshikawaAsahikawa
(Contract caster)
Weather forecaster
Tadashi Shinohara *ToyamaTeremasane
Weekend Tohoku
Go Yazawa京都Good morning miyagi
Weekend Tohoku

Exclusive music department

* Once exclusive to the stationProfessionalChoirThe Sendai Television Chorus wasamateurEven now, the station is used as a practice venue.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ The progress format is the same as that broadcast on July 2011, 7.
  2. ^ Before that, on weekends and holidaysNHK News Good morning Japan("Weekend Tohoku" in the latter half of 7 o'clock on Saturday), radio local at noon, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 845 were switched from Sendai (2014)Sochi Winter OlympicsDuring the session, "News 845 Tohoku" was broadcast even on weekdays).Since the previous NHK Sendai was not active in broadcasting regional news, block broadcasting of regional news is the minimum that requires block broadcasting such as before 7 o'clock in the morning including basic holidays and in the latter half of 7 o'clock on Saturday of "Good morning Japan". Except for the frame, the local news frame was basically the prefecture news.In addition, the district news, which is centered around 12 o'clock and has a 5-minute frame, often deals with seasonal topics such as traditional events.On the other hand, in the case of a 15-minute frame, there are many configurations in which news is sent from each prefecture one by one and then the weather information is entered.
  3. ^ However, the program was sent from the old broadcasting hall until February 2.
  4. ^ There were 2 hours in total
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  8. ^ Of "Climax Series 2009st Stage Round 10" on Friday, October 16, 1SoftbankBattle and team founding September 2013, 9, the first league victory matchSaitama SeibuThe battle will be broadcast simultaneously with BS-1 (however, the live commentary and commentary are not included).Regarding the latter, at the moment when Rakuten's victory was decided (around 21:52), it was broadcast nationwide through the sports corner of "News Watch 9". "Climax Series Final Stage Round 2013 Rakuten vs. Lotte" on October 10, 17 will be broadcast only on NHK General TV in the Tohoku region.
  9. ^ Broadcast weather information and traffic information in the Tohoku region on weekends, holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays.
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